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when a husband can nolonger give his wife what she needs he gets his son on the job
Son takes over from dad

Hi my names Phil this is how my son took over my duties in the marital home. First some back ground I’m an accountant with my own firm; I’m 49, 6ft 1” with salt and pepper hair. I’d kept in shape by running and cycling until 6 months ago when I had heart problems.
My wife Lindsey is 30 we’ve only been married 5 years, my first wife died some 7 years ago. She’s slim built 5ft 11”, brown hair that is down to the middle of her back, 36c tits and enjoys working out at the gym to keep her stunning figure. Lindsey was also a good friend of my late wife and helped both my son and I after her death.
Ryan my son is 25 and is the splitting image of me at his age, he’s just come home after breaking up with his long time partner. I tried to get him to work in the firm but he’s more sports mad than me and went to collage to do a degree in sport therapy.

Lindsey and I had known one another for a couple of years prior to my wife’s death and the three of us would attend a few events together over that time, she had helped my wife with a lot of fund raisers of different sorts. After her death we became good friends often spending weekends together for company as at the time Lindsey was also on her own and we just drifted into a relationship. She was quite athletic and enjoyed sports, our taste in music and the theatre; before long Lindsey would stay over for the night, then two or three. This went on for I guess 6 months before we even kissed and that was more like friends that greet or so goodbye, then one Friday night Lindsey was going to stay over as we had planned a day out on the Saturday and as we were leaving early thought it better to drive from my place.

The conversation over dinner had been normal nothing untoward, then whilst watching telly: Lindsey began channel hopping when she stopped. There was a program about trophy wives; she turned to me and asked would I ever marry again and would I like a trophy wife? My reply was at the time something cheeky and tongue in cheek; I’d be a dam lucky man to have a wife like her. Lindsey answered with something corny like thank you kind sir and laughed.
We then decided it was time to retire to bed, as we got to the bedroom that Lindsey used when staying over she turned to kiss me but instead of kissing me on the cheek kissed me on the lips; that kiss seemed to ignite something in both of us. Our mouths opened and we pushed our tongues into one another’s mouth; hands began to wander.
“God I want you” Lindsey breathed.

We seemed to fall into the bedroom tearing at each other’s clothes and falling into bed; the hour was a blur of sucking, licking and then hard fast fucking. We ended in a pile of sweaty entwined bodies and I was not sure how many times we came, but we were absolutely knackered. We never left for the day out on the Saturday we ended up fucking like two teenagers. Lindsey moved in permanently that weekend and we became a proper couple.

Over the next couple of months we did what all people in new relationships do, had sex as much as possible in every room in the house and in as many positions that we knew. Often I would be woken each morning by Lindsey's sweet mouth wrapped around my cock; she was able to deep throat me without difficulty especially as I’m only 6” when fully erect. But Lindsey never complained about my size and by the way she would orgasm I was doing something right.

We got married 13 months after I lost my 1st wife, some of my friends thought this was far too soon, others didn’t; so choosing who came to the wedding was fairly simple. Ryan was my best man and he had given us his full blessing shortly after Lindsey had moved in with me. Lindsey and he got on quite well and would often rib me over things when he would stay.

Now to the present as I said I had heart problems about 6 months ago which has put pay to a lot of things for me; running and cycling no longer is suitable, work has had to be reduced (the work load is now being done by younger accountants in my firm). The most noticeable is that I’ve completely lost my sex drive, in the early days Lindsey was fine with this; saying give it time it will return just be patient . But that has not been the case and I’m aware that Lindsey has her needs, as the frustration is now noticeable. Love her she has promised that it is ok and won’t change things between us. I can hear her some nights in the spare bedroom working out with her vibrator.

