// Story: Stuck
// Chapter: Chapter 1
// Author: Callisto

It had been a few months since the Running of the Leaves, but Rainbow Dash and Applejack were running the same trails they had gotten to know so well during the competition. The trees had once again grown their leaves after having been in full bloom for the spring, leaving the woods relatively abandoned by most ponies. Once the beauty of spring had dissipated and the trees and foliage were finished blushing different hues, the other ponies in Ponyville had lost their interest in White-tail Woods. There were more cooling places to be on a nice Summer’s day, and aside from the two running mares, there was little chance of ponies simply enjoying the wooded area for what it was.

Despite their competition from earlier days, the two friends had started to view each other in a different light than just sheer competitors. They were the only two ponies that they knew that could really challenge each other. Once they learned how to let go of their competitive spirit in exchange for the benefits they got from cooperating with each other, they rarely had a relapse of the bad taste left in their mouth after the fight during the Running of The Leaves. Today, they ran for the sheer fun of running. There were no wings tied behind Rainbow’s back, no trying to trip up Applejack. Sure, every once in a while, one would playfully pull forward, but usually that streak of competitiveness would dissolve into laughs for some reason or another. It made their friendship much more enjoyable, to say the least.

The earth pony looked sidelong at her running companion. Rainbow Dash was focusing fully on running forward, barely breaking a sweat despite the long distance they had already covered. Throughout the entire time on the trail, they had not passed a single soul, save for the occasional bird chirping in the trees. This far into the woods, it was unlikely they would ever pass another pony, even if it were heavily populated as it was during spring. Where they were headed was a secluded area with a lake nearby, that hugged a small mountain. It was their own little paradise where the two would just enjoy the quiet while the endorphins from all their running slowly subsided. There was no better place to be, with no better feeling, and no better company.

Rainbow Dash glanced over to see the orange mare had been watching her. Upon making eye contact, Applejack shook her head and looked forward, once again concentrating on the trail. “And what was that about?” asked the Pegasus.

“Jus’ thinkin’,” replied the earth pony.

“About me?” asked the Pegasus, pumping her wings a few times to catch some air, before landing and running alongside the earth pony again.

“Your name came up,” Applejack admitted.

“In what way?” Rainbow asked.

“Well,” said the mare, pausing for a second, “Who else in Ponyville can enjoy a run like this other than you an’ me?”

At this, Rainbow Dash laughed, and looked forward again. “The other ponies would be exhausted by now! Well…except Pinkie Pie. When she can outrun a flying Pegasus, that worries me…”

Applejack didn’t respond; she just smiled. But Rainbow Dash got the impression that Applejack wasn’t telling the whole truth. “What else?” she asked.

“What else what?” asked the mare, clearly surprised that the conversation was still going.

“You paused,” said Rainbow. “Were you thinking up a lie?”

At this, Applejack skidded to a stop, causing the Pegasus to nearly fall over. She had become so accustomed to hearing Applejack’s steady hoofbeats along with hers, that the sudden halt in the rhythm nearly made her get tangled in her own legs. She turned, and looked at the orange mare. They were both panting slightly.

“Ya callin’ me a liar?” asked the mare, incredulous. “Me? Applejack! The Element of Honesty?”

Rainbow Dash had not expected her to react like this. For a moment, she was dumbfounded, then got her train of thought back on track. “Well, Applejack, it’s not like you CAN’T lie, you’re…just not very good at it.”

To Rainbow Dash’s surprise, the mare was blushing hotly, and shuffled from one hoof to another before answering. “Ah just wasn’t expecting ya ta want ta get inside mah head, is all!”

The Pegasus tried to hold back a smile, but it was no use. She couldn’t help enjoying that she got under Applejack’s skin so easily. “The last place I would want to be is inside your head, AJ,” said the mare, rolling her eyes. “It was just a question! So, you were checking me out when we were running, big deal!” She smiled even more as Applejack turned even more red.

“Ah wasn’t ‘checkin’ you out’, Rainbow,” said the mare, lowering her head a bit and stamping her front hoof. “Ah was just lookin’ in your general area!”

“It’s okay, Applejack,” Rainbow Dash said. “You can admit it. Mares check me out all the time. If they don’t want me, they want to be me, so I’m pretty okay with both reasons.”

“Ah said Ah wasn’t checkin’ you out!” Applejack said, though now she seemed even more flustered than before. “If your head wasn’t connected to your body, it would just fly away like one of Pinkie’s balloons, it’s so over-inflated with your ego!” Applejack walked past Rainbow Dash, head high in the air, muttering loudly, “A pony can’t even run in peace without somepony tryin’ ta make somethin’ outta nothin’!”

“Okay, okay,” Rainbow Dash said. “I’m just messing with you.” She sauntered up next to Applejack. “Now, can we run again, or do I have to worry about you falling over from not watching where you’re going?”

“Ah’m watchin’ where Ah’m goin’!”

“Okay, okay!” Rainbow said. Applejack let out an annoyed snort from her nose before taking off running again. Rainbow followed next to her, but she noticed Applejack was going a lot faster than she had been before. “I thought we weren’t racing!” Rainbow Dash called to the mare.

“We’re not!” Applejack said back in annoyance. Rainbow Dash fell into step next to Applejack, their hoof falls nearly synchronous.

“You’re really bothered by this, aren’t you?” asked the Pegasus.

“No, Ah’m fine!” Applejack said, staring at the road in front of them.

“Alright,” said the cyan mare. She was quiet for a moment, listening to Applejack to her right breath hard from exertion. “I’m just saying…”

“Will you DROP it, Rainbow?”

“Drop what?” asked the mare, trying to sound innocent. “The fact that you’re hot for me?” Rainbow Dash had meant it mainly as a joke, but with a short whinny of surprise, the orange mare turned her head to look at Rainbow Dash, wide eyed, as though she had been caught doing something she wasn’t supposed to. However, the multi-chromatic mare had no time to process this response as Applejack suddenly fell out of sight.

As Rainbow Dash tried to stop her full out run, she could hear a crashing sound behind her, accompanied with a groan of pain. By the time she stopped, she heard Applejack gasp in surprise.

Turning around, Rainbow Dash was a few yards away from Applejack, and had almost expected to see her horribly injured on the trail by the speed she was running when she fell. To the cyan mare’s confusion, however, Applejack had in fact fallen off the trail and crashed through into a rotten old stump…well, almost through. More like halfway through.

Applejack was trying to move, but was unsuccessful, before crying out, “Pony feathers!”

“Wh--,” Rainbow Dash said, not believing what she was seeing, as she cautiously made her way back to Applejack. Her forelegs and head were through the stump, and she could only assume Applejack’s backside was sticking out the other side. The mare didn’t seem to have much room to move, however, as her head and forelegs were almost touching the ground. “What the…hay? Applejack, are you okay?”

“Ah…Ah’m fine, Ah think,” she said, both annoyed and baffled by her situation. She tried to move forward, but the position of her front legs didn’t allow for much help from her front side. She then tried to move backwards, but winced in pain. “Ah don’t think Ah can get out by myself, though.”

Normally, Rainbow Dash would find this situation pretty hilarious had she not been terrified for a few moments, thinking her friend could have broken her neck, she was running so fast. Allowing herself a moment to settle her nerves, she walked up to the Applejack to inspect the situation.

“Don’t you dare laugh at me,” said Applejack. Apparently, she knew Rainbow almost as well as she knew herself.

