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“Cock teasing little bitch, that’s what she is,” Brendan told me. I nearly laughed. I’d tried to tell him when he stated dating my sister, Katelynn. Technically, Kat and I are half-brother and sister. Our father was fucking two women and got them both pregnant then ended up getting custody of both of us, somehow, before either of us was a year old. Kat is a few months older then I am.

Brendan looked back at me as we walked home. “Why does she act like she wants to fuck, but then turn me down after I’m to the point of having blue balls? I just don’t get it.”

“I tried to tell you man, Kat isn’t interested in fucking yet.”

“Hard to believe she’s your sister then.” I had to smile. Brendan and I had known each other since the fourth grade; we played football together and ran around together all the time, so he knew me really well. He’d even been at the pool party I lost my virginity at when we were fourteen. “Anyway I think I’m going over to Beth’s house tonight since Kat shot me down.”

“Sound’s good.” Beth was a cool girl, she wasn’t a slut or cock tease like most of the other girls in our grade were. At sixteen, a year younger then me, she knew how to have a good time. If Brendan or I were down on our luck for the weekend Beth would happily help us out. “Mind if I come too?”

“You know I usually don’t but I want to see her allow this time. What happened, Taylor shut you down?” Brendan asked surprised.

“Nahh. Didn’t try for it. I think I’m starting to like her too much cuz when I thought about fucking her the way I do other girls it doesn’t seem right.”

“Dude you actually like a girl… I mean like like a girl. Wow!”

“Fuck you, man.” Brendan laughed.

“Hey better then liking a girl that doesn’t want to give it up.”

“True.” We were at the block were he turned right and I went left to get home.

“Later” I said and walked the rest of the way home alone. It was mid-October, football was in full swig, and again I wished for a car so I didn’t have to care an extra bag to and from school for a change of clothes. Tomorrow was Friday night’s game, nothing special, just one local high school against another.

“Dad, Loran I’m home,” I called from the front door. It was always a good idea to say something before walking too far into the house. Dad and his wife, Loran; who was neither my mother nor Kat’s mother, but Megan, our twelve year old sister’s mother; were know to fuck any time of the day and some times any where. Megan waved from over the couch at me.

“They went out said to order pizza and get to bed on time. They’d see us in the morning.” Well at least they aren’t subjecting us to the noise, I thought.
“So did you and Kat order any yet?” Megan shook her head.

“She wanted to wait for you to get home. I swear Mom’s got her scared of everything. Kat actually thinks that if there wasn’t a guy here the pizza guy would try to rape her.”

“So I’m calling then? What do you want on it?”

“Pepperoni and olives.” I went over to the phone and called the nearest pizza place.

“What can I get for you tonight?”

“I’d like one large meat lovers and one large pizza halfed one side pepperoni and olives the other green peppers and chicken.” Why do girls have to be difficult?

“Can I interest you in any bread sticks or wings?”

“No thanks.”

“Ok and this is for…” the woman gave our house phone number and address.

“That’s correct.”

“Ok the total is 24.54 would you like to pay by credit card or cash?”


“Alright it will be there in about 25 to 30 minutes and thank you for your order.” I hung up. “Megan I’m gonna get a shower before the pizza gets here, so don’t answer the door ok?”

“Got it.” Megan huffed. I went up the stairs and dropped the clothes from my gym bag into the laundry shoot. There wasn’t much space on this floor, the whole area being Kat’s room, my room and a bathroom we, regrettably, share. I tested the door to the bathroom, unlocked; thank God, and opened the door. Kat must have just had a shower because the room was foggy from the steam. I took off my shirt and shoes, lifted up the seat, unfastened my jeans and took out my cock to pee. Just as I finished the curtain to the shower was pulled back. There stood Katelynn, water streaming off her naked body. It was the first time I noticed my sister had nice tits, smallish, but nice. I caught just the hint of blonde hair that matched the color on her head at the junction of her legs before she pulled the curtain in front of her.