As I said Ryan moved back home about a month after my heart problems and has been a great help both to me and as support to Lindsey. As the weather improved we were able to make more use of the pool area, the doctors saying a little gentle swimming wouldn’t hurt me. It was wonderful lying in the sun with Lindsey stretched out next to me in one of her small bikinis. I began to get that old sexual stirring once again, but when we attempted to go further ended in nothing. Frustration and anger boiled up within me and I stayed in doors on my own.

It was one such afternoon that I was sat in doors; Lindsey was by the pool when Ryan came in.
“Hi dad how’s things hanging” he asked.
I didn’t have to answer; he already knew what I would say. Instead I told him that Lindsey was by the pool. He left to go change and shortly afterwards I heard a commotion out by the pool. On looking out I saw that Ryan had jumped in next to Lindsey soaking her, she in turn was scolding him for his actions. However as she stood by the edge doing this Ryan somehow managed to grab her hand and pull her into the pool. After this there was a lot of horse play; splashing and dunking of one another. Sitting watching it reminded me of the early days of our relationship, Lindsey noticed me at the window waved and got out to come over. I grab a towel to wrap round her; due to the exertions she was a little flushed and her nipples had hardened. Noticing what I was looking at and without seeming to notice Ryan she stopped and asked “are you looking at these puppies” shaking her tits in her hands.

Ryan saw this and had a huge grin on his face, “hey dad looks like time to play” he shouted.
Lindsey turned having come to her senses and to say she was flushed when she got out of the pool; she was now bright red. Grabbing the towel from me she hurried in doors and up to our bedroom, I followed.
I found her in our bedroom tears running down her cheeks; I asked her what the matter was.
“Phil, Ryan’s your son he shouldn’t be looking at me that way, you have to say something.
“Darling what could I say you look stunning and what hot blooded male wouldn’t think that way”?
Lindsey went and stood by the window overlooking the pool and I went to stand next to her, Ryan was just getting out of the pool and his shorts were stuck to his body giving away how well toned he was and a sizable package to boot. Lindsey also noticed this, because as she turned to me you could see a look of realization about Ryan.

That night as I lay in bed next to Lindsey, thoughts began to enter my head; vivid and not family ones. Ones that no father should think of that involved his wife and son; for the first time in ages my cock hardened. I cuddled into Lindsey my cock pocking against her ass and began rubbing it up and down. Lindsey likes to sleep in the nude and somehow I was able to slide into her pussy; she must have been having a sexy dream. She moaned in her sleep and wriggled her ass against me; my cock suddenly slipping into her. She moaned again and said something than I didn’t catch; as my trusted increased Lindsey moaned again this time louder and this time I caught what she was saying.

She was asking Ryan to fuck her, she was dreaming about my son and him fucking her; why I don’t know but this excited me and soon I was shooting my first load of cum in months into my wife’s pussy as she dreamt that it was Ryan. We drifted off to sleep and didn’t wake until morning.

Lindsey lent over kissing as was the norm each morning, I asked her did she have a nice dream? She went quite and then asked if she had said anything as she knows that sometimes she talks in her sleep. I told her she had been mumbling but I was unable to work out what she was saying; she then got up and showered and as it was another hot day put on one of her bikinis and a wrap.

Lindsey made breakfast and we sat by the pool to eat, just as we were finishing up Ryan appeared; he was going to have a swim before breakfast. Today he was not in his normal trunks but Speedo’s this highlighted his goods better and showed he was better equipped than I. Lindsey could not fail to notice and slipped on a pair of sun glasses; in her attempt to look without our noticing. I said I was feeling tired and was going up to sleep and suggested she have a swim; Lindsey said she probably would later.

Once I’d got to our bedroom I sat in the chair next to the window overlooking the pool; Ryan was sitting on the edge at the shallow end watching Lindsey swim lengths. After several lengths she stopped at the shallow end near to my son, they had struck up a conversation and as they talked I noticed that Lindsey was running her hand up and down his outer thigh. Ryan didn’t stop her; he was obviously enjoying her touch; because even from where I sat I could see that there was a pronounced bulge in his Speedo’s. Lindsey must have noticed for it was right in front of her and when she move from one side to between his legs it was plain that she had. Her hand movements had also changed; she was now stroking his inner thighs and his cock was now showing over the top of his swim wear.