“I’m just glad you’re okay,” said the cyan mare, looking at where she had partially exited, then walking towards the back of the stump at the point of entry. Rainbow Dash stopped cold at the sight. Applejack’s head was low to the ground, yes, but she had hit the stump at an angle. Her tail end was held up in the air, her legs reaching just long enough to support her weight. The sight of her friend’s rear end up, sweaty from exertion and looking unintentionally enticing, had the cyan mare entranced for a moment. After Applejack tried to move again and winced in pain again, the Pegasus snapped out of it. ‘Focus, Rainbow,’ she thought, “your friend needs you right now.’ To Applejack, she said, “Are you SURE you’re okay? You’re kind of…awkwardly positioned.”

“Yeah,” Applejack said softly. “Ah mean, Ah hit the ground pretty hard, so my shoulder was hurtin’ at first, but nothin’ else really hurts.”

“Then why do you keep wincing?” asked the mare, coming in front of Applejack and giving her an accusing stare.

“Somethin’ pokes me when Ah try to move back,” she said, trying to pull herself forward, to no avail. The she sighed. “Can ya help me out a bit?”

“Sure,” said the mare, managing a smile. “But I gotta say, you totally owe me for this.”

“Uh-huh,” Applejack said dryly. “Iff’n you can find my hat, then we’ll talk about that.”

“First thing’s first,” said the mare, looking at the point of entry. Applejack’s torso was barely visible, meaning it must have been stuck inside the stump. Her legs were just about pressed against the side of the stump, leaving little room for movement on the orange mare’s part. Rainbow Dash delicately put a hoof on the mare’s side where she was trapped to try and see what was going on, but removed her hoof when Applejack lifted up a hoof protectively. “I thought you said you weren’t hurt!”

“Ah’m not, Ah’m okay!” Applejack said, sounding more annoyed.

“Then why did you just move your leg like that.”

“Ah’m not tellin’ you!” said the mare. Rainbow Dash gave the mare a quizzical look, realized Applejack couldn’t turn her head to see her, then walked in front of her to give her the same quizzical look. Applejack, being so low to the ground, her shoulders forcibly hunched up around her neck, looked like she had shrunk down from being reprimanded. Rainbow Dash decided she liked the way Applejack looked in this state…usually the Pegasus was being reprimanded by the earth pony. “You’re gunna use it against me,” said the pony.

“Applejack, don’t you trust me?” asked the Pegasus. Applejack gave her a look. “Okay, but in this situation, don’t you trust me?”

“Ah don’t know yet,” said Applejack dryly. Rainbow Dash groaned at the orange mare’s stubbornness. “Okay, fine!” she said, then took a few seconds before begrudgingly saying, “Ah’m ticklish.”

“What?” asked Rainbow Dash, a slight smirk across her face.

“See? Ah knew it!”

“No, it’s not that!” Rainbow Dash said quickly. “It’s just…well, I’ve touched you before, and you weren’t ticklish.” Then the mare thought about what she had said, and was glad nopony was around to get the wrong impression.

“Never…” Applejack sighed again. Rainbow Dash could tell she hated being so helpless, but the cyan Pegasus secretly reveled in the situation, so long as Applejack wasn’t hurt. “You’ve never touched me around my stomach before.”

“Huh,” Rainbow Dash said, trying to bite back a smile. “Learn something new everyday.”

“Ah trust you’ll be forgettin’ what Ah just said as soon as this is all over?” Applejack said, trying to sound stern.

“Maybe,” Rainbow Dash said, waving off a hoof, “But for right now, you’re just going to have to deal with it, AJ, because I can’t do anything if you don’t let me touch you. Especially around your stomach!”

“Well, Ah wasn’t stoppin’ ya!”

“Maybe not with your words!” Rainbow Dash said, getting up and going towards Applejack’s back, “But the last thing we both need is for you to apple buck me into next spring, so watch your hooves.”

“Oh, alright,” Applejack said, adjusting her weight on her back legs. “But just…try not to touch that area…”

“I’ll see what I can do,” Rainbow Dash said in a non-commital way. She wasn’t trying to make the earth pony mad at her, but she didn’t see a way to get her out of this situation without touching the mare’s belly. “I’m going to try that again, okay?”

Applejack took in a deep breath. “Okay,” she said, her back legs getting tense. Rainbow Dash again gently pushed against the mare’s side, and Applejack took in a deep breath, but managed to keep her leg down this time. Rainbow Dash could see there was bark going into the stump from where she landed. Going to Applejack’s spine, the orange mare let out a deep breath she had been holding while Rainbow Dash was in such a sensitive area.

There seemed to be the same situation from the top as by Applejack’s stomach. Rainbow Dash stood on her hind legs and saw the top of the stump opened up to reveal its insides. “Oh!” Rainbow Dash said with delight as she accessed the situation.

“Oh, what?”

“I can see down into the stump,” Rainbow Dash said, looking closely. “It looks like the bark you knocked inwards when you crashed into this thing is digging into you when you try to back up.” She looked more carefully at the stump. She could see Applejack’s torso, and there was a little wiggle room on each side of her. She could probably get her hooves inside to remove the troublesome bark. Or… “You know, this stump seems pretty hollow, I’m gunna see if I can break it apart and get you out of here. Tell me if you feel any pain.”

“Okay,” Applejack said.

“Good girl,” said the cyan mare absentmindedly as she dug her hooves into one side of the opening at the top of the stump. She started to pull, groaning with each yank. A few pieces of decayed bark came off instantly, but aside from a few stragglers, the stump remained in tact. Moving around to the other side of Applejack, Rainbow Dash got a better look at the orange mare’s exposed tail end. Applejack’s tail was moved to the side, and Rainbow got a clear view of the mare’s delicate area. A part of her wanted to dig her face into the sweet folds and lick away until Applejack was squirming uncontrollably, and crying for mercy.

But that would be wrong.

And if Applejack weren’t capable of bucking the mare for doing so, Rainbow Dash would have already tried.
Returning her attention to the task at hoof, Rainbow Dash grabbed the other side of the stump once again and started pulling. Again, old pieces of bark began to fall off, but the overall structure of the stump refused to give way. “HOW did you manage to get yourself stuck in here when the wood is this strong?” she asked the orange pony.

“Ah must have hit a weak spot,” Applejack said, sounding just as surprised. “It won’t come loose?”

“Aside from some decaying bark?” asked Rainbow Dash, brushing the particles that fell on Applejack’s backside off with her hoof. “Nope.” Applejack sighed, her back end sagging a bit. “Well, I could try and get the bark out from the inside of the stump, and maybe then you can back out without hurting yourself.”

“If you can do that, then try!” Applejack said, starting to sound desperate. “My back legs are gettin’ tired.”

“Alright,” said Rainbow Dash. She reached in one hoof, and with a little bit of delicate work, she managed to get one of the top pieces of jagged bark away from Applejack’s back and pry it free from the tree. At that, Applejack sighed with relief.

“Already, that feels better,” she said.

“Well, that was the easy one,” Rainbow Dash said, unsure. “Don’t kick me.”

