Apples don't fall far...
Coming into the kitchen, you stand behind me. Wrapping your hands around my ass. Moving one around to assualt my pussy, the other is wrapped around my stomach. You lift me up, and kiss the side of my neck.

You whisper in my ear, "You know, Jamie, as for educational videos, I don't think there is anything Mitch can recommend one to teach you about blow jobs."

I had mentioned the channel number to Ron a little bit ago.

"So, you don't think there is anything I could learn about blow jobs?", I say.

"Well, not from our son, unless he is really good at hiding being gay... 'Not that...'"

"there's anything wrong with that.", we say in unison. You pull me closer. We like to watch Seinfeld a lot.

"So, what you say we watch a little porn later, after the girls go to their room's?"

I wrap my arm around as best I can with you behind me, "Well, here's to a little lesbian action!", and try to turn my head to kiss you.

Obviously we couldn't wait for the girls to go to bed, and Mitch would be home by 10. Ron finished connecting the cable to our bedroom, and we settled in.


My parents have always been pretty frisky, and would go to bed early. In the old house, their room was right next to my room, not quite sure how I will listen at the new place. I'm sure you can imagine how much I was able to hear. I would masturbate while listening to them sometimes. I've told both Mitch and Becky about the things I've overheard, they accuse me of having an hyper-active imagination. While that might be true in some ways, not in this case. My parents can fuck.


My wife and I have been together now for almost 22 years, and she has made me nothing but happy. A beautiful home, a wonderful cook, and an almost insatiable sex drive. I know that she has been unfaithful by some peoples accounting, but is it cheating if I get turned on by her recounting the tales, and a few times watching for real, her face buried in another womans twat.

Once when I took her out on a long weekend, a business trip, she brought a college girl back to the hotel, and watching them both lick each other, it was just too much. We had agreed before hand that I would use my cell to make a low rez home movie. The girl she brought home said she didn't mind as long as her face wasn't visible at all. I told her that I would only record her with her face in my wifes pussy, "I think I like that idea, I get a copy of the video, too. I'd love to show it to my girlfriend." Surprisingly my wife said to make sure her face wasn't visible then, I thought she would balk at allowing someone else to watch the video at all. I watched them grope each other for an hour or so, and got damned lucky with the cell phone. Afterwards, the girl, Amyee, asked if she could bring her girlfriend by the next night, but we already had plans. She asked for our number, then called us, "Now you have my number, I would love for you to call if you come back into town. She has a nice pussy, I like having my face at least near by, if not my tongue buried inside.", she said this while holding Jamie's hand, and looking at me.

I copied the video to her phone over bluetooth.


Ron said he would lick me, while I watched the two women on the screen. He knew how much it turns me on, a young college slutty pussy, no... cunt. I've also found that I like tattooed and pierced girls, not that I want any tats or piercings, I think it might be the idea of possibly trying some bondage. But Ron doesn't know about that part yet. Not that I'm keeping any secrets, just something new for me.

After 20 minutes, I was pushing the edge when I finally fall. I grab the back of Ron's head when I cum, imagining it were the blonde on the TV.

We kiss for a moment, I hadn't noticed my husband take his clothes off, and I immediately pulled his cock, and he kneels up on the bed. I look at the screen, and the redhead its now fucking the blonde with a strap-on. I take Ron's cock in my mouth, it wasn't long before he came. He may only have an average size cock, but he cums in large quantities. I guess size does matter, just depends on what you measure.


I'm not really sure why I have been turned on lately by women, even girls, who have tattoos and piercings. One of the girls I work with, Sabrina, has caught my eye. Pale skin, deep dyed pitch black hair, and one arm is covered in almost a complete multi-colored tat. Very nice work, dragons and knights. In the center there appears what could be a damsel in distress, could that be her? She has a keen sense of clothing and style.

She asked me to help her one day after we closed, as she wanted to try on some new clothes that just came in. We went into the dressing room, putting all the boxes on the floor. We made small talk when she began to remove her clothes, and I was getting a little bothered to be "forced" to watch her. She had taken off blouse, and skirt, but underneath she wasn't wearing any panties. I notice her pussy is completely hairless, and I get a shiver from the sight of her bald cunt.

She turned back to me and asked if I could undo her bra clasp. This meant I had to each around her to undo her bra. My hands were almost trembling as my fingers touched her skin, and grasped the bra strap. When I finished, she thanked me by abruptly taking my hands to her breasts, "Now, squeeze hard, bitch.", and I tried to comply.

"You know, I don't like wearing clothes sometimes," she confessed, "and right now I'm liking not wearing any clothes in front of you." Taking a firm grip on my face, she said, "I've noticed how you have watched me over the last month, and quite frankly, you need to do more than just watch. You get the pleasure of looking at and enjoying my body. What do I get out of it?"

