My husband and I talked a lot about our sexual fantasies and one that had been coming up a lot lately was the idea of a gangbang. He had often fantasized about seeing me get fucked by a whole gang...
My whole life I had pretty much a “normal” sex husband and I had pretty much tried everything except for a few things that we thought were just a bit too outlandish, but I always enjoyed our heated and erotic encounters over the past 9 years.

We talked a lot about our fantasies and one that had been coming up a lot lately was the idea of a gangbang. He had often fantasized about seeing me get fucked by a whole gang of other men and women and I was warming up to the idea although all of this was still in a fantasy world of ours.

Bill had made some new friends through his work at the bar and one night his friend Mike invited him to a new club that had opened downtown. That Friday night Bill went with Mike and while he was there met a group of people that invited him to a party the following weekend up in the hills. They said it was a monthly “sex party” and that if he and his wife wanted to come they were welcome to. One rule though- if you decide to come, you must leave all inhibitions and reservations at the door as this would be an open forum where anything went! His excitement rose and mine did too as soon as he came home that night and told me of this gorgeous group of people he had met that night that had invited him to this special party….

We talked about it for a few days and finally decided mid-week that we were going to give it a try…we knew that we loved each other and would be comfortable sharing ourselves with others without the fear of jealously. We had been only with one another for the past 9 years so the thought of kissing someone else, let alone having someone else’s cock in me started my mind reeling.

As Friday night approached I was growing more nervous- who were there people? What if I did not find someone attractive? What if I did have reservations? All of these initial thoughts subsided as I realized more and more that this long standing fantasy of ours- to have a gangbang- was finally about to happen.

That day, I stayed home from work and decided to get my mind and body ready for tonight’s extravaganza. I had always kept my pussy nice and trimmed for Bill but I decided that tonight was special and that I would shave my entire pussy. Bill had wanted me to do this for a long time and I had done it once before, so I figured I would surprise him again and let others enjoy my nice smooth pussy. I also picked out a very sexy outfit that was perfect- it revealed enough to peak someone’s desire, but did not reveal too much. I decided not to wear underwear or a bra under my sexy dress and just thinking about what could possibly happen that night was already getting me wet.

Bill and I left the house around 9:00pm and arrived at this beautiful house up in the foothills 20 minutes from downtown. It was beautiful from the outside but I was blown away by what I saw inside. It was very sensually decorated- soft lighting, cushions and low couches everywhere, and candles as far as one could see. The greatest delight was seeing all of the sexy and beautiful people that had shown up already- there must have been at least twenty people that I could see. I was starting to imagine that this was a dream but the growing wetness of my pussy reminded me that this was very real and that by the end of tonight I probably would have been fucked one way or another by almost everyone in that room.

We walked in slowly and Bill was greeted by the guy he had met last weekend at the club. He introduced himself and offered us both a drink. I need one by now as the blend of nervousness and excitement was starting to overwhelm me. He told us that things would get going a little later and that to just relax and mingle! Mingle I thought, what do I say to total strangers who will be filling my pussy within the hour and who will be doing things to my body that I could only imagine. Bill was getting excited too, seeing all the beautiful women in the room (although they were outnumbered 3-1 by the men) and shot me a sly glance that this was it.

After mingling for an hour or so and meeting some people and actually being kissed by a few of the men and one woman, our host announced that it was time to really get the party started. It was also time to leave any last minute reservations with our clothes as both were about to be removed…he explained that this was a safe place but that there were no rules and you must give yourself up completely to anyone and everyone. This thought sent a pulse right down through my stomach and into my wet pussy. I could feel it tingling as I recalled nights were Bill and I had done some role playing games where one of us was completely at the mercy of the other. But this was going to be different- I had easily let Bill violate me in ways I had never imagined, but having total strangers do the same and most likely more than one at a time was beyond my comprehension.

