A six year old little girl learns all about sex from her "Uncle Jack"
Lindy Craig looked like a typical six-year-old girl. With dirty blonde hair that came down to just past her shoulders, hazel eyes and high cheek bones that she inherited from her grandmother. The child would one day grow up to be a very attractive young lady. What set her apart from other girls of the same age was that her mother was very poor and a drug addict. Lindy lived in an old trailer that was little more than a hovel, and at six years of age, she was already taking cock up her cunt!

The person responsible for introducing a six year old to the pleasures of underage sex was her Uncle Jack. Of course, he wasn't her real uncle, but just some guy that her mother occasionally brought home for a fuck in exchange for drugs.
There was only one bedroom in the small trailer that Lindy and her mother called home, and the little girl knew not to disturb her mother when she was in the bedroom with a man. The child didn't actually know what they did in there but she always heard her mother moaning and groaning with pleasure, so she figured that it must be something nice!

Growing up with a mother who was a drug addict meant that young Lindy had to learn to take care of herself and to make her own entertainment. There were no other children as young as her in the trailer park and she had no friends there.

Lindy loved watching the battered television they had in the trailer and she particularly liked to watch any form of dancing. Whenever anything like that was shown, the little girl would jump up and dance along with them. It was during one of those times that Lindy noticed that her Uncle Jack watched her intently when she danced. More accurately, he seemed to enjoy looking between her legs at her panties! The more high kicks she did, the more Jack seemed to like it and he always rewarded Lindy with a candy bar that magically seemed to appear out of his jacket pocket.

Lindy's mother did little in the way of housekeeping and laundry wasn't high on her list of priorities. Because of this, Lindy wore the same panties for days at a time and they were soon stained with her pee and other fluids that occasionally came from her slit. The preteen didn't care that her underwear was stained and she giggled happily whenever she saw that Uncle Jack was looking at them.

One particular night, Lindy's mother came home early and Jack was with her. The woman looked dreadful with a pale complexion, eyes that were sunk into her head and she was shaking continually with uncontrollable jerky movements of her arms. Although she had been drinking, the alcohol was doing little for her and she was craving her next fix. As soon as she was inside the trailer, she completely ignored her daughter as she threw her arms around Jack's neck and said, "Come on baby. Give me some good stuff. I really need it baby."

"Later," Jack replied. "You know the rules. You give me the good stuff, and then I give you the good stuff!"

Every fibre of the woman's body was crying out for a fix, but even in the sate she was in, she knew that she couldn't piss him off. He had what she needed and she would do anything to get it.

"Okay baby," she said soothingly. "I'm going to make sure that you get anything you want tonight."

She turned on her heel and started to strip off her clothes as she walked towards the bedroom. Jack followed a few steps behind, but he took the time to smile down at Lindy, who was sitting in front of the television.

When he closed the bedroom door behind him, the little girl's mother was already naked on the bed and rubbing furiously at her cunt to try and stimulate her natural lubrication.

Although the woman still had a reasonably firm body, even if it was normally unwashed, Jack could have done much better. In her dazed state, Lindy's mother actually though that she was still attractive to men, but the reason why Jack supplied her with drugs was because he was a paedophile and little Lindy had the most gorgeous body he could imagine!

It wasn't the best fuck he had ever had. The woman was too far gone into her withdrawal and all she wanted to do was shoot up. The only way that Jack was able to cum was by picturing the daughter's body below him and not the mothers.

Crawling off the woman, he reached into his jacket pocket drew out a small polythene bag. The woman's eyes lit up at the sight and she snatched it from his hand, striking like a feral cat. Jerking open the drawer at the side of the bed, she pulled it too far and it came away from the runners, spilling the contents onto the floor. With a cry of anguish, she dropped to her knees and ignored everything apart from the syringe, the discoloured spoon and the lighter.

Leaving her to her private hell, Jack pulled on his clothes and went back into the main room.

Lindy was exactly where he had last seen her and he sat down beside her in the threadbare couch.

"Hi Lindy," he said brightly.

"Hi, Uncle Jack," she replied, glancing down at his jacket pocket and hoping that there was a candy bar there.

The movement of her eyes wasn't lost on him and he smiled to himself and then said, "I might have some candy for you. Would you like that?"

Candy was a rare treat for the child and it was understandable that she nodded her head rapidly and grinned.

"Well," Jack continued. "While I try to find it, will you do a dance for me?"

Lindy bounced to her feet immediately and she flicked through a few television channels until she found one playing music. Throwing the remote back onto the couch, she began whirling and twisting around the floor and Jack sat forward in his seat and watched in delight. The preteen remembered that he liked looking at her panties and the short skirt bounced up and down, revealing her underwear to his gaze.

After a few minutes, she was getting tired and out of breath, but she wanted the candy. As a finish to her dance, she kicked her leg high into the air, and with the suppleness of youth, she gripped her ankle and straightened up until she was doing the vertical splits. Jack's eyes were riveted to the stained crotch of her panties that was stretched tightly over the child's immature sex mound and he licked his dry lips as he reached out his hand.

Lindy held her position, swaying slightly on the one foot that remained on the floor, and giggled when his fingers touched her panties and gently pushed against her cunt. Running the tip of his finger very gently up and down Lindy slit, he looked at her face and asked, "Do you like that Lindy?"

The little girl did like it, but she wasn't sure why. It felt nice and it gave her a funny feeling in her stomach, as if it was full of butterflies.

She nodded her head slightly and then replied, "It feels kinda funny!"

"Nice funny?" he asked, and was pleased when she looked at him and agreed, "Yeah, nice funny!"

Reluctantly, Jack moved his hand back, and the little girl lowered her leg onto the floor. She waited patiently on her candy reward and she didn't really understand why Jack was spending so much time sniffing his fingers. The main scent was of stale pee, but there was also the subtle smell of little girl cunt that had his cock rock hard and bulging out the front of his pants. It didn't matter that he had fucked the preteen's mother only minutes ago, and he moaned softly as he continued to inhale Lindy's fragrance.

