As the school years moves on, Cheryl realizes what Olivia means to her...
It had been a difficult semester so far, some of the students were struggling to pick up on Calculus and Trigonometry. I had set up an extra tutoring class, I even asked Olivia if she would mind tutoring some of the students who were falling behind. I knew it was generally not condoned to pay a student to tutor other students, but this was not a typical situation as far as I was concerned. Either my teaching methods were at fault, or there is more than half the population that is profoundly math-challenged.

Olivia agreed to help, seeing that it wasn't just her fellow students that needed help, I needed her help. I told her I would pay her $10 per hour that she spent with the other students. It was a good deal because I noticed not only that there was an improvement in the student grades that she tutored, but Olivia seemed to enjoy it and it helped to break down some of the social barriers that had been there previously.

My personal life? That too was on shaky ground. I had gone on about four dates in the last month and a half, two of each sex. The guys unmemorable. But the women have actually become friends, as we realized that we did have some things in common with the exception for a lingering physical attraction. Of course it might have been that I slept with both women on the first date, something I've never done with a guy. Was alcohol involved? Yes and yes. Both of them. I would tell you about my fathers abrupt arrival in town, unannounced. But I'm still too pissed to even want to deal with that.

"Knock, Knock, mind if we talk?" a voice asked at the door to my office.

"Sure, come in, Olivia. Close the door.", I say. "How's tutoring coming? It does seem to be helping."

"Um, well, yeah, OK, I guess." Something was up as she never spoke in such short snippets of the English language before.

"So, what brings you in?"

"Well... a friend of mine... Vanessa...", the mention of the name halts my breath, I tense up and look at her, she slowly continues, "is having her 21st birthday. She really liked meeting you, and wanted me to make sure to invite you.", she was clearly fidgeting, but confidently moving forward towards the desk. "Besides, she and I share the same birthday, but not the same year. I'll be 18. This is the invitation.", I looked at the address, and quivered at the thought of what she was planning.

"I thought Vanessa was only 19? I guess she grew up fast, maybe a bit too fast. I don't want to disappoint her, but I won't be able to make it to her party." She looked a little rejected. "But if...", saying this quietly, "your party is on the same day... same place, I might be persuaded to make an appearance."

Excitedly, "Great, um, well, I guess I should tell you that that invite... was the only one I could afford to have printed, so don't lose it. I haven't told anyone else yet, but those I want to attend will receive word.", She smiled, raised her eyebrow, and turned to leave.

OK, I'm feeling horny, and just riffed my way through that whole conversation, at least after she was being "discrete", like the night I met Vanessa. I was turned on at the thought she appears to be very discrete about this, a skill I'm sure she learned on her previous job.

I already crossed several boundaries. Legally I knew how old she was when I slept with her. Ethically being her teacher I knew I would lose my job and still might. But morally? I don't think I have an issue. What is wrong with two people being together?

But then it dawned on my sex wracked brain. The money I give her for tutoring... Someone might interpret that as me paying her for sex, if any one found out about this.

Damned if I do, but if I don't? I risk losing Olivia, not just as a tutor... not even just an assistant, as I realize just how much she does for me. She has helped grade some home work and found patterns of mistakes the kids were making. Hell, I'm beginning to think I should be her assistant.

Also, not going might push her back in her shell. She seems so happy, and that has made me happy, maybe in ways that it shouldn't. I already acted on it once, and was seriously contemplating doing it again. I was starting to think that the biggest thing I stand to lose is Olivia. I mean, she's intelligent, she's mature, she's responsible, she's personable, she's beautiful, she's sexual... what more could any person ask for in a lover? At the same time, I didn't really know what secrets she holds inside. I got the feeling she has led a not so charmed life, despite her beautiful outward appearances.

I don't remember her telling me when this party was, so I looking at the invite, and noticed it this Saturday, that was two days away. My stomach was doing somersaults, but I was smiling all over. I then thought of what I should get for her, other than naked. It made me smile even more.