As my thoughts wandered to the night I had allowed Bill to “rape” me and what a thrill it had been to completely let myself go as he fucked me everyway possible…I felt a hand press against my lower back. As I turned to see who it was, a pair of lips found mine and starting kissing me….I opened my eyes to see a tall man with very sexy eyes. As I started to let myself go and into his arms another set of hands grabbed my waist from behind….I wanted to look and see who this next person was but I decided to just let them do what they wanted. The man from behind slowly started to lift up my dress and was caressing the outside of my smoothly shaved legs as he lifted my dress up over my hips. I could tell he was excited by the fact that I was not wearing any panties seeing as I could feel the bulge in his pants pressing against my leg. I reached around to feel his trapped cock in my hand and was so excited by the thought of having his cock in my mouth. I turned around to see who he was and was thrilled to see another one of the many gorgeous men staring into my eyes. I started to unzip his pants and lowered myself to my knees in front of him. As I pulled out his cock I could feel the warmth and excitement in his loins….meanwhile, the guy I had been kissing before, was pulling off his pants and I caught a glance of his enormous cock waiting to penetrate me somehow. I took the first cock in my hand, glanced up at the owner and slowly placed his cock in my mouth. He let out a slight gasp as I slowly, inch by inch, put his entire cock into my throat.

Bill had always loved that I was able to deepthroat, but this guy seemed especially excited that his first encounter of the evening was a certified cock swallower. He slowly started pumping his cock in and out of my throat as the gentleman behind me had come down to my level and was starting to play with my tight ass. He spread my legs apart and began slowly tickling my bald pussy and slowly pressing his fingers into my dripping hole. The excitement of feeling his fingers in my pussy and this other guy’s cock in my mouth was driving me wild.

I pushed the guys still standing down on the couch next to us and positioned myself on all fours, exposing my ass and pussy for my friend in the back. I loved that I didn’t even know most peoples names, but that they were going to be devouring my body all night. As I started sucking on his cock again, another guy sat down next to him on the couch and was rubbing his cock. I knew that I loved cocks and the excitement of feeling them inside of me, but seeing so many at once and having them all around me was driving me wild. I reached out and starting stroking his cock too as I felt the guy behind start to position himself to enter me.

By this time, with 2 cocks in my face and once about to penetrate me from behind, I could feel the juices from my newly shaven pussy running down my legs. At that moment, I felt his cock start to press against my hole and without thinking, I thrust my hips back and for the first time in 9 years, I had someone else’s cock in my pussy. It felt amazing as he slowly started pumping in and out of my hole and within seconds we had all found a perfect rhythm and as one cock was pulling out of my mouth, one was ramming deeper into me from behind. I was switching back and forth between the 2 cocks in front of me and had found an equally good rhythm to keep one pumping in and out of my mouth as I stroked the other with the juices from my mouth.

I could feel the guy behind starting to pound my pussy harder and harder as he was about to come and the sound of his balls slapping against my bald pussy was incredible. I knew that any second he would be filling me with his hot cum and that I would feel it spraying inside my dripping cunt. As he pumped more furiously in me, I was sucking the cocks in front of me like crazy. Seconds later, the guy behind me grabbed my tiny hips and thrust himself as deep as he could into my pussy and started pumping what felt like a flood of hot cum into my pussy. The sensation of his cum and the cocks in my mouth through me over the top and I could feel my pussy tighten around his throbbing cock as I had my first (of many) orgasms that night. As he was still inside me, slowly moving in and out, the cock in my mouth began to swell and I knew that another load of cum was coming. In addition to my ability to deepthroat, Bill also loved the fact that I loved to have him cum in my mouth and swallow- none of his other girlfriends had ever let him cum in their mouths and he loved my eagerness to do so. It dawned on me at that moment though that I was not too sure how many loads of cum I would be able to swallow in one night- I had never done it more than once…

Seconds later, a blast of hot cum shot into my mouth and I was quickly reminded of how much I loved that sensation- a warm hard cock in my mouth, filling me with cum. I swallowed his load and sucked every little bit off of his cock before getting up to figure out how best to make my third guy cum.

As I stood up, I caught my first glimpse of what was happening in the room. There were naked people everywhere engaged in every sexual act possible and in just about every position. I scanned the room for Bill and finally saw him sitting in a chair sliding his cock in and out of a beautiful young Asian woman who was straddling him. The sight of a cock I knew so well pumping in and out of her pussy drove me wild and reminded me that the night was only beginning.

