11-year-old Joanne teaches Missy and me everything she knows about sex; which isn't much, but it's enough to help us fuck for the first time.
"I saw Josh's penis last night," Missy told Joanne.

"Missy!" I said. "That's supposed to be a secret."

"Wow," Joanne said, staring at my bathing suit.

"You goof," Missy said to me, "of course it's a secret. But I tell Joanne all my secrets."

This was the summer of 1993. I was 11, and my cousin Missy was 10. This was before the Internet, so the closest any kid our age got to see the private parts of a member of the opposite sex was the illustrations in Health Class textbooks.

Joanne was 11 like me, almost 12.

"Well," I said, "then I got to see Missy's vagina. And her tits."

"As if I have tits," Missy said.

We were at the town lake. We'd started out on the side of the lake where they'd carted in sand to make a beach, the area where all the families gathered on summer afternoons, but we'd walked around to the other end, where there's no real path and no sand, and where almost nobody ever went.

We got to a small patch of grass, and Missy said she wanted to lay down and get some sun. We all stretched out, the three of us barely fitting, and as soon as we were all settled in, Missy removed her bathing suit top. "Missy!" Joanne said.

Missy responded, but to me. "I told you last night that I wouldn't wear my top if my mother didn't make me. And my mother's not here."

"Tell me more about last night," Joanne said. "Or was that all, just looking at each other naked?"

"I'll tell you what we did," Missy said slowly. "But first you have to take off your top."

"Not with Josh here."

"Why not? I took my top off."

"Because you still look like a boy. I'm starting to get tits."

And just like that, my penis started getting hard again, like it did last night. So maybe thinking about naked girls did have something to do with your penis getting hard!

"You still look pretty flat to me," Missy said. "Does your mom make you wear a training bra yet?"

"Well, no..."

"Then come on. Next summer you won't be able to anymore."

"I guess," she said, and took off her top.

Joanne didn't have much there, but you could certainly tell she was a girl. I wondered how they'd feel.

I tried not to stare, because I knew that would make her uncomfortable; but lying between two girls, both of them wearing only bikini bottoms, was making my 11-year-old body feel things I'd never felt before.

"Josh let me touch his penis last night," Missy said. "And it got really hard."

"He got a boner?" Joanne asked. We both stared at her. "That means it got hard. I have older brothers. I hear things. Was that it? You just touched it?"

"I stroked it a little, and then all of a sudden that white baby stuff shot out, all over me."

"Cool!" Joanne said. "You made him cum." She looked at our faces, and sighed. "That means the 'white baby stuff' came out. Okay, then what? Did he do you?"

"Do me?"

"Play with you down there. You know what I mean."

"No. I was... uh... too shy to ask him."

This was all news to me: I hadn't even known there was something I do for her that was like what she did for me.

"Did you at least touch her tits?" Joanne asked me.

"I don't have any tits to touch," Missy said.

"It still would have felt nice," Joanne told her. "Josh, touch mine."


"Sure. But gently. Really gently."

I brushed my hand very lightly over one of her nipples. "That's nice," she said.

"Do mine," Missy insisted.

I used my other hand to stroke my cousin's tiny breast, and she really seemed to like it. "I bet Josh's penis is really hard right now."

"Because he's playing with our breasts?" Missy asked.

"Josh, take off your bathing suit," Joanne said.

"What? No."

"You like looking at my breasts, right? So fair's fair. And Missy's already seen it."

I could have called her bluff -- she was getting a lot more out of my stroking her nipple than I was -- but I didn't know that at the time. So I stripped off my bathing suit and lay there naked next to two pretty girls.

Joanne gently closed her hand around my penis. "This is big," she said. "bigger than my brothers. Of course I never saw my brothers hard like this."

"Careful," Missy said. "If you touch it too much, you'll make all his baby juice shoot out."

"Good," Joanne said, stroking my penis. "I never saw that before."

It didn't take long before I sprayed by stuff all over Joanne's chest.

