Dave has no intention to molest his little niece, but things just sort of develop. ( Plus if you don't like don't read or comment thanks!)
Uncle Dave.

Dave Gibbons was a thirty two year old graphic designer and was therefore able to do most of work in the spare bedroom of his house that he laughingly called his office. He had grown up with his younger sister in the small town of Clayton Heights and when their mother had died about seven years ago they had inherited the family home.

As his sister, Molly, had been married at the time, they had come to a financial arrangement that allowed Molly and her husband to live in the house, and Dave bought a smaller property a few streets away.

Soon after that, Molly found out that she was pregnant, and to celebrate that fact, her husband left her for an seventeen year old slut, and she hadn’t seen him since.

That left Molly to raise her daughter on her own. She called the baby Holly, and Dave helped out as much as he could, mainly as a babysitter to let his sister work and earn some money.

That arrangement had worked successfully for years and Holly was now seven years old and spent as much time with Dave as she did with her mother.


Although Molly didn’t have a hectic social life, she did have to work late at the office on occasions and that meant that she couldn’t be home when Holly came back from school. Those were the times that she called on her brother for help, and on one particular Thursday afternoon, he was in Molly’s house when Holly came charging through the front door and threw her school satchel on the floor.

She hollered, “Hi Uncle Dave,” as she rushed past the living room door and a few seconds later the bathroom door slammed open.

Dave was sitting at the table in front of the computer, surfing the Internet, and Holly flashed past the door so quickly that he didn’t have any time to reply to her greeting. A moment later, he heard the soft tinkling of the little girl’s pee spraying into the toilet bowl, and he shook his head remembering how many times her mother had told her to shut the door when she was using the toilet, but Holly hardly ever did so.

A few minutes later, the seven year old came into the living room, still dressed in her school clothes and looked at her Uncle and then at the computer.

“What are you doing Uncle Dave?” she asked.

“Nothing much honey,” he replied. “I’m just playing around, waiting for you to get home.”

Holly nodded her head, and then skipped out of the room when Dave said, “Go up and change now holly. You know that your Mom doesn’t like you playing around in your school clothes.”

He heard her footsteps on the stair, and then the occasional noise or creak from the floorboards that told him she was in her bedroom. Holly took a long time before coming back downstairs, but Dave didn’t think anything about it. He looked around as she came into the room and he could see that she was wearing a thin white coloured tee-shirt and a pair of red coloured panties. When she was at home, this was her normal way to dress and Molly had given up telling her to wear a skirt or trousers. She had a pair of white ankle socks on her feet and although he had never said anything to his sister, Dave had always thought that the little girl looked really sexy when she was dressed like that.

“Can I look at the computer too, Uncle Dave?” the little girl asked.

He was sitting at the dining table on one of the wooden seats, and he smiled down at the little girl as he nodded his head and said, “Sure honey. Hop up here!”

He lifted the little girl onto his lap, and Holly happily straddled his lap with her back to him. He had actually been looking at the cars stocked at various local dealerships because he had been thinking about changing, but knowing that there was a Disney site in the favourites folder, he clicked on it and Holly grinned when it opened up.

Within moments, the seven year old was engrossed in the screen, clicking through various images with the mouse, and Dave relaxed back in the seat and let his eyes wander up and down the child’s body. The thin top moulded to her every curve and the red panties were just low enough on her hips to expose the top of her ass crack to his gaze.

Dave would definitely refute any allegation that he was a paedophile or that he had any interest in little girls in any way. He therefore couldn’t quite work out why his cock twitched inside his pants and began to stiffen.

He immediately tried to shift position slightly, but little Holly’s butt effectively pinned him to the seat, and his prick was starting to form a bulge right between the child’s legs. He desperately tried to think of something, anything, that would make his cock soften, but his brain refused to obey and wanted to flood his thoughts with what Holly had hidden inside her panties.

His shaft was now fully erect and pressing on top of the preteen’s panty covered slit, but instead of moving away, the little girl’s ass slid gently over the bulge as she concentrated on the images on the computer screen. The sensation on the sensitive head of Dave’s prick felt so good and his eyes fluttered closed.

A few seconds later he jumped in fright and surprise when his cell phone started to ring. It was lying on the table beside the computer, and he thumbed the accept button as he snatched it up.

It was a friend of his checking out arrangements for a forthcoming poker game, and Dave was soon in deep conversation. Although he was concentrating on what his friend was saying, it was impossible to miss the fact that Holly was now definitely pressing her crotch onto his prick and her little butt was sliding back and forth much faster. Within a few moments, he was concentrating much more on the little girl’s actions than his friend on the other end of the phone, so he muttered something about calling him back, and ended the call.

He held the cell phone in his hand, not wanting to put it back on the table, or even to move a muscle and disturb the child. He was sure that he could hear her moan very softly and her butt was moving faster now and he could see from the way she was leaning forward with her hands gripping the edge of the table, that her seven year old little cunt had to be pressing right on top of his hard cock.

