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A devastating summer had left Harry empty inside, He felt like he had lost everything. Sirius was dead. He could barely believe it, yet here he was, lying on the bed next to Ron, in his room at the Burrow, with absolutely no family in the world.

"Ron?" he said quietly, "you still awake?"

"Mmm" muttered Ron into his pillow.

It was nearing midnight and Ron was clearly tired. Harry had been thinking about Cho ; after losing Sirius, he had contemplated trying to patch things up with her. He desperately craved intimacy with a girlfriend and he had broken things up with her only a few months ago

"Do you think I was right to break up with Cho?"

"Hmm yeah," murmured Ron

"It's so unfair, neither of us have had sex yet" said Harry

"What? Yeah, but I'm sure our time will come soon" replied Ron, now sounding a lot more awake

"I could try and get back together with her"

"What, just to fuck her? You're wasting your time, we need to try something different- rather than looking for a relationship, why not try and find girls who are willing to just have casual sex"

"Be realistic Ron. Where are we going to find those kind of girls? Young witches seem so uptight, that plan has no chance of working"

"But what if we have sex with them, even if they are unwilling?"

"What you mean like rape?"

"Well in a way, but I'm sure there are some spells we could use that would convince them to do it voluntarily, or even just wipe their memories..."

"That does sound appealing..."

"Come on, let's give it a go! Let's try and fuck as many girls as possible next year!"

"Ron, keep it down, the whole house will hear! "

"Muffliato" said Ron, pointing his wand at his door. Harry knew this meant they could talk as loudly as they wanted now.

"Listen," said Ron, "Teenage years are supposed to be the best of your life! Doing stuff which doesn't really matter, all these flings will just be fun now and have few repercussions in the future. We can do this mate! It will be such a great year"

"Yeah, but we can't afford to neglect school work, and remember Dumbledore told me I have some special task to do this year."

"Hey , remember that book I found in Knockturn Alley? Spells to Seduce? I'm sure that book will be perfect! Let's go tomorrow and buy it!"

"Good idea Ron, next year is going to be great"

Harry dozed off to sleep, wondering whether their plan would suceed.


Having purchased the book the next day, they returned home to find Hermione in the kitchen, talking to Ginny , Fleur and Bill.

Fleur and Bill had decided to come and spend the last three days of the summer holidays with the Weasley family and Hermione usually came down to the Burrow a couple of days before school

Ron quickly hid the book under the staircase, before they both went to greet the newcomers.

"Harry! Ron!" screamed Hermione, positively beaming when she saw them both, her golden shoulder length hair shimmered in the sunlight. She hugged them both, before Fleur came and gave them a tight squeeze.

"We need to have a talk upstairs," muttered Hermione and she ran off upstairs to Ron's room

Ron grabbed the book before they made their way upstairs

"She's somehow looking even hotter now!" said Ron, as they stumbled upstairs

Harry knew what Ron was saying was true, but he also knew that Ron had always loved Hermione and so decided he wouldn't go after her.

"We don't exactly have any test subjects yet, we should wait to use this book until we get to school, right?"

Ron through the book into his trunk, but Harry had no intention to follow his friend's command.

The three of them then spoke together, discussing their plans for the forthcoming year. Hermione rushed to Ginny's room when Harry mentioned that OWL results were coming tomorrow, clearly worried. Ron was tired and said he was going to bed. Moments later, he was snoring.

Harry crept over to Ron's trunk and took the book out. He opened it to the first page. The spell there was labelled "memoriam vinco."

"Use this spell on a subject to claim their memory and alter it to what you want them to believe about reality. This can be used to make people believe that they are already sexually involved with you and will be yours until the counter curse, "memoriam dedo" is used"

Harry realised this would be perfect and quickly put the book back in Ron's trunk and hurried out into the hallway. He had already made up his mind not to go for Hermione, and seeing as she was with Ginny, she too was off the cards for tonight.

Suddenly he heard a noise from downstairs. He crept down the stairs to see Fleur by the fridge, making some milk. Although she looked very tired and her hair was disheveled, there was an air of radiance about her. Being part veela meant her incredible beauty was permanent. She wore a tight t-shirt which hugged her slender body and pronounced her massive D-cup tits. The only other garment she was wearing was pink, silk knickers. Her legs looked smooth and slim.

Harry felt his cock twitch in his jeans. Without thinking, he withdrew his wand and cast "Muffliato" on the room, before whispering the spell "memoriam vinco."

For a moment, Fleur's eyes were glazed, before she returned to normal and carried on with what she was doing. Harry was confused at first, but was sure the spell had been cast. He walked into the kitchen and decided to see her reaction and judge what had happened.

As she saw him, she smiled and sauntered over to him. She kissed his cheek and Harry felt the spot burning with passionate fire

"My love," she said, "What are you doing out of our bed? Aren't we going to fuck again?"

