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I simple ask for help makes a sharp turn
This is a fantasy . This should not happen in real life .


I guess you can say I'm a late developer . I just turned 14 and my breast are just starting to form and hair is starting to appear down there . I've been in a couple of beauty pageants because my mom says that everybody should see my beauty. Im barely four feet , I have blond hair and green eyes .

I get out of the bath tub in my room and go to my dresser for some panties . I look through both my panties cabinets and see that I'm out . Normaly I would go ask my mom to take me to the basement so I can get some more but both my parents are at a conference and I'm not aloud to go down there by my self expelcily when its night time . The only person here is Mike my big brother . Hes seventeen and the only reason he agreed to watch me is because he can play on his Xbox all night .

I quickly put on a P.J dress that's a little to small for me and go to the door to my room . I can hear the sound of gun shots and explosions coming from Mikes room. I walk down the hall towards Mikes room and I have to knock three times befor he hears me . He pauses the game befor taking .

" What do you want Melony " he calls .

" I need your help Mike " I call back .

" I need you to take me to the basement "

"Why can't you go by your self ?" he asks with a yawn .

" Mom says that I'm not aloud to go by my self " I reply .

" Fine I'll come " and I hear the sound of a bed squeaking and then the door opens up to a 6.5 blond boy with green eyes in nothing but jeens . He looks at my clothing in shock but then his expression changes back to normal .

" come on let's go " I say and we head down the hall towards the basement . We reach the basement door and I flip the light switch befor opening the door and going down the stair case with Mike right behind me . I can feel the cold air as it passes through the opening of my dress and it makes me shiver and make my nipples hard . We reach the bottom and I can see the clean laundry pile .

" Hurry up Ive got to get back to my game " Mike says with a annoyed tone .

" I'll be quick " I say back and I head to the pile . I see a pair of panties and bow my back so I can pick it up . This caused the dress to give Mike a good view of my butt . I sit on the pile of clean laundry to put on my panties which give Mike a good view of my almost hairless private area .

I look up to see unmistakable hunger and lust in his eyes . I also see a bulge at the front of his jeens . I've never seen that expression on my brothers face , expecialy not towards me .

" Whats wrong Mike " I ask but instead of responding he quickly walks over to me and kneels Infront of me . I'm not sure what's happening here but I'm interested . Mike pulls off my panties and I reluctantly let him . He then dose something that I never thought he would do , he kisses me . Not like a brother/sister kiss it's deeper then that . He then pushes his tongue into my mouth and on instinct I began to suck on it . My private area is starting to feel weird and I can feel it get wet .

While he is doing this he unbuttons his jeens and pulls them down . He stops kissing and I look to see a 5inch penis aiming true at the air . He pulls my dress off and I can feel my nipples getting harder from the cold .

" I've been waiting to do this for a long time " he says and begins to suck on my left chest . It feels very good and I let out a groan of pleaser . My private area is getting even wetter and I can feel the pleaser growing inside me . He switches to the other nipple and the presser builds even more and I let out a even louder groan. Right befor I feel release he stops .

I open my eyes and realize that I closed my eyes from the pleaser for a little bit . I'm about to ask why he stopped when he begans to suck on my private area . This feels a hundred times better then when he sucked on my nipples . It's so much that I feel a great release and I shudder from the pleaser .

" I think your almost ready " he says . He poitions his penis at the very tip of my private parts and begans to circle it around . All my god , this is the best thing so far . It feels so good .

" Do you want this in , baby sis ?" he whispers . The only thing I can do is nod my head yes .

" I said do you want this ?" he asks a little more loudly .I can feel the presser growing again .

" Yes , I want it so bad " I cry .

" You asked for it " he says and he slowly pushes it into my hole . It's very tight and it kinda hurts but at the same time it feels good . He goes farther intell he hits a blockage .

" This is only going to hurt for alittle bit " he says and befor I can respond he goes right though it . I cry out in pain but Mike silences me with a kiss . He starts to go deeper and faster and the pressure starts the build up as well . I can feel him deep in me and he starts to jackhammer into me . I push my self back at him , trying to make him go deeper . He stops kissing and says " Oh god , I'm about to cum "

" Faster , Faster Mike , faster " I yell and he goes faster . I feel the lease again and I shudder from it . I feel Mike shudder on top of me and I feel something hot enter my privates .

" That was amazing Mike " I say breathlessly .

" I'm glad you liked it " he says equally breathless .

" Can we do it again ?" I ask .

" I think I'm done today but we have three more days intell the parents get back so we can do it any time "

" That's good " and I give him a kiss on the forehead .

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2016-09-20 04:53:55
Keep writing

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2014-09-25 16:39:06
Hell ya fuck her little pussy

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2013-08-25 06:46:26
Dont't be mean! This is a fine story. It got me hard.

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2013-02-01 20:42:06
the best thing you can do is delete this trash and go away forever.

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2012-09-23 01:34:27
Guys, hes a KID. Cut him some slack. I started writing sex stories young too. He cant develop storyline cuz these are the mere fantasys of a child. Give him a couple years. keep on writting kid

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