A couple of seconds later and his eyes flashed up at the computer screen. It had been showing a picture of some cartoon animal with words below, but because the mouse hadn’t been touched for a while, the screen suddenly went black as it switched automatically into sleep mode. With the picture gone from the screen, Dave was able to see the reflection of Holly’s face, and her eyes were tightly closed and her mouth was open. Her knuckles were white as she gripped the edge of the table tightly and Dave’s heart thudded wildly in his chest as he watched his preteen niece masturbate.

His mind seemed to reel at the word, but there couldn’t be any doubt that was exactly what Holly was doing! The child may have only been seven years old, but either by accident, or because she had done it before, she knew exactly what she was doing.

He desperately wanted to touch her. He wanted to curl his arms around her and touch her flat chest and play with her nipples, or slide a stiffened finger down the back of her panties and into her ass crack, but he couldn’t quite bring himself to do it. The words “niece” and “seven years old” kept flashing through his brain, but his willpower was slowly draining away.

Holly was lost in her own world and what had started as a nice feeling between her legs as she felt Dave’s bulge form had now become so much more. She wouldn’t normally have ever considered doing this in front of an adult, but her attention had been focused on the computer and her butt seemed to have a mind of its own. At first she wasn’t even aware that she was sliding her little cunt over the bulge and only when she had felt the fuzzy sensation deep inside her little cunt, did her concentration slip away from the computer and onto her slit.

She could feel that the crotch of her panties were wet, but that came as no surprise because her cunt always got sticky when she played with it. She could also feel that the wonderful tingling sensation between her legs was getting better and better and her ass rocked faster and faster. She lost all track of where she was and what she was doing as she worked towards her climax, and she suddenly cried out loudly and started to shudder.

Dave couldn’t believe what he was seeing and it amazed him that such a young girl could have an orgasm. He could readily accept that what Holly was doing would feel good, but it had never entered his head that she might actually be able to cum.

In reality, the seven year old girl had cum many times in the course of her young life and had accidently learnt to masturbate when playing about in the bath about a year ago. It was natural for her to explore her body, especially the little slit between her legs, and when her fingers started to produce pleasurable sensations, it was also natural that she would keep on doing it.

Her first climax had been about four weeks after that night in the bath and something wonderful had happened. The funny and fuzzy feeling deep inside her cunt that she had come to love so much suddenly intensified rapidly as she rubbed her sticky hole, and the most amazing sensations exploded in her body.

From that day on she was hooked, and every chance she got, she would get her fingers onto her cunt!

What she had never done before was to masturbate in front of an adult, in fact, that was the one thing she had went out of her way to avoid. As her cum slowly receded however, her senses began to return and the little girl was horrified when she realised what had happened.

Dave on the other hand wasn’t horrified at what he had seen, but he was horny.

He wrapped his arm around Holly’s waist and pulled her backwards. Her crotch was still sitting on top of his prick, but now her back was tightly against his chest, and he whispered into her ear, “Did you enjoy that honey? It looked like you really enjoyed it.”

Holly was as stiff as a board in his arms, embarrassed and fearful about what had just happened. She was full expecting him to shout or rant and then to tell her mother about what a dirty little girl she had been. The only thing that didn’t seem to be quite right was what Dave was asking, and the tone of voice he was using didn’t indicate that he was angry.

She had stayed silent for too long, and Dave asked again, “Did you enjoy that honey?”

This time she replied, “Uh huh,” in a soft voice.

“Good girl,” he said happily. “How did it make you feel?”

This definitely wasn’t what Holly was expecting. Not only wasn’t her Uncle angry at her, but he had actually called her a “good girl.”

The little girl decided to answer him truthfully and she replied, “It made me feel good. I got a tingly and fuzzy feeling in”

She suddenly realised that she hadn’t thought this through properly, and she didn’t know what word she should use. Sensing her dilemma, Dave finished her sentence for her when he said, “Your cunt?”

The seven year old swivelled her head to look at him, amazed that he had used such a bad word, but she also nodded her head to confirm what he had said.

Leaning forward and lowering his voice to a whisper he said, “It’s okay to use works like cunt and fucking when you are talking about what you were doing Holly. I won’t be angry with you.”

The preteen turned her head back to look at the black computer screen as she digested that piece of information. It thrilled her to know that she could use that kind of language in front of her Uncle, and she smiled as she silently practiced saying all of the bad words she could think of in her head.

Dave still had one arm around Holly’s waist and the other arm was hanging at his side with his cell phone in his hand. Placing the phone back on the table, he again use the blank screen to look at Holly’s face as he raised his hand from her waist and wormed his fingers under the hem of her loose fitting tee-shirt.

When the preteen didn’t react, he asked softly, “Do you often play with your cunt and get the fuzzy feeling Holly?”

The child wouldn’t normally have been comfortable discussing something like that, but that was when she had thought that an adult would have thought she was dirty, or bad. Her Uncle Dave didn’t seem to think that way however, and after a moment’s thought, she admitted, “Pretty much. I normally wait until I’m in bed or in the bathroom because I don’t think Mommy would like me doing it.”

