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Hey guys! I didn't really like the way I wrote part 1 and 2 so I did a little editing and I hope this is better than the original. Enjoy!
Let me start my story off by telling you a little bit about myself. I'm Sabrina and I'm 17 years old. I've lived in Chicago, Illinois for the past 14 years. Before I came to Illinois, I lived in Honolulu, Hawaii. I was born there.

I've never been the average girl. Everyone I've met says they have never met anyone as different as me. I look innocent and sweet, not one to cause trouble. But if you really got to know me, you'd find I'm not as much of an angel as you think.

Yes, I'm quite intelligent. In fact, I have the best grades in my high school. I have no feuds with anyone, I've never caused trouble for the teachers.

But out of school? Completely different story. Like any teenager, I drink and get high. I sneak out and do stupid shit. But I never let any boy into my pants. I've only had sex with one guy, and that was when I was 13.

He was 16 and we liked each other. He told me what I wanted to hear and of course I believed him when he said he loved me. I fucked him a few times and then he took off.

Now, I make guys work hard to get into my pants. So far they've all been too lazy to try for more than 5 minutes and just go hookup with the school slut.

While I'm not one of the "popular" girls, I've been told my whole life that I'm beautiful. I have long straight brown hair that goes to the middle of my back. I have perfect white teeth and stunning green eyes that are unreal. I stand about 5'5" and weigh in at about 115 pounds. I have a curvy figure. My breasts are 34B's, and while they're not big, I'm content with them. I get my bubble butt from my mom, making me just as wanted by men.

Naturally, guys of all ages have hit on me my whole life, but there is one in particular that caught my eye.

His name is Danny and he lives in Kansas. He's 17 as well. I met him on omegle, a website where you can talk to strangers on a webcam. We exchanged numbers and have been talking for over a year now.

He recently invited me to come spend a week with him and his parents. My mom surprisingly said I could and now, we're on the road to his house.

Maybe I come off as confident, but no sir. My heart is pounding hard against my chest. I'm the type that gets nervous easily. But then again, I'm sure anyone in my position would be nervous too. I mean, if you were about to meet someone for the first time and you're also staying with them for a week, wouldn't you be nervous?

I'm trying my best not to hyperventilate, so as to not give my mom any reason to be suspicious of me or where I'm going to be staying for the next few days.

My hands are sweaty, and I end up wiping them on my shorts every 10 seconds. I keep checking my reflection in my phone, making sure my hair and makeup is perfect.

"Why do you keep wiping your hands?" my mom asks, making me jump at the sound of her voice. I tend to get jumpy when I'm nervous.

"I don't know, habit I guess," I tell her. She turns her focus back onto the road. I make a mental note to be more inconspicuous.

I stare out the window and watch the cars zoom past us. Within a few minutes, I will be meeting the boy I've been talking to for over a year. I can't help but wonder what will happen.

After a few more minutes of driving, we turn down an old dirt road. Danny wasn't joking when he said he lived out in the country.

We drive down further, seeing a farmhouse every once in a while. After several minutes, we stop in front of a large 3-story house. There's a red barn off to the left and woods on the right side of the house. I can see crops behind the house.

"Call me if you need anything," my mom says. I glance at her, then back towards the house.

Somehow, my heart stopped pounding so hard. Actually, I think it stopped completely. I check my pulse to make sure. Of course it's still beating.

I grab my suitcase out of the car and wave goodbye to my mom. She drives off, a dust cloud following her.

I turn back towards the house and slowly walk towards it. I climb up the porch steps and stand in front of the door.

I check my outfit first before knocking, making sure there's no lint or hair or whatever on it. I'm wearing a white tank top with dark shorts and my black converses.

I brush my hair down with my hands, take a deep breath, and knock on the door. A few seconds later, I hear someone turning the locks and the door opens. It's Danny.

He's pretty tall, maybe 6'5", with long black swish hair and brown eyes. He has a deep tan, too. He's shirtless, and I can’t help but notice his delicious-looking body. I have to try hard not to reach out and touch his abs. His black basketball shorts accent his tan.

