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brit hates me and we are back in la for now
so we are still in shanghai so me and harvey was walking around china and harvey said to me "babe i love it here" i turned to face harvey and said "i do too babe its been a nice long vacation" harvey stopped me as we was walking down renmin avenue and said "why not make it a bit more perminant?" i looked at harvey and thought is he serious so i said "why not just buy a manson baby" harvey walked away from me and said "there was no need to take the piss"

so i walked back to the hotel and sure enought harvey was there when i walked in i said "what was that all about" harvey walked upto me and said "i was being serious i think china is a beautiful place babe and id like to live here" so i thought for a moment and said "okay baby you really wanna live here maybe we should look at a few apartments to buy but at this stage im serious when i say only look" so i turned on my ipad and we had a look there was some beautiful place but i said to harvey "baby what about are family are friends" harvey smiled at me and said "they can always come and visit baby" so me and harvey went and had a look at a few apartments over a couple of days there was some really lovely ones

so anyway it came to are last day in china and me and harvey was packing are bags and we got on the plaine home when we got home we was greeted by are family and me and harvey went to are apartment when we got there it kinda didnt feel like home anyone it was more like some kinda holiday home so harvey started unpacking the bag and i went thought the mounting of mail writting cheques to pay the bills and when i had finished i went to see what was taking harvey so long when i walked into are bedroom harvey was fast alseep i was kinda annoyed at him that are clothes was still in the cases but it was a long flight so i let him sleep

it came to 7.30 u.s time and i went and woke harvey up and said "baby you have to go see dean in half an hour" so harvey got out of bed and went and had a shower whiles i made some coffee when i had finished i walked into the bathroom and said "baby do you want some coffee?" harvey nodded his head in the yes direction and i told him i had pour him a cup when harvey got out the shower he went and had his coffee and text dean saying he was going to be late i walked into the kitchen and harvey said "come here babe" so i did i sat on his lap and harvey hugged me and i said "whats that for baby?" "because i love you" "aww i love you too baby" i could feel harveys dick getting harder and i said "do want some attention baby" "well i just wanted a hug but i wouldnt mind some baby" so i got of harvey lap and unzipped his pants and pulled down his boxers and sucked his dick until he came in my mouth and i had to spit it out when i did i said to harvey "baby you need more fruit in your diet"

so harvey went to see dean and i went to go see brit when i got there the guy that harvey had a fight with at the cinema was there and when i sore him i said to brit "i thought you to wasnt get back together" brit looked at me and said "well maybe if you came around more than once is 3 weeks you would know shit about me" so i said to her "fuck you brit i was on holiday with my hustband im sorry i didnt check in with you" "well yes im with him and i dont give a fuck what you and harvey say and to be honest i dont care that he hates gays" "nice to know brit because we havent been friends since we was like 3 or anything" i pulled an item out my jacket pocket and though it next to her and said "there your present you bitch" and i walked away the guy followed after me and said "hey i wanna talk to you" i turned around and said "do you really. go on the pray tell what you have to say" "i like britney alot and your causing her pain and your kind shouldnt be allowed to live here anyway" so i laughed at him and said "by my kind you mean gay i take it well you wanna listen up because britney wont settle down with you i mean look at you your ugly she just wants someone to cuddle upto at night and for the time being your that person" the guy raised his fist at me and i said "go for it becuase if you damage my car ((o thats right the pd found my car)) or the designer clothing im wearing i will send you the bill but hear this it take more than a punch to silence me" so i got in my car and drove home when i got there i walked round to the shop and got some jack daniels and walked home when i got in i drank the bottle and a few hour later harvey got home and said "why are you drunk and did you drive home like this" i looked at harvey and laughed and said "no i didnt drive and britney dont like me anymore because she is with the guy from the cinema fight isnt that funny i have no best friend and all my other friends will probally take her side too" and i started laughing again harvey came and hugged and i cried into his shoulder and said "she is my best friend since i was 3 and now she hates me and thinks i have no time for her" harvey hugged me tight and said "shh baby everything will work out you know it will she loves you like a brother"


2012-09-12 19:09:19
rich boy$ love 60 is now out


2012-09-09 20:04:07
lol either way im going to vegas on febuary 9th, you too should come too.


2012-09-09 17:47:20
Not that fair I think lol I suck at geo


2012-09-08 07:14:00
:), hey how far is Vegas from LA?


2012-09-08 01:03:07
I will write tomorrow guys okay :D

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