continuation of my gay relationship with Alex
Continuation of my gay relationship with Alex. In this part the landlady goes away for a couple of weeks and her nephew, a trainee chef, steps in to cook for us.

I woke at 10am on Sunday morning; Mrs Sharp had not woken us for breakfast, so must have decided that we needed to lie in. I was facing Alex who was lying on his back with just a sheet over him. The sheet was tenting in the middle and as I watched I saw a slight rhythmic motion. Alex hadn’t realized that I was awake and was slowly wanking himself. I watched for a minute or so and then said “Hi there buddy, do you need any help with that thing”. He turned toward me looking a little surprized, then he put on a smug expression and said “No, I’m doing pretty well on my own, thanks”. I said “Ok, I’ll just stay and watch then”. His smug expression changed to his cheeky grin and he said “No you effing well won’t, of course I need some help, get your ass over here right now”. Well I didn’t know about letting him have the use of my ass right then as Mrs Sharp was obviously around so we had to be quiet. I walked round the room, locked the door, threw a towel at Alex and put a box of tissues on the bed.
I led down beside him and said “we have to be very quiet” To which he replied “And we’d better make it a quick one or it will be lunch time”. He knelt astride me and I took his dick in my mouth and sucked the head while he reached behind and wanked me. He said he was thinking of this morning in the garage and then he noticed how wet my dick head was getting. Then he pulled out of my mouth, moved back a little and started to rub my wet dick along his crack until it was lined up with his anus. I was enjoying the sensation and I think Alex was as well because we both got a bit carried away and he started to press down quite hard. I was about to thrust up when I realised that this was not the right time and I said “Not now buddy, we have to stay quiet but keep rubbing my dick along your crack; I love it”. I couldn’t quite reach to get his dick back in my mouth so I wanked him and gently squeezed his balls while he rubbed my dick round his anus and wanked me at the same time. In a couple of minutes we both struggled to suppress our moans as I filled his crack with my cum and he shot his all over my face. When we had cleaned up we showered and got dressed then went downstairs.

Mrs Sharp was very keen to hear about the party and after some discussion we decided to forget breakfast and have an early lunch. Mrs Sharp put on a more serious expression and said “Now lads, there’s something I have to tell you about. I’m afraid that my sister, Christine, has to go to hospital for an operation in a few days’ time. She’ll be in for about a week and then I’ll go over to stay with her for a couple of weeks. I’m arranging for Julie to look after things here for the first couple of days and then we’re planning to send Graham, that’s Christine’s 17 year old son, over here for the rest of the time. He’s training to be a chef so he can cook for you and with a bit of luck I can get him to do a bit of house work as well. He starts a new job with a hotel in about a month’s time but until then he’s out of work so this could work in quite well. There’s just one other thing; because of this, I’ve told your works that I shall not be taking any more lodgers for the next couple of months. Now I’d better get on and see about lunch”.

The next couple of weeks were uneventful for Alex and me but during that time Christine had her operation and Mrs Sharp went over to look after her. Julie took charge for the first couple of days then, as planned, Graham arrived on Friday night. Julie had waited for her cousin to arrive and when, at 8 o’clock a motor bike stopped outside Julie said “That’s him” and went to the door to let him in. She introduced us and then said to Graham “How’s your shoulder” to which Graham replied “A bit painful but it’s all right”. Then she turned to us and said “The chump fell off his motor bike yesterday and he’s got a few bruises”. “O Julie” Graham said “I didn’t FALL off, I swerved to avoid a dog and hit the kerb, then the bike went one way and I went the other”. “Well, that sounds to me just like another way of saying that you fell off” said Julie. Graham looked a little embarrassed and Alex came to his rescue by asking if there was much damage to his bike. Graham said “well, a foot rest is bent and I shall have to get some new handlebars but it’s just about rideable. Now I’d better get my things up stairs and then read the list of instructions that aunty Dot has left for me. What time do you guys want breakfast in the mornings”? I said “About 7.15 in the week but tomorrow 9 o’clock will do fine”. “No problem” he said and disappeared upstairs.

