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Long story, don't read if you hate non-erotic storys, long boring storys or storys that seem to fail from the start
It was morning at camp, this camp was nothing like any camp anyone had ever been to, all the kids there were kids that were living rough, kids who had no parents, they were brought to the camp by the camp director aditi (old greek name), in this camp they were trained to fight, told that they had to protect the world from creatures that escaped from the underworld. three years had passed since jonah and celeste had arrived at camp, since day one they had become friends, they grew close as the months passed and soon they were inseparible.
Celeste: "Morning jonah she said as she walked into his cabin"
Celeste is just your typical girl, at the age of only fifteen she stands around five and a half feet tall, she is what most people would call average weight, she has brown hair and hazel eyes, just your typical girl, the thing that made her stand out were her abilities with a bow, she was the best in the camp at archery
Jonah just sat on his bed, his face buried in his knees
Jonah is pretty much your average guy, at the age of fifteen he stands at around five foot eight, average weight, not fat but not overly skinny, he has dark hair with dark brown eyes, just your typical guy, what made him stand out were his abilities with a sword, you could say he was a master with the sword and pretty handy when it came to hand to hand combat
Celeste: "Jonah, she walked over to him and slapped him playfully on the arm"
Jonah just looked up at her, his eyes were red and he looked like he'd been crying all night, celeste automatically knew that something was bothering jonah, she didn't have to look into his eyes to know
Celeste: "Jonah whats wrong"
jonah just sat there silent, he just stared at celeste, tears rolling down his cheeks
Celeste sat down next to him, she wrapped one arm round his shoulder
Celeste: "Jonah, talk to me please, tell me what's wrong"
Jonah was staring into space but slowly focused when he heard her speaking, he slowly looked at celeste and saw the worry in her eyes
Jonah: "it's..."
His sentence was cut short as just at that moment alexis came bursting through the door, now alexis is totally opposite to celeste, she is a beautiful blonde with deep blue eyes that you could get lost in and a smile that made guys bend to her every wim, she stood around five foot seven and was athletically built, she was very handy with a bow but knowhere near as good as celeste
Alexis: "Morning jonah, morning...celeste she said as she scowled"
Jonah: "Alexis what are you doing here he said as he started crying again"
Celeste ran one finger over jonah's cheek and wiped away a tear
Alexis: "Jonah whats wrong"
Celeste: "I was just about to find out when you came bursting in here"
Alexis: "Well now im here and jonah can tell me"
Celeste: "No!"
Alexis stood there, she was a little shocked at how angry celeste seemed
Alexis: "Whoa calm down"
Celeste: "You walk in here and expect jonah to just open up to you, he has been my friend for three years now, we're closer than you and him"
Alexis: "Whoa just relax already, lets let jonah decide who he wants to talk to"
Jonah just looked at both of them then looked away, he couldnt decide who he should talk to, celeste had been his best friend for three years now but of course he really liked alexis and didn't want to hurt her feelings, they both looked down at him, he could feel them both staring
Celeste: "Jonah tell this blonde bim...Jonah tell her you choose me"
Alexis: "Jonah sweetie will you please tell this thing you choose me"
Jonah looked up at them both, tears were streaming down his cheeks, he hated having to choose between them, he hated how they always made it a competition to see who could get his attention more, he stood up and walked over to the door, he opened it and walked out
Celeste: "Jonah come back"
Celeste ran to the door but it was too late, she saw jonah running down to the beach, she knew that was where he liked to go when he wanted to be alone
Alexis: "See what you did, you made him leave"
Celeste: "I made him leave, he was about to open up and tell me what was wrong but you walked in and ruined it"
Alexis: "You can see he likes me better, everyone knows he does"
Celeste: "I don't care"
She turned away, ever since jonah had saved her from nearly been killed by the lycanthrope (werewolf) she had started developing feelings for him, she never told him cause she knew he didn't like her back or so she thought...she walked towards the door but before she left she turned back to alexis
Celeste: "You just had to ruin everything, ever since you arrived you have been hell bent on stealing jonah"
With that she walked out the cabin making sure to slam the door, she headed to the beach to make sure jonah was okay but to her surprise he wasn't there, she knew she had to find him, she had to find out what was wrong...after around half an hour of searching she found jonah on the battlefield, he was practising his sword fighting techniques on the straw dummys dressed in leather battle armor, she always loved watching him fight, he was a master with his sword even though he never admitted it
Celeste: "Jonah she shouted can we talk"
Jonah turned around, looked at her then went back to his practise...celeste walked over to him
Celeste: "Jonah please can we talk"
She layed her hand on his shoulder, he dropped his sword and turned to face her, she could see the tears rolling down his cheeks, ever since she'd met him she'd never seen him cry or get this upset
Celeste: "Oh jonah"
She held out her arms, she knew he would take the hug since he loved them...she was right, jonah stepped into her arms and she softly wrapped them round him
Celeste: "Jonah come on talk to me, tell me whats wrong"
Jonah: "It's just...nothing"
Celeste: "Jonah..."
Jonah just stood there looking at celeste, he admired how much she cared for him, how much she looked after him and how much she was there for him willing to fight by his side no matter what
Celeste: "Jonah what's wrong"
Jonah knew she wouldn't leave him alone about it until he told her, he didn't want to let her know why he was upset, didn't want her to be burdend by his problems, he had to get away from her for now, make sure she couldn't find him and hope she'd leave it when she did...he quickly pulled away from the hug and turned to run when he heard crying, he turned round and saw celeste had dropped to her knee's in tears
Jonah: "Celeste what's wrong, please dont cry"
He got onto his knee's and kneeled infront of her, he softly wiped away the tears from her cheeks and stared her straight in her eye's
Jonah: "Celeste..."
She stared at him, tears still streaming down her cheeks
Celeste: "Its...its...its you, you wont talk to me, you wont tell me whats wrong, what have i done wrong"
Jonah grabbed her hand
Jonah: "Its not you, you have done nothing wrong, its just i dont know...i dont want to talk about it, its stupid"
Celeste: "Tell me please"
Jonah looked around nervously, he was trying to think of a way to get out of it
Jonah: "Erm...okay so well...its aditi he told me i have to do another quest, i dont want to do it not after last time"
Celeste remembered back to the last time they went on a quest, it was their first year there and aditi had told them both they must go on a quest to rescue their friend who was taken by the lycanthrope, they both battled hard but was too late to save their friend, he was killed by the lycanthrope
Celeste: "Oh jonah...if you have to do it ill come with you"
Jonah looked at her, he couldnt risk losing her aswell
Jonah: "NO! you will stay here, i must do this one alone"
Celeste: "Jonah...please were a team, we always have been, we can go on this together"
Jonah looked at her intensly, he knew she would pressure him into letting her go, he knew he had no choice but to say yes
Jonah: "No celeste, im sorry but i cant let you come with me"
Celeste let out a sigh, she stared into jonah's eyes as if trying to plead with him
Celeste: "You aint going without me, im not losing you"
Jonah: "Celeste..."
Celeste: "NO! jonah no im not letting you go without me, i dont want to lose you"
Jonah: "Celeste please..."
Celeste: "NO! jonah im not letting you, me and you are a team, we always do things together you and me"
Jonah: "I know we do but this time is different"
Celeste looked at him, she was puzzled, they always went off and did things together, why was this time so different
Celeste: "Why is it jonah, why is this so different"
Jonah: "It just is, please just drop it"
Jonah stood up and started to walk away when celeste grabbed his hand
Celeste: "Please jonah tell me why"
Jonah turned back to look at her, he couldn't look her in the eye, he kept avoiding eye contact with her as he knelt back down infront of her
Jonah: "Well i dont want to lose you okay, i dont want anything bad to happen to you..."
He let his sentence trail off like he didn't want to say the next thing
Celeste: "You wont lose me, you know i can handle myself out there"
Jonah: "I know you can but...well its just...I LOVE YOU!"
He realised what he had just said to her, he turned away, he was ashamed to look at her
Celeste: "Oh jonah..."
She let go of his hand, she was shocked at what he had just told her, she felt the same about him but she couldn't bring herself to say it, she was in too much shock to speak
Jonah: "Im sorry, it just slipped out..."
He quickly got up, he couldnt bring himself to look at celeste, he was so embarrased by what he had just said, he let go of her hand and quickly ran back to his cabin, as soon as he was inside he made sure his door was locked, he shut his curtains and then he layed on his bed...five minutes later he hears a knock on his door
Jonah: "Go away, please just leave me alone"
Alexis: "Jonah please let me in, whats wrong"
Jonah: "Please alexis just go away, i just want to be left alone"
Alexis: "Jonah let me in NOW!"
