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Eliza's Chapter
Authots Note: This is the fourth chaper in this series so if you haven't read the others I suggest you read them first!! Also for the last time I preread my stories a few time through to weed out the grammar and spelling errors but i am doing this in my free time so its not perfect stop bitching about the errors or ill stop posting.

Solomon's Daughters: Eliza's Chapter

Anthony slowly rose to consciousness and stretched his sore muscles. Realizing the bed beside him was empty he looked around for Sar-Rah or Liz. They were absent but on one of the pillows beside him was a sheet of paper. Picking it up he read that they had gotten up to go to school and had been unable to wake him so they had left a note. They had both signed it with a kiss at the bottom. They were both wearing the same shade of lipstick. Looking to the clock he realized he would be late for his first class so he just decided to skip it for the day. He could borrow the notes and he'd never missed a class before. Sitting up to get ready so he wouldn't miss anymore then that one class today he noticed a flicker of color from the corner of his eye. He turned to look but saw nothing. As he started to turn toward the bathroom he saw it again, a flash of prismatic white before it vanished as quickly as it appeared.

"What the ...," he said as he turned back. He could have sworn it came from the bottle but as he stood there staring at it remained that flat black color. Then it flashed again and went blank, then flashed again. The flickering color began to alternate between the flat black and the prismatic white. Slowly the flashes went from a few seconds between flickers to a continuous strobe that was starting to make Anthony dizzy. Just as quickly as the flickering began it stopped with the bottle that prismatic white color. Cautiously moving to pick up the bottle Anthony noted that the seal was back on the bottle but the design on it was different than before. Thinking that this meant that one of Sar-Rah's sisters was could be freed now he reached for the drawer of his desk and pulled free a pocket knife. He quickly jabbed his thumb and squeezed a drop of blood out it fell directly on the symbol on the seal. He then set the bottle on the desk and pulled the stopper free and stepped back as the familiar mist began to pour from the bottle.

Anthony waited patiently as the mist finished forming into the girl. She was really tall standing six inches taller than his 5'10" height. She had long flowing brown hair braided into a thick braid that hung forward over her shoulder and down over her small breasts nearly to here slim waist. She wore a ancient looking set of spectacles and behind them were the same piercing black eyes that Sar-Rah possessed. Her eyes were distant and unfocused. Her skin had the same tan as Sar-Rah's but it looked even softer. Behind the girl on the desk the stopper snapped back into the bottle and returned to that flat black state of magical charging. The girl's eyes focused as soon as the stopper clacked into place.

"@!(*&^#$&()&*," she asked. Her eyes flicked rapidly around the room and alarm began to grow in her eyes.

Cursing himself for an idiot he should have waited until Sar-Rah was with him to let out her sister.

"Can you understand English," he asked knowing it was futile but having to try something in order to ease the panic on her face. She seemed to calm slightly and stared at him for a second just when he thought she wasn't going to answer she spoke.

"I understand," she said haltingly. "Who are you and where is this? This is not my room where I went to sleep."

His face paling, at the realization that she didn't know what had happened to her, Anthony felt a little sick to his stomach. His mind raced to come up with what to tell her. Sar-Rah had said that Razark had told her that knowledge and understanding would be placed directly into the minds of the other six. Apparently he forgot to pass on the knowledge of what he had done to them or something went wrong with this one specifically.

"Um, look I'm Anthony and this is my home. What is your name?"

"My name is Eliza."

"Ok, well there is a choice of how we do this. I can tell you what Sar-Rah told me and you probably won't believe me. Or we can wait until your sister gets back and you can have her tell you what is going on. She is at school with my little sister so we will have to wait all day for them to get back."

"I will listen to what you have to say," she replied calmer now after he had mentioned Sar-Rah's name.

"Ok, to shorten it down to the basics it goes like this. Razark, your father's genie, took advantage in a moment of vulnerability and managed to mortally wound your father. With his dying breath your father made a wish to have you girls find happiness and to have the genie destroy itself. Your father as he was obviously rushed with the wish worded that wish badly leaving a great many loopholes in it. So the genie took Solomon's seven daughters and tearing his own soul into seven pieces he transformed them into Lesser Djinn so his race would not die with him. He then sealed the seven of them into a bottle with Sar-Rah being the first to emerge each time. She was to judge the person who opened the bottle and decide if he would be a fitting husband for her and all of you. The bottle has been opened a few times before but she found those men lacking, me she chose as worthy. That about sums it up, any questions?"