Dave’s fingers were resting on the child’s flat stomach and creeping up very slowly towards her nipples, but they stopped when Holly had mentioned her mother, and Dave had a sudden stab of fear when he considered what his sister would do to him if she ever caught him interfering with her daughter.

Carefully choosing his words, he replied, “I don’t think she would like it either Holly. In fact, I think that she would be very, very angry and she would never let you touch your cunt again!”

It was a totally ridiculous and unrealistic thing to say of course, but a seven year old child who was a compulsive masturbator, it was a very effective threat. Holly expression showed her fear and her concern very clearly, and then Dave added, “So I think we should both be very careful not to tell your mother that you play with your cunt. What do you think?”

The little girl didn’t even have to think about that one, and she nodded her head enthusiastically as she said, “I’ll be really careful that she doesn’t find out. Honest I will Uncle Dave!”

That was exactly what he wanted to hear, and as he whispered, “Good girl,” into her ear, his fingers began moving again towards her chest.

Although Holly could feel his hand on her skin, she was happy to allow her Uncle to touch her and she moaned softly when the tip of his finger brushed against her nipple. Dave’s heart started to beat faster at the contact, and although Holly’s chest was completely flat, her little nipples were like pencil erasers and rock hard. Cupping one of the teats and rubbing it gently produced just the reaction he was hoping for and the preteen moaned again, a little louder this time, and her butt squirmed around on top of his hard cock.

“Does that feel good Holly?” he whispered, and the little girl groaned, “Uh huh!”

He continued rubbing the sensitive nipple and then asked breathlessly, “Would you like to get the tingly and fuzzy feeling again?”

“Uh huh,” Holly repeated and her butt started to move a bit faster.

That wasn’t quite what Dave wanted however and as he lifted his other arm, he whispered into her ear, “Let me help you baby.”

Holly’s legs were still splayed open as she straddled his lap and he had no restriction to sliding his hand between her legs. He could feel the heat radiating out of her cunt, and her panties were damp. He started rubbing up and down the outline of her slit and continued to play with her nipple as he asked, “Is that the right way to do it Holly? Will this make you tingly and Fuzzy?”

“Oh yeah,” she breathed. “That feels real nice!”

The outline of her immature slit was easy to feel under the thin material of her panties, and he increased the pressure of his fingers slightly, pushing the material into her hole. He glanced at her face to find that Holly’s eyes were closed and her mouth hung open. She was obviously completely focused on her next cum, and she hardly reacted at all when he stopped rubbing her for a couple of seconds as he pushed his hand into the front of her panties and onto her sticky cunt. The preteen’s only reaction was to moan when her Uncle’s fingers made contact with her bare skin, and she moaned again, this time much louder, when the tip of his index finger slid into her fuck hole and his first finger found the hard little pleasure bud at the top of her slit.

He continued to be astonished that a seven year old girl could get so wet and that her clit had developed enough to give her the pleasure it was meant for. The evidence under his fingers was undeniable however, and as he rubbed, Holly’s ass squirmed about on his lap and she was making little gasps and moans of pleasure.

She had never had anybody else’s fingers on her cunt before, but Holly was happy to let her Uncle do whatever he wanted to her if it resulted in her getting the wonderful feeling between her legs. She knew just how to touch herself to produce that sensation, and now it would appear that Dave knew as well!

The tingling deep inside her fuck tube was getting stronger and she was panting for breath as she pushed her cunt against his fingers. With one finger inside her hole to the first joint and another pressing on top of her clit, Holly was never going to last very long, and she suddenly cried out as a gorgeous orgasm blasted through her flesh. She shuddered in her Uncle’s arms and he continued to stimulate her little pleasure bud and held her in climax for as long as he could.

The preteen lost all sense of time as she immersed herself in the waves of ecstasy that radiated through her body, and felt like they would never end. She had no idea how long she jerked about on Dave’s lap, and no idea that she was making little gasping and whining noises, but eventually the waves of pleasure receded and she blinked her eyes a few times before opening them properly.

She could feel that Dave’s fingers were still inside her panties, and the truth was that he was very reluctant to move them. The finger that was inside her hole was gently moving about and it gave the child a wonderful afterglow from her cum.

As happy as he was to keep molesting the seven year old, Dave was also aware of the time and that his sister would be home quite soon. Lowering his head, he said softly, “I think we need to get you cleaned up Holly, before your Mommy gets home.”

The little girl nodded her understanding, and he had to pull his hand out of her panties as she slid from his lap and onto the floor.

He could feel the sticky wetness on his fingers, but not wanting to freak the preteen out, he asked, “Is this your bath night?”

“Yeah,” Holly replied and he said, “Okay honey. You go and get ready and I’ll run your bath.”

