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A continued version of The Trip. Sabrina isn't prepared for what happens today...
I have a dream that night. I'm feeding one of the horses while wearing shorts, a tied-up red plaid buttondown shirt, and cowgirl boots. My hair is in two loose pigtails and I'm wearing a cowgirl hat. Luke storms into the barn shirtless. He looks lucious as he walks towards me. His eyes look intense, even from far away. I start to say hello, but he pushes me against the wall and holds me by my neck. I start shaking and hold my breath out of fear. He leans in next to me and whispers in my ear, "I am going to make you my whore." He releases me and pulls down his pants. I'm still in complete shock as he turns me around, pulls down my panties and shorts, and shoves his hard cock up my ass. I scream in pain as I take him all in.

I awake with a start. I'm breathing hard. I sit there for a moment, reliving the dream in my mind. I try to shake it off, but I can't.

After I calm down a little, I decide to take a shower and walk towards the bathroom. I walk in and grab a towel from underneath the sink. I undress and step into the shower. The warm water feels good running down my breasts and between my legs.

I start to rub myself slowly, enjoying the pleasure. I hold in my moans as I rub faster. I slide two fingers in my pussy and fuck myself hard.

My pussy is warm and tight, and my fingers feel good as they hit my g-spot. I curl my fingers slightly so they hit more of my g-spot.

Before I know it, I'm cumming on my fingers. I slide them out and lick them clean, loving the taste of my sweet pussy juice. It's easy to make me cum in the morning, almost effortless.

I continue my shower, thinking about later today. The spa should be fun and it'd be nice to have new clothes. I'm excited and it should be more fun with Sheryl.

Spending the day with Sheryl. I get to stare at her sexy toned legs all day. She has a nice rack, too. An ass, as well.

When she bent over yesterday to pick something up off of the floor, my pussy tingled and I just wanted to eat her out so bad as I stared at her ass. I wonder if I'd be able to seduce her maybe.

Ugh, what the hell am I thinking? She's married, I'm under 18, I'm fucking her son, and I highly doubt she's bisexual or even lesbian. It's still fun to imagine though.

I step out of the shower and dry off. As I rub lotion on my body, Danny comes into the bathroom and grins.

"Morning," he says and leans into my neck. He bites me gently.

I grin back and say, "Morning." He undresses and hops into the shower as I continue to put on lotion.

"Breakfast is ready, by the way," he says. "Okay. See you downstairs," I reply and walk into my room.

I go to my suitcase and pick out some shorts and a white v-neck, along with matching bra and panties. I put on my clothes and brush my hair. I slide on my converse and straighten my long brown hair. I put on some makeup and grab my purse before heading down the stairs.

I set my purse on the kitchen counter as I walk into the dining room. I can smell bacon cooking. Sheryl is just putting a hot stack of pancakes on the table. The table is filled with delicacies such as bacon, eggs, orange juice, hash browns, toast, and biscuits.

"Hey Sweetie! How'd you sleep?" she asks. "Good," I reply, and smile as I sit across from Luke.

Luke watches me as he reads the newspaper. I smile at him, though still unsure of his motives.

"Have any dreams?" he asks. I freeze. Does he know what I dreamed about last night? Of course he doesn't! Nobody fucking knows, dumbass.

I smile sweetly at him and say, "No." He returns the smile, adding some hidden motive to it. I shudder.

"Okay, so first we're going to go to the spa. We're gonna get mud baths and facials and massages, and ugh! It's just going to be wonderful! And then we'll go get something to eat and head up to the mall. Sound good?" Sheryl says as she sits next to me.

Her long blonde hair is in loose curls, and they flow sexily around her exposed cleavage. She's still wearing her nightgown, a red silk spaghetti strap dress that stops a few inches above her knees. She looks good in red, emphasizing her 38C breasts.

I look up from her cleavage to her eyes and smile. "Yea, sounds great," I answer. She smiles warmly back at me.

Something starts crackling in the kitchen. Sheryl excuses herself and rushes back through the kitchen door to tend to it.

I sit in awkward silence with Luke. I keep my eyes down to avoid his gaze. I can feel his eyes on me though, piercing through me and seeing my thoughts.

"So, Sabrina. I couldn't help but hear some...noises...upstairs last night as I went to go check on the animals," he says as he eyes me, "Any idea of what that noise could have been?" He squints his eyes and watches me as I think of my answer.

My heart is beating fast. I can feel my palms start to get sweaty, and so I wipe them on my shorts. I've never been a good liar, and I swallow hard as I try to come up with an excuse.

He watches me cautiously as I start to speak. "Well, um," I stutter out, "I might have been um, going to the b-bathroom or maybe Danny was, uh, brushing his teeth or, uh..."