I turned to my friend in waiting to discover that a few more had joined him! His cock was now being sucked by another woman but there were 3 other men with rock hard cocks waiting to be devoured. She reached up and grabbed my arm to pull me down to her. There I was face to face with the beautiful woman with a cock in her mouth. She asked me to help her suck his cock and told me that she was willing share his cum with me. I occurred to me that I had never really kissed a woman before tonight and seeing her lips around his cock made me want to taste her mouth. As I joined her, we took turns bobbing up and down on his cock and taking breaks to kiss each other and taste his cock in each others mouths. It was so hot feeling her tongue on mine and then to have a cock in the mix too. Still, there were others to be satisfied and I had two more holes that were not being used. I stood up from the cock sucking session and told her to save me some of his cum and she chuckled at me and said, “if you don’t help then it is all mine.” I smiled and told her, “that there was plenty to go around.”

I sat one of the men on the couch and started jerking his stiff cock as I stood in front of him softly rubbing my swollen pussy. I was so wet and there was still some cum dripping out of me from my last fucking. I moved closer to him and then straddled his cock and slowly lowered myself down onto him. I was so wet by then that I just sank all the way down and with one motion had his entire cock buried deep inside of me. As I slowly started sliding up and down, his hips started pumping into me and his cock was sliding in and out of my hole. I quickly realized that one of the other guys had come up next to the couch and I quickly put his cock in my mouth.

I was starting to have an out of body experience- I knew that I liked sex and doing fun things but I never imagined myself being here, doing this. I felt like such a slut but it felt good to feel so naughty- to finally break from all of our social constructs and actually do what we want. I wanted to be fucked and I wanted to feel depraved and cock starved.

As the two cocks were pumping in and out of my pussy and mouth, I could feel my asshole exposed to the world behind me and I wondered what it would be like to have all three of my holes filled at once.

Bill and I like to have anal sex and Bill even liked it when I wore a strap-on and fucked his ass, but this was a whole different level. I looked around the room to see if there were any cocks that were unattended to, but to my dismay they were all buried in someone’s mouth, pussy or ass. I looked again at the woman next to me who was sucking on her guy’s balls and I asked her if she wouldn’t mind helping me out. I asked her if I could borrow her guy to fuck me in the ass. She agreed to let him go but only if she could still have his cum. As much as I would have loved to have him cum in my ass, I knew there would be other opportunities that night so I quickly agreed.

He got up from the couch and was positioning himself behind me. I could feel his huge cock pressing against my tight asshole and I knew it would be hard to get it in, especially with a cock in my pussy already. He started pushing and I could feel him slowly entering my last hole. I shoved the other cock back in my mouth and waited for the swollen head of his cock to get inside of my ass. As I started pumping the cock in and out of my mouth, I felt his cock break through and instantly I knew- I now had 3 cocks inside of me! Feeling my tightness, the guy in my ass started out very slowly, but as my hole started to loosen up, and so did he. Within what seemed like seconds all three cocks were pumping my holes at the same time.

I felt so depraved having all these cocks in me but what really turned me on was that I wanted them all so badly. Bill and I had talked about this numerous times, but I could never have imagined the sensations I was feeling. Here I was, a cock in my mouth, one in my ass, and one in my pussy. I already had 2 loads of cum inside me and now the woman was playing with my small breasts and pinching my rock hard nipples. I had literally become a one-night fuck doll and I loved it! I never wanted it to end…

The guy in my ass was now pumping hard and deep into my bowels and with the access that he had, he was getting good long and hard strokes. The rhythm of cocks in all of my holes and the thought of all there cum pushed me to my limits and I let out the loudest scream as my body shuddered with one of the most intense, full body orgasms of my life. It must have been the clenching of my pussy as I came that made the guys below cum because seconds later, he buried his cock deep inside me and filled my pussy with the second load of the night.

