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I loaded our bags in the car and went back inside to join the girls saying goodbye. After some hugs and kisses we headed for the door. Donna was still nude but she walked out with me and when we got to the car she asked if she could have one last kiss. When I said sure, she unzipped my shorts and pulled out my dick. She got on her knees and kissed up and down both sides of it before taking it deep in her throat and holding it. She pulled back kissed the head, put it back in my shorts and zipped them. She put her arms around my neck and gave me one more long lingering kiss. “We’ll be doing a lot more of this soon.” As I backed out Donna was standing in the middle of the driveway throwing kisses. We were finally on our way home.

Denny’s Breakfast Treat – 8

Our plane left almost an hour late compounding a delay when we had our stop to change planes. We ended up getting home about 3am Saturday. All anyone wanted was to crawl into bed and sleep until whenever. I woke up around 2 in the afternoon, fixed a cup of coffee and went in the family room to catch some news. 30 minutes later Cathy padded in trying to rub the sleep out of her eyes. She sat in my lap, put her arms around my neck and nuzzled her face into my neck. Sleepily she said “Why didn’t you wake us up?”

“Because you were all sleeping so sound, besides, from what I hear you pregnant ladies need your rest to have pretty, healthy babies.” She promptly went back to sleep in my lap. It was after 3 when Mercedes came stumbling in and sat down next to me. “Do we need to go back to bed or is everyone going to sleep out here sitting up.”

“I just got up because my stomach is rumbling its hungry. Maybe we should get everyone up and showered and go out to dinner. We have the Gynecologist appointment tomorrow morning and we girls need to get ready tonight. That means you don’t get any until tomorrow.”

“Excuse me? There’s a lot of territory she doesn’t check, wife, and guys have their needs.” She was laughing at me as she stood up.

“I guess we’ll have to give you a hand then, unless you want to help me shower for the next 30 minutes, or so.” Cathy barely stirred as I carried her in and laid her back on the bed and covered her up. I grabbed Mercedes by the hand and led her to one of the spare bedrooms and locked the door behind me.

“I think we need some more alone time.” I laid her on the bed and moved to straddle her waist. I bent down taking her face in my hands and softly kissed her lips. “I love you most of all and if I could only have one of you I would pick you. I love Rose and Cathy but not the same way I love you. I will never hurt any of you nor will I do anything against your will. Now I want to kiss every inch of your body and ravish you before they start beating on the door.”

I moved down, taking her breasts in my hands and a nipple between my lips. I sucked each nipple until it was hard then kissed each breast all over before kissing down across her flat, taut stomach. Soon there would be a tell tale bump proudly displaying her pregnancy. I still had my hands massaging her breasts as my lips reached her soft bare mound. She spread her legs as I moved mine inside hers. This spread her slit just enough that I could put my lips on her clit and still not have to let go of her breasts.

As I sucked that little nub from under its hood, Mercedes arched her back and moaned. “Mmmmm, that feels so good but it would be so much better if you turned around and let me do you at the same time.” I rose up, turned around and straddled her head. As I pulled her legs back behind my arms and spread her slit wide, she put her lips on my Glans and filled her mouth with my dick. While my dick bounced off the back of her mouth I bent down and stabbed my tongue into her delicious sex. She was moaning around my shaft as I licked down her slit until I could run my tongue around the star of her puckered anus. She held on to my hips and pulled my shaft into her throat as I pushed my tongue as deep as it would go past her sphincter.

She bucked her hips to my tongue as she fucked her throat with my tongue. I felt her groan around my shaft as her sweet nectar flooded out as fast as I could lap it up. When it stopped she pulled my shaft from her mouth. “Baby, turn us over and let me ride you. I need your cock in me.” I rolled off of her and she straddled my waist. She had my shaft pressed against my groin while she slid her wet slit back and forth on my shaft. She leaned down pressing her breasts into my chest, supporting herself on her elbows as she continued rubbing my shaft while she covered my face in quick kisses.

She sat up, reaching down and putting the head of my dick at the opening to her vagina. She slid ever so slowly down until I was fully engulfed in her hot velvet sleeve. I could feel her heat and I wished it would last forever. She leaned forward putting her hands on the bed above my shoulders her breasts were within inches of my lips. I put both hands on one of her perfect orbs and guided it to my mouth as she lowered herself until it was resting on my lips. As I suckled on that breast she rocked her hips, slipping slowly up and down my shaft. I was listening to her groaning as I daydreamed of doing this month’s in the future, her milk flowing between my lips as I filled her with my seed trying for another child.

This fantasy had my cum boiling up as she sped up then dropped down grinding her hips against my groin. As my cum flowed hard into her pussy her tunnel felt suddenly slick as her juices flowed out around my dick. She kept pushing down as her body trembled. “Oh damn that was the best, gentlest fuck I’ve ever had. I wish we could just pull the covers over us stay like this all night.”

“We can but you’ll have to get up early to get ready for our 9am appointment.”

“Well we can lay here until Rose and Cathy come looking for us.” She moved just enough to let her put her head next to mine. As we lay there and my shaft started shrinking she was flexing her muscles trying to milk a few more drops from me. We must have dozed off because the knock at the door startled us. “What?”