“Why would Ah—GUH!” The very unfeminine sound came when Rainbow Dash tried to get her hoof to shimmy past Applejack’s side to get jagged piece of bark that was threatening to stick into her ribs. It was a little too close to Applejack’s belly, and as Rainbow Dash predicted, the mare stomach was soon convulsing as the orange mare tried to hold back her laughter. The piece of bark was very hard for the Pegasus to get her hoof around, and the more she tried, the more Applejack would lose control. She was soon chuckling, then dancing from one back hoof to the other, until finally she was all out laughing, moving around too much for Rainbow Dash to even keep her hoof inside the log.

“Stop!” Applejack said between laughs. “Stop! Ah can’t take it!” Rainbow Dash removed her hoof. She was glad that Applejack couldn’t see her, because she was grinning widely. After the orange mare took a moment to calm down, she let out a deep breath. “Ah can’t do it,” she said. “Ah’m too ticklish.”

“Well, then, what can we do?” asked Rainbow Dash. “I mean…I guess I could fly really fast into town and get some ponies to h—“

“Don’t you DARE, Rainbow Dash!” The answer had come with such ferocity, Rainbow Dash leapt back. “Ah don’t want anypony else seeing me like this! It’s embarrassin’ enough that you have to see me like this!”

“Aw, Applejack, you don’t have to be embarrassed around me,” Rainbow Dash said, coming to the front, where Applejack looked up at her in that pseudo-reprimanded posture. “I mean, come on, how many times have I crash landed somewhere right in front of you and the others? I laugh it off and you guys don’t say anything about it, but that’s really embarrassing for me. I wanna be a Wonderbolt, the last thing I want is for other ponies to see is me crashing into things.”

“Ah…never thought that embarrassed you,” Applejack said, surprised.

“Totally embarrassing,” Rainbow Dash said. “But don’t tell anypony else that, okay?”

“And you don’t tell anypony ‘bout this,” said Applejack. Rainbow Dash smiled softly to her friend.

“But,” Rainbow Dash said. “That leaves one other option…and I don’t think you’re going to like it.” Applejack raised an eyebrow. “You don’t seem to have any pain pushing yourself forward. So…I’m going to have to push on your…tail end.”

It wasn’t something uncommon for her and her four other friends to have to do to get the other moving. In any other circumstance, they wouldn’t think much of it. But with Applejack stuck in this position, feeling vulnerable as it was…well, it was an issue.

“Ah…” started the orange mare, blushing scarlet red. “C-can’t you just pull my front legs.”

“You’re in such a weird position,” Rainbow Dash said, pointing her hooves at the stump as though that made it obvious. “I can’t pull your front legs straight down. I’d have to pull them straight out, and I’m afraid that would hurt your back.”

“Oh,” Applejack said, laying her head on her front hooves. She was quiet for a moment. “Ah’d feel better if Ah had my hat…”

“Hat. Right. Got it,” Rainbow Dash said, looking around for the hat. It wasn’t on the trail, it wasn’t near the stump. She went over to the bushes behind where Applejack had landed and looked around there. She saw the hat lying on top of the bushes, and flew over to get it. When she flew back down, she looked over at the rear facing her, shifting from hoof to hoof. The cyan mare couldn’t help but smile. She felt her own loins tingling from the prospects, but had to remind herself to keep calm and control herself.

Denied the sight in front of her, Rainbow Dash instead took a moment to sniff the hat. She breathed in the scent of sweat, dirt, and apples. The Pegasus couldn’t think of any better way to describe Applejack than that scent. It made that tingling within her grow, and her stomach tightened at the realization of how close she was about to get to the mare.

But she couldn’t think about that now.

Trying to dispel the awkward vibe between the two, Rainbow Dash put the hat atop her own head. Trotting up to Applejack, the mare smiled down to her friend, tilting her head up proudly. “Found it!” But Applejack didn’t react with her normal annoyance or even a reprimand. Rather, upon laying eyes on her hat on top of Rainbow Dash, she seemed to freeze. “What?” asked the mare with genuine concerned.

“…you’re wearin’ mah hat,” she said.

“…yeah, that’s the joke.”

Applejack seemed unsure of how to react, so she looked to the side for a moment, before looking back up at Rainbow Dash. “It…looks good on you.”

“Uh…thanks,” the Pegasus said. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, Ah’m fine,” Applejack said, blushing again. “Just give me mah hat back!”

“See, right there!” Rainbow Dash said, pointing her hoof at the mare. “That’s the reaction I was trying to get!” At this, Rainbow Dash bent low to the ground to see Applejack eye to eye. She took off the hat and placed it on top of Applejack’s head. Applejack adjusted the hat as best she could with her limited forearm movement, before looking back to Rainbow Dash. She had an odd look on her face as she stared back at Rainbow Dash – a look tinted with embarrassment, anxiety, and…something else Rainbow Dash couldn’t quite place. But it made Rainbow Dash’s heart melt a little, as even though she couldn’t place the look, it felt very intimate. “Look, I know I joke around a lot, and that this is really weird for you, but if it’ll make you feel better, you can TOTALLY touch my flank right now.”

The look vanished from Applejack’s face, and was replaced by a, ‘You’re kidding, right?’ look. Rainbow Dash got up, turned around, and sat down with her flank facing Applejack. “Seriously, you can TOTALLY touch it right now. Tit for tat, right?”

“Okay, Rainbow,” Applejack said in a strained voice. “Just get to it, will ya?”

“Well, I thought it was a nice offer,” Rainbow Dash said, getting up, and flicking her tail. When she got around to the back, her heart was pounding. She had kind of hoped Applejack would have taken her up on her offer, because now she had to break the ice.

Facing Applejack’s back side, pert and looking ready to consummate, Rainbow Dash licked her lips. Her carnal thoughts were getting the best of her, as she actually had the desire at that moment to bite Applejack right behind her cutie mark. ‘Get it together, Rainbow,’ said the mare to herself. ‘Just do your job.’ Lifting onto her hind legs, Rainbow Dash placed her front hooves onto Applejack’s rear. It was very firm from all those years of apple bucking – a lot firmer than Rainbow had expected. In fact, it was likely all muscle, unlike her thin, lithe muscles meant for flying.

Applejack shifted uncomfortably under Rainbow’s hooves.

Rainbow Dash pressed forward with her front hooves, digging into the ground with her back hooves. Applejack tried to help with her legs, but the upward motion of Rainbow pushing on her lifted her back hooves off the ground just enough that the orange mare could barely scrape the ground. Rainbow could hear a soft groan from Applejack as she tried to push the mare through the stump. The Pegasus was now uncomfortably aroused by the situation, and tried to focus on getting her friend out of the stump. Of course, the little noises the orange mare was making weren’t helping.

Rainbow Dash started really getting into it, putting her shoulder against Applejack’s backside and pushing with all her might. But despite the effort, Rainbow Dash could clearly see Applejack’s soft fur bunch at the site where she had stuck fast, and the rest of the mare’s rump was too big for the hole she had created.

Rainbow stopped trying, collapsing against Applejack’s tail end with a grunt from the exertion. Applejack’s hoofs hit the ground again, followed by an, “Ow!” from Applejack.

“What’s wrong?” asked Rainbow Dash.

“You must have moved me,” said the earth pony. “The bark is sticking me in the ribs, now!”

“The bark inside?” asked Rainbow Dash. She propped herself against something as she got on her hind legs to look into the stump. A moment later, she felt the thing she propped herself against move, only to realize she had her hoof right near the other mare’s tail. Rainbow Dash quickly moved it, glad Applejack couldn’t see her blushing.

“Yes, that bark inside,” Applejack said after Rainbow Dash moved her hoof.