On Saturday morning Alex and I helped Graham tidy the kitchen as Julie had bought a pile of provisions and left them on the kitchen table. In the process I dropped a bag of flour on the floor and it burst. We swept up most of the mess but the floor still needed to be vacuum cleaned and washed. Alex planned to catch the bus into town where he had some business to attend to and Graham wanted to sort out some parts for his bike, so they left me to sort out the floor. Before leaving Graham told me that the vacuum cleaner was in his bedroom. I had to move Graham’s partly unpacked suit case in order to unplug the cleaner when I noticed some magazines in the case. I guessed that they were girly mags and I couldn’t resist quickly thumbing through them. They were foreign magazines and pretty hard core and one interesting thing I noticed was that the well-thumbed pages were those showing males in one way or another. I decided that we must get Graham talking about sex as soon as the opportunity arose.

I sorted out the kitchen floor and then I washed my car and hosed it down. I splashed water all over my jeans and had just gone into the house to change when Graham returned. He made a couple of cups of coffee and started to unpack the parts for his bike. I went upstairs to get changed and when I came out of the bedroom I saw Graham’s door was open and he was sitting on his bed holding a jar and looking a bit perplexed. He said “I’ve just picked up my prescription from the chemist; the doctor has given me some evil smelling stuff to rub on my bruised bits. Well I can manage my arm and shoulder but however can I get to my left shoulder blade”. I said “Perhaps I can help you with that, but you’d better wait until I’ve soaked my hands in warm water because they’re freezing at the moment from washing my car”. So when I’d warmed my hands I went back to Graham’s room and found he’d removed his shirt and was massaging his left arm and shoulder.

I did a double take when I saw the extent of his bruising. Apart from the bit which he was able to reach his left shoulder blade, the left hand side of his back and his ribs right down to his hips were turning all shades of purple and yellow; the worst area being his shoulder. Graham led face down on the bed and I took the jar of stuff that looked like wall paper paste and smelt a bit like a cross between pine and creosote and proceeded to gently massage some into his left shoulder and shoulder blade.

I said “This looks as though it could all be rather painful, you’re lucky that you didn’t break anything”. He said “It doesn’t feel too bad, I have some pain killers and the doc. said that this stuff should ease it a bit”. “Let’s hope so” I said “By the way, you’re bruised all down your left side, do you want me to rub this stuff all down your ribs”? He said “well that doesn’t really hurt but it can’t do any harm and I rather like the feel of you massaging me so yes please”. He loosened his belt and pushed is trousers down about 6 inches so that I could get to the limit of his bruises without getting the ointment on his trousers. I spread the grease all down his ribs and proceeded to rub it in, and then I was a little bit naughty. As I was massaging his ribs with my left hand, I massaged the area of his spine with my dry right hand and as I got down to his waist I noticed him tug a couple of times at his trouser crotch. When his skin had absorbed all the ointment I stood back and said “How does that feel”. He said “It’s much better, that stuff really works”. I said “That’s good, now I’m going to wash my hands”.

I was away for about a minute and when I got back Graham was still lying on the bed. I offered to help him up but he awkwardly tried to find a reason for staying. I said “Don’t worry about the boner, with a back massage that goes with the territory and I’ve seen a trouser tent many times”. He got up a bit sheepishly and pulled his trousers back up and fastened his belt then tried to get his tee shirt on. The material was sticking to his skin and with his stiff arm he was having difficulty. I grabbed the shirt and guided his right arm through the sleeve and then eased the material over the sticky skin of his left arm and shoulder. He looked straight at me and said “why are you being so nice to me”. “Graham” I said “after what I’ve just seen, I think you should be resting at home in bed, not here waiting on Alex and me”. “O I can manage” he said “And I can’t be at home because my mother mustn’t know about this. I’ve told Julie not to breathe a word”. I said “ok but you stick to the cooking; leave all the chores to Alex and I and you get as much rest as you can. He reluctantly agreed and said that it was time for him to get our lunch prepared but could we carry on the conversation later as there was a few things he would like to ask me.