“We want to go eat. Think you two can take a break and go with us?”

“Go ahead and get ready, we’ll be out in a minute.” Mercedes rolled off of me and when I started to sit up she pushed me back. “Let me take care of this.” She took my shaft in her mouth and licked or sucked all of our mixed cum from it then pulled me to my feet. I figured the least I could do was return the favor. I turned her to face the bed and pushed on her back until she bent over resting on her head and chest. I spread her feet apart, got on my knees and put my mouth over the entrance to her pussy and began sucking and licking her clean. When I had all of the cum from her I could get, I stood up with her, turned her to face me and kissed her forcing my tongue into her mouth. She returned the kiss with hot passion, swabbing the inside of my mouth with her tongue.

She pulled back staring into my eyes. “God we taste good together.” When we walking out we looked at the clock and discovered we had been in there for an hour and a half. It was almost 5pm. We jumped thru a shower and went out for dinner. The girls were wearing short skirts, crop tops and platform heels that made them as tall as me. They were actually being very polite this evening. Other than making sure I knew they weren’t wearing panties and bras after we parked and a little touchy feely with bare flesh under the table, it was the quietest dinner we had ever had. That all changed as we walked back to the truck. Mercedes took the keys from me saying Rose and Cathy wanted me to join them in the back seat.

As soon as the door shut both of them took of their tops and rolled their skirts to the waist. Rose started unbuttoning my shirt as Cathy worked on my pants. When they were off they spread my legs so Rose could straddle one, rubbing her mound on me, as she pressed her breasts against my chest and pushed her tongue in my mouth for a passionate kiss. Cathy stroked my dick fully erect then put her lips over it and sucked me down her throat. I had one hand around Rose and the other one under Cathy holding a breast when Rose reached down and put two fingers in her pussy. When she had them coated with her juices she brought them up between our lips and licked one side as I licked the other. My balls tightened as Cathy spoke. “I think he’s almost there sister.”

“Just save some for me. You promised to share.” Rose dipped her fingers in her pussy again and put them between my lips. As I sucked in her sweet taste I shot my load into Cathy's mouth. She had just the tip between her lips and was holding it all in her cheeks. When my dick stopped twitching Cathy sat up with bulging cheeks and a smile on her face. She straddled my other leg like Rose and they kissed as they rubbed their breasts together in front of my face. They moved so I could lick and kiss the nipples closest to me as they swapped my cum with their tongues. When they finished and swallowed, they pulled me to a three way hug. Rose told Mercedes they were ready to go home. We stayed in that hug until we pulled in the driveway.

The girls headed for the bathrooms and said they would see me in bed in a little while. They all showed up together wearing baby dolls and smelling sooo good. “We have to be at the doctor’s office by 8:30, so tonight you get to be a good boy and sleep surrounded by pretty women and have sweet dreams, but no sex. We’ll snuggle but tonight is for sleeping.” So they crowded next to me with Mercedes and Rose laying half on me with their slits rubbing my thighs and I was supposed to just lay there. My dick didn’t get the word and stood straight up. Rose and Mercedes wrapped a hand around it and Cathy knelt down and put a kiss on the tip.

“Go to sleep baby. We’ll make it up to you tomorrow.”

We got up early and after a quick breakfast of toast and coffee headed out to the doctor. When they checked in the nurse gave us a funny look when she realized all three had the same emergency contact and relationship was father. She asked them whose father and when Mercedes said ‘All their babies’ father’, she just gave a knowing smile and said to have a seat and they would call us. When they called Mercedes we all got up and she told the nurse we were related sort of and everyone wanted to be there for the results.

The four of us were sitting in the exam room when the doctor, a woman in her 40’s walked in. “My nurse tells me the four of you have a, shall we say, unique situation. Is there anything I need to know before we start?” Mercedes explained the whole three women one father situation to her from how it came to be until today. “Well it seems like you are doing fine there so I guess we need to get started.” She asked all of the standard questions about periods and when the missed the first one. She was as surprised as they were that all three had been on birth control when they got pregnant. She finally asked Mercedes to get up on the exam table. After a quick look she said everything looked ok. Hell, I could have told her it was better than ok.

She had her pull up her top and put some gel on her stomach and started the ultra sound. Right off we heard a strong heart beat but the doctor moved the unit around and said listen. There was another sound. “Hear that? There is a second heart beat. Young lady you’re having twins.” They were all startled when I yelled ‘YES’. “It sounds like the father is happy.”

“Hell yes. I’ve been happy since the day the home tests came up positive.” The doctor finished with Mercedes and it was Cathy's turn. When the doctor did the ultra sound she turned to me. “You should play poker. Now you have two pair. She has twins also. We were hugging and congratulating as Rose climbed upon the table. As the doctor moved the wand around her belly she was frowning. “Well daddy your luck ran out. She doesn’t have twins. As I started to say that was ok the doctor cut me off. “Looks like by Christmas you’ll have seven baby’s’ keeping you up at night. This young lady is carrying triplets.” When we calmed down she told us it looked like Mercedes and Rose were do around the first of December and Cathy would be close to Christmas.

