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Kendra and Katelyn are my two stepsisters. My mom and their dad have been dating for about two years before tying the knot last year. I’m a freshman in college, Kendra is a senior in high school while Katelyn being the youngest is a sophomore.

It's been a week since my sexual encounter with Katelynn. Every day, she now looks at me with such huge puppy eyes. It's now late September and Kendra has just started college. Unlike most people who moves into residence, Kendra lives at home because her rich daddy is too cheap to pay for residence. One day, she's in her room trying on a new dress for a freshman semi-formal dance that takes place during the beginning of the school year.

The great thing about Kendra's body is that she is full figured. Unlike Katelyn who's skinny and now have developed some breasts that will never be bigger than a large B or a small C cup in the future, Kendra already has full DD cups that she's developed since young. With such an amazing rack, any summer outfit or dress she wears will expose some nice creamy cleavage. I also love the bit of baby fat she has on her that makes her extra curvaceous and sexy. Her round face with puffier cheeks and dimples gives her a really sweet smile that brightens up anyone's day.

On the night of the dance, she yells out my name from her room. I walk up and sees what she needs. Her room door is wide open and she stands in front of a mirror with her dress unzipped.
"Mind giving me a hand?" she asks.
"Sure," I reply. I walk up behind her and zips her up. Her dress is black that hugs every curve of her body and I admire the booty she has. As usual, plenty of cleavage spills out on top especially since this is a V-neck dress. I'm getting horny just seeing her.
"How do I look?" she asks.
"You look great," I tell her.
She backs up towards me and grabs my crotch, which has now formed a hard on.
"At least I know you're not lying," she says with glee.
She takes my hand and places them on her enormous rack. I start fondling her and she turns her face to give my cheek a kiss.
"Take off your pants," she asks me.
I cannot refuse such a beautiful lady and I immediately unbuckle my belt, unzip and drop my pants. She turns around and wraps her arms around me and plants a kiss on my lips. I reciprocate and slip my tongue in her mouth. I reach behind her, unzip her dress and pull it off of her. It's almost as if her black bra is too small for her breasts and it squeezes her boobs forward. Such an amazing sight!

She kneels down on the floor and pulls down my boxers.
"I rarely have Japanese food," she says with a smile.
My seven inch hard on spring up and she has a surprised look on her face. "But I should more often as they have nice portions," she says slyly. She brings her face close to me and wraps her lips around my cock. She's a better cock sucker than Katelyn and tony bursts of precum fly out from the tip of my dick. Her moist lips slide easily up and down along the shaft and the tip of her wet tongue focuses on the slit of the head on my dick. I'm practically about to explode.

After a good bit of sucking, she kisses the tip of my dick before reaching up to unbutton my shirt to see my extremely toned body. Thanks to basketball plus a few years of kendo, she has a great body to play with.
"I love the lines on your stomach," she says with her eyes wide open as she licks my abs. "You're so sexy. Everyone at school may be buff but they're also quite bulgy in the stomach like me."
"I like a bit of baby fat on girls," I tell her while cupping those amazing breasts covered in her bra. I put my face in between them and kiss the crevice of her cleavage. "I wonder how sensitive they are."
"My nipples are really sensitive," she says. "Usually girls my size aren't but I go crazy when people play with them."
"You have a lot of playing with them?" I ask her.
"Just a few so far," she says with blush. "They're kind of dorks though. They just grab them and don't know how to play with them. Think you can handle these?"
"Why don't you show me?" I suggest.

She takes my shirt off my body and then pushes me onto her bed. She unhooks her bra and off it falls, revealing a set of amazing DD breasts that are creamy white. Her nipples are not as long as Katelyn's but they are nice and big like a button with light brown areolas that match her size. I can't wait to feast on them. She crawls up onto the bed behind me and lay me down. She scoots her face over my chest and starts licking my nipple. Looks like she wants some nipple sucking 69 action. I take her cue and start licking hers, swirling my tongue all over her puffy areola and flick my tongue around and over her nipple. She lets out a coo. She crawls back a bit and we start kissing passionately. She brings herself back to my chest and starts slurping my other nipple. I take my right hand to grab a hold of her tit and start to really suck on her nipple as if I'm trying to drain her engorged tit of the milk she potentially has.

