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However if you are looking for a little story to go along with your sex then I hope you enjoy this. I have been toying with this story for a while now, working on the kinks and holes but I think it is finally ready for the light of day.

Note: This is completley a work of fiction. Any resemblence to real people, events, or story is not intended. I reserve all rights to this story as with all my other works and I assert my moral rights.

Chapter One:

It’s amazing what words can achieve if you know how to use them correctly. Words are the most powerful tools we as humans have at our disposal and if used properly they can change the world, for better or worse. All it took for me were three simple little words strung together in a perfect sentence and my entire life changed, along with the lives of those around me. When I first heard the words ‘I love you’ it was like music to my ears, but now that I think back on it I should have been wary. I should have looked past the words and figured out what sort of motivation was behind them. It was Michelle though; the one that got away and I just couldn’t believe my luck at getting the chance to have her back in my life once more. I should have realized what a fool I was.

The story I am about to tell you is long, complicated, full of sorrow, heartache, tears, blood, and loss. I wish I could tell you that Michelle came back into my life and everything was good, that we kissed and made up and walked into the sunset hand in hand to live our lives happily. To tell you all that would be a blatant lie though, nothing but hogwash and I do not wish to lie anymore. Not to anyone. It feels like for most of my adult life I have done nothing but lie to those I love, but now I have the chance to set the record straight, even if it is to complete strangers.

If you are reading this now then my casket has already been buried deep beneath the earth, in the final resting place. You may have heard of the events that led up to the funeral but let me tell you now that everything you know is a complete and utter lie. I was not the hero the government and media made me out to be, at least not in the way you understand it. But I am getting too far ahead of myself right now. Just let me preface this though; everything you are reading here has been marked classified and sealed deep within the government’s walls where they try to hide all their mistakes from the light of day.

Before launching into my tale I should probably give you a little background and a little information on some of the people involved in and their relation to me, that way no one is confused later on. Just to get it out of the way now and save some time later.

At the time everything started to begin and drag my life deeper and deeper into a swirling maelstrom of lies I was twenty six years old and eight years in with the armed forces. I probably don’t really have to inform you on what I look like as you have all probably seen the pictures of me on the news handed out by CSIS and the CIA, but for those of you hiding under a rock I will give a brief description. I was six feet three inches tall and weighed two hundred and eight pounds, most of that muscle I had built from my service in the military. I had raven black hair that I liked to keep cut really short and deep brown eyes that I really hated, even though most people said they were beautiful. Unlike most people in the military I opted not to get a tattoo and besides a few scars from training exercises and the single bullet shaped scar on the back of my left shoulder my skin was pretty unremarkable, but always tanned.

That’s enough about me though; while this story revolves around my experiences I wouldn’t call myself the protagonist. No I was more of a tool or instrument used by another person, but we will get to her soon. If asked who the most important person in my life was leading up to those horrible events I would quickly answer Evelyn or Evee as I called her. You might be asking yourself where you have heard that name, Evee, before and I can easily answer that for you; Pokémon. I met Evee when she was only a few hours old, the beautiful daughter of my older brother and his fiancé. I was thirteen at the time and was really into the Pokémon video games for those old Nintendo handhelds. At the hospital my brother let me hold his little bundle of joy for the first time and I was instantly in love with this child. Swaddled in a soft pink blanket with a fluffy pink toque on her small little head she was the most precious thing I had ever seen in my life. When she opened her eyes and looked up at me I knew my little niece could be anything she wanted to be in life. Hence why I called her my little Evee, the cute little Pokémon that had so many options on what it could become.

I’m still not sure why my older brother did it, but he made me the god parent of little Evee even though at the time I was so young. I suppose, now that I look back on it, how could Thomas or his fiancé believe that there would ever be a time in the future where they wouldn’t be with their little daughter. It was not to be though. After I was wounded in Afghanistan I returned back home to terrible news; Thomas and his wife had been killed in a hit and run, leaving Evee behind. I was still stuck in a hospital recovering from my wound and it hurt me so much when I realized I would not be able to attend the funeral for my brother or sister in law. I still remember this day very vividly as it if it had just happened a few hours prior, not six years ago. A man in an expensive black suite with an expensive leather briefcase and horn rimmed glasses came into the military hospital I was stationed at the day after the funeral. He was there to inform me about the Will they had left behind and how it pertained to me.

I wanted nothing to do with the Will to be honest, knowing that nothing they could have left to me would have made up for the gaping hole left in my chest at the loss of the closest family members I had left. There were a few second cousins running around out there in the world somewhere but besides that nothing. It was as if the family name had been cursed somehow and most members of the family didn’t live long, usually dying in horrible accidents or other such nightmarish events. Even though I really didn’t want anything from the Will I was a little shocked to find out that only one provision had been left under my name. I had been named the full guardian of Evelyn Lily Anders, my ten year old niece. I remember almost having a heart attack at the thought of that and the nurses doing the rounds had to sedate me just to calm down enough to make the machines hooked up to me stop beeping so loud.

Evee would be transferred into my custody when I was released from the military hospital and was back home on the base. So there we were, a ten year old lost soul being cared for by her uncle who was only thirteen years older than she was. Things weren’t easy at first, I was so unsure of how to be a parent and knew nothing about the responsibilities I had been given. Over time though we both figured out how to make things work together and even though I wished my brother and his wife had still been alive, I wouldn’t have traded Evee for anything. She was smart, funny, beautiful, and caring and together we led a great life on base.

Thankfully I didn’t have to raise the child on my own as one of my closest friends, Gillian lives close to the base and was able to babysit her when I was out in the field for training exercises and such. Gillian and I had known each other from high school, she being three years young than I was. Even though age gaps like that in a social hierarchy like high school never usually happen or even work, we made it work. When I graduated and decided to enlist in the military she was the most vocal of the people I knew that spoke out against the decision. She had been so upset by the life path I had chosen that for almost three years she didn’t speak to me. I suppose it didn’t help that I had moved pretty far away from our home town.