"Stop with the bullshit, Sabrina," Luke says as he folds his hands and sets them on the table in front of him. He leans forward and looks me deep in the eye.

His eyes are intense and angry. I find myself actually being scared for my safety as he stares me down.

His eyes move from my eyes down to my chest, and I feel increasingly uncomfortable. I watch him, and just as he moved his eyes down to my chest, he meets my eyes again. He smirks and goes back to eating.

Sheryl walks back in the room and sets down another plate of bacon. She wipes her forehead with the back of her hand and says, "Mmm. This looks good. I can't wait to sink my teeth into!" adding a giggle. She sits down and starts loading her plate up with food.

Luke looks at me and smirks again. I swallow the lump in my throat.

I knew that if he wanted to, he could easily overpower and take advantage of me. I don't understand though, why he's purposely scaring me. I am a guest in his house.

"It's because he probably is going to rape you and he's making it clear not to fight back," part of me says.

That is so stupid. He probably just isn't very good in social situations...or maybe he is just good at manipulating people.

I shudder and force myself to stop thinking about it. I also have to force myself to eat so I don't seem unusual to Sheryl.

Then, Danny finally walks into the dining room.

Danny's wearing a button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up, jeans, and working boots. He looks handsome in it, and his biceps look large as the shirt squeezes them.

He smiles and takes the other seat next to me. He grabs a plate and starts shoveling food onto it.

We sit and talk about our plans for the day as we eat. Of course, Luke stares at me the entire time.

We finish our breakfast and clean our plates off. Sheryl goes to change and comes back out wearing shorts, a slimming halter top, and heels. We grab our things and head out the door.

I haven't made this clear before, but Danny's family is very rich. They own 20 acres of land and have their own business. Plus, they raise crops and animals.

With all of their money, they had a luxurious house built and bought many extravagant things to go inside. As well as toys for the house, they also bought many toys for outside of the house. They own 6 cars, 4 dirt bikes, a couple of ATVs, and 3 boats.

We decide to take the silver Mercedes. I slip into the passenger side and buckle my seatbelt. Sheryl does as well and we pull out of the driveway. Sheryl waves goodbye to Luke as we drive off.

We sit in silence as we drive slowly down the dirt road, not wanting to scratch the new paint job.

After several minutes, we get on the highway and head north.

"I made appointments for us so we should get in right away," Sheryl says as she lights up a cigarette. "Ooooh, this is going to be fun! I haven't had a day like this in years. I usually just sit at home and work all day," she says.

I smile. Sheryl is such a sweetheart. I'm glad she finally gets to have a day off to enjoy herself.

We continue driving in silence. Surely enough, 30 minutes later we arrive at the spa.

The spa is large and very luxurious. Customers arrive in limousines and other fancy cars. There is a fountain of gold at the entrance.

We walk inside and go to the front desk. Sheryl tells them our names and we immediately are called in.

Our attendant for the day is Maria. Maria has shoulder length black hair with brown eyes. She looks to be of Hispanic descent. She's quite busty, having 36DD breasts. She has a bubble butt as well. I find myself wanting to touch her just like I want to touch Sheryl.

It turns out that Sheryl and Maria are great friends. They've known each other for years, and hug when they see each other.

"This is Danny's friend, Sabrina. She came up from Illinois to spend a week with us," Sheryl says. Maria sticks out her hand and I take it.

"Nice to you meet you," she says. I nod in reply and smile. We release each other and she tells us to follow her.

We walk down a long hallway. We turn into a room that is dimly lit and has lockers.

"This is the steam room locker room. Just undress and wrap a towel around yourself and you can go in. We'll come get you when your mud baths are ready," Maria says. She smiles and turns to leave.

I grab a towel and face the wall as I undress. "Oh Honey. We're both girls here so you don't have to turn around," Sheryl says and puts her hands on my shoulder. She spins me around to face her. I'm surprised she offered that, but she might just be trying to make feel comfortable.

We undress and wrap towels around ourselves. We enter the steam room and no one else is in there. We sit next to each other on the benches.

After a few minutes of silence, Sheryl says, "So, do you have a boyfriend back in Illinois?"

I shake my head and say, "No. I'm not really looking for anything serious."

"Good. A girl your age doesn't need to settle down just yet. Just enjoy yourself and have fun," she says, and puts a hand on my upper leg while smiling at me.

I'm surprised at how touchy she's getting with me. I don't want her to stop though. I enjoy her attention.

"Are you a virgin?" she asks me. I'm shocked at the question. I blush and shake my head no.

"Mmmm. Tsk, tsk. And are you...straight or of a different orientation?" she asks.

