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Chapter 7

Afterwards, Suzanne remembered something Yvonne had said to her, long
before she moved to the Wayne Campus. They had been talking about
relations with boys, and Yvonne had made the comment: "When rape is
inevitable, relax and enjoy it."

As she watched Yvonne's robe being torn away from her body, she
realized that there was no sense in trying to resist any longer. The
young men were going to get what they came for, and any resistance
would only make it worse. Her only thought was that Donald at least had
shown a little more consideration than his brother, who was holding her
tightly, his one hand squeezing her breast through her robe.

She turned to him, and looked up imploringly. "Can we choose partners?"
she asked timidly.

Ted stared at her and guffawed. "Well, whaddya know?" he said. "So
who's your choice?"

Suzanne's eyes went over to Donald, who had been staring at her
longingly, despite his arms around Carole. He caught the glance and

"Donald," she whispered. "I want Donald."

Carole's eyes flashed, and Yvonne spoke up loudly.

"You little bitch," she spat out. "You don't want Donald. You probably
want 'em all, you whore."

Suzanne flushed, shaken by the viciousness of the words. Donald pushed
Carole forward to Ted's waiting hands, and came over to seize Suzanne,
closing his lips over hers and pressing her close to his body. She felt
his sex, already half-hard through his pants, and then his hands were
fumbling with her robe, pulling it off her. She felt a welling-up of
desire in her groin as his fingers caressed her bare back, and his
mouth on hers had already begun its erotic arousal.

Clayton had undone his pants, which fell to the floor. His one hand
held Yvonne, while the other freed his legs from the jeans. His penis,
beginning to rise, projected from between his dark brown thighs, angry
and aggressive-looking. Yvonne stared down at it, and she set her lips
in a thin line.

Ted's hands had torn away Carole's robe, and he was busily sucking her
breasts. It had happened so quickly, almost all at the same time,
Suzanne realized afterwards. She remembered Yvonne's words of wisdom:
kick 'em in the crotch; scream; run; do anything but don't give in. She
realized now how so many rape cases occurred; logic and reason
disappear beneath the incredible fear that paralyzes the mind and
renders the body incapable.

Her pronouncement over her preference for Donald had been predicated by
her instinct that the boy would treat her better than either of the
other two. And if it was going to happen, she reasoned, why not let it
be with the one she felt something for? At least she did feel something
for Donald, while Ted and Clayton aroused only fearful aversion within
her, despite her perverse thoughts about being penetrated by Clayton's
massive tool.

Ted was dragging Carole over towards the couch, his one hand clawing at
his belt and his fly. By the time he pushed her down, his penis had
sprung forth, erect and jerking in the air, eager to sink into her
yielding form. Clayton was on the floor with Yvonne, covering her body
with his own and pushing his penis slowly and inexorably up between her
thighs towards its ultimate goal.

Suzanne clung to Donald and whispered in his car, "Be gentle. Be nice."
He looked into her eyes. "Remember, I like you," he said quietly, and
then their lips met with incredible passion, and she felt him undoing
his shirt and his pants. In a few minutes he was naked, and they were
lying on the floor, his legs on top of her own, his arms holding her
shoulders and his mouth on hers, their tongues wildly licking each
other's lips and mouths. Suzanne felt her breasts responding to the
rubbing of his chest, their nipples firm as marbles. Her vagina was
oozing her juices, and her canal trembled with desire. For the moment,
the fear was gone; she seemed even unaware of what was happening to the
others. She was only conscious of the boy on top of her, holding her
firmly yet tenderly, while his penis grew to rigid excitement between
her legs, expanding to its total length and thickness, oozing lube from
its wide cockslit in readiness for its final thrust into her.

Vaguely she heard Carole's angry mutterings and Yvonne's throaty
protests, but she couldn't care at that moment. If it was going to
happen, she intended enjoying it to the fullest. The tiger in her loins
sprang free; inhibition flew out the window; the little girl from
Grosse Pointe was once more the rabid sexualist eager for every
pleasure her body could give and receive.

