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My niece and I Chapter 1

This is my first of hopefully many posts of what has taken place in my life over the past twelve months. It is all true and continues today. I have read many stories here and wanted to share mine with you.

I did not intend for this to occur and I certainly did not seek this out. My wife and children were tragically killed in a crash more than a year ago, and for most of this time I have tried to simply get on and renew my life. Part of this renewal was to renovate part of my home, which meant that I could not really live in it during the first stage.

I have remained close to my wife’s family and regularly catch up with her brothers and their kids. My wife’s eldest brother offered for me to stay with them for the first stage. They live close so I agreed to stay with them for four weeks. This was to change my life;

I arrived at back at their home around 6.00pm and greeted Mario, my brother-in-law and their youngest daughter Renee. I had been with them for about five days. Mario said Nora, is wife was getting pizza for dinner was not back so I decided to take a shower and clean up. I had shaved and just stepped out of the shower and was drying off when the door opened and I heard a gasp. I removed the towel from my face, and found Ashleigh their eldest daughter and my niece, standing in the doorway, bright red with embarrassment, but staring at me.

Now I am not the greatest oil painting, but even in my mid-forties, I have tried to take care of myself. I am 6’2” and 210 pounds, and fairly trim. My wife thoroughly liked my dick, which although not huge, is 7 ½” erect or soft which makes it look large even when not aroused.

Back to the story, well my niece did not take her eyes off me, while mumbling an apology and closing the door. I was surprised, but it happened too quickly to be shocked. I finished in the shower and dressed for dinner. They were all seated, so I took my place and we enjoyed our meal, however Ashleigh was distracted and slightly flushed in the face and did not look at me.

Later after dinner, we sat down to watch some TV, when the phone rang and after a short conversation, Nora said they were going to see her mum, and would not be back ‘til later. The girls did not want to go, so we settled down to watch a movie. Renee took one couch and I sat on the other, Ashleigh was still in her room.
A while into the movie, Ashleigh came in and sat down next to me covering both of us with a blanket. She snuggled in close and then grabbed my arm and guided it around her shoulder and to her side just near her breast, then moved her hand away. Now I was more than a little surprised by this bold move, as although I love them dearly, I had not ever thought of them sexually. It seemed though that Ash had other ideas, as she ensured that I had a good feel of her breast and nipple as she turned slightly. Her nipple was hard as a rock, and I heard a little sigh as my hand moved over it. Her sister seemed not to notice, but I was not yet sure.
Ash continued to snuggle up to me enjoying my hand on her breast, and so I decided to test the limits a little more, by gently cupping and caressing her breast through her bra and t-shirt. More gentle sighs were heard and she snuggled in closer and placed her head on my chest. Now Ash is 23, 5’3” and I guess 110 pounds, with a very good body kept in great shape by dancing. She is about a C-cup with nipples that point up to you. Renee is 21 about the same hight, but is skinnier, with smaller A or B cup breasts and a cute little ass.

Renee got up to make popcorn, so we stopped the movie for a bit. I went to the bathroom, my mind not knowing quite what was going to happen, but starting to think of what could happen if this continued. My real concern was what it would do to the relationship I shared with the whole family, as Mario and Nora are very conservative, and this would cause an end to the twenty year relationship we had. I was however getting more than a bit aroused by the thought of Ash wanting to be with me in a sexual way, and let my dick rule my head and I planned what might happen next.

I returned to the lounge via the kitchen with drinks while Renee carried the popcorn, then I settled back on the couch. Ash came back in to the lounge, turned off the lights, passed a blanket to Renee and curled up next to me once more.
My spider sense tingled, as Ash looked like she was nervous about something but also noticed the colour in her face was rosier than her normal quite pale complexion. Once again she took my hand once again. I froze and looked at her; my hand felt only her pyjamas, she had removed her bra. I gently caressed her breast and found her nipple again responding. Getting bolder, I started to flick her nipple through the thin material. Her reaction was to get closer to me, without sitting on my lap, and to gently stroke my thigh. There was no turning back, this would change our relationship going forward. I eased my hand down her side, finding her smooth soft flesh. She had rolled up her top and exposed her stomach to me, still covered from her sister’s view by the blanket.