“What the hell are you doing in here Kris?” Her eyes drifted down and her face turned red, that’s when I remembered my cock was still in my hand and she’d just seen it for the first time in years. We’d been really young the last time, it was a show me yours I’ll show you mine, I think we were six or seven. Both of us had grown a lot since then.

“I just got home from football, what do you think I’m doing?” I pulled my pants and underwear off the rest of the way to stand naked before her.

“Get out!”

“Oh stop.” I reached behind me, grabbed a towel and handed it to her. “I’m not getting dressed to step outside the door only to come back in after you leave to undress again. Just wrap up and step out.” Kat snatched it out of my hand before disappearing back behind the curtain. I leaned against the wall waiting.

“You could at lest cover up.” Kat’s voice was softer this time.

“What’s the point you’ve already seen me naked.” Now I was glad I trimmed my pubic hair the other day. She pulled the curtain back again, this time the towel wrapped around her tightly.

“Yeah, but your… I mean…” Kat’s face reddened again as her eyes drifted down. After playing football as a halfback and running track for 6 years, my body was lean and toned. Taller then most if the other guys on team and one of the youngest seniors, I came in it at 6’3 and 168 at my physical just before school started.

“My what?”

“I can see your ‘thing’.” Oh this was priceless. I grabbed my cock.

“You mean this?” I asked and started stroking it. Kat went for the door, but I was quicker and leaned against it. “Where you going?” I groaned as I stroked. Kat looked away.

“Stop it Kris that’s nasty.” That shocked me.

“Nasty? Is it nasty when you touch yourself? When you play with your clit till your whole body shakes?” The image came to me of Kat on her bed legs open her hands between her legs. One stroking her clit the other pushing two fingers in her wet pussy, my cock went ridge.

“That is so gross. Let me out.” She tried for the door again, this time I grabbed her and pushed her back against the door.

“You don’t touch yourself?”


“Oh, Kat you don’t know what you’re missing. Let me show you.” I pressed my knee between her thighs.

“Stop! Or I’ll tell Loran.” I laughed, Loran’s worked as a sex councilor for teens and since we hit puberty we’ve both had monthly sessions about our ideas on sex and any sexual activity we were interested in or had done.

“She’s not home and it’s not like I’m gonna hurt you.” My leg finally worked its way between hers and I reached under the towel. Soft short hair met my fingers as I ran them over her outer lips. Kat pushed at me, though she was older then I was she barely came up to my shoulder and couldn’t weigh more then 120. I moved to her slit and quickly found the spot I wanted.

“Kris!” Kat yelled as my fingers started working her clit over. Her head turned up, green eyes meting mine. “Stop,” but it was whispered and the breathiness to it told me all I needed.

“See what you’re missing.” My fingers traveled down to her opening. Kat thrashed for a minute as I pushed my middle finger in her too tight cunt and let my thumb rub her clit. I pressed tightly into her my body against hers. “Now don’t thrash so hard. I trying to get you to cum not break your cherry. Struggle too much and you might find my finger deeper then I intended.” As I talked I worked that one long finger in her and her body responded perfectly, growing wet with need. My thumb worked her hard as I sank my finger in her and before I realized how far I’d taking my sister, she stopped pushing me away and started pulling me to her.

“Kris…I… I think something’s wrong. I feel…like I’m gonna…” Kat’s face flushed. On the next thrust, I used two fingers. Her pussy went wild, not cumming, not yet.

“That’s it. Come on, cum for your little brother. Cum on my fingers.” With a few more swipes over her clit she was done. Her body went ridged; a cry of pleasure spilled from her lips and her pussy clutched my fingers for dear life. I continued pushing my fingers into her while she body was out of control. I pushed a little deeper, wanting to see if she really was virgin still, there it was, just at two finger joints deep. I pulled back quickly so her movements didn’t forced me to break it. When it finally stopped, my cock quivered against her side at the idea of following my fingers.