Eventually, he pushed his hand into the pocket of his jacket, and the child's eyes followed his every move. She grinned when he pulled out a large candy bar and eagerly accepted it. Relaxing back on the couch, he waited until she had unwrapped the chocolate and then patted his knee and said, "Come and sit on my knee while you eat your candy!"

Eager to please, Lindy did as she was instructed and snuggled into his arms. The sweet taste of the chocolate was heavenly to the child and she was determined to make it last as long as possible, by sucking every morsel until it had melted in her mouth.

Jack's mouth was dry and his heart was beating wildly as he felt the heat of the little girl's body against his own. Taking a deep breath, he asked quietly, "Did you like it when I rubbed you between your legs?"

Lindy nodded her head as she sucked on the candy and Jack pressed his luck by asking, "I liked it too. Can I do it again?"

"Okay," the child agreed innocently as she allowed her legs to open.

Jack's hand slid under her skirt and caressed the inside of her thighs before moving up to her sex. He kept his movements smooth and gently and also kept a smile on his face as he stroked up and down the outline of Lindy's cunt.

If gave the little girl a strange sensation, but she found that she liked the feeling. It made her feel warm and relaxed, and at the same time, somehow excited. Increasing the pressure of his finger very slightly, Jack continued to stimulate her and his spirits soared when her little butt began moving in time with his fingers. She wriggled and squirmed on his lap, as a lovely glow seemed to fill both her mind and her body.

He could easily feel her cunt now that some of the material of her panties had been pushed inside, and he moved his hand slightly so that he could keep stroking her with the side of his thumb. That left his index finger free to slide up and down the leg hole of her underwear and gradually slip under the material.

Lindy was feeling so good now that she had forgotten about her candy bar and she didn't react when Jack's finger touched her bare cunt for the first time and slid along her slit.
She felt hot and tight, just like Jack had dreamed she would, but it surprised and excited him to find that she was also wet. The wetness felt slimy, just like proper fuck sauce, and he would have loved to pull his finger out and taste her.

He didn't want to do anything that would break the mood however, and he continued to rub the preteen's cunt with slightly increased pressure that eased his finger into her hole.

Lindy's face was now buried into his neck and he was thrilled at the little panting breaths she was taking as her butt writhed beneath his fingers. Although it was a pointless question, he whispered, "Is that nice Lindy?"

Hardly capable of a response, the little girl only managed to gasp, "Uh huh!"

Jack had known for many years that he was attracted to preteen girls and if that meant he was a paedophile then so be it. He had never acted on his desires before, mainly because he hadn't had the opportunity, but also because of the fear of being caught.

Lindy however was somehow different from any other child he had ever met. Although it wasn't intentional on her part, Jack could feel a sexual aura from the girl and the fact that she had a drug crazed mother who didn't care about her child, made him act on his fantasies.

His finger was inside Lindy's cunt by now hand he could swear that she was getting wetter. He couldn't go any further because he had reached her hymen and he didn't want to alarm her or cause her pain by bursting through it.

He would have to work out later how to do that!

He had no idea if a girl as young as Lindy could have an orgasm, but she certainly sounded and acted like she was about to climax. Her hips were thrusting her cunt at his fingers and she was panting and moaning with her arms tightly around his neck and her hot breath on his back. Jack's cock was pumping out pre-cum and he could feel the wetness inside his pants as he continued to abuse the child. A couple of strokes of his prick were all it would take to have him spurting like a geyser but that wasn't what he wanted right now. His fingers slid easily in and out of Lindy's fuck hole and up to the tiny hardness that would one day develop into her clit. That action made her moan the loudest and he concentrated his fingers on the sensitive spot for a few moments and she suddenly began shuddering and convulsing.

Her forgotten candy bar slipped from her nerveless fingers and she cried out loudly as the most amazing sensations flashed through her body. She had no idea why this was happening to her, but it was the most marvellous feeling she had ever experienced and she never wanted it to end.

Jack was delighted that he had managed to make her cum, but he knew that he would never be satisfied just abusing the child. What he wanted, the only thing he wanted, was to get his cock into her cunt. To do that, he was going to have to get rid of her cunt plug and while she was bucking about in climax was as good a time as any. Stiffening the two fingers that were inside her panties, he rammed them deep into her cunt and ripped her hymen apart.

Lindy's eyes shot open and she gave a startled cry as a sharp pain lanced through her flesh, but an instant later Jack's fingers were back on her clit and the child slowly relaxed back into his arms as the pain subsided.

Jack was elated at what he had managed to do, and his fingers stroked Lindy's cunt slower and slower, to let her recover. When she had stopped shuddering, he pulled his fingers out of her panties and eagerly brought them to his nose. The scent of her cunt juice was almost enough to make him cum in his pants, but somehow he managed to pant it away and his hand shook as he pushed his fingers into his mouth. The flavour was out of this world. Sweet and thick juice that filled his mouth and lingered on his taste buds long after he has swallowed.

He became aware of the little girl stirring in his arms, and he looked down into her flushed face. There was a slight film of perspiration on her brow and her breathing was still heavy as she looked back at him and smiled hesitatingly. The child didn't know what had happened to her, and she hoped that she hadn't done anything wrong that would make Jack angry with her.

She was very happy and reassured when she saw that he was smiling back at her, but she did wonder why he had two of his fingers in his mouth!

Gradually, her body recovered from its first climax, and Jack asked, "Did that feel good? Did you like what I did to you?"

Lindy nodded her head kind of shyly as her brain tried to process what had happened to her. Unlike other more normal parents, he mother had never bothered to tell her that paedophiles existed. She had also never told her to be wary of men and that letting then see or touch her pee hole was bad. The only thing that the little girl had to go on was that wondrous sensation between her legs and she was desperate to know how she could get it back again.

Answering Jack's question, she began, "It was .... was...... was....."

Being only six years old, Lindy hadn't learned any words that could come close to describing what she felt. With a look of confusion on her face, she finished her sentence with the word, "Neat."