"That is so cool," both girls said almost at the same time, which made them both laugh. Then Joanne said "Okay, now I need you to do me."

She slipped off her bikini bottoms, and I was startled by the fact that she had a little hair around her vagina. Well, I shouldn't have been surprised: she was starting to grow breasts, wasn't she? I vaguely understood that the two were connected (I really should have been paying more attention in Health Class, instead of sitting in the back with Ricky and drawing pictures of naked women).

"There are two things you can do," she said, "and they're both nice. You can push your finger into me like you're fucking me. Just make sure you don't have any of your cum on your finger."

"My what?"

Joanne raised her eyebrows impatiently. "'Baby juice'," she said. "Or, look here, see this little button? Rub it very gently, the same way you did my nipple."

"Can I do both?" I asked.

"If you can, sure. That's what I do when I... um... play with myself."

I began to explore her vagina with my fingers, and noticed it was starting to fill with creamy stuff that almost looked like my baby juice. For a moment I was afraid I'd accidentally put it there, and I knew she'd be angry after she told me to make sure I didn't, but then I realized there was too much of it. Is this your baby juice?" I asked her.

"You goof," Missy said, "that's --" She stopped suddenly, and blushed.

"What?" I asked.

"That's... um... something the vagina makes," Missy said hesitantly, "to make it easier to slide things inside."

"Girls make it when they're horny," Joanne said, the voice of experience, "the same way when boys get horny their penises get hard."

I decided to see what would happen if I took some of the cream and rubbed it against Joanne's little button. I found out quickly: she screamed, and I pulled my finger away. "No," she said quickly, "no, keep doing that. Ahhh! Ahhh! Oh fuck, oh fuck" and then she screamed again.

"What was that?" I asked Missy as Joanne lay there panting.

Missy smiled at me. "That's the same face you make when you shoot out your baby juice."

Oh. I got it now.

"Do me now," Missy said, pulling off her bathing suit bottoms. I reached my hand over to her, and then Joanne said "Stop."

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Missy doesn't have any hair down there, and no tits. And she's only 10. You can fuck her."


"Sure. She's too young to get pregnant. Missy, do you want Josh to fuck you?"

"Shit yeah!" she said, then quickly covered her mouth. As if she had to be worried about using dirty language when we were all here naked and talking about having sex."

My penis was so big and hard right now, I didn't think I'd ever get it back into my bathing suit.

"I want to watch," Joanne said. "And I've seen pictures in my brothers' magazines, so I know how it works. Missy, you lie on your back. Spread your legs... right, just like that. Now Josh, you get between her legs, like you're doing pushups in gym. Now press down."

"Ow!" I said as my hard penis crushed against Missy's belly.

"Okay, wait," Joanne said. "Okay, try putting the end of you penis right by her hole. Right where you see the cream. Okay? Now push yourself in."

My penis sunk deep inside Missy's vagina -- or at least it seemed deep to me at the time: I was 10 years old, after all.

It was warm and wet, and it felt like my penis was being rubbed in a wonderful way.

It was the greatest thing I ever felt, but Missy shouted "Stop, it hurts!"

I pulled out. "What's wrong?"

"I don't know. Maybe you were in crooked. It felt like something was, I don't know, breaking or something all the way inside my vagina. Like some kind of wall. Try it again."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. If it hurts again, we'll stop."

I pushed in again. "It's fine now," Missy said.

"I can't believe we're doing this," I said, pushing my penis in and out of her. Instinct, I guess.

"You're fucking," Joanne said with a big grin. She had a hand on her vagina, doing the same things to herself that I was doing to her a few minutes ago.

"This feels so good," Missy said in almost a whisper.

"Yeah," I said. And I'd barely said it than I felt my testicles getting warm and I started shooting my baby juice into my cousin Missy.

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Best place for really young boys who have tiny penises is to fuck girls in their ears. Nice tight fit and plenty of lubrication (ear wax).

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