When the child left the room, Dave brought his fingers to his nose and breathed in deeply. The scent of Holly’s arousal was strong on his fingers, and his eyes closed and he moaned through his nose as he pushed them into his mouth and took his first taste of seven year old cunt. He couldn’t believe how sweet she tasted, and he mentally cursed his sister for being due back and spoiling his fun.

He could hardly walk because his cock was so hard inside his pants, and he could feel that his underwear was very sticky. Although he hadn’t cum, the pre-cum had been flowing out of his piss hole for ages and he carefully locked the bathroom door behind him and turned on the bath taps.

Crossing to the wash hand basin, he pulled out his cock, and after only a few jerks on his shaft, his spunk sprayed out into the sink.

When his sister came home, it was to the complete normality of her daughter taking her bath and Dave ready to go back to his own house.


When Dave got back to his own house, he relaxed back on the couch with a coke in his hand. The television was on, but although he was staring straight at the screen, he didn’t see it. The only images in his mind were those of his seven year old niece and the only two feelings he was experiencing were lust, and cold fear.

He dreaded the thought that Molly would find out what he had done to her daughter. Although he was confident that Holly would be able to keep their secret, he continually imagined scenarios that would lead to his discovery.

What if Molly saw her daughter naked and could see that her little cunt had been interfered with. Did his fingers bruise the child’s hole, or did he squeeze a little too hard on her nipple and leave a mark? What if Molly found her daughter’s sticky underwear and demanded to know why the inside of the preteen’s panties were soaked with girl cum?

Despite these very real fears, his cock was rock hard again inside his pants and to be more comfortable, he unzipped his fly and pulled it out. His mouth watered as he remembered just how sweet Holly’s cunt juice had tasted and as he recalled how good it had felt to have the tip of his finger inside her tight fuck hole, the pre-cum began to ooze out of his piss hole and run down the surface of his erect shaft.

Almost without thinking, he gripped his prick in his fist and as he jerked on it, he groaned loudly as he watched his thick load spurt high into the air before arcing back to splatter on the legs of his pants and onto the couch. The coke bottle dropped from his nerveless fingers to spill onto the carpet, and despite his cum, his cock refused to soften and he just knew that he was going to have to masturbate again.


He got up the next morning to the sound of the telephone and glanced at the clock. It was just after eight and the caller identification displayed his sister’s name. She never called this early, and his heart lurched and although it felt like an icy hand was gripping it, his forehead began to sweat.

He stared at the phone as it continued to ring, and although he didn’t want to answer it, he thumbed the accept button and held it to his ear.

“Dave?” he heard his sister ask.

She had only spoken a single word, but it repeated continually in his brain as he frantically tried to decide if it sounded normal, or angry. He simply couldn’t tell however, and he croakily replied, “Hi sis!”

“Are you all right?” he heard her ask, “You sound funny. You’re not coming down with anything are you?”

He was still very nervous, but he quickly figured out that if Molly had found out that he was abusing her seven year old daughter, she probably wouldn’t have started her conversation enquiring about his health.

He cleared his throat, and in a more normal voice replied, “No, I’m good. What can I do for you?”

“I wanted to phone you before I left for the office,” she said. “There is a girl leaving and I’ve been invited to the leaving party, but it’s on Saturday night. The only way I can go is if you would look after Holly.”

Despite all the assurances he had silently made to himself last night that he would never touch the little girl again, his mouth instantly dried up when he was asked to be alone with the preteen again, but he managed to reply, “Sure, that’s not a problem.”

“That’s great,” his sister said, “But if I’m not really pushing my luck here, I was going to say that I will probably be late home, so maybe it would be better if Holly spent the night with you and I’ll pick her up on Sunday?”

Dave always slept naked and when Molly had made her suggestion, his prick quickly hardened and he was relieved that technology was not sufficiently advanced to provide video phones. He didn’t think this sister would have been very pleased to see him jerking on his cock at the thought of Holly spending the night with him.

Just before his hot load jetted up his piss hole, he managed to say, “That’s fine Molly. No problem!”


It was just after six o’clock on Saturday evening when his doorbell sounded. Dave didn’t bother to answer it because he knew that it would be his sister and that she would just walk in. Sure enough, Molly appeared through the living room door a few moments later, followed by Holly who was dragging a large overnight bag behind her.

See in where his eyes were directed, Molly shrugged her shoulders and said, “Don’t ask! She wants to carry her bag herself. God knows what she’s put in there. I think she expects to be here for a week!”

Dave laughed softly and as this was the first time he had seen Holly since molesting her, he thought that the little girl looked a bit shy. Thankfully, Molly didn’t notice and she bent her head to kiss her brother on the cheek as she said, “Thanks for doing this Dave. I really appreciate it!”

Not waiting for a reply, she swung around to confront her daughter and said, “You be a good girl Holly and do what your Uncle Dave tells you. Okay?”

“Okay Mommy,” the little girl replied with a smile. I’ll be good.”