She gave us pamphlets about diet, fitness and prenatal care and we set up another appointment in 6 weeks. She said by then she could tell us genders if we wanted to know. We left there on cloud nine. When we got back home we realized we were going to need a bigger house and a bigger vehicle. We decided to find 20+ acres and build a new home, and then sell this one. Tuesday We went to my favorite Chevy dealer and ordered a loaded 15 passenger 3500 van. We might as well get it now. We could use it looking at property to make sure it was accessible. They promised to have it ready for us on Friday so we planned a road trip thru the Hill Country to look for property. Friday morning we picked up our new van, took it home and loaded it for our trip which included taking out the last two rows of seats which gave enough room for a queen sized air mattress. No more cramped seat sex.

When the ladies came out to get in the van all they were wearing were the knit cover-ups they bought on vacation. Their logic was if they couldn’t look around a property wearing this or less, it wasn’t private enough for us to buy. They each were carrying a bag they said had a dress they could pull on if we stopped somewhere public. We had downloaded a list of properties and decided to go look at as many as we could before we contacted an agent. We spend the rest of Friday looking at acreage working our way north towards Fredericksburg. We found the first piece of land we liked just before sunset. It was 21 tree covered acres but there was no pond or stream. One of the things we had on our list.

Just as the sun started setting the girls decided we should enjoy the view before we went looking for a motel. They opened the back of the van and pulled out several blankets and pillows. They spread them on the grass, pulled of their cover-ups and stretched out on them. I was right behind them. As soon as I took off my clothes I lay down between Cathy and Rose then Mercedes straddled my hips and laid down on me. As Rose and Cathy rolled to me Mercedes said, “How does it feel to be covered in the naked flesh of your pregnant wives?”

“I only wish you were far enough along I could feel our baby’s kicking in each of you. If we buy a place like this we can do this every night.” Mercedes started kissing her way down across my stomach as Rose and Cathy followed. Soon I was getting a three way blowjob with Cathy and Rose’s pussy’s next to my head. I picked Cathy first and pulled her across me so I could lick her slit and plunge my tongue into her hot tasty hole. I felt her moan as I squeezed her little man from under its hood. I sucked on her hole and rolled her clit between my fingers until she gave a little tremble and poured her girl cum into my lips. When her orgasm subsided she rose up and moved off of my face so I could pull Rose over me.

I pulled her down to my lips and teased her clit with my tongue before sucking it between my lips. I sucked on it hard enough to cause her to jump, then press down for more. As I continued to pull on her clit with my lips and suck hard on it, I wet the fingers of one hand in her dripping pussy entrance. I rubbed them across her puckered anus and felt it tighten then relax. As I pushed my index finger against her sphincter at first it clenched then as I continued to press it slackened and allowed my finger in. As I pushed it in to the third knuckle she groaned and pushed back against the invader causing me to pull harder on her clit. As she groaned louder I felt my dick deep, in a throat milking at my shaft.

I stroked her ass with the one finger until it relaxed enough for me to insert another. As I pushed them both as deep as I could, the mouth on my shaft came off and was quickly replaced by another. “Oh damn, fuck my ass with your fingers. Make my ass loose so you can put you dick in it.” I slipped a third finger in and she was driving back against my hand on every stroke. Suddenly the mouth on my dick and the hand that was rubbing my balls moved away and Rose moved to straddle my waist so quickly my fingers came out of her ass with a pop.

Cathy grabbed my shaft and held it straight up as Rose lowered herself down burying my cock completely in her hot ass as she put her hands on my legs to support herself. She stayed down a moment as the muscles in her ass squeezed my shaft like a fist opening and closing. While she sat there clenching my shaft Mercedes moved around for her turn on my face. She was back to back with Rose as she lowered her slit to my face. I grabbed her hips and slid her forward and startled her by forcing my tongue in her ass first. “MMMMM, I love what your tongue does to my ass but don’t work it to hard my pussy needs some loving attention to.”

As Rose started riding my cock with her ass, I felt a tongue that had to be Cathy licking my shaft as Rose lifted up on it. Mercedes moved so I was sucking on the entrance to her pussy as Rose moved faster and plunged down harder. I just started rolling Mercedes’ clit between my fingers when Rose drove down on my groin and her body shuddered. That was the trigger I needed and I began spraying my seed deep in her colon. I tensed squeezing Mercedes’ clit hard. She yelped and came on my face faster than I could take it in.

Rose and Mercedes moved off of me with Cathy licking Rose’s ass and sucking up my cum. Mercedes had my face in her hands kissing me and licking her juices from my face. Mercedes said, “Oh baby that was soooo good.” Rose moved up and lay on my chest.

“God husband I love your dick in my ass. Promise me when we get to the hotel you will put it in again and leave it there tonight.”

“What my wives want I’ll do my best to provide.” Then Cathy chimed in.

“Then I want your mouth on my pussy when I fall asleep. Can we do that, dear?”

“Then I suggest we start for a motel since we need an early start tomorrow.” That got them moving. They got up and barely waited for me to get up before they were folding the blankets and throwing them as well as the pillows back in the van. They handed me my shorts and shirt then climbed in the van nude. “Aren’t you ladies going to put something on?”