Jonah: "NO! just go away"
Alexis thought about knocking the door down but she just decided it was best to leave him alone, she walked down to the battlefield to train when she ran into celeste, celeste was still kneeling in the same place jonah had left her, her eyes were red from all the crying...she turned around when she heard footsteps, maybe she thought it was jonah, to her horror it was alexis
Alexis: "Hmph what are you doing here"
Celeste: "Nothing, im just going, is jonah in his cabin"
Alexis: "Yeah but you wont get him out of it, he's locked himself in"
Celeste looked up at alexis, she knew alexis was probably right and she knew she was the last person jonah would want to see but she had to try
Celeste: "Ill get him out you just watch me"
Alexis: "If he wont come out for the girl he likes why would he come out for you"
Celeste: "You'll see, i know the reason he was upset so he can talk to me now"
Alexis: "He told you of all people"
Celeste: "Yes he did, seems he likes me more"
Alexis stormed off in a huff, she went back to her own cabin...Celeste stood up, she decided it was time to deal with jonah, she started walking to his cabin when she realised something
Celeste: "What am i going to say to him she said to herself quietly"
She carried on walking, avoiding jonah's cabin for aslong as she could, she was trying to figure out what to say, should she tell him she loves him back or should she just pretend like nothing had happened...after ten more minutes of pacing around she decided it was time, she walked back to jonah's cabin and gently knocked on the door
Jonah: "Alexis i thought i told you to leave me alone"
Celeste: "Jonah its me can i come in"
Jonah: "Celeste..."
Celeste: "Jonah please let me in we need to talk"
Jonah: "Celeste please go away i dont want to talk"
Celeste: "Jonah im not going anywhere till you let me in to talk"
Jonah unlocked the door and opened it a little, he walked back to his bed and sat back down, celeste walked in, she walked to the bed and sat next to him
Celeste: "Jonah please look at me"
She took his hand and softly squeezed it, he slowly turned his head so he was facing her
Celeste: "Look jonah i dont know if you said what you did by accident or if you really meant it but if you want we can forget it was said"
Jonah: "Erm..."
Celeste: "Jonah...its your choice"
Jonah: "Celeste...i didnt mean to say it, it was an accident, it just sort of slipped out, i didnt mean it, im sorry"
Celeste: "Oh..."
Celeste looked a little hurt at his last comment
Jonah: "Im sorry"
Celeste: "Why would you say it if you didnt mean it"
She turned away from jonah, he layed his hand on her shoulder but she just shrugged it off
Jonah: "Celeste look at me please"
Celeste turned back to face jonah, she had tears streaming down her cheeks
Celeste: "Jonah just tell..."
Before she could finish her sentence there was a loud banging on the door
Jonah: "Hold that thought"
He got up and walked over to the door, to his surprise aditi was stood there
Aditi: "Jonah we need to speak now"
Jonah: "What is it"
Aditi: "Not here, we need to go somewhere private, its of grave importance"
Jonah: "Okay"
He looked back over at celeste, she was still sat there on the bed, tears streaming down her cheeks
Jonah: "Celeste...i have to go, talk to you later"
Celeste just looked at him, she nodded her head then turned away from him
Aditi: "Jonah come now"
Jonah: "Im coming"
He walked out the room with aditi, he was still thinking about celeste and wasnt paying very much attention to aditi...aditi had stayed silent till they reached the main hall
Aditi: "In here"
Jonah followed aditi into the main hall, he sat down in a chair opposite aditi
Aditi: "Okay so well its about your quest, we need to postpone it, i have a new quest for you right now that is of grave importance, there have been random attacks around the area and we need you to go find out what has been happening then deal with the problem"
Jonah: "Okay, i have one condition though"
Aditi looked at him, he figured he knew what he was going to ask
Aditi: "yes you can take somebody along, two people if you feel necessary"
Jonah: "NO! nobody is coming with me"
Aditi: "Sorry but you must take atleast one person with you, no arguing, now pick who you want to take with you because you leave tommorow morning"
Jonah: "Nobody, i dont want anyone to come with me"
Aditi: "Jonah pick somebody or i will assign you somebody"
Jonah: "Fine ill find someone"
Jonah stood up and headed for the door
Aditi: "Wait, one more thing before you go"
Jonah turned round
Aditi: "I have something for you before you go"
Jonah: "Oh what is it"
Aditi got up and walked over to a chest in the corner of the room, he pulled out a sword, it was black as coal with a gold handle
Jonah: "What is that..."
Aditis: "This sword is made from stygian steel with a golden handle, it should help you with the problems you may face"
Jonah: "Thankyou..."
He took the sword from aditis then walked out the door, he decided he would train with his new sword, as he was walking to the battlefield he noticed celeste down on the beach alone, he walked over to her
Jonah: "Celeste..."
Celeste: "Oh jonah didnt hear you coming"
Jonah: Mind if i join you
Celeste: "Erm...sure i guess"
He sat down next to her and looked out across the sea
Celeste: "What did aditi want"
Jonah: "Oh nothing, he's just postponed my quest"
Celeste looked over at him
Celeste: "Thats good news then, get more time to prepare for it"
Jonah: "Yeah i guess, ive got a new quest to do though now"
Celeste: "What, another quest, what is it"
Jonah explained everything to her, he told her about the attacks and explained how nobody was going with him then he showed her the sword that aditi had given him
Celeste: "Im coming with you jonah"
Jonah: " sorry but no..."
Celeste: "But..."
She was cut short, alexis had seen them two together and had run over to them
Alexis: "Jonah ive been looking for you everywhere, aditi told me you had a quest, he said you have to take somebody along with you"
Jonah: "He can say what he wants, i dont want anyone to come with me"
Alexis: "But aditi said..."
Jonah stared at alexis, his rage was building, he didnt want anyone along with him
Jonah: "I dont care what he said, nobody is coming with me"
Celeste stood up
Celeste: "Jonah me and alexis both want to come with you and one of us will, you can decide who or we can get aditi to decide for you"
Jonah: "NO! none of you are coming with me, tommorow morning i am going on this quest ALONE!"
He got up and walked away from them both, he decided to go train on the battlefield
Jonah: "Why wont anyone take a hint, why wont they all just leave me alone"
He was talking to himself, nobody was around to hear him...moments later he arrived at the battlefield, there was nobody there for him to practice with so he just practiced on the dummies...after around one hour of practice he heard the dinner bell, he sheathed his sword and walked to the dining area, when he arrived he went and got what he wanted to eat then sat down at a table by himself, he noticed celeste walk in, she grabbed her food and when she noticed him she walked over
Celeste: "May i join you"
Jonah: "Sure be my guest"
She sits down opposite him, they start eating in silence, when jonah was done he started getting up
Celeste: "Wait..."
Jonah: "What"
Celeste: "Can we talk, please"
Jonah: "Erm..."
Celeste just stared at him, she knew he wasn't going to say yes and she had to find a way to talk to him
Celeste: "Please jonah, please can we just talk"
Jonah: "There's nothing to talk about"
Jonah got up, he turned away from her, celeste just sat there, she had tears rolling down her cheeks
Celeste: "Jonah look at me"
Jonah knew she was crying but he couldnt look at her, he knew if he did he would have to sit with her and comfort her, he couldnt resist her when she cryed
Jonah: "I cant..."
Celeste: "Jonah please"
Jonah: "I dont want to i'm sorry"
Celeste stood up, she walked round to where jonah was and stood infront of him
Celeste: "Now look at me"
Jonah looked down, he couldnt look at her face, he knew if he did he would probably start crying
Celeste: "Jonah..."
Jonah slowly looked up, he saw the tears streaming down celeste's cheek, he slowly reached out and wiped away a tear
Jonah: "Oh celeste please dont cry"
Celeste just stood there, jonah held out his arms
Jonah: "Hug?"
Celeste walked into jonah's arms, she closed her eyes as he slowly wrapped his arms around her back
Jonah: "Can we talk later"
Celeste just nodded her head, she knew the tears would work
Jonah: "How does my cabin sound, i'll meet you there later"
Celeste: "Okay, why cant we go there now"
Jonah: "Erm...we have classes"
Celeste: Oh right, okay so after classes are done can we meet there
Jonah: Sure
Jonah let go of celeste, she stared softly into his eyes before he turned away, a big smile crossed her face she was finally going to get some alone time with jonah, she could convince him to let her join his new quest
Celeste: Yes she said under her breath
Jonah turned back to face her
Jonah: Did you say something
Celeste's face went bright red
Celeste: No nothing
Jonah: Okay...