He smiles at me and I smile back. I find myself getting lightheaded from the charm and confidence that easily shines off of him.

"Hey," he says and steps forward with his arms spread. I smile and lean forward as well. We hug and I can smell his cologne. It makes me go weak in the knees, but I manage to remain steady. We pull back and I say, "Hey."

No guy has ever been this desirable to me. I've never been lightheaded from someone's smile or want to touch them or even weaken from how they smell. I don't know if I'll be able to control myself while I'm here.

He steps back and holds the door for me. "Come in. My parents went into town for a few hours, so we're alone," he says.

I smile at him and step inside, dragging my suitcase behind me. "Let me get that for you," he says as he takes my suitcase. "Thanks," I reply, pleased by his manners.

He walks towards the stairs and says, "Let me show you to your room." I follow him up and we end up in a large hallway.

There are 5 doors. He points to each door, telling me what room lies behind them. "Closet, office, my room, bathroom, and your room," he says as we step into the last room. He sets down my suitcase and I look around. There's a king size bed, a desk, a dresser, radio, and T.V.

"Oh, and we have a connecting bathroom," he says, opening a door next to the closet. It's the bathroom. I smile to myself, thinking of possible situations that could come with this. "That's fine," I say and smile at him.

"So, would you perhaps like an adult beverage or maybe a blunt?" he asks, grinning. I can't help but grin back. "Both, please," I reply.

We go back downstairs and he goes to the kitchen. I follow him and jump onto the counter. I watch as he pulls out a large bottle of vodka, 2 glasses, and cranberry juice. "Vodka Cranberry. How'd you know?" I ask smirking.

"What're you talking about?" he asks and smiles mischievously. He mixes a drink and hands it to me. He turns back to mix himself one.

I take small sips through my straw and stare at him over my glass. He has muscles that aren't too large but not too small either. You can see them on his back as well, making him just as sexy. He even has back dimples.

He turns around and says, "So what do you think of the place?" as he takes a casual sip from his glass. I look around the kitchen and say, "It's really nice. I wish I lived here."

He smiles and says, "Well, for the next week you do. Don't be afraid to make yourself at home."

"Don't worry. I will," I say in a flirtatious tone. He retaliates with a dorky yet adorable grin.

"Let's go chill in the living room," he says and grabs my hand. We enter a room with a large leather couch and a 62" flat screen. The room is lit dimly, setting the mood.

He guides me over to the couch and we sit down. He grabs a blunt off of the coffee table and passes it to me. He hands me a lighter.

"Hit it," he says with a grin. I grin back and light up. I take a few hits before passing it to him. When we finish the blunt, he puts it out in the ash tray.

He leans back casually into the couch and I pull my feet up under me. We stare at each other for a minute before we start laughing. He grabs my drink and passes it to me.

"You're supposed to do this before you drink out of it, but fuck it," he says and puts his glass to mine. "It's quite nice to meet you, Sabrina," he says. "As you, Danny," I say and we start laughing at how formal we're being.

We clang our cups and drink. He's still drinking when I pull my cup away, so I start saying, "Chug, chug, chug!" and giggle. He pulls his cup away and throws it behind him.

He scoots closer to me suddenly and says, "I don't mean to be blunt, but I'm really fucking horny and you're really fucking hot," as he looks me up and down.

I smile, take a sip of my drink, set it down, and say, "I'm on birth control." I grab him by his necklace and pull him closer to me. I kiss him intensely, and place my hands on the back of his head, egging him to want me. He climbs on top of me and places his hands behind my neck.

Our tongues dance together as we explore each other's mouth. My hands find their way down his body and they enjoy what they feel. He moves his lips down to my neck and I gasp.

My neck is my favorite place to be kissed. He kisses, licks, sucks, and bites my neck, surely leaving hickeys. I can't help but softly moan as he does so.

I take his chin in my hand and bring his lips back up to mine. We make out a while longer before he starts to tug on my shirt. I pull it up and over my head, tossing it onto the floor.