“Why you’re the only one that has to go inside.”

“Do you want anything to eat? We haven’t stopped since lunch.”

Rose gave me a look she might give a simpleton. “DUH, drive thru.” We found a McDonalds and got enough burgers and fries for a small army. The young girl at the drive thru just giggled and waved when she saw the naked ladies in the van. We went to a motel with a vacancy sign and I went in to get us a room. With four adults I had to take a room with two king sized beds. I didn’t want to explain why we would all sleep in one bed. They had two rooms available, one on the ground floor and the other on the third. I thought of my van full of nudes and took the one on the third floor. I went around and parked by the stairs. It didn’t seem to faze them that they were going to have to walk up two flights. They just hopped out, got their bags of clothes and took off.

Shortly after we entered the room the phone rang. It was the desk clerk. “I just got a call about naked women entering your room.”

“Sorry about that. It must have been because their bikinis are about the same color as their tans.”

“Well just make sure I don’t get another call and have a good evening.” I told the ladies about the call and they laughed about it as we ate. We were all full and tired so we called it a night so we could get another early start tomorrow. I was surprised when Rose and Cathy claimed one bed, as their own.

“What don’t you ladies love us old folks anymore?”

“If you get scared over there just holler and we’ll let you sleep in our bed.” Mercedes rolled next to me and whispered in my ear.

“Can I have another one of your special wake ups in the morning?”

“Every morning if that’s what you want.” She kissed me then put her head on my shoulder and went to sleep.

When I woke up Cathy and Rose were spooned together and one of them was snoring. They always blame it on us men. Mercedes was laying next to me on her stomach with one leg pulled up spreading her slit and leaving her pussy lips and anus on display. I moved so I could put my head between her open thighs. Putting my lips to her anus and probing it with my tongue. As I sucked on that little star and pushed the tip of my tongue past her sphincter she moaned in her sleep. When I drove it as deep as it would go she jerked her legs together forcing me from her ass. She rolled over and sat up.

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t expecting that.”

“That’s alright your awake now. Do you think we should wake Rose and Cathy and get breakfast so we can get going?” We got them up and the ladies put on the sundresses they had brought so we could go down to breakfast and go search for property.

It was just after noon when we drove onto the property we knew was what we wanted. 40+ acres covered in old oaks with a home site that overlooked a clear year round pond. We all had to jump in the pond and when we got out I called the realtor and made an appointment for later in the afternoon. We went and had a quick lunch before heading to the realty office. I talked to the realtor and told her I knew the property had been on the market for almost two years and this being a buyer’s market offered $50,000 less than they were asking, a 10 day escrow and cash. We stepped out while she called the owner and 30 minutes later we were signing paperwork. All four of us were signing paperwork. All we needed now was a builder and plans. We started back home about 7 o’clock that evening and made a detour to the property. We stopped and bought a bottle of champagne because the ladies wanted to toast and christen the place.

The sun was just about to the horizon when we got back to the property. We parked and laid out the blankets and pillows about where we thought our pool deck was going to be and opened the champagne. We passed the bottle around as we sat and watched the sunset huddled together. When the sun had slipped below the horizon Cathy jumped up and said, “Let’s go for a swim.” The ladies jumped up and pulled of their dresses then pulled me to my feet, “You to dear.” They undressed me and dragged me to the water. I’ll be honest that water was fucking cold. Unlike when we got in the ocean for the first time I didn’t have to say no to sex. They dove in, screamed and ran back to the blankets. When I got there they were shivering under a blanket. They pulled me in with them and I was covered in shaking, wet, naked girls.

The only thing on their minds was getting warm. I suggested getting in the van but they said they were perfectly happy where we were. Ten minutes later when they had stopped shivering I felt a hand on my cock. Since Mercedes was lying on my chest with her arms around my neck, it wasn’t her. The hand stroked me fully erect then Mercedes jumped as it rubbed the head in her slit. The hand put it at the entrance to her pussy and she slid back until the head was engulfed by her inner lips. She put her hands on my chest and rose up as she slid back taking me deep inside. She was moaning as I placed my hands on her breasts. She started rocking on my shaft as Rose and Cathy put their heads on my chest and turned so they could suckle on her nipples.

Mercedes was groaning when she threw her head back and yelled. “OH MY FUCKING GOD.” I could feel her cum leaking out around my shaft as her pussy convulsed around it. When her orgasm passed she sat up pulling her breast and nipples from us. “Mmmmm sisters, who wants their first fuck in our new place?” As she moved away Rose and Cathy moved down and took turns sucking my dick clean and licking their lips.

Cathy looked at Rose still licking her lips. “You first sister and I’ll give you an extra treat.” Cathy was guiding my shaft as Rose turned around and sat down with her back to me taking my dick all the way in. She was riding my shaft as Mercedes knelt over my head and pulled my waiting lips to her clit. As I sucked on it and fed on the nectar in her slit I felt Cathy's mouth on the base of my shaft and her tongue on Rose’s pussy each time she slid down. Rose was already moaning with my engorged cock filling her pussy while Cathy tongued her and I was attacking Mercedes clit like I could suck it out of her mound.