"Oh, wow, is this something!"

"Good tits, lookit them tits."

"Good pussy, baby, good pussy."

The living room resounded to the obscene grunts and comments of the
three boys as they each concentrated on their particular pleasure,
calling each other's attention to their achievements and methods.

"Git yo' rocks off quick," said Clayton throatily, "'Cos then we'se
really gonna have some fun."

Oh, God, thought Suzanne, it's all my fault. I've brought this mess on
Yvonne and Carole. If it hadn't been for my telling them, they'd have
never been involved like this. And now they were all going to get it.

Donald's hands began feeling her nipples, and her regrets faded away
beneath the rising waves of sensation that engulfed her. She moaned and
felt her body responding, grinding against him, and her hands clawed at
his smooth back. Her nails dug in and he flinched beneath her pressure.
His teeth descended on her nipples, biting gently, grinding back and
forth and sending stabs of delight through her body. She felt her
vagina contract, hot, wet and aching with desire. His penis, rock-hard,
slid up between her legs, and the head touched her bush, pushing
between the pulsating lips and into her, thrusting past her clitoris
and into her canal.

She groaned, and then the animal in her came to the surface and she
whispered in his ear, "Deeper, deeper, oh, God, fuck me, Donald, fuck
me." And he sank all the way, with the head of his cock all the way to
the opening of her womb, filling her vagina with the most exquisite
sensations. She began moving her hips, thrashing under him, gripping
his shaft as he plunged in and out, quivering from the delirious
ecstasy that was coursing through his limbs. He moaned, "Suzanne,
Suzanne, good pussy, baby, tighter, tighter," and his lips went wild
over her skin, licking her shoulders, her neck, her ears, her breasts,
thrilling her even more as they blended their bodies, settling down to
a slow steady rhythm that gradually increased with their passion.

Behind her head, Suzanne was vaguely aware of the deep, heavy breathing
as Clayton rammed his rod into Yvonne, her legs spread apart, her mouth
shut tight, stubbornly refusing to give vent to any expression of
appreciation. But the colored boy continued his fucking, ignoring her
lack of response, conscious only of the tightness of her canal around
his thick shaft, and the exquisite sensations that were lifting him
higher and higher as he moved his hips with monotonous regularity.

Ted was supporting himself on his arms, watching as he slid his prick
in and out of Carole's mouth, while he pinned her down with his hands
and his knees. She had quit struggling and was submitting to the
inevitable, awkward as it was to encompass Ted's enormously thick cock
within her mouth. "Lick it, lick it," he kept saying. "Get it ready for

Suzanne found her ears resounding to the combined grunts, moans and
gasps of breath from the boys and from herself and the girls. The room
seemed to vibrate with their combined thrusting, in, out, up, down,
each one concentrating on the achievement of the ultimate ecstasy, the
most pleasurable climax.

She felt a surge of deep longing for Donald's penis to bury itself even
deeper within her. With an agile movement, she lifted her legs, wrapped
them around his waist, and pulled his shoulders closer to her. He
moaned and felt his rod probe even more, and she gasped as she felt the
broad, thick head touch the opening to her womb, and she pictured its
smooth red surface pulsating as her own flesh enclosed it tightly,
squeezing it tantalizingly, pushing him even higher than he was,
floating on clouds as their bodies seemed to leave the floor.

"Oh, Donald, Donald," she cried out. "Fuck me deeper, fuck me deeper."

From behind her she heard a muffled gasp, and then Yvonne's voice rang
out, "Like I said, a goddamn little whore, begging for it. You bitch!"