Although Dave used the spare bedroom as an office, there was still a bed in it and he had cleared out a load of papers to create some space for Holly’s things. As he led her through the house, the preteen slipped her hand into his and giggled when he squeezed it.

He left her to settle in and checked that his front door was locked before he went back into the living room and closed the drapes on every window. His cock was semi-hard at just being alone in the house with the seven year old, but he didn’t want to do anything to scare her and hoped that Holly would say or do something that would lead to him being able to touch her again.

It was cold outside, so Molly had bundled her daughter up in wellington boots, a thick jumper and a thick jacket with a fur lined hood. When she came back into the living room however, he wasn’t in the least surprised to find that she had stripped down to her more normal attire of ankle socks, a tee-shirt and a pair of green panties.

His eyes automatically focused on her crotch and he could see that the young girl had pulled her underwear up high on her hips and the material was stretched so tightly over her cunt that she had a perfect “camel toe.”

Holly had no idea what a “camel toe” was of course, she just knew that it felt good to have her panties pressing into her cunt, and she also liked how it looked when she stared into the mirror. She really hoped that Dave would like how she looked and as she stood still in the centre of the room, she could see that he was looking at her crotch and the child opened her legs slightly as she chewed on her bottom lip.

Although Dave had decided not to make the first move on his seven year old niece, he couldn’t help but gasp, “I like your panties like that Holly.”

The little girl was thrilled that her ploy had worked, and she nodded her head as she confided, “It feels good when I walk about with my panties like this. Sometimes I get the fuzzy feeling and I haven’t touched myself!”

Dave moaned softly and his cock was rock hard inside his pants as he continued to stare at the child. He desperately wanted to pull her panties down and let his fingers and his eyes feast on her little hole, but he definitely did not want to do anything that would scare her. Eventually however, the decision was taken out of his hands because Holly said, “I’ve been playing with myself to get the feeling Uncle Dave, and although it works, it doesn’t feel as good as when you did it for me. Will you do it again?”

His heart thudded in his chest as he silently thanked every deity he could think of for bringing Holly to him. He smiled at the seven year old girl as he replied, “Of course I will honey, if that’s what you want.”

Amy nodded her head vigorously, and Dave asked, “Have you been playing with yourself lots Holly.”

Again she nodded her head and confirmed, “Lots and lots!”

“That much!” he said, “Well, maybe I should check your little cunt to see that it’s okay before I play with it.”

Holly was pretty sure that there was nothing wrong with her slit, but she was happy to let him do what he wanted to her and she asked, “How to you check it?”

“Well,” he said, getting onto his knees on the carpet in front of her. “If we want to check it properly, we have to use all of our five senses. Do you know what they are Holly.”

The preteen frowned slightly, but replied, “We did something in school about that. I know that it’s seeing, and hearing and something.”

Dave chuckled as he explained, “There’s seeing,” as he pointed to his eyes, “And hearing,” as he pointed to his ears.

Holly nodded her understanding, and he continued to point at his mouth and nose as he added, “The other three are tasting, smelling and touch.”

As he said the final word, he wriggled his fingers, and Holly laughed. He laughed along with her, and then said, “So, if we’re going to check your little cunt, we’re going to have to use all of our five senses. Okay?”

When she nodded, he tried to hold his voice steady as he said, “Before we can start, you’re going to have to take your green panties off.”

It was only as he was saying the words that it struck him that he hadn’t seen Holly’s fuck hole for years. Not since she was in diapers in fact. The preteen had no embarrassment or inhibitions about being naked in front of him and she eagerly pulled her underwear down to her ankles and sat down on the couch. Without having to be told what to do, she settled onto her back on the couch and pulled her knees up to her flat chest. Her pink cunt was lewdly displayed to his gaze, and Dave had to swallow twice before he was able to speak.

“Okay Holly,” he said. “We’ll start with seeing!”

He moved his eyes closer and remained quiet as he drank in the erotic sight, trying to commit every curve and hollow to his memory. When he felt that he was able to speak, he said, “It certainly looks okay Holly.”

The preteen smiled, but didn’t move as he said, “Next is hearing.”

He turned his head to the side and moved his ear close to her slit. After a few moments, he looked at her and said, “And it sounds okay too.”

That made her giggle delightfully, and Dave took a few deep breaths to steady himself, because now he was getting to the three best senses of all.

“Now,” he said softly, “We’ll use the smelling sense.”

Holly watched as he pushed his head between her legs and she heard him inhale. The little girl loved to smell her panties after she had cum in them and if she left it until the stain had dried, her sent was really powerful. She knew exactly what scent Dave would be pulling into his nose and she hoped that he would like it as much as she did. It would have pleased her to know that her Uncle’s prick had lurched inside his pants and that he was leaking pre-cum.

Dave eventually pulled his face back and his cheeks were flushed as he said, “You cunt smells amazing Holly. It’s gorgeous!”

The preteen beamed with pleasure, and she then held her breath when he said, “Now, its touch.”