“Kris? Did… was that…”

“That was an orgasm.” Then my lips were against hers. I hadn’t thought about it, and the only excuse I had was I wasn’t thinking with my big head. When Kat responding in kind I groaned, pressing her more firmly into the door, my body seated against hers solidly. I licked her bottom lip and felt her open just a little; it was enough for my tongue to find hers. Kat’s hands found my shoulders holding me back and to her at the same time before getting tangled in my shaggily cut black hair. The towel fell to the tiled floor with the smallest of tugs, then skin met skin. My cock jumped at the feel of her belly against it.

Kat’s gasp at our flesh meting broke the kiss. “Kris,” the breathy tone drove me to kiss her again, but she pulled away after a quick kiss. “We have to stop.” I lifted her up, cupping her ass and buried my face in her neck, kissing my way back to her mouth. “Kris enough. Stop.”

“Why? This feels good doesn’t it?” She nodded. “Then don’t worry.” I reached over to my pants, got out the stupid aluminum wallet Loran had given me last Christmas, and pulled a condom out before setting the wallet back on my pants. “Just a second and we’re good to go.” I ran the foiled Trojan wrapper over her breasts. “Wrap your legs around me and I’ll open it up.” I whispered in her ear.

“You keep condoms in your wallet!”

“Loran insisted on it after I lost my virginity.” I kissed her neck again. My cock pulsed between us as her wet pussy leaked on it. If she doesn’t wrap those beautiful legs around me soon I’m gonna ride bare back. She’s virgin and other then that first time I’ve never been with out a condom. The idea had me ready to cum.

“Kris stop. I’m your sister!”

“Baby right now, you have me so hot I don’t care if you’re my mother. I. Want. To. Fuck. You. Now wrap you legs around me so I can open the damn condom and get it on my cock before I do something really stupid.” Kat pushed at me and the condom hit the floor. My hands moved to her thighs just below her ass and spreading her legs more. It took a second to get a hand around to guide my cock, but I managed. I pressed into her feeling her pussy opening for me. Slowly so slowly I pushed in to Kat’s tight hole. Kat struggled a little, but some of it felt more like encouragement more then a plea for me to stop. Just as the head of my cock was all in, I met her cherry. I eased back.

“Don’t! Don’t take it, please don’t pop my cherry!”

“Kat, it’s ok I’ll be gentle, just like before and I promise you’ll cum during it.” I pushed forward touching her hymen then pulling out some fucking her with only the head so her cherry wouldn’t break. I felt the shaft rubbing the top of her pussy and hoped I was hitting her clit.

“Kris stop!” but the strain in her voice said different. Her pussy tightened.

“Ohh, Kat that’s my girl cum on my cock.” Kat screamed her release as her body began to shutter. I pulled her legs around me as I got ready, easing into her a little farther with each thrust. Kat was starting to come down from her orgasm and I knew I had to pop it before that. here we go.

“Hey the pizza’s here,” Megan’s voice from the other side of the door stopped me, just before I was to push home. My hand covered Kat’s mouth.

“OK be right there let me get my pants on.” No answer follow, but Megan rarely stayed up here. I moved my hand from Kat and pulled out before settling her back on her feet. My cock bobbed out in front of me still hard as could be. I pulled on my underwear and pants quickly, grabbed my wallet, but then remember the condom on the tile and bent down picking it up. What was I thinking trying to fuck my sister? She was Brendan’s girl anyway.

“Oh my God! You just…had your…” Kat cupped her pussy. I pressed into her and gave her a quick kiss.

“Don’t worry. I didn’t pop your cherry so technically you’re still a virgin.” Kat looked down at the bulge still present in my pants.

“Is it true that if a guy stays sexually excited for too long it hurts not to…ejaculate.” Kat had switched to clinical talk, like we were told to do for our sessions with Loran.