So anyways three years had passed without any word from either side of the little feud between us when I was in the major city located close to the military base I was stationed at. This night was before my seven month stint in Afghanistan and before my niece came to live with me after the tragic accident that took her parents. It was early fall and fairly warm so a few friends decided to head into the city for a night of fun and drinking. Originally I didn’t want to go, but you know peer pressure. I remember walking into a noisy club and following my friends to the bar to get a round of drinks before going on the prowl for women. One of my friends who had been waiting there for us for about half an hour was at the bar hitting on a petite young girl who had gotten caught away from her group of friends. At first I didn’t pay much attention to the girl, thinking she was just another new university student looking to get her drink on. I should probably mention this; my base was located in Alberta, Canada where the legal drinking age is eighteen. So it’s not like she was in there illegally or anything.

After ordering my drink I turned back to let my buddy know that we had arrived, and that’s when I really paid attention to the girl he was talking to. Her very short brown hair, big green eyes, and coy little smile that had always knocked me off balance felt like a kick right to the stomach. After three long years Gillian had just shown up in my life again. I wasn’t sure if I should just walk away and pretend I didn’t see her, for all I knew she might have still hated my guts. Thankfully one of the guys I had come with told me they were all going to find a booth to sit at and drink and asked if I could pry the last member of our group away from his ‘hot piece of ass’ long enough for a few shots.

I went up to him alright, but completely ignored him and instead turned my attention to Gillian. I didn’t even so much as say hi and I couldn’t read the expression on her face. She seemed to run the gamut of emotions in the span of a few seconds when she locked eyes with me. Then she started to move closer to me and I wasn’t exactly sure what to make of it. That’s when she slapped me. Not a playful slap on the shoulder or even one of those fake ones you see in the movies. No this one hurt like hell and felt more like a punch than anything else. Before I could even so much as back away she lunged at me and I thought she was going to kill me, but instead she just wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me tightly.

Just like that she was my friend again. She had gotten accepted into the local university and had no idea I was even in the area, but it turned out she was glad that I was. We were pretty much back to the way things had been before I signed up for the military. Of course she still hated my decision but she had come to realize that it was my life and something that I wanted to do. While I was away in Afghanistan she looked after my small two bedroom house on base. When I was wounded and sent to a hospital a few provinces over from Alberta she took a few weeks off from her classes so I could have a friendly face around. Hell she even fluffed my pillows.

When Evee came into my life Gillian was the glue that kept everything from falling apart around us. She would help care for her when I was busy with work, take her to school in town, even invite her over from some ‘girls nights’ when I was too exhausted to do anything but sit on the couch and nap all day after hard training sessions. I honestly don’t know where I would have been without that girl in my life.

Now if the same person who asked me who the most important person in my life was also asked me who in my life I could have done without it, I would say Michelle. Hands down. Sure I treasured what she and I had when we were younger, but trust me when I say I was a complete fool for trusting her again. She broke my heart once and then proceeded to break the hearts of everyone close to me later in life. You’ll learn all about that part of my life soon enough though, so I am just going to explain what happened when we were teenagers.

Before Gillian even came into the picture my best friend had been Michelle. We were the same age and had known each other since we were babies, so we were always close. There was some tension between us that I would later find out was both sexual and romantic tension, but I was young and naive so I didn’t really know at the time. When we were sixteen the friendship Michelle and I shared was taken to a whole new level when I realized my real feelings for her. It’s almost ironic you know, my life didn’t feel like it had really started until that first kiss between us and our last kiss is what ended my life. Sorry that is getting way ahead of myself. Anyways things were great between us for the final two years of school, even if Gillian didn’t think Michelle and I dating was a good idea. Gillian was always a great judge of character and I should have really listened to her, it would have saved me a lot of heartache.

I was just too in love to know that Michelle and I were headed for disaster. On her eighteenth birthday I made a gesture that at the time I thought was sweet and romantic, but it ended badly. I didn’t exactly propose to her, I just offered her a promise ring so she knew my intentions. I really should have followed Gillian’s advice and just given her something cheap for her birthday. I don’t remember exactly what happened that night because it hurt so badly, but I do remember sitting on the curb near her house in the middle of the night with a small promise ring held between my fingers while tears filled my eyes.

I never saw Michelle again after that night. Well not for a few years at least. According to Gillian Michelle had broken up with me that night, the only reason given being that she couldn’t be around me anymore. I wasn’t sure how to take that. Heartbroken and disillusioned I only saw one option in my life, military service. Yeah, it’s kind of played out, the shattered man going into the military because the love of his life rejected him, but that’s what happened.

That’s really all the back story you need to begin to understand the journey that had been laid out for me later in my life. Once more I must stress that everything you are reading past this point is considered sensitive information by the government and would most likely get me into a ton of shit, if that were really possible anymore. I feel that this story has to be told though.


It was a beautiful summer morning, the sun rising above the sparkling city radiating heat on everything it touched. The sky was a brilliant electric blue with not a single cloud in sight for as far as the eye could see. The small two bedroom apartment where I now lived in the middle of the city was filled with warm sunlight and the temperature was already starting to climb into the uncomfortable zone, even though it was only nine in the morning.

As was usual I had been up for three hours and had gotten most of the housework out of the way so Evee and I could have most of the day free to do whatever we wanted. It was the weekend, which I had off from training unless we were going into the field, so I figured my niece and I could go out to a lake or something like that to beat the heat. As gorgeous as it looked outside I hated ‘blue blazers’ because I didn’t adjust to heat well.

As I was putting on the second pot of coffee for myself Evee stumbled out of her room still dressed in her sleepwear and rubbing the sleep from her eyes as she went. I marvelled at what a beautiful young lady she was growing into, getting her mother’s good looks and dirty blonde hair that shimmered and her father’s dazzling eyes to make a stunning package. Another year or two and she would be beating the guys back with a stick just for a little breathing room.

‘What do you want for breakfast sweetie?’ I asked as she sat down groggily at the table and stifled a big yawn that threatened to stretch her face.

‘Food,’ she grumbled in her usual early morning tone. Unlike me Evee wasn’t a morning person and it often took her a few hours to get lucid enough to even string together a full sentence. If they had high schools that only operated at night Evee would have no problem with it. Even in this heat I was sure she could sleep the whole day away if she wanted to.