She paused, squeezing my face tighter, "I wondered how I might make this happen, and it dawned on me just how to get naked in front of you." With that, she grabbed my hand, licked the palm, and slapped it on her breast. My heart was beating, nearly jumping out of my chest.

She kissed me firmly, pushing me up to one of the benches. The multiple reflecting images of her naked, kissing me made my knees give way, and I fell back on the bench. The reflection was intoxicating, and each succesive image is displaced a little higher than the one before it, moving upward rising to infinity. It was very disorienting.

"Well, I guess I don't have to worry if you like this or not. Show me how wet your cunt is. Put your fingers in your box, and lick them for me."

I sit there in shock that she is doing this, but more shocked when she slaps me... hard.

Her hand now squeezing my throat, "I said show me how wet you are, Jamie, I want to see just how much someone who's old enough to be my mother is turned on by my naked body."

I lift my skirt, pull my panties to the side, and insert a finger. "I said fingers, that means more than one, do it now before I slap you again... then again, you might like that too much."

I put in two fingers. "Get them nice and wet, you do like the taste of your own cunt juices?", I nodded as I brought my fingers to my mouth.

She leaned in very close, and in a stern voice, "I know this is only our first time together, so you will need to learn how you will answer my questions. When we are alone, you will address me as Mistress Sabrina. When we are working, you may use my first name, you are not allowed 'pet' names for me, none. If I even here someone say you called me anything but Sabrina, you will be punished, as it is you who are my pet. Do you understand."

"Yes, Mistress Sabrina.", which was followed by another hard slap.

"I'm please that you follow instructions so well." She turns around and bends over, "Now lick my ass.", and I obediently put my tongue between her ass cheeks. She reaches back and pulls my face deeper, "Make sure you get your tongue in my ass, my little slut. Yes, you are good with that tongue. I bet your husband likes your tongue, too. Have you done this to him? If not, I'm telling, no commanding you to push you tongue slowly in and out of his anus.", she turns around and sits down, "Put your tongue in my pussy and make me cum, now!"

"Yes, Mistress Sabrina.", and get on my knees, burying my tongue as instructured. Soon she is cuming for me, her hips bucking and spasming against my face.

"I can see my new pet likes lapping up pussy juices. Now", reaching into her purse, she hands me a dildo, "make yourself cum for me."

"Yes, Mistress Sabrina.", sitting down, I pull my panties to the side, and proceed to fuck myself. It doesn't take me long, as she already had my motor going on high, plus all the reflections of me fucking myself while still dressed is really turning me on. I saw a beautiful mature woman, pounding her pussy on command like some pornstar, only I'm not getting paid. I'm starting to realize my reward is in serving Sabrina. Mistress Sabrina, now.

I let out a gutteral sigh as I cum, several in fact. I can feel my cunt spasming around this dildo crammed there.

"I want to see you suck that cock you were just ramming yourself with...", she has been playing with her pierced nipples the whole time. I take the dildo, and thrust it into my mouth, trying to push as much of it down my throat as possible.

She's getting dressed, and she says, "So, does your husband know you're such a slut?"

"Yes, Mistress Sabrina. He only asks that I tell him about my experiences."

"So, you fuck around with other men and women, and he just wants to hear about it? That would be my kind man, if I wanted one. I have too much fun with my female pets."

"Well, Mistress Sabrina, I only fuck other women. I don't have fantasies about men other than my husband. There have been a couple times with him there to watch me with them."

"Well, aren't you the happy kinky couple. I can promise you that he won't be watching us fuck. I like to fuck in privacy."

She is now dressed, and looking beautiful as ever. She opens the door and holds it for me. She closes the door behind us.

"Jamie, I'd really like for this to continue," almost leaving her Mistress persona in that dressing room, "but I also wanted you to understand that besides our working relationship, I'm only interested in having sex with you. I'm sure you noticed that I like the dominant role, but that only comes out during sex, I don't want it to be a life style, and there are times when I like to be dominated, but even then, that is under my control. I've noticed the way you look at me, and I like the way you look at me. I just want more. Need more." She then pulled me close to her, and she kissed me very sweetly. It was one of the most honest kisses I had ever had, as if she were thanking me or something.

"Now, go home and tell your husband how a 20 year old woman made you lick her asshole, her cunt, came on your face, forced you to make yourself cum by masturbating, and watching a million you's masturbating right along with you. Please don't mention my name.", her hands squeezing my breast and ass, then she kissed once more. "Oh, lick his ass, too."

"Yes, Mistress Sabrina!", I said with a smile, and she turned back to me and slapped me, hard.

"Remember the rules, only use that name in private.", she said in as much a pleasant tone as the slap was a lesson, while we were in privacy here outside the dressing room, I got her point.