Jonah took one last look at celeste, he figured something was bothering her but he didnt want to pry, he turned away and headed towards his next hour later his class was over and it was time for him to go meet celeste, he set off back to his cabin when he noticed alexis all alone in the dining area, he walked over and sat down beside her
Jonah: Hey alexis
Alexis: Oh hey jonah, i didnt see you coming
Jonah: Something bothering you
Alexis: No im fine
Jonah: You sure
Alexis: Yes im sure
Jonah looked down at his watch, he was late for his meeting with celeste
Jonah: Okay well erm i have to go
Alexis: Okay...
Jonah stood up, alexis turned to look at him, he could see she was about to cry
Jonah: Alexis...whats wrong
Alexis: Nothing...
Jonah: Tell me
Alexis: Its nothing ok just leave me alone
She stood up and stormed away, jonah just stood there looking confused
Jonah: what the heck he said to himself
He glanced back down at his watch, he was already fifteen minutes late for his meeting with celeste...two minutes of running and he was at his cabin, celeste was stood there, she looked pretty angry
Celeste: Your late, nearly twenty minutes late to be precise
Jonah: Im sorry
He walked over and wrapped his arms softly around celeste
Celeste: Hmm not a good enough apology
Jonah softly kissed celeste on her cheek then pulled away, she stood there stunned
Jonah: Will that do
Celeste blushed
Celeste: Mhm, yes it will do
Jonah: Good, come on lets get inside
Celeste followed jonah into his cabin, she walked straight over to the bed and sat down
Jonah: Make yourself comfortable why dont you
Celeste: I will
Jonah let out a little laugh, she looked at him
Celeste: What you laughing at
Jonah: Nothing...just you made yourself comfortable know what never mind
Celeste just sat there looking puzzled, she had no clue what jonah was on about
Celeste: Okay...
Jonah: Anyways we came here to talk
Celeste: Yes we did, you have to talk to me, tell me what is wrong
Jonah: Nothing is wrong
Celeste: Jonah...
Jonah: Celeste...
Celeste looked away from jonah
Celeste: Why wont you talk to me, why wont you tell me whats wrong
Jonah walked over and sat down next to celeste, she made sure she wasnt looking at him
Jonah: Look at me
Celeste: No...
Jonah got up, he kneeled down infront of celeste, he took one of her hands and softly squeezed it
Jonah: Celeste please look at me
Celeste just shook her head
Jonah: Celeste, look at me and ill tell you whats wrong...
Celeste: Promise...
Jonah: Yes i pomise you
Celeste turned and looked at jonah
Jonah: Thankyou
Celeste: Yeah sure now tell me
Jonah: Fine, its just this whole quest thing has me down, i dont want to go on it after the last time...
Celeste: Oh...hey why dont you tell aditi you dont want to go on it
Jonah: Its too late, the quest is tommorow, i know its just a simple hunting quest but still
Celeste: Jonah...i know you said no but please let me come with you
Jonah: No! your not coming with me
Celeste: Jonah please let me come with you
She looked at him with pleading eyes, tears started forming
Jonah: No please dont cry...
Tears started rolling down celeste's cheeks
Celeste: Please jonah
Jonah looked away from her, he knew if he looked in her eye's he'd do as she asked
Jonah: sorry but no
Celeste: I bet you'd say yes to alexis if she was here
Jonah: I wouldnt
Jonah sounded really uncertain, celeste could see he was lying to her
Celeste: You're lying...
Jonah: Im not
Celeste: You could you
Jonah: Celeste...
Celeste: No save it, just tell me why, why i cant go with you
Jonah looked around as if trying to avoid celeste
Celeste: Tell me!
Jonah looked straight at celeste, he could see the anger in her eye's
Jonah: I dont want to lose you okay, dont want you to come with me and not return...
Celeste just sat there stunned
Jonah: Happy now...
He walked over to the door, he turned and looked back at celeste, tears were streaming down his cheeks, he opened the door and took one step out
Celeste: Jonah dont go please
She quickly got off the bed, she ran over to the door and grabbed jonah by the arm
Celeste: Please...
Jonah just stood there, he pulled his arm away from celeste, he shut the door and walked over to the bed, he sat down
Celeste: Jonah talk to me
Jonah just sat there looking down at the floor, celeste walked over and sat down next to him, she wrapped one arm around his shoulder
Celeste: Come on stop crying
Jonah looked up at her
Jonah: Im sorry
Celeste: For what
Jonah: For been so off with you
Celeste: Its fine, can you just tell me why
Jonah: Its just...well...i love you
Celeste: Oh...
Jonah: Yeah, now you understand, thats why i didnt want you coming with me on this quest, thats why ive been so off with you, i didnt mean to be its just well...
His sentence was cut short as celeste put one finger over his lips
Celeste: Hush those lips
She looked him in the eye's and gave a soft smile as she moved her finger away
Jonah: Dont i get to finish my sentences now
Celeste: Hmm...nope
She let out a little chuckle, jonah smiled at her
Jonah: You have a cute laugh
Celeste blushed
Celeste: No i dont
Jonah: Yes you do
He stuck his tongue out at celeste, a massive grin crossed his face
Celeste: What?
Jonah just burst out laughing
Celeste: What you laughing at
Jonah: Nothing...
He smiled at her softly
Jonah: You know i told you i love you...
Celeste: Yeah...
Jonah: I was hoping maybe you'd have given me a response
Celeste just stood there, she knew she loved jonah but she didnt want to say it to him and then have something go wrong and end up losing him, he was like a brother to her
Jonah: you love me?
Celeste: Jonah...erm...well
Jonah: You dont...i should of never said sorry
He quickly got up and ran out of the room, celeste just sat there stunned, tears were streaming down her cheeks
Celeste: But i do she said in a whisper
Celeste quickly got up and ran for the door, she knew she had to find jonah, she had to talk to him
Celeste: Jonah! where are you she called
She ran all over the place looking for jonah, she tried the beach, the battlefield, the dining area and even the main hall but he was knowhere to be found...after half an hour of searching she decided to call it a day and set of back to her cabin, when she arrived there she opened the door and found jonah sat on her bed
Celeste: Jonah! ive been looking everywhere for you
Jonah: Well you found me...
Celeste: Where have you been?
Jonah: Well after i left my room i came here and have been here ever since...figured you wouldn't look for me here
Celeste: Jonah...sometimes i just want to strangle you
Jonah stood up, he walked over to where celeste was stood
Jonah: Strangle me then
Celeste wrapped both hands softly around jonah's neck, she knew she could never hurt him
Jonah: Go on then...
Celeste: Nope, i couldnt do that to you
She took her hands off his neck, she held out her arms
Jonah: Want a hug
Celeste just nodded her head...jonah quickly wrapped his arms around celeste, she softly wrapped hers around him
Jonah: That better
Celeste: Yes it is
Jonah: Good, sorry about running off...
Celeste: Its fine, i just wish you wouldn't get so upset about it
Jonah just looked at her
Jonah: Im sorry...
Celeste: Hush, no more apologys okay
Jonah: Okay...
Celeste: Thankyou
Jonah smiled softly at her, he knew sooner or later he would apologise to her again...she wrapped her arms tighter around him, she looked into his eye's and smiled back
Celeste: So...can we talk now
Jonah just nodded his head
Celeste: Good, now will you tell me why you keep getting so upset
Jonah: I told you earlier...its this quest
Celeste: You sure thats the only reason
Jonah: Yes, well there is the other telling you i love you and you not feeling the same
Celeste let go of the hug, she knew it was now or never to tell him how she felt
Celeste: Jonah, i do love you...its scared
Jonah: Scared...scared of what?
Celeste looked down at the floor, she couldn't look at him
Jonah: Celeste...what you scared off
He took her hand and softly squeezed it
Celeste: Erm, well im scared that something will go wrong and i will lose you
Jonah: You wont ever lose me i promise
Celeste looked up into his eye's, she trusted jonah with her life and she knew he would keep his promise
Celeste: Okay, you better make sure i dont
Jonah: Oh had i now, maybe i should walk away, let you lose me
Celeste playfully slapped him on the arm
Jonah: Oi, you know i was kidding
Celeste: Hehe i know you was
Jonah softly pulled celeste into his arms, he wrapped them tightly around her, he softly kissed the top of her head
Celeste: Wow twice in one day
Jonah: Uhh...