This was what she had been waiting on. She fully expected that he would finger her and rub her the same way as he had a couple nights ago and give her the feeling she craved, and she opened her knees even wider. Dave’s hands were shaking slightly as he gently ran a finger up and down her hole, and then gently pulled it open. He could see into the pink interior of Holly’s fuck tube, and she didn’t react when he applied a bit more pressure and opened her wider.

It surprised him to see that pulling her cunt open like this didn’t cause her any pain, and the realisation that she was probably just wide enough to take the tip of his cock inside her hit him like a physical blow.

The little girl was starting her wriggle slightly under his fingers, but it wasn’t because she was in any discomfort. It was because she wanted him to get her off, but all he wanted to do was to look inside her hole. That wasn’t fair, because they had already done the looking bit, and she was just about to tell him that when he gave himself a mental shake and looked into her face.

“Now we have to do the tasting sense Holly,” he said huskily, “And this might take a little time and give you the fuzzy feeling. Would that be okay?”

The little girl was about to tell him that she wanted him to do more of the touching thing, but when she realised what he had said, she decided to keep quiet and she nodded her head.

He had thought about this very moment a hundred times and he moved his head forward and swiped his flattened tongue from her tightly closed little asshole, all the way up to her immature clit. Holly jumped at the touch, but she also moaned happily, and then sighed loudly as he started to tongue her.

The little girl had never imagined that a tongue could give her so much pleasure and as Dave continued to lap at her hole and occasionally push his tongue up her cunt, the familiar tingling started deep inside her. Her butt started to squirm and writhe under the assault of his tongue and Dave raised both hands to grip her hips and hold her in position.

Although that kept her preteen cunt pulled firmly against his mouth, her back writhed about on the couch cushion and her head tossed from side to side as the most wonderful feelings fired through her body. Her toes curled into little fists and then straightened out fully as she started to shudder and she cried out as she started to cum.

Dave could feel her fuck tube spasm around his stiffened tongue and he greedily sucked and slurped as much of her juices as he could get. He tried to hold her in climax for as long as possible and the occasional flick of his tongue over her hard pleasure bud was enough to do it.

When Dave eventually pulled his head back, Holly was still squirming about on the couch with her eyes closed. The waves of ecstasy were shooting through her seven year old body and she was lost in her climax.

He licked his lips as he watched the preteen, and his eyes hardly left the slit between her legs. It seemed to hypnotise him and he was considering licking her out again, but reluctantly decided to let her recover. Holly’s fuck hole was swollen with lust and she was very sticky both in and around her cunt, as was the lower half of his face. He had licked and sucked as much of her hot and sweet girl juice as he could but there hadn’t been any need to use his saliva as any form of lubricant. It was obvious therefore that almost all of the thick juice was coming from Holly’s hole and not for the first time did he marvel that such a young girl could produce so much fuck sauce.

Holly’s breathing was starting to reduce to a more normal level, but the sight and smell of the child’s orgasm were proving too much for Dave and his prick was screaming for attention. His cock was so hard that it was beginning to ache and as he knelt on the floor in front of Holly, he just had to tug down his zipper and pull out his shaft.

Pre-cum was oozing continually out of his piss hole as he gripped the shaft and he just knew that a few jerks would have him spraying his load. His fist had only slid up his cock once however when Holly said, “Is that your cock?”

He stared at the preteen, surprised that her eyes were now wide open and tried to work out where to go with this. His first thought was that it was pointless to deny it, and anyway, why would he want to.

Smiling at the child he confirmed, “Yes it is Holly.”

Holly’s eyes were open wide and she scrambled to sit up for a better look as she whispered, “Wow, its big, isn’t it?”

Like every man in the world, Dave was pleased that somebody would think his cock was big, but he figured that Holly probably didn’t have much to compare it against. He suddenly had another thought and that was that maybe the preteen did have something to compare his prick against, and that would mean that somebody else was abusing the child.

Keeping his voice neutral, he asked quietly, “Have you seen other cocks Holly?”

The seven year old was still staring at his shaft as she shook her head and answered, “No, just pictures. But your cock looks bigger than the ones in the pictures.”

He breathed a silent sigh of relief that he didn’t have any competition that could complicate matters, as if this situation wasn’t complicated enough already, and before he could say anything else, Holly glanced up at his face and asked, “Can I touch it?”

Not trusting himself to speak, Dave nodded his head and moved his hand away as Holly shuffled to the edge of the couch and took hold of his shaft in both little fists. Her preteen hands looked and felt so good on his prick that for a few seconds he thought he would cum, and only a supreme act of willpower prevented it.

Holly giggled as she said, “It feels hot,” and then asked, “What do you do with it?”

Dave had no idea what the content of the pictures she had seen was, so he took things very slowly and tried to completely ignore the sensation of her fingers gently squeezing and sliding over the surface of his prick.

“You know that tingly and fuzzy feeling you get when you rub your cunt?” he began, and after she had nodded her head, he continued, “Well, boys get that feeling when they rub their hard cocks.”