She was yelling “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK,” as she ground my face against her slit. She came so hard I let loose of her clit, put my mouth over her hole and sucked like it was a honey dispenser. Cathy picked that moment to drive down on my dick and have her orgasm. Her hot sleeve milking my shaft was the trigger I needed and I joined the ladies, spraying my seed in her vagina. I was feeling beat when Mercedes and Cathy moved off of me.

Just when I thought I could take a breather, Rose said, “Now it’s my turn husband.”

“Can we take a break? I don’t know if I have another one in me.”

“Just let me worry about that.” She held my shaft out of the way with one hand as she cupped my balls with the other and began licking Cathy and Mercedes’ cum from my balls. My dick twitched a little as she sucked them into her mouth and rolled them around with her tongue. When she was satisfied she had it all licked up she started on my semi limp shaft. She was licking it like one of those big long ice creams called a Bomb Stick. After several long slow licks up each side she put her lips on the triangle under the head and sucked as she tickled it with her tongue.

Just before she stretched her lips over the head she looked up at me. “I want your dick hard and stuffed in my ass husband so let’s get busy.” With that she slowly began swallowing my dick. Thinking of fucking her tight ass again, had me quickly erect. Soon she had me where her throat muscles were caressing my shaft. She pulled my dick out with a loud pop and licked her lips. “Sisters I think he likes my ass. Would you like to help me make him happy?”

Rose stood up and pulled me to my knees. Mercedes laid on her back in front of me taking my dick in her mouth as Cathy laid down behind me and started running her tongue thru my crack. Rose turned her back to me, bent at the waist and pushed her ass to my face. “Lick my ass and make it wet for your dick.” I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me as I ran my lips around her winking anus. I put my mouth over her pucker and pressed my tongue to her ring. At first touch it tightened then it relaxed and let me slip in. I was working my tongue all around in her ass when Cathy stabbed her tongue in mine. Mercedes had my dick down her throat and with all this stimulation I pushed Rose away.

“If you want my dick and cum in your ass now is the time.” Mercedes released my dick as Rose got on her knees in front of me. With Mercedes guiding my dick I took Rose’s hips and pulled her back hard, burying myself in her bowel. I was so close it only took half a dozen strokes and I blasted another small load in her bowels. I held on tight to her to keep from falling down. When I could, I backed away from Rose pulling my dick from her ass. It fell on Cathy's forehead. She took it on her hands guiding it to her lips and tongue. While she was cleaning my shaft I watched Mercedes licking up my cum that was dribbling from Rose's still open ass.

Eventually we were all cuddled back under a blanket looking at the stars thru a clear central Texas sky. It was midnight before we started back home and close to 3am when we got there. The good thing about Sundays was nobody expected anyone to do anything and we did it well. We didn’t wake up until after 2pm and didn’t even get out of bed. We sat up in bed and planned for the future. We knew it would probably be a year before we got the house they wanted for us and all the kids and it was Rose that suggested we have one of the local builders build us a guest house from one of their pre-drawn plans.

We decided to head back out on Monday and find a contractor to build a guest house and a metal building for all our vehicles, my tractor and tools. They were anxious to have that pond and land to explore naked. While we were showering together Monday morning I was looking at their wet naked bodies and I saw for the first time that Rose was starting to show. I pulled her to me with her back against me and rubbed her belly. “Our baby’s are starting to make their presence known. You look good with that little baby bump.” I turned her around and put kisses all over her stomach. “I can hardly wait until we find out their sex. A couple more weeks and Mercedes and Cathy with their twins will have their little bumps.”

After we dried off I got dressed and went in the living room to wait for them. They came out wearing matching skirts that hit about mid thigh and were made out of a light material that any breeze would blow up. They were also wearing matching loose halter tops that showed a lot of side boob and even more when they bent forward. “Are you ladies trying to get some attention?”

“They can look but can’t touch. That’s just for you. These are our easy access outfits we thought you would enjoy. No panties and plenty of room for your hands under the tops.” Rose’s baby bump was more noticeable dressed this way and I couldn’t help rubbing it and putting another kiss on her belly. We loaded the truck with blankets and picnic supplies, they wanted to spend lunch at the pond, and headed out to visit a builder who said he had plans he thought we would like.

We spent the morning looking at plans and found a set we liked. We asked for a few changes like a full bath added next to a bedroom we added in the basement and the bonus room next to it was to receive some extra reinforcement on one wall and the ceiling. The rest of the basement was going to be a family entertainment center. We told them when we would close on the property and we agreed on a price once he said it could be finished two months from the start date if the weather cooperated. We left with a bunch of paint, tile and carpet samples so the ladies could make final decisions for the house and headed out to the property for a picnic.

It was a typical hot central Texas day so we spread the blankets under a large oak by the pond, stripped and headed to the water. The cool water felt much better in the heat of the day. We spent all afternoon being lazy, playing in the water and exploring. I found all kinds of low hanging branches and open grassy places where a person could be tied and spanked and no one would hear. We could have a lot of fun out here once Donna arrived. We tired of exploring and went back to rest in the shade.