Celeste: You kissed me twice today, once on the head and once on the cheek
Jonah: Oh yeah...sorry
Celeste let go of the hug, she slapped him softly
Celeste: You said you wouldnt apologise
Jonah looked down at the floor
Jonah: I know i did, it slipped out
Celeste: Okay, please stop apologising, for me
Jonah looked up at her, he would do pretty much anything for celeste
Jonah: Fine...
Celeste: Promise me
Jonah: Celeste...i promise i wont apologise anymore
Celeste looked into his eye's, she softly smiled at him, she took his hand and intertwined her fingers with his
Celeste: Erm jonah...
Jonah: Yeah...
Celeste: Well i just wanted to say...
Jonah: Go on...
Celeste: I...
She was interupted by a knock at the door, she got up, walked over to the door and opened it, aditi was stood there
Aditi: I need jonah NOW!
Jonah looked over to the door
Jonah: Why, what do you want me for
Aditi: Your quest, it cant wait, you have to go now
Jonah: What!?
Aditi: Look were running out of time, there has just been another attack, we need to stop the creature before it attacks again
Jonah: Okay im on my way...
Celeste: NO!
She quickly grabbed hold of jonah and wrapped her arms tightly around him
Jonah: Celeste, please i have to go
Celeste: NO! im not letting you
Jonah: Celeste! let me go
Celeste kept her grip on him, she looked into his eye's as tears were streaming down her cheeks
Celeste: Jonah...
Jonah: Celeste...ill make you a deal, you let go and ill let you come with me
Celeste: Really?
Jonah: Yes, now please let go
Celeste reluctantly let go
Celeste: Let me pack some things and ill be ready to go
Aditi: That wont be necessary, someone has already requested going with you
Jonah/Celeste: Who? they asked in unison
Aditi: Alexis, she came to the main hall not long ago and requested that she accompany you on this quest
Jonah: Well what if i refuse to let her join me
Aditi: Its already been decided, i approved of her going with you
Jonah: Well i dont want her along, in battle i would rather know i had celeste by my side than alexis, celeste is by far a much better choice due to her abilities with the bow
Aditi: Its already been decided, alexis will accompany you but as i said earlier if you feel it is necessary you may ask two people to accompany you
Jonah: Fine i feel like celeste should accompany me on this quest but you decided on alexis so i guess ill have to have them both accompany me
Aditi: So be it, you have chosen your company now i need you to go pack and meet me at the main gate in the next fifteen minutes
they all headed back to there cabins and began packing, celeste was first back to aditi shortly followed by alexis...fifteen minutes passed and still there was no sign of jonah
Aditi: Where is he he said with anger in his voice
Celeste: He'll be here just give him another minute
Five minutes passed and jonah was still knowhere to be seen, celeste could tell aditi was furious
Aditi: Where is he! he shouted
Celeste looked around worried
Celeste: Sir he...
Her sentence was cut short as a young boy around the age of twelve came running over, he looked like he was in a hurry and could hardly speak
Young boy: Sir...i..i..just saw jo..jonah
Aditi: Where, when
Young boy: Just..just now...he was sneaking out the back
Aditi looked furious, he looked like he was ready to kill somebody
Aditi: Why didn't you stop him! he screamed at the young boy
The young boy looked around, he was terrified of aditi
Young boy: Im..Im..sorry, i tried sir but he just overpowered me
Aditi: Sorry, will be sorry boy
The young boy looked terrified, tears were streaming down his cheeks
Celeste: Sir take it easy on him will you, i mean seriously you know how stubborn jonah is
Aditi: Thats no excuse for him, he should of tryed harder
Celeste: Sir he is just a kid, just lay of him okay
Aditi was furious, how dare celeste talk to him like that, celeste was just as furious and was ready for a fight
Aditi: Hmph i will deal with you later boy, now go, leave my sight at once
The young boy gave a thankful smile to celeste then quickly ran off
Celeste: Sir he is just a kid, there was no need to treat him like you did
Aditi just stood there, he knew he was wrong but he couldnt admit it to celeste
Aditi: Anyway you two need to be off, find jonah and make sure he doesnt get into too much trouble, wouldnt want him not coming back now would we
Celeste had almost forgot about jonah, she was too wrapped up in aditi's attitude towards the young boy that she forgot jonah had left
Celeste: Sir where had we best be heading, you only told jonah the details so we dont know where to begin searching
Aditi explained all he had to jonah, he told celeste where to begin searching and what she could face out in the wild
Aditi: Now you best be going, time is short, make sure you have everything ready then go
Celeste: Sir i am packed and ready to go
Alexis: So am i
Celeste and aditi had almost forgot about alexis been there, she had been so quiet all that time that they had forgot about her
Aditi: Erm well yes you two had better get going now
Alexis: Hmph forget about me then why dont you
Celeste: Believe me i wish we could
Alexis shot celeste a dirty look then turned to aditi
Alexis: Sir are you going to let her talk to me like that
Aditi: Look girls sort your problems out on your own time, right now you have to get going, find jonah and make sure you bring him back in one piece so i can kill him
Celeste shot alexis a dirty look then picked up her bags
Celeste: Well we best be going then
Alexis: Yeah, dont worry sir I will bring back jonah
Celeste: Ha yeah right, if anyone is going to bring jonah back it will be me
Alexis: Ha yeah like jonah would listen to you
Celeste: He would, incase you havent noticed im closer to jonah, were like family
Alexis: Pfft who would want you as family
Aditi was getting really annoyed by there persistent squabbling
Aditi: Both of you be quiet, stop arguing like a pair of little kids and get going NOW!
Celeste and alexis both shot hateful looks at each other then turned to aditi
Aditi: What are you waiting for, get out of here now and dont come back until you have completed the quest you have been set, dont forget bring jonah back in one piece
Celeste: Of course i will sir
Alexis: No sir i will
Aditi: No both of you will
Celeste and alexis just looked at each other
Celeste: Sir we cant work together
Aditi: You two will work together and you will accept it
Celeste: But sir
Aditi: No but's, now get going, im not telling you again
Celeste: Okay sir
Alexis: Fine sir
Aditi: Before you two go i have one last thing for each of you
He pulled two mobile phones from his pockets
Aditi: They are for emergencies only, my number is stored in both of them
Celeste: Thankyou sir, i will look after it
Alexis: So will i sir
Aditi: Good, now be gone
Celeste: Yes sir
Alexis: Of course sir
With that alexis and celeste picked up there bags and headed out the main entrance of the camp, they both knew they had a long trip ahead of them and they had no clue how long it would take them to find jonah, they needed to find him fast because they knew that spending too much time alone together would be a bad thing.
Alexis: You know i dont need you here, i could find jonah without you
Celeste: Ha you couldnt find your way out of a paper bag
Alexis was shocked, how dare celeste talk to her like that
Alexis: How dare you
Celeste: Cant handle it then dont give it
Alexis: You know what, i dont need you i can do this by myself
With that alexis ran off, celeste had two options, she could follow her or she could go her own way
Celeste: Oh well who need's her, i can look after myself
After a few hours of travelling the sun was setting and celeste decided to set up camp for the night, she set up her tent then found some wood and made a fire, it was going to be a long night alone but she knew once morning came she could pack up and carry on travelling, after an hour or so of sitting around the fire she decided to call it a night, she quickly undressed but kept on her t-shirt as she had nothing else to sleep in. at best she could tell it was just after midnight when she heard a rustling coming from outside her tent, she drew her dagger and slowly opened the tent door, all seemed quiet there was nothing there, was it just her imagination, no she knew she heard something she knew she heard a if on cue there was the noise again, there was a rustling coming from behind her but she couldnt see the thing causing it
Celeste: Who's there
A low growling noise came from behind her, she quickly turned round and saw the thing that had made the noise
Celeste: No it cant be, not you
She let go of her dagger, she was terrified, she had seen the creature before and remembered what it had done the last time they had met...she was so lost in her own thoughts that she never noticed the lycanthrope close in on her until it was too late, with one swing of his claws she was sent flying backwards, she shakily stood up but didnt have time to move away as lycanthrope had closed in on her, she was now defenceless and knew she had no chance of beating this creature, as the creature raised his claws to finish her she noticed the blade of a sword sticking straight through his stomach, the sword slowly withdrew and with that the creature disintegrated, before she had the chance to see who her saviour was she passed out...she slowly opened her eyes, it was morning as far as she could guess, she was in her tent
Jonah: Morning
Celeste: Jonah!