As he sat there still inside of me, the guy in my ass was still furiously pumping away into my asshole and I wanted him to cum in me so badly, but I knew that I had made a promise to the other woman and I could tell from the look in her eyes, that she was anxiously awaiting his load. As I felt the cum in my pussy flowing down my walls, the cock in my mouth started pumping harder and harder and I knew that the second load in my mouth was coming. He grabbed the back of my head pulled out his cock and started stroking it just inches from my face. I did not know what to do so I just opened my mouth and instantly his load sprayed into my mouth. It had never dawned on me before to let a guy cum in my mouth like this- I always just held their cocks in my mouth and milked all of the cum out with my mouth and hand. I love watching Bill cum and now this was the best of both worlds- I could watch this guy cum and have it in my mouth at the same time. He was still pumping his load into my mouth when I realized that I could not hold anymore unless I swallowed. Some had already dripped out down my chin but as I closed my mouth to swallow his load, one more shot came out and hit me square on the face. Some of his hot cum was now dripping down my face.

I could still feel the guys behind my pumping away but the woman had come around now where the guy had been standing and started kissing me and sucking any remnants of cum off of my face. She told me that she loved cum too and was so jealous seeing me get so much cum at once. I knew hers was coming soon as the pumping in my ass was now out of control. I felt him pull his cock from my ass and come around front and shove it into her mouth. I could see his balls contracting as he pumped his load down her throat and I watched in awe as she savored every last drop…she then turned to me and kissed me with all of his cum still in her mouth. We kissed for probably 30 seconds as we both tried to swallow as much of his cum from each other as possible- it way like two kids fighting for candy.

Oblivious to what was happening around me at this point, I soon felt another cock thrust into my ass. I had just been sitting there with my ass in the air and asshole still wet and open from the previous ramming. How could anyone pass that up! This guys took no time at all though and as I was still kissing the woman with the cum that should have been in my ass, the guys now in my ass started cuming deep into my ass. Finally, I had had all of my holes filled with cocks at the same time and now they were all filled with warm hot cum.

I got up from the guy below me who patiently had waited while I was fucked and cum just started dripping from both of my holes. There I was, my sweaty body, and shaved pussy, dripping with cum, having been fucked by 6 or 7 guys already. My pussy and ass felt swollen and sore but I knew that I wanted more.

I walked over to where Bill was to see how he was doing and he took one look at me and knew- I had been fucked beyond anything I (or he) could have imagined and seeing my shaved pussy for the first time, sent him over the edge and he started pumping his load of cum deep into the pussy of the woman he was fucking from behind. He pulled his cock out and walked over to me…

“How is everything?” he said. “From the looks of you it seems like things have been going pretty well. Saw you getting fucked over there, but I had no idea that you had shaved your pussy”.

“I thought I would surprise you with it and I am sorry it has taken me this long to get my ass over here, but as you saw, I had my hands full” I said with a smirk.

“No worries- I have had things pretty full too”, he chuckled.

I told Bill to enjoy himself but to be sure to save his last fuck for me. The thought of my husband Bill being my grand finally of a night of fucking and sucking random men and woman drove me wild. I knew there must be more for me to take and just lightly touching my pussy lips reminded me how wet (and sore) this night was making me.

I walked around the room, watching men fuck women, women eating each other’s pussies and even one guy getting gangbanged by 2 women with strap-ons! What depravity and I loved it!

A hand came around my back and it was the same woman from before. She told me that she had a treat for me and to follow her. She told me that she noticed how much I love cum and had set up a special room for me. She led me to a room which when I arrived was full of naked men with every shape and size cock imaginable. I was not too sure what she had planned with these men, but all reservations had been left at the door and I entered willingly. She laid me down on the bed and told me that her and I were going to stay here in this room until every single one of these men came in one or our holes and until they could not or did not want to cum anymore. Scanning the room of 10+ men, I knew that my already violated holes were in for a long night, but the thought of literally being gangbanged by all these men, all night got my juices flowing again.