‘Need to be more specific than that,’ I prodded, trying to get her to wake up a little more. Once more she grumbled something but I wasn’t able to decipher what it was so I grabbed a box of sugary cereal and put it in front of her with a bowl before grabbing the last of the milk out of the fridge. Looked like I was only going to have sugar in my coffee because I had forgotten to get another carton of milk the day before.

We sat at the kitchen table in silence while I sipped on my coffee and Evee slowly ate her cereal as it quickly turned to mush in her bowl. I heard a key enter the lock on the door and turn a second before it opened and Gillian walked into the apartment, her short hair dyed a dazzling red this week. I had chosen to move off base to make it easier for Evee to get to school and also cut down on the amount of gas Gillian had to use to take care of her. Her small one room apartment was just a few doors down the hall from ours. I tried to remember a time when Gillian had ever knocked on the door before letting herself in but couldn’t think of any. She was pretty much a part of this family so it didn’t really bother me in the least.

‘I come bearing gifts,’ she said happily and beamed at me holding up a grocery bag in her hand triumphantly like it was a major sports trophy or something.

‘What’d you get?’ I asked.

‘Well I noticed you were almost out of milk when I was over last night so I picked you up some,’ she explained pulling a carton out of the bag. Before she could even continue I rushed over to her, coffee cup in hand, and grabbed the milk before giving her a peck on the cheek.

‘Thank you god!’ I exclaimed before pouring a little into my steaming mug.

‘Just call me Gillian,’ she laughed at me and then moved towards the table, ‘I have something for you as well.’ She pulled a box of doughnuts from her bag and placed it in front of Evee whose eyes lit up at the unexpected treat. I wasn’t really a big fan of doughnuts, even the ones from Tim Horton’s so they were usually never in the house.

Evee mumbled a thank you spewing crumbs all over the table as she tried to stuff two of the deep-fried treats into her mouth at once. Gillian simply laughed at her and then set to work on fixing the rat’s nest the young girl’s hair had become overnight. ‘So what’s on the agenda today?’ she asked looking at me with those piercing green eyes.

‘I was thinking about going out to the lake in a bit,’ I answered after taking a sip from my mug and moving over to add more into it, ‘Too bad you can’t join us. You’re going to boil to death at work if they haven’t fixed your air conditioner yet.’

‘You’re not coming?’ Evee asked sadly after she swallowed nearly half of a doughnut in one gulp.

‘Actually I took the day off,’ Gillian answered with a soft smile, ‘I thought it was more important to spend the day with my best friend.’ She looked sweetly at Evee and then turned her eyes to me, ‘And your uncle if I must.’

‘Ouch,’ I said in mock sadness and pointing to my heart, ‘That one hurts. Right here. I think I may even shed a tear. Nope, just a burp.’

‘Eww!’ Evee cried out but couldn’t stop from laughing.

Evee finished eating and then she and Gillian took off into her room to pick out a nice outfit for a day at the lake while I packed up some snacks, drinks, and towels. I had every intention of spending the entire afternoon in the water if it was possible. Half an hour later the girls came back into the living room and we were off. I drove us out to a small lake about an hour and a half outside of the city limits. It was a secluded little place hidden at the end of a small dirt road that led you through dense forest and thick brush. Not many people seemed to know of the lakes existence and I was thankful for that. Even on the hottest of days there was usually no more than ten people, swimming or lounging on the sandy beach.

When we arrived there were only about six people on the beach and we managed to find a secluded stretch down the way from them for a little privacy. I’m all for getting out and having a little fun at the beach but nothing annoys me more than when the area is overcrowded. I’d rather it be as close to dead as possible with very little noise.

We all seemed to have a blast out at the lake and most of the time we were just goofing off in the cool water while the hot sun beat down on us from high above. I was glad that I had packed enough snacks because we spent most of the day out there. When it got close to eight o’clock in the evening I decided we had spent enough time out there and we packed up and headed back into the city for a late dinner of take out on the balcony.

‘So what’s next?’ Gillian asked as she finished her hamburger and tossed the crumpled up wrapper through the window and directly into the trash can in the kitchen.

‘What do you mean what’s next? We just spent the entire day out at the lake and I’m pretty sure Evee is about to pass out,’ I said and pointed to the thirteen year old girl who was trying desperately to keep her eyes open.

‘I’m not tired,’ she mumbled but couldn’t even lift her head to look at us.

‘How about we just order a movie on Pay-Per-View and relax on the couch for the rest of the night?’ I suggested but Gillian stuck out her bottom lip and pouted. I HATE puppy dog eyes! ‘You have a better idea then?’

‘We should go and get a drink at the bar down the street,’ she suggested hopefully but I quickly shook my head.

‘Do you have an idea that includes a minor?’

‘Oh come on Ty! Please? It’s been so long since you and I have just hung out on our own! Besides, it looks like Evelyn isn’t going to stay up much longer.’

I shook my head once more and finished off my fries before heading back into the sweltering apartment and throwing my trash away. Gillian and Evee followed after me as I made my way into the living room and started to flip through the movie channels on the television looking for something decent to watch that night.

‘You guys should go to the bar,’ Evee said through a yawn as she collapsed on the couch and kicked her feet up on the glass coffee table. I flashed her and evil look and she quickly put her feet back on the carpet.

‘I don’t think it’s a good idea leaving Evee in the apartment on her own,’ I answered but both girls flashed me an annoyed look.

‘I’m not a little girl anymore,’ Evee growled as more energy rushed into her, ‘I’m thirteen now! Do you think I’m going to burn the place down if you’re gone for a few hours? Besides when was the last time you actually got to hang out with someone without me around?’

Evee was right, to an extent anyways. Since I had taken full custody of her I really hadn’t had a night alone with friends. Most of the guys I used to hang out with on base were still running around chasing girls in the city, and that really didn’t fit in with the new parental role I had been given. I was still uneasy about leaving her on her own though.

‘She’s right Ty and you know it. Look she’s got both of our cell numbers and like I said it’s only at the end of the street. What’s the worst that could happen?’

A million different scenarios flashed through my mind but I shared none of them. I knew that I was a little over protective of Evee and the only times I wasn’t around her was when I was in the field, but we had both been through so much in the last few years that we had really come to depend on one another being around. Then again it was only one night, a few hours at the most. Besides I was beginning to feel like the friendship that Gillian and I had once shared had morphed into some weird mother and father complex the way we both took care of Evee. It would be nice to find our way back to being friends again.