Just as the sun started to set I got all three on their hands and knees with Cathy in the middle facing the opposite direction. “Ladies were going to play musical holes. I’m going to go round and round fucking each of your holes one at a time for twenty strokes until one of you gets the lucky load. Feel free to play with yourself as I go round.” I started with Rose, putting my dick to her pussy and driving it in twenty times. As I pulled out she looked back and asked for a little more. “That wouldn’t be fair to the others.” I moved to Cathy and put my dick in her waiting mouth. She smiled around my shaft as I pushed into her throat twenty times. Next was Mercedes’ tight anus and after her twenty strokes I moved around and fucked her mouth.

Next was Cathy's ass, followed by deepthroating Rose, then Rose’s ass. It was back to Cathy's throat and around and around switching asses and pussy each time I came to them. Just as the sunset I drove my dick into Cathy's tight ass for the last time. After ten strokes I blasted her bowels full of my seed then fell forward with her, laying on her with my shaft still deep in her ass. As we lay there she was squeezing and relaxing her ass around my shaft keeping it from going soft.

I started stroking in her ass again and Mercedes hollered. Hey, no fair we want some more of your cock to.” I pulled my shaft out of Cathy and got to my knees.

“Ok, who’s next then?” Rose moved in front of me on her hands and knees with her mouth at the tip of my shaft.

“Fuck my throat husband I want your sweet snack in my stomach.” She held her head back and opened her mouth wide as I slid my dick all the way in her mouth and down her throat. I face fucked her as Mercedes laid on her back and slid between her legs and started licking her wet pussy. After about twenty strokes I pulled out so she could take a deep breath. She looked up at me. “Deeper, can you go deeper?” I put my hand on the back of her head and forced my dick as deep as I could, holding it there. Mercedes must have licked her clit because she moaned around my shaft. I took short strokes, only pulling out about 4” and driving back in until she pounded on my leg with her hand.

I pulled out and she gasped for air. “Oh fuck what a rush. Hold me longer when I hit you I want to feel it again.” I drove my dick down her throat and made a dozen short strokes before pulling her face against my crotch and holding her there. She started hitting me with one hand and I just held her. She was being held up by my dick down her throat as she pounded me with both hands. Just as she slowed her hits I pulled my dick out of her throat and let her lay down gasping for air. Cathy moved to her and asked if she was ok. “Oh yeah….that was awesome. You have to try it I can’t describe the rush when he pulled out.”

Cathy looked at me. “Please, do me now, please?” she got on her hands and knees next to Rose, put her head back and opened her mouth like a baby bird waiting to be fed.

“Are you sure, baby?”

“Yes, yes, fuck my throat like you did Rose.” I took her head in my hands and slowly slid my shaft down her throat. After a half dozen long slow strokes I started the fast short strokes and then drove in deep and held it until she started hitting me, then waited a moment and pulled out. She finally stopped gasping. “Was that as long as Rose?”

“No not quite.”

“Hold me longer, please.” I put my dick in her again and this time after the short strokes I held my dick in her throat until she had almost stopped hitting me. When I pulled out she rolled onto her back taking deep breaths as Rose lay down next to her and kissed her face.

“Was that different or what?” Cathy just shook her head yes and hugged Rose.” I lay back on the blanket with my dick pointing straight up as Mercedes moved next to me and put her hand on my shaft.

“Here, let me give you a hand with that.” Rose and Cathy saw her stroking my shaft and soon three hands were fondling my dick and balls as each took a turn sucking the tip like a straw.

“I’m going to cum. Are you going to share?”

“Nope its Mercedes turn. She gets the treat.” Mercedes put her lips on the end of my dick as Rose stroked me and Cathy played with my balls. Mercedes’ cheeks puffed out as she held it all in her mouth. She looked at Cathy and Rose then swallowed and licked her lips. They all crowded around me with their heads on my chest and we just laid there basking in our sexual glow. After a while Rose said “Sisters we have one more stop on the way home so we need to get going.” When I asked where I was told it was another surprise.

It was dark when they picked up everything, including clothes and threw it in the back of the truck and closed the cover. “Won’t we need clothes if we stop?”

“Nope we have it taken care of. Just get in and drive dear.” I started towards home and about half way there Rose hollered, “Stop, stop there it is.” She was pointing at a neon lit tattoo/piercing place. I parked by the front door and the girls jumped out as soon as the doors unlocked. Mercedes opened my door and pulled me out. I was a little wary of going in any business nude but Rose was inside and came back out. “Come on husband, they’re expecting us.”

I walked inside with Mercedes and we were met by a woman about thirty five wearing something like gym shorts and a bikini top. She introduced herself as Tiffany Most of her body was covered with some interesting and colorful ink. “So you’re the man I’ve been hearing about. Your ladies have been on the phone asking about special piercings just for you. Are you ready?”

“Piercings for me? I don’t think so.”

“No they are getting the piercings, for you.”

“So what do I have to be ready for?”

“They have some, ahh, rather unusual requests. That’s why they came so late. So I could lock up.” She locked the front door and closed the blinds. She gathered us around to talk about what they wanted. That’s when I found out they had been working on this for a few days. They all wanted their nipples, belly button, clit hood and inner lips pierced. They wanted bars in their nipples, a dangle in their belly button and rings everywhere else. It wasn’t so much what they wanted as how they wanted it. They wanted to have sex as they were getting pierced. They wanted me to fuck them as they got their nipples and belly button done and then let them suck on my dick as she pierced their clit hoods and labia. And Tiffany was going to do it. Apparently they were paying really well.

