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First in a series (hopefully)
I'm letting you know, first story so don't expect an amazing work. Also, all characters, story lines, and ideas are mine, if they are similar to anyone else sorry, but it is purely a coincidence. 

Also this story starts really slow but later chapters (pending good reviews) will have more sexual content

Being 18 I am only somewhat sexually active, I've only had sex with my ex-girlfriend twice and a few bj's. I do however have a cushy summer gig with some extremely attractive colleges. 

One stands out in particular though.

She's not to skinny like a model but probably 5' 7" 135 pounds, with the most amazing curves and a great personality. She has long brunette hair and dark green eyes that have led to me having had the biggest crush on her for two years. Her name is Sam.

She has always been flirtatious but being in a relationship kept me from pursing anything further. 

Not that I had a poor image of my self, has I am about 5' 11" and about 195 pounds of mostly muscle, but dating has never been a big thing for me. I have always preferred hanging with my guy friends, but that all changed that summer. 

My ex dumped me and I was free to peruse my beautiful coworker and enjoy my free time. One day while at the office she said her parents were out of town for the week and she was throwing a small party for her coworkers and I of course was invited. Not understanding fully this was my chance to spend some time with her I said thanks but I would likely not be able to go. 

The next day I got that I screwed the pooch on this one and called to ask her address so I could go to the party. She picked up and asked if I could help setup realizing this was a chance to be alone with her I jumped at it. I arrived about 2 hours early to give her a hand.

We finished setting up after an hour and just waited around talking.  

"So, how are you doing today", I asked. 
"Fine," she replied. 
"I didn't ask how you looked, I asked how you were," as I immediately regretted using that line.
She giggled in response has I realized I dodge a major bullet there.

"So I wanted to ask you if you were seeing anyone, because true be told I've been crushing on you for a few years now" Sam spoke so softly the words almost sputtered from her mouth.

Realizing this amazing beautiful woman just practically asked me out had my mind spinning. I couldn't believe my luck. In a poor attempt to keep my cool I said "I've felt the same for a while but being with that bitch made it kind of difficult to have much of a social life with gorgeous women like you,". I realized I wanted to lean in and kiss so bad but right as I built up the courage the was a ring at the door bell.

"Yo, what's up Sam, hey JT, why you here so early," our mutual coworker asked.

"I came to help set up," I replied knowing I lost my shot. 

Later in the night as the party progressed I kept finding myself hanging around Sam unsure what to do next. Finally as the party died down around 1:30 a.m. Me and her were he only two in the house, because I had offered to stay and help pick up.

Finally being alone with her set me off as I moved in to kiss her I saw out of the corner of my eye an arm reached around me and then felt a hand on my ass. 

Both excited she invited me to her room, where we continued to grind and kiss on her bed. As I began to feel her breasts I realized how large and perky they were, being a least a 42C. I was so excited and began to kiss down her stomach and I removed her shirt. I began to unbutton her pants when, she asked
"what are you doing?"
"eating that sweet pussy" I replied. 

After that I began an agonizingly slow journey to her pussy mound, as I sniffed through her panties, I knew she was wet. I peeled back her thin panties and kissed around her thighs as she began to squirm, awaiting for me to begin. then suddenly I clamped down on her clot and thrust a finger into her sopping pussy. She nearly squealed from the release of tension she had just been feeling. I sucked and sucked her flit and slowly added a second finger as she began her journey to a climax. 

Right before she got off, I backed off and just slowly licked her lips, to again build her need to orgasm. And as she bed to finish her I jammed my tongue in as deep as I could and put a well lubed finger into her asshole which sent her into a monster orgasm. Her pussy began to clech and wriggle and her ass began to tighten around my finger. She moaned and cooded, and thanked me for my amazing work, because it was amfirat for her to have been eaten out, has her previous boy friends had only wanted to fuck her or get head.

"your more than welcome, I have had fantasies for years about doing something like that with you,"

As she slowly came back down she cooed, 
"Just wait until it's your turn,". She said as she turned her head toward me and smiled Seductively.

This is part one, please let me know how I did, and it would be preferable that when you criticize me that you do so constructively, and not be obscene about it.

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2015-02-17 15:43:39
a few things that could use work #1 bar size if a girl if 5'7" and 135 lbs a doubt she has a 42 inch chest next is the word clit you did not get that right other than that nice hot storry

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2013-10-26 12:34:47
eVI9uA Really enjoyed this blog. Really Cool.

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2012-12-20 20:24:27
Thankful to have a cup is right and something to put in it. I renletcy read a heart wrenching story about the hunger that is affecting thousands of families in The Horn of Africa mothers are having to make the decision to leave their weakest child to die by the side of the road as they trek for days in search of food. It is hard for me to get the thought of those families out of my mind when I am paring down .I've been in the process of paring down putting at least one thing a day in a box to give away it feels good to know that something I no longer need can be helpful or useful to another. Even though I can't be in The Horn of Africa helping those hungry families I can do my part here eat less and ask Spirit to be with those families and help hungry families here locally by giving away what I no longer need thank you Felicia for the mindfulness bell to remind us all less truly is more

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2012-08-03 12:50:29
Having a crush on someone from afar, then having the doorway opened, to discover that had I known what I now know, I could have been eatin' the girl of my dreams for two years before. One day she got tired of waitin' for me to step up and ask her out. She asked me. We've been together for 50+ years now. What a sweet and wonderful life we've had together. I always thought I was out of her league, because she was just so damn cute. Don't ever listen to that song about if you want to be happy the rest of your life, make an ugly girl your wife. Sometimes there are happy endings where you live happily ever after, with an extremely beautiful lady that makes you glad you wake up next to her smile every morning. The story sounds like it going to be a really sweet story. We look forward to reading it all.


2012-08-01 00:01:20
I'm letting people know if you like this story I got into a real groove tonight and wrote for like two hours, and might have a new, hopefully really good chapter up in a few days, which is a lot sooner then I expected to have gotten done. And thanks for good comments, and tips.
Bye bye :p

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