Immediately after she had said it, she knew that that was wrong. Shaking her head, she corrected herself, "Really neat. I mean really good!"

Jack laughed, but before he could say anything else, the preteen became aware of the wetness around her cunt and she jumped to the wrong conclusion and said, "I think I need to pee!"

He allowed her to slide down from his knee and then said, "Can I watch?"

Lindy smiled at him, but her expression said that she was unsure what he meant and she said, "You want to watch me pee?"

"If that's all right with you," he replied, and the little girl shrugged her shoulders and replied, "Okay."

He followed the child into the bathroom and his one objective now, apart from the first sight of her cunt, was to prevent her seeing any blood around her fuck hole from her broken hymen.
As she stepped close to the toilet and turned around, she made to reach beneath her skirt to pull down her panties. Dropping to his knees in front of her, Jack quickly said, "Let me help you."

He eased her underwear down to her knees, noting the streak of blood on the inside of the fabric, and then pulled them down to her ankles and took her feet out of the leg holes. Balling them into his fist, he put them into his jacket pocket as Lindy sat down onto the toilet seat.

She opened her legs to pee, but for some reason, nothing came out. She could feel that she was wet, but she didn't seem to have to pee. The little girl looked apologetically at Jack, but he was much too occupied with staring at her immature cunt. Hairless and swollen, her hole looked like the preteen cunt it was, apart for the fact that it was oozing with girl cum and was smelling like an overworked hooker. There was also a streak of fresh blood on Lindy's sex lips and when she eventually managed to push out a little squirt of pee, it was coloured pink.

Tearing off some toilet tissue, Jack balled it loosely and gently wiped the little girl's cunt, cleaning away all traces of her hymen blood. As she hopped off the toilet, he dropped the paper into the bowl and quickly flushed before Lindy could see the pink water.

The child was much more occupied with the fact that her underwear was missing and she looked up at him and asked, "Where are my panties?"

"I've got them," he replied, "Pulling them out of his pocket, but keeping them balled up in his fist.

"I like smelling them," he informed the little girl, bring them close to his face. "Can I keep them for a while?"

The preteen nodded her head at the request, but she added, "It's the only pair I've got, so you'll have to give me them back or Mommy will be cross with me."

"Tell you what," Jack replied. "Why don't I buy you some new panties? Would you like that?"

The child's face lit up in delight at that suggestion. No one had ever offered to buy her anything before and she nodded enthusiastically.

"Can I have coloured ones?" she asked, thinking of the underwear her classmates wore. She was always getting teased because she constantly wore the same white and stained panties, and she didn't like it.

"Of course you can," Jack confirmed as he led her back into the living room.

He was still horny and hard inside his pants and he desperately wanted to fuck the preteen. He knew that her mother would be either high or unconscious by now, and it seemed like a good time. Lifting her back onto his knee, he was careful to slide her skirt up to her waist as she sat down and he stared at her gorgeous cunt. It was still slightly sticky but now had no trace of blood around it. Smiling down at Lindy he asked, "Did you like it when I played with your cunt?"

Although she was only six years old, Lindy had heard her mother using every swear work that had ever been invented, and she knew that the slit between her legs was called a cunt.

Nodding her head in response, Jack then asked, "Will you let me taste and lick your cunt?"

Somehow that just seemed wrong to the child. She couldn't work out why anybody would want to lick the hole that she peed through, and her face showed her concern.

Knowing how pleased Lindy had looked when he had mentioned buying her new panties, Jack decided that bribery might work for him and he mused, "If you let me lick your cunt, I might buy you a nice new dress as well as panties!"

Lindy's mouth dropped open. A new dress was better that Christmas to the child and she whispered, "Will you really? Will you really buy me a new dress?"

"I will, if you let me lick you," Jack replied smoothly.

All of the little girls concerns vanished as she pictured herself turning up at school wearing a new dress and new panties. After all, she thought, if Uncle Jack wants to lick my pee hole, then why shouldn't I let him!

"Okay," Lindy said with a smile, and she moved off his knee when he said, "You lie down on the couch, and I'll be able to lick you good."

As he got onto his knees, the preteen lay down with her legs open and she propped herself up on her elbows so she could see what he was doing. She still thought it was gross for someone to want to lick her where she peed, but she couldn't stop thinking about how she would look in her new dress. She was so absorbed with that thought that she didn't pay attention to Jack as he lowered his head between her legs. At the first touch of his tongue however, she flinched slightly, and then relaxed at the pleasurable sensation of having his tongue lick her hole.

Jack's heart was beating wildly as he took the first lick of her sticky slit and her flavour exploded in his mouth. It was everything he imagined it would be and so much more. Gripping her ankles and pulling her legs wide apart, he watched her cunt lips open invitingly and he plunged his tongue into her tight tube.

Lindy moaned softly as his tongue penetrated her, and she found that she liked the sensation. The image of the new dress faded from her mind and the little girl's butt seemed to have a mind of its own as it began rocking back and forth on his mouth.

Because Jack was holding her legs so far apart, Lindy's cunt was pulled open and the wonderful smell of her aroused hole filled his nose as he licked. Her juice was sweet and flowed over his taste buds like nectar as he pushed his tongue deeper and deeper.

The preteen's butt was jerking faster and faster against his mouth as the delicious tingle that she had experienced before, started again. Short little moans and groans came out of her mouth as her hips bucked against Jack's face. His tongue seemed to be everywhere at once and the child was now reacting on instinct rather than any coherent thought. Her body wanted and craved the ecstatic sensation that she remembered so well and the tingling deep inside her body was intensifying wildly. Her butt and her cunt felt numb and tingly at the same time and she suddenly cried out loudly and her body became rigid.

Jack kept on licking her out and when she began to shudder, her cunt juice became thicker and even more sweet. He greedily drank down everything she could give him and the bottom half of his face was soon covered with her preteen slime.