Eliza stood there for a few moments just assimilating the information. She found the story unbelievable but she sensed that the man before her wasn't lying. She thought back hard for memory but the only thing she could remember was falling asleep in her room in her father's palace then waking here in this strange room with it's strange decorations. She was rather impressed with Anthony's patience she had just been standing there thinking and looking around for five minutes already and he showed no sign of impatience. As a matter of fact he looked like he was just going to stand there until she replied.

"I believe you believe what you are telling me. I can detect no deceit in your words," she told him then stopped talking and again went back to her silent contemplation. He studied her for a few second then an idea popped into his head.

"Look I have to go to school so I need to take a shower and eat to get ready to go," he said then a thought came to him from what Sar-Rah had told him earlier of her talk with the genie before she was imprisoned in the bottle.

"What is your aspect as a Lesser Djinn," he asked. Eliza a little annoyed at his question opened her mouth to tell him she wasn't Djinn so she didn't have an aspect but the words she meant to say didn't come out.

"I am a Lesser Djinn of Knowledge," her mouth said with absolutely no prompting from her brain. She was stunned, confused, and a little frightened. Her distress disracted her so much she didn't realize that Anthony had moved closer to her until his arms wrapped around her and pulled her tight to his chest. He reached up and stroked her hair from the top of her head to the base of her back.

"Shhhh, don't cry it is going to be alright," he whispered to her. She reached up and touched her cheek she hadn't realized she had started crying. At the words spoken from her mouth she had realized his story as outlandish as it was must be true. The realization that her father was dead sending tears into her eyes and the grief began to build in her. This stranger was holding her intimately and she knew she should pushing him away but his embrace was comforting as the pain coursed through her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and lowered her fore head to his hair. She began to sob out her pain her knees slowly gave way but he held her up and did not complain when he felt her tears soaking into his hair. He felt kind of awkward hugging her like this, they had just met and he had never embraced a woman taller than himself before. He couldn't say it was unpleasant though, as tall and lanky as she was her skin was satin soft and her breast while small were at face level and right in front of him. Resisting the urge to lean forward and suck on her nipple which had hardened in the cool air conditioned air he softly stroked her hair and murmured quietly to her. After a while her sobs quieted and she let go of him. Leaning away from him she wiped her red puffy eyes and looked down into his face.

"I'm sorry," she said touching his hair to show him that is what she meant.

"Don't worry about it. I was going to take a shower anyway," he said smiling up at her.

"What is a shower," she asked.

"You know your sister asked me that exact same question. A shower is like a waterfall you can use to wash except it is inside, it is made of pipes, and you can control the water temperature. She imagined that for a second then looked into his eyes.

"Can I take a shower with you," she asked.

"You realize that we have to be naked right? Naked together?"

"You said Sar-Rah chose you as our husband so it is ok," she said blushing slightly while smiling at his nervousness. Anthony shrugged his shoulders and taking her by the hand walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower to let the water warm up. Turning he froze gaping, his cock hard as a rock in seconds, due to the incredible sight before him. Eliza had begun stripping the linen wrapping from around her body as soon as Anthony had dropped her hand to turn on the shower. She had her small but perky breasts bared and had begun working on her legs. When the last of the cloth dropped to the ground she straightened and he took in the beauty of her fully naked body. Her height made her legs look long, and all that smooth silky skin made his mouth water. He longed to taste every inch of her. Seeing he wasn't undressing Eliza followed his intense stare and realized he was staring hungrily at her. Flushing she looked down see the evidence of his desire for her, her flushed deepened and spread to her whole body.

"Aren't you going to undress," Eliza asked him, trying to hurry him up.