He pulls away to look at my body, and he slowly brushes his fingertips across me. I'm wearing a white lace bra that goes very well with my deep tan. I can't help but shudder with pleasure as he touches my body.

He grins at my shuddering and bites my neck. It may be obvious already, but biting is my favorite thing ever. I love the feeling of being bitten.

He starts rubbing my tits as well, making me moan. I wrap my legs around his waist and hold his head against me, not wanting him to stop biting and sucking.

He kisses me again and I bite his lip gently. He smiles a devious smile that makes me go insane. He lifts me up and we go into the kitchen.

We make out as he walks and he sets me on the table. We continue kissing and he unclips my bra. I slowly slide it off and look him in the eyes with a naughty stare. He licks his lips as he stares at my tits. I toss my bra and smile. He kisses me again and places his hands on my breasts, rubbing in circles and pinching my nipples.

I throw my head back in pleasure as he kisses my neck again and he makes his way down to my nipples. He licks slowly around them before licking them directly. Then he sucks on them hard. I moan loudly.

Then he gets to biting. I moan louder, loving the tingling feeling in my nipples. He also moves his hand down my body, and begins rubbing my pussy through my shorts. I can feel myself starting to get wet.

I press his head into me, moaning as he bites and sucks. He makes his way back up to my neck and kisses more. He gives me a few more hickeys before slowly kissing his way down my body.

He pushes me gently onto my back as he licks down between my boobs, and past my belly button. He unbuttons my shorts and slowly slides them off, dropping them to the floor. I'm wearing a white lace thong that matches my bra.

He kisses down my body the rest of the way. He kisses my pussy through my panties a few times before moving to my inner thighs. As he sucks and kisses my thighs, he rubs me through my panties. I moan softly as I watch him.

No one has ever gone down on me before. I find myself getting wetter and wetter as he moves his lips closer to my cunt.

Then, he slides my panties aside and spreads me open with his fingers. I can't help but moan quietly. I want him so badly.

He slides a finger inside my pussy and I gasp. He grins and says, "Look who's wet." He slides my panties all the way off. I smile to myself, happy to finally be experiencing what it's like to be eaten out.

He replaces his finger and slowly fucks me, increasing the speed slightly every second. I moan and bite my lip.

He slides another finger in my pussy and I gasp even louder. He starts to fuck me very fast and I almost can't even breathe. He uses his other hand to play with my nipples, making me moan louder. Then, I feel his lips brush against my clit.

I look down at him just as he flicks his tongue, making me gasp loudly. He flicks his tongue fast over my clit, making me breathe heavily. I grind my pussy into him, not wanting him to stop.

He sucks on it and rubs it with his thumb as he continues to fingerfuck me. After a few minutes, I feel myself starting to peak.

I close my eyes tight as I feel it start to roll across my body. I stop breathing, my body starts to tremble, and I feel my pussy convulse, pushing out my cream and juices. I start screaming and moaning from all of the pleasure. I find myself seeing stars as it passes.

I stare at the ceiling for a minute, trying to catch my breath. That was the best orgasm I've ever had. I sit up slowly, still dazed.

I stare at him intensely, wanting to really take him for a ride. I slide off of the table, take his hand, and lick his fingers clean, making sure to get every last part of them and giving him a preview of what I'm going to do to his dick.

His mouth hangs open as I look at him with my large "I'm innocent" green eyes. I slide his fingers out of my mouth, lean towards him, and whisper in his ear, "You're in for it now."

I pull back and his eyes are large with curiosity. I hold my hand out to him and he takes it. He stands and I look his body over. Ugh, it's like a God carved it! He watches me cautiously, wondering what I'll do.

Then, I shove him against the wall, kiss him hard, and drop to my knees. I slide his shorts down and his dick instantly pops up. It's pretty big, about 8 inches long and very thick. Perfect. I spit on my hand and rub it onto his dick.

I look up at him and he's watching me. I smile deviously at him and turn back to my work. I start by kissing his dick gently all over, slipping some tongue here and there. Then, I slowly lick the underside of it in small zig zag motions.