I reach my left hand up behind me and place them over her panties which are now really wet. I slide my fingers over the wet spot and gently rub her along the covered crevice of her vagina. Once I get her really going, I slide my fingers under her panties and into her sweet vaginal hole. I poke my way around in there and she responds by sucking on my nipple even harder. She reaches her hand forward and starts jacking off my dick. All this stimulation is getting to me and I know I won't be able to last much longer. After an intense session between us, I blow a load on my stomach which she happily licks up.

"Do you eat a lot of pineapple?" she asks.
"Why do you ask?"
"You're very sweet, unlike the other boys at school," she says with glee.

I scoot her further up and rip her panties off her legs.
"Hey, those are designer!" she claims.
"You're designer," I jokingly say. "Trust me, nothing will be as rich as what's next."

I dig my face into her sweet pussy and start licking like an animal. I place my hands on her nice big ass to spread it part nice and wide.
"Oh sweet Jesus!" she yells out.
She sits up and starts rocking my face with her sweet snatch. I swallow up all her folds of skin as well as her great big clit. I dig my tongue deep into the crevice of her pussy and swallow up every drop of juice that falls out. I reach my hands up and massage her boobs while she moans with intense pleasure. Sometimes I would gently lift her up over my face and reach my tongue for her ass and give it a nice little swirl. Her asshole is nice and pink and fresh and I revel in the taste of my beautiful step-sister. Moments later, she reaches an orgasm and I expected her to splash a faceload of pussy juice all over me but instead she just shivers like crazy and grabs a hold of my body to keep her steady.

She stands up from my face and turn around. She steps back a bit and lowers herself onto my dick. Unlike Katelyn, I go in her with ease and she starts riding me, rocking her hips back and forth while jumping up and down on my thick cock. She places her hands on my chest as she rocks my world. Her amazing breasts hang over my face and I reach up to suck on those amazing nipples.
"You do that really well, Johnny...oh yes, keep sucking those tits."
"You have such an amazing rack," I tell her.
"Keep sucking!" she demands and I try to swallow as much boob as I can in my mouth.
I release her engorged nipple and she places her mouth on mine. Our tongues battle it out in each other's mouths and she nearly chokes me with her ferocity.

After twenty minutes of her amazing cowgirl ride, she's exhausted and I sit up to wrap my arms around her and suck on her tits. Her hands hold onto my head and practically dig into my skull. I lay her on the bed and crawl up between her legs to suck on her clit while fingering her wet pussy. "Oh, Johnny!" she screams. Once she's nice and watery again, I spread her legs and fill her up with my throbbing cock. As I pound her, I grab a hold of her meaty hips and her amazing boobs jiggle with rapid velocity. She grabs her left tit and seductively licks her nipple while staring at me with her sexy blue eyes. Before long, she clamps her mouth over her nipple, sucking hard. I see this and I immediately take hold of her right boob and suck hard. I could feel the cream of her vagina coat my dick. I start to feel a load forming.
"Cum inside me," she demands. "I want your hot cum inside of me."
I thrust in and out of her some more at rapid pace and I feel my hot load fire into her, filling her vaginal crevice. I collapse on her and suck on her gigantic tits. Her pussy is now swollen and throbbing and she can't stop moaning. I pull out my cock and fall back but she rushes over on top of me to polish off my hot creamy cum and her pussy juice all mixed and coating my cock. She hungrily devours my fading hard on and all I can feel is an amazing rush as her face collapses on my crotch.

"So, aren't you late for the dance?" I ask her.
"Screw the dance," she says. "I've been wanting you for a week now, ever since I saw what you did to Katelyn."
"You saw?" I ask.
"Okay, no I didn't see. Cuz eww...but I did hear you guys the other night and I notice the way she acts around you now. What a lucky bitch she is for losing her virginity to you."
"Are you jealous?" I ask.
"She may be the sweet innocent young one but she doesn't have these," she says, squeezing her boobs together and rubbing my face with them. I give no response other than to continuously suck on her amazing tits.

After I wipe myself up, I go to the bathroom and take a shower. I wrap a towel around me and return to my room. I see someone is under the covers on my bed. I flip the covers over and I see a naked Katelyn crawled on my bed. She's partially asleep and opens her eyes to see me standing over her. She spreads her legs wide apart as she looks at me. "I hope you're ready for another round from last week," she says as she licks a finger and rubs her ripe pink nipple with it. Despite a crazy sexual romp that just took place, my dick is now rock hard and I can't wait to taste Katelyn again.

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