I helped Graham get lunch then right on cue Alex returned and we sat down to eat. After the meal Alex retired to the lounge while I cleared the table and then I went to the lounge and quickly brought Alex up to date with the situation. He was most sympathetic. In the kitchen Graham had just filled the sink with hot water then Alex gently pushed him aside and said “my turn”, then proceeded to wash the dishes. I told Graham that he’d done his bit and should now go and relax; Alex and I would finish up in the kitchen and then we could carry on with our chat. He would have sooner stayed in the kitchen to supervise but reluctantly went to his bedroom.

With the kitchen all clean and tidy Alex and I had another talk about the situation and he said “Graham is a great guy, we must do all we can to help him, so you see what he wants to talk about and I’ll go and check his bike over. I’ve got two motor bikes at home so it’ll be a bit of fun tinkering with one again”. I found Graham reclining on his bed and told him that Alex and I were both engineers and that Alex had offered to fix his bike for him. He was delighted at this because one thing he thought he would not be able to cope with was tight nuts and bolts. I called down to Alex and told him to do his worst and returned to Graham and said “so now what is it you wanted to talk about”? Graham said “well it’s a bit difficult, its rather a delicate subject and I’ve got no one I can ask or talk to about it”. I said “That’s alright, I do delicate, so in your own time just fire away.

He was quiet for nearly a minute, and then he took a deep breath and said “Is sex wrong”. I said “Wow, That’s a big question, but the quick answer is a definite and resounding NO”. Graham said that he was brought up being made to think it was wrong and as a result he was streets behind his friends with sexual knowledge and experience. He said “I’m 18 in a couple of weeks’ time and I’m still a virgin. Most of my mates lost their virginity when they were about 15 but I was that age before I discovered what my dick was for. Can you imagine how I felt when I realised what I’d been missing out on for all those years”? I tried to make light of what he’d just said by saying “But I bet you’ve made up for it since”. He replied “Well I do my fair share of playing with it now but I still have this residual feeling that it’s wrong”. “Look Graham” I said “There’s a simple test to see if a thing is right or wrong. Ask yourself if it will hurt anyone or cause any suffering; if it will, it’s most likely to be wrong. Outside of that, anything goes”. “Anything” said Graham. “Well” I said “there are exceptions to every rule but basically yes, anything”. “So what about gay sex” Graham said “isn’t that wrong”? “Not if its consensual” I said “And if it’s practiced in a friendly, sympathetic manner it passes the test. Are you asking about that because you think you might be gay”? “Well I can’t really be gay” he said “Because I masturbate looking at female pictures but then I get an added kick looking at guys shooting their jizz. I usually save those pics to the end”, and he laughed, and added “So am I just a mixed up kid”? “No there’s nothing mixed up about that” I said “There’s no harm in being interested in both; it just means that you’re bi-sexual”.

“There are a lot more bi-sexual people around than is generally realised” I said “To start with both Alex and I come into that category”. “Gosh” He said “I’m gobsmacked at you telling me that. “Well” I said “You’ve completely opened yourself up to me in the last 30 minutes, so there’s no harm in you knowing a bit about Alex and me, just as long as you treat it in complete confidence. “O, of course” he said “I wouldn’t dream of saying a word to anyone, but there’s just one more thing. What argument is there against people who say that gay sex is contrary to nature”? I said “Just ask them to explain why Mother Nature (in all her wisdom) put erotogenic nerves in our butts”. “Gosh do we really have these ero whatever things in our asses” he said and I replied “we most certainly do; hasn’t anyone ever touched your ass, even by accident”. “Not that I can recall” he said, and I replied “you have led a sheltered life, just stand up for a minute”.

He looked at me a bit suspiciously but stood up and I slapped his butt gently and left my hand resting on one of his cheeks. I noticed a slight smile and he made no attempt to move away so I pressed my middle finger into his crack and wiggled it as I moved from top to bottom. As I passed his anus he drew two sharp intakes of breath and exclaimed “WOW I see what you mean”.
After this I thought things had gone far enough for the time being. I didn’t want to press Graham into making a decision on his sexuality, I would sooner he decided for himself. So I explained this to him and suggested that we get a drink and see how Alex was getting on with the bike.