I watch him as he tries to hold in his moans. I flick gently on the spot just beneath his head, making him release a small groan. I smile.

I slide the head into my mouth slowly, sucking on it gently. I twirl my tongue around the tip before taking more of him into my mouth. I can only get about 4 inches into my mouth, so I suck hard and twirl my tongue all around it. I look up at him as I suck, giving him my big green eyes. He stares down at me and holds my hair back while groaning.

Then, I go down as far as I can, taking him all in and holding myself there for a moment as I listen to him moan. I come back up and smile at him as I rub his dick. Then I really start to work him.

I pump him with my hand as I bob my head up and down, sucking and twirling my tongue. I spit on my hand and resume sucking as I play with his balls. Eventually, I go down and suck on them as I keep pumping him.

The whole time he's groaning and grunting while thrusting his hips at me. When I can tell he's starting to get close, I lick the underside slowly once more and stand back up. He looks me in the eyes, and I can see the sex-driven animal in them, turning me on even more. "Come and get me," I whisper sexily.

I turn and run towards the stairs. I run into his room and jump onto his bed. I hear his footsteps and start rubbing my clit in anticipation.

He appears in the doorway and watches me. I bite my lip and use the come here motion with my finger. He walks towards me and crawls onto the bed. I grab him by his necklace again and kiss him hard. We kiss intensely and he kisses his way down my body, making me moan uncontrollably.

He licks my pussy a little, getting me even wetter, and then slides back up to me. I look him in the eyes, lust controlling me. He kisses me just as he slides his dick into my tight pussy. I gasp.

He doesn't even go slow at first. He just goes as hard and as fast as he can. He's breathing heavily and so am I. I'm already moaning loudly.

His cock thrusts deep into my cunt, making me pant heavily. He nibbles on my neck as he fucks me, making me moan louder.

His hand moves its way down to my clit and he starts rubbing hard. I moan and feel my orgasm already start to build up. I can hear him smile between his breathing.

His dick is so big, and it rubs constantly against my g-spot. I think screaming better describes my moaning. I scratch my nails down his back in pleasure, and bite his shoulder as I try to smother my screaming as my second orgasm of the day rolls around.

He doesn't miss a beat. He just keeps fucking me hard as my pussy walls squeeze around his big dick, making us both moan loudly. His dick is throbbing hard.

I wrap my arms around his neck and watch his cock pump into my cunt hard and fast. God, I missed this! I missed the pleasure and the view and the smell.

His forehead glistens with sweat, as well as his chest. I can smell his musk, his sex, and it turns me on more than I ever have been before.

He kisses me hard just as he starts to breathe heavier. Watching him fuck my pussy to orgasm makes me cum just as he does.

I feel his hot cum squirt into me, intensifying my orgasm. The strings of his juice shoots into me, load after load. My pussy is stuffed with cum, and it oozes out around his dick, puddling on his bed.

A few seconds pass, and he rolls over next to me to catch his breath. I lie there catching my breath as well. While we recover, my pussy squeezes out more of our juices into the puddle of cum that has already formed.

After a minute, we look over at each other and grin. We know that this is going to be a very interesting week.

A few hours later, Danny's parents arrive. Danny and I are hanging out in the living room, watching some documentary. Danny is sitting on the love seat and I'm on the sofa. When his parents walk in the door, I'm amazed at how young they are. They look to be 35 at the most.

His dad is tall like him, about 6'7", and has the same dark hair with bright blue eyes. He also has a nice farmers tan that accents his eyes even more. I can see he is well-built. You can definitely tell that he is Danny's father. I can't help but wonder if his dad has a bigger dick than him, and the thought of possibly finding out arouses me.

His mom is just as striking. She's about 5'7" with a great figure. She has blonde hair that goes down to the middle of her back and sapphire blue eyes. Her legs look amazing, slender and soft-looking. Her heels and mini skirt intensify her legs, making me long to touch her.

His mom practically runs over to me while squealing and gives me a hug. Her tits squeeze against mine, arousing me slightly. I can feel myself getting wet.