Jack sat down heavily on the floor and watched the child shiver and shake on the couch. He had made her cum twice, once with his finger and once with his mouth and he had sprayed his spunk into his pants at the perversity of the whole situation. He was mentally exhausted, but his prick was still rock hard and very ready for use!

He couldn't believe how sexy and how slutty the six year old looked as the last few waves of her climax radiated through her flesh. So sexy in fact that he had to have her tonight. He would try everything in his power to persuade her to let him fuck her, and if that didn't work, he would rape her!

Thankfully for Lindy, she couldn't read his thoughts and she was overwhelmed that she had managed to get that lovely feeling again. She loved it so much that she would have happily let Jack lick her again and not bother with the dress.

Her eyes opened lazily and she smiled up at the man who was abusing her and she giggled delightfully as she said, "I got that funny feeling again!"

"I could see that," Jack laughed. "That funny feeling you had is called a cum."

"A cum," the little girl repeated slowly, as if to commit the word to her memory. She nodded her head and finished, "Okay, I had a cum."

Jack rubbed at the soaking crotch of his pants and said, "I wish I could have a cum."

The child sat up on the couch, still with her legs apart and completely unconcerned that she was naked from the waist down, and looked sympathetic as she asked, "Can't you have one? I mean, if you gave me a cum, can I give you a cum?"

This was going much better and much faster than he had dared to hope, and he lowered his voice and said, "Well, the thing is Lindy that I'm a man, and men don't have a cunt between their legs."

The preteen clicked her tongue in exasperation and she looked straight at him as she replied, "I know that silly. You have a cock!"

Although the girl said that in a knowing voice, she had never actually seen a cock before. It was just something she had learned from listening in to her mother's conversations. Nevertheless, she was pleased when Jack nodded his head and confirmed, "That's right Lindy. Good girl."

She wasn't used to receiving praise of any kind, and she grinned widely at him and listened as he lied smoothly, "You see, because I have a cock, the only way I can have a cum is when I fuck. Would you let me fuck you Lindy, so I can cum?"

The preteen frowned and began chewing on her bottom lip as she tried to think of an answer to his question. After just being praised for what she knew, she didn't want to look stupid now, but she didn't know what a fuck was. She had heard her mother use the word thousands of times and she knew that it was a swear word, but that didn't seem to fit in with what the man was asking. She had nearly decided that she should just say yes and pretend that she knew what he was talking about, but her natural curiosity made her ask, "How do you want to fuck me?"

For a few seconds, Jack thought that she was asking him what position he wanted to fuck in and his mouth opened in astonishment. Then he realised what she actually meant and he chose his words carefully as he answered, "Well, when a man fucks, he has to put his cock into a girl's cunt. Then he can cum."

Lindy absorbed that piece of information and she looked down between her legs at her pink and slightly open fuck hole. Completely unembarrassed at displaying her sex, she slowly pushed one of her fingers into her hole. Jack couldn't prevent the moan of lust as he watched the child play with herself and the preteen was surprised that her finger went in so easily and so deeply. She had examined her cunt many times, but she had never been able to get her finger in so deep before. Pulling her hand away, she studied the thick slime that covered her finger and then brought it to her nose to smell. Her nose wrinkled at the strange smell, but Jack bent his head forward and said, "That smells so good Lindy."

Before the little girl could react, he had sucked her finger into his mouth and she laughed as he cleaned her with his tongue.

After he allowed her clean finger to slip out of his mouth, he looked at the girl for a few moments and his heart skipped a beet when she said, "Okay. You can fuck me!"

Lindy had figured that if her finger felt good inside her cunt, so would Jack's cock.

He got to his feet and quickly took off his pants. His underwear was soaking with his cum and from the drops of pre-cum that were oozing out of his stiff shaft. Lindy watched all of this without and concern, until he dropped his underwear and his prick sprang free.
Jack had a pretty average cock at around seven inches long and an inch and a half thick. To the child however, the cock looked huge and she said quickly, "That's too big. It wont fit into my cunt."

"Of course it will," Jack replied in what he hoped was a soothing and reassuring tone of voice. "Your cunt will be able to stretch Lindy. Don't worry."

It was one thing to tell her not to worry, but he could see from the look on her face that it was going to be much harder to convince her. He silently debated with himself whether he should just jump her now and ram his cock into her cunt. He would blow his nuts in a few seconds, he was sure, and then he could leave. As attractive as that thought was, his wildest hope was to have Lindy let him fuck her willingly, and therefore have the use of her cunt whenever he wanted it.

The child stared fixedly at Jack's cock as it bobbed about in front of her face and she then glanced down between her legs as if to confirm her worst fears. After everything Jack had done for her and the goodies that he had promised to buy her, Lindy desperately wanted to please him, but she couldn't see how his prick could possibly fit inside her hole.

Jack was thinking about getting between her legs and rubbing his cock up and down her slit. The only plan he could think of was a repeat performance of taking her cherry. If he could rub her with the tip of his cock until she climaxed again, he could then try and push inside her. The downside to his plan was that he was so horny that rubbing his prick over her immature cunt might be enough to make him spurt.

It was at that moment, that he suddenly had another idea.

"Lindy," he said slowly. "What if I could show you that your cunt would stretch to take my cock? Would you let me fuck you them?"

The little girl considered that for a moment and then nodded her head as she said, "I guess so."

"That's my girl," he said, holding out his hand to her. "Come with me."

Lindy got up and took the offered hand and they made an odd sight, both naked from the waist down, as he led her towards the closed bedroom door.
Opening it wide, Lindy's mother was naked and lying face down on the bed. A used syringe was at her side and a length of rubber tubing was still tied around her arm. She had injected everything the Jack had given her and was unconscious, with only the slightest rhythmical movement of the torso to indicate that she was still alive.
The little girl had seen her mother like this many times before, but not without any clothes on, and she followed Jack to her mother's side.

He pulled the woman's legs open and said, "See Lindy, your Mom's got a cunt just like yours."

The little girl moved her face close to her mothers closed slit and she could immediately see the similarities. The shaven slit did indeed look very like her own hairless hole and she looked up at Jack and nodded her head.