Suzanne didn't care. She was too thrilled with the ecstasy that
suffused her loins, enchanted by the smoothness of the boy's skin, his
flawless complexion and handsome young face above her own, his muscular
arms that held her, and his virile stiff throbbing penis which was
impaling her with such force and such tenderness at the same time. She
could tell he wasn't ramming into her the way the others had done. He
was enjoying every second of it, but conscious that her pleasure was
also important. He would push his cock in, hold it there, twisting it
and turning it, and she felt his pubic bone rub her clitoris, sending
chills through her, combining with the deeper penetration of his shaft.
She knew it wasn't from experience, but merely an instinctive desire to
please her, the way he manipulated himself within her; his licking of
her body, her breasts, her mouth, were also filled with a hungry
yearning for her satisfaction as well as his own. She knew when she and
Sam finally made it, it would be like this; not merely animal sex, but
a feeling of warmth and tenderness as well.

"Oh, Donald," she moaned. "It feels wonderful."

"You, too," he replied, and her vagina responded with even greater
contractions around his shaft.

"Oh, oh, I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come," he moaned quickly. "Oh, Jeez,
I don't wanna, not now. Easy, easy. Stop, stop." He held his penis deep
within her, and ceased any motion, but Suzanne couldn't stop. She had
felt the beginnings of her own climax, and she wanted it then; she
manipulated her hips, and her cunt gripped the shaft within her canal,
and she humped herself on his rod. He groaned, and then began his
movements once more, getting faster and faster, his body trembling, and
his hands clawing all over. Then he opened his mouth and let forth a
cry, and then his lips closed over hers, and their bodies shook as his
penis ejaculated deep within her vagina; she felt the hot load of his
come, shooting into her, and joining her own juices that oozed from her
innermost depths, slickly sliding down her crevice, lubricating his
shaft even more as it quivered with each shot; he moaned, and she felt
like ten thousand bolts of lightning were going off inside her cunt;
they shivered together until the last drop of his seed had been drained
from his tube by her quickly contracting cunt, squeezing his shaft to
get the last possible pleasure from it, buried in her; and then slowly
she felt him begin to get soft and slide back out. She tried to relax,
to grip him, to move her hips; anything to keep that wonderful piece of
meat within her. But it was no use. He raised up and with a little
plop! he pulled out; Suzanne looked down and saw his penis lying across
his leg.

She reached out and took it in her slim fingers, holding it and
caressing its length, pulling the skin back to expose the head. A last
drop of come oozed out of his slit, and she bent down and licked it off
with her tongue, tasting its saltiness, savoring its animal flavor
before swallowing it, and looking up into his eyes. He was staring at
her with frankly adoring sparkle; his mouth grinned at her, and his
hand came out and stroked her hair.

"You're something else," he murmured.

"You, too," she replied, and her head went down and closed around his
shaft, taking its softness within her mouth and licking gently with her
tongue. He lay back and closed his eyes, savoring the sensations.

Clayton was working up slowly to his orgasm, getting little response
from Yvonne, who was determined not to cooperate, despite her silent
admission to herself that his penis was the best she had ever felt
within her vagina; it was even bigger than Jeff's, and the boy knew how
to work it. In, out, slow, fast, rotate it, let it slide out; he knew
all the angles, but much as he tried he could not elicit any physical
response from her. Perversely she lay still, her arms at her sides and
a sneer on her lips. He tried to kiss her, but finally gave up,
relishing only the feel of her flesh around his penis as he fucked her.

Ted was still pumping his organ in and out of Carole's mouth. He had
moved up a little, so that his hands could reach her breasts, and he
was pinching her nipples with one hand and feeling her cunt with the
other, his finger probing her flesh and touching her clitoris. She felt
the eager response in her loins and began moving. Finally Ted moved
quickly down, plunged his organ into her quivering cunt, and lay flat
on top of her as he ejaculated. He moaned heavily, but did not cry out.
When he was through, he lifted up and pulled out, staring down at her.
He looked over at Clayton.

"These two are cold as ice," he commented. "Come on, let's get with the
other chick."

"I ain't come yet," said Clayton, "but I'm almost there."

"Good. Fuck Suzanne in the ass," said Ted, "and I'll get her in front."

