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Sabrina expects to fuck Sheryl, but ends up having a completely different night...
Sheryl and I arrive back at the house around 5. Danny and Luke are still working on the machines when we arrive. Sheryl takes my bags and heads inside to get dinner cooking.

I decide to go see how the boys are doing. I walk around the side of the house and as I turn the corner, I almost run into Luke. My heart starts pounding out of fear.

He grins and says, "Hello." I manage to stutter out a reply and give a forced smile. I put my back against the wall, but immediately realize that it's a bad idea.

Luke leans forward and places his hand on the wall beside my head. He leans forward and looks me deep in the eye.

While I'm scared to death, I can't help but become breathless from his eyes. They're blue like a glacier, portraying iciness and beauty mixed together.

I find my knees start to give way, and I collapse. He catches me, and I start to fear him even more as he holds me close to him.

While I love the closeness, I can't help but feel like I'm in terrible danger. He leans down to my ear and whispers, "It's rude to stare. It can give people the wrong idea of what you think of them." His words come out like a hiss, making me want him as well as want to get away from him.

He releases me, and gives me a smirk as he sees the fear in my eyes. He turns and walks towards the front side of the house. I watch him as he leaves, and lean against the wall. I feel like crying but know that I can't because Danny will want to know why I am.

I take a minute to calm down and walk towards the back of the house. I see Danny, and he looks like a god in the setting sunlight.

His hair shines and I can see the sweat glistening on his forehead. He wipes his forehead with the back of his hand and places his hands on his hips as he looks at the machine he was working on.

I take a deep breath, put on a smile, and walk towards him. "Hey," I say when I'm about 15 feet from him. He turns and instantly smiles. "Hey," he replies.

"Whatchya working on?" I ask and nod my head towards the machine, trying to act flirty. He looks at it and reaches his hand up to scratch the back of his head.

"Eh, it's just one of our old tractors. We haven't ran it in awhile and we tried to today, but the engine is just a disaster. We've been trying to fix it all day," he says, and looks back into my eyes.

"Have you made any progress?" I ask. "Oh, yea," he says with a false confidence. I give him a stare that says I can see through him. Then he says, "No, not really."

I laugh and he smiles. "Come on, dinner's probably ready," he says, and we turn towards the house.

"So how was your day?" he asks me, shoving his hands into his pockets. I can't help but grin, thinking of all that has happened and what will happen with his mom."It was good. The spa was nice. I got some new lingerie that I'm going to have to try out, though," I say flirtily.

He tries to hide his grin and says, "Oh really." I nod my head and say, "Mhmm." He just smiles.

We enter the house and the smell of fried chicken hits my nose. Danny goes upstairs to change and I help Sheryl set the table.

Danny comes back down the stairs and we all sit down to eat. There's fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn.

"Would anyone like some wine?" Sheryl asks before we dig in. "No thanks, honey. But can you get me a beer?" Luke says.

"Sure. Danny? Sabrina?" she asks us. "I'll just have a beer," Danny says. "I'll take some red wine," I say, remembering earlier today when Sheryl said red wine is an aphrodisiac. Sheryl smirks and says, "Good choice." She goes to get our beverages.

Danny is sitting on my right side while Luke is on my left side. Sheryl's seat is across from me. We sit in silence for a moment when I feel a hand creep it's way up my left leg.

I tense up, knowing that it's Luke. He slides his hand farther and farther up my leg, tickling me. While I don't want to, I feel myself getting wet as his hand gets closer to my pussy.

I try to slap his hand away but he grabs me firmly and squeezes tight. I almost yelp from the pain, but hold it in so as to not alert Danny.

"So did you and Sheryl enjoy your day?" Luke asks as he slowly starts to rub me through my shorts. I tense up even more, and Danny notices.

I glance at him and he gives a reassuring smile. He places hand on my right leg and squeezes. I force a smile back.

I turn back to Luke and say, "Yes, we did," through clenched teeth. "You still seem so tense. That spa must not be very good," he replies and pinches my thigh.

I yelp and Danny jumps. "Are you okay?" he asks. Luke even manages to put on a face of confusion. "Yea, I'm fine. I just stubbed my toe," I say.

Sheryl enters the dining room and says, "Is everyone okay? I heard someone scream."

Luke turns to her and says, "Everyone's fine. Sabrina just stubbed her toe, that's all." He gives a charming smile as well.