Rainbow Dash patted the mare on her back. “Applejack, I know you’re really ticklish and all, but I think you’re just going to have to let me get in there and remove that bark. I mean, it’s not going to be easy – it’s really hard for me to get my hoof in there, let alone grab the bark. Maybe if someone with thumbs like Spike was here, but…you know…hooves. But it’s better than the bark poking you, or worse, stabbing you if you move too much.”

Applejack stammered, trying to come up with a good excuse. Finally, she said, “But Ah can’t keep still if you’re ticklin’ me! Mah movin’ could make it worse!”

“We’re going to have to get a LITTLE more personal than you would like,” Rainbow Dash admitted, “But I think I can hold you still enough that you won’t hurt yourself.”

“…a little more personal?” asked Applejack.

“Well, I would have to hold you down a little.”

“And how are ya goin’ to do that when your front hooves are gunna be inside the stump?”

“Well…” Rainbow Dash tilted her head to the side, regarding the pony’s beautiful backside, and wondered how she could make the entire situation a little more comfortable for the orange mare. Once she thought of a way, she thought it was better to just demonstrate it for the other pony. “Well, like this.” Rainbow Dash pressed herself up against the Applejack’s behind, her right hind leg between Applejack’s legs, holding herself up on two legs clutching as close to the stump as possible.

“Whoa, Nelly!” Applejack said, accompanied by a short whiny of surprise, lifting up her two back legs in what Rainbow Dash could only guess was protest. But in this position, Rainbow Dash was not likely to be kicked by the mare. Applejack struggled against the Pegasus’s invasion of her personal space, but Rainbow Dash pressed more onto the pony. Surprisingly, it did a lot to keep the orange mare still.

“There, that seems to work,” said Rainbow Dash, proud of herself.

“This is a little too close and personal for me!” Applejack said, her voice a higher pitch than usual.

“It’s just for a little bit. Would you rather be uncomfortable for a little bit, or in pain for who knows how long?”

Applejack was still struggling, her tail pinned against her sex by Rainbow Dash’s leg. She tried to pull herself forward, but to no avail. “Rainbow Dash!” she complained. Rainbow Dash could tell the mare was blushing, though she couldn’t see her face hidden under her hat. She could tell she was blushing because the Pegasus herself was blushing furiously. The sight of Applejack squirming under her, being pressed up against her, the smell of sweat and the scent of her sex wafting up towards her was almost too much to handle. And though she wouldn’t say anything and knew Applejack hoped she didn’t notice, the Pegasus could feel the wetness coming through the blond tail she had pinned against her leg.

Rainbow Dash pressed tighter against the mare, ever so slightly lifting her leg up before putting it down, causing just a little more stimulation to Applejack’s special place, and was rewarded with a gasp. The mare must have thought she was just adjusting her position, because Rainbow Dash wasn’t reprimanded again. The Pegasus smiled to herself, but warned herself not to do that again. “Look, just stop squirming!” said the Pegasus, almost breathlessly. “I could be done by now! Are you going to let me help you, or not?”

At this, Applejack reluctantly stopped squirming. “Oh, sweet Celestia,” she moaned softly in defeat. “…Okay…”

Rainbow Dash smiled, looking lovingly at the mare below her. This was probably the closest she would ever get to having sex with her, and in just its capacity, the situation was intense. Rainbow dash wanted to do so many things to Applejack, just to hear her scream in ecstasy, but that would probably never happen of its own accord. So she took a moment to enjoy the situation they were in, and gently rubbed the orange mare’s back, which was exposed by the opening at the top of the stump. “You’ll be out soon,” she said softly. She refrained from bending down and kissing her on the same spot, however. That could not be explained away, no matter how much she could have tried.

“Thanks, Rainbow,” said Applejack in a soft voice. She sounded resigned to the situation. “For not makin’ this a big joke…”

“No problem…” The words warmed her heart, but she had to push aside her feelings and get to business.

Looking down into the stump, she made a quick strategy. “Okay, I’m going in.” Applejack once again stiffened up in preparation. Rainbow Dash pressed hard against the pony to keep her in place. Then, finally, she went in.

Squeezing her hoof in between the left side of the mare and the stump, Applejack immediately responded with what sounded like a yelp, and pushed back against Rainbow’s leg. Almost entirely immobilized, not being able to move much around Rainbow Dash’s foreleg, the mare had no escape from the bombardment of sensations she was about to receive.

“Landsakes,” Applejack muttered under her breath, before falling into a fit of her characteristic chuckling from Rainbow Dash trying to manipulate her hoof under Applejack’s ticklish spot. The more Applejack moved, the more Rainbow Dash tried to pin her down, a vicious cycle that had the orange mare in absolute stitches.

The Pegasus had managed to knock lose a few pieces of bark, but one piece of bark that was pressing against Applejack’s stomach wasn’t budging. ‘Great,’ she thought. ‘I’m going to need both legs for this one…’

Rainbow Dash adjusted her position, still pressing her leg against the mare’s tail. She could feel her leg starting to get wet, and wondered just how excited the mare before her really was. Aside from the occasional escaped moans or soft whimpers in between her laughing, Applejack didn’t seem to indicate she was feeling anything. Her body, however, was telling a different story, because when Rainbow Dash adjusted her leg, she could have swore she felt Applejack grind herself against the other mare. Of course, she could have just been adjusting herself, and Rainbow’s mind was getting the better of her.

Rainbow Dash stuck her other leg down between the mare’s side and the other side of the stump. At this, Applejack caught her breath, a slight laugh escaping before she managed, “What in tarnation? Rainbow Dash!”

“I can’t get this one piece of bark with just one hoof,” she said, fitting her hoof all the way down Applejack’s side. She could feel the sweat pouring down the orange mare’s torso. The warm day, the exertion from their running earlier, and being tickled relentlessly was causing Applejack to perspire. It didn’t help that with Rainbow Dash’s two legs now on either side of her torso, the mare was now completely immobilized but for her legs. “Are you shivering or laughing?”

A chuckle escaped the mare before she could answer, “Both!”

Rainbow Dash, with both hooves inside the stump, was so deep into it, that her jaw was pressed on the other side of the stump, not allowing her to go down any further. She could feel the bark with both hooves now, and tried to grasp it enough to shimmy it lose.

At this, Applejack lost it. She was completely guffawing, quivering all over her pinned body, and every once in a while moaning or gasping between laughs. Now Rainbow could really feel Applejack grinding against her leg, most likely involuntary as she could not keep still worth anything, feeling tickled to death. Finally, Applejack gasped in a panic.

“Mmm! Rainbow! Rainbow! You have to stop!”

“Just a little longer,” said the mare. “I almost have it, I swear!”

“No, Rainbow! Oh!…you don’t understand! E-heh…” Applejack’s back legs were kicking up and down in an effort to get the mare to stop.

“You’re not going to let me do this again! You might as well let me finish!” Rainbow Dash pleaded, trying to forcefully break the bark away from the mare.

“Rainbow!” Applejack yelled. “Ah’m gunna cum!”

Rainbow Dash went completely still. Where as a moment ago her face was flushing from the exertion of combating with a ticklish Applejack, now all the blood flowed to a very different area. “…uh…” was all she managed to say. Applejack’s ticklishness subsided just enough for her to catch her breath. She was panting, her back side squirming uncomfortably, a twitch now and then indicative of her desire for more contact despite her protests. Neither pony seemed to know what to say at that moment.