She scrambled out of her tent and tightly wrapped her arms around jonah
Jonah: Wow thats one way to thank me
Celeste: Erm thankyou for what
Jonah: Oh nothing, just saving your life
Celeste just stood there confused, she had no clue what he was on about
Celeste: Erm when did you save my life
Jonah: Last night, dont you remember
Celeste: Nope sorry, i dont remember anything of last night
Jonah: Well its probably for the best, im just glad your okay
Celeste gave a weak smile then softly layed her head on jonah's shoulder
Jonah: We need to get you back to camp
Celeste didn't answer, she had fallen asleep in jonah's arms, she was exhausted, jonah softly carried her back to her tent and layed her down in her makeshift was late afternoon when she woke again, jonah was laying next to her, his sword by his side as a precaution, he was asleep so celeste decided to close her eyes and try sleep some best she could tell it was early morning when she awoke, it was raining out, when she rolled onto her side she noticed jonah was missing
Celeste: Jonah, Jonah
Jonah: Yeah im out here
Celeste slowly climbed out of her bed, she stepped outside to find jonah
Jonah: Morning sleepy head
Celeste: What time is it
Jonah: I'd say its a little after nine
Celeste: How long was i asleep
Jonah: To be honest i dont know, a long time is all i can say, fell asleep in my arms yesterday morning
Celeste: Yeah i remember waking up, you was asleep next to me
Jonah: Yeah erm sorry just wanted to keep my eye on you, sort of fell asleep
Celeste: Its fine, i was happy to see you there, made me feel safe
Jonah: Good, im glad your okay atleast, dont see any serious injuries
Celeste: Erm why would i have injuries
Jonah: You really dont remember do you
Celeste: Remember what
Jonah explained everything to her, he explained how he had been tracking the lycanthrope and saw it attack her then managed to kill it before it killed her
Celeste: Oh, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou
She quickly grabbed jonah and forcefully pressed her lips to his, after a few seconds he pulled away, celeste looked at jonah then slowly turned away
Jonah: Whats wrong
Celeste didnt say anything she just turned to face jonah, tears were running down her cheeks
Jonah: Celeste whats wrong
Celeste: You pulled away, you dont want to kiss me, i feel like a fool for kissing you
Jonah: What, celeste your not a fool
Celeste: But...
Her sentence was cut short as jonah softly pressed his lips to hers, she softly wrapped one hand around his neck to make sure he couldnt pull away, what felt like an eternity passed and to celeste it felt like heaven had taken her soul, celeste slowly moved her hand and softly pulled away
Jonah: Erm wow, that was just wow
Celeste: Hehe glad you liked it
Jonah: Liked it, i loved it just like i love...
He cut his sentence short, he new what he was going to say but he just didnt want to say it
Celeste: Love what eh
Jonah just looked her in the eyes, she knew what he was going to say and she knew he meant it but she wanted to hear him say it
Jonah: Erm nothing
Celeste: Please tell me
Jonah: You, i love you okay
Celeste grabbed jonah and wrapped her arms around him tightly, she softly kissed him then whispered in his ear
Celeste: I love you too
Jonah smiled softly, he hugged celeste softly then let her go
Jonah: We need to get going, first off i want to take you back to camp then i have to figure out where that lycanthrope came from, got to find his hideout and destroy the rest of them
Celeste: No, im not going back to camp im coming with you, together we will complete this quest
Jonah just stood there, he knew celeste would be better off been back at camp where she could rest up, he also really wanted her to go back so she didn't get hurt again
Jonah: Celeste, look you would be better of at camp, atleast there you can rest up, ill be fine by myself
Celeste just shook her head, she wasn't going to let him go off alone again, she wasn't going to sit alone at camp wondering if he would ever return
Celeste: No, im coming with you and thats that
Jonah: Celeste...
His sentence was cut short as celeste put one finger over his lips
Celeste: Jonah listen to me, im coming with you, nothing you can say or do will ever change my mind
She removed her finger from his lips, he just stood there, he didn't know what to say to her, he didn't want her to join him incase she got hurt, he couldn't bear the thought of losing her
Jonah: Please celeste
Celeste: No! jonah i am coming with you end of
Jonah knew he was fighting a losing cause, he knew either way she was going to win and join him whether he wanted her to or not
Jonah: Fine, but if you get hurt you are going straight back to camp
Celeste: No im not, im sticking by your side till this quest is over, if i get hurt then so be it
Jonah: If you get hurt your going back to camp whether you want to or not
Celeste grabbed jonah's hand, she softly gave it a squeeze, she gave a soft smile then let go
Celeste: Okay, if you say so
Jonah looked at her, he knew she was mocking him but he didn't care, he would find a way to get her back to camp if he needed to
Jonah: Come on lets pack up and get going, got a long journey ahead of us
Celeste: Yes, got a lot of time just the two of us hopefully
Jonah: Hopefully, what do you mean hopefully
Celeste: Well erm its just that, well, me and alexis was supposed to help find you together but we got into an argument and went our seperate ways
Jonah: So alexis could be out there all alone looking for me
Celeste: Yes, im sorry, i should of mentioned something earlier
Jonah: Yeah sure, means that were going to have to go look for her now and make sure she's okay, do you have any idea which way she went
Celeste: No, she went one way and i went the other, haven't heard from her since
Jonah: Erm ill go get in touch with camp, see if she turned up there, while im doing that do you think you can pack up while im gone
Celeste: Of course i can, dont take too long though
Jonah: Okay
Celeste knew that jonah was mad at her, she hoped that he would forgive her quickly
Celeste: Jonah, im really sorry, i know i should of said something
Tears were forming in her eyes
Jonah: Its fine, please dont cry, i promise you its fine
He held out his arms, celeste slowly stepped forward then felt his arms wrap tightly around her
Jonah: I love you okay, yes what you did was stupid but i forgive you
Celeste: I love you too, im sorry, i know it was stupid but...
She didnt finish her sentence, how could she admit to jonah that she was jealous of alexis, how could she admit she was scared he'd fall for alexis and stop spending time with her
Jonah: But what
Celeste: Nothing, its nothing
Jonah: Tell me
Celeste: No, its nothing okay, please just forget i said anything
Jonah just looked into her eyes, he knew it was something but he wasn't going to make her tell him if she didn't want to
Jonah: Okay i wont ask again
Celeste gave a quick smile then kissed him softly
Celeste: Thankyou
Jonah: Its okay, well ill be back as soon as i can, need to find a way to contact camp
Celeste: I have a way, hold on one second would you
She dissapeared into her tent, she just remembered the mobile phone aditi had given her before she left, she rummaged around in her bag until she found it then she quickly returned to jonah
Celeste: Here use this, its only for emergencies and i think this counts as one
Jonah: Where did you get that
Celeste: Aditi gave it to me, told me to only use it if there was an emergency
Jonah: Okay, well ill go see if i can call camp, see if alexis is there
Celeste: Okay, im sorry
Jonah: Its fine, stop apologising
Celeste: Okay
Jonah softly gave her a kiss on the cheek then took the phone from her
Jonah: Ill be back soon
Celeste: Okay, dont be gone too long
Jonah: I wont
With that he set of walking, it took him a good five minutes before he got a good signal, while he was gone celeste started packing up camp, it only took her a good five minutes to pack up everything, jonah had a quick check around to make sure he was alone then he made the call
Aditi: Hello
Jonah: Ahh sir its jonah
Aditi: Jonah! your in big trouble when you get back here
Jonah: Yeah yeah i know, anyways i just called to see if alexis was back at camp
Aditi: Why would she be here, i assumed she was with you
Jonah: No, celeste is with me but not alexis
Aditi: What! why is celeste there but not alexis
Jonah: Long story short, celeste said they had an argument and went there seperate ways
Aditi: Well you best find her then
Jonah: Dont worry sir i will, when i do i will return them both to camp
Aditi: No! you can return once you've finished your quest, i will deal with all of you then
Jonah: But sir, what if alexis is injured or worse
Aditi: Well if she is then you may bring her back but you will not be staying, this quest has to be completed
Jonah: Yes sir, it will be completed
Aditi: Better be
Jonah: It will sir
Aditi: Good, now be gone, find alexis and finish your quest
Jonah: Okay sir
With that aditi hung up the phone, it was a short walk back to the campsite where he and celeste had spent the night
Jonah: Im back
Celeste: Good, i missed you
Jonah: Yeah, missed you too
Celeste looked sheepishly at him, she could tell something was bothering him
Celeste: You didn't mean that did you
Jonah: Of course i did, just well alexis isn't back at camp
Jonah noticed tears forming in celeste's eyes
Jonah: Whats wrong, are you worried about alexis
Celeste: No it's just, well, erm its all my fault
Jonah: It's not
He softly wrapped one arm around her and pulled her close to him
Celeste: It is, if me and alexis didn't argue then she wouldn't of gone her own way and she would be here now, she could be injured or worse...