Alex was just washing his hands when we reached the kitchen; he said that the bike was almost fixed; just one part wouldn’t fit and would have to be changed. We prepared the vegetables for the evening meal and arranged things so that Graham could supervise us cooking the meal later. Graham said that he would rest for a couple of hours and went up to his room while Alex and I got comfortable on the sofa. I told Alex all about my conversation with Graham and after a little thought he asked if I thought that Graham would decide that he was bi. I said that I was 90 per cent certain that he had already made up his mind and Alex asked if I thought we should educate him further on the practical side. I said “Let’s not pre-empt things, let’s wait for Graham to make the next move.

A little while later Alex was in the kitchen when he discovered that we had no bread. He told me and pointed out that the shops would be closing in 20 minutes. I said that I could just make it, so I grabbed my keys and made a dash for the shops. I arrived back about half an hour later to find Alex coming down the stairs, smelling his fingers. “Hi” he said “I’ve just rubbed some more of that stinky stuff onto Grahams shoulder”, then he added as an afterthought “and we had a little chat”. “Did he reveal anything interesting”? I asked and Alex said “He confirms he’s Bi; said he’s known for years that he was equally interested in boys and girls but didn’t realise that was known as being bi-sexual. He also said he was very curious and keen to find out all he could as soon as possible”. “Are you certain that you didn’t pressure him in any way” I said. “Definitely not “said Alex “Well I might have just helped him a little bit when he couldn’t find the right word”. “Ok” I said “But in his present condition we shall have to be very careful with him”.
Preparing the meal was a joint effort and Graham enjoyed bossing the two of us around. While it was cooking we found time to prepare some vegetables for Sunday dinner. When the meal was finished and the clearing up done, we all sat down to watch TV and after a while Graham said he was going to soak in a hot bath. We agreed that it may make him feel better and told him to shout if he needed any help and not to lock the bathroom door. Alex and I got comfortable on the sofa with me lying half on top of him and we carried on watching television. About 45 minutes later we were still in the same position when Graham came into the room wearing a track suit bottom and with a bath towel around his neck. When he saw us in a semi embrace he stopped and said “Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you”. “You’re not disturbing us” said Alex and I said “come over here” and moved across to make room for Graham between us. Graham sat down and said “I was wondering if you could do me a favour; I can’t dry my back and shoulders”. Alex immediately started to give Graham a fairly brisk rub around his back and right shoulder while I gently patted the bruised area of his left shoulder and ribs. Then we both moved a little closer to Graham so that he snuggled between us. “Are you happy in that position”? I asked him, and he said “I’m enjoying every moment”.

Graham’s blonde hair was still damp from the bath and some straggly ends were hanging down over his forehead. Alex combed them back with his fingers and Graham put his right arm around Alex. Then he tried to put his left arm round me and winced with pain. I gently grabbed his arm and hand and said “Don’t even try” and I placed his hand on my leg close to my knee and I put my right arm around him. After a while Graham moved his hand further up my leg and began to rub and squeeze my inner thigh. I saw that Alex had observed this action and was smiling. He looked at Graham and said “Are you sure that you’ve not done this before”. Graham said “No, never but I’ve fantasized about it a lot”. A few moments later Alex reached over and put a hand on Graham’s leg and mimicked the movements that Graham’s hand was making on mine. I said “Graham, we didn’t start out tonight with the intention of seducing you but unless you say something to stop us, I feel that may well be what happens”. Graham said “Yes I had the feeling that things were going that way but I certainly have no intention of saying anything to make you stop”.