“W-well…” Rainbow Dash tried after a long silence of hearing Applejack panting in an unsteady manner, mixed with occasional involuntary giggles. “…you might as well do it.”

“What?!” Applejack squawked, her voice higher than Rainbow Dash had ever heard before.

“I almost have the piece,” said Rainbow Dash, trying to keep her own voice level. “And I can’t move my leg or you might hurt yourself .” She tried to take in a calm breath, but it shook audibly. She wished the situation were reversed. She wouldn’t have stopped Applejack and just enjoyed the ride. Instead, she had to concentrate while herself being so turned on, she felt like she could explode at any little touch. “Anyways, you’re kind of stuck here, so why not have fun with it.”

“Rainbow, Ah can’t do that!” Applejack said in a strained voice. “Oh, this is so embarrassin’. Ah don’t think Ah could ever look you in the face again.”

Rainbow Dash smiled softly at hearing that. “If it helps any, I am sooo totally turned on by this.”

Applejack’s head popped up, and she tilted her head to the side, though not looking at Rainbow Dash. “Uh…really?”

“Here, I’ll even help you,” said Rainbow Dash, a wicked smile splashed across her face as she ground her leg against the mare’s mane-covered sex.

“A-ah! Ah! Ah! Rainbow! Stop! Please!” But her body instinctively pushed against the Pegasus’ actions. Still, Applejack asked her to stop. Slowly, she put her foot back down, trailing against the mare’s tail. Applejack tried to hold back a pleasured groan.

“Fine,” said the Pegasus, sighing in a huff. “But you’re going to have to let me finish, anyway. So, like I said, you might as well do it.”

Applejack pulled her hat over her face. “…Um…”

“You’ll feel sooo much better when you do.”

Applejack couldn’t say anything. Rainbow Dash was hardly in a comfortable position, trying to hold still as not to upset Applejack any more than she was, pressed up against the mare with one leg, forelegs nearly pinned from the mare’s torso, but still, she wouldn’t exchange this moment for anything. After a few moments, Applejack finally said, “Ah-Ah don’t know if Ah can…”

Rainbow Dash flushed at the thought. “Of course you can. You were just about to!”

“I MEAN,” Applejack said with a very stressed tone. “Ah…Ah can’t…you know…like this. In this…situation. With you watching me.”

Rainbow tried to think of how to tell the mare she wanted nothing more but to buck her for a long time now, but without making the situation more awkward than it needed to be. She didn’t really have a good argument set up, but still she allowed herself to speak. “It can be our little secret, AJ,” she said, feeling her cheeks flush. She hadn’t meant to use such a throaty voice for this. It surprised even her. But Applejack seemed to be silent and listening. “I’m just…helping you…out of a situation. My good…friend.”

Rainbow Dash realized then that the tone she had used turned out to be very seductive – her bedroom voice, as she knew it. And she had certainly never used it on any of her friends, let alone Applejack. She knew by the way Applejack’s head slowly turned, trying to look back at the mare, that she understood exactly how she felt at that moment. There was no hint of irony in her voice, no jokes, none of the Rainbow Dash she knew so well. Applejack didn’t answer. Instead, she used her back hoof to touch Rainbow Dash’s leg, before losing her balance and falling back to her position.

The Pegasus wished more than anything that she could have kissed Applejack right then.

“Do… you want me to start you off again?”

She expected Applejack to get mad at her again. Rather, she gave a very soft, “…yes.”

Smiling her wicked little smile, Rainbow Dash gently lifted up her leg pressed against the mare and rubbed it slowly up and down the mare’s covered slit. Applejack bit back a moan, but it did not escape Rainbow’s ears. She tried to move her leg in a circular motion, and Applejack ground into the mare as best she could in her position to meet better with the pressure. Gingerly, Rainbow Dash moved one of her front hooves to stroke the ticklish mare in the belly, causing Applejack to try and pull away, while lifting up her leg to stroke the earth pony’s clitoral area.

The combination caused Applejack to give a loud, “Aaah!” a delicious little sex sound the pegasus had always wanted to hear from the other mare.

“Yes!” Rainbow Dash said upon hearing the small scream from Applejack, encouraging her to get even more physical with the mare.

“Mmmm,” Applejack tried so hard to hold back any audible noises that she went so far as to pull off her hat and bite into it. Rainbow Dash had almost completely forgotten about the bark by now, though she could still feel it in her hooves. It wasn’t in danger at the moment of sticking the mare, but she still had to hold the piece down so it wouldn’t bounce back up and potentially skewer her little sex toy. Because by that point, Rainbow Dash was lost in the magic of the moment, and any thought of concentrating on the task at hoof was long gone.

“Rainbow!” Applejack cried back to the mare, before she bit into the hat again. Whatever reason she had for saying her name was now lost. Rainbow Dash in turn stroked the mares belly with one hoof, causing Applejack to laugh again, uncontrollably trying to move her body, grinding once again into the Pegasus’ leg both on purpose and involuntarily.

“Come on, AJ, you can do it,” Rainbow cooed, upping her assault. Applejack could no longer speak. The combination of arousal and laughter caused any sounds to come out of her like little cooing bleats. Her whole body shivered. She buried her face into her hat, took her two back legs and wrapped them around Rainbow Dash’s leg. With a few emphatic grinds to the other mare’s leg, Applejack let out a muffled squeal. Her legs tightened around Rainbow’s legs and the Pegasus could feel her leg getting wet from Applejack’s orgasm.

The force of the muscles in Applejack’s stomach trying to work Rainbow’s leg for all she could, forced the pegasus' front hooves down with a force she couldn’t obtain on her own, and the last piece of bark threatening the earth pony broke from its position and fell out of Rainbow Dash’s reach.

As Applejack came down from what seemed like an intense orgasm, she released Rainbow Dash’s leg and lay her head on her cowboy hat. Rainbow could very clearly see the bite marks on the hat, and wondered what Applejack would do if anypony asked about them. Applejack lay her head against her front hooves, panting, seemingly unable to move.

“That,” Rainbow said, filling the silence, “Was sooo awesome.” She then squirmed, trying to get her front hooves out from inside the tree stump. Applejack laughed slightly, but exhausted, didn’t put up much of a fight. After some failed attempts of trying to remove herself from the stump, Rainbow Dash beat her wings and wrenched her hooves from the stump, Applejack only giving a small moan at the movement. Rainbow Dash landed behind Applejack, her leg that had been paramount in the orange mare’s frenzied quest, feeling unstable after having been gripped so tightly.

Looking at the Applejack, her legs seemed to be doing less of a job holding her up. They were shaking with the strain of trying to hold her rear end up after such an intense orgasm. No wonder she decided to tell Rainbow Dash to stop and why. There was no way she could have hidden it. Now, sweaty, her back legs dripping with her own juices, and exhausted, the orange mare didn’t seem to have much to say, or care about anything for that matter.

Letting out a shakey breath, Rainbow Dash walked unsteadily in front of Applejack, who had her eyes closed, catching her breath. She opened her eyes when Rainbow Dash once again lay on the ground, looking into her eyes. “That…” Rainbow said, in all seriousness, “was the hottest thing I have ever seen.”