Before they started Cathy asked if they could see the rest of her tattoos. With us standing there nude she just removed her top and showed us how the leopard spots continued right on across her areola. She hooked her thumbs in her shorts and slid them down until they were just hiding her slit, showing us most of a humming bird that looked like it was flying down in her shorts. Cathy got down for a closer look then hooked her fingers in the shorts and slid them slid them the rest of the way down just getting a smile from Tiffany.

The tip of the hummingbirds beak ended at the edge of her hood like it was taking nectar from her clit. On her backside the strip of leopard spots down the middle of her back went all the way into her butt crack with a large butterfly over them with its wings covering both cheeks and the body halfway into her crack flying out. Standing there nude she was a beautiful piece of ink work. Cathy traced the hummingbirds outline and when she slid her finger past the tip of its beak and touched her clit the lady jumped like she had been shocked.

When the girls said they were ready to start all Tiffany put on were her latex gloves. She started with Rose, placing her on a padded table with her hips at one end. She was going to do nipples and belly buttons first since once she pierced their hood or labia we couldn’t have sex. She gathered what she needed, marked the nipples and belly button and said she was ready. I lifted Rose’s legs and held her ankles as I put my dick to the entrance to her pussy and entered her. She moaned softly as I stroked and Tiffany put the forceps on her nipples and belly button. Tiffany told her to take a deep breath just before she pushed the needle thru her right nipple. Rose yelped and her pussy clamped down on my shaft.

Just as she relaxed Tiffany slid the bar thru and Rose gave another jerk on my shaft. I was watching Tiffany’s tattooed breast sway as she bent over Rose doing the piercings and day dreamed of getting my hands on her painted globes. She looked up and saw me staring and just winked. When she had put the needle thru for her belly button Tiffany showed me the piercing they had ordered. It was three chains dangling, two with little bells and one with the initial ‘B’. When she had put it in she said it was time for us to switch. I pulled out and Rose gave a sad little ‘ooohhhh’.

When I turned sideways to let Tiffany pass she turned to face me as she went by and even though there was plenty of room she rubbed her pierced tattooed breast across my chest with a smile. She would do that four more times before they were done. She had Rose slide back up the table a little until she could put her feet on the corner of the table and spread her legs with her head was over the other end. Again when she had everything ready and the piercings marked she said she was ready. By that time Rose already had her hands on my shaft and balls and was sucking on the Glans.

As she told Rose to take a deep breath I pushed my shaft into her mouth and down her throat. When Tiffany pushed the needle thru for her horizontal hood piercing Rose tried to yelp around my shaft sending vibrations into my balls as she squeezed them. The same thing happened for each of her inner labia piercings. When the rings were in place I pulled away from Rose and helped her sit up. I gave her a kiss and asked if she was alright. I will be when I get to finish that blow job tonight.” She got off the table and said she was ok, they really didn’t hurt anymore.

It went the same way with Mercedes. Things changed when Cathy got on the table. When Tiffany said she was ready I I did as I had before and was holding her legs up by her ankles and after I pushed balls deep into her I looked up to see that she had pulled Tiffany around where she was straddling her head and Cathy was sucking on the humming birds beak. Tiffany was leaning forward with her hands on Cathy's breasts rolling and pinching her nipples. I was doing long strokes in her pussy, watching Tiffany’s swaying breasts and Cathy licking her slit. I was trying to hold out but when Cathy's arched her back and Tiffany started shaking and moaning I shot my load into Cathy. After earlier at the pond I wouldn’t have thought I had that much cum left in me but I just kept shooting ropes into her pussy. I didn’t pull out. I kept making slow strokes so I would stay hard until Tiffany go herself under control and did the three piercings.

Cathy was in a state of bliss so she hardly felt the first three. As I passed Tiffany she said, “I want some of that” and she gave my dick a squeeze. I nodded towards Mercedes and Rose.

“You’ll have to get their ok. That’s our rule.” She moved between Cathy’s legs and before she started marking for the piercings she bent down and ran her tongue thru Cathy's slit the put her lips over her hole and noisily slurped and sucked, trying to suck our cum out as Cathy bucked her hips to her face. When she was done she stood up and licked her lips before turning to Mercedes and Rose.

“May I have a few minutes of your man’s time when we’re done?” They smiled at me and nodded yes. She turned back to me and Cathy. “Let’s get this finished. I have another important piercing to take care of.”I slipped my cum covered cock into Cathy's mouth and she swallowed it greedily. She was still feeling so good she barely felt the piercing and didn’t want to release my cock and get up.

When she finally let go and sat up Tiffany replaced her on the table. She grabbed my dick and pulled me to her mouth. “Now it’s your turn. Pierce my throat with your cock.” This lady was experienced. I pushed my shaft into her mouth until I was stopped briefly at her throat. I bumped it with several strokes and she did not gag so I pushed in and kept pushing when I got to her throat. I felt her swallowing and not gagging so I pushed harder and the head pushed in. I pulled back a couple of inches and pushed again harder. This time my entire shaft slid in until my balls were resting on her nose. I slid out to let her breath but as soon as she took a deep breath she put her hands on my hips and pulled me back down her throat and didn’t let me pulled back.