“Yes, but it’s not as bad as some guys make it out to be. I’m gonna go pay for the pizza, after we eat if you want I’ll show you.” I left the room, closing the door behind me. Down stairs, Megan stood at the door talking to the pizza guy through the closed door.

I opened the door, handed the two pizzas off to Megan and paid him before Kat even came down the stairs. “So what are we going to watch tonight?” It was Megan’s night to pick a movie.

“Twilight.” I sighed another night of horrid movie watching.

“Put it in and let’s eat.” Kat finally came down and as usual, her clothes way to skimpy, a pair of shorts tight enough to tell me what kind of underwear she was wearing and so short her ass checks showed. The shirt she had on was no better; the tank top had been cut so that it showed off her belly ring when she moved right. When she sat down on the couch, I had to adjust my cock. It had gone soft but that out fit was just too much not to get a little stiff.

Just as the movie was getting close to the end, the doorbell rang. “I got it!” Kat jumped up, she hating this movie too. I followed only long enough to get to the bathroom down here on the first floor. “Brendan! What are you doing here?”

“Kat can we talk.” Oh, hell I knew were this was headed. I went into the bathroom so they could talk as well as for me to piss.

“What about?” Kat sounded like she already knew.

“Look. I like you a lot Kat, but I think I met some one else.”

“You’re breaking up with me?” I walked out into the living room where they were talking in time to see Brendan look down and nod. “Thanks for telling me face to face. Do you want to talk to Kris?” The calmness in her voice was a lie, but Brendan didn’t know that. He nodded. “Kris.” I walked over and took Brendan by the arm out on to the porch. Kat closed the door on us.

“What’s going on man? You really liked Kat.”

“I didn’t want to tell you everything, but I guess I have to. Beth and I have been dating for real.”

“That’s why you didn’t want me to come with you.”

“Kris. I know we’ve tag teamed with her before, but me and her…it’s serious now.” I nodded.

“I get it, but why dump Kat? Why not date them both? Like you always do.” Brendan looked away.

“A few weeks ago Beth and I got really hot and heavy, but when I went to get a condom I didn’t have one and neither did she. We fucked anyway. I was gonna pull out, honest, but she just felt so good I finish inside. Tonight she took a pregnancy test and it was positive.”

“Shit man. What are you two gonna do?”

“Beth’s family is very pro-life so she’s gonna have the baby, but we don’t know if we’re keeping it or if adoption is the best way. School will be out before the baby gets here so I’ll have graduated by then, but Beth’s still got a year left. There is just so much to talk about. I don’t know, man, but after we found out I didn’t want her to be alone for it so me and her are gonna be exclusive. She needs right now.”

“I got ya.”

“Look I’m gonna go. Still have to tell my parents. Later.”

“Later.” Brendan walked away. Damn. I walked back in the house. Kat was standing in the hall that lead to Megan’s room and the bathroom.

“Did you tell him off?” Kat asked wiping a tear way.

“I was going to, but,” I shook my head. “He doesn’t need me to make him feel worse then he already does.” Anger replaced the tears.

“The hell he didn’t Kris! Ten months and I get a sorry kick to the curb like that. He needed his ass kicked.” Kat took off to the stairs running to her room. I followed. At her door, she tried to slam it in my face, but I through myself against the door forcing my way in, and slamming it behind me. “Get Out!” Kat swung her hand at me, trying to slap me in the face. I caught it easily holding tight to her wrist.

“No. you’re going to hear me out instead of acting like a spoiled little bitch.” Kat gasped and tried to pull away. “Brendan doesn’t just date one girl at a time, just like Loran tells us to date around. He was having sex with the other girl he was dating. So even though you were turning him down he was ok. That’s why he never pushed you about it. The other girl and him had sex recently with out any protection.” Kat stilled. “She’s pregnant.”

“That’s why he dumped me?” I nodded.