I obviously got home a little bit later than normal, and Ron could tell instantly that I recently had an orgasm. We were the only ones awake, so I grabbed his hand and led him to the shower, if I had to put my tongue up his ass for Mistress, then I just want to make sure he's clean. As we got in the shower, I told him why I was late. He immediately got hard. He asked her name and I told him that I couldn't tell him, as it was one of the rules. He accused me of making it up.

"Well, if you think that, then I won't do to you what she commanded me to. Not a big deal, she'll probably only slap me a few times, and then make me do it to her instead... that actually doesn't sound like a bad punishment for disobeying.", I said.

"What did she tell you to do to me?"

"Why should I tell you if you think I'm making it up?"

"Alright, I believe you."

"How do I know you're telling the truth, Ron?"

"And how do I prove I believe you?"

I stood there with a devilish smile. "OK, I'll do it if you masturbate while I do it."

"Sure, fine, just tell me what I need to do."

I had him lean up against the wall, the showerhead aimed at his ass, "Spread 'em!"

I made sure that he was clean, even putting my soapy finger in him. He was as hard as ever.

"Alright, you ready?"

"You mean you haven't even started yet.", and I slapped his ass hard. He jumped.

I split his ass and moved my face close, I flicked his anus, causing him to jump. He also drew in a sudden breath making some noise. I licked him a little harder, and we both moaned.

By now, my face is pushing into his ass, and my tongue inserting into his anus.

"I don't know this woman's name, and I don't want too, but I'm grateful for her. I can only assume I will never meet her.", which causes me to laugh, and I slap him hard again.

I'm enjoying this, thinking what I will be telling Mistress when I see again. I noticed his legs start to tremble, causing him to almost sit on my face. 30 seconds later, he was cumming, and shivering, and cumming, and quaking, and...

When he finally came down, it was almost as if I were holding him up. "You didn't masturbate for me."

"I really needed to? God, that was fucking amazing. I don't think anything touched my cock, and yet that was the best orgasm in a long time.", we kissed for like what seemed forever. Then we carried each other to bed.

I am grateful to have met the Mistress of my fantasies.


I had been seeing Mistress Sabrina now for almost a month, and about two times a week.

She tells me that she knows someone who has been having fantasies about me. My mind lights up. Excitedly, I forgot my place, "Really? Who?", she slaps me hard.

"How did you address me?", she said sternly.

"Please forgive me, Mistress Sabrina, would you please tell me who?"

"No I will not tell you, bitch, but I will tell you that you know her, she's almost like family. If it had been a man, I would have given you a choice but that is only out of respect for your husband, but as you can't seem to remember your place, you now have no choice but to sleep with her, and you will willingly submit yourself to all her fantasies, no matter how depraved you might feel. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress Sabrina."

"Good. All your instruction are in this envelop, you are not to open it until Friday night after work, immediately upon leaving. You won't tell anyone about this, not even your husband. Trust me, you will be safe and secure, as you will be among friends. And, no, I will not be there, so I expect you to tell me, and only me, your husband should not be told about this experience ever, unless the person in question allows you to. Is that clear?"

My head is racing, and I say in some intoxicated language, "Yes, Mistress Sabrina, I will do as I'm told."

"I think maybe my pet deserves a special treat, something I have never given my favorite play toy.", and she slaps my pussy hard. She gets down on her knees. "Now, spread you legs.", and she proceeds to make love to my cunt with her tongue and mouth. She would bring me to the edge, allow me to receed some, take me back up, then down again, repeating the process 10 or 15 times, until finally I came and she inserted the dildo I in one swift motion, causing an even more intense orgasm.

I forgot to mention that earlier Mistress had bound my hand to hooks coming out of the walls, and my waiste was secured as well. After I finished cumming, Mistress told me she had a few things to do in the office, and that I "shouldn't go anywhere" until she gets back. 45 minutes later.

"Is pet ready to dress herself, and go home to her faithful husband?"

"Yes, Mistress Sabrina.", and she removed my bindings.

"Please make sure everything is looked up when you leave. I have to go meet a man for a date. So, do you think I should give him a blow job on our first date."

"I am not sure what advice to offer, Mistress Sabrina."

"Then tell me, did you on your blow your husband on your first date."

"No, Mistress Sabrina."

"Then when did it happen, slut?"

"Our second date, Mistress Sabrina."

She laughs heartily as she leaves me in the room of reflections.

I get dressed, close up, and then leave to go home and fuck my husband, Ron.


Over the next two days, Sabrina was not at work, and I was beginning to seriously miss our sexual tension, both in and out of the room. My mind had begun to wander, and thoughts drifted to her tattoo. I think I might finally understand the tattoo. The Damsel in the center is in no way in distress, quite far from it. She is the master of all the chaos that surrounds her. The one in control.

I wonder what her moments of confusion are like. I stand, or sit at arms length, never quite able to enter that zone, or cross the line. I feel lonely for her.

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