Jonah: No, listen to me, it's not your fault, alexis will be fine
Celeste: If you say so
Jonah softly kissed the top of her head
Jonah: I do, just trust me okay
Celeste: Okay, ill always trust you
Jonah smiled then let go of her, he pulled out the phone and handed it back to celeste
Jonah: i can see you've nearly finished packing
Celeste: Nearly, what have i missed
Jonah: The mobile phone, dont want to forget that now do you
Celeste quickly shoved the mobile phone in her bag, she made sure everything was packed then threw the bag over her shoulders
Jonah: So which way should we go
Celeste: Erm, i dont know, which way was you heading when you found me
Jonah: Well erm to be honest i dont know, i was tracking that lycanthrope for hours
Celeste: Well thats great, we have no clue where to start unless
Jonah: Unless what
Celeste: We go back to camp and start from there
Jonah knew that was a good idea but he also knew if he went back to camp without alexis or a completed quest then aditi would probably expell him from his camp permanently
Jonah: Thats a good idea but we cant go back to the camp
Celeste looked confused, why couldn't they go back to camp
Celeste: Erm why cant we go back to camp, it would be our best choice cause if we go back maybe i can remember which way alexis went
Jonah: We just cant okay
Celeste: Why not
Jonah: Look we just cant, just drop it, we will find another way
Celeste was not happy, why wouldn't jonah give her a reason for not wanting to go back to camp
Celeste: Tell me why
Jonah: Drop it
Celeste: No!
Celeste was getting angry with jonah
Jonah: Look just drop it already, forget i said anything
Celeste: Tell me or else
Jonah: Or else what, look there is nothing you can do to make me tell you okay, i have my reasons and that's all that should matter
Celeste gave jonah a slap, jonah just looked at her, he had no clue what to say or do
Celeste: Jonah im sorry, i dont know why i did that
Jonah: You, you slapped me
Celeste: Im sorry, im really really sorry
She had tears streaming down her cheeks, she knew what she did was wrong but he had made her mad
Jonah: I cant believe you slapped me
Celeste: Im sorry, i didn't mean to it was just, you just made me mad
Jonah didn't know what to say to her, he was in shock, she had slapped him
Celeste: Jonah, im sorry, are you okay
Jonah: You slapped me
Celeste: Yeah your not okay, im sorry
She held out both arms, jonah knew she wanted a hug but he wasn't going to give her one, he turned away from her
Celeste: Jonah, im sorry, please dont be like this
Jonah: Hmph, you slapped me
Celeste: I said i was sorry, what else do you want me to do
Jonah: There's nothing you can do unless you can turn back time
She softly layed one hand on his shoulder, he didn't move
Celeste: Please jonah
Jonah: Why, you going to slap me again
Celeste: Believe me its tempting, your acting like such a little kid
Jonah turned round, she could see he was upset and angry
Celeste: Jonah im sorry okay, i didn't mean to do it, if i could turn back time i would, i'll do anything just please forgive me
Jonah could see how upset celeste was
Jonah: There's no need to do anything, im sorry i was a jerk to you, you just shocked me with the slap
Celeste: Im sor...
Jonah softly pressed his lips to hers before she could finish her apology, after a few seconds he slowly pulled away
Jonah: Does that work as an apology
Celeste: Oh i dont know, maybe you should kiss me again and we'll see
Jonah: Hmm tempting but we have bigger issues to deal with right now, first of we have to find alexis and make sure she's okay then we have to find the lycanthrope lair and finish off the pack so there will be no more attacks
Celeste: Oh so i dont get one more little kiss
Jonah: Whats more important right now, saving alexis or been kissed
Jonah knew that was a stupid question to ask because he knew the answer she would give
Celeste: Tough one, yes saving alexis is important but i feel like this kiss could make things better between us, could make up for the slap
Jonah: Look i forgive you for slapping me, im sorry about been a jerk to you
Celeste knew he wasn't going to kiss her so she had to take what she wanted, she forcefully pressed her lips to his and was surprised when he kissed her back, the kiss only lasted a couple of seconds but to celeste just like all her kisses with jonah it felt like heaven had taken her soul, after the couple of seconds celeste pulled away
Jonah: Wow erm yeah, now i cant decide which kiss was the best
Celeste: Hehe any kiss we share is like a little piece of heaven
Jonah didn't know what to say to that
Jonah: Erm, well im glad you like them, there might be a lot more in the future
Celeste just blushed, she loved jonah and she loved kissing him, there was only one thing that was bothering her
Celeste: Erm jonah i know we dont have time for all this but, well was you ever planning on asking me out
Jonah just stared at celeste, of course he had planned on asking her out but he didn't know when the right time was
Jonah: Of course i had but i didn't know when the right time was
Celeste: Oh, well how about we wait till after we have found alexis and completed this quest then we can talk about me and you
Jonah: Okay deal, anyways we've wasted a lot of time and we really need to get going before anything bad happens to alexis
Celeste: Okay, sorry about wasting the time
Jonah: Its fine, now come on lets go
Celeste: Erm before we go, where are we going to go, i mean you wont go back to camp so where do we start
Jonah: Erm i dont know, if we could figure out where the lycanthropes lair is we could head that way hoping that alexis headed that way
Celeste: Oh so we have no clue where to start
Jonah: No, well maybe
Celeste: Maybe, what do you mean maybe
Jonah: Well i spent hours tracking that lycanthrope, best i can tell is it came from the north maybe, but it could of just been hunting up north so i could be mistaken
Celeste: Well it's the only option we have at this moment so i guess we should head north, just hope your instincts are right
Jonah: Yeah, if not then i hope we atleast find alexis on our journey, hope she is alright
Celeste: Yeah, if we dont find her then she might be...
Jonah: Dont say it, she will be alright
Celeste: Yes she will
Celeste let out a low sigh, she hated talking about alexis, she hated jonah thinking about her
Jonah: Whats wrong
Celeste: Nothing, nothing at all now lets get going
Jonah: Yeah, got a long journey ahead of us now
With that they set of heading north, jonah kept reaching out to hold celeste's hand but never got enough courage to take hers, celeste noticed what jonah was up to but wanted him to make the first move, after a few hours of walking the clouds began to darken and it started looking like rain, jonah knew celeste didn't have a coat on her so decided it would be best if they found a shelter till the weather changed, it was around half an hour before jonah spotted what looked like a cave in the distance, the rain was coming down hard and both celeste and jonah were soaked from head to toe, jonah didn't want celeste to catch a cod due to the rain so he quickly grabbed her hand and started running
Celeste: Jonah stop, were are we going
Jonah wasn't listening, he was too focused on getting out of the rain to notice celeste had asked him a question
Celeste: Jonah!