She pulls back and holds my shoulders. "Oh my goodness! It's so nice to meet you! Danny hasn't stopped talking about you!" she says. I look over at Danny and he's blushing. I smirk at him.

His mom lets go of my shoulders and sits down next to me. "I'm Sheryl," she says and puts her hand out towards her husband, "and that's Luke."

Luke leans forward and sticks out his hand, a smile on his face. "Nice to meet you," he says in a deep voice that both unnerves and intrigues me. It makes me want to find out more about him and just listen to him talk about anything, but it also makes me want to run and hide, fearing the danger he could be.

I take his hand and return a forced smile. "You, too," I reply, trying not to be obvious about my opinion him. He has a firm grip, and grips tighter as I try to casually pull my hand away.

I'm a little confused and look back at him, when he finally releases me. He watches me as he goes back to a normal stance, a slight smirk on his face. I'm confused but try to brush it off.

I sit there and listen to Sheryl go on about what we can do while I'm staying with them and places we'll go, but I can't help glancing at Luke.

Every time I glance at him, he's staring at me. He holds his hands behind his back with his legs slightly spread apart, making his member slightly obvious through his pants. From the looks of it, it's quite big.

"Stop," I tell myself, "You're a 17 year old girl and he's like, 30. There is no way in hell you will fuck him. It's illegal and I highly doubt he's even thinking of you in that way. Plus, you have Danny to fuck, so chill out." I take a deep breath and calm down.

I look back up to him and he's smiling at me. I glance away quickly, my heart pounding. I can feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. He knows I was staring at his dick. I look down at my feet so no one will see me blush.

"So what do you say?" Sheryl says, turning back to me. I look up at her, confused. "I'm sorry, about what?" I say, embarrassed because I wasn't paying attention to her and focusing more on Luke. She wraps her arm around my shoulder and starts to laugh.

I laugh awkwardly along with her, not understanding what was so funny. After a few seconds, she wipes away her tears and says, "Oh goodness! This girl is so adorable! Ahhh, I love her!" She gives me a squeeze and kisses me on the cheek.

She releases me and says, "Sweetie, tomorrow, we can go shopping and go to this really fancy spa that's about 30 minutes away. So what do ya say?" I shrug and say, "Yea that's cool with me but I didn't bring a whole lot of money."

She laughs again and says, "No, Honey. It's all on me. You get whatever you like and I'll pay for it. And don't worry about 'spending too much'." I smile at her and say, "Okay."

Luke speaks up then. "Hey, Sabrina. I hope you don't mind but I might need Danny and your's help on the farm. I need help taking care of the animals while I harvest the crops. You wouldn't mind getting dirty, would you?" I find myself blushing at the question. There is no way he could mean that as in actual 'Lets fuck' dirty.

"Oh come on, dad. She's a girl. She's on vacation. Let her relax," Danny says. They both look at me. I glance back and forth between them before answering.

"I mean, I don't mind getting dirty. Sometimes I want to, and sometimes I don't," I say, raising my voice slightly on the last word as I look at Luke. He pretends it didn't phase him, probably trying to look innocent in front of Danny and Sheryl. "And I would feel bad if I didn't do anything while I was here, so I don't mind," I add.

"Well, "if you want to",I'll turn you into a little worker bee," Luke says and smiles. His smile seems just like a friendly one to Sheryl and Danny, but to me there's something behind it. I begin to get anxious and my hands start sweating. I try to be inconspicuous about wiping them.

We talk for another hour before we realize that it's 10 P.M. We say our "goodnight"s and head off to bed. I undress and put on a white spaghetti strap tank top and some black boy shorts. I climb into bed and stare at the ceiling.

As I lay in bed, I can't get Luke off of my mind. God, he's sexy. He holds a dark power in his eyes, hinting that he's dangerous. I'm scared, but also immensely turned on by this man that I barely knew.

It's wrong. He's married, I'm under 18, and I'm fucking his son. But I can't help but wonder if he really was being sexual, trying to hint to me that he's attracted or whatever. Ugh, I'm too paranoid. He was just being friendly.