Suzanne heard them, and her eyes opened wide. She looked at them as
they crawled across the floor, ignoring Yvonne and Carole. "Donald,"
she whispered. "Oh, no, please ..."

"Shut up, bitch," said Clayton. "Poppa's comin' home."

"Yvonne!" Suzanne's voice wailed, and Yvonne looked over at her with a
sneer on her face.

"Have at it, baby," she snapped. "Obviously you love it, you cheap
little tramp. Fuck her, Clayton, give her everything you've got. She'll
love that big black dick of yours up her ass."

Suzanne watched, fascinated, as Clayton approached, his penis thicker
than normal, swollen and slick from the action with Yvonne. The skin
was slid back, exposing the purplish head which looked so large she
wondered how it would ever enter her anus. But then, over and above her
feelings of fear, she knew she wanted it. She wanted to feel it
penetrate her, to thrust deep within her, to violate her totally.

His dark hands clamped on her buttocks, and he moved his hips up so
that his rod pushed between her cheeks and pressed against her anus.
His fingers came around, one hand over her mound, the other on her
stomach, and he gripped her firmly, moving his prick so that the end
slid into her, and she gasped. The pain was excruciating.

"Oooh, easy," she gasped, and he laughed cruelly.

"Easy, she says. You know black boys don't do it easy, baby. We got the
equipment and we know what to do with it. And you're gettin' it, hard
and fast ... now!"

He pushed forward, and she felt his length slide into her, and she
screamed. She felt sure he had ripped her open. Then slowly he began
thrusting in and out, and with every movement she felt the warm glow-
return to her loins. His fingers were caressing her clitoris, and she
moved in rhythm with him.

"Hey, Ted, come over here and do somethin' with this pussy," Clayton
said. "Give it to her."

Ted slid across the floor until he was between her legs. He had been
watching, fingering his penis, coaxing it back to firmness after
shooting into Carole's mouth. He pushed Donald out of the way and began
moving closer, pushing his half-hard cock towards Suzanne's dripping

"Okay, spread those legs," he said, and Suzanne felt the end of his
organ penetrate her cunt-lips. Aided by his hand, it went in, and he
pushed it in all the way. He lay facing her, his arms about her,
holding her body close to him, and he lowered his mouth to her nipples
and began biting them.

Suzanne felt herself being torn apart. She could visualize the white
penis in her vagina and the black one up her rectum, massaging her
insides, thrilling her as she had never dreamed possible, but at the
same time she knew her anus was bleeding and incredibly tender; but she
didn't care. She felt herself the center of a giant sex scene. She
wished she had ten more cunts to take ten more cocks, and be fucked
with ten times more violence.

"Ooooooh, oooooooh," she moaned. "OOOH, OOOOOOOOOH ... Fuck me, fuck

Vaguely she heard Yvonne's voice. "I'm leaving, you bastards. You can
fuck that whore all night, but not while I watch."

"You stay where you are," growled Clayton. "You try and leave and
you'll be flat on your back again."

Yvonne subsided, next to Carole, and they watched with mounting horror
as Suzanne's body was cruelly ravished by the two boys.

Donald sat back on his haunches, his one hand playing with his penis,
which was gradually getting erect again, his eyes glued on Suzanne's
crotch, taking in everything as Ted rammed his penis in and out, only
inches away from where Clayton's large thick black member was plunging
in and out like a railroad piston at full steam. Suzanne was rolling
from side to side, her breasts flopping obscenely.

"I'm there, I'm there," Clayton screamed suddenly, and his muscular
body flexed as he held his organ within her anus, and she felt the hot
rush of his seed deep within her intestines. His mouth came down on her
shoulder and she felt the bite of his teeth, sinking into her flesh so
that she cried out. She heard Yvonne's voice, "Suffer, you bitch,
suffer!" For a moment, she wondered why Yvonne was suddenly so
antagonistic towards her. She couldn't help her reactions; she was only
a normal red-blooded girl giving vent to her natural desires. Or was
she? Wasn't she rather some perverted trollop eager for cheap sex kicks
and not caring how she got them? No matter. Fuck. Fuck. In, out. Go,
Clayton, give me every drop of that jism up my ass. Go, Ted, go. Shoot
that hot come up my twat, again, like Donald did.