"What? Oh yeah undress," he said dazedly and began distractedly pulling off his clothes. When he was naked he stepped under the spray of the shower and Eliza joined him. He took her and wet her hair then began shampooing it. She stood still and let him do as he wished moaning as he massaged her scalp. When he was done and he began rinsing the soap from her hair, she stood with her eyes closed like he told her and shivered at the feel of his hands gently running through her hair rinsing out the soap and the feel of his hardness pressed firmly against her. He then grabbed a washcloth and the soap and lathered up her body and washed her rubbing her pussy a few more time then was need just so he can listen to her soft melodic moans. Finished with her he pushed her back under the spray and began to wash his own hair. Seeing what he was doing Eliza took the soap and washcloth and began to wash his body. Running the soapy cloth and her free hand all over his body she finally came to his erection. At her first tentative touch it jerk and she hesitated for a moment. Looking up into Anthony's face she saw him standing there looking down at her just letting her touch him. She gently gripped him and stroked him a few times and he moaned at the feel of her hand on him, she released him and stood after only a few strokes. He wanted to pin her against the wall and take her right then and there but he held himself in check, closing his eyes to block the sight of her and slowly counting down from one hundred until he was fully in control of himself and not his hormones. They finished their shower and got out and dried each other off and then he had to find something for her to wear.

She was taller than him so Liz's clothes wouldn't fit and all his clothes except the ones Sar-Rah had altered for him wouldn't even fit him anymore let alone her. He looked at her and remembered his mother was about as tall as her maybe a little shorter and her clothes were still in her closet. Neither Anthony nor Liz had the desire to clean out her closet. Just the thought of going in there upset Anthony but Eliza needed something to wear until clothes could be arranged for her. He paused at that thought, there were seven sisters how the hell was he going to cloth and feed seven more people he thought to himself as he walked down the hall to his parent's room. Pushing open the door he walked over to one of the two separate closets. His mother had used one and his father the other. He reached for the door to the closet and his hand froze inches from the door. He didn't want to go in there as he stood there trying to force himself to enter the pain from the loss of his mother hit him again and his outstretched hand began to quiver. His eyes dilated and he began to breath heavily, gasping for air as if he couldn't breathe. Eliza stood there watching, she had followed behind him completely naked, she was concerned he seemed to fallen into some kind of stupor and she wasn't sure what to do to help him.

"Anthony," she tentatively called his named but he did not answer. She walked around to in front of him and stood in his way and shouted his name louder. Slowly his eyes shifted to her face and began to focus on her. When he came back from where ever he had gone he sighed and rested his forehead against her chest and she stroked his hair comforting him in the same way he had comforted her.

"In that closet are some clothes that will probably fit you well enough till I can get you some of your own. You will have to get them yourself I can't go in there."

"Why can't you what's in there," Eliza asked him curiously.

"My mother's clothes and all her other belongings are in that closet. She is dead and I don't think she would mind if you borrowed some," he said he backed away from her and left the room. Opening the door to the closet she saw two dressers and some clothes hanging from rails. Walking to the first dresser she opened the top drawer and saw it was full of under garments so she closed the drawer. She might be borrowing someone else's clothes but she wouldn't wear someone else's panties. Searching quickly she found a pair of jeans that fit her snugly and a silk t-shirt and
quickly dressed. She walked from the closet backwards closing the door and turned. Anthony sat on the edge of the bed face in his hands.

"I can smell her scent from over here," he said into his palms not even bothering to lift his head. She groped for a way to ease his mind but couldn't find one so she changed the subject.

"Didn't you say you had to go to school," she asked him.

"Yes but I can't just leave you here alone," he replied.

"Then you can take me with you, I wish to see your world. How long have I been in that bottle anyway?"

"Uh what year where you born, and at what age did you go into the bottle?"

"By your calendar I believe it was the year 949 B.C. when I was born and I was imprisoned at the age of eighteen," she answered.

"Well now it is 2012 A.D., so you've been in the bottle 2943 years give or take a few months," he said absently as he did the math in his head. When his statement was met with a profound silence he turned to Eliza. She had a stunned look on her face and he felt sorry for her and the rapid changes being thrust upon her without her consent. Eliza began to panic, inside her head her thought whirled trying to come to grips with this new information. She wanted so badly to know what was going on, and then she did. As soon as she made the conscious decision that the she wanted to know something the information flowed into her mind. Nearly three thousand years of history technology and culture flowed effortlessy into her mind along with the last moments of the High Djinns conversation with Sar-Rah and she understood what was going on. She was awed and thought to herself so this is what a Djinn of Knowledge could do. Blinking dazedly up she realized she was on the floor looking up into Anthony's worried and frowning face as he asked her what was wrong and ran his hand over the back of her head to make sure she hadn't cracked her skull.