Celeste stopped in her tracks, she let go of jonah's hand forcing jonah to stop and turn to face her
Jonah: Why did you stop
Celeste: Where are we going, why are you in such a rush to get there
Jonah: There's a cave just over there, thought we could take shelter and dry off in there, could set up camp and wait for the rain to stop
Celeste: That's a great idea
Jonah: Yeah now come on let's get there and get out of this rain
Celeste held out her hand for jonah, she wanted him to hold it again as they ran for shelter, jonah quickly complied and gently grabbed celeste's hand before they both ran for the cave jonah had seen, they reached it pretty quick and soon set up camp inside, jonah had made a fire while celeste had set up there makeshift bed's, jonah pulled of his top and layed it down by the fire to dry, he started to undo his pant's when he remembered celeste was with him
Jonah: Oh sorry, forgot you was here
Celeste hadn't been paying any attention to jonah, she was too focused on setting up her makeshift camp to notice jonah had been stripping out of his wet clothes, she turned round and realised why he'd apologised
Celeste: Ooh nice, don't have to apologise, it's a wise idea getting out of your wet clothes, i'd do the same but you're here
Jonah: Oh i'll leave if you want me to, let you get changed then come back when your done
Celeste: No, cant have you going back out in the rain, i will be fine, i'll just sit by the fire for a while and i'll soon dry off
Jonah: You sure, i mean it's no problem for me to go stand outside while you change, be better for you to get out of them wet clothes
Celeste: No i promise its fine, i cant change anyway, dont have a spare pair of clean clothes anyway, just got my clothes i was wearing when you found me
Jonah: Oh, well there better than wearing wet clothes, dont want you getting ill now do we
Celeste just looked at jonah, how could she make him stand outside in the rain while she changed
Celeste: Jonah i'll be fine, i'll just sit by the fire and i'll soon dry off
Jonah: If you're sure, i would prefer you to change so you don't get ill, prefer you to put on some warm clothes
Celeste: It's fine, i'll be fine, just let me sit by the fire and i'll be fine
Jonah grabbed his top and pulled it on, he walked to the cave entrance
Jonah: Get changed
He stepped outside into the rain and walked away from the entrance, celeste quickly followed him
Celeste: Jonah get back inside
Jonah: Not until you get changed
Celeste: Jonah get inside, i'm not going to get changed, i will be fine
Jonah didn't budge, he just stood there staring at celeste, she knew he wasn't going to go back in the cave until she changed
Celeste: Fine jonah if you want me to change i will
She quickly pulled of her top, jonah knew better than to look so he turned away from her
Celeste: Why did you turn away from me, you're getting what you wanted, im getting changed
Jonah: I meant get changed in the cave, i came out here so you could change in peace and feel comfortable doing it
Celeste: And why shouldnt i change out here, im already wet, i cant get any wetter now can i
Jonah: Just go in the cave, get changed then i will come back in
Celeste: Nope, ill change when you come back in that cave
Jonah: You cant change infront of me
Celeste: Well there is no other way, im not having you stand out here in the rain and you wont come in unless i change so we will have to compromise
Jonah: But...
Celeste pressed one finger to jonah's lips
Celeste: We will make it work okay, you can turn around while i change
Jonah: Erm, i dont know
Celeste: Look jonah i trust you, i trust you wont look at me, i trust you will face away from me till i've done
Jonah: Of course i will, i just thought it would be better for you if i waited out here for you, make it more comfortable for you that way
Celeste: I know but i dont want you to get ill just for me
Jonah: I'll be fine, whats another few minutes in the rain for a whole night in the cave
Celeste: I guess but still i'd prefer you to sit in the cave
Jonah: I'll be fine, now please for me go get changed, get warm
Celeste: Okay i will if i get a kiss
Jonah gave her a soft smile then gently pressed his lips to hers, he softly wrapped both arms around her before slowly pulling away
Jonah: Will that do
Celeste: Oh yes it will, okay well i best go get changed, please come sit in the cave, in the entrance, just to get out of the rain
Jonah: Fine, for you i will come in
Celeste: Thankyou, promise me you wont look
Jonah: I promise i wont, you know i would never do anything like that to you
Celeste: I know
Celeste grabbed jonah's hand and led him into the cave, she sat him down near the entrance then walked over to her bag and took out her spare clothes, she quickly got changed while keeping her eyes on jonah to make sure he didn't leave, when she was done she walked over and wrapped both arms softly round round jonah
Jonah: Oh i guess your done
Celeste: Yes i am, thankyou for not looking or leaving the cave
Jonah: Your welcome, you knew i wouldn't look
Celeste: Yeah well thankyou again for not leaving, it makes me feel safer knowing your here
Jonah: I'll always be here for you, you should know that by now
Celeste: I do, just still thankyou
Jonah: You're welcome
Celeste held out her arms, she wanted a hug of jonah but jonah wasn't giving her one
Celeste: What's wrong, why wont you give me a hug
Jonah: Well ive just realised something, you're all dry and in fresh clothes where as me im still in wet, dirty clothes
Celeste: Oh, you need to change, maybe i should wait outside while you do
Jonah: Just turn around while i do okay
Celeste: Okay, dont worry i wont look i promise
Jonah: Thankyou
Celeste sat down near the cave entrance, jonah quickly stripped out of his wet clothes and changed into some fresh dry clothes, he put on his jeans then walked over to celeste, he was still topless as he sat down next to her
Celeste: Where's your top, not that im complaining just it's cold and i dont want you to get ill
Jonah: Sorry i'll put it on, just wanted to be with you
Celeste: Aww, i love you jonah
Jonah: I love you too
He quickly pulled his top on, he moved closer to celeste and wrapped one arm round her shoulder, she softly layed her head on his shoulder as they both stared out into night, the rain was coming down and the night was getting colder
Jonah: Come on, let's get into bed, keep warm that way
Celeste: Oh okay sure
Jonah: Whats wrong
Celeste: Nothing, just i was happy sitting here with you, looking out into the night, it was nice and peaceful
Jonah: Oh i just thought it would be better if we got into bed, can keep warm that way, dont have to if you dont want to though
Celeste: No you're right, its best we get wrapped up and keep warm
Jonah moved his arm that was around celeste and slowly stood up, he held out his hand for celeste and she took it, he pulled her up and straight into a hug, she quickly complied as she wrapped her arms tightly round jonah
Celeste: What happens if i dont let go
Jonah: Well we would be forever stuck in an endless hug
Celeste: Sounds tempting, maybe i wont let go
Jonah: I wish you didn't have to, when you wrap your arms round me it feels like im been held by an angel with clouds for arms, your so soft and gentle
Celeste: Aww jonah
She softly pressed her lips to his, he replied and kissed her back as passionately as he could, the kiss felt never ending, both jonah and celeste felt like they were in heaven, celeste's lips were as soft as a feather, it was a good thirty seconds before jonah tryed to pull away only to be stopped by celeste, she gently wrapped one arm round the back of his neck and pulled him back to her, it was a good full minute before she moved her arm and let jonah pull away
Jonah: Erm wow, every kiss is like a little slice of heaven, that one was the best one i've ever had
Celeste: Glad you liked it, sorry about not letting you pull away
Jonah: Dont be sorry, that kiss was amazing, i hope every kiss is as good as that one
Celeste: Dont worry every kiss we share will be special because it will be with you
Jonah: Cute just like you, anyway bed, we should get a good night's sleep as we have a lot more travelling ahead of us
Celeste: Okay
They both climbed into there sleeping bags, celeste had layed them pretty close together so she could stay close to jonah, celeste layed down facing jonah, jonah layed down and stared at celeste
Jonah: You're beautiful you know that
Celeste blushed, she quickly hid her face under her sleeping bag so jonah wouldn't see her
Jonah: You dont need to hide from me, you look adorable when you blush, like a rose in a garden of thorns
Celeste slowly pulled the sleeping bag off her face, she was blushing a very deep shade of pink, her cheeks looked like a fresh picked rose on a spring morning
Jonah: See you look adorable, you never have to hide from me
Celeste just staredat him, she couldn't speak, he had left her speechless
Celeste: Mhm
Jonah unzipped his sleeping bag and climbed out of it, celeste looked at him, he knew she was wondering what he was up to
Celeste: Erm why did you do that, why get out of bed
Jonah: Two reasons, number one is i wanted to kiss you and number two is i feel it would be better if one of us took watch for the night just incase
Celeste: Oh
Jonah leaned down and softly pressed his lips to celeste's for only a second before pulling away
Celeste: Oh
Jonah: Well you get some sleep i'll take watch for the night
Celeste: No, you need sleep aswell
Jonah: I'll be fine, you need to sleep though
Celeste: No, i wont if you dont
Jonah: Fine, i'll sleep
Celeste: Yay thankyou, erm can i ask you something
Jonah: Can ask me anything
Celeste: Can i cuddle up to you for the night, might make me feel safer
Jonah: Erm sure, if you want to
Celeste: Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou
Celeste quickly unzipped her sleeping bag and made there single makeshift beds into a double makeshift bed, jonah layed down and celeste snuggled up close, he wrapped both arms softly around her and she was soon fast asleep
Jonah: Goodnight my sweet angel, sleep well and have sweet dreams
Celeste: Hmm night
