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Hi, this is my part 2 of my long story about my brother's and mine love for eachother. Enjoy
...Later that day...
My mom and sisters and dad came home, and we had dinner together. My sister would look at me and my bro and smile.

After the dinner my parents went to bed and my bro, my sisters and me stayed up and watched movies. My sisters went to bed and Donna, my second oldest sister, the one who heard (I really don't know if I spelled that right) us, said:
"Psst, hey, you two, come here. I know what you're doing to each other and I'm really OK with the fact that my brothers are gay..."
"Um, we aren't gay." I interrupted her.
"Than what are you, straight ? You can't be straight if you do that to yourselves"
"We're bisexual, OK !" Ben said with irritated voice.
"Wow. OK. You don't want our parents to hear us. Besides, I just wanted to tell you that if you want to do the stuff you do, I totally support you. Goodnight"
"Goodnight." we said.
We all got upstairs and into our rooms. Me and my brother stripped to just boxers, because It was summer and laid in our bed.

We were laying there for a while and I felt Ben's hand going down my chest and into my boxers. I felt him slowly taking off my boxers and starting to play with my balls. Then he went from my balls to my crotch and started jacking me off. It was so nice.
"Do you still want to do it, Aky ?" He asked me while we were laying on our bed and him jerking me off.
I just moaned: "Yes. Let's do it."
"OK" he said "But we must finish the foreplay." and continued to jerk me off.

I went for his boxers too and took them off slowly and started jerking him off.
"Hey, do you want to do 69 ?" He added.
I told him that I didn't know what 69 was and that I'll still try it.

Man, 69 is awesome. We came almost at the same time. His creamy warm sperm was like a treat to me, although it tasted a bit salty, it had that sweet line to it. His sperm is like a jelly and it's soooo yummy.
I told him that his sperm tasted so good and he told me that my sperm tasted good too.

Then, we started kissing. I could feel his tongue making its way into ma mouth and touching mine. I was kind of embarrassed because I knew that two guys weren't supposed to be kissing mouth-to-mouth. But, I gave myself into it. His mouth was so warm and I started circling my tongue around his and so did he. It made my cock jump back up and get ready for what was about to come.

Ben got out of bed and pulled a skin lotion out of his drawer and told me that he was saving it for nights like these. I just giggled and said: "Yeah, well, I've been saving something too."
So I came to my drawer and pulled out a condom.
"O-ho. We've been preparing, weren't we ?" He said.
"Yup" I added.

Then we went back to bed and I put my big beach towel on the bed, just incase anything that wasn't supposed to come out made it's way out of my hole.
I've been preparing for this night like no one else. I even took an enema, I never did that, but now, I wanted my ass as clean as possible.

He laid me on my stomach and put a pillow under my stomach just so that he could get to my ass easier.
"This is it. I'm gonna get rimmed by my brother." I thought.

"Are you ready ?" He asked.
"Yes, yes I am. Go on." I replied.
"Now, when I first enter you, you're gonna feel a little pain, but it shouldn't be unbearable. If you want me to stop, just tell me." He added.
"I know how it'd feel, cuz I've tried it with a marker, those thick ones." I replied.
"Ooooh.. You've been playing with your ass, haven't you."
"Yeah." I said.
And that moment finally came, he said: "All right, I'm coming in"
And he slowly stared entering my ass. It was the worst pain I've ever felt. I was on the verge of crying because his penis was much thicker than any marker I've ever put in my ass.

He slowly started pushing his whole thing in. It was so deep inside.
"Are you OK ?" He asked.
"Y-yeah. I-I am." I mumbled.
"OK I'm gonna start going in and out, is it OK ?"
I confirmed.

He started pulling his cock out and pushing it in slowly and the pain slowly, but surely melted into pleasure. I started moving my ass in the rhythm that he was fucking me.

"Harder, go harder." I screamed.

He started going faster and even deeper slamming his cock in my ass. It felt so great and a little weird at the same time. He was fucking me as fast as he could for a good 5-7 minutes and then he told me that he was about to cum.

I pulled his penis out and quickly got the condom off of his cock and put it back in. We came together and he came into my ass. It was the best feeling ever. I can't even explain it.

He collapsed onto my back panting and breathing heavily. I could feel his heart racing, and mine was racing too.
"Now, you made me feel good, now it's time for me to return the favor." He said panting.

He got out of bed and got another condom for me and put it on with his mouth.
"You've got skills, dude" I said.
"Yeah, let's see how you'll do me." He replied.

He lubed my cock and got into position. I couldn't believe that I'm going to fuck my brother. I've always fantasized about us fucking, but this was a whole new level.

"I'm coming in" I said and slowly slid my cock into his asshole. He moaned loudly and told me to start moving. His ass was so hot and I just couldn't help it, and I went on fucking my brother. After a minute or two he told me to go as fast as I could. I went full steam ahead and started going as fast as I could. I remember him putting a pillow over his head cuz he was literally crying out of pleasure. I felt like I was about to pass out.

"I’m about to come !" He told me.
"Me too !" I replied and pulled out my cock and literally ripped the condom off of my cock and shoved it in his ass as hard as I could. I remember hearing him scream when I jammed my tool inside his warm, slippery asshole. We came together for the third time that night and I just collapsed on the bed and rolled over to my side of the bed feeling light headed, like I was about to pass out.

"Dude, you're the best." He said all panting.
"Not as good as you" I replied.
"Don't be silly, you fucked me better than I fucked you." He said.
"OK, if you say so." I replied and we snuggled under the blanket and fell asleep. In the morning, I felt vibrations on our bed and woke up. I had a pretty nice picture. My brother's cock straight up and he jerking it off.
"You want to jerk off together" He told me. I thought he didn't notice me cuz I pretended to be asleep.
"Ye. I suppose" I replied, and since I had a hard on already and I was naked I pushed the blanket off of my side of the bed and milked myself.

As soon as we were finished, we cleaned up the room and sneaked and dressed up. I sneaked my way up to the bathroom and throwing his and, the remains of my condom into the toilet and flushing it. While we were showering we were kissing and playing with our crotches. When we got down into the kitchen we saw my dad, mom and sisters sitting around the kitchen table and waiting for us.
"Hey, sleeping beauties, do you want some ketchup on your pizzas or not ?" Donna said winking to us and she laughed softly.
"Eh-eh.. I'd like some, thanks" I replied.
"Yeah, I'd like some too" Ben replied too.

Thanks for reading part 2 of my story and I hope you'll like it. Part 3 is coming out tomorrow.

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2013-07-05 14:34:35
Are you white, black, Asian, Hispanic...


2012-11-01 12:41:58
this is a really great story. I hope when it gets to my first time i feel as good too

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2012-10-16 20:11:23
Hey I'm chuck txt me to talk about sex or what ever I'm 17 and looking for boys 14-17 to txt

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2012-08-17 05:04:45
You stories have every thing I like it's cute, sexy, a little rough, and it's funny.


2012-07-27 03:35:59
Well, I saw a post on the internet and it said that if you do it for the first time yaou should wear a condom so that your ass gets used to the shape of a penis. Nowdays, when we have sex, we don't use a condom.
Oh, and I'm starting on my third part where things got really fucked up. Quite literally :D

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