"Are you ok," he asked again.

"Yeah, I'm fine. It was just an information overload," she said sitting up. He raised an eyebrow in question at her statement but didn't press her to explain.

"Do you still want me to take you to school with me?"

"Yep I am ready to go and once we get out of class you can take me to the high school to pick up Sar-Rah."

"How did you know that is where she was," he asked eyeing her out of the corner of his eye as he slipped on his shoes.

"That fainting spell just now was me catching up on three thousand years of information if Sar-Rah's at school with your little sister chance are that she's at a high school."

"I see so that is what you meant by information overload. Is that instant information thing your ability as a genie of knowledge he asked her.

"Yes, well let's go or you'll be late right?"

Looking over at the clock he saw the time and cursed. Grabbing her hand he jerked open the door pulled her out after him and locking the bottom lock, with a twist of his wrist, he slammed the door behind them. He took off for the corner at a fast jog pulled her along beside him. They reached the bus stop just as it pulled up, boarding the bus Anthony swiped his pass and bought Eliza a day pass and then went and found a seat where she could sit next to him. They sat in a comfortable silence he still had possession of her hand and she didn't seem to want him to let go so he didn't. Eliza leaned against Anthony just soaking up the heat from his body. The heat from where they were touching and the masculine scent of him were making her heart pound in her chest and heat pool low in her body. She was beginning to wish they were back in that shower and that she had taken things farther. Wrapped up in her daydreams of how their shower might have ended she was surprised when Anthony stood tugging on her arm to get her to move.

"This is our stop Eliza, let's go," he said. Standing she allowed him to continue to leader her, her delicate hand wrapped warmly in his larger one. He began jogging again this time she jogged with him instead of being hauled along beside him. He pulled her into his Higher Mathematics class and found a seat in the back. As soon as they were settled the bell rang and Prof. Stern walked into the class closing the door behind him. This college had open classes so Eliza's presence wouldn't be odd anyone could walk into any class that had an available seat and stay for the class so long as they weren't disruptive.

"Alright class today we are going to be learning how to solve problems like this," he said and began writing out a problem on the board for the first few lines Anthony followed how the problem was solved but as the professor kept going he began to become lost on how to solve the problem. He looked at Eliza and she seemed to be following the problem as well.

"Do you understand that," he asked her and she nodded.

"I wish I could he lost me after the first couple lines or so."

Looking over at him she was surprised he could follow any of that equation, and she realized he was really smart. She thought of how she wished she could share her knowledge to him and she suddenly knew how to transfer her knowledge directly into his mind.

"You're probably more lost then you should be because there is an error in the second line of the equation," she said looking around quickly to make sure the professor and the other students weren't paying them any attention she leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on the lips sending all the knowledge he could ever need about the Higher Mathematics that he would ever need. Shocked he sat there stunned for a second and stared at her. Then he grinned and turned back to the board. He looked over the problem and suddenly he could see what Eliza was saying about the mistake and he saw how close he had been to solving the problem and all the errors that he had made. Then it struck him she had granted his wish to understand this subject. Turn his head he met her eyes and grinned in gratitude. Blushing, she lowered her head allowing her hair to swing forward and shield her face.

"Do you think we should tell him about the mistake," he asked her mischievously.

"Mr. Caine do you have something to share with the class," Stern's voice sounded from the front of the room. Anthony inwardly grimaced about being called out but Stern was never his favorite teacher and as brilliant as the man was he was ass. The first day of classes he had made one girl, Trisha, run out of the class crying for answering a question incorrectly she hadn't come back for a week and when she did she sat in the back row and never participated in the class discussions. He decide to give the man exactly what he deserved, a little humiliation in return.

"Yes we do actually."


"Yes, me and her," he said pointing sideways to Eliza. She seemed to be trying to shrink into her seat.

"And who may I ask is she? She looks maybe eighteen what does she know about Higher Mathematics," he sneered, contempt dripping in his tone.

"She is one of my future wives, and she apparently knows more about them then you seeing as she is the one who caught your mistake and pointed it out to me."

