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Hi, this is part 3 of my story about my brother's and mine love. Enjoy.
...After the breakfast...
We were playing games and went swimming.
And when we got out my mom asked:
"Hey, Aky. Could you, please, go to a supermarket and get me some stuff, thank you." And she and gave me the list, it was huge...
"Hey, mom, can I go with him ?" Donna asked our mom.
"I'd like to go with them too." Ben added.
"Hehe, kids, OK, if you want to, you can go." Our mom told them.

"OK. Which one of you two got fucked last night ? Don't tell me you didn't because you woke me up.."
"We fucked each other." Ben said full of himself.
"Oooohh.. You were busy last night, weren't you two ?" Donna teased.
"Ahm." I replied.
..After a while, conversation went on and we got to the supermarket...
There we didn't talk about our things, we just started talking about school and about our grades, and blah, blah, blah...

We got home and gave our mom the stuff she asked for and I went out with my friends, but I was so impatient for the night to come.

I got home at around 10pm and no one was home. I had dinner and went into my room.
Oh, the sight..
Ben was watching porn on the computer and jerking off. He didn't notice me or anything. Then I slowly walked behind him and grabbed his penis. Just as I did that, he came right on my face.
I giggled and said: "Where is everyone. "
"Mom and dad and Dianne are at their friends' house, Maya is out with her friends, Jenna is with her boyfriend and Donna is sleeping." He replied.
"Ohh.. So, we've got the whole house to ourselves."
"Yeah." He replied.

Than we watched porn some more and got horny.
"Hey, you want to do it again ?" I asked.
"What ?" Ben replied.
"Like you don't know.. Let's fuck." I told him.
"OK. But, I want you to go first." He told me.
"OK" I said and I opened up my drawer and I was sure I had one more condom in there, but I couldn't find it...
"What now ??" He asked.
"I don't have any condoms left." I replied.
"It's OK. If you lube enough, you won't need condoms." He said.
"OK" I said.
Then he showed me another position and told me that he wants to try it out. It was missionary pose.

We put a pillow again, just like the last time, I lubed my cock really good and I slowly started pushing my cock in his ass. Now, without a condom, his ass felt so hot, like he was on fire. His ass was so slippery and damp and it felt really great.
When I was just about to cum I heard our room's door bashing open and it was my sister Donna.
"Oh- Hello. Continue on, continue on...I was, I was just passing by. !!" She said and closed the door. I was scared.
"She's going to tell them !" I yelped and got off of my brother.
"No, she's not. Don't worry. She promised." Ben tried to cheer me up.
My boner was dead...

Than something crazy happened...
Donna slammed the door open, again, and I saw her in a hot devil costume. I thought that I was dreaming. My jaw just dropped. I was in awe. I've never seen my sister in that outfit.
"You two..." *she whipped her beater thingy* "Get up and finish what you started doing." She ordered and pulled a strap-on from her waist belt and put it on.
Ben gulped and said: "Come on, she ordered you to."
"Uh, OK.." I said and got back up on my brother and started fucking him again while Donna was watching.
I felt weird now...
"Ben, would you fancy two dicks in your ass?" Donna said.
"Y-yeah, I suppose" Ben whimpered.
Donna lubed her 'cock' and told us that I have to go under my brother so that she could get to his ass. We repositioned and she slowly started pushing her 'cock' in his ass.
Ben screamed so loud and he started crying because his ass got stretched out even more.
We got in sync, me and Donna, and as soon as I would pull my cock back she would push her strap-on in and vice versa.
I came shortly after we started fucking him and now it was my turn to get two cocks..

My brother was under me and he put his cock in first and then Donna.
It was the worst pain ever. It was worse than when he first fucked me.
I was crying out of pain and pleasure.
My ass was filled with 2 big cocks and it felt good after a while.
"I'm cumming !! " Ben yelled.
"Me too !! " I yelled too.
We both came together and it was amazing.

"Now, make me feel good !! " Donna ordered.
"Should we ?" I asked my bro.
"I think we should..." Ben said.
"Hey, you two, less talking, more fucking." Donna ordered. "Come on. I'm ready for you"
My cock sprang back up and so did Ben's.
We slowly started fucking her in her ass because she wanted to feel what we felt.
I could feel my cock rubbing against my bro's cock. It felt awesome and just the feeling of his cock rubbing against my cock made me even harder.
I shouted: "I'm cumming !"
So did Donna and Ben.
I felt my brother's sperm flowing over my penis and I came. We all came together and it was an awesome feeling.
We cleaned up the room and went down to the living room and we sat there talking about the whole thing and how it felt and stuff.
Than our parents came.
"You're still awake. Are you watching a movie ?" Our dad asked.
"Yeah, we are. " And we looked at each other and laughed.
"What's so funny ?" Mom asked.
"Nothing." Donna relied.
Thank you for reading part 3 of my story. Part 4 is coming out shortly, tomorrow.

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2013-03-18 06:07:32
Donna lubed her 'cock' and told us that I have to go under my brother so that she could get to his ass. I thought Donna is female O_o

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2012-08-17 05:14:23
0_________0 AWWWSOOOOOE. This story was amazing

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2012-07-30 07:38:34
great bro but kinda small. please make more and make em bigger


2012-07-28 02:54:29
"Anonymous reader
2012-07-27 20:45:29
This series has passed the point of being almost believable, but it is sexy."
Yes, it looks like it, but this really happened and I'm not very proud of that night...

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2012-07-28 01:25:32
Where is the horse and the bull elephant

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