The next day I got a huge surprise, Olivia has dyed her hair, at least part of it. Everything above her ears was now bleached blonde, but everything below it was still her natural color, the bleached portion pulled back into a pony tail, leaving the darker hair underneath exposed. While it was a big change, it really was kind of erotic. But I dare not tell her that, at least not until Saturday. "I really like your hair, Olivia."

"Thank you, Ms. Sanderson. I'm glad you like it.", she replied.

"Why the change?"

"One of my friends wants to be a stylist, and I offered my hair for her to experiment on."

"I think this experiment works for you.", I said almost winking at her.

She smiled and turned to take her seat. As she was walking away, I stole a glance at her ass, and was dreaming about seeing it nude again, real soon.

I tucked my ecstatic happiness away. The rest of the day was uneventful, and I got home, made some dinner, then settled in to watch some sci-fi movies, I needed something to taking my mind off the waiting and anticipation. But then again, a little pot helps with that, too. I ended up falling asleep on my couch.

I woke up around 3 in the morning. I cleared my eyes, sat up, turned off the TV, and chugged the rest of the drink I had made. It didn't taste as good warm. I then finished the rest of joint, and went to bed for real this time. I couldn't stop thinking of Olivia, but wondered if I might get a visit with Vanessa. There were strange thoughts of what we might do, given her previous occupation. Was she inviting anyone else, as I thought she meant. I fell asleep, but even there, I couldn't stop thinking about sex.

I had one cock in my mouth, in my pussy, my ass, and one in each hand, and aimed directly at my face. I didn't have to worry about support, as I seem to be suspended in mid air. Now my partners in battle have now become womem, and their cocks have become flesh-like strap-ons. The ones in my mouth and hands look strangly real. They are also more aggressive, and I start choking. I'm thrown out of sleep, feeling a need to cough something up. My mouth was almost filled with saliva, as if my body thought it needed to produce more for some purpose. I went to the bathroom to spit in the toilet.

I am convinced that my body operates on automatic when it comes to Olivia, maybe that dream somehow triggered this, as my pussy was drenched, too. I shuddered to see if my ass, too, was well lubbed. I sat down to piss. Maybe these dreams were caused by my full bladder.

I feel much better now, and head back to bed, thinking about "bob", but decide to leave him alone. Leave my pussy alone, or was I saving it for tomorrow?

I needed to make myself as comfortable as possible, maybe that would influence my dreams. I curled up on my side, hugging some pillows in my arms, and one between my legs. I was soon dreaming of Olivia spooning behind me, caressing my breasts and blowing in my ear. Soon her hands were spreading my ass cheeks and probing a finger into me. It began to feel she was fucking me with a dildo, which became a strap-on, her hands now on my shoulders keeping me from moving while her hips thrust wildly into my ass. I somehow thought that if I rolled over, this would stop, but all my attempts were met with resistance. I was starting to feel that something consensual has become rape, and I am bring forced to submit.

I jolt awake knowing that I could never allow myself to submit so completely, but my mind had wiped the slate clean, and the only thing left was the panic and the feeling of being fucked in the ass. I have only tried it twice and didn't care for it.

Maybe I should smoke another joint, at least a bowl, a large one. I walk out into the living room and get out my pipe and stash, and filled it.

For some reason, I looked at the door remembering my father coming in, unannounced, on the morning after Stacy and mine's first date, she was still asleep, nude in my bed, but I was smoking a bowl sitting naked on my couch which is in full view of the door.

"Put some clothes on!", he said in his slurred drunken state. No "Hi, may I use your spare key to break and enter your place, your mom tossed me cause I'm a lyin', cheatin', unfaithful, no good drunk of a father who can't think of anyone else who will take me in, can I crash on your couch, please."

At least that would have been a more direct path to the truth, instead of the hour and a half ordeal we went through that started with Stacy coming out of my bedroom wearing nothing and almost knocking my father out. First with her body, then with her fist.

