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Gay Young Celebrity Erotic Story about Justin Bieber, Fergus Riordan and Dakota Goyo.
Category: Gay Male/Celebrity
Story Title: Justin. Fergus. Dakota

WARNING: You must be 18+ to read this. If you are not allowed to read these where you are from or don't like reading stories about boys under 18, please leave now.

Please Note: This is a fabricated story about Justin Bieber, Fergus Riordan (I Want To Be A Soldier; GhostRider2) and Dakota Goyo (Real Steel). The story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives. Enjoy!



“They’re finally ready, Sir... Justin Bieber, Fergus Riordan
and Dakota Goyo”, The Scientist replied, making some notes briefly on his
clipboard, and then asked, “But where will you keep all three clones, Sir?”

“An island”, I answered, “My own little one just off
Maldives... Tell me, Doctor, why did you need so many of my pictures, a video
of me, and even a sample of my DNA? How am I a part of their creation?”

“We factored it all in. The technical details are rather
tedious to outline. But in the process of manufacturing these boys for you, we
had to give them each a personality. Since they were made to be already between
11 and 13 years of age, they also needed predefined preferences. We’ve done
many things. As you requested, we increased their sexual receptiveness. In
addition, we genetically engineered them to be absolutely sexually attracted to
you”, he replied.

“Made it their official job to love me”, I said softly to
myself as we walked into the room in which the boys were about to wake for the
first time.

It was less a ward, more a bedroom. It was actually a
pick-up room. I felt as if I’m going to buy a brand new car straight off the
showroom. Three in fact. The room smelled sweet. Thin rays of sunlight were
everywhere. It was probably the closest I’d ever get to the feeling of entering
a heaven for the first time. And there they were. My three wishes... Asleep.
Cuddled up together on the bed in white oversized t-shirts and shorts. Their
legs, arms and slender bodies curled in and out, delicately wrapping around
each other. They looked so perfect, comfortable and complete. The sight of the
boys together felt like a never-ending foundation of layers and layers of boys,
like decadent layers of moist sponge cake and double-thick cream blending
carefully together.

“When will they wake-up?” I asked impatiently with my heart doing a break-dance in my chest.

“I thought I’d give you the pleasure... They are your
property after all”, smirked the Scientist as he left, leaving the door to
swing slowly shut behind him...

#TheIsland – Day1
Dinnertime and our table was in the ankle-shallow stretches
of water just off the shore. The waves came in trickles but I could still hear
them breathing. I felt as if the night had blue hues in its colour-palette tonight.
Bright blues stars. Dark blue water. Candlelight. Blues flames. Navy blue
sea-roses in full bloom on the sand. And Fergus... in deep blue swim-briefs.

“Did you know the stars are actually holes, punched thru by
old trapped birds in the black blanket of the night sky?” I asked.

“I thought they were giant balls of flaming gases in space”,
Dakota said proudly, “And the ones that burn twice as bright, burn half as

How did they know so much? For clones, they seemed perfectly
natural. And naturally perfect. The four of us spoke and laughed the night
away. But there was always something dark, mysterious and naughty pulling just beneath
the surface of our night. Blue is the colour of lust and obsession after all. (Genetically
Engineered Trait #1: All the boys have heightened sexual receptiveness. They’re
always horny. I could sense this in the little things they said and did)

“True. You’re good” I told Dakota and giggled as I ruffled
his hair with my fingers.

“When I’m good, I’m very very good. When I’m bad, I’m
better” he replied with a naughty half-smile.

Justin chased some little blue moon-fish with his feet in
the water under his seat. It was as if he was deliberately trying to boast his
beautifully free-flowing legs. What he was doing left him in a rather
provocative position with his legs spread widely on his chair. He smiled cutely
at me and then said quietly, in that smooth-soft voice of his, “Spread me open
slowly. Lick me with your tongue. Dip me in your milk... Damn, Oreos are soooo
good!” He grabbed the Oreo jar

It’s so easy to lose yourself in another world. So easy to
lose control. Like you’re watching yourself from the outside. A story that
writes itself. You forget to track the path of things. They just happen. And
you let them.