The seven year old pondered that for a moment because she hadn’t actually thought about what kind of sensation a boy would have, and she then took one of her hands away and looked at the slime on her palm before raising it to her nose and smelling it.

“Why is it all sticky?” she asked.

That was an easy one to answer and Dave grinned as he replied, “For the same reason that you’re little cunt gets all sticky when you rub it.”

That made a lot of sense to the preteen and because she liked the taste of her cunt juice, she licked the pre-cum from her hand and although it tasted different to her cunt, she decided that she liked it.

Dave thought that her silence meant that she had finished her questions and he was wondering if he could get her to jerk him off when she opened her mouth again and asked, “And when you want to fuck, you stick your cock into my cunt?”

“Jesus!” he thought. “What kind of pictures have you been looking at Holly?”

The next thing that caught his attention was that she hadn’t said “a cunt” but had specifically said “my cunt!”

After that thought, he cleared his throat and said, “That’s right Holly. That’s how you fuck, but I think that you’re still too young for that and I don’t think that I would be able to get my cock into your cunt without hurting you.”

He had no idea how she would react to that statement, but what he had never expected was that she would throw herself back onto the couch and use both hands to pull her fuck tube open. As she held her slit apart, she cried, “I think it will fit Uncle Dave. Will you fuck me?”

Time appeared to stop for Dave. All he could do was to stare at Holly’s open cunt and into her wet and pink hole. He knew that he was getting to his feet, but it was the strangest feeling because he wasn’t willing his legs or muscles to move. It was exactly the same when he shuffled forward and squatted down to line his cock up with Holly’s fuck tube.

He was like a puppet and somebody was pulling on invisible strings to make him do this despicable act. When the tip of his prick touched Holly’s hot flesh however, reality came crashing back and his mouth hung open as he stared down to where the head of his shaft was entering the child’s cunt. Only about half an inch of his shaft was penetrating her, but Holly pulled her fingers away and hissed, “Fuck me Uncle Dave. Fuck me!”

He was now completely powerless to resist and he pushed forward and slid another inch into Holly’s fuck hole. She was tighter than he could ever imagine and her slit was stretched around his shaft like a rubber band. Despite the tightness however, Holly’s expression showed nothing but lust and he took that as invitation to go deeper.

Another inch of hard cock penetrated the child and then she started to moan and squirm beneath him. He figured that he was about as deep as he was going to get without injuring his niece, so he slowly pulled back until he was almost out of her cunt, and then pushed back into her body.

“This is fucking Holly,” he hissed through gritted teeth. “You’re getting fucked.”

He was so aroused that he didn’t think he would last more than a few seconds so he increased the speed of his thrusts, but was careful not to go any deeper. At the same time, his thumb rubbed furiously over the preteen’s little clit and she was soon moaning beneath him. He was very close too, and just a few seconds before he came, Holly convulsed and shuddered. That finally took him over the top and the seven year old bucked and groaned as a powerful jet of spunk sprayed into her cunt.

Not since he was a horny teenager could Dave remember producing so much cum. His balls were bloated and he blasted jet after jet into the preteen girl until every drop had been drained out of his body. Every spurt caused Holly to jerk and moan as the hot slime hit her cervix, and even before Dave’s balls were empty, Holly’s fuck tube was filled to overflowing and the spunk oozed out between her stretched cunt walls and her Uncle’s hard shaft.

He was breathing heavily after his cum and Dave looked down at where Holly’s seven year old cunt was stretched tightly around the head of his prick. Only now did he start to worry that he may have injured the preteen and he was relieved to see that when his spunk trickled out of her hole, it was still creamy white and not stained red. He lifted his gaze to Holly’s face and she was just on the point of recovering and opening her eyes.

He gently pulled back, intending to drag his shaft out of her body, but at the first movement, Holly moaned ,”No!” and lifted her legs up as if wrapping them around his waist.

She was much too small to do that of course, but her reaction made her Uncle stop and she smiled as she said, “I like the feeling of your cock in my cunt!”

He closed his eyes momentarily and swallowed hard at her slutty comment, and then replied, “I like it too honey, but we can’t stay like this forever, can we?”

She reluctantly shrugged her shoulders, and then giggled when he pulled back and his prick came free with a loud plopping noise. He stared down at her open cunt for a few seconds before he threw himself down onto the couch beside her and sighed loudly and contentedly.

Holly could feel his spunk run out of her open cunt, but she was feeling so good after her first fuck that she didn’t move for a few minutes. When she eventually stood up, she positioned herself in front of her Uncle and reached between her legs to the sticky mess in and around her fuck hole. Pushing a finger into her cunt, she carefully studied the slime after bring it to her face and she sniffed it approvingly. Looking coyly at her Uncle, she sucked the finger into her mouth and let his spunk slide over her taste buds. She had been tasting her own juices and her cum for ages, but the seven year old had never tasted a man’s load before and it only took her a few seconds to decide that she liked it.