"Well why don't you have your fiancée come down here and show me my mistake," he said, confident in his work and wanting to humiliate her in retaliation for the insult to his proficiency. Anthony looked over at Eliza but she shook her head in denial.

"Looks like your fiancée doesn't know as much as she claims," Stern sneered. Her eyes flashing in anger at the insinuation of her speaking a lie she lurched to her feet enraged her eyes taking on a white gleam. Grabbing her arm to stop her advance Anthony squeezed her arm to try and calm her before her eyes lit up like lamps and it couldn't be passed off as a reflection.

"Alright, then how about we make a bet?"

"What are the stakes," Stern asked after examining his equation on the board for a few moments, confident he would win. Anthony smiled at the foolish overconfidence on Stern's face.

"The bet is this; you apologize to my fiancée here and to Trisha. Then you are to go back into your grade book back to that week the Trisha missed because of your rudeness and mark her as getting full credit for all those days since I know you marked her down for each of those days. The apologies must be heart felt and believable and I want your word you will abide by the agreement. Also I am to be excused from the rest of class today with full marks."

Anthony knew Stern put great stock on always keeping his word and if he reneged on his promise in front of so many witnesses it would get out and people would stop trusting his word. He watched as Stern's face turned purple with rage. Anthony just waited for Prof. Stern to compose himself which took a surprisingly long five minutes.

"So...," Anthony prodded.

"And what do I get if your... fiancée can't show where a mistake was made," he asked nearly spitting out the word fiancée. Anthony shrugged his shoulders and leaned back into his seat.

"What do you want," he asked Stern.

"You are to drop out of my class and if you want to raise the steaks, I'll go to the office and pass you from

my course with an A+. If you fail however you withdraw from the college completely, my word on it," he said with a

smug grin on his face. Anthony put his cellphone back into his pocket have recorded the whole bet with it incase Prof. Stern tried to renege later. He looked over at Eliza and smile at her encouragingly.

"Alright you've got a bet Stern. Eliza will show you your mistake and how no one could solve it the way you wrote it and you are going to pass me from this class with an A+. As soon as she finishes though and your wrong, you have to apologize to Trisha and Eliza and I expect you to keep your word about changing Trisha's week of absence to a week of her average passing grade. Anthony turned his head to look over where Trisha was sitting staring at him and winked at her and she blushed. It made her look cute even though she wasn't very pretty. He released Eliza's arm and gave her a pat on the butt to get her moving. She scowled down at him and stalked down to the dry erase board. Grabbing a marker a different color then the one previously used so it would stand out she circled the part of the equation that was in error. At the bottom of the board in a clear space she rewrote the section of the equation to how it was supposed to be. Then she moved over to the second blank board and proceeded to solve the equation how it was supposed to be written. Showing her word and doing massive calculations in her head that other would require a calculator for she solved the equation in the same amount of time it took for Stern to write the first one.

"There you go," she said throwing the marker into the tray and turning and walking back to Anthony. Stern was rapidly going over her calculations and tapping away at his calculator trying to find a flaw in her work. Anthony leaned back relaxed in his seat knowing he would find no mistake. Eliza had made him an expert on this subject in a matter of second and he could see that her work was perfect. His face turning green he turned and faced Eliza.

"I am sorry for calling you a liar and for my rudeness," he said.

"You are forgiven," she replied.

He repeated this with Trisha and then moved to his desk and flipped open his grade book. Anthony gather his backpack and grabbed Eliza's hand and began pulling her toward the door.

"Do you want to see where I changed Ms. Markson's grade," Stern asked before they could make there exit.

"No I believe you'll keep your word," Anthony told him and hurried Eliza out of the room. Taking her hand and leading her to the Taco Bell across the street from the campus. He ordered and got their drinks after seating her at an empty table. Grabbing their order on the way back to the table they ate and just chatted about anything that came to mind. A shadow fell over the table and Anthony looked up and was surprised to see Trisha standing there fidgeting.

"What are you doing here aren't you supposed to be in class," Anthony asked her. Suddenly her arms shot out around his head pulling him into her chest. He had to give her one thing, she may be less then beautiful but her tits

were massive they had to be each one nearly the size of his head. Turning his head he could see Eliza grinning at him and his vision was begin to be edged in black from the lack of oxygen. The thought that being smothered to death by a massive set of tits, might not be a bad way to go. He tapped Trisha on the hip to get her attention. When she looked down into his face her cheeks were blazing red.