Back inside the house and it was far passed any normal bedtime.
Justin was tugging at Fergus’s briefs which started a wrestling match between
the two of them on the bed. Dakota was sitting on my lap facing me. Like a son.
Or a little brother. But we both knew he wasn’t.

Amidst all the noise, screaming and laughing, Dakota’s smile
suddenly faded to seriousness, and he whispered in my ear, “I want you to fuck
me so hard”

There was a tingle on my ear where Dakota’s lips gently
brushed me as he said it. I almost didn’t notice that Justin and Fergus weren’t
wrestling anymore. They suddenly grow quiet too. Were they kissing? When I
finally looked directly at them, they appeared to be biting each other’s lips
out. It looked cruel. It looked passionate. And I could tell they were having a
wickedly fun time.

“Sorry I left a bite mark... I tried not to bite that hard”
said Fergus to Justin looking completely guilty and super-cute.


A huge cumulative energy just burst forth. I didn’t even get
time to think about it. There was just too much happening. I was hypnotised by
Dakota’s blue eyes, distracted by Fergus’s green ones but in love with the
sheer purity of Justin’s hazel ones. There seemed to be eyes like laser-beams
all over the place. And so were there ripped clothes and pillows littered like
snow and ice.

Everything had been cloaked in sensuousness to the point
where details seemed fuzzy and languid. We were pressed up against each other.
Naked skin on skin. It felt so refreshing. All at once I felt them around me.
Cool parts then warm. All that silky flesh. Moving and exploring. Kissing and
biting. Inside me, outside me and all over. Unable to distinguish one boy from
the other in the ecstasy of just being swallowed in a soft cocoon of all three
of them. They felt firm and defined as if they had been regular athletes all
their lives. At the same time they had skin as soft as babies’. Their bodies
felt so new. Skin tone in complete balance. Not a mark, not a crease. Entirely
and absolutely perfect. We’re sensual beings. We love that.

Then there was this moment in which I was lying on my back
and all of their hands were exploring my raging hard-on. My cock was lost in
this consuming mound of six of the prettiest hands ever. They acted like the
animals they always tried to hide. Then their warm and wet mouths were
suctioned on my cock, lips and tongues in a thousand overlapping paths about it.
But the sexiest feeling was my cock being rubbed my all six of their gorgeous
young feet at once. Their feet had stunning natural sensuality. My cock was
sliding between smooth ankles and high arches. Their feet were so perfectly boyish
but also so soft and silky - they were literally new, barely used.

What would you feel if you had hotter versions of your
favourite celebrities hot for you? There were bright capsules of light burning
in Justin’s eyes. He looked so cute when he was horny that I just couldn’t
ignore him – My dream wrapped in a wish. I wanted him so bad. And to keep him. He
was so slim and exquisite. His gorgeousness was indescribable. Deliciously-looking pink nipples. Sun-kissed
curvatures and crevices. He was just covered in hotspots of fuckability. The
greatest shocker was Justin’s cock (Genetically Engineered Trait #2: Justin has
a monster cock. It’s the longest cock I’ve ever seen! Especially for a
13-year-old. Many large cocks come at a price of obscurity, but not Justin’s.
His cock was of amazingly balanced shape. It didn’t look clumsily big. It
looked agile and athletically big. Like something only fault-free robots in a
production-line could construct)

“Touch me there”, Justin whispered. His voice made me
shiver. Those words sent a strong answering pulse through my body. His tongue
curled around syllables that weren’t there, like a promise.