‘Fine,’ I conceded, ‘only under a few conditions though.’

Gillian beamed and Evee squealed in delight at the prospect of being home alone for a while. ‘What are they then?’ they both asked in unison. Okay scratch that, the friendship had morphed into some weird mother, father, sister complex that I was beyond understanding or explaining.

‘First you are not to leave the apartment unless the place is burning down,’ I said pointing to Evee who quickly moved her feet from the coffee table once more under my scrutiny, ‘Secondly no one is allowed inside when I am not here, especially your friends. Thirdly I want a text from you ever twenty minutes or else I call it off and come back. Lastly,’ this time I turned towards Gillian who had been smiling wickedly at Evee the entire time, ‘You are buying.’

‘Deal,’ the girls laughed.

‘Meet me at my place in ten minutes?’ Gillian asked me, ‘I want to change into some nicer clothes.’

I agreed and she quickly left the apartment and headed towards her own place, which I swear she barely lived in. Most of the time she was here with us, even when she was in University. Not to mention most of her clothes had somehow migrated to Evee’s room over the last few months since we had moved in just down the hall.

I found some teen movie about sparkly monsters or some crap for Evee and ordered it while she changed into her pyjama’s and brought out her comforter to curl up under on the couch, even though it was still blisteringly hot. I quickly went and changed my own clothes, opting for a tight fitting shirt and blue jeans before slapping on some deodorant and cologne. I was sweating so bad in this heat that this had become an almost hourly routine for me.

I took one quick look in the mirror, not exactly sure why, and headed back out into the living room where Evee was just sitting down again after grabbing some orange juice from the fridge. ‘Alright, remember the rules,’ I informed her sternly before flashing a gentle smile and receiving one in return.

‘Have fun on your date with mom,’ Evee giggled and I threw a pillow at her.

‘Funny!’ I laughed dryly, ‘Behave okay.’ I bent down and placed a soft kiss on her forehead and then she kissed me on the cheek as I pulled away.

‘You behave too,’ she giggled and flashed me a mischievous grin that I ignored. I walked out of the apartment and locked the door behind me before heading down the hall and knocking on Gillian’s door. A few seconds later she opened it and walked out. I don’t know how she managed it, but in the ten minutes or so she had managed to do her hair up nicely, put a thin layer of makeup on, and dress in some pretty nice clothes I hadn’t seen her in before. I had to physically restrain my jaw from dropping at the sight of her. I was about to tell her how gorgeous she looked but for some reason thought better of it as we headed towards the stairs.

It turned out that the bar down the street was actually not a bar, or even down the street. It was two blocks over, which really shouldn’t have been a big deal but I couldn’t supress the thought that if Evee was in trouble I was even further away from helping her now. I was actually expecting some dingy little hole in the wall filled with a few undesirables and beer served in dusty glasses. What I found was a flashy dance club with a line of young people around the building clambering to get through the bouncer who guarded the door.

I wasn’t too keen on waiting in the long line on the off chance that we would even be able to get in before the club closed for the night, but amazingly I didn’t have to worry about it. Gillian walked to the head of the line with me in tow behind her and waved to the butch bouncer who let us in without hesitation before stepping back in front of the door to prevent anyone else from following.

Inside the club was even more packed than outside and we had to push our way through crowds of people to make our way towards the bar. Gillian placed an order of drinks for both of us and quickly paid the cute brunette before we waded back through the people dancing looking for an empty table around the edge of the dance floor. With amazing luck we managed to find a table large enough to fit a dozen people or so completely open and we sat down quickly. With a soft smile Gillian handed me the rum and coke she had ordered for me before taking a sip from her bottle of imported beer. It was even hotter in the club than in my apartment and I could already feel sweat start to bead on my forehead. My nose was clogged with the mingled stench of a hundred different colognes and perfumes and the deafening upbeat music was causing havoc on my ears, which was pretty amazing considering I had lost some of my hearing due to firing a rifle off repeatedly with no ear protection. Yeah I know, not smart, but hey I was young so sue me.

‘So you mind explaining how you got us in the door?’ I asked her loudly over the music blaring all around us.

‘I had a class with the bouncer last semester,’ she answered just as loudly, ‘and he said if I ever wanted to get in the club just show up on a night he was working. I don’t think he really enjoyed me showing up with you though.’

‘What do you mean?’ I asked but quickly realized exactly what she had meant.

‘I think he likes me,’ she answered with a smile.

‘I’ll go out and tell him we’re just friends,’ I laughed but her cute smile turned into a grimace.

‘Please don’t. If he or anyone else he knows ask this is a date okay.’

I nodded lamely but didn’t push the subject any further. From the first time I had met her again in that club downtown I hadn’t seen her so much as flirting with another man so it was kind of odd she would shrug off the advances of a nice enough looking guy who was built like a brick shit house. It wasn’t really any of my business anyways.

We sat there for about ten minutes, mostly in silence as it was hard to hear each other over the loud music and drank our beers as we watched all the younger people dancing and flirting like there was no tomorrow. Twenty minutes on the dot from when I left the apartment my phone vibrated against my leg in my pocket from a text from Evee who simply stated that I should behave. I texted back a snarky retort and put my phone back in my pocket just in time for a few friends from base to show up at the table.

‘Well look at this,’ my buddy Hitchens laughed when he spotted me sitting there, ‘Did you find a babysitter or something?’

‘No but I probably should have,’ I laughed and Gillian elbowed me hard in the ribs with a smile. I stood up from my chair and hugged Hitchens quickly. We had been bunk mates in Afghanistan and if it wasn’t for him I probably would have bled out in the sand during a fire fight. Then again if it hadn’t been for me he probably would have been coming back home in the worst possible way, in a casket.

‘So what are you doing here man? I thought you didn’t go out anymore.’

‘Blame her,’ I said pointing to Gillian who smiled sweetly. Behind Hitchens I heard someone snort angrily and Jameson popped his head out and glared at me. When I had been reunited with Gillian it was Jameson who had been hitting on her when I came over and he held me responsible for his lost chance. Even though Gillian had once told me that there was no way she had been going home with him that night. Regardless I was no longer one of his favourite people, even after so many years had passed.