Poor Donald. He was staring at her with the strangest expression. She
didn't care. She was the center of everything now. She was being lifted
higher and higher. She felt Ted's organ flex and then he rammed in, and
shouted out, "Wow, again, again, oh, wow, baby!" And she knew he had
achieved a second climax. Her cunt ran with all the juices being pumped
into it, and she could feel it dripping out between her thighs, making
a squishy sound with every thrust of Ted's hard organ into her.

She looked over and saw Donald's face slowly being transfigured with
ecstasy as his hand masturbated his penis faster and faster. She knew
what was happening to him, and a few seconds later she saw the white
fluid spurt from the end of his cock, shooting over the rug, and then
slowly dripping from his cockslit. Oh, if she had only known; she
wanted his penis in her mouth. She wanted to taste that come on her
tongue again. She cried out, and he stared at her, then, realizing her
want, he moved quickly forward. She took his still-hard prick in
between her lips and sucked hard, drawing out this last of his come and
convulsing herself inside as she tasted it. Her insides seemed to twist
and erupt as she let the come slide down her throat, feeling his rod
flex in her mouth.

This was the ultimate, she thought; I have a big black dick up my rear
end; I have a thick white one in my cunt, and a beautiful white one in
my mouth. What more? What more could a girl want, except maybe one in
each hand, jerking them off. Her mind suddenly seemed to leave her
body, and with a shudder she relaxed and floated, sublimely unaware of
anything but the glorious sensations that she felt in every particle of
her body.

Slowly she came back to earth, feeling Clayton's massive phallus
withdrawing from her, just as Ted's prick was softening in her cunt and
sliding out. She continued sucking on Donald, and her fingers were
caressing the inside of his legs, cupping his sac in her hands and
playing with his balls. She nibbled on his foreskin, pulling it back
and forth over his head with her teeth and licking across the end of
his cock, feeling the deep slit with the tip of her tongue. His hands
were gently playing with her hair, and he stared down at her with a
tender expression on his youthful features.

Her anus was stinging and almost insensitive, but as Clayton's cock
popped out, she felt a stab of pain, and she jumped and cried out. The
boys all got to their feet and stood, surveying her. She groaned, and
sat up.

"Oooh, you've split me," she said instinctively, imagining her anus a
wide bloodied mess.

"Serves you right," snapped Yvonne, and they all turned to look at her
and Carole, who were huddled together, looking forlorn and miserable.
Carole's face was impassive, but Yvonne's held a look of undisguised
hate and disgust.

Clayton grinned and humped his crotch obscenely at her.

"Whatsamatter, baby? You want some of the action again?" he jeered.
"That cunt of yours ain't worth a cent, I'll clue you. This chick here
really gets with it." He pointed to Suzanne. "She sure has an educated

"Most whores do," snapped Yvonne, and Carole tried to shush her, but
she shrugged off the girl's restraining hand from her shoulder. "No, I
won't shut up. If these bastards can do what they want, I sure as hell
can say what I like."

Ted laughed coarsely, and smiled at Suzanne.

"Don't you worry about that old bat," he said. "You're the best fuck
I've ever had. And you give the best blowjob, too." He sneered at
Carole. "Better than this broad. She doesn't know what the hell to do.
But you ..." He nodded vehemently ... "You sure make this thing feel
good." He took his penis and waved it at her.

Despite the pain in her anus and her apprehension at Yvonne's caustic
comments and her expression of disgust, Suzanne felt a glow within her.
She had done good! These boys, obviously well experienced at sex with
many girls, had given her more than a passing grade; with only two days
experience at sex, she had rated a high score! She felt a twinge of
pride and accomplishment inside, and her body glowed with renewed
pleasure. She smiled up at Donald, who grinned back at her.