The next action took me by surprise; Lindsey grasped his bottoms and pulled them down exposing his cock to her and then lowered her mouth onto it and began a slow and masterful blow job. One that I can vouch for as something you don’t forget in a hurry. I could tell by my son’s expression he was enjoying it as much as I’ve enjoyed then in the past. Ryan had put his hands on Lindsey’s head and was really pulling her head down into his cock; after a while he moved his hands down to her tits pulling them out of her top. Ryan then pulled Lindsey out of the pool and laid her down; once laid on her back he moved between her legs and began licking at her pussy. Lindsey didn’t take long from what I saw before she came and that seemed to change something.

I watched as she pushed Ryan away and stood, adjusted her swim suit and headed towards the house. Minutes later she was walking into the bedroom, her face and body flushed with colour.
She noticed me sitting in the chair by the window; her face showed some fear and concern. Then stumbling with her words she asked if I’d seen what had just happened.
I knew if I wanted her to go to Ryan I would have to push her, inside I took a deep breath and started on my plan.

“You’re nothing but a cock tease” I barked at her.

She looked at me stunned, and then went to say something; but I cut her off. Again goading her about wanting my son’s bigger cock and what she’d do with it.

After about 10 minutes my wife turned and stormed out of the bedroom towards Ryan’s room. I followed at a discreet distance.

As I neared the door I heard Lindsey talking, peeking in she was stood naked at the end of the bed; Ryan was pulling his shorts off.
With his cock exposed to my wife, she climbed up on the bed until she was level with his cock.
Ryan’s cock hardened under Lindsey’s expert blowjob; she was having trouble getting his full length into her mouth, as he must have been a good 4 inches longer than me and a little thicker.
Ryan had hold of her hair and was pushing her head down onto his cock; then as he moaned he held it in place as he ejaculated into her mouth, forcing her to swallow. Little would Ryan know that my wife loves giving head and always swallows.

Ryan then instructed Lindsey to lie down and he moved his mouth over her beautifully trimmed pussy, sucking and licking at her.
She was soon pushing her hips at his mouth as her orgasm grow; until with her moans increasing in volume she shouted “Fuccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk” and squirted into his mouth. This is something else that I enjoyed doing to Lindsey but surprised and excited Ryan.
Ryan was hard again and with my wife’s cum on his face he moved up her body and lined his cock up with her hole.

“Fuck me hard” she demanded “fuck me harder than your small cocked father can, fill me”.

Ryan drove in with such force; Lindsey appeared to lose her breath.
He pounded with such force I thought he’d damage something. But the two of them were like mad people; him pounding and swearing, her moaning, cursing and clawing at his back.
10 minutes later they lay side by side their breathing coming in gasps; scratch marks down my son’s back, my wife’s pussy puffy and red with cum oozing out of her.

Both their faces had looks of satisfaction. As I walked into the room they sat bolt upright and stared at me.
“Darling was that everything that you’ve dreamed about” I asked.

Lindsey’s reply was simply “yes”.

“Good, now you two have done the deed then its ok to continue” I told them.

“But not in my bed and I get to watch when I want to” I told them.

Lindsey looked at me and said “thank you darling” then bent to suck on my son’s cock.

Leaving them to do whatever they now intended to do I returned back to my chair in the bedroom; knowing that the two most loved things in my life were getting what they needed.

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There were a few minor mistakes, but way less than the majority of the people that post in here. Besides, you can tell by the writing style and words used that the man is Aussie or English so try and make a sensible complaint. If you're an American (and I'm assuming you are, then please do not embarass the rest of us. Only ignorant, uneducated imbeciles will put down a fairly well written story.

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You sound like a fucking amateur. Get out.

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