Her hand is still on my leg. She slides it farther up and under my towel, staring at me with a tempting smile as she does so.

Her lips are big and red, looking juicy and delicious as she licks them slowly. I find myself leaning in towards her and she smiles.

She places her hand behind my head and pulls me to her. Our lips meet and she parts mine with her tongue. Her lips are so soft and sweet against mine.

I pull my lips slightly away from hers and whisper, "I prefer the term 'bicurious'." She grins lustfully and kisses me again.

Her hand reaches my clit and she starts rubbing it slowly, making me moan into her mouth.

She takes off her towel and sets it beside her. I pull away from the kiss to stare at her body.

Her breasts are lucious and her nipples are rock hard. She has a flat stomach and a small black patch of hair above her pussy. Her skin looks so soft and smooth.

She sees me watching her, and grins. She grabs my hands and puts them on her breasts.

"Pinch my nipples and kiss my neck," she says. I do as she says and start pinching her nipples. I lean into her neck and start kissing, sucking, licking, and biting gently. She moans with pleasure and pushes me into her.

I pinch her nipples harder and listen to her groan. I start rubbing myself as I listen, getting wetter and wetter.

She notices I still have my towel wrapped around me, so she takes it and throws it behind her.

She rubs her hands over my breasts and along my back.

I lift my lips to her ear and lick it. She rises and lets out a sexy moan. I lick and suck on her ear, happy to be pleasing her. I blow on her ear and she shivers. I smile.

She brings my lips to hers and we explore the others mouth with our tongues. She catches my tongue with her teeth and licks the tip. I moan, being extremely turned on by this.

She releases my tongue and starts sucking on it. I never thought I could receive so much pleasure in my mouth.

I finally can't stand it anymore. I push her away from me and put her back against the wall. I drop to my knees in front of her and spread her legs wide open.

I lick my lips as I stare at her delicious-looking pussy. I lick my fingers and spread her open. Her pussy is super pink. I stare at it for a second before I dig in.

I lick slowly at her hole and look up at her. She's watching me while pouting, and places her hands on my head. I love the taste of her pussy. It's sweet and thick.

I slowly lick up to her clit and go at it. I flick my tongue back and forth fast over her clit and she starts moaning so sexily. She shoves my head harder into her cunt. I go faster, loving her moans.

I stick a finger in her hot pussy and I'm surprised at how tight it is. I start to slowly finger fuck her and wiggle my finger so that I hit her g-spot. She gasps as I fuck her and continue to eat her sweet, sweet pussy.

I suck on her clit and bite it gently as I lick it. I'm on a complete rampage. I've never had sex with a girl before, but I love it and just never want to stop eating Sheryl's sweet pussy.

"Oh! You're such a good girl! Mmmm you love my pussy, don't you baby?" she says throwing moans in between. I reply with a 'mhmmm' as I continue devouring her.

I lick her juices up as it comes out and savor the taste of it. I fuck her faster and lick her as she gets closer to orgasm. She keeps shoving my head harder between her legs, and I find it even sexier.

She starts moaning louder than ever and arches her back. I lick and fuck her cunt the fastest I have yet, making sure to hit her g-spot hard.

I feel her pussy squeeze my fingers, but I just keep fucking her. She screams and jolts around as her pussy pumps out more of her sweet cum. She even squirts a little onto my face.

I rub my face all over her hot cunt, feeling her juices rub onto my face getting me hotter than ever. I shove my tongue into her pussy and lap up every drop of her cum.

I go crazy over the taste of it. It tastes like strawberries.

When I finish cleaning her up, she puts her hand under my chin and makes me stand. I lean into her and she kisses me.

Then, she starts licking my face. I moan as she does, enjoying the fact that she's licking all of her cum off of me. She gives me a final kiss when she finishes, and shoves me backwards.

I look at her, confused. She throws my towel to me and wraps hers around herself. I follow her lead and sit down on the bench. A minute later, Maria walks in.

"Your mud baths are ready," Maria says. Sheryl and I stand and walk back into the locker room.

Maria hands us robes and slippers. "You can just leave your clothes in here until you're finished for the day," she says.

We put on the robes and slippers and follow Maria back into the hallway. We walk two doors down and turn into a bright room. There are two holes in the floor filled with mud and soft music playing.

We slide off our robes and slippers and lower ourselves into the tubs. We lie back and settle in, enjoying the cold after the steam room.

"Would you ladies like some wine or tea or maybe a smoothie?" Maria says. "I'll take a glass of Pinot Grigiot," Sheryl says. "I'll just have sweet tea," I reply. Maria quickly walks out of the room.