Instantly, the first guy was between my legs licking my smooth pussy lips and tasting the mixture of cum that had leaked from inside my pussy. The woman next to me had hopped up on all fours and was quickly taking one cock in her pussy and one in her mouth- the bucking motion of this gorgeous woman next to me made me want the same and I pulled the man from between my legs on top of me. He roughly grabbed my ankles and pushed my legs back up by my ears and shoved his cock right into my wet pussy. He looked down at me and told me that this was only the beginning of a long night of getting fucked. It reminded me of the night Bill and I role played a rape scene and I started to pretend that I had no choice but to get all of these men off and that I could do nothing to stop them. What really turned me on was that I wanted it!

My head was now hanging off the end of the bed as the man between my legs pumped his cock in my pussy and another man came around the bed and fed his cock to me as he stood over me. In this position, with my head tilted back, I was able to easily take all of cock into my throat. He was pumping in and out of my mouth as the guy between my legs shot his load of cum inside of me. The third load of cum in my pussy and every single one felt better than the last. He got up and was instantly replaced by someone who I never even saw- he too began pumping my shaved pussy and was holding my legs high in the air. The guy fucking my throat was taking his cock in and out of my mouth and making me beg for it. Saliva had started dripping down my face and it was by far the sloppiest blowjob I had ever given- juices flowing everywhere and I all wanted was more of his juices deep in my throat. He put his cock back in my mouth and started pumping quickly and I could feel the head of his cock swelling. Seconds later, he started pumping load after load of hot cum into my mouth and I didn’t think it would ever end. It was so much cum and because of my position, I choked a bit and some spilled out down the side of my face. He pulled his cock out and sat down to watch the rest of them pummel away at our 6 willing and wanting holes. The woman next to me was now getting fucked in the ass by one of the biggest cocks I have ever seen. If it was in my ass I think it would have ripped me in two but she seemed to be enjoying every minute of it.

Meanwhile, the guy between my legs pulled his cock out and rolled me over doggy style. He put his cock right back in and quickly regained his rhythm pumping in and out of my wet hole. Again, one of the many men positioned himself in front of me and put his cock in my mouth. My jaw muscles were getting sore by now but I knew that there were still more to come and that I was only just getting started. As the two men pumped in and out of me, I could see the woman next to me getting cum shot all over her face and trying desperately to catch all that she could in her mouth. I had never met a woman who loved the taste and sensation of cum in their mouth as much as I did and I was glad that I was not alone.

Soon, the guy with the huge cock behind her started coming deep inside of her and the combination of his enormous cock and his cum splashing inside of her ass launched her into a convulsion of orgasms as he finished cuming inside of her. It was so sexy watching her getting sprayed and filled with cum and coupled with the continuous pounding in my pussy and mouth, I had another orgasm that rivaled my countless others I had experienced throughout the night, I could not believe how many times I had cum and wondered if I would even be able of cuming again.

The answer to that question came just moments later as the two men pumping my mouth and pussy came simultaneously inside of me. As I desperately tried to swallow every drop being blasted into my mouth I could feel my sore pussy being filled to the brim and flowing out and down my inner thighs. I could not believe how much cum I had inside of me and how much I had swallowed already. As they both pulled out I sat on the bed and the woman and I looked at each other in sheer delight. Not only had we become absolute fuck tools of this gang of men, but we were having the time of our lives getting our pussies and asses fucked- a true win/win situation for everyone. As we looked around the room, we realized that all of them had cum at least once but that these guys were far from done. The first ones were ready to go again and eying us wildly.

I laid back and inched my ass to the edge of the bed and pulled my legs back by my ears again exposing my smoothly shaved pussy and asshole. The other woman lay down next to me and we wrapped our legs together near our heads. I looked up at the hard pricks that were now at full attention seeing our dripping pussies and asses in the air and told them to start fucking our asses and that we did not want them to stop until they had all cum inside of us.

The first two stepped up and shoved their hard cocks deep into our asses. The surge of pleasure mixed with pain from the soreness of have my ass fucked repeatedly all night was such a thrill. He put his hands on my small hips and just started burying his cock deeper and harder into my ass as I lightly rubbed my swollen clit. The woman and I looked at each other and smiled knowing that for at least the next hour we were going to cum over and over again as this room full of men fucked our asses.