Applejack looked back at the mare, mouth open, unsure of how to respond to that. She seemed uncertain of what emotion to bring up at the sight of the cyan mare. It was only after a moment that she looked away, and lay her head on her hat. “Oh, what you must think of me…”

“Oh, you have no idea,” Rainbow Dash said, misinterpreting what the she meant. “No idea how long I’ve wanted to do that to you!”

Applejack looked back, her face flushing red. “C-come again?”

She couldn’t hold it in any longer. Rainbow Dash lunged forward and caught the earth pony on the lips, giving her a deep, passionate kiss. When she pulled away, Applejack had a baffled look on her face. “You were great. So much sexier than I could have ever imagined. And those noises were just…” at a loss for words, she once again kissed the mare, over-excited and lost in her own world. When she pulled away from that kiss, she was actually trembling. Applejack seemed shocked by the sudden display of affection by the Pegasus, and pulled away as much as she could when Rainbow Dash went in for another kiss.

“Hold on,” Applejack said, her own voice trembling slightly. She took a deep breath. “You…liked that?”

“…yeah,” Rainbow Dash said, furrowing her brows. “Didn’t you?”

“O-of course,” Applejack said, blushing furiously and looking away. “Ah guess, uh…Ah’m just havin’ trouble understandin’…So…you DO want me?”

“D’uh,” Rainbow Dash said. “You think I would have kissed you just now if I didn’t? I wouldn’t do this for just anypony!”

Applejack stared at the other pony, and eyebrow raised as though she didn’t believe her. Her face was flushed, she was breathing raggedy as though her heart was pounding, and she had a small quaver in her voice when she had spoken, which Rainbow Dash had assumed it was residual from her climax, but now realized she must have been nervous about how Rainbow would react to the whole situation. After deciding that the mare must have been sincere, Applejack gave a small smile and reached out her muzzle to receive another kiss. Rainbow Dash smiled in return and gave the mare just that.

The cyan pegasus nuzzled the orange earth pony, and nipped at her mane, taking in her scent, reveling in the close physical contact for the first time. “Ah don’t wanna ruin this moment,” said Applejack, “But Ah AM still stuck here…”

“Oh!” Rainbow Dash said. She gave the pony a last kiss on her cheek and leaned back, laying her head on her front hooves. “You’re right. Sorry.”

“Ah don’t really mind too much at the moment,” Applejack said, her demeanor changing completely. She had a silly smile on her face, and tilted her head to the side in a flirty manner.

“See, I knew you were checking me out,” Rainbow Dash said confidently, getting up. Applejack’s eyes widened, remembering the conversation that got her in this situation. She groaned as she put a hoof on her head. “Anyway,” Rainbow Dash said, laughing slightly, “can you back up now?”

Applejack took a deep breath to steady her nerves. She then pushed back. At first, there didn’t seem to be any pain. Then Applejack winced again.

“Still!?” Rainbow Dash asked, her wings shooting out from the position on her side and raising up in disbelief.

“Ah can move a lot more,” said Applejack, “But there are little splinters or something left over from the things you knocked away. Ah don’t think I’ll be able to move back.” At this, Rainbow Dash sunk to the ground in a huff. She had hoped to get a little bit of attention after everything they had just gone through, but now it seemed she would have to wait.

“This is starting to seem impossible!” Rainbow Dash said.

“Uh…sorry?” Applejack said.

Rainbow Dash looked over to Applejack, then smiled. “Well, it’s not completely bad,” she said, nuzzling the mare. “Here, let me see if I can push you out now that I’ve moved some things.” She got up, a new spring in her step, as she walked to the back of the stump. She took a good long look at the tail that would soon be hers, and took a moment to sniff the area, taking in the scent.

“What are you doing?” Applejack asked.

“Nothing,” Rainbow Dash said quickly, not realizing Applejack could hear her sniff her. “I’m gunna put my hooves on you again, alright?”

Applejack let out a sigh. “Okay,” she said softly. Rainbow Dash smiled, remembered how just a few minutes ago Applejack was squirming uncontrollably because of her ministrations, and took a good long look at the mess she left behind. Gently, Rainbow Dash put her hooves on the mare’s rear, causing Applejack to shiver.

“I have that effect on mares,” Rainbow Dash said, smiling.

“Just be gentle, will ya?” Applejack said, and Rainbow Dash knew she must be blushing. With her instructions from Applejack, the mare gently started to push on the mare. Another shiver ran through Applejack as the pushing slightly parted the mare’s folds, making the sound of a sticky squelch as her slick juices had mostly dried out by then. The sound made Rainbow both cautious and anticipatory. She was sure the mare was still sensitive in that area, which is why she asked her to be careful, but she also couldn’t wait to bury her face into her sweet spot and have her way with her.

Putting more force into the action, Rainbow Dash realized the initial problem they were having was still a problem. She had removed some of the bark from the inside, so Applejack seemed to budge a little when she initially pushed, but now her skin was bunching up against the hole again. A stray thought that Applejack was far too tense entered her mind. Rainbow teetered back on her back hooves, then pushed forward again with more force that before.

“Oomph!” Applejack groaned. “Ah said be gentle!” the mare said back to Rainbow Dash.

“Sorry,” Rainbow Dash said. “But your butt is too big.”

Applejack made an audible huff. “Ex-CUSE me?”

“I mean, it’s not like that’s a bad thing,” she said, petting Applejack on the rear where her hoof had been placed to push her. “It’s just bigger than most ponies because of all that apple bucking you do.”

“Ah know somepony Ah’d like to apple buck right now!”

“Oh, calm down!” Rainbow Dash said, coming to the front of the stump. She looked down at Applejack. “It’s a very nice rump.” She smiled to Applejack. “The best I know, anyway.”

Applejack blushed, looking away, “And it’s keepin’ me stuck here. Rainbow Dash, what am Ah gunna do? Ah can’t stay here forever.”

“Well, you wouldn’t be stuck here forever. If everything else fails, we COULD always get more ponies. We could probably break apart the stump if we had more ponies here.”

“As a LAST resort, that sounds mighty fine. But let's keep it a very LAST resort,” Applejack said. “What else ya got?”

“Well…” Rainbow Dash’s heart was pumping hard at the thought, not sure how Applejack would react to this. “The only way I think I’ll be able to get you out is to push you through. But I can’t do that because…” She pointed a hoof over to the stump.

“Yeah, ah know, mah butt is too big, as you so kindly pointed out to me not moments ago,” Applejack said, narrowing her eyes.

“But very nice to look at,” Rainbow Dash added, giving the mare a coquettish smile. Applejack smiled lightly, shaking her head at the mare. “But I think since you’ve been holding yourself up for so long, you’re probably too tense to squeeze you through.”

Applejack caught on. “So your wantin’ me to relax.”

“That’s right!” Rainbow Dash waited to see what Applejack had to say about that, before continuing.

The mare didn’t respond right away. She seemed to be trying to will herself to relax, but there was an internal struggle at the prospect. She squirmed slightly in the attempt, trying to push herself forward, stretching out her back legs. With an attempt to thrust herself forward, the mare stretched out all four legs as far as she could, before kicking her back legs as through swimming in place. Rainbow Dash bit back a laugh as Applejack gave up that, and resorted to deep breathing and shaking out her legs, her eyes closed as though that would somehow help. Finally, after trying several other different ways, she gave up with a huff. “Ah’m a farm girl!” she said in annoyance. “Ah don’t know how to relax!”

Having watched the little show Applejack put on, Rainbow Dash smiled. Now it was time to hit her with her idea. “Well…” she said. “I can think of one way to really get you to relax.”