‘Blame her?’ Hitchens laughed, ‘Hell I should buy her a drink for doing something no one else has been able to do in years!’

He told me not to move and then he and the rest of the group rushed off in the direction of the bar to get some drinks. I didn’t really want this night to get too out of hand, which it usually did when I was around the guys, but it was hard to tell them that. It had been quite a while since we had all hung out off base and to be honest it was a little refreshing. Gillian seemed to see it in my eyes because she smiled at me knowingly and winked in her annoying way when she was gloating. The guys returned a few minutes later with enough drinks for the whole table; a couple of pitchers of beer, a round of shots for everyone, and some Redbull to make things even more chaotic. Even though we were a little older than the target demographic of the club I was fairly certain any one of these military guys could give some eighteen year old punk a run for his money in the drinking department.

When the shots were handed out I declined mine at first. Hitchens was having none of that though and quickly reminded me that I owed him and told everyone else not to drink theirs unless I was going to do it was well. After a few minutes I caved to peer pressure and ignored the triumphant look Gillian was wearing like a new mask. It had been quite a while since the last time that I had been drinking so the shot of whiskey burned my throat on the way down and I could instantly feel a warmth spreading through my extremities. After a single shot and half of my original drink the room was already starting to spin around me and my head was buzzing.

I got hooked on the conversation going on around the table, even though it was mostly about the hot girls prancing around in their skimpy clothing. It was just great to be having a little fun for once. I mean I had a blast spending time with my Evee but this was a different kind of fun. It was more mature, more adult in nature. Scratch that, there was nothing mature about a group of military guys buzzed at a club. But still it was fun as hell.

Without even realizing it I had missed two check-in texts from Evee and Gillian pointed it out to me when she got a worried one from her asking what was going on. I had been so worried about Evee being the irresponsible one but it turned out I was destined to take that roll. Thankfully Gillian let me know she was going to take over the texting duties while I was a little out of it.

‘Looks like you got out of paying for my drinks,’ I laughed and nudged Gillian on the shoulder as she sent a reply back to Evee.

‘Thank god because at this rate I would have been bankrupt by the end of the night,’ she laughed back and pointed out the empty glasses that were gathering on the table. Hitchens had just come back with another round of shots for everyone and the buzzing in my head was a full on avalanche of warmth and sound as I began to feel invincible.

‘So are you guys dating now?’ Masterson asked grumpily from the other table when he noticed how close Gillian and I were sitting.

‘Is it that obvious?’ Gillian retorted without even looking in his direction. I was about to tell him the truth but then I remembered what she had told me earlier, that if anyone that knew the bouncer asked about them dating the answer was supposed to be yes. I didn’t think Masterson knew the bouncer but every once in a while I would catch him looking at Gillian with a horny little glint in his eyes. So I kept my mouth shut and moved even closer to Gillian to make it look authentic.

Most of the guys had already gone off in search of their next conquest for the night leaving a few of us back at the table. The chatter had died down mostly as the music grew even louder as the night wore on. Even now Hitchens was looking around the packed club for a cute enough girl that satisfied his tastes. I figured I should help him out a bit, be his wingman considering he was paying for the drinks and all so I began to look out over the crowd for someone that I thought would be good for him. That’s when I saw her, like a mirage shimmering among the crowd. The one that got away; Michelle.

She was there for a split second and then a crowd of dolled up girls walked in front of where she was standing and she was gone the next moment. I stood up from my chair and gazed out at where I had seen her, or where I thought I had seen her. I scanned the club, using my height to gaze over people’s heads trying to figure out where she had gone when I felt a small hand land on my shoulder. I spun around, my heart in my throat, expecting to see Michelle smiling at me like she used to. Instead I found Gillian looking at me with a concerned look on her face.

‘You okay?’ she asked.

‘I thought I saw her,’ I said softly but somehow she heard me over the music and her eyes grew puzzled.

‘Saw who?’ she asked.

‘Michelle. I swear she was right over there,’ I answered and pointed out at the dance floor where she had been a moment earlier. ‘Right there,’ I repeated.

Gillian looked at where I was pointing but like me she couldn’t pick out her face or blonde hair in the crowd. She looked back with a sad look on her face and took my hand in hers. I was still so bewildered that I only half noticed she was telling my friends we were leaving and thanking Hitchens for paying for the booze. A second later she led me by the hand out of the club as I strained my neck from side to side to find the girl I had once known.

We pushed through the doors at a brisk pace and pushed past the bouncer who gave me a dirty look when he saw me holding hands with the girl he liked. Seeing his wounded demeanour I felt bad about deceiving him and wanted to pull my hand away from Gillian’s, but she gripped it even tighter and continued to lead me away from the club.

‘Where are we going?’ I asked as we walked down the side walk, past the long line of people still trying to get into the club. The night air was cool and felt good against my hot skin but it did nothing to cool my mind as I kept replaying those few seconds of shock over and over.

‘I think you’ve had a little too much to drink sweetie,’ she said softly, ‘So I’m taking you home.’

‘I feel fine,’ I lied. I didn’t feel fine at all. Not only was there a tingling sensation in my stomach and throat from the urge to puke but I felt a little over heated and dizzy.

‘Nice try Ty,’ she said seeing right through my lie.

‘What about Michelle?’ I asked as we crossed through a red light. This late at night there were only a few cars on the road and crossing against the red wasn’t that big of a deal. Besides, waiting for the light to go green just so we can walk was a waste of time.

‘She wasn’t there Ty; I think you were just seeing things. You are pretty drunk.’

I wanted to dispute her logic but found that I really couldn’t. I was pretty drunk and it had been so long since I had actually seen Michelle that I probably wouldn’t actually recognize her, especially in a crowd of close to a hundred people. Still, I could swear it was her. I just had this feeling but I couldn’t find a way to express it without sounding like a drunken fool. I reminded myself that Michelle had been the one to leave me and even if I had spotted her in that club she probably disappeared because she didn’t want to get into a confrontation. I wanted to blame her for that but didn’t think I could. I wasn’t even sure I was ready for it any more than she would be.