I felt his cock with my fingers. His whole body jerked at my
first touch, and he closed his eyes. Its smoothness. Its power... He was
moaning slightly in my ears. I pressed it, poked it and wanked it until it
leaked. It was so hot and slippery. He was biting his bottom lip the entire
time. Just looking at those angelically-crafted lips made me just want shove my
cock down his throat. I continued to rub its pre-cum over his cock-head and then
sucked it dry. He was trembling all over. I never expected to want to suck him more and

“You’re delicious! I can’t resist” I moaned out before I
rubbed his cock-tip into every corner of my mouth and throat. That skin was
electric to the inside of my mouth. I licked him like a cherry lollipop. It
needed so little force to just slide through. To just glide into. (Genetically
Engineered Trait #3: All the boys leak sweet pre-cum. The taste is addictive.
It reminds me of exotic litchis with a subtle hint of lime)

“Mmmmmmmmmm.... yeaaaaaaahhhhhh.... suck that up” he hummed

And then his cock grew longer in my mouth! (Genetically
Engineered trait #4: Justin can voluntarily change the length of his dick at
will. He can grow it longer and thicker within a second or two. It’s a
priceless sight to watch it grow and adjust – it looks fucking sexy! Like a
superpower. It’s a wonder how it works. What a system this boy is)

I found his mouth with mine and kissed him. He pulled away
and smiled victoriously. There was something both frustrating and madly
arousing about that. His restraint made something burn low and deep in my
belly. And then his mouth, Oh God his sexy mouth. We kissed again and every now
and then he’d pull away just a little, just enough to make me want to drag him
back, before getting a teasing lick with that perfect curling tongue of his. It
set all the nerve endings in my upper lip on fire. And then our mouths truly locked.
(Genetically Engineered trait #5: Justin’s tongue is like a fucking anaconda! I
loved the feeling of it invading my mouth. I broke the kiss and bit his juicy
pink boy-lips while I pulled out his tongue with my fingers. I loved the way it
slithered and tickled me)

Then I slowly sank down my cock into his mouth and his
tongue wrapped around it, swirling and twisting around it coupled with the
motion of his head sliding up and down. I had my fingers through his hair. I
couldn’t believe that sight in front of me, bowed down to my fuck-stick with
his butt angled high. I positioned his neck straight and then forced my cock
all the way down his throat. He didn’t even gag, but I could feel his throat
muscles contracting around my cock as I entered them. While I was fucking
Justin’s mouth, Dakota had snuck under me, had his mouth attached to my balls
and massaged them with his tongue as his little nose rubbed the base of my
dick. What a combo.

Fergus looked like a little puppy yearning for attention.
His long Spanish-boy hair was covering his eyes but I could still see those
slivers of green burning with lust. Fergus has the slickest 12-year-old body on
the planet. He had the smoothness and flow of a girl, with the athletic feel of
a young boy. If you look closely you can spot smooth natural abs on the hugging
wings of his torso - It’s something
you’d want to make your pillow for life. Those dimples and smile were simply irresistible.
And his neck, oh his neck was so succulent and tantalising with its intricate neckline,
patterns of delicate boy muscles and just valleys of pure silkiness. I dug my
teeth into it again and again until it bled, while I pressed the length of my
cock up against his and dry-fucked him. His erection was of impressive

I loved Fergus’s
bellybutton – it blended in so cutely on his taught tummy. It was so cute that
it frustrated me. I tried to bite the sides of it, but my teeth couldn’t find a
grip. Its delicious puppy-like smell was driving me insane too. How
appropriate. Fergus giggled as I tried and tried. He arched his back to push
his tummy out to give me better access but it barely helped. Then I stuck my
tongue in (Genetically Engineered Trait #6: Fergus’s bellybutton is fuckable! I
don’t understand how)

I stuck a finger into his bellybutton. Then another. Fergus
was holding my hand as I fingered him, as if unsure whether to stop me or force
me in harder. He was looking down at what I was doing and his head angled in so
cutely. A trickle of moisture was leaking from his cock. I couldn’t resist it
any longer. I lifted myself up on my knees and guided my cock in. It was a bit
of an intense squeeze. But then my cock was all the way inside Fergus’s tight
wet bellybutton and I was fucking that hot taught abs and smooth tummy of his. Its
slipperiness was making me go all funny inside. His slick hard dick bobbed up and
down as I fucked in and out. The whole scene blew my mind. It looked so awesome.

