An expert at pleasing men before her teens!
Reposted by popular request. This story is about pre teen sex with adults. It is purely FICTIONAL! If you are offended by this type of story, please be forewarned and leave this page now. As for the rest of you, Enjoy! This story is fiction, but it is based on stories my girlfriend has shared with me about her childhood.

Here's another story about my doped up, lying slut, cock crazy girlfriend with DD tits,

long bleach blonde hair, and a body made for fucking.

Although Trish had been lucky as far as getting knocked up, she had been through some close

calls like late periods and a few abortions, she had had only one child, a girl she had named

Crystal, coincidently. She had a few more kids around 39, only to be taken away by their father and

CPS. In Crystal's case, she had no father or anyone else that cared about her upbringing etc. Her

father could be any of around thirty guys that Trish had fucked in that 3 or 4 week span, but none

claimed her, and Trish didn't even know or remember most of the mens names. Born when her slut

fucking mom was 30, Crystal was an expert at pleasuring men at the ripe old age of nine. Not a

surprise since she learned from the best, her mom, starting around the age of 8 when one of her

mom's studs snuck into her bedroom one night and showed her how to suck and fuck, finishing her off

by eating her pussy to her first orgasm and squirting cum all over her face, flat chest and bald

pussy. At the age of eight, Crystal had never been fucked like this by a man, and his cock was so

big, even bigger than the dildo her mom hid in her bedroom, the eleven incher she had been

practicing with while Trish was out pleasing her studs. As she crawled on top of the large cock,

she grabbed it at its base so she could rub her clit with the huge plum shaped cock head. Soon she

was taking it all the way up to her tiny pink cervix as her mom's well hung lover fucked her tight

little pussy with steady strokes, each thrust of his swollen prick stretching her little pre teen

twat with more dick. Afterward she continued to lay atop her lover, bending to force her tongue

into his mouth while wriggling her tight little ass teasingly against him. Soon she felt the man's

big stick start to harden as she rode to one cum after another, much to her studs pleasure.

When she was 9 she started playing Bobby Sox softball and within two weeks had seduced her

46 year old coach, a husband and father of two, into anal sex after faking a sore ass after some

sliding practice. After practice she had gone to the coach's office to see if her seduction skills

were growing more potent. Come to find out they were. Crystal had thought the coach, Mr. Ryan was

hot from day one, and had imagined fucking him while using a dildo many a night. She was convinced

to find out what he had for equipment, she hoped he'd be really big and thick, and she was ready in

a ultra short skirt that was way to small and a skimpy halter top. Never had one seen such a trampy

looking 9 year-old. When she walked into the office she locked the door behind her and approached

Coach Ryan's desk. Looking up, he couldn't beleuve his eyes, in front of him stood the hottest,

sluttiest looking 9 year-old he had ever imagined, her short skirt showing teasing glances of young

cunt, topped by very erect and braless nipples. Taking control of the situation Crystal came around

the desk until she stood right next to the speechless coach. Slowly turning around, the young

blonde hottie cooed,"I think I might have hurt myself in practice, Mr. Ryan could you look at my

ass and around my ass hole to make sure everything is fine." With that she bent over right in front

of her coachs face and pulled her skirt up to her waist exposing the sweetest, tightest ass,

ass-hole and bald pussy.

Coach Ryan stared at the fine little 9 year old slut's ass-hole winking at him as he felt

his big dick start to stiffen in anticipation of banging the shit out of this hot for cock pre-teen

lolita. "No panties today sweetheart?" he moaned, leaning closer to her young ass. "I thought you

would want a good, unobstructed veiw," she teased, knowing she had Coach Ryan under her sexual

spell,"Plus it makes me really horny for a stud like you," she finished while wiggling her perfect

pre-teen ass and tiny exposed ass hole in the older mans face like a bitch in heat. Coach Ryan

smiled as he leaned closer to the little cunts winking ass hole, his cock now fully erect complete

with pre cum seeping from his piss slit. Clutching her 9 year old ass cheeks, one in each hand, he

slowly began to give the horny little pre teen a rim job, running his tounge around the tight hole

before finally frenching and fucking the little cunts ass hole with his tounge. He stopped only

long enough to lay down on a nearby table before pulling the young slut into a 69, greedily

resuming his anal assault while Crystal moaned and french kissed the seeping piss slit on his huge

cock, her young velvity tounge making him moan in appreciation.