And although he was just being friendly, I can't help but imagine what it would be like to fuck him. Just to suck his dick and have him fuck me hard and fast, feeling him stretch my pussy to the limits.

I instantly get wet at the thought, and naturally start rubbing my hot pussy. I release soft moans as I do so. Then, I realize that I have someone I could fuck right now to get myself off. I consider it for a moment, and decide to do it.

I slide out of my bed and decide to go through the bathroom. I tiptoe to the door and twist the knob. I open it just as Danny opens his. He's wearing only boxers.

I'm surprised to see him, as he is me, but then we smile and realize that we were thinking the same idea. We step into the bathroom and I wrap my arms around his neck, looking at him with intense lust.

He's still smiling and says, "Forgot there was someone here you could fuck instead of masturbate?" I blush and nod. He laughs and says, "Yea, me too. But we have to make it a quickie."

I give a lustful smile and kiss him hard. He places his hands on my hips and moves them down to my ass. He squeezes and I jump, breaking off the kiss. He gives me a naughty grin and I return it.

He places his hand behind my ear and pulls me back towards him. We make out intensely for a few minutes before he slips his hand under my shirt and starts pinching my nipples. I moan softly as we kiss.

He moves his lips down to my neck and goes to work. His tongue is warm and moist against my skin. I get a chill from the wind blowing. I shudder not only from the cold, but the pleasure.

He bites and sucks my skin as I moan. I already want him so badly. He's just being a tease now. He lifts me up and sets me on the counter for easier access. He starts to kiss his way down past my collarbone when he pulls down the top of my shirt. He kisses my nipples and takes them into his mouth. He sucks and bites them hard, turning me on even more.

After a minute, I sigh and say, "Will you just fuck me already!?!" Before he can say anything, I pull his dick out of his boxers. He's already rock hard. I spit on my hand and rub it onto his dick as he slides my panties off. I position his dick at my opening and place my hands on his butt. I pull him towards me, and his dick slides right in.

He goes slow at first, teasing me just as much. He knows he's teasing me, too, making me want him all the more. I pout and moan out, "I want you so badly."

He grins, loving that I'm begging for him to fuck me. He gives in to my wishes and starts to fuck me hard and fast.

I moan loudly, and Danny covers my mouth so we don't risk waking his parents. He kisses my neck as he fucks me, making me moan even louder. I bite my lip and try to moan quietly. It's pointless.

He keeps covering my mouth until he finds a washcloth and shoves it into my mouth. I let myself moan as loud as I want, having them be smothered by the cloth.

Then, he pulls out and lifts me up. He sets me on the ground and spins me around. He pushes against my lower back, bending me over the counter. I grin.

He grabs my hips and thrusts back into my tight cunt. I moan even louder as he fucks me deep. He hits my g-spot hard with every thrust, practically making me scream with pleasure.

His hands run along my back as he fucks me, and his fingers come around to the front. They find my nipples and pinch them, making me groan.

I can feel my orgasm building fast, and my breathing is heavier. I bump back into him as he thrusts into me, forcing his cock deep into my pussy.

As I feel my orgasm begin, I grab onto the towel rack to steady myself. I scream loudly into the washcloth, glad it's being muffled. I cum all over his dick, my pussy squeezing it to the point where I can feel it throbbing.

My breathing slowly starts to regulate. Then, he cums. He thrusts deep into me, deeper than ever and I can feel the hot streams of cum continuously squirting into me. After a minute, he pulls out.

Along with his now flaccid cock comes my cum and his mixed together. It drips down my legs and onto the floor. He smiles and I do too.

He grabs a towel from under the sink and throws it to me. He comes over and kisses me passionately. "Night, Golden," he says when we pull away. He winks and walks back into his room, dragging his boxers with him.

I smile to myself, very pleased with these conditions. I throw the towel on the floor and clean up the mess.

When I finish, I throw the towel in the hamper and walk back into my room. I put my clothes back on and climb under the covers. I instantly fall asleep, exhausted from today's activities.

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