"She's the greatest," he said, and there was a warmth and sincerity in
his voice.

"Okay, okay," said Clayton, reaching for his clothes. "I guess that's
it for now, chick-a-biddies. We'se movin' on." He grinned evilly. "I
got a hot date at eight. Another white chick," he added, leering at
Yvonne. "She's 'bout as old as you, but she digs my big dick. And she
knows what to do with it, too. Come on, guys, let's go."

The boys got dressed quickly and walked to the door. Suzanne remained
on the floor, staring up at them with a curious mixture of admiration,
distrust, and relief that it was over. They paused at the door, and
Clayton looked back, his hand on the wall as he surveyed the three
naked girls on the floor.

"Jest in case you git any ideas," he drawled. "I wanna remind you it
ain't no use tryin' to cause trouble. Understand?"

Yvonne's voice shot across the room like the crack of a revolver.
"Listen, stud, there's going to be a patrol car outside this building
every night from now on, so you watch it. If any of you ..." Her eyes
went from Clayton, to Ted, to Donald, and the hate in her expression
was unmistakable ... "any of you show your faces here again, it's going
to be bad news. It's not three against one now. It's three against
three, and you know goddamn well who they're going to believe. So get
your asses out, and don't come back."

Ted and Donald exchanged a look, and then they both stared at Clayton.
Their expressions of cocky assurance faded slightly, and Donald moved
out the doorway, followed by Ted. Clayton stood a moment longer, his
eyes going from Yvonne to Carole to Suzanne. He laughed, a little

"Up yours," he muttered, and then he was gone, slamming the door as a
final gesture of defiance.

The room echoed to the bang of the door, and as silence descended the
girls heard the clatter of footsteps receding down the stairs.

They all reached for their robes, and quickly wrapped them around their
bodies. Yvonne's breathing was heavy, and her eyes flashed. Suzanne
stared at her, and then at Carole, not sure of what to say.

"Okay, okay, you're sorry, that's what you're going to say, is that
it?" snapped Yvonne, finally breaking the silence. "Well, let me tell
you, Suzanne, I'm thinking that you've encouraged those pricks ..."

"Yvonne!" It was Carole's voice that exploded with disbelief at her
friend's accusation. Suzanne was so stunned she was speechless.

"Shut up, Carole. Don't tell me you didn't see the way this little
whore was enjoying it? She loved every frigging minute of it. She loved
having those cocks jammed into her. Anyway she could, she was taking
it. And she loved it. Christ, a cock-lover and a nigger-lover as well!
Let me tell you, Suzanne, I'd like to puke all over you right now."

Suzanne's eyes filled with tears, and she shook her head helplessly;
she was appalled by Yvonne's reaction.

"You're being ridiculous," said Carole staunchly. "Don't tell me you
think Suzanne enjoyed what they did to her ...?"

"Hah!" Yvonne's voice could be heard ten blocks away. "Hah!"

"Yvonne, listen to me," Suzanne said, her self-composure returning
suddenly, despite the tears that were streaming down her face. "Yvonne,
please! You're ... you're not making sense."

"No, my girl, it's you who doesn't make sense. You came crying to
Carole and me, saying how you'd been defiled and violated and all that
shit, and here they're back, and you actually ..." She paused, taking a
deep breath.

"You actually said you'd like Donald. You showed them you wanted that
little prick. And you enjoyed it, every goddamn fucking minute, whether
it was Donald or those other two studs. Jesus, you're sick, that's all
I can say."

Suzanne's temper rose. "Sick? Oh, so that's it now. I'm sick? What
about you? Maybe if you had a big dick up your cunt more often, you
wouldn't be the way you are."

"Suzanne!" It was Carole who cried out, her voice hurt and
disbelieving. "You don't know what you're saying."