“He isn’t the kind to leave the one carrying his kid. She needs him for moral support if nothing else and he feels he needs to be there for her.” I let go of her wrist. “He ass has already being kick. I didn’t need to do it again.” Kat hugged me tight.

“I’m going to my room now, nite,” Megan called up the stairs. Kat’s hold loosened, but I tightened mine.

“Kris, is sex really that important to a guy for a relationship to work?” she looked up at me.

“Some times. And then some times that’s all the relationship is, sex.”

“What about you?”

“This new girl I’ve been dating, Taylor, I thing it’s more with her. Most of the other girls I’ve dated or gone out with were just to have sex with, but with her that’s not always my first thought.” Kat watched me as a spoke.

“Then what was that in the bathroom?” Her face flushed again and I had to look away.

“At first it was just to show you a good time. Let you feel how good it could be to be touched, but after that first bit I was really worked up and I was thinking with my cock.” Shock registered on her face at the word. “You’re beautiful Kat and any guy would be grateful to turn their attention on you, but I know you too and the fact that your smart has a lot to do with my attraction too.” I let her go and she stepped back a little. “I’m going to my room now.” I turned hand on the door, when she touched my shoulder.

“You said you’d show me after the movie. What did you mean?” My cock pushed against my pants.

“Do you really want to know?” I looked over my shoulder to see her nodded. “Then I’ll be right back.” I walked out the door and into my room. Inside my room I didn’t give myself time to think I stripped down to my underwear and got the washcloth I used to clean up cum when I masturbated before heading back to Kat’s room. The door was still open and Kat was standing where I left her only she had taken off her shirt and shorts. “My room or yours?” She cleared her throat before answering.

“Yours.” I opened the door wide for her and shut it quietly behind her. I moved past her to lie on the bed.

“Come sit down.” Kat sat down on my full sized bed within touching distance. “Do I need to ease you into this or can I be blunt?”

“Be blunt.” I nodded and shoved my underwear down over my partly erect cock. Taking it in my left hand, I started stoking it. “This is how I masturbate. Just like I did you.” Kat blushed. As I continued to stroke my cock, I watched her eyes follow the movement. “Want to try it?” Her eyes met mine. “You can touch it.” Slowly Kat reached out touching the shaft just below the head. I stopped jerking off and let her explore. Her fingers rubbed along the head softly and I groaned thrusting my hips up a little.

“This is the part you had in me right?” I nodded. “Loran said it’s the most sensitive part.” Kat stroked downward and I cried out. “Oh my God! I didn’t hurt you did I?”

“No that felt good.” She smiled and started softly stroking my cock.

“Do girls really put it in their mouths?” Kat eyed my cock as if she wasn’t sure if she was just asking or wanting to do it.

“Yeah, some girls like it and it really feels good from the guys end.” Kat hesitated before leaning down and licking the head.

“Ohh.” My hips pushed up. Kat smiled and continued to lick all around the head. When she finally swirled her tongue over the head and took it in her mouth I was in heaven. “Oh yeah.” The encouragement help as soon she was sucking me like a popsicle. I reached over and pulled her underwear away from her pussy. Pushing a finger into her, to see how much she liked this. My finger slid in easily, soaking wet. “Stop for a second Kat.” She lifted her confused. “Lay back for me.” She did, but she still didn’t get where I was going. “Raise your hips for me.” My fingers tangled in the waistband of the panties. Slowly she lifted them and I slid her underwear off.


“Relax. Like I told you before I’m not gonna hurt you. Just enjoy.” I leaned down between her legs and kissed her soft blonde hair.

“Kris.” I licked her slit, opening her up for my tongue. I licked at her clit sending her into little spasms, but when I sucked on it, she cried out for me. I licked into her opening, getting my first real taste of her and settled in for a long stay.

“Mmm. God you taste good Kat.” My tongue moved in and out of her.