Assistant coach Brett Caan tried the office door only to find it locked. He thought Coach

Ryan would still be there, so he could get his key ring he had forgotten. He saw a maintanance

worker he was pals with named Troy and asked him to unlock the door. As they opened the door they

were greeted by the distinct sound of people engaged in sexual pleasure. As the two men slowly

entered the office unnoticed, Brett could recognize the mans voice as Ryans, but the girl sounded

extremely young, as she begged her lover to ,"Play with my clit, and finger fuck my ass hole stud."
The two surprised men watched in shock and then lust as the young nymph urged her lover on while

rubbing his huge cock all over her face, before taking the horny fuckers fat dick down her 9 year

old cock sucking throat. The two new comers felt their cocks start to harden as they watched the

little slut suck cock while she got her slut pussy eaten. They had seen the little cock tease

around the school and both wanted to fuck the little bitch. Suddenly Rock Ryan sensed the other

mens presence and stopped his cunt lapping in a state of shock. Feeling him stop, Crystal turned

around to see the two gawking men and smiled at them with Coach's cock rubbing her face lewdly. She

knew both of these horny men, Mr. Caan was always trying to look up her skirts in gym class and

Troy always leered at her and whistled at her when no one else was around. "You two studs got some

cock for me?" the little pre-teen slut asked as Troy and Brett removed their clothes and Rock went

back to his oral assault on his nymph lovers bald pussy.

All three men knew what they were risking by gang banging this nine year old dick loving

slut. But none could resist the little cunts charms and her obvious sexual expertise and nasty sex

loving ways. As Rock nibbled at the cunts erect clit, Troy and Brett stood on each side of the

table so that Crystal could lick and suck three dicks at once. The little bitch ran her tongue over

the three fat cock heads and rubbed their balls while Troy and Brett each played with a swollen

nipple on the cock loving 9 year olds flat chest. Coach Ryan jammed three fat fingers up the sluts

ass hole while he continued to work her highly aroused clit with his tongue, his other large hand

held her tight little ass firmly to his face. The mans huge hand easily holding both the little

fuck bunnys tiny buns as he continued to tongue fuck her hot hole and finger fuck her ass. As she

took each fat cock in her cum loving mouth, the men moaned in appreciation. "Damn sweetheart, who

taught you how to suck cock anyways?" The little gang banger pulled her mouth off one of the giant

dicks she was mouth fucking and said, "My Mom and her boyfriends," then went back to her cock

sucking. All three men knew she was telling the truth since they had all fucked her mom, Trish at

one time or another and knew what a horny, cock loving slut she was. The gang bang continued as

Crystal moved down Coach Ryan's body, leaving a trail of hot stickey, preteen pussy juice down his

chest. Troy and Brett helped the little slut up to a sitting position as the coach eased his rock

hard cock into her nine year old slut pussy. She began pumping up and down on the big prick, her

stretched cunt lips massaging his fat cock. Meanwhile Troy and Brett played with the little girls

tits while she took turns sucking their cocks and licking each mans big cum filled balls.

While Ryan continued to hammer the sluts nine year old pussy with his big dick, He thought

about the little cutie That this cunt hung out with, Tanya, another nine year old that was mature

for her age and dressed like a slut. Troy took Crystals arms and turned her around on Ryan's cock

so that she was facing him with her tight preteen asshole winking at the two men as they watched

the little whore ride the Coach's hard on with savage lust. Brett took an ass cheek in one hand and

started rubbing while Troy took hold of the other while using his index finger on his other hand to

probe her tight asshole. "So does your friend Tanya like to fuck, too?", the Coach asked without

breaking his rythym. "Why, do you want to fuck my girlfriend?" Crystal said matter of factly, "You

know she's only nine like me! You like fuckn' young pussy, don't you?" she smiled as Troy eased his

huge cock up her nine year old asshole. He felt Coach Ryans' fat cock in her pussy, their cocks

seperated by her thin membrane. Ryan was hitting cervix, his cock head entering into her uterus as

he began a true deep fuck. Crystal just moaned as her pussy and ass got fucked, and Brett moved

around so the cock lover could lick his balls and finger his asshole.

The four moaned in sexual bliss as the men used the nine year old lolita to sexually

satisfy themselves, pumping her full of dick. The Coach decided he wanted some of Crystals nine

year old ass for himself. "Sit down on my lap, honey," Ryan said firmly, "Let's try some of that

sweet ass hole," With that he lowered the slut's ass hole down on his cum streaked cock.

She was facing away from her coach and leaned back, taking more cock up her ass and exposing

her hot to fuck pre teen cunt to Brett and Troy. "C'mon and fuck my pussy with your fat fuckn'

Dicks," the cum hungry kid growled. Brett wasted no time kneeling between the cunts smooth

legs and giving her fuck hole what it needed. His dick sank deep into her little cunt, making

the bitch moan with pleasure as she rocked on the big cocks up her ass and pussy. Troy mean

while was jacking his big prick while the nine year old slut licked and sucked his balls.

"Oh, yeah, fuck me with those hard fuck'n pricks," Crystal shouted, before returning to

her nut sucking. "You like watching people fuck too?" the coach asked as he sawed in and out

of the pre teens tight little ass. "Like who?" asked the tiny cock sucker, lifting her head

from Troy's cock. "How would you like to see your friend Tanya get fucked by all of us, with

you joining in," the coach said, his cock deep in her ass. "Wow, 3 guys and 2 girls! Sounds

like fun!" the nasty nine year old slut replied. while rocking on the two mens fuck sticks

and jacking off another. "I know Tanya likes to fuck, and if I tell I'll be there with three

big cocks that know how to fuck...well...I can't see her saying no!"