Alex moved his hand a little closer to Graham’s crotch and Graham responded by spreading his legs apart, giving Alex easy access to the area between his legs. Alex pressed his fingers into the area between Graham’s anus and ball sack and then fondled his balls through the material of his track suit. This gave Graham several spasms of intense pleasure and as he made several unintelligible exclamations he tried to get his hand between my legs. I removed my arm from behind Graham and turned slightly toward him to give him easier access, and then I pushed my fingers under the elastic top of his track suit and ran my hand down his tummy feeling the silky soft texture of his blonde pubic hair. Graham pulled his arm out from behind Alex and immediately put his hand on the bulge which was growing in Alex’s jeans. I saw Alex unbutton the waist band of his jeans and push his zipper down so I did the same. Then I started to push Graham’s track trousers down and Alex helped. Graham raised his butt off the sofa and in a flash we had his trousers round his ankles and he kicked them off. Graham was now completely naked with his stiff dick standing to attention but he was not displaying any sign of shyness. This was probably because he was holding our boners, one in each hand and squeezing them gently. I put my hand back on Graham’s crotch, holding the base of his dick and stroking his balls while Alex wrapped his fingers around Graham’s dick head and teased it waiting for some precum to appear.

He didn’t have long to wait; he was tapping a finger onto the little hole when a string of sticky fluid attached itself and followed his finger for about 2 inches before the thread broke. Alex put his finger back onto the little pool which was now lying on the top of Graham’s dick and rubbed the lubrication all around his glans. Then holding his finger over the hole he pulled Graham’s foreskin down over his finger and ran circles around Graham’s slippery dick head. Graham caught his breath a couple of times and gave one or two ooohs and aaahs and said “It just gets to feel better and better and then he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

I said “Things are moving rather quickly, it might be better if we do things in a more relaxed manner; let’s go up and lie on the bed”. Graham said “Better use my room; there’s no furniture between the beds so we can easily push the two single beds together. Having rearranged the beds in Graham’s room I spread some towels over them and the three of us led across the two beds. Due to Grahams bruising his capacity for physical activity was a little restricted so he lay on his back between the two of us and for the next ten minutes we cuddled and fondled. In order to make this last as long as possible we avoided making direct contact with Graham’s penis but gave his nipples, balls and anus a lot of attention. He said “Guys, I’ve never felt happier in my whole life than I do at this moment, then he kissed Alex and then me.

Alex got up and knelt over Graham then after kissing him on the lips he slowly moved down Graham’s body kissing and licking as he went. He sucked on Graham’s nipples in turn then continued south pausing to tease his belly button with the tip of his tongue. Then he drew a line with his tongue down the trail of blonde hair which opened out to Graham’s soft pubic bush where he buried his mouth and kissed all around the base of Graham’s dick. Up ‘till then I had been watching the expression on Graham’s face but at that point I gently cradled his head in my arms and started to make out with him. This was soon interrupted when he started to pant uncontrollably and I saw Alex, who had been teasing the base of his glans, take Graham’s full length in his mouth. Graham started to thrust almost immediately and after only 30 seconds he closed his eyes, threw his head back, arched his back and gave a very long sigh. His body trembled for a couple of seconds as his sex organs , which had just been treated to a variety of new sensations, responded by producing a powerful orgasm and ejaculating a correspondingly large amount of semen into Alex’s mouth. Cum dribbled from the corners of Alex’s mouth and then Graham collapsed back down onto the bed thus pulling out of Alex’s mouth with a splash of cum which splattered everywhere.

Alex started to clean things up and when Graham had got his breath back he said “There’s no words to describe that; I wonder why the fuck I didn’t get round to doing that years ago”. I teased him by saying “probably because you would have felt that you were being a naughty boy”. Graham said “If only I had the full use of my arm I could have joined in more effectively; do you think we could try this again next week when, hopefully, my shoulder will be better”. I said “You bet your sweet life we can, and I expect you’ll find yourself caught up in more gentle activities before then”. Alex looked at me and winked and then the telephone rang. Graham scooted into the hall to answer it and returned two minutes later. “That was aunty Dot” he said “she said that mother is doing very well and asked how I was getting on with you two. I told her that things were coming together very well”. Alex laughed and said “I think that puts the situation in a nut shell”.

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To the writer of the comment below this. Do you seriously think that readers who enjoy gay or bi erotica will pay any attention to your homophobic verbal tantrum ? still if it makes you feel better - feel free.

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To the writer of the comment below this. Do you seriously think that readers who enjoy gay or bi erotica will pay any attention to your homophobic verbal tantrum ? still if it makes you feel better - feel free.

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Stinking no-good faggots. You disgust me.

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