Jonah closed his eyes and was soon fast asleep, celeste woke very early on, it was still dark out, jonah still had his arms wrapped around her so she couldn't move, she layed her head on jonah's chest and snuggled back down for the night, jonah had felt her move and woke up just to check on her, seeing she had gone back to sleep he softly stroked her arm as he held her close to him, it was still early when jonah noticed a shadowy figure move out of the corner of his eye, he quickly let go of celeste and grabbed for his sword only to realise there was nothing there, celeste quickly woke up after feeling jonah leap out of the bed
Celeste: Jonah what's wrong
Jonah: Erm im not sure, i saw something, a shadowy figure but it's gone
Celeste: Oh it must of just been your imagination, come on back to bed
Shadow: It wasn't his imagination young lady
Jonah looked around for the mysterious voice
Jonah: Who said that, who's there
Shadow: How rude of me, allow me to introduce myself, i am lance, servant of the shadow lord
Jonah: Shadow lord, what are you going on about, who is the shadow lord
Lance: The shadow lord is my master, he is the ruler of the shadow world, controller of the shadows
Jonah: Right, so you're a shadow
Lance: Yes that would be correct
Lance slowly formed from the shadows, he was the size of a grown man but pure black, as dark as midnight
Jonah: What are you
Jonah drew his sword and held the point against lance, lance reformed into the shadows and dissapeared
Lance: Hostile aren't we jonah, i came here with a warning and a message
Jonah: Oh yeah, why should i trust you
Lance: Cause i have the information you desire
Jonah: Oh and what might that be
Lance: The were abouts of one alexis, the location of the lycanthrope lair
Jonah: What will it take to get the information you hold
Lance: The shadow lord requests your presence in the shadow world
Jonah: And how do you expect me to get there
Lance: I can take you there, take you to meet my master
Jonah: Yeah as fun as that sounds i have a quest to complete
Lance: Ahh we know all about your quest, stop the attacks and protect the innocents
Jonah: So you must also know that i must complete this quest and save alexis before anything bad happens
Lance: So naive young jonah, all's it takes is a visit to the shadow world and you could have all the information you desire on the where abouts of your young friend alexis and the lycanthrope lair
Jonah: Hmm that is tempting but i think i will pass, now go back to your shadow lord and tell him thanks but no thanks
Lance: Young jonah, this day you will soon regret, nobody say's no to the shadow lord
With that lance dissapeared into the shadows, all was quiet, jonah knew he would be back sooner or later and he had to be ready for him
Celeste: Jonah, come back to bed, you need your rest now, we will begin searching in the morning for alexis and the lycanthrope lair
Jonah: I cant, not now, for aslong as there are shadows now i cannot rest
Celeste: Jonah! get in bed now, rest up and we will start fresh in the morning, lance is gone and i dont think he will return tonight
Jonah: Maybe your right but still i cant sleep
Celeste got up out of bed and walked over to jonah, she softly took his hand in her own
Celeste: Jonah come on, for me, get back into bed and rest up, you're going to need your sleep if you want to complete this quest
Jonah: Maybe your right, okay i'll sleep
Celeste: Thankyou
With that she led him back to the bed, he reluctantly layed down, celeste layed down next to him and soon snuggled close, he softly wrapped both arms round her as she layed her head on his chest, he softly kissed the top of her head then closed his eyes. it was morning when jonah woke again, celeste was still asleep, her head was still on his chest, he softly kissed the top of her head then softly moved her off him, he sat up and was about to get out of bed when celeste grabbed him
Celeste: Where do you think your going
Jonah: Knowhere, just getting up, got a long day ahead of us
Celeste: Oh right, dont i even get my good morning kiss
Jonah leaned back down and softly pressed his lips to celeste's, he pulled away after a second
Celeste: Thankyou, can i have a hug to go with that kiss
Jonah gently wrapped both arms round celeste and pulled her close to him, he slowly stood up and dragged her up with him before he let go
Celeste: Oh nice, making me get up now are you
Jonah: Maybe, just thought it would be better if we set off now, just incase
Celeste: Lance and the shadow lord, jonah dont worry they wont touch you
Jonah: No it's just
Jonah was scared, he was worried that he would have to fight them
Celeste: Your scared
Jonah: No, well yes but it's not that
Celeste: Then what is it
Jonah: Im worried i'll have to fight them, i mean how can i face the shadows, how can i beat them
Celeste: Jonah, i dont know how but i know you can if you have to
Jonah: I dont think i can, there shadows, how can i beat what i cant see
Celeste knew jonah was right, she knew fighting the shadows would be impossible for anyone
Celeste: I dont know, maybe ask aditi, he might be able to help
Jonah: You really think aditi will help me, you really think he will give me advice on how to beat them
Celeste: I dont know, maybe he will
Jonah: I doubt it, i mean come on me and him dont exactly see eye to eye
Celeste: There's no harm in asking him, maybe if he thinks the camps in trouble he will help you
Jonah: Maybe, anyway's we need to get moving, we have to find the lycanthrope lair before tonight, we have to find alexis and make sure she's okay
Celeste: Why tonight, i know its been a few days since we started searching but why does it have to end tonight
Jonah just looked at celeste, she noticed a tear forming in his eye
Celeste: Jonah, you're really scared now arent you
Jonah just nodded, for the first time in his life he was truly terrified, he had a new threat and no way of dealing with it
Celeste: Jonah you will be fine, i wont let anything happen to you, i swear down i will look after you
Jonah looked away, he was supposed to be protecting celeste, he was supposed to be brave, he couldn't let one little enemy scare him no matter how invincible it seemed
Jonah: No, it's not your job to look after me, i'm supposed to be the one looking after you
Celeste: Jonah you're wrong there, you don't need to look after me
Jonah: I want to though, i want to be the one who protects you, who looks after you, who is there for you
Celeste: You already do all that and more
Jonah: But...
His sentence was cut short as celeste pressed one finger to his lips
Celeste: No but's, now let me look after you, let me help you, let me protect you
Jonah just stood there, how could he let the one he loved, the one he cared about so much protect him from an enemy that he didn't know anything about, an enemy that seemed impossible to stop
Jonah: No, this is my fight, you can help me with alexis and the lycanthrope's but then you are going back to camp
Celeste: And what about you, where are you going to go
Jonah: I've been summoned, i have somewhere i need to go, an enemy i need to face, i can't run from my fears
Celeste: No! you listen to me now jonah, you are coming back to camp right now, the lycanthropes can wait, alexis will be fine for a little while longer, you need aditi's help and you need it now
Jonah: Never, i'll do this alone, i will face this fear
Celeste: Jonah! listen to me now
Jonah: No...
With that he ran off, out of the cave and was gone before celeste knew it, of course she knew where he was heading so she grabbed her things and set off after him. It seemed like hours had passed for celeste, she still had not found jonah, she had set off right after him but he had seemed to have dissapeared without a trace.
Celeste: Jonah! where are you
There was no answer, what was she going to do now, what if jonah got hurt or worse
Celeste: Jonah! Jonah!
Jonah: That would be my name, there is no need to keep shouting it
Celeste was furious now, She ran at him and smacked him as hard as she could, She aimed to hurt him this time, There was no love in her attack, She wanted him to pay for running away from her
Celeste: How could you, how could you run away from me like that, you left me alone, jonah what if lance had returned, how do you think i would of defended myself against him
Jonah: First off ouch that hurt, secondly i didn't leave you alone, i've been following you all this time and lastly...
His sentence was cut short as celeste drew her dagger and held it against him
Celeste: Jonah do you know how much i want to kill you right now, you run away from me then you tell me you've been following me all this time, you haven't even apologised, not like an apology would make up for anything anyway
Jonah: I'm sorry, there you got your apology now put your dagger away and stop been childish
Celeste: Childish, you're calling me childish, jonah you're the one who is refusing to get help, you're the one who run's away when things dont go your way
Jonah: You know what celeste..
Jonah cut his own sentence short and just stared at celeste, she could see a fire burning in his eye's but she wasn't going to back down from him
Celeste: What?
Jonah: I dont need you, i can do this on my own, i will do this on my own so do me a favour and go, go back to camp and leave me alone
Celeste was shocked, did jonah really just say that to her, did he really just tell her he didn't need her, tears were streaming down her cheeks and jonah noticed them
Celeste: What is wrong with you, just yesterday you was all loving and caring towards me and now you tell me you dont need me, jonah you need to get your feelings for me sorted out right now otherwise you will lose me
Jonah: You know something celeste..I DONT CARE..just go away and stay away, i've already told you i dont need you
Such a lie, jonah did need celeste, right now he needed her more than anything but he couldn't tell her that, not now, not after all this arguing
Celeste: Okay, if that's how you feel, if that's what you want
She gave jonah one last look then turned and started to walk away, jonah slowly reached out but couldn't bring himself to stop her from leaving
Jonah: Cel...
He couldn't do it, he couldn