"Need air," Anthony rasped out. Eliza laughed at that and Trisha's arms sprang away, releasing him.

"I am so sorry," she said wringing her hands together, "I just wanted to thank you for what you did. Mr. Stern let the whole class go so he could go to the office and pass you, he was grumbling it would probably take the whole period for him to do the paper work."

"You're welcome, and don't worry about nearly smothering me with your magnificent chest I can think of worse ways to go," he some grinning up at her. Her face so deep a red she looked like a tomato, she thanked him again and then fled. He looked after her for a second then turned back to Eliza. She was giving him this odd look that he didn't know how to interpret.

"Is there something on my face," he asked her trying to break the uncomfortable silence.

"That was a kind thing you did for her, is she a friend of yours?"

"No, just now was the first time we have ever spoken to one another," Anthony told her. She nodded as if that was the answer she had expected and smiled at him. He lost his breath when she smiled at him like that. Eliza and Sar-Rah both had that breath stealing smile that he loved to see.

"What shall we do next then," Eliza asked him.

"Let's go watch a movie? There is a theatre on the other side of campus."

"Alright that sounds like fun," she said knowing from her information overload what a movie was but never having been to one. They finished up their lunch and headed back on to the campus. Half way across the front lawn Eliza became aware of four big guys ahead of them being load and shoving each other around. She realized that Anthony was becoming tense beside her and figured these guys were trouble.

"Hey look it's that poor kid," one of the guys shouted out load to draw his friends' attention to Anthony. Anthony continued to walk by ignoring them. They began to move closer.

"Hey look at that poorboy's got himself a hot girlfriend," said one of the other. When one of them stepped in front of Anthony he stopped.

"Get out of the way Blake," Anthony said. Ignoring Anthony, Blake raked a lecherous gaze over Eliza and she shiver with disgust.

"Hey baby why don't you come with us? We'll show you how to really have fun," Blake said as he reached out and grabbed her arm. Anthony immediately began to step forward to confront him. Eliza sensing the three moving in to intercept him put a hand on Anthony's chest, he was still mostly human and they could hurt him badly.

"Don't, he isn't worth you getting hurt over. I will handle this," she said to reassure him.

"You here that guys she is going to "handle" me," he said to his friends who laughed at his crude joke.

"You're a football player," Eliza asked him her voice soft.

"Yeah baby I am the quarterback," he told and tried to drag her closer to him. She didn't budge an inch.

"So you need to be able to use your hands for that. I'll make you a deal you take your hand off me and leave now and I won't hurt you. If you don't you probably won't be able to ever play football again," she said her tone even voice still soft.

"Don't be like that baby I'll show you what a real man can do," he said rubbing his crotch with his free hand.

"No thanks. I doubt you could be a real man if your dick was three feet long, now this is your last warning release my arm or I'll destroy yours."

"Now you look here you little bitch your coming with us whether you like it or not," Blake said. Then began to scream in agony Eliza gripping the wrist of the hand that was holding her and she didn't seem to be straining. Confused at what was going on, his friends hesitated. Eliza flexed her fist and Anthony paled, he could hear the bones of Blake's wrist crunching in her hand. His cronies finally rushed to try to get her hand off him. She released his wrist and he dropped to the ground curling into a ball around his hand. Eliza turned to face the men rushing her unhurriedly.

"What the fuck did you do," the first one yelled at her reaching to grab her. She reached out and caught his arm before he could touch her and jerked him forward knocking his feet out from under him with her foot and then let him go. He slammed face first into sidewalk. A collective ouch when through the people who had gathered around to watch when Blake had waylaid them. The third man reached her before she could turn back and seized her shoulder grabbing his wrist she bent and flung him over her shoulder he slammed into the tree by the side of the path. The fourth guy showed a great deal more brains then the other three shared altogether raised his hands and gave Eliza and Anthony a wide berth. He first checked to make sure the one who slammed into the tree hadn't broken his neck when he fell on it, he probably had a concussion. Next he checked the guy who face planted into the side walk but he was mostly fine nothing a few large band-aids wouldn't fix. Lastly he went to check Blake, who was curled around his hand crying.