“Kris…I’m gonna…” I slipped my hand around her thigh to rub her clit for her. Kat came screaming the second it touched it, body bucking wildly from the force of her orgasm. When she settled I kissed my way up her stomach to her chest and sucked at her nipples, sending her withering again. Her fingers ran through my hair as I suckled, my cock throbbing the whole time.

“Kat?” I pressed my erection into her thigh.

“Yeah?” Her voice was little more then a breathy whisper.

“Let me have you?” I kissed her, urging her to say yes. My fingers started pushing into her again hoping to make it hard for her to say no.

“We’re siblings…”She protested, but her body arched under me in invitation.

“Do you really think that matters at this point?” She shook her head. “Then let me be your first.” The only answer I got was a moan. I moved over to my nightstand and pulled out a condom from the box in the top draw. I didn’t hide what I was doing and when she saw the condom her eyes just followed me as I opened the foil and slowly rolled the condom over my cock. Taking her by the knees, I spread her wide open and settled above her. “Ready?” I guided my cock to the pussy, watching her for any change, none, I pressed in.

“Wait. Wait are you sure it will fit?” I nearly laughed at the idea.

“If you were pre-pubescent I might not, but you’re 18 Kat.” She looked down between us at my cock then back at me unsure. “You’ll see.” I pushed in a little, feeling her pussy contract around the head was a welcoming invite. Just as the head past in Kat tensed. I eased out then back in. “I could get you to cum then push in if you want, it would distract you.”

“I want to feel it.” I pressed into her a little more and she gasped.

“You sure?” Kat nodded quickly. “Hold on to me.” Her fingers dug into my upper arms as the head of my cock pushed harder against the hymen. “Just a little more, Kat.” My cock pushed passed her cherry, forcing her pussy to open.

“Ahh. Oh God it hurts. Kris! Take it out!”

“Shhh. It’s alright. The worst is over. Give your body a minute.”

“Why do girls do this?” My cock even wrapped in the condom was in heaven, her pussy was so tight on me, and I had to fight my body every second I stayed still above her. I held her as she body fought the pain of my invasion. It took Kat a long while to settle. When it seemed like she was ok I pushed in further. Kat gasped and gripped my arm hard waiting for more pain, but of course that part was over. “It doesn’t hurt anymore.” I nodded pushing a little more into her, finally feeling my hips resting against hers.

“See all of my cock is up inside your pussy.” I withdrew and pushed forward.

“Ahh, ahh.” I settled in for a slow ride, but soon her urgings had me moving faster pumping into her pussy. “Oh! Kris!” Her pussy tightened for on around me.

“Ahh fuck baby your pussy feels so good.” My hips slamming into hers. Kat murmured something I could barely make out. “Talk to me Baby.”

“Fuck…me …AHH.” I pushed up on my hands getting better leverage and sending my cock harder into her wet cunt. Her pussy tightened again. I growled then all thought was gone, my world nothing more then the feel of her pussy milking me.

“Cum for me Kat, I gettin’ close.” My balls tight against my body with the knowledge and my abs flexed with each hard thrust.

“Kris… I’m… I’m…Oh! God! AHHH!” Kat screamed, her body spamming around me as I pumped into her.

“OH! Fuck! Mmm.” Cum shot up from my balls and through my shaft, so hard and fast it felt as if the head of my cock would explode. Spurt after spurt shot out as my body took over still pumping into Kat. When it finally subsided my whole body felt like jell-o, but with the condom on I needed to pull out. Reluctantly I withdrew careful to hold the base of the condom in place, I watched as inch by inch my cock emerged from her little pussy. When the head came out Kat shuttered.

“Want to see what’s left of your virginity?” Kat raised her head to see the small amount of blood was on the head of the condom. I rolled the condom down the shaft till it was off and only the semen remained, filling the top of the condom up.

“I can’t believe we just had sex,” Kat said as I dropped the used condom in to the trashcan beside my desk. I lay down beside her and pulled her to me.

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