It only took us a few minutes to reach the front doors of the apartment building we lived in, and even as we walked up the stairs Gillian didn’t release the grip she had on my sweaty hand. Five flights up and six doors on the right I found myself at my front door. I pulled out my keys but before I could begin to fumble around trying to stuff it into the lock Gillian pulled out her set to my apartment and unlocked it and led the way in. The only light left on was coming from the stove in the kitchen and I was glad to see that Evee had managed not to burn the place down in my absence. She must have been in bed because the television was turned off and there was no light coming from under her door down the hall.

Gillian led me to my room, flicked on the light, and told me to get into bed. Being as drunk as I was and not overly shy about my body I stripped down to my boxer briefs right there in front of her before collapsing onto my soft bed, the sheets soft and cool against my warm skin. Like some kind of maid Gillian went around and picked my clothes up off the floor and put them in the laundry hamper while telling me I should probably get it done up tomorrow.

‘Do I need to get you a bucket in case you puke?’ she asked and I could hear the laugh hiding behind her words. Not trusting myself to speak just in case I did puke I simply shook my head and hope she saw the gesture as I did it into my pillow. A second later the overhead light shut off and I heard Gillian retreat from my room and back down the hall.

I was starting to pass out but just before my eyes went dark I could swear I felt something cool and damp get pressed up against my forehead. I wanted to roll over and find out what it was but I was already too far gone and quickly lost myself in a drunken sleep.

Most of the time when I was drunk, back in the first few years I was in the military, I never dreamt. About anything. That night I did though. It was so vivid it felt real. Michelle’s face swam in my vision looking much like she did all those years ago. Her golden blonde hair curled up nicely to frame her beautiful face and deep blue eyes. She wore that crooked smile that always made my knees weak when she flashed me with it.

We were lying in bed with her hovering over me on her elbows looking down into my face. I could feel one of her hands trace a line up my chest and over my neck and chin before a single finger danced over my lips. I placed my left hand between her shoulder blades and applied a little pressure so her face moved closer to mine and my lips tasted hers. There was a sense of urgency behind my kiss and I devoured her lips and tongue as it slipped past my teeth and into my mouth.

It was so much like I remembered it being. Each and every time we had ever made love it had been very passionate. Her body flattened out against mine and I could feel her nipples grow hard against my chest as I held her close. I kept my hand between her shoulders and moved my other down her side and over her hip before curving up and cupping in her buttocks in my hand. I squeezed it gently and she sighed a little into my mouth for affect. One of her hands reached down between both of our bodies and gripped the base of my hard cock, giving it a little squeeze that sent a jolt thought my spine and into my brain. Having her warm hand gripping me like that felt amazing and oh so right.

The kiss grew more passionate as she began to move her closed fist up and down the shaft of my cock. My hand had stopped squeezing her butt cheek and moved through the cleft of her cheeks, over her puckered little hole down to the sopping wet gash. As my finger began to probe the soft flesh there she began to moan for real into my mouth and her hand began to squeeze a little harder. It didn’t hurt. Her nipples were now like two soft rocks poking into my skin and the amount of juice I felt on my hand between her legs told me she was extremely turned on.

As if to put an exclamation point on that thought she lifted her pelvis off me and arched her back while rubbing the head of my cock over her clit a few times. We both gasped at the combined feelings we were getting but Michelle wanted more. She moved the tip of my hard cock right to her opening and brushed my fingers away, opening up the area for something larger and longer. When she lined my cock up with her wet entrance she rocked her pelvis back and slipped my full length and girth in all at once. Again we both gasped at the pleasure of my cock sinking deep into her.

Her tongue swirled around my own as our kiss was no longer confined to our lips. We more or less just began licking at each other’s open mouths, our tongues dancing over tongue, teeth, and lips. When Michelle had gotten used to me being inside her she began to rock her hips up and down on me with a steady rhythm. In no time my entire length was being thrust in and out of her at a rapid pace as our breathing seemed to synchronize and we gasped, groaned, and moaned in unison. Her warmth, wetness, and tightness were doing a number on my libido and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came inside her. I wanted to fill her with my seed so bad it hurt.

Suddenly her muscles clenched around my cock and she let out a stuttering groan as an orgasm erupted in her mind and body. A fresh dose of her juices streamed out over my cock, down my balls and dripped between my ass cheeks causing a wet stain on the sheets below me. The amount of pressure she was applying on my cock was tremendous and I gasped in pain as her whole body shook on top of me. Her lips eagerly devoured mine again and her tongue started to pelt mine as she kissed me harder than anyone had ever before.

She no longer moved her hips on me and my cock was firmly lodged in her swollen pussy as her muscles and walls pulsated over it. It was unlike any experience I had ever had before in my life and I don’t think I could ever actually explain it in words. Suffice to say that it felt incredible. I could feel my balls start to tighten as my own orgasm quickly approached but some nagging voice in the back of my head was starting to distract me. I struggled as hard as I could to focus on the feelings Michelle was giving me but the voice was quickly growing louder and louder.

At first I couldn’t hear what it was saying, or even place the voice. I knew I had heard it before but that was still no help. I could start to feel my orgasm slip through my fingers and my cock soften a bit as Michelle’s pussy continued its assault on me to no avail. With an apology written all over my face I looked up into Michelle’s eyes as she broke the kiss and peered at me through half open eyes. Her mouth opened and for a good thirty seconds no words came out. Then without her lips moving an inch the voice I had been hearing in the back of my head burst out of her throat and slammed into me as I felt the dream dissolve around me.

There was a soft knocking sound coming from my bedroom door as I tried to open my eyes, but the sun was too bright that the second any of it pushed past my eye lids it felt like someone was stabbing me in the brain with a screwdriver. The knocking continued and I could make out a voice saying something but I couldn’t understand the words for some reason. That’s when I felt the warm skin pressed up against my left arm that was draped over the other side of my bed and the soft breathing sounds. Suddenly the dream came flooding back into my mind and I could almost picture Michelle curled up next to me sound asleep. I knew it was impossible though, which only deepened the mystery of who was lying next to me and why I had my arm over them like we were spooning.

At the exact same moment I began to open my eyes I heard Evee’s voice call through the closed door that I better be wearing underwear at least because she was coming in. In slow motion I heard the door creak open as Evee entered the room and my eyes opened fully to gaze upon the shock of short red hair lying next to me.