“Awww... That. AHH!! Tickles!!! But it feeels... AWWWW!!!
Fergus through wet smacks of penetration, with his green eyes rolling back in
his head.

“I was going to fuck this boy” I thought, now that I had
gotten the taste of actual fucking and I could barely stop. I pulled out of
Fergus and he looked like someone had just cut off his air-supply.

“You are so perfect” I whispered.

“I need you to really fuck me now” he pleaded desperately in
his childish voice. A look of cute seriousness on his face.

I turned him around
and shoved my cock all the way up his cute bubble-butt all in one quick
movement. He yelped. It literally echoed. My dick in his ass felt so good, like
every feeling in my body was focused and concentrated in my cock. My thrusts
grew faster and harder. Fergus’s screams grew urgent and louder. As if fucking
him till he taps out.

OHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! ” screamed Fergus. His voice now sounded like molten
metal. As if he had something thick at the back of his throat and it was making
him sound deeper and richer than he actually was.

His screams were drowned out as Justin pushed his mighty
dick down Fergus’s throat. I could see the valleys of Fergus’s neck twist,
struggle and widen as Justin fucked all the way down inside of it. Justin’s
cocktip probably entered Fergus’s stomach, if my mind measured correctly. And
so Justin and I were both fucking either opening of Fergus’s single love-canal.
Fergus was skewered and almost suspended a bit in the air by our cocks. It was
just raw hard sweaty pumping. After a few minutes of fucking I remembered
something (Genetically Engineered Trait #7: Fergus has a tight asshole, but it
can also stretch to accommodate almost anything)

We pulled out of Fergus. I just took a second to recognise
what was happening. I thought about how much I just can’t wait to fuck him
again. The curve where his butt ends and his thigh begins looked so slick. And
his lovely legs. The cute tendons at the backs of his knees. I loved the
control I had over it all. I started at his legs and kissed him moving up to
the inner sides of his thighs, and wriggled my tongue all along his
newly-fucked cunt. I stuck four fingers into his cunt. And then I pushed
harder. Justin realised what I was doing and he pushed my back to contribute to
the force. Fergus reached out and pulled me inside him. In one sudden gulping
sound, I succeeded in shoving my entire hand up Fergus’s cunt. At the same time
Fergus screamed so loudly it made my ears ring.

screeched Fergus, his voice like a rolling wave.

I’d never imagined I’d be fisting a 12-year-old kid. I
continued sliding my arm up his hole. Fergus’s entire body jerked and vibrated
with each inch I etched further in. It was so wet and warm inside. What an
indescribable feeling. Then I started fucking my arm in and out of him. He
couldn’t keep in his screams. I loved the look of it. The sight of my entire
arm getting swallowed and then Fergus’s screams and reaction of pain and ecstasy,
and the way his anus stretched inwards and outwards with each thrust. Justin
brought his face up close to the action, and rubbed a finger along Fergus’s
hole as it stretched wildly. He even poked a finger into it against my arm.

This time when I pulled right out of Fergus, his anus was a
gaping hole. But it was perfectly round with smooth lips for edges and, like
everything about this boy, it looked fucking incredible.

Justin was then sucking Dakota’s dick, flicking his tongue
on its head as they both moaned so hard that I admit it made me sorta jealous.
I broke them up and pinned Dakota down. I stared down those burning eyes. He
was so beautiful. I could feel his breath stirring against my lips. I was
holding his wrists. Those perfect chewy hands, and its wild pulse. He was
whimpering. Face-to-face I lifted his little feet up into the air and tickled
the little pillows of his boy-clit with my tongue. I tongue-fucked it for a few
more seconds before I stabbed his asshole with my huge cock. Dakota almost
choked on his own scream. My penis only made it half-way up his extremely tight
boy-pussy before I had to force another thrust. Then I began fucking in full
swing. Hard and strong. His feet were up high and I rubbed my face on his
smooth ankles and rested it in his arches as I was slipping my long rod in and
out of him real deep. Nothing could stop me now. His anus swallowed and
re-swallowed my dick with each fuck. (Genetically Engineered Trait #8: Dakota’s
anal canal is lined with muscles that massage and literally suck my dick as I
fuck him. I don’t even have to keep fucking. All I have to do is keep my dick
fully submerged in his hole and the inside of his ass will swirl, slide and
move along my cock. His ass would do all the work) But I kept fucking him like
a wild animal, which meant twice the amount of pleasure and intensity on my

UHHHHH!!!! UHHHHHHH!!!!!!” squealed Dakota. Head over heals in love. Legs over
shoulders in lust.