Pleased at her reaction, he said, "Okay, now watch this."

He crawled onto the bed and between the woman's open legs. Lowering his hips, he positioned the tip of his prick at the entrance to her cunt and smiled at the child as he asked, "Are you ready?"

Lindy's face was only inches away from where his cock was touching her mother's sex, and she nodded her head. Slowly, and easily, Jack slid the entire length of his shaft up the woman's cunt, and even in her unconscious state, she moaned happily.

"See?" he asked. "Not only does it fit, but your Mom likes it inside her!"

The demonstration did seem very convincing to the child, and he never thought to enlighten her that not only was her whore of a mother very much slacker that she was, but the woman was also still full of Jack's cum from their last fuck.

He held his prick inside the woman as he looked at the child, and Lindy said the magic words, "Okay, you can fuck me!"

Grinning at the child, he quickly dragged his cock out of her mother's cunt and sprang off the bed. Lindy laughed as he scooped her into his arms and as he walked back into the living room, his fingers were back inside her cunt and playing with her tiny clit.

Lying her down on the couch, he continued to finger her and managed to get two fingers into her for about a couple of inches before a look of pain flashed across her face. Pulling his fingers out, he carefully lifted up her legs and folded them back until her ankles were around her ears. Giggling at the position she was in, Lindy appeared relaxed as he lowered his hips until the head of his cock touched her slit.

Easing forward, he was able to get the first inch of his shaft into her cunt and he held it there, savouring the feeling of her hot and wet flesh. Remarkably, the child's hips were moving back and forth again and Jack added a slight pressure and let her rocking motion take him deeper.

The tightness of her fuck tube increased the deeper he went. By the time he had squeezed two inches into her body, the child began to feel some pain and her hips stopped moving. She bit her bottom lip but remained silent while another half inch of hard cock penetrated her but then cried, "Ooohhhh stop! That hurts!"

"Its okay baby," Jack said. "The pain will go away soon."

Pulling his cock back until it was almost out of her cunt, made Lindy sigh in relief, but she grimaced when he pushed forward again. Slowly, he started to fuck the preteen and after every third of fourth stroke, he would penetrate her just a little deeper.

He soon had between four and four and a half inches in her cunt and he figured that she was just about full. Thankful that he could now concentrate on his own pleasure, the speed of his thrusts increased and his cum started to boil inside his balls. He knew that he was never going to last very long and although he gritted his teeth and tried to thing of anything other that the child beneath his thrusting prick, nothing worked and he gasped loudly as his cum rocketed up his cock and sprayed into Lindy's cunt.

The little girl was still in pain from the shaft inside her, but it was gradually diminishing as her hole stretched. She was just starting to wonder if she would be able to have another cum, when she heard Jack gasp. A few seconds later and she felt his cock lurch inside her and something wet and hot start to fill her up. She had no idea what was happening, but she kept still until his prick stop moving and his eyes fluttered open. He gazed down at her face, and then at where they were joined and he groaned again in satisfaction.

Just at that point, an unexpected noise made then both turn their heads towards the bedroom door and the child's mother staggered through. She looked like shit and her movements were jerky and almost uncontrolled. She took one look at the pair of them and she cried, "What the fuck are you doing?"

Lindy cringed at the harshness and anger in her mother's voice, but Jack replied calmly, "I'm fucking your little girl!"

"How dare you?" the woman cried, moving towards him, but she stopped in her tracks when he snarled back, "I dare because I'm the one who supplied you with the shit that you pump into your brains. Now, shut the fuck up, or that's the last you'll ever get from me."

The effect on the woman was instantaneous. Her features softened and her tensed body relaxed and she held up both hands in a placating gesture and said, "Okay Jack, okay. You can fuck her. I was thinking of put her ass to work anyway."

Now she was close enough to him to wrap her arms around his neck and she looked down at where his cock was buried in her six-year-old daughter and whispered in his ear, "You do her good baby. You ram that gorgeous cock in her as deep as you want!"

The woman's breath was rancid and her body was unwashed and equally foul smelling. Shrugging her arms away, Jack said, "There's more shit in my jacket pocket. Take it and fuck off back to the bedroom."

Like an obedient puppy, the woman did exactly what she was told without even a backward glance at her molested daughter.

The anger slowly flowed out of Jack's eyes, and he smiled down at the preteen to reassure her that everything was okay. His cock was softening and gradually it slid out of Lindy's cunt and he released his hold on her ankles. As the child straightened, Jack watched his cum ooze out of her hole and the girl felt it too. Moving her hand between her legs, she brought her fingers back to her face covered with spunk.

"That's what men do when they cum," he informed her. "They make that white spunk."

Nodding her understanding, he watched incredulously as the little girl licked her fingers clean. If was an unusual taste, but Lindy liked the flavour and she said, "Not bad," as she reached down to her cunt for more.

That was the child's initiation into sex and a few days later, Jack took her to The Mall and bought her a dress and some panties. Lindy was ecstatic with her gifts and she eagerly nodded her agreement when Jack got her back to his car and said, "Now, if you're a good girl and don't tell anyone what we did, I'll buy you lots more nice things if you let me fuck you when I want."

When they arrived back at the trailer, Lindy's mother was sitting on a chair watching television and drinking bourbon straight from the bottle. She paid little attention to the new clothes that her daughter showed her and even less attention when Jack told Lindy to take off her panties and to sit on his cock.

Jack had become a regular visitor to the trailer and it was inevitable that he would push his cock into Lindy's mouth and teach her how to suck him off. The child already liked the taste of his cum and she loved the way his prick would jerk about in her mouth as he pumped out his load. Little Lindy was a natural at giving head and whilst her mother would watch television, her little girl would be suckling on Jack's prick.

Although he was fucking and sucking her every chance he got, he also made good on his promises to buy her nice things. Lindy soon realised that her cunt and her mouth were worth money and if he wanted to do her, she learned to casually mention something that she wanted. Invariably, he would buy it for her and Lindy's career as a whore began.