"No, it's Yvonne who doesn't know what she's saying. And she doesn't
know what she's doing, either. She's a horny old dyke, but at least I'm
a horny young girl who knows what feels best. Don't you accuse me of
being sick, Yvonne. Sure I chose Donald, but you know why? Because he's
tender and I knew he wouldn't hurt me as much as the others might. I
knew I'd get something out of it, and I did. Donald is wonderful and I
did enjoy what he did to me. But don't tell me I enjoyed the others.
You want to come over and see my bleeding asshole? I feel like a
truck's been driven up my rear end."

"Yeah, and a truck'd probably fit," snapped Yvonne. "You're a little
high-class whore, and I'm sorry I didn't realize it before. We've never
had any problems with neighborhood kids before. You move in, and what
happens? We get attacked and we can't do a thing about it. Well, I
happen to have a few friends downtown, and I meant it when I said
there'll be a patrol car outside this building. I'm going to make sure
those three bastards get their asses thrown inside for one reason or

"That's not going to help," said Carole resignedly. "And you know it.
They've probably got records a mile long already."

Yvonne's shoulders suddenly slumped, and she sighed. She turned,
reaching for her cigarettes, and sat in a chair, puffing furiously,
while Carole and Suzanne stared at her silently.

"Okay, okay." Yvonne spat the words out.

Suzanne's temper subsided, and she felt the tears welling up again.
Before she knew it, she was weeping hysterically into her hands, her
shoulders shaking and her body wracked with sobs. Carole moved over,
putting her arm around Suzanne and holding her close.

"Come on, come on," she murmured, "it's over. Let's not argue any
longer. Please, Yvonne ..." She turned and looked at her friend.
"Yvonne, what you said was awful. You didn't mean it, I know. Tell
Suzanne you're sorry."

Yvonne's thin eyebrows disappeared into her hair.

"Me say I'm sorry? Carole, you've lost your mind. No, baby, I believe
what I said. And there's no use denying it. She enjoyed every fucking
minute of it, and she'd probably have each one of them back if she
could. Come on, Carole, I'm leaving."

She rose and walked to the door. Carole stared at her and slowly shook
her head.

"No, Yvonne, don't. Please, Suzanne's your friend. You can't let
something like this turn you against her. What are friends for? Can't
you see she needs us now? More than ever. Come, sit down. I'll make
some coffee."

Yvonne paused at the door and sneered.

"Suzanne was right, you know, Carole. I am an old dyke, and she doesn't
know much about dykes. Maybe this'll be a lesson to her. I'm leaving,
and I'm not coming back."

Suzanne wiped her eyes and struggled to her feet, her face flushed with

"Just a minute," she shouted. "Remember last night? Remember how I came
to you for help, how I was sore, frightened and needed a friend? And
what happened? You put the make on me. Sure, I'm learning about dykes.
They're after the same thing those boys were. Sex. Sure, I joined in. I
loved it. You taught me something new, something I didn't know about,
and I had a ball. But don't get all moralistic now. You've got no
reason to be, Yvonne. You're just as bad as those boys. The only
difference is they have cocks, and you don't. And believe me, baby,
I'll take a hard cock any day over what you can do. What they did to me
might not be the best way to go about sex, but at least it was normal.
And believe me, I'm normal, and I plan to stay that way, no matter how
well you know how to suck pussy."

"Suzanne! Stop it, stop it!"

Carole's voice rose above her own, and then suddenly Suzanne collapsed
on the couch, weeping uncontrollably, her sobs echoing round the room.
Yvonne stood, breathing heavily, her eyes downcast, and her fingers
twitching. Carole went to Suzanne, and sat, patting her shoulder. She
looked up at Yvonne, and shook her head sadly.

"We've all got our cross to bear," Yvonne said cryptically. "You
coming, Carole?"

The other girl nodded, and rose, looking down at Suzanne; then she
followed Yvonne out of the room. The door closed behind them, and
Suzanne continued to lie on the couch, hardly aware that they had left,
her body wracked with dry heaves as her emotions consumed her self-
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