The campus police ran up and seized Anthony and the other guy, the man told the campus police his name was Shawn. When he insisted it was Eliza that took the other guys out they looked at her delicate body and gave him a dubious look.

"It was me, I was defending myself. You can ask the witnesses," she said gesturing at the crowd around them before another of the officers grabbed her arm. She glared coldly at him over her shoulder and his face pale and he released her.

"Alright we need to know what happened here," the officer who seemed to be in charge said. Taking Shawn aside he began to question him. After fifteen minutes or so the officer took Eliza aside they had kept Anthony and Eliza apart sitting on different benches.

"I am Officer Lawrence. What is your name miss?"

"I am Eliza Solomon."

"Do you go to school here?"


"Then why are you on campus grounds?"

"Are the campus grounds closed to the public," Eliza asked

"I am the one asking the questions here," Lawrence said. (Sorry about that but I just couldn't help my self I

had to throw that in. KARAX :)

"Well if you want my cooperation then I think you shouldn't be such an ass. But there is no reason for you to answer because I know full well that the campus is not closed to the public so it is none of your business what I was doing on campus."

Seeing Officer Lawrence's face turn red from where he was sitting Anthony groaned and put his face in his hands.

"Look girl you assaulted four people I think you had better cooperate," Lawrence growled.

"No you look, shit head, I didn't fucking assault anyone it was self-defense. Which the fucking witness will tell you, if you had bothered to ask any of them instead of taking that jackass's story as the truth. Now am I under arrest?"

"Ma'am calm down and sit I have more questions."

"I don't give a shit about your questions. Am I under arrest?"

"No not yet."

"Then we are done here," she said.

Anthony was brought to the officer next while Eliza sat on a bench twenty feet farther down the path waiting. He had been surprised and amused by her language when she got pissed she really cursed up a storm.

"I'm Officer Lawrence. What is your name?"

"Anthony Caine."

"Do you go to school here?"


"What is your relationship with the victims?"

"I am romantically involved with the victim," Anthony said.

"Your romantically involved with Blake and the other three men," the Officer asked his eyebrow raise in surprise.

"No I am romantically involved with Eliza. You asked about the victim not the perpetrators."

"So what is your relationship with Blake and his friends?"

"We have no relationship they are dick heads I try my hardest to pretend they don't exist."

"So tell me what happened," Officer Lawrence said. He listened while Anthony told him what happened word for word what was said and even to Anthony's accurate deion of the fight and how each of the men's injuries were received. He finished just as paramedics arrived with two stretchers. The one who hit the tree was still out and Blake still didn't uncurl from his ball. The one Eliza had face planted into the sidewalk was awake and screaming obscenities at her and spewing threats. Eliza stood and turned to face the screaming man her eyes catching the light and flashing the silvery white color again. Looking into her eyes the man went silent then he pissed himself and turned and ran away with a police officer after him. Officer Lawrence stared after the fleeing college student for a second then his gaze flicked to Eliza. Noticing his attention on her she shrugged at him and sat back down.

"So you didn't touch any of them," Lawrence asked turning back to face Anthony. Disbelief was plainly written on his face.

"Nope, I was going to deck Blake for grabbing Eliza but she put a hand on my chest and told me she could handle it."

"So you did nothing and just let your girlfriend face a guy over twice her weight?"

"She said she could handle it and I trust her. She handled it just fine didn't she?"

"You think crushing a man's wrist and giving another a dislocated shoulder and a concussion handling it fine?"

"They aren't dead which is what every rapist on the planet deserves," Anthony said to him coolly.

"We're done," Lawrence said standing and heading over to talk to the two other officers who had been questioning the witnesses. Walking over to Eliza he sat down next to her putting an arm across her shoulders and pulling her into him.

You have quite the mouth on you when you get pissed huh," he asked her. She blushed and tilted her head down letting her hair swing forward to obscure the blush that rose to her face. Chuckling he pushed her hair back behind her ear and leaned close to her.

