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Hope you enjoy the people. I'd appreciate and comments as PM, especially from any girls who fantasise about being tied up, punished and teased
18 year old Sophie is restrained on a table in my flat and her dress is pulled up exposing her bare ass cheeks. My fingers are rubbing her pussy. Her lips are engorged from the chilli that I was rubbing on her a few minutes ago and she is dripping wet. She really wants to cum but I’m not letting her

Her cheeks are still red from the spanking that I gave her earlier and now she is excited to hear her friends downstairs in the beer garden laughing and joking as she is being punished and teased by her 40 year old boss.

As my fingers continue to rub her pussy lips I whisper in her hear, ‘What would Ellie and Emily think if they knew what you were doing?!’. She’s gagged and can’t answer but I can see in her eyes how excited she is. ‘Would they be shocked to find out what a dirty slut you are?!’

Then I hear her phone beep and see on the screen that it’s a message from Ellie asking where she is. I show Sophie the message and ask her if I should tell Ellie where she is. Then I type a reply on Sophie’s phone just saying ‘I’m busy’. A minute later comes another message saying ‘doing what?’. ‘Being a naughty girl!’ is the next message I send.

I go and look out of the window at Ellie and Emily down below to see how they react when they read the message that they think has been written by Sophie. They start to giggle and quickly type another message. Sophie’s phone beeps and I read it. ‘What are doing to be a naughty girl??’ they ask. I send a message saying ‘would you like to see?!?’. Down below Ellie and Emily look excited at this and their response is a simple ‘YES!!!!’,

I walk over the table and say to Sophie ‘ Emily and Ellie would like to see what you’re up to. I’m going to show them!’ With that I push two of my fingers inside her pussy and then take a picture on her phone. It’s quite clear that it’s man’s hand inside her and I let Sophie see the picture before I send it to the girls. Then I go and look down and wait for them to get it. I can hear them gasp when they open the message and see their friends pussy with two fingers inside it. ‘Fucking hell Sophie, you dirty bitch! Can’t believe you’ve just sent us that picture!!’

I show Sophie their message and send them one back saying ‘want to see more??’. They might have been shocked to see their friend getting fingered but there is no hesitation in their response. ‘ Fuck, YES!!!’

This time I take off Sophie’s gag and push my cock back down her throat. I fuck her face for a few minutes making her gag on my cock and then take another pic showing half of my shaft in her mouth and the other half out and send it to the two girls. Then I go to watch their reaction when they see their friend sucking on a cock, little realising that it’s their bosses cock and their friend is right up above them.

I can see that Ellie has gone red in the face when they get the picture and they both look excited. They’d not been 100% sure if the first pic was actually of Sophie but there is no mistaking it this time. It’s definitely their friend with a big cock in her mouth. ‘Fuck. What’s got into you Sophie?! That’s really naughty you sending us that picture.....but really horny too!!!’

I write a reply from Sophie’s phone saying ‘ would you like to see me getting fucked??’. ‘You bet, this is better than porn!!’ is their reply. ‘This guy that I’m with says I can send you a pic of us fucking if you send us one of your tits!!’ Then I go to the window to look down and see what happens. I can tell that they’re discussing it and the beer garden is now empty apart from them.

They obviously are daring each other to do it and eventually they both pull down their tops and get their tits out. Ellie is 21 but Emily is only 16. Ellie has quite large tits that I’d fantasised about many times before. Emily’s were little B cup titties with puffy nipples. My cock was throbbing enjoying the view from above and then Sophie’s phone beeps and look at the pic. You couldn’t see their faces on the photo but I had a great pic of their pert tits in front of me. I walked over to Sophie and showed it to her. I’d left her without a gag and she moaned when she saw it. ‘Fuck SIR. How did you get them to send you that??!!’. ‘By telling them that you’ll send them a pic of you getting fucked if they did!’ is my reply.

But I’m not ready to fuck her yet, I want to tease her some more and use a dildo on her. I reach into the bag and show her what I’m going to insert into her. It’s very fat and she says ‘SIR, that is really going to stretch me’. ‘Good, that’s the idea. I want to stretch you wide open.’

I stroke the tip of it against her pussy lips for a minute and then start to push it inside her. She starts to moan as she feels her cunt start to open. I have to use both hands to force it in as her 18 year old cunt is tight. As I’m stretching her open I put my tongue to het ass hole and start to rim her. Her moans get louder as she has the twin sensation of getting her cunt stretched wide open by a fat dildo and her virgin ass hole licked for the first time. When the dildo is half way in I take another photo and send it to the girls downstairs with a message saying ‘he says here is a pic of me being fucked with a dildo. If you want to see me getting fucked with his cock then he wants a picture of your pussies!!’

I show Sophie the message I’ve sent and she just says ‘you dirty fucker!’ as I go back to forcing the dildo up her cunt and licking her tight little ass hole. I’m wondering what the girls are saying to each other and then five minutes later a message comes through....a picture message....I go and stand so that Sophie can see it at the same time as me as I open it...... It’s a picture or Ellie and Emily with their legs wide open and their panties pulled to one side showing me their pussies........Seeing Emily’s 16 year old pussy makes my cock even harder and I decide that I want to fuck another teenage waitress before the week is out. Ellie’s pussy looks great as well and I really want to be licking it.

I go back to the dildo but this time I’ve also got some anal beads. I stick two fingers inside her pussy and get them covered in her juices and then smear them over her ass hole. Then I start to insert them up her ass. She’s gasping as she feels her virgin ass getting penetrated by progressively larger and larger beads. When they’re all the way in I put both hands back on the dildo and force it all the way really stretching her cunt. She’s moaning so much now as I start to fuck her hard and deep with the dildo that I’m surprised that her friends can’t hear her and she’s hoping that she’s finally going to be allowed to cum after several hours of frustration.......but not yet.......

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2012-10-25 18:19:12

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2012-07-28 02:52:25
fuck, I am so fucking wet. wishing that was me you were doing that shit to

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2012-07-27 12:02:41
make part 3 longer blew through this one to quick

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2012-07-27 11:50:31
I like how you brought the friends into it you should get them to do each other. The story is good but if you could make the posts longer that would be great but keep writing I like and I will be waiting for the next.

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