“A spa day and a ponypedi?” Applejack asked. Rainbow Dash furrowed her brow and turned her head to the side. “Rarity suggested it to me once.”

“Chuh! Yeah! Like that will work. Think…more recent.”

Applejack looked up at the mare, eyes wide. “A-A-Ah’m not doin’ that again,” she said.

Rainbow Dash felt her heart sink. “What? But why?”

“Ah don’t like bein’ tickled!” she said, stamping down her front hoof as best she could in her position.

“Oh, we don’t have to tickle you!” Rainbow Dash said, waving her hoof dismissively. “There are ways to get around how we did it last time, you know.”

“Wh—like how?”

Rainbow Dash smiled seductively at Applejack. The mare had a blank stare on her face. “Oh, come on!” Rainbow Dash said. “You know!” The mare stuck out her tongue and wiggled it around to prove her point.

“Is THAT how it’s done?” asked Applejack, genuinely surprised. Rainbow Dash nearly fell over from shock. Applejack sighed. “Look, Rainbow Dash, Ah really like you and everythin’, but Ah’ve never done anythin’ like this before.”

Rainbow Dash’s eyes widened. “You’re a VIRGIN!?”

“No! And not so loud!” Applejack said. “Ah know no pony is around, but it’s not something Ah want somepony possibly hearin’!”

“So…you’ve never been with a mare before?” she asked. “Wait! I’m confused. Are you straight?” Rainbow Dash’s stomach tightened.

“No. Maybe not? Ah…Ah’m not sure,” she said, obvious discomfort registering on her face at the questions. She tried to pull herself out from the stump again as though trying to physically escape the other mare’s questions, but to no avail. She gave Rainbow Dash a distressed look and whispered, “This ain’t the situation Ah want to be havin’ this conversation in.” Rainbow Dash lay on the ground next to Applejack, looking at her sternly. Applejack, for about the millionth time that day, sighed. She looked away, embarrassed. “Ah’ve been with stallions before, but Ah’ve never been fond of…you know…havin’ relations.”

“Then what’s with all the looking at me, and the ‘friendship’ between us! I don’t have ‘friendships’ like that with just anypony! And don’t deny it.” She pointed an accusing hoof at Applejack. “I know when a mare has the hots for me.”

Applejack pointedly kept her gaze away from her companion, looking for the right words. “Ah’ve…never…felt this way before, Dash,” she choked out. “That’s why Ah’m so…nervous about all this. What happened earlier…well, it’s not the way Ah wanted things to happen, and Ah’m a might embarrassed about it all. But…Ah can’t say Ah didn’t really…enjoy it.”

Rainbow Dash crawled forward and nuzzled the mare. When Applejack looked back over to her, the Pegasus kissed her on the lips. She let the kiss linger, getting more passionate as time continued on. She pushed her tongue past the mare’s lips and gently touched her tongue with it, letting the kiss get more intense until she finally heard Applejack let out a small moan of pleasure. Hearing this, the Pegasus pulled away. “Did you enjoy that?” Rainbow Dash smiled.

Applejack lowered her head so she covered her muzzle with the top of her hat. “Yeah…”

The rainbow-maned mare leaned in close to her ear. “I can make you feel so good,” she said in her seductive voice, nudging the mare on the side of the head before pulling away. Applejack was blushing, starting to breathe hard again. “Plus, pretty sure we can get you out of here that way,” she finished in her normal voice.

Applejack looked up, eyes bright with anticipation. “…okay…Rainbow.”

Rainbow Dash shot up to her hooves, giving a little, “Woo-hoo!” before giving the mare a peck on the top of her head. “You’re going to love it.” She trotted to the back of the stump. Applejack was trembling now, though from her legs being tired or from anticipation, she wasn’t sure. “Just don’t kick me,” Rainbow Dash said to the mare before she sat behind her.

“Don’t give me reason to,” Applejack called back, making Rainbow Dash wary.

“Well, that puts my mind at ease,” she said. But she had to admit, she was really excited, almost to the point that she could not contain herself. She had unintentionally pleasured Applejack before, and now it was her first time ever being given pleasure by a mare. It was a lot for Applejack to have happen to her in one day, not to mention confessing her feelings for Rainbow Dash in such an unusual situation. A part of the cyan mare felt that she had to handle this situation well, or Applejack might back away from everything she already confessed to. That was the last thing Rainbow Dash wanted. She was sure her heart would break if Applejack pulled away from her after this. So she had to make it count.

Sitting in between the mare’s two quivering legs, Rainbow Dash carefully moved Applejack’s tail out of the way. Any wetness from earlier had completely dried up, but the smell was undeniable. Gently, Rainbow Dash parted Applejack’s folds. The movement made the orange mare’s legs tremble, and Rainbow Dash could hear an audible, slightly frightened moan come from the mare.

She kissed Applejack’s inner thigh, saying, “It’s okay,” softly. “I won’t hurt you.”

She heard Applejack respond in a small, quavering voice, “Ah know…”

While Rainbow Dash would normally have just dove in, this was Applejack, her friend and long time crush. She didn’t want to scare her away. Though the pony acted tough, she knew it was serious business whenever Rainbow Dash could TELL Applejack was nervous about something. Usually, Rainbow wasn’t as astute as Applejack, or as caring, but she cared too much about the orange mare to do this incorrectly. Which is probably why her heart felt like it was beating in her throat.

Rainbow Dash licked gently around Applejack’s thigh. She could hear the pony’s breathing getting heavier. Going up and down the thigh, she moved to the other side, following a similar trail before giving the mare’s delicate inner thigh a gentle nip. She tongued towards the mare’s slit, and gave her clit a small kiss, causing Applejack to jump slightly. Rainbow Dash smiled. “You’re so cute, Applejack,” she said. The mare didn’t respond, so Rainbow Dash continued on.

Gently, she licked up and down the mare’s slit, eliciting a gasp from the mare. All these sensations, so new to the orange mare, must have been almost overwhelming. She licked up and down before pushing her tongue just past the opening of the mare’s folds. She pulled her tongue out, slipped it back in, then ran her tongue down to her clitoris, when she ran a circle around it.

Applejack was starting to get very wet from the excitement. The taste was encouraging to Rainbow Dash, making her get a little more aggressive. She scooted closer to the mare, sticking her tongue deeper into her recesses. Applejack couldn’t suppress a moan this time, and raised her back hoof. Rainbow Dash quickly stopped what she was doing and held the hoof in place, causing Applejack’s other back leg to shake from having to hold up her back half by itself.

Applejack tried to wrench her hoof away from Rainbow Dash, before sighing in a huff. “What are you doing, now?” she asked.

“I don’t want you to kick me!” said the mare.

“Ah ain’t gunna kick you!” Applejack said, her other leg shaking violently now. “Ah can’t hold mahself up with just one leg. Umf!” Rainbow Dash raised Applejack’s back hoof up to the point that her other leg was dangling just off the ground. “NOW what are you—oh, sweet Celestia!”

Her slit now exposed much more than it had been before, Rainbow Dash put her snout right up against the other mare’s sweet spot and licked deep into her recesses. It took some strain to hold Applejack’s back end up – she was a lot heavier than Rainbow Dash was, being a muscular earth pony and all – but it was worth it when she heard the trapped mare moan.