"No need to be embarrassed. Having all those filthy words pouring out of such a beautiful innocent face is kind of a turn on," he whispered in her ear and gently bit the lobe of her ear before running his tongue around the rim of it. She moaned at the feel of it. Someone cleared their throat and Anthony sat back against the bench to find Officer Lawrence standing a few feet away. Eliza was scowling darkly at the man so Anthony reached over and covered her eyes with his hand.

"Yes Officer Lawrence," he asked. Ignoring them both Eliza grabbed Anthony's hand and pulled it from her eyes and began to suck on his fingers. Clenching his jaw to keep from moan Anthony focused on the Officer.

"With the statements from the witnesses and your stories matching it seem evident that this was a case of self-defense. However if they press charges against Ms. Solomon this could still go to court."

"If they press charges then we will press charges for slander, assault and attempted rape and with the police report saying it was self-defense the witnesses saying it was self-defense I think we will win," Anthony said when it became apparent Eliza was engrossed in the task of sucking his fingers and had no intention of answering.

Shaking his head in resignation Officer Lawrence turned and left. Anthony and Eliza stood and left, once more heading to the movie theatre. She clung to his side the whole way to the theatre. Buying tickets for a romance they headed inside. When they got to their theatre it was completely empty. Sitting in the back row they chatted till the lights dimmed and the movie started. The opening credits were still on the screen when Eliza grabbed his hand and pulled it to her lap and pressed him against the jeans over her pussy. She moaned softly as she ground against his hand. He pulled his hand back and slid it down into the jeans reaching her pussy his fingers slid over her clip and into her soaking wet hole. He moaned at the thought of her bare under her jeans and her wetness at the same time she moaned at the feel of him sliding his finger into her. As he moved his finger in and out of her grinding the heel of his palm against her clit she buck her hips against his hand. Panting she reached over to his jeans and lowered the zipper and pulled his stiff cock out leaning down she took him into her mouth. Her position was bending his arm to an uncomfortable angle so he pulled it back.

She whimpered in protest at the absence of his fingers. He slid his hand down the back of her jeans and began to finger her from behind while she thrust her hips back against his hand and bobbed he head on his cock. Eliza suddenly stood and unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. She pushed them down to her knees and turned her back to him. Reaching back between her legs she gripped his erection and guided it to her opening as she lowered herself onto him. As his tip slid into her they groaned in unison. She began to move up and down on him slowly. On each downward stoke she would impale herself on him a little deeper until he was pressed against her hymen.

Taking a deep breath she sat down impaling herself completely on him. As she sat a familiar feeling of being energized swept through him. She didn't make a sound except for the deep panting breaths. After a little while as she got used to his invasion she began to roll her hips. Finding no pain Eliza began to move faster and harder against him. She began muttering under her breath but he couldn't hear what she was saying.

"What did you say," Anthony asked her pulling her against his chest so her mouth was right next to his ear.

"Fuck me harder, as deep as you can until you fill me with your hot cum," she whispered in his ear. He twitched inside of her. Standing up he bent her over the seat in front of them and began to pound himself into her as hard as he could. The sound of their bodies slapping together and Eliza's moans filled the theatre.

"Faster," she begged him. So he began to move as fast and hard as he could slamming his body into her's. After ten minutes of this he began to feel the need for release.

"Eliza, I'm gonna cum soon."

"Oh god, yes fill me up, make me yours, give me your baby."

With a groan, the excitement caused by her words pushed him over the edge and he erupted inside her. The warmth and the feel of his release inside her made her groan in pleasure as her release followed seconds behind his. She pulled the hand gripping her shoulder forward and sank her teeth into his hand. Anthony groaned again at the pain of her bite and the pleasure of her inner muscles as they rippled around him as they both came. When they came down from their climaxes they sank back into the seat Anthony still buried inside her. They panted heavily trying to catch their breath.

"Again," Eliza asked him looking over her shoulder at him. He grinned and leaned forward. Sliding his hands up under her shirt then around her body to her front he tweaked her nipples and kissed her at the same time swallowing her moan.

"We have got until the end of this movie then we have to go pick up our little sisters. Then we'll go home and Sar-Rah can suck all the cum I've put in you back out," he whispered against her lips. She through her head back and moaned as she quivered around him in a mini-orgasm. Looking back into his eyes she smiled seductively at him.

"Well we only have a little under two hours left we better get started," she said rocking her hips.

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