They both came inside of us and immediately after pulling out the next two stepped up and had their cocks inside of us before the cum could even drip out. I could feel a nights worth of cum squishing around inside of me and the thought sent me into a series of orgasms that forced little screams from my mouth. After cuming I opened my eyes to see the rest of the men anxiously awaiting their turn and I caught sight of the guy with the huge cock who had been fucking the other woman earlier. I dawned on me that depending on how quickly each guy came in our asses, I might get stuck with that huge piece of meat in my sore ass. The woman noticed my concern and whispered to me, “I already had my ass ripped open by that huge cock now I want o see you take it”.

I knew that it was going to be mostly luck but he was definitely eyeing my tiny body and wondering if his cock would fit in my tight, but stretched hole. After the next two guys came in our asses and pulled out, it was his turn. He stepped up between my legs slowly stroking his cock and said to me, “Now let’s see if you can take this”.

Even though my asshole was stretched wide open from the repeated poundings, as he started pushing his cock against my hole, I could feel the pain of my sore asshole being ripped open even further. I begged him to go slow and he just smiled telling me that I would love it in just a moment. He was about half way in and it felt like I was being ripped in half by his cock-it was absolutely huge. He started to pick up a rhythm and all of the cum that was now spilling out as his cock filled every possible square inch of my ass, worked as a perfect lubricant. My ass somehow had relaxed enough and I was starting to enjoy seeing this monster of a cock pushing deeper and deeper into my ass. He was holding my tiny legs wide apart and I could see his cock almost all the way in over the baldness of my pussy. Finally he reached the depths of my bowels and his cock was all the way in. It was as deep as anything had ever been inside me and the feeling was amazing. As he started pumping deep in my ass, he must have been hitting something good because, despite the stretching and the pain, I had yet another leg-trembling orgasm. His rhythm was building and the long hard strokes in and out of my ass were clearly bringing him close to the edge. I pulled my legs back even further, spread my ass cheeks with my hands, and begged him to pound my ass as hard as he could with his cock. He started thrusting harder and harder and just as I was begging him to fill me with his load- he started pumping his hot sperm as deep as he could into my ass.

The last guys had cum in my partner on the bed and all were watching this final act of anal penetration. After what seemed like hours of anal fucking my asshole felt like it was on fire and the amount of cum that was leaking from my body was a testament to how violated I had been that night. The highlight came when I realized that my husband had been standing the doorway watching the entire last round of ass fucking and was hard as a rock. I remembered that I had made him promise to save his last load for me and now the time had come. I knew my ass could not take one more cock so I pulled him over and asked him if he would fuck my pussy which I had so nicely shaved for him. He of course agreed and I positioned myself on all fours as my husband climbed up onto the bed to have a final go at me. The group stayed in the room and watched as my husband started thrusting his cock into my pussy and as I felt his rhythm growing I turned to him and told him not to cum inside of me at that I had a surprise for him.

He had clearly been fucked pretty good that night as it took him forever to cum, but the thought of my shaved pussy having been fucked all night by these strange men helped bring him close and he pulled out. I turned and sat on the end of the bed and told him that I wanted my final load of cum tonight to be shot into my mouth and that I wanted him to watch as he jerked his load down my throat. As I said before, I had always just taken his cum in my mouth and swallowed it, but now he was going to get to be in control and cum on my face. He positioned himself in front of me and starting rubbing his cock in front of my face. I looked up at him and begged him to fill my mouth with his cum and the desperation in my eyes must have sent him over the top because seconds later he was stroking his cock hard and his cum sprayed all over my mouth, lips and cheeks. I was surprised how much there was seeing as he had probably drained his balls that night in 5 different woman, but there was plenty for me to enjoy. He loved seeing himself cum on my face and to see his cum drip down my cheeks.

We left that night around 4:00am and slept most of the next day. I could barely walk the next day as my pussy and ass were swollen from all the fucking the night before. We talked the next night about our experiences and after reassuring one another that we were still the only ones for one another, we decided that we would try to attend these parties every 1-2 months for a night of sheer debauchery.

Can’t wait until the next one!

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