"My god, now you're sleepin' with chicks. At least she's got a nice body. You think if I play my...", and Stacy slugged him hard right in the face, and then tried to kick him in the balls.

I had to almost pull her off him. "Stacy, please, stop, he's my father, and he's drunk."

"Yeah, he's an idiot, too!", and kicked him again. It was then I learned the reason she aggressively tore into my pussy last night, she's got a bit of a tomboy running in her veins. Maybe the close cropped hair should have clued me in, or would that be stereotyping?

"Please, go get dressed, and we'll... I'll figure out how to sober him up.", she playfully slapped me on the cheek and disappeared into my room.

I grabbed my robe from the couch, "Come on, Dad, time to get out of the gutter, and sit on the couch with the rest of us normal folk.", helping him up as much as he would allow.

"You're a witness, you saw that demon bitch attack me.", stammering in drunkenese.

"I also saw a drunken man break into my place uninvited, and them start yelling at me and my guest.", I sternly, but politely said, while pushing him down in the couch. He tried to get up. "Sit down, or I'll punch you, too.", and grumbles his way to sitting back on the couch.

"Why are all womem such bitches and whores? And now my own daughter... a lesbian.", I swung my arm back and slapped him so hard, he flew down on his side laying on the couch.

"God, why are you such an asshole?", I shouted as loud as I could.

"Whaddja hit me like that for...", he mummbled.

"God, you don't get it, do you Dad.", my palms rubbing my eyes, and then running my fingers through my hair. "You need to go, Dad. I mean, why are you even here in Chicago, it's a long way from Carbondale. Oh, I forgot, you're drunk, so anything I say now I'll just be repeating again later when you sober up. Ha, IF you sober up.", I was so livid, my adrenalin was spiking.

"I'm going to get you a motel, you are going to sleep this off, and then you're driving back to Carbodale.", I made the arrangements and called a cab.

"But, I can't go home, your mom"...

"tossed you out." finishing his sentence. "Yeah I know Dad. You're going to have to figure this one out on your own. I don't have the means to help you. Besides, you got work in Monday."

He sat painfully silent. "You still got your job, right, please tell me, you still have one."

"Yeah, Yeah, I still got a fucking job. Don't get yer panties in a knot... OH, I forgot, you ain't wearin' none."

"Just shut the fuck up until the cab gets here, I don't want to hear anything out of your fucking mouth...", and stormed off to the bedroom.

Stacy closed the door, spun me around and swept me into her arms then kissed me. While this felt great, especial with the adrenalin pumping, I just had to stop her. "Can we do this later. I'm still new to this, but now my ass of a father is going to tell everyone in my home town that his daughter is a raging dyke, and my girlfriend attacked him.", I said.

"I don't mind them knowing I kicked his ass!", she joked.

"I just... look, I know you're just teasing, but not right now. Please?", she hugged me close.

"Do you need me to hang out until he goes?", Stacy offers.

"Yeah, I'd really appreciate it if you could.", she touches my cheek.

"Are you hungry?", I ask.

"Food is only a poor substitute for you, but yeah, I'm hungry."

We walked out to the kitchen, my father passed out on the couch. I made enough eggs, potatoes, and toast for three. Stacy was rubbing my shoulders while I cooked. It really did the trick.

I woke my father up enough to put the food in front of him. He sat up after a couple minutes and ate some food.

Stacy and I talked about nothing, not knowing what my father might overhear and take back home with him. She told me about her job, and where she just went on vacation, winking and saying, "I'll tell you about it later."

My father finished about three quarters of his food when the cab arrived. He was still pretty drunk, but we got him into the cab with him only once trying to cop a feel on Stacy, grabbing her tit. She smacked the shit out of him, again.

The cab left, and I asked her to come back up with me. "I should get going, I'm sure you got enough on your plate right now."

I so wanted to kiss her at that moment, and looked around to see if anyone was watching. She just pulled me close to her and kissed me right there on the steps to my building. I slowly wrapped my arms around her and let her kiss me. She's now seeing someone else.