A few months after loosing her virginity, Lindy was asked to remain after class by her teacher Mr. Thompson. She had been falling behind in her studies, mainly because she spent most nights with Jack's cock in either her mouth or her cunt, and he thought that he should talk to her about it.

She sat on a seat in front of him and listened to what he had to say, and she saw him stutter and blush when she had uncrossed her legs. Paying close attention to his eyes, she watched then flick down to her crotch every few seconds and she bit her lip to hide a smile.

Little by little, she slid down in the chair and kept her knees open. Within a few moments, the teacher could see her panties stretched tightly over her sex mound and his voice got higher as he spoke. Coughing to cover his embarrassment, Lindy watched his hands move to his lap to cover something else. The preteen knew exactly what was causing the bulge in the front of his pants and she teased him further by opening her legs wide. The lemon coloured panties she was wearing were one of Jack's favourites because they were so thin. When they were stretched tight, he said that they gave her the perfect "camel toe", even although she didn't exactly know what that meant. Mr. Thompson obviously liked what he was seeing because his voice eventually faltered and then stopped altogether.
His eyes were riveted onto the outline of the child's cunt and he moaned softly when Lindy moved her hand and casually ran her finger up and down the outline of her slit. Knowing that she had him in her power, the preteen asked softly, "Is there nothing you can do to give me a higher grade Mr. Thompson? I would do anything to get a better grade."

The teacher swallowed hard when he heard her speak. A child of six shouldn't be able to sound sexy, but Lindy certainly did and he was unsure how to react. He was a happily married man with a healthy sex life, but something about this little girl was very attractive.
He really didn't know what to say to her, so he just mumbled, "Well, we might be able to arrange something!"

Lindy gave him her best smile and she was still gently rubbing a finger over cunt when she asked softly, "Would you like me to take my panties off?"

The teacher's heart lurched and he almost came in his pants in response to Lindy's question, and he suddenly shot to his feet and marched over to the door. The preteen thought that maybe she had pushed too hard, but the smile was back on her face when Mr. Thompson locked the door and came back to his chair. Looking into the young girl's face, the then nodded his head.

Lindy stood up and reached under her skirt to skim her underwear down to her ankles. She carefully stepped out of them, and when she sat back down, her skirt was covering her crotch. In one fluid motion, she slid down in the chair, lifted both her feet from the ground and spread her legs as far as she could. Mr. Thompson's heart was hammering loudly in his chest at the erotic sight of the girl's six-year-old cunt that was already open enough for him to glimpse her pink tube. Reaching down with her hands, she fanned open her hole and began fingering herself as she gazed at her teacher and asked, "Would you like to fuck me now?"

He nodded his head, and watched in amazement as she got to her feet and stood in front of him. He could smell her aroused cunt and he held his breath while she pulled down the zipper in his pants and pushed her hand inside. His cock was so hard that she had some trouble pulling it out but she eventually succeeded and she gazed down at the shaft. She judged it to be slightly smaller than Jack's, so she wouldn't have any problem with it. Straddling his lap, with her feet on the floor on either side of his chair, she lifted up the front of her skirt so that Mr. Thompson could see her cunt again. Lowering her hips until they were just touching, she then remained motionless as she looked at her teacher and asked, "What grade will you give me?"

It was blackmail of the strongest kind, but the little girl was very happy when he spluttered, "B.... no, B plus!"

Smiling her gratitude, she sank down onto his hard prick and took him all the way up to her cervix.

"Thank you Mr. Thompson," she said as she began bouncing her tight hole up and down his shaft, but he probably didn't hear her because his eyes were fixed on the sight of his cock inside a six-year-old girl.

Just to make it more exciting for him, she kept holding her skirt up with one hand, whilst she raised the finger that had been inside her cunt up to his nose.

Jack had once told her that men liked the smell of a woman's cunt, especially a little girls cunt, and she wondered if her teacher would think the same. She got her answer as soon as the scent of her hole reached his nose because his mouth automatically opened and he sucked it inside.

Lindy's cunt was hot, wet and tight and the perversity of fucking it, whilst sucking on her finger that was covered with her fuck sauce, was too much for the teacher. Without warning, he moaned loudly and the preteen felt his prick lurch inside her tube a second before she felt his cum spray into her.
Lowering herself onto his lap, she waited until his cock had stopped twitching, before she eased up and stepped back.

Thank you," she said again, kissing him on the cheek before she picked up her panties and shipped towards the door. Unlocking it, she let herself out and left her teacher sitting in his chair, bemused, shocked and very satisfied.

She didn't want to get her new panties all stained, so Lindy went into the restroom and wiped herself off with paper towels before she headed back to the trailer she called home.

For the next few months, that was pretty much how Lindy lived. She fucked her teacher to keep her grades up and she fucked Jack because he bought her nice things. Her mother was happy because she still got her drugs and now she didn't have to put out for them. With Lindy's young body being available, Jack had no interest in using her junky mother.

When her seventh birthday came around, she was hoping that Jack would bring her some presents. Lindy didn't normally get anything from her mother, who hardly knew what day it was, never mind the date. The little girl had showed Jack some clothes that she liked the last time they were at the mall and she wondered if he would remember.
True to form, Lindy's mother didn't realise that it was her daughter's birthday and she was still hung over in bed when the child left the trailer for school. When her classes were over in the afternoon, she was surprised, and pleased to find Jack waiting for at the school gate. Walking her towards his car, she clapped her hands in excitement when she saw the wrapped presents stacked up in the back seat.

"Can I unwrap them now?" she asked excitedly.

"Wait until you get home," he replied with a laugh and he held open the passenger door for her to get in. As they drove back to the trailer, Lindy expertly pulled his cock out of his pants and sucked on his prick all the way home. She was so skilled at giving head by now that she recognised every twitch of his shaft and was able to bring him to the brink half a dozen times and stop just seconds before he came. Only when they reached the trailer and he pulled on the parking brake, did she suck him off.
Like a true whore, she didn't allow a single drop to escape and she kept swallowing his load until his balls were empty. Licking him clean, she then carefully tucked his prick back inside his pants and pulled up his zip.