Getting more intense, Applejack couldn’t hold back her moans any longer, but Rainbow Dash couldn’t hold the mare up anymore. She carefully placed Applejack’s hooves back on the ground, all the while never leaving that mare’s nether regions. Rainbow Dash licked the mare all over her sensitive slit and clit, all while using her hooves to stroke the delicate skin around her thighs and on her rump.

“Ah! Rainbow!” Applejack said in a desperate voice, and Rainbow knew she had the mare right where she wanted.

“Hmm?” asked the Pegasus in a sultry tone.

Applejack couldn’t answer. Her moans sounded muffled, and Rainbow could only guess that she had once again bit into her hat. ‘Oh, no, you don’t,’ Thought the Pegasus. ‘I worked hard to hear you scream.’

Rainbow Dash unleashed a full out bombardment on the trapped orange mare, who’s legs were trembling almost fiercely now as Rainbow brought her closer and closer to climax. Rainbow thought she heard the mare cursing into her hat, but she couldn’t be sure. She was getting louder and louder, and finally when Rainbow knew she was on the brink, she stroked the mare’s stomach.

Applejack cried out loudly. She reacted so fiercely to the orgasm, pulling her legs in as though she wanted to curl up, but hitting her knees on the stump, that Rainbow Dash thought the mare surely had hurt herself. Pulling Applejack’s legs out so she couldn’t do that again, Rainbow Dash continued to lick the orange mare, kissing her clit softly as Applejack let out little moans and squeals as she came down from her climax.

Letting the mare’s legs go, they hung limply, doing nothing to hold her up. Applejack trembled all over. Rainbow Dash stared at the vision before her, entranced as she could see the effects she had on the mare of her dreams. Rainbow herself had given Applejack two orgasms, and she hadn’t even tried to touch herself, but it was becoming unbearable.

Going in again, she started to lick at the other mare’s delicate regions while using a hoof to stroke her own self. Applejack twitched at the new assault on her sex, but didn’t have much energy to do much else. “R-Rainbow?” she asked.

“For good measure,” Rainbow Dash said. She figured if the mare couldn’t take it, she would certainly say something, but Applejack didn’t complain much at all, aside from a few gasps and moans.

Rainbow could feel that she wouldn’t last long in pleasuring herself, and like most things she did in life, she was usually pretty fast when it came to herself climaxing. She didn’t like waiting. She was hoping Applejack was sensitive enough that she could get her off at the same time she did. That memory alone would get her through many lonely nights.

The mare wasted no time in gently licking and rubbing Applejack’s clit and delicate folds, before diving her tongue into her. The orange mare was squirming at the onslaught, but could do nothing to escape the bombardment on her sex. Trapped the way she was, Rainbow Dash could do anything she wanted to Applejack with little repercussion now that her legs were weakened from two orgasms. That thought alone pushed Rainbow Dash a little closer to her own climax, and she let out an audible moan between licks.

“Mmm!” Applejack managed. “It’s so much…”

“Too much?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“No. Don’t stop!” Chided the orange mare, putting a hoof back to touch the mare and beckon Rainbow Dash closer. Rainbow just laughed and licked furiously at the mare, while stroking herself faster and faster. The two mares dissolved into a series of moans as their fury quickly escalated. “Oh, Rainbow!” called the mare, a desperate tinge in her voice, and Rainbow knew she was almost there.

Leaning back a bit, Rainbow Dash gave one final lick on her clit, took a breath and blew a steady stream of air onto Applejack’s clit.

Applejack let out a scream of pure ecstasy, reaching her third orgasm for the day. Rainbow Dash tried to continue licking the mare past her saturation point, but the sweet sounds of the mare in the throws of her climax pushed Rainbow Dash over *the edge. She groaned deeply, her legs getting weak below her, and fell backwards and away from her mare. That part was certainly not intentional on her part, but she was able to derive more pleasure from seeing Applejack squirm and quiver as she came down from her climax. Rainbow Dash lay back her head and let the last lingering feeling of her relief linger, her mind going blank but for the simple pleasures of what the two friends had just accomplished.

Catching her breath, Rainbow Dash got up, looking at the mess she had created from Applejack. Her legs lay limp against the log, her flank was drenched in sweat, her tail was sticking to her leg from a combination of the her own juices and sweat, and there was an obvious streak down her leg from the pleasure she had been given from the day.

Rainbow Dash couldn’t help herself. She leaned in and gave a soft bite to the other mare’s flank, like she had wanted to do since she first saw her tail end like this.

“Mmm!” Applejack moaned, weakly bringing her legs up in a protective fashion. “No, Rainbow Dash, no more. Ah can’t take it…”

“Just wanted to get that out of the way,” Rainbow Dash said, steadying her voice. “But now’s the best time to push you out.”

“Ah…Ah don’t know, Ah’m kinda…sensitive right now.”

“It’s now or never, AJ,” Rainbow Dash said, squaring up behind the pony.

Applejack took in a lot of air, then slowly let it out. “Fine. But be—UH!” Rainbow Dash left nothing to chance. Catching the mare off guard, she rammed into the pony’s back end with her shoulder. There was a cracking sound from the stump as a few pieces came undone, and Applejack’s larger posterior FINALLY squeezed through the stump’s opening. Her legs now the only thing hanging out, the orange mare scrambled to get her legs through and out the front.

Rainbow Dash went to the front of the stump and watched as Applejack made a final push to get herself out of the stump. Her rump didn’t cause a problem on the way out as that part of the stump gave away a lot easier than the first part. Rainbow Dash dragged the mare away from the stump, then let the mare go.

Applejack lay there for a moment, still panting, eyes wide, contemplating what just happened. After a moment, without looking at Rainbow Dash, she said softly, “Ya coulda warned me.”

“Didn’t want to take the chance you would tense up again,” Rainbow Dash said, laying next to the tired mare. “Sorry, AJ.” She bent down and nuzzled her.

At this, Applejack, still sprawled across the ground, let herself relax and closed her eyes. Rainbow Dash put a wing around the mare, laying next to her, wishing she would give her some sort of affection in return.

For a while, Applejack lay there, letting herself catch her breath, letting the feeling subside, and probably wanting to fall asleep, though Rainbow Dash couldn’t be sure. She started to fear that Applejack was doing just what she worried she would do – pull away from her now that they were out of the situation that brought them together. After a few minutes, Rainbow Dash removed her wing from around Applejack and said, “We should probably get goi-“

“Later,” Applejack said. She took in a deep breath and finally positioned herself in a proper laying down position. She then looked to Rainbow Dash, her head bowed slightly, blushing a little. “Aren’t you going to put your wing around me again?”

Rainbow Dash raised an eyebrow and did as she was told. At this, Applejack leaned against her and sighed. Not the sigh of annoyance she had earlier, but one of contentment. Rainbow Dash smiled, sniffing the Applejack’s mane before nuzzling her on the neck.

“We should do this more often,” Applejack said, a hint of sultriness in her voice.

Rainbow Dash smiled. “Without the stump,” she said.

“Yeah,” Applejack agreed. “We can use rope next time.” Rainbow Dash blushed feverishly at the thought. Applejack looked to the mare and smiled. “And maybe you can be the helpless one next time.”

Rainbow Dash didn’t quite know what to say to that, and dissolved into stammers at the idea. Applejack kissed her gently on the cheek. “You’re so cute, Rainbow Dash.”

The two ponies laughed lightly, then snuggled closer together in contented bliss.
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