She scooped out more slime from her cunt and said, “I like your taste Uncle Dave,” before pushing the fingers into her mouth.

Holly looked like a seasoned whore as she wantonly held her cunt open with one hand and scooped out the spunk with the fingers of her other hand. There was absolutely no embarrassment in her expression as she slurped down as much as she could get, and her lewd display caused Dave’s cock to stiffen again. It wasn’t just the fact that she eating his cum that got him hard, but also the fact that every time she brought out a fingerful of slime, she would carefully rub it over her tiny clit before taking it into her mouth.

He was now rock hard again and he just couldn’t resist leaning forward and taking hold of Holly’s body under her arms. She squeaked in surprise when he lifted her into the air, but didn’t struggle at all. In fact her eyes were shining with pure lust as he positioned her over his lap, and the preteen opened her legs wide. They both stared at the bloated head of his cock as he slowly lowered her ass hole onto it, and as soon as he felt the touch of her hot flesh, Dave dropped his hands. All of her weight was now directly of the tip of his sticky shaft and gravity took over as her ass gradually slid down his prick.

The seven year old placed her hands on his shoulders to steady herself, but they didn’t take any of her weight, and then Holly puffed and blew out her cheeks as she was penetrated for the second time, and this time, he was going deeper!

The preteen was moaning and groaning, but she could easily have got her knees underneath her, but made no attempt to do so. Her butt was squirming about on his cock, but that only made the penetration deeper and faster. He couldn’t believe that Holly’s asshole was swallowing his prick millimetre by millimetre and she had around five inches up her ass before he bottomed out.

Holly instinctively knew that she couldn’t take any more and she smiled proudly as she cried, “I got it all in my ass Uncle Dave!”

He could hardly speak because his heart was beating so fast and he was breathing so quickly that he was close to hyper-ventilating, but he managed to croak, “You did Holly. You got it all.”

Her ass was hot and sticky, but was also so tight that his prick felt like it was being squeezed in a velvet lined fist. Dave groaned loudly as the preteen squirmed around on his shaft and he could see that she was positioning her feet on either side of his hips. He suddenly thought about the pictures she had spoken about earlier, because after getting her feet where she wanted them, the child began to slide her asshole up and down his shaft. Her hands still rested lightly on his shoulders, but her ass lifted on and off his cock like a professional porn star and despite blasting his cum into her body only minutes before, Dave could feel the familiar sensation in his balls that told him he would soon cum again.

He needed her to stop for a few moments, just to let him get his second wind, so he said, “Wait a minute honey. I want to see all of your gorgeous little body while we fuck.”

She laughed, but stopped moving and let him pull her tee-shirt over her head. Her little pink nipples were rock hard and she moaned softly when his fingers brushed over them. As exciting as the sensation was, and as sensitive as her hard little teats were, it was nothing compared to the fuzzy and tingly feeling in her ass so she began bouncing up and down on his lap again.

Dave kept one hand on Holly’s flat chest rubbing and pressing on her nipples while his other hand dropped down to where they were joined. His index finger quickly found the hard little pleasure bud at the top of her stuffed cunt, and Holly gurgled and gasped when he applied a little pressure on it.

Her butt was rotating in little circles as she slid her hole on his cock and she was already very close to yet another cum. Her asshole felt wonderful, being stretched wide open and stuffed with throbbing cock, but Dave’s finger was making the most awesome sensations fire through her flesh. It felt like she was cumming, but yet she knew that she wasn’t quite there yet. She could definitely feel the tingling and fuzzy sensations and she held her breath and closed her eyes as they intensified even further. Her breathing was little more than loud pants and she suddenly threw her head back as the biggest orgasm she had ever experienced exploded deep inside her ass and shot through her preteen body from her toes to the top of her head. She shuddered wildly and convulsed so uncontrollably that she couldn’t co-ordinate her movements on top of Dave’s prick.

As she surrendered completely to her cum, Dave gripped her hips and furiously lifted her hole on and off his cock. He could feel his spunk froth and bubble inside his balls and he bounced the seven year old harder and faster on his shaft until he cried out loudly and his hot load rocketed up his piss tube and sprayed into Holly’s asshole.

Four powerful jets splattered into Holly’s hole, followed by a few more softer jets before his balls were empty and he pulled the shuddering child close to his chest and held her tightly. He could feel the muscle tremors and spasms wracking her body and he tried to slow his own breathing rate as he waited for her to recover.

After the shuddering had stopped, he looked down at her face to find that her eyes were still closed and that she was almost unconscious. Still holding her in his arms, he relaxed back on the couch with his cock still buried inside her preteen ass and savoured the afterglow of a great fuck, and also his balls being bathed in the hot slime that was oozing out of Holly’s battered hole.

He glanced over at the clock on the wall and was amazed to find that only an hour had passed since his sister had dropped Holly off, and his cock twitched inside the child as he realised that he still had all night to play with her and fuck her asshole some more.

o0o The End o0o

There will be no more of this story. Hope you enjoyed it and read my other good stories.


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