For the next half an hour, Lindy had the most enjoyable time of her life, opening present after present. Jack had remembered every item that she had pointed out to him and the child was thrilled at all of the new outfits she had. He purposely never bought her any electrical goods or gadgets because he knew that her mother would just sell them for drug money. Children's clothing she could do little with, and that was the only reason that Lindy still had anything in her wardrobe!

The preteen's mother watched her daughter opening her presents, but she had obviously injected something recently because her eyes were glazed and unfocused. Both Jack and Lindy completely ignored the woman and the little girl threw her arms around Jack's neck once she had opened everything.
Kissing him on the lips, she pulled back her face and said, "Thank you for my presents Jack."

"You're welcome," he responded, and then said, "Are you going to try the clothes on?"

The child's eyes sparkled at the thought, and she proceeded to give Jack a fashion show of her presents. Wherever possible, she made sure that he saw plenty of her panties when she tried on new underwear, and plenty of her hairless little cunt at other times. One of the last things she tried on were her new black school shoes. All her friends were wearing them and now Lindy would be just the same. She was still wearing a short summer dress with white socks as she slid her feet into the shoes. They buckled at the side, so the preteen turned her back on Jack and kept her legs straight as she bent over to fasten up her shoes. She wasn't wearing any panties and this gave Jack the sight that Lindy knew he loved the most. Her little cunt and asshole were lewdly displayed before his eyes and it came as no surprise to the child to feel his finger slide up her cunt. She giggled as she looked back between her legs and then continued buckling her shoes.

It wasn't just her cunt that Jack was interested in, and his eyes were drawn to her tightly closed asshole as he fingered her fuck tube. Lately, he had been fantasying more and more about fucking the little girl up the ass, and he knew that he wasn't going to be able to hold back much longer. Pulling his slime covered finger out of the preteen's front hole, he pressed it against Lindy's shit hole and moved it around in little circles. The child stopped what she was doing with the shoes, but her body remained motionless as the pressure of Jack's finger increased. Very gradually, Lindy's asshole opened just enough to take his finger and she gasped when it pushed knuckle deep in her bowels.

The young girl was aware that Jack had recently started to play with her poop hole a lot. Whilst she didn't exactly enjoy it, the feeling of being full of his finger wasn't too bad. She was extremely tight however and Jack could tell that he would do her serious damage if he tried to squeeze his prick up her ass. Thankfully for Lindy's peace of mind, she had never heard of anal sex and she would have been very worried if she had known that Jack had made a promise to himself that as soon as she was able to take two fingers up her shit tube, his cock would soon follow!

While her seven year old daughter was being molested, her mother happily watched and drank bourbon whisky straight from the bottle. She was feeling good with fresh narcotic flowing through her bloodstream and she was completely unconcerned about what was happening to her child. In fact, the mother/child relation was now nonexistent and she now thought of Lindy as just some little girl who lived in the same trailer.

The erotic sight wasn't lost on her befuddled brain however and she pulled open the housecoat she was wearing and pushed the hand that wasn't holding the bottle between her legs.

Jack pulled his finger out of the preteen's asshole and immediately replaced it with his mouth. The girl moaned as his tongue slid inside her shit tube and her body shivered with excitement. This was the one part of having her back hole stimulated that she really enjoyed. It wasn't as good as having her cunt sucked, but it came a close second.

Jack enjoyed the earthy and musky flavour of her asshole and his cock was hard inside his pants as he tried to imagine what it would feel like to have her hot and buttery shit hole wrapped around his shaft. It was a thought that made his shaft twitch but he wasn't ready to fuck the preteen in any hole just yet. Reluctantly, he moved his head back and Lindy began fastening up her shoes again as if it was the most normal thing in the world to be abused.

She straightened up and gave Jack a twirl to show off her footwear, and he nodded his head in appreciation and then patted the couch beside him. Lindy hopped up beside him, first pulling her dress up to her waist in case he wanted to get at her cunt.

He had lost count of how many times he had fucked, fingered or sucked her on this couch and by now it was heavily stained and smelt strongly of the little girl's hole. He had never fucked the girls mother anywhere but on the bed and therefore Lindy was responsible for all of the smells and stains in the fabric.

The child's mother lifted the bourbon bottle to her lips and swallowed deeply as she played with her cunt. Jack watched her for a few seconds and then turned to the preteen and asked, "So, what did you get for your birthday from your Mommy?"

Lindy glanced over at the woman and then shrugged her shoulders, as she replied, "Nothing!"

The woman was just about coherent enough to understand what was being said, but the drugs in her system made her feel happy and without a care in the world.

"Nothing," Jack repeated. "That doesn't seem right, does it?"

Lindy could have said that she had never received anything on any of her birthdays, but instead she just shook her head in agreement.

"Well," Jack said slowly. "If she didn't give you any presents, I think the least she could do is to make you happy, don't you think?"

The preteen had no idea where he was going with this, but she was happy to play along and she nodded her agreement.

Lindy's mother was in a world of her own, but she looked up when Jack raised his voice and said, "Hey, skank!"

He had a small packet of heroin in his hand and he waved it in the air as he asked, "You want some of this."

A stupid smile spread over the woman's face, and still holding the neck of the bottle in one hand, she crawled across the floor, but didn't immediately reach for the drugs. She knew that payment was always first and she rubbed Jack's crotch and fumbled for the fastener of his pants. Roughly knocking her hand away, Jack snarled, "Not a chance bitch. I don't want your fucked up and stinking body any more."

The woman was totally confused now and she looked hungrily at the white power in the polythene back, and them back at Jack. She needed instruction and he was happy to supply it. Pointing to Lindy's cunt he said simply, "Eat your little girl's hole."

Hesitating only for a second, the woman them crawled between her seven year old daughter's legs and lowered her mouth onto Lindy's slit.