She breathes a sigh of relief and passes us our drinks. She sits down and we start eating.

We discuss how our day was and what we have to do. All the while, Luke never takes his hands off of me. I feel scared and increasingly uncomfortable during dinner, but find that I also get a sexual thrill off him treating me this way.

What's wrong with me lately? I fucked a guy the first day I met him. Sure, I've known him for awhile, but that's still kind of messed up. Then, I have sex with a married woman who happens to be the guy's mom. And now, I'm getting a sexual thrill from being touched by the man who's married to my lesbian lover and is the father of the boy I'm fucking.

And that makes me wetter, just thinking about how fucked up my sexual life is. I love the deceit and secrets, but that means I'm a homewrecker. Well, what no one knows won't kill them.

I still fear Luke though. In my fantasies, I can control how he acts. But if I were to have sex with him, there is no way I could protect myself if he decided to hurt me.

We finish dinner and rinse off the dishes. We go into the living room and talk as we drink. We tell jokes and stories about our lives.

It doesn't surprise me when Luke watches me the whole time again. After awhile, I don't even bother to make him know I feel uncomfortable. That's what he probably enjoys most, making me nervous. I just pretend he isn't there.

To grab my attention again, he stands and goes to the Grand Piano they own.

"Oh, honey! Play "La Campanella"! It's my favorite," Sheryl says. She leans over to me and says, "He started playing piano when he was 8 and he's sooooo good!"

Luke cracks his fingers and starts playing. I instantly enter a trance, the beauty of the music being so intense. I watch his hands dance across the keys, continuing to create the beautiful sounds.

As if he weren't already handsome enough, this made him even more desirable. His face shows his love and determination for the piano, showing a romantic side of him. I can feel my heart melt as he continues to play.

Can this really be the man that just 15 minutes earlier was rubbing me through my shorts and trying to, I don't know, dominate me?

The song ends just as it began and I am speechless. I can't even manage to say "wow". Sheryl starts clapping and I join her. Danny just rolls his eyes and sits there, glaring at his father.

"That was beautiful," Sheryl says as she stands and walks over to her husband. "As are you, my love," he says.

He kisses her passionately, his hand gently cupping her cheek. I can see her knees wobble from the intensity, and am shocked that she is still standing.

He releases her and smiles. She returns it and yawns. "Look at the time! It's almost 11. I think I'm going to head up to bed. I think you all should, too," Sheryl says.

We all mumble an agreement and stand. "Honey, do you mind checking on the animals for me? I never got a chance to shower today and I don't want to get in the bed all dirty," Luke says.

"Yea, just let me wash my face first," Sheryl says, and winks at me. I smile back.

Danny and I head up the stairs together. He squeezes my ass, and I giggle. He just smirks.

As we reach the top of the stairs, we say goodnight. "Wait until midnight and then come into my room," he whispers to me, and kisses my hand. He releases me and walks to his room, shutting the door behind him.

I go to my room and close my door. How am I going to meet with Sheryl and then try to fuck Danny an hour later? I'll probably be exhausted if I receive many orgasms.

What the hell. I'll just say I fell asleep and fuck him in the morning to make up for it.

I look at my phone and see that it's 10:48. I have 12 minutes until I meet Sheryl. I try my best not to squeal with joy. I've been aching to touch her, to taste her.

I want to have nasty, dirty, hot lesbian sex with this delicious woman. I want to be her one and only lesbian lover, the only one who is honored to lap at her beautiful wet cunt, to be soaked in her love juices.

I get wet just from thinking about her sweet pussy. I rub myself as I decide which lingerie to wear for the official losing of my lesbian virginity.

I decide to go with a white lace bra with pink ribbons, a white thong, white stockings, and white platform heels. I even put my hair into pigtails and tie pink ribbons on them.

I do my makeup quickly and listen to make sure no one is downstairs. When I'm sure no one is up, I wrap my pink silk robe around me and quietly head down the stairs.

I walk as quietly as I can past Luke's door. I'm focusing so much on being quiet that I accidentally hit the wall with my shoe. I freeze, listening for any movement within his room.

I hear none and continue into the kitchen. The back door opens into the kitchen. I feel successful, knowing that within minutes, I'll be free and eating pussy like its no one's business. I can almost taste it now.