Harry was taken aback by this and realised the spell had worked. Her memory had been altered such that she now believed she and Harry were in a relationship.

Still nervous, Harry stammered, "How about right here?"

Barely believing his luck, Fleur removed her t-shirt, revealing a set of perfect boobs. They were large and perky, with beautiful brown areolas and nipples of perfect size. Harry was motionless for a while before, Fleur smiled and squeezed his crotch, and yanked his jeans down, revealing a massive tent in his boxers.

Harry's cock was normally a solid 7 inches, but seeing this angel, his cock was throbbing so hard he thought it would explode and it felt at least another inch longer!

Regaining control, Harry placed one arm on the small of Fleur's back and the other on her head, pulling her in for a kiss. Their tongues battled each other inside their mouths; Fleur's lips seemed to be moist the perfect amount and the intense snogging was sending Harry into a new realm of ecstasy.

He began to fondle her breasts, placing her down on the table. She moaned with pleasure as Harry began to playfully bite both nipples. He moved down her, kissing her taut stomach, eliciting further moans of enjoyment from Fleur. Before pulling her panties down, he started by kissing her feet, sucking on her toes. Then, kissing his way up one leg, and slowly rubbing his hand up the other, he moved to her thighs, which were hot with sexual arousal. Unable to contain himself any longer, he pulled the silk material off her and stared at her pussy. There was a small triangle of blonde hair, neatly trimmed, above her vagina. Her clit was hard and her pussy was already soaking. Harry wasted no time, and began to lick her all around, circling her clit, before sticking it in. He inserted one finger, then two, as he continued to focus on her clit. He found a spot which seemed to pleasure he the most and began to vibrate his fingers rapidly over it, on the walls of her pussy. Within moments, she was writhing in pure pleasure and with a scream, was sent over the edge, and began to squirt sweet juices all over Harry's face.

Harry eagerly lapped them up, their enticing aroma captivated his senses. After recovering her breath, she sighed and sat up and smiled as she pulled off the rest of Harry's clothes.

"Wow," she said, "that was even better than last night."

After what seemed like an eternity, she pulled his boxers down and began rubbing his manhood. Her hands were fairly small, but she was clearly a pro, her highly skilled fingers were dexterous and nearly sent him over the edge instantly. She rubbed his shaft and caressed his balls and his cock felt on fire. She then licked the tip, her cold saliva sent Harry into glorious agony as it combined with his burning dick. She went on to take the whole thing in her mouth, right down her throat, not gagging for one second, even as her nose nestled in his pubic hair.

Harry grabbed the back of her head and began pumping his dick even further down her throat. Harry's balls slapped rapidly against her chin but she incredibly was able to cope with this and even began to rub her tongue all over Harry's cock despite the high speed he was devastating her mouth at.

Eventually, she forced him off her and lay down on the nearby couch. Harry lay over her, still reeling from the first ever blow job he had received...and now he was about to lose his proper virginity to a goddess!

He slowly eased his cock into Fleur's pussy. He knew Bill must have fucked her many times before, but she was incredibly tight. At last, he managed to insert his entire dick into her pussy, and held it there for a minute or so, adjusting to the sheer grip of her pussy on his penis. Her legs were wrapped around his bum and he once again, placed his face into her large tits and suckled on them.

Once ready, he began to thrust in and out, increasing his pace with each motion, until eventually he was fucking her so fast, her tits were bouncing all over the place. They both moaned with carnal pleasure and Harry stuck his tongue into her mouth again.

His abs couldn't cope with the speed of the fucking he was giving her, so he paused for a moment, and picked her up, off the couch and placed her between the fridge and him. Grabbing her ass, he recommenced driving his dick in her pussy and started to smack her ass with his hands. He went on to fondle her bum with his left hand but started inserting fingers into her asshole with the other, which led her to groan into his mouth in pleasure as they snogged.

At last, Harry couldn't hold on any longer and pushed her off him. He turned around and leaned against the fridge as Fleur fell to her knees. He began to jerk off rapidly, but she slapped his hands off and grabbed his cock again, expertly taking it down her throat a few more times, whilst applying pressure to his balls. This sent him over the edge and he exploded streams of cum just after she removed her mouth from his dick. His spunk splashed all over her, coating her hair, eyes, nose, lips and boobs, with hot, sticky streams of cum.

She gathered it all together with her hands and swallowed the entire load, before rising to her feet again and kissing him passionately.

Harry almost blacked out there and then, but managed to regain his composure and stood on his feet, swaying from side to side.

"That was amazing honey, " Fleur gasped, "I'll bring the milk up to bed for us in a minute," she said.

Harry rushed up the stairs, casting the memoriam dedo spell and sped into his bed.

He couldn't wait to tell Ron what had happened, but collapsed as soon as he lay down.

The boy who lived had finally had sex and as he fell onto his bed, he realised that the next year at Hogwarts, was going to be amazing!

Part2 coming soon!

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