Then I put Dakota on his side, legs spread wide up into the
air, stuck my cock back in, and continued the fucking. The hungry clenching of
his pussy lips on my shaft was electrifying. Fergus found his way to the other
side of Dakota and then pushed his cock into Dakota’s ass with my cock still in
it. Fergus’s cock slid around a bit before he could finally force it into
Dakota’s already-full anus. Dakota gasped. The two of us fucked him like that
for a few minutes before Justin joined. He pushed his monster cock between my
cock and Fergus’s. Justin’s huge cock went further up Dakota’s ass than both
mine and Fergus’s could go. I thought Dakota’s ass would probably rip apart by
now. But it sustained all three cocks! There might as well have been a smell of
burning rubber. And it felt like the muscles in his cunt were trying to milk us
dry. We fucked in unison. Our moans marked each thrust, so we wouldn’t miss the
mark and break our rhythm:

Fergus: AHH! AHH! AHH! AHH! AHH!
Justin: UHH! UHH! UHH! UHH! UHH!

Our moans blended together to create this massive wall of
sound. Almost like a song with different layers of sound placed in front of
each other to create the final result.

When we finally pulled out, still none of us had cum yet,
even though we had come close to so many times. My cock felt like a fish out of
water. I turned Dakota over and his chest was heaving as if he had just ridden
the most adrenaline-pumping rollercoaster of his life. I pushed my cock forward
so the tip of my cock kissed the tip of his cock. And then I pushed it inside.
(Genetically Engineered Trait #9: Dakota has a fuckable dick! His piss-slit
expands to accommodate a cock)

I pushed my cock inside Dakota’s cock and resumed my
ferocious fucking. Dakota shivered with pleasure. His cock was twice as thick
now because mine was deep inside it. The mushroom head of his cock looked so
different now, and hotter. It was bigger, shiny, taught and his piss-slit
stretched open to receive my cock like a little fairy’s mouth swallowing a
giant’s dick. It was exhilarating. Dakota was scream-moaning and his head was
thrown back in lust. I stopped when I realised that I was on the verge of
cumming, and I let Fergus take my place. It wasn’t much longer before Dakota himself
was on the verge of cumming.

“Aw! Uhhh!! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum! AAHHH! I”M

Fergus didn’t stop
fucking. Dakota was in mind-blowing pain and never-felt-before ecstasy as
Fergus’s cock was blocking his cum from coming out, which had to be forced back
down into Dakota’s balls.

FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!” yelled Fergus as he came down into Dakota’s
cock. Fergus’s cock spewed out so much of cum that Dakota felt as if his balls
were about to burst. Their orgasm lasted for about a full five minutes! After
which Fergus pulled out of Dakota. I expected Dakota’s cock to explode with
twice the cum, but it didn’t. Not yet at least.

This time, Justin took Fergus’s place. When Justin ground
his true-giant cock down Dakota’s cock, Dakota almost passed out from the sheer
splitting-volume inside him. He was breathless. Justin could only get half of
his cock in, and kept fucking Dakota to that length. I reached in and kissed
Dakota on his mouth while he was being fucked. What an experience. His tongue
was like a cat’s tongue and I loved its energy. He tasted sweet, like oranges
and liquid sunshine in my mouth.

FOR ME!!! COME ON BABY!!!” shouted Justin as he began to slam his dick harder
and harder down into Dakota’s dick.