I walk quickly but quietly to the back door. Just as I'm about to grab the door knob, a hand clasps around my throat and pushes me against the refrigerator.

I struggle for air and try to scratch at my attacker's face. He grabs both of my hands in his other one and holds them above my head.

Before he even speaks, I know who it is. Luke. He gives an evil laugh and says, "Glad you dressed up for me. You didn't have to, though." I can see his grin, even in the dark. Then, he takes my face in his hand and licks up my face slowly.

I start crying, already knowing what he's going to do to me. He's going to rape me, plain and simple.

I feel him lean closer to me, his lips brushing my ear. "Shhh," he whispers, "It'll be alright. Just come with me."

I shake my head no, trying hard to see him through my blurry vision.

He laughs and says, "You will do as I say or be punished worse than I already plan to do, you filthy slut. Plus, you wouldn't want your little Danny or Sheryl to find me raping you right here in the kitchen, would you?"

I pause, realizing he's right. He smirks and says, "Glad you agree. Now move it, whore. And if you make a sound, I will make sure you never see them or anyone else ever again. Understood?"

I nod, afraid to say anything. "Good," he says, and releases me. I rub my wrists and glare back up at him. He slaps me. Hard. I release a small yelp, trying to be quiet.

He grabs my throat again and says angrily, "If you ever look at me without me giving you permission again, I will beat the living shit out of you. Now move."

He pushes me forward and I start to cry quietly again. I walk back into the main part of the house. I go towards his bedroom and stand in front of the door.

"Enter, and stand in front of the bed," he says demandingly. I turn the knob and step inside, fearing he will hurt me if I refuse his orders.

I quickly cross the room to his California king bed and stand in front of it with my head down.

He closes the door behind him and locks it with a key. He walks into his closet and comes out a minute later with a leather whipping stick.

I watch the stick in his hands as he walks towards me. "Look up, but not at me," he says. I struggle to listen to his commands, and he smacks me in the face again to encourage me.

I quickly lift my head and stare at the wall behind him as I bite my lip to keep the tears from coming.

He smirks and says, "That a girl." He places his hands behind his back and examines my body.

Occasionally, he'll reach out to pinch me or smack me with his stick. I wince every time, but refuse to scream and give him pleasure.

"You are now my slave. I will address you as slave, slut, whore, skank, etc. You must be accessible to me at all times while you stay here. Now, I have some ground rules. One, you must always address me as 'Master'. Two, you must always reply to me. Three, you must always be shaved. If you are not, I will punish you harshly. Four, if you tell anyone about our situation, I will kill you. Don't think I won't either, slave. Five, you must ask permission to cum IF I decide to fuck you. Do you understand?" Luke says.

I nod my head yes, and Luke slaps me. "Yes, Master," I say through clenched teeth. He smirks.

He goes back to looking at my body. He sets down his stick and feels my body. He squeezes my breasts through my bra, causing me pain as he does.

"Turn, whore. I want to see your ass," he says. "Yes, Master," I say and reluctantly turn around.

He smacks my ass hard and says, "Bend." "Yes, Master," I reply quietly and bend over the bed. He places his hands on my ass, squeezing and spreading my cheeks.

He kisses and licks my cheeks for a minute. Then, he grabs his stick and smacks me hard on the ass. I let out a yelp, hating myself for it. He does it again several times, enjoying my screaming.

I try to bite my lip, but it doesn't work. "Aww, does that hurt, you little skank?" he asks, and spanks me again.

I yelp again and say "No, Master," through clenched teeth. "Oh, well I think it does," he says and zaps me. I scream loudly at the zap. I turn my head to see what he zapped me with, and he slaps me hard in the face.

"What the fuck did I say?" he says, clearly pissed off. "Not to do anything without your permission, Master" I say, fighting tears. "That's right," he says, and zaps my ass again. I cry out in pain and he laughs.

I start to wonder how no one can hear me screaming. I guess that the walls are sound proof. Great.

"Stand up and face me, slut, but don't you look at me," he says. "Yes, Master," I reply quietly and reluctantly do as I'm told. I keep my eyes to the floor as I await his next command.

I hear him undo his belt and unzip his pants. I start to cry, not wanting to do whatever he's going to make me do next.

"Get on your knees, bitch," he says. I slowly lower myself onto my knees. His cock is hanging out of his jeans, half hard. My eyes widen at the size of it. It has to be 10-11 inches long and 2-3 inches wide.