‘Gillian?’ I said out loud, ignoring Evee’s excited squeals. I sat up in my bed and pulled my arm off her as she began to stir. She was facing away from the way I had been laying and was still wearing the clothes she had worn to the club the previous night, thank god. All I needed was for Evee to waltz into my room and find me laying in bed next to a naked someone she considered a friend and mother figure.

‘Oh shit,’ Gillian grumbled as she sat up and looked around the room to find two sets of eyes staring at her.

‘What are you doing?’ I asked her.

‘I wanted to make sure you were alright,’ she sighed and stood up, ‘I must have fallen asleep though. Sorry about that.’

Gillian glanced over at Evee who was still standing by the bed and her cheeks flushed pink in embarrassment from getting caught in bed with her uncle. I quickly shooed Evee out of the room and then pulled on a pair of jeans from the night before. It was already sweltering in the house so I opted to keep my shirt off, which didn’t help Gillian’s blushing any. Together we made the bed in silence and I could tell something was bothering her; I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

‘I’m really sorry Ty. I should have just gone home,’ she said sounding angry at herself.

‘It’s fine,’ I assured her, ‘It’s not like anything happened. Right?’

‘Yeah… right,’ she answered and something in the tone of her voice made feel a little uneasy. Once more the dream popped into my head and I had a horrible feeling that I might have gotten a little too excited in real life when I was dreaming. I just hoped I didn’t poke her anywhere important.

I was about to ask her about that very thing when she suddenly stood straight up and looked me dead in the eye before saying, ‘I have to work so I should get going.’

‘I was thinking about pizza and a movie later tonight. You in?’ I asked trying to get things back to normal.

‘I think I will just stay home for the night. Sorry.’

With that she left, leaving me standing in my room dumbfounded and completely lost. I pushed the confusion away though and left the room to make sure Evee was eating breakfast and not just watching television. Not being a morning person she hated eating right after she got up and I usually had to force her to sit down at the table and at least have a bowl of cereal or some toast. Thankfully she was eating some toast but she wore the same confused look I had been struggling with a few moments earlier.

‘What’s wrong sweetie?’ I asked as I sat down and poured myself some orange juice.

‘What happened with you and Gillian?’ she asked me. I didn’t really know how to respond because I wasn’t sure what had happened. I had fuzzy memories from the night before but they were all out of order and mostly filled with loud music I couldn’t hear over. Then waking up next to her in bed was a little disorienting, even if she was fully clothed. What really got me though was how just blew off a fun evening staying in and watching a movie with them. For as long as we had been a, quote unquote, family unit she had never passed up movie night.

‘Nothing,’ I answered while still trying to put the pieces together, ‘Why do you ask?’

Evee looked down at her toast and played with crust before answering, ‘Just wondering why she said she wouldn’t be coming over tonight. I asked her if she wanted to hang out and she said no.’

‘She might have other things to do,’ I said softly but even I didn’t buy that one.

Thankfully Evee dropped the subject and went back to pick at her toast with disdain while I quickly drank the orange juice I had before me. Compared to the previous day this one was pretty boring and laid back. We didn’t see or hear from Gillian at all and I was beginning to get worried that I might have done something really bad again. I couldn’t afford to lose her as a friend again and it really freaked me out that she wasn’t talking to me.

The next day I was due back at work, and it being summer Evee didn’t have school to occupy her day. I had to be at work at six in the morning for P.T. and Gillian would usually come over just as I was leaving to take care of Evee while I was gone, even taking her to work with her on the days she had no other choice. It was a pretty messed up schedule but we made it work, until now at least. It was almost half past five and Gillian had not yet replied to the text I had sent her the previous night asking if she was still going to watch over Evee.

Getting a little antsy I decided to go and wake Evee up and take her to the base with me. She still had a few friends on base and I knew one of the military wives would probably look after her for the day if I asked nicely enough. One thing I hated doing was waking Evee up this early in the morning because she was like a half starved rabid and crazed badger. The first time I did it I had scratches all over my arms from her trying to wrestle me for the covers she was hiding her head under, but this time I had no choice. I just couldn’t believe Gillian would put me in this kind of situation.

Needless to say I was late for morning P.T. after having to get Evee up, dressed, food stuffed down her gullet, drive all the way to base, and then find someone I knew was married and ask their wife or husband if they could watch my niece for the day. Because of me the entire platoon had to run an extra two kilometers before we were allowed to go and shower up for breakfast. I used the showers in the shacks (on base apartment buildings) and ate at the mess before heading over to see Evee before my nine A.M. timing.

I spotted Evee standing outside on the front lawn of the small two floor house a few doors down from where we used to live with the woman I had left her with and two men in light grey suits and sunglasses. I had been around the military enough to know who these men were and I couldn’t help but wonder why CSIS would be there. A knot was forming in my stomach as I stepped out of the car and moved closer to Evee and the men.

‘What’s going on? Are you okay Evee?’ I asked when I was within range. Evee flashed me a weak smile that tried to reassure me she was fine, but the men standing next to her remained unreadable. I hated spooks.

‘Corporal Anders?’ one of the men asked me as he took off his sun glasses. He had a hawkish face that I didn’t trust and two small beady black eyes that shifted from side to side as he spoke, sweeping the area like he expected to find enemies in the middle of a military base.


‘I’m special Agent Travers and this is Special Agent Smith. We’re from-’

‘Canadian Security Intelligence Service, CSIS. I know who you guys are. Still doesn’t answer my question as to what is going on,’ I said a little bitterly. Back in Afghanistan these guys had made the lives of my entire section hell for seven months before I was shot on one of their damned missions to gather intelligence.

‘We have a few questions we’d like to ask you,’ Agent Smith said. I could feel his eyes regarding me with malice from behind his sun glasses and I had a feeling I had met this man before.

‘You’ll have to be quick about it,’ I said, ‘I have timing in half an hour.’

‘You don’t have to worry about that,’ Travers said with the hint of a smile on his thin lips, ‘We talked to your commanding officer already and he’s aware of the situation and is not expecting you to return for the rest of the day.’

‘The rest of the day?’ I asked incredulously. ‘You can’t be serious.’