With that she went back to sucking Troy's cock, while Coach Ryan and Brett fucked the

whores pussy and ass hard. "Oh, fuck yeah,fuck me hard," she growled, before leaning over to

deeply tounge kiss her coach. Lifting her head, she moaned, "You fuckers are gonna make me cum!"

And with that she sat straight up just as girl cum started spraying out of her cock filled pussy.

"Oh you like that dick don't you baby," Ryan teased as her cum splattered his hairy chest and open

mouth. "Mmmm...," was all she could manage with Troy's rod down her throat. Ryan pulled out of

the bitches pre-teen ass and slowly shoved his fat erection up her cock filled pussy. Brett was

a little shocked at first as he felt another dick next to his. After he relized there where no

worries about his manlyhood, he double fucked the little sluts overstuffed cunt hard!

"Ohhh...fuck." Brett moaned as he started fucking the little bitch with hard even strokes.

"Your hot little pussy feels so good, baby," He said, "You really know how to fuck a mans cock!"

"Yeah...I love it, you big dicked stud,...Keep fucking me with those two hard pricks you fuckn'

horny studs," the preteen begged. With that she went back to swallowing Troy's fat rod down her

throat, while her little pussy stretched to accomidate the two oversize erections fucking her over

stuffed hole. "I bet her slut mom would love to join in some gang bangn' with her nasty daughters

big dicked lover's," Brett said as he continued to saw in and out of Crystal's tight cunt. ? "Yeah,

that bitch Trish loves to fuck cock," Ryan said, "You think your MILF Mom would like getting gang

fucked with you and Tanya, sweetheart?" Crystal worked the two fat cocks shoved up her nine year

old fuck hole, and moaned around the dick in her mouth that if they set it up, she would love to

take on the men in an orgy that included Tanya, and her hot bodied slut Mom.

The thought of two preteen sluts getting gang fucked along with the MILF mother of one of

the bitches joining in on the sex fest, made the guys double dicking her cunt start to moan and

pump harder. "You fuckers are gonna make me cum," the tiny slut screamed, "Give me your hot cum...

shoot it up my hot little pussy...c'mon you big dicked fuckers." With that Crystal let out a low

sigh as she fucked back at the men's cocks, her thin watery pussy cum squirting onto the carpet

and down their fat poles. "Oh yeah," Coach Ryan managed, "Tanya's little preteen pussy and ass,

and Trish's big titted, blonde MILF cock loving body. All needing to get fucked by lots of dick."

The dirty talk, along with the sluts tight pussy that was cumming on his fuck stick pushed Ryan

over the top, as he began to fill the cunts hole full of cum. This made Brett begin to feel his own

big balls start to unload shot after shot of cum up to Crystals cervix. As the Coach and Brett

pulled their pricks from the tight pussy they had been double fucking, they continued to shoot

cum all over the teenie sluts pussy and ass, while she jacked the still stiff hardons. Crystal

was rubbing the cum covered cocks of the two men, while Troy picked up the pace of his face

fucking. Just as Crystal was telling the guys what a great fuck they were, Troy started to shove

his cock in and out of the nine year olds stuffed mouth while grabbing both sides of her head with

his hands. With a loud grunt he began to shoot cum down her throat, much to the preteen hotties

pleasure. Crystal pulled the shooting cock out of her mouth and rubbed it around her face while cum

shot onto her hair, across her nose, down her throat and onto her little titties and erect nipples.

"Fuck, that was great," the sperm covered nine year old slut, sighed, "I can't wait to do

it again, with Tanya, my Mom, and maybe a couple more guys," she said. "Don't you worry, I'll set

it up with your Mom, and you tell that little hottie Tanya to get ready for lots of cock sucking

and fucking." her Coach said. "How are you gonna get Trish to go along with a preteen gangbang?"

Brett asked. "I know what that hot nasty whore can't, there isn't anything she won't

do sexually, once she's needing cock," Ryan laughed. "Crystal," he said, "Have Tanya ready, and you

guys wait for me to call, in the next couple of days." "When the time is right, We'll all meet were

I tell you to, and just follow my lead," the girls coach said. "It's gonna be an orgy of young

tight pussy and DD titted MILF pussy gettin' all their holes filled with big cocks." "I can't

wait," the preteen tease said with a smile, "I better go find Tanya." The men watched the sexy nine

year old get dressed, admiring her preteen body, while they stood naked, watching, their cocks

hanging limply, streaked with cum. "See ya' soon," the hot assed little girl said as she waived to

her three big dicked lovers, as she left the men's locker room. "Yeah...Real soon," Coach Ryan

growled, while he and the other two men leered at Crystal's shapely ass as she walked sexily from

the room. "We're just gettin' started," the men laughed, before getting dressed and leaving.

To Be Continued...Part 2, Cumming soon!!!

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