As long as she held me I thought she would choke but when she pushed me back she looked up and told me, “Fuck my throat like a pussy and hold it that long. I love it.” I drove my dick back down her throat and held it, doing this repeatedly until she pushed me back and said “Fuck my pussy. I need it in me now.” I moved to the other end of the table as she took her ankles in her hands and spread her legs wide like she was doing the splits. I had a perfect view of the rings in her inner and outer labia and the tattoo that ran all the way down on to her hood. I took the rings in my fingers and spread her lips wide as I put my tongue deep into her hole.

She moaned as I licked the tart musk from her slit and when I heard her sound get muffled I looked up to see Mercedes pulling Tiffany’s face to her pussy. I put my lips over her clit and sucked it between my teeth then nibbled on it as I continued to suck hard on it. She was pushing her hips up to my face as I pushed two fingers into her and moved them around. She was still moaning and thrusting her hips as I stood, spread her lips with the rings and slid my dick up and down her slit. “Are you ready for me to pierce you now?”

She pulled her face from Mercedes’ pussy and said, “Oh god yesss. Don’t make me wait any longer. Fuck me.” I put my dick to her hole and drove my 8” all the way in on stroke. I heard ‘Ooooohhhh fuck, mmmfffggggghhhhh’ as Mercedes pulled her mouth back to her pussy. I was driving hard into her and her legs were shaking when I grabbed her tattooed globes and pinched her pierced nipples. She yelled into Mercedes pussy as I tugged and twisted the bars in them. I used her breasts to hold on and drive harder into her. Juices flowed from her hot hole as she had her orgasm and I kept pounding her driving her orgasm higher.

I pulled out and put my dick to the rosebud of her ass. “Now you get my special piercing.” I drove my shaft into her ass as she arched her back and her body convulsed. Just a minute later I was spraying my cum deep in her bowels and kept on stroking until my dick was too soft to continue. When I started to pull out she let go of her legs and wrapped them around my waist holding my fast. Mercedes released her and moved back so Tiffany could sit up. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me.

“Mmmmm, thank you and your ladies, I haven’t been that completely fucked in a long time.” I could feel her clenching her sphincter on my dick. “Are you sure there isn’t one more in there?” As much as would have loved to I knew that it wasn’t going to happen.

“Sorry, but these three gave me quite a work out this afternoon so I’m going to pass.” She was rubbing her nipples on my chest as I was talking.

“Sorry, my nipples are still tingling from you pulling on them.” She finally let go with her legs and stood up on wobbly legs. My ladies came over and joined us so Tiffany could check them one more time and give them their aftercare instructions and a solution to clean the piercings with. “I bet you won’t have any problem getting him to help you take care of them. If you’re in the area in a few days, come in and I’ll make sure their ok.”

Rose asked if she was working Saturday and when she said no, asked if she wanted to make a house call. “We can spend the day around the pool and Bill does a damn good job grilling steaks.”

“Can I bring my assistant? She’s going to be pissed that she left early tonight.”

“As long as she doesn’t mind that we don’t wear clothes at home.”

“She’ll fit right in. she’d work naked if I let her.” Rose gave her the address and directions and said to be there around noon then ran outside to get her bag and pay for the piercings. Tiffany gave us each a hug and then gave my shaft a squeeze. “Are you sure your finished for tonight?” when I said I was sure she gave me another kiss and whispered in my ear. “Save at least one for me Saturday.” She walked out to the truck with us and was still standing outside the shop door waving as we drove away. As we drove home Rose said I must have made a good impression. When I asked what she meant she said Tiffany had taken $100 off the price she had quoted.

When we got home and went to bed they were all sleeping on their backs after they realized that they were a little to tender around their piercings to lie against me or have me put and arm around them and touch a nipple. We slept late again and when they got up the first thing they did was stand in front of the full length mirror admiring their new bling. They were already talking about jewelry to replace the bars and rings with once they healed.

We spent the rest of the day deciding on colors and materials for the new house and laying in the sun around the pool. That night they said they wanted to make up for not having sex because of the piercings and the three of them gave me one hell of a blow job. Every time I was close one of them would squeeze the base of my shaft until it passed then wait a few minutes and start again. By the time I finally shot my load they looked like they had a quart of cum on their faces and were laughing as they licked it of each other. They were felling much better that night and I slept covered in warm, soft, girl flesh once again.

Wednesday we went back to the builder with our choices and spent another afternoon picnicking at the pond. We went home early to rest and wait for our visitor that was due Thursday afternoon. We all got up excited Thursday wondering if she would show up. We were having lunch when my phone rang. I said I was Bill and listened for a few minutes before saying “Thank you, we’ll be there as soon as we can.” When I turned around they saw the pale look on my face.

“What’s wrong? What was that about?”

“That was the sheriff’s office. Donna was hit by a drunk driver as she drove thru Bastrop. She’s on her way to the hospital.”

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