The child lay back on the couch and opened her legs wide. She loved getting her cunt eaten and she didn't care who did it too her as long as they got her off. Looking up at Jack, she grinned and said, "She's got her tongue in me!"

It was the only thing that the woman had ever done to give any form of pleasure to her daughter. Even now however, the only reason she was doing this was to get the packet of heroin.

Her tongue slid far up Lindy's fuck tube and flicked over the preteen's sensitive flesh. The child loved the sensations of having her little piss hole licked and that was exactly what her mother was doing to her.

In the few bars that Lindy's mother frequented, she was known as the do anything girl. She didn't care how depraved of demeaning the act was, if her reward was the drugs she craved, she would do it. On many occasions, she had been asked to eat cunt and she had become very good at it. That expertise was making her daughter squirm and writhe on the couch and add yet another stain to the material.

Raising her hand between the child's legs, the woman slid her stiffened index finger all the way up her cunt as she moved her mouth onto Lindy's tiny clit.

With her mother's curled finger rubbing just above her piss hole and her sucking mouth on her clit, the preteen was bucking wildly and crying out loudly. The familiar tingling feeling was intensifying rapidly and she waited for her cum. Surprisingly however, it didn't happen immediately and the tingling just kept escalating.

By now, Lindy's butt and thighs were numb and her stomach was lurching as if she was falling from a great height. The more her mother stimulated her cunt, the stronger the feelings became until she thought she couldn't stand it any longer. Although she wasn't aware of it, she was shouting incoherently and her body was thrashing about on the couch. Only the fact that her mother had her finger up her cunt was she able to control the jerking movements of Lindy's sex and she suddenly bit down hard on the child's immature clit.

To the seven year old, it felt like a bomb had been detonated deep inside her cunt. Her screams echoed round the trailer and she convulsed and thrashed wildly as a massive orgasm took control of her flesh. Girl cum splattered out of her cunt and covered her mother's face as the preteen flopped about uncontrollably and the young girl could do nothing but surrender completely to the ecstatic sensations lancing through her body.

Having done what she was told to do, her mother moved her face back and pulled her finger out of Lindy's fuck hole. The woman rocked back on her heels as she watched her little girl orgasm. She was so unsteady that she had to place one hand onto the floor to stop herself from falling over, but that didn't stop her raising the bottle to her lips and taking another gulp of the bourbon.

Getting up and kneeling between Lindy's legs, Jack waited for a few moments as he too watched the preteen writhe and shudder on the couch. When the worst of the shaking had receded, he looked at the mother and hissed, "Put my cock in her."

The woman reached out for his shaft and tightly gripped the root as she manoeuvred it towards her daughters fuck hole. The child's cunt was glistening with a combination of her own cum and her mother's saliva as the woman placed Jack's cock at the entrance to Lindy's slit. Moving her hand onto Jack's butt, she pushed down and drove his prick deep into the little girl's cunt.

Lindy gasped as she was penetrated and her cunt walls were pushed apart. She was well used to Jack's cock by now however and there was very little pain. Slowly dragging his cock back until it was almost out of her body, the mother then pushed back down on his butt and rammed it back inside. Glancing down at the woman, Jack said, "Push your finger up her asshole. Your daughter likes to have something in her shit tube while she's getting fucked.

Lindy's mother immediately slid her hand under her child's butt and felt for her tiny asshole. It was covered with the juices that were leaking out of the little girl's cunt and she used that lubrication to enter her bowels.

"All the way," Jack instructed. "Don't stop until you're knuckle deep."

Looking down into the preteen's face, Jack could see that her eyes were closed, but her mouth was open and she was breathing fast and shallow.

"You feel that up your ass?" he hissed, even although he could feel it himself on his cock because there was only a thin membrane separating them.

Lindy tried to speak, but couldn't. Swallowing hard, she eventually managed to gasp, "Uh huh!"

The seven year old had never felt so full before. With Jack's cock completely filling her front tube and her mother's finger deep in her asshole, the child moaned and groaned happily as she waited for her cum. Her last climax hadn't really finished and small ripples of the most gorgeous feelings were coursing through her flesh as the familiar rush began to build again.

Jack had got into a smooth rhythm and he looked over at the mother again and said, "I want your finger in my asshole as well."

The woman had no choice now but to release her hold on the liquor bottle, and she shuffled forward on her knees and then raised her other hand and slid her index finger into his bowels.
Her face was now only inches away from her daughters stuffed hole and she could smell the child's hot cunt and hear the juices inside sloshing and rasping as the were frothed up by Jack's thrusting cock.

The woman finger fucked the two assholes and both Jack and Lindy moaned in satisfaction. The preteen was panting for breath by now and her eyes suddenly shot open and she gazed up at Jack's face as she gasped, "I'm going to cum!"

He was very close behind her and as she shuddered, her stretched cunt tightened around his shaft like a vice and her spasming muscles milked his thick spunk out of his balls.
His teeth were clenched as he sprayed his load into the little girls cunt and his heart pounded loudly in his chest. It took a long time for them to both recover and only when they began to separate, did Lindy's mother pull her fingers out of their assholes.

Completely exhausted, Jack collapsed onto one end of the couch while Lindy remained on her back with her legs apart. Her fuck hole was open and when Jack's cum started to run out of her body, her mother bent forward and sucked it into her mouth. Finally cleaning her daughter's cunt with her tongue, she sat back on her heels, like a well trained dog and waited for her reward. Sighing deeply, Jack tossed the small packet of heroin at her and despite being totally fucked up, she managed to catch it and she immediately stood up and took her trophy into the bedroom.

Jack took a few minutes to look around the trailer and he shook his head ruefully. It smelt bad and it was filthy. Lindy's mother never cleaned anything, and that seemed to include her own body, and Jack knew without having to look that the cupboards would be empty, except for bottles of bourbon. Making a decision that he had been thinking about for weeks, he turned to look at Lindy and asked, "How would you like to live with me for a while."

She didn't have to think of her answer as she nodded her head and said, "Okay."

o0o The End o0o

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