She was shaking slightly, so I gently kissed her forehead to let her reassure her. Ash responded by nodding her head and kissing my chest. We remained like this for most of the movie, then Renee got up and went to the kitchen. Ash moved quickly, turning her head and kissing me full on the lips. Her eyes told me everything, don’t stop!!!. We broke away and smiled at each other then she moved her hand, grabbing mine and pushing it down her tummy towards her pussy. Her hand on mine slid under the drawstring of her shorts, and I found I was touching her soft and downy pubic hair. Now it was my turn to gasp as she had also removed her panties. She shuddered and let out a moan that I am sure could be heard around the house. She kissed me again as I slid my finger up and down her very moist slit, the heat was amazing, she was on fire and I didn’t stop.
She removed her hand leaving mine stroking her pussy, and went straight for my dick, which was now as hard as her nipples. She stroked it through my track pants, and I had to concentrate hard not to lose it then and there. It had been a long time since a woman had held my dick and it felt great.

The movie ended, and I removed my hand from her pants, and kissed her again. I realised that we had not said anything to each other in more than two hours, so I whispered in here ear, that it felt great and I wanted more. She smiled and said the same to me, saying that I should not go to sleep yet. Renee returned, she had had a shower, and for a second I thought I saw her wink or nod to Ash, but the sound of the front door opening distracted my thoughts and letting my throbbing dick soften. We sat for a few minutes talking with their parents, before I said I was beat and need to sleep. Ash pouted her lips at me, as I kissed all good-night and went to bed.

I lay on the bed thinking. I had just spent the evening making out with my wife’s niece and wanted more. I tried to put it out of my mind, but my dick had other ideas. There was a faint tap on the door and Ash walked in closing the door behind. She just about jumped on me kissing me with passion and lust. She tore back the covers and again grabbed for my dick.
“My god Uncle Will, its huge and I need to see it up close” she said.
She quickly fished it out of my boxers, and the softness of her hand was like an Angel’s glove. She massaged me with deft experience, I am sure she had done this before.

“Wow you shave your dick and balls, it’s so smooth, it feels great” she whispered. My wife and I had shaved each other since we started dating. We both loved the feeling of smooth skin during oral sex especially. I had kept shaving myself as it does feel good, and makes your balls and dick look bigger.

“Ash, that feels great” I sighed, not wanting anyone else to hear.
“Don’t worry, they are all asleep, I checked” she replied.

The shock was yet to come, as she leaned over and took just the head of my dick in her mouth, while still jacking me off. I knew I would not last long, so moved my hand to seek out her hotspot. She opened her legs slightly allowing me to caress her pussy through her shorts. She was so hot and wet and ready for more. “Oh god Ash I am going to cum” it came up quickly and it was too late to stop. Ash just moaned and sucked the end of my dick a little harder.
That was it, I let go with four or five shots of cum over her tongue and down her throat, Ash did not miss a drop. She cleaned up my softening dick then crawled up and lay in my arms.
“I have never sucked a guy’s dick before Uncle Will but yours looked like it needed sucking” she giggled. I did not know quite what to say.
“You know we can’t undo what we have done. It was incredible, but we can’t tell anyone about this, not even your sis” I replied, “as your parents would kill me for this”.

“Fuck them, they don’t own me I am an adult” she snorted. She was right, but I didn’t want to damage the relationship I have with the family, especially my wife’s parents.
“I know, but you are my niece this is almost illegal, OK?” I warned.
“Yeah yeah, but you are only an uncle by marriage. We are not really related.”
I was almost hurt by the comments of not being related by blood, but it was a way of justifying this taboo relationship.
“I want to do this again, maybe at your place?” she whispered.
I kissed her again, and could taste the saltiness of my cum still on her tongue. “Thankyou” I said, as she left, she just smiled and blew me a kiss right back.

I haven’t slept so well in many months, and awoke feeling refreshed. Was it all a dream, I wasn’t sure, but my stiff dick reminded me that something had happened. I dressed and went to the kitchen for breakfast. Mario was up as was Renee. We talked about some plans for the weekend, and then felt someone standing behind me. Ash came up and kissed us all good morning, saving me for last. She gently kissed my cheek, and caressed my shoulder. It was real alright, God what was going to happen now. She sat down next to Renee and they talked about shopping and other stuff.
I think I was in the clear, so left for my house, my head spinning with what had happened. Where will it lead, and how much can I or Ash control??

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