‘We don’t joke around Corporal,’ Smith sneered, ‘now if you’d be so kind to come with us.’

‘What about Evelyn?’ I asked looking at Evee, ‘I’m her legal guardian.’

‘We talked with Mrs. Snyder here and she has offered to watch over her until we are done with our questions.’

‘It’s no problem Anders,’ Cynthia said meekly, using my last name as we all did in the military. ‘I’ll take good care of her.’

I quickly pulled out my phone, ignoring the outraged looks the agents were giving me and sent a text to Gillian telling her that no matter what she needed to get to the base and pick up Evee for the rest of the day. I told her something was going on and that I really needed her to come through for me then hit send. Agent Travers quickly came over and snatched the phone from my hand. He navigated through the screen until he found the text I had just sent and read it. Seeing that I wasn’t giving away any vital information he sighed and pocketed my phone before ushering me over to a plain black car with tinted windows.

I smiled weakly at Evee as she watched me get taken away. Thank god they didn’t put me in handcuffs. Evee disappeared as we rounded a corner and headed towards the main gates and soon the base disappeared into the distance as we raced down the highway towards the city. Agent Travers weaved his way through the rush hour traffic then pulled in front of a tall grey building with the logo of the government stamped on the wall.

I was quickly escorted into the building, led through a metal detector and pat down before being stopped at a bank of elevators. I was taken up to the eighth floor and then led through a dizzying network of cubicles and monitors until Agent Smith opened the door to Interrogation Room Three. A little uneasy about the surroundings I walked into the room and sat down at a table that faced a one way mirror, my own reflection looking back at me. My face was pale and I could see the sweat forming on my brow as I stared at myself in fatigues.

Both agents sat down on the other end of the table and Travers opened up a manila folder I hadn’t seen him carrying before. Neither of them spoke for a few minutes, Travers going over something in the folder and Smith glaring at me with his sunglasses still on even though there was only a single dim light in the bleak room.

‘What’s going on here?’ I asked but Travers held up one finger letting me know he would be with me in a minute. I felt like asking again but the way Smith was glaring at me I thought better of it. If there was one thing I knew about government intelligence agencies is that you don’t fuck around with them or you would most likely find yourself at the bottom of some dark, dank cold hole in the earth.

‘How long have you been in the military?’ Travers asked finally. The sound of his voice startled me a little because I hadn’t really been paying attention to him.

‘Eight years,’ I answered automatically.

‘And you’ve only been promoted to corporal?’ he pressed.

‘Yes, sir.’

‘Does that seem a little odd to you?’

‘No, sir. I’m sure you’ve looked over my personnel file so you would already know that I have turned down any further promotion.’

‘I have noticed that. Why?’

‘Honestly?’ I asked and the hawkish man nodded, ‘because it’s good pay, good schedule, and allows me the ability to care for Evelyn.’

Travers was quiet for a minute but I could still feel Smith’s eyes boring holes through my face, ‘I can see how that would be true,’ Travers said after a moment.

‘Did I do something wrong?’ I asked hoping that my question would finally been answered. No such luck though.

‘Which high school did you attend?’


‘You heard him,’ Smith growled and I tried not to look over at the creepy man.

‘Athabasca Senior Secondary,’ I answered as my brain furiously tried to figure out where this line of questioning was going.

Agent Travers was quiet again as he flipped through a few of the pages in the file he had open before him. I desperately wanted to know what was written on those pages and I knew I could easily crane my neck and read it upside down, but all my military training was over riding my curiosity and I kept my eyes pointed straight ahead. I knew Agent Smith was trying to read my body language for any sign of weakness and I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of finding any. It would help if I knew what was going on though.

‘If I showed you a few pictures could you identify them for me?’ Travers asked without even looking up from the file.

‘Yes, sir.’

‘Good, good.’

Agent Travers slid a photo out from the file and across the metal surface of the table, turning it so I was looking at it the right way. It was an old year book photo from my graduating year. My brain kicked into over drive when I saw the short dark hair and the piercing eyes staring back out at me. I didn’t need the name written under the picture to tell me who this was.

‘That’s Gillian Rogers,’ I answered through a tight throat. What in the hell was going on here? Why in the world would I be pulled in by CSIS and shown a picture of Gillian?

‘And what is her relation to you?’ Travers asked.


‘What is she in your life? Friend, lover, girlfriend?’

‘Friend, sir,’ I answered. I was starting to feel a little queasy and it felt like the walls in the room were starting to close in around me. Smith’s constant staring was really throwing me off balance and I struggled with everything I had to remain neutral. Not an easy task under those conditions. I felt like reciting my name, rank, and serial number like I had been trained to in basic but I was pretty sure that wouldn’t go over very well right now.

‘Can you identify this person please?’

Travers pushed another picture over to me my heart jumped into my throat when I saw who it was this time. Her hair was shorter than I remembered it being but it was still blonde and a little curly around the tips. Her eyes were still hauntingly beautiful but I couldn’t allow myself to focus on them at that moment. Even if it was just a picture they still captivated me, pulling me deeper and deeper into them. She was wearing a light grey suit open at top showing a little bit of pale skin covered up by a baby blue dress shirt. She wore a set of elegant glasses that only made her nose look even cuter. There was no smile on her face at all but the light in her eyes told me that when this picture was taken she had been extremely excited.

‘Corporal Anders?’ Agent Travers prodded pulling me out of my thoughts.

‘What’s going on here?’ I asked but this time there was a little more force in my voice. I used that voice to get the attention of the younger soldiers and lower ranks when I needed to hand out orders, but against two veteran CSIS agents it was useless.

‘Can you identify the woman in that picture or not corporal?’ Travers pressed and I knew I would have to give him an answer.

Every brain cell in my skull was yelling at me to lie, tell them that I didn’t know who it was in that picture. I really wanted to say that. That this person was a complete stranger to me but I knew now why they had shown me the picture of Gillian. If these agents did even a small fraction of their actual job they would have figured out already that we had all been friends in school, and that I had known her long before that. Lying to them now would only cause problems for him and he had Evee to think about.

‘Corporal Anders!’ Agent Smith barked as he stood up from his seat and leaned over the table to glower at him even closer.

‘That’s... that’s Michelle... Michelle Franklin.’


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