I come back to reality and found I was starting to pack a third bowl, quite high already, and the clock saying 5:36 am. I had to meet Olivia in less than twelve hours, still not knowing 100% if I was going, but 99.9% was already decided by my heart, and maybe my pussy. Will my head prevail? I put the pipe and stuff away and went to bed.

I think it was close to 6:15 when I finally nodded away, no outlandish sex games in my head this time. I slept, and the clock read 12:17 when my eyes opened. I laid there trying to clear my head. My hands found my tits, and I began to play with my nipples. I thought about moving my hand south, but stopped short when my cell phone rang. I looked at the caller ID. It's Mom.

"Hi, Mom!", I hadn't talked to her since the father incident. It was good to hear her voice.

"Hi, Cheryl. I miss you, I'm sorry I inflicted your father on you. I'm fed up with him myself. I've filed for divorce.", I was stunned, Mom was finally taking control.

"Well, it's about time. And as far as to his coming to Chicago, that wasn't your fault."

"He's been tellin' people that you invited him for the weekend, but when he got there, your girlfriend attacked him, and the two of you drunkenly kicked the shit out of him. He also told us what a gentleman he was by not hitting back.", then matter of factly asked, "Cheryl, are you a lesbian? I mean, I don't really care about that... I just like that two girls kicked his butt. But... are you?"

"Well, Mom, I won't lie to you, cause I know my secrets are safe with you. Yes, I was with a woman the morning Dad drunkenly used my key to come in univited, while she was still asleep, and I was walking around my apartment nude. So, I'm sure you could imagine how pissed I was."

"You, know, I've thought of finding another woman, just to see his reaction. He's such a 'Christian' christian. Maybe I still can." Not knowing if she was serious.

"Thanks, Mom, you don't have to change teams on my account.", I laughed.

"Who's thinking of you, I've heard women know how to eat pussy better,", she made me blush as this was the most candid we have ever been with each other, "and now I can ask someone first hand, or would that be first tongue?", we both laughed. I don't know how my Mom survived living in that town for so long. I couldn't wait to leave.

"I will tell you I've enjoyed that part so far. It's totally different, but that's all I'm going to say to my Mother. The rest you will have to do your own research to discover."

"Yeah, you sold me... where do I sign?".

We talked of small things for another 15 minutes, and I told her I had a date to get ready for.

"Girl or guy?", she asked.

"A girl, if you must know.", I laughed. It felt good to talk with Mom like this, I wasn't sure how she would react, I hoped it would be exactly as she is, but I just wasn't ready to cross this bridge yet. I'm glad she truly is on my side.

We said our goodbyes, and she hoped I enjoyed the date. There weren't words to say how much I wanted to enjoy it as well.

I got in the shower, enjoying the warm water hitting my skin. Once I was wet all over, I soaped my body, making sure to clean all the hidden spots well. I lathered up my hair with shampoo, then rinsed, and put on some conditioner, leaving it in for a bit while I shaved my legs then paid particular attention to my pussy, shaving it bald. I rinsed my hair for the last time, and turned off the shower. Rubbing a towel through my hair, wrapping my head in a turban. Grabbing another to dry my body, massaging my legs relieving my tentions.

I wasn't quite sure what I would wear, but decided on a simple skirt, blouse, and a sweater, with some sexy things underneath. I put some perfume on, and stared at my refection in the mirror, my brown hair framing my face. This was one of the first times I felt attractive seeing my image in the looking glass. But I think that had more to do with how I was feeling about Olivia. She was far more mature than almost any 18 year old I knew, and I was feeling that there was nothing wrong with our relationship, if only I wasn't her teacher.

I gathered everything I wanted to take with me, ensuring I take the present I got for Olivia. My purse, an umbrella, as it had started to rain, the present, my pipe and the pot, and my heavy, long black overcoat.

Looking around my apartment thinking of that Friday night, two months ago that Vanessa came to my apartment, only to have Olivia leave me silently asleep, happy.

I locked the door and headed for my car.


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