He grins and says, "Suck it. And if you try to do something stupid, you know what will happen," he says as he pulls out a knife with a 6 inch blade.

I feel the coldness of the metal touch the skin on my neck, and I immediately take him into my mouth.

I keep my eyes closed and I imagine I'm sucking Danny's dick. It makes it easier for me to get through with this. I can only take about 3 inches into my mouth, so I do the best I can with it.

I twirl my tongue around the head slowly as I suck gently. Every few seconds, I'll suck very hard and then go back to gentle.

"Let me see those whore eyes of yours," Luke says. I reluctantly open my eyes and raise them to his as I continue sucking his dick.

He grins down at me and let's out small grunts as I suck his hard cock. He lets me keep doing what I'm doing, but he gets tired of it quickly.

Without warning, Luke grabs my hair and thrusts his hips at me, forcing his cock deep down my throat. I gag and start to choke. He pulls his cock out and I spit out the extra saliva.

Then, he shoves his cock hard back into my mouth. I gag on it again, and try to cough. I can't, so I try to swallow my extra saliva. He groans when I swallow, and he pulls his cock out again.

I cough a few times, spitting extra saliva onto his cock. Again, he rams his cock into my mouth. I can feel the head hit the back of my throat. I gag once again, and he pulls his cock out.

I cough and gasp for air. He slaps me in the face and says, "Stop coughing, whore. You need to get used to my cock down your slut throat. Now go lay on the bed with your head hanging off of the edge."

"Yes, Master," I say and stand. I walk slowly over to the bed and lie down on my back with my head hanging off of the edge.

I watch as he walks over to me, realizing that he's going to fuck my mouth. I force myself not to cry.

He stands in front of me and slaps his cock against my face a few times before pressing the tip to my lips. I reluctantly open them and he thrusts hard into my mouth.

He places one hand on my throat and the other on my breast as he fucks my throat roughly.

His balls slap harshly against the bridge of my nose, making it difficult to breathe.

After a minute, he pulls his cock out and my spit comes out with it. It drips down onto my face, not only from my mouth but also from his dick. He slaps it against my face again as I catch my breath.

Then, he drives his cock back into my mouth. He is much rougher than before, making me gag. I finally figure out how to stop my gagging by just swallowing when his dick isn't fully in my mouth.

As he fucks my throat, spit oozes out of my mouth onto my face, making my vision blurry. I close my eyes to try and keep the spit out. It's doesn't work.

I listen to him as he groans about how good my throat is, how hot and slick it is.

He squeezes my breast hard, making me wince. He just grins and fucks my throat faster.

Then, he comes up with an idea. He squeezes my nose closed with his fingers so that I can't breathe. I flail my arms around, hoping to push him away. He just slaps my stomach hard and keeps fucking me raw.

He breathes harder than before, groaning loudly and swearing out loud about how good I am. I can barely hear him as I suffocate.

I start to see stars and my vision starts to turn black when he releases the grip on my nose and pulls out of my mouth.

I gasp for air, and don't notice when he starts to jack himself off the rest of the way. He moans as his hand slides up and down his shaft, soaked with my spit.

That's when the first string of cum shoots out. It lands right in my mouth. Just as I realize he's cumming, he shoves his cock back down my throat and holds himself there.

He shoots his load deep down my throat. He moans loudly as he does, and slowly pumps his dick in and out of my mouth.

I can feel every string hit the back of my throat and slowly drip down. I start crying, feeling like a cum dumpster as he unloads load after load into me.

When he finishes, he pulls out and slaps my tits. I wince. He pinches my nose again, making me open my mouth for air. When I open my mouth, he spits into it and slaps me hard in the face.

"Thank me for cumming down your slut throat, you fucking whore," he says. "Thank you, Master," I say through sobs. He just smirks at me.

"Get the fuck out of here. And remember what I said about telling anyone," he says, and walks to the door to unlock it.

I sit up slowly, shocked about what all just took place. I slowly stand and walk out of the room. Luke slaps my ass hard as I step through the doorway.

I wince and race to the stairs. I tiptoe my way up the stairs and into my bedroom. I undress and put on pajamas. I climb into bed and cry myself to sleep, disgusted with myself for letting Luke do that to me.


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