What sphincter was he talking about? And then there was a
huge wet sucking noise as Justin managed to shove the entire length of his
massive cock inside of Dakota’s! Straight through. So straight in fact, that
the head of Justin’s cock popped out of Dakota’s ass on the other side! I loved
the way Dakota’s fresh boy-lips of his ass opened to let Justin’s cock emerge
from the inside. Justin penetrated him like this for a while before pulling his
cock completely out. Justin then turned Dakota around and inserted his cock
into Dakota’s asshole. Again, all the way in, till Justin’s cock popped out of
Dakota’s cock piss-slit on the other side! I couldn’t even begin to fathom how
these boys were designed. Dakota let out this growling sci-fi howl. I looked at
Dakota’s cute cock. At first it looked completely normal, curled slightly
upwards, and then it began to expand from the bottom as Justin’s cock pushed its
way up through it, straightening it out, all the way until the head expanded
and Justin’s cock-head finally emerged from Dakota’s piss-slit. This cycle
repeated with each of Justin’s thrusts. It looked so fucking hot, so insane and
spectacular that I almost came by just looking at it. If you have never before
seen it, you can’t possibly imagine how great it looks.

Justin’s asshole was puckering in and out in front of my
eyes as he worked in and out of Dakota’s. I was so overcome by the cumulative
impact of that moment that I moved over behind Justin and rammed my cock up his
butt as he fucked Dakota’s.

“Your ass is mine!” I whispered loudly into Justin’s ear.

At the same time Fergus positioned his ass in front of
Dakota’s cock and pushed back and forth, fucking Dakota’s cock in and out of
his bubble-butt, bouncing on his dick. Since Dakota’s cock had Justin’s inside
it with every alternate second, Fergus had the equivalent of two cocks up his

And so all four of us were knelt in a line fucking each
other for the rest of the night. And then in some positions we even made up. Only
then were we all truly connected. I could feel all the vibrations from all our
thrusts surging through my body, and no words can describe the thrill of that
feeling. I loved to end it this way. My cock up Justin’s ass the ordinary way.
The most basic way. Buried deep inside him. It felt just as incredible as any
other feeling that night. I had one hand dug into his thigh, the other fondling
his stiff nipples, and my teeth sunk into the bottom of his neck that spread
out slenderly to his shoulders. I was slamming and pumping my hardest.

being fucked and fucking at the same time.

Then I felt something deep in Justin’s ass connect onto my
cock. Like Justin’s inner mobile nerve endings latched onto mine. And then my
mind went blank, as I was taken over by sexual seizure. I gushed load upon load
of warm cum up Justin’s ass. Justin came at exactly the same time. I realised
that his body had connected the occurrence of our orgasms, and made them last
forever! Well, for a full five minutes at least. I pounded every single drop of
cum into him. And at that same time too, Dakota came what seemed like gallons
of accumulated cum up Fergus’s ass, and Fergus came for the second time that
night. All of us were screaming in pleasure. Poor Fergus was probably left with
more cum crammed up inside him than any other boy in history. And this was
probably the strongest waterbed in existence. We lay that way for a while,
breathing together, watching the shadows flicker over the walls and each
others’ faces. Listening to the rain rattle against the glass. The marine fish were
still swimming in the waterbed. Fergus played with a wet strand of Justin’s
hair, wrapping it around his finger. I felt something moving between us, like
light or heat, growing with every breath.

When I finally woke up the next morning, I had a smile on my
face. Still too tired to move. I
realised the boys had already woken up before me. I double checked by looking
around just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Indeed I wasn’t. There was once the
most amazing night ever, and I’m one of the four only people to have
experienced it. My mind was scattered with random flashbacks, right to the
beginning, and even what Dakota said was on repeat in my head: “And the ones
that burn twice as bright, burn half as long”

Fergus walked in. He looked even cuter and radiant in the

But he looked worried.

“What’s wrong baby?” my smile faded as I asked.

“I think there’s something they forgot to tell you...” he
managed to mumble out.

“What do you mean?” I asked as I stood up slowly.

His gorgeous eyes fluttered nervously. He looked away from
me to the floor and then said “Well, because... One of us... is pregnant”

Genetically Engineered Trait #10...


The End.

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