"Hello, I'm Stacy," says a slim blonde that has stepped into the room. She stands about 5'4". She has a sexy figure with toned legs. She has 38B breasts with a nice curved ass.

"I'm Joanna," says another woman who has stepped into the room. She's about 5'7" with shoulder length black hair. Her breasts are large, possibly being DD's. They look as if they'll pop the buttons off of her shirt. She's bigger than Stacy, but only slightly.

Joanna walks over to the counter and grabs two towels. She gives one to Stacy, and they walk over to us.

Joanna puts the towel behind my neck and lies my head down on a pillow. "Close your eyes, please," Joanna says in a sexy voice. "We're going to give you both a facial as you enjoy your mud baths."

The ladies walk over to the counter and grab hot towels. They lay the towels on our face and go to mix the facial cream.

"Here you are, ladies," Maria says as she hands us our drinks. "I'll be back after your mud bath for your massage." Maria then leaves the room again.

I sip my tea as Joanna rubs my temples gently before applying the facial mask. When the mask is on, she puts cucumbers over my eyes and leaves the room. Stacy follows shortly after her.

"So why did you push me away? Did you know that Maria was coming back or something?" I ask Sheryl.

"Yes. But don't worry," she replies, "I'll give you a treat whenever we're alone again." I can't help but grin at the thought.

"If you don't mind my asking, have you ever...been...with a woman?" Sheryl asks.

I can feel myself blush and say, "No." Sheryl speaks with a surprised tone. "Really? I must say, I've been with women who have been eating pussy for years but none of them were as good as you."

I feel myself blushing even harder.

"But just remember. This is our dirty little secret," she says in a playful tone and then falls silent.

We soak in the mud for another 20 minutes before Maria comes back. We head to the showers and wash off the mud. Maria watches as we shower, and I feel slightly uncomfortable. We put our robes and slippers back on.

We follow Maria down the hallway again and enter a large room. The room has two massage tables and a view that opens over a beautiful lake.

We strip off our robes again and lie face down on the tables. Maria covers our bottoms with towels, and as she covers mine, she slides her hand between my legs and slips a finger into my already wet pussy.

I sit up, stunned. Maria gives me a wink and exits the room. I lie back down, still shocked.

Two ladies enter the room and start the massage. They rub our muscles before pounding on them. Then, they stand on our backs and walk.

When they finish the massage, we go to the locker room and redress in our clothes. We leave, but not without Maria giving me a flirtatious smile. I try to ignore it.

We get in the car and drive farther into town. "There's this great restaurant in town that I think you will just love," Sheryl says, "I hope you like Italian."

I smile and we keep driving. About 5 minutes later, we pull into the parking lot of Carrabba's. It's one of my favorite restaurants.

We walk in and are seated right away. The waiter takes our drink orders and quickly comes back. We give him our orders as well.

"You like salmon, right?" Sheryl asks. I nod my head and she says, "Good." She turns to the waiter and says, "We'll both get the Grilled Salmon." The waiter rushes off to put our orders in.

"You know, salmon and red wine are aphrodisiacs," Sheryl says as she circles the rim of her wine glass with her finger and looks up at me.

"Are you trying to seduce me, Mrs.Stephens?" I ask her with a playful grin on my face. She sips her wine and says, "Perhaps. And if I was, what would your response be?"

"Well, you've already seduced me once today, but we only got halfway through our playtime. But if we didn't have fun today, I would gladly oblige to your seduction," I reply.

She smiles and says, "Why is that?" I look her up and down and say, "Well, look at you! You're hot as hell. You've got nice tits, a great ass, sexy legs, a seductive smile, and irresistible eyes. I've wanted to touch you and taste you since I met you yesterday."

She leans in towards me and whispers into my ear, "Wait at the edge of the woods tonight at 11. I'll meet you there and I'll take you to this place in the woods that I know."

She pulls away and I smile, accepting the invitation. Our food arrives and we eat quickly. We pay the bill and leave. We get in the car and drive a few miles down the street before we pull into a mall parking lot.

We step out of the car and enter. We browse clothes in Forever 21 and JCPenny and buy a few outfits.

As we're walking around the mall, we spot a lingerie store. Sheryl pulls me towards it and we go in.

We look at the lingerie, all of it very sexy. Sheryl picks out a black and pink corset with matching underwear, black pantyhose, and a garter belt for me to try on.

I pick out a white and turquoise bra and panty set with a see-through baby doll cover shirt that splits in the middle.

We go into a dressing room and try on the lingerie. I feel sexy and slimming in mine, and Sheryl looks just as bodacious in hers. I just want to attack her right then and there but I can't. I'll make up for it tonight.

We pick out a few more sets of lingerie and purchase them. We leave the mall and start driving back to the house.


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