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Introduction: Thanks for all the positive comments. I am writing this story for fun. Sorry for the typos, etc. I'm not claiming to be a great writer or author, just having a little fun by getting fantasies down in writing. I enjoy the comments and welcome suggestions of how to make it better through PM. I look forward to hearing from you. Trying to make these chapters longer, but I do have a life outside of writing so in the interest of "not keeping everyone hanging" I thought I'd publish as much as I can when I can. Enjoy

How about a Pic - Chapter 3 – What a lovely evening...

I awoke to the gurgles of the pool and the warm summer air drifting through the trees. I looked upwards to see that the light in the sky was growing much dimmer and the air much cooler than it had been before I had passed out.

Part of me thought I must have been dreaming, but then I realized I had not been and even though this is one of my fantasies come true, I still was in a bit of disbelief and shock at the events of this afternoon. I was laid out completely naked on the pool deck in my backyard. I looked over to look at the time on my phone. It was 6:45 and indeed it had gotten late. There was no sign of my companions Hannah and Laura and I figured they had gone inside to grab something to eat and god only know what else they were getting into.

I grabbed another beer from the cooler and opened it. I took a long swig and swung my feet over to get ready to get up and go inside to find the girls. My legs were sore, but it was a good kind of sore. My body felt re-energized in the evening air. I finally coaxed myself out of the chair and headed up towards the house. I was proud of my cock as it dangled and bounced as I strode up the back stairs to the door. I looked inside and saw no one. I thought to myself that Laura and Hannah may be upstairs, taking a shower or maybe they had left.

A quick check to see if their cars were still in the driveway. They hadn’t moved so I knew that there was more, or at least I had hoped that, there was more to come and cum. So, I knew they were somewhere and was sure that whatever they were doing, I wanted to at least watch. I remembered the events of the afternoon as I opened the door. The familiar door chime from the alarm broke the silence in the house as a rush of cool, conditioned air rushed across my naked body.

I walked to the kitchen and noticed nothing out of the ordinary. Suddenly margaritas sounded like a good idea. I dug the ingredients from the freezer and fired up the blender. In a few short minutes the concoction was ready. I grabbed three glasses from the cabinet and headed to find the girls.

I searched through the house remembering the times that Hannah and I had flirted with one another. She had stayed with the girls on a few occasions and she was a regular fixture, as I mentioned earlier, around our house. So, Hannah knew the lay of the land pretty well. I had a feeling she and Laura were in the guest bedroom upstairs but figured I’d search around for a few minutes as I held the chilled glasses of margaritas.

I wandered upstairs towards the guest bedroom. Hannah stayed there a lot over the years. So much in fact that everyone in my family called it Hannah’s room. As I neared the top of the stairs I could hear voices from down the hall. The faint gasps and sounds gained momentum as I stepped towards the room.
I peeked inside and slowly opened the door to see Hannah and Laura both on their haunches on the bed. Their legs both spayed open as they faced one another. I then noticed a giant two-headed dildo between them and buried deep in each other’s twats. The look of lust on their faces was enticing. I loved watching them. I stood naked in the doorway watching their display. My cock began to rise. I placed the drinks down on the table next to the door. My hand went down to coax my cock to its full length.

They hadn’t yet noticed that I was standing there yet. Laura reached out and took hold of one of Hannah’s tits as her hips bucked forward. Hannah simply allowed Laura to continue her assault. She placed one of her hands behind her to steady herself and the other on her stomach as if to suppress her impending orgasm as long as possible.

I caught Hannah’s eye as I stroke my cock longingly. She smiled at me and then returned her gaze to Laura who briefly turned and looked at my rock hard member in my hand as I slowly grasped it and stroked it up and down. She bit her bottom lip and then turned her head back concentrating on Hannah’s body.

The rocking motion and the sighs of ecstasy continued for a few more minutes until finally Laura screamed out, “Ohhhhh….fuck yes Hannah. I’m cumming!”

“Cum for me baby,” Hannah replied as her hand moved to the top of her slit and quickly made circular motions stimulating her clit and the rubbery dildo went in and out of her.

I moved over towards them to take get a better view. Tits were bouncing up and down, both Hannah and Laura’s mouths were wide open. These two beautiful girls in front of me were having the time of their lives. The voyeur in me was happy to be watching and my cock was getting happier by the minute.

“Uh, uh, uh, yes,” Laura chanted over and over again. Hannah returned the sentiment by adding her grunts and groans.

“Grab the middle of it,” Hannah added between grunts looking towards me.

I quickly grabbed the dildo and forced it to each side. This sent both girls over the edge. I would first give more to Laura and then to Hannah back and forth as their legs began shaking uncontrollably.

Hannah was the first to collapse on the bed. I pulled the dildo from her and she quickly stroked her pussy as the end of her orgasm racked her body. She curled up onto her side and watched as I continued plunging the large fat cock in Laura’s small body. Her mouth was wide open and she had stopped breathing and then finally let go allowing the massive orgasm to overtake her body. Her legs trembled as she fell back against the bed and groaned.

I couldn’t help myself as I pulled the head from her pussy and quickly dove into to finally taste her sweet pussy for myself. I licked the slit as globes of girl cum escaped her folds. She was sweet and musty.

“Ohhh….yes,” she cooed.

My tongue swirled around her clit several times and then down to her honey hole. I began to pull back and Laura chided me for stopping.

“I’m gonna cum again! Don’t stop,” she said as I heard Hannah giggle in the background.

I returned licking her sweet snatch. Laura’s lips were much smaller than Hannah’s but was just as sweet. I continued licking and sucking her pussy. I couldn’t believe that Laura was going to cum again as I thought she’d be completely exhausted from the last orgasm but just as suddenly as that thought went through my mind, she burst again.

“Ohhhhhh……yesssssssssss,” she cooed as I slowed my tongue and then laid it flat against her tiny pussy and licked from one end to the other allowing her sweet honey to envelope my tongue.

She then relaxed her legs and turned to her side. I stood up from my kneeling position on the bed and said, “How about a drink. Looks like you could use some cooling down.”

I walked over to the table and grabbed their drinks and handed them to them.

“Ummmm,” Hannah said as she took her first sip from the straw. “You make a good margarita brother.”

“Ummmm, tastes so good,” Laura added and I took a sip of mine and sat on the bed between the girls.

“That was fun to watch,” I said to the girls glancing at their nubile bodies and got to a comfortable position leaning between some pillows and the headboard at the top of the bed.

“Ohhhh….so you like to watch do you brother,” Hannah said scooting up beside me. I wrapped my arm around her and fondled her left breast lightly as she suckled at her drink.

“I’ll have to remember that,” she added and looked up at me. I leaned in to kiss her. The mixture of our tongues, the taste of margarita was inviting. Laura moved in close to us and took my rock hard penis in her hand and offered her tongue for a three-way kiss. I wasn’t sure how to manage it, but just allowed the girls to guide me. I had seen this before in movies and girls gone wild videos, but to take part was awesome. My hand moved up to stroke Laura’s taut behind. It was exactly the right consistency. I loved the way it seemed to shape itself to my palm.

I continued making circles around Hannah’s areola and Laura slowly stroked my cock up and down while our tongues danced in and out of each other’s mouths.

I wanted to fuck both of them again. I wanted to fuck them now. An animalistic urge came over me. I pulled my arm from around Hannah and moved towards Laura.

“Need some more do we,” Laura asked as she placed her drink on the night stand beside the bed. She then took my cock as she pulled me to her and she took her position on her back. She opened her legs wide and guided my cock to her opening. She teased the head at her entrance and up and down her slit. I didn’t pay any attention to Hannah at this moment. My eyes were locked on Laura. I needed to be inside her. She guided me inside finally as I released my body and thudded into her small frame.

“Ohhhh, yes,” Laura exclaimed as my cock buried itself deep into her womb. I pounded quickly three times and her legs took a position on my back and began pulling me inside her.

I pushed in as far as I could feel my balls slap against her asshole.

“I love the feeling of balls slapping against my ass,” she said as I began to ram into her fast and deep.


Something just took over. I needed to cum in Laura. I needed her to feel my cock pounding her. I wanted to fuck her like a porn star, I wanted to cum buckets inside her. I loved the sound of my cock slamming into her. The slap, slap, slap of our bodies filled the room. I think Hannah must have been in shock because I never heard a word from her as I pounded her friend quickly and deeply.

I leaned into Laura and she gently bit my arm and her legs continually pulling my harder and faster. She yelled encouragement to me.

“Yes….fuck it! Fuck my pussy! Pound your cock in me!”

With that I began to feel cum running through my balls and up through my member. I took one or two long slams and while still inside her pushed myself up onto my knees. I needed to see her face as my cock exploded inside her. She placed her feet against me as I pounded two last times and then slammed against her getting my cock as far inside her as I could.

“Fuck,” I yelled as the first gush of cum exploded inside her.

“Feel that cum inside your pussy Laura,” and looked at her face.

Her mouth was wide open and you could tell she was in ecstasy as my cock emptied itself inside. I then pulled her torso towards me and leaned back swing my legs and her legs around so that she was on top of me.

I took her hips and pushed them down hard as her body collapsed against mine. My cock buried deep inside her womb had finally stopped pouring its sticky substance inside her. I smacked her ass and Laura kissed me hard. My hands probed her sides and moved to her ass. I swirled my finger around her asshole and quickly drove it inside to the first knuckle.

With that I felt her pussy muscles contract around my cock. She placed her hands against my chest and thrust upward trying to get away from me but I held her in place.

“Ohhhh…..yes…..” is all she could muster as I felt a wave of pleasure wash across her body. Muscles tightened then they finally relented as she collapsed against me in a heap.

“Damn son,” is all Hannah said. I kissed Laura and rolled her off to the side. She began to laugh and said to Hannah, “I can’t believe your sister doesn’t fuck this guy every day, all day long.”

“I do too,” I added and took a deep breath and looked to find where I had left my drink.

“That was amazing,” Laura said.

“And fun to watch too,” added Hannah.

“I need another drink…and you’re next Hannah,” I leapt up from the bed and headed back downstairs to make another batch of margaritas and hoped that the girls would be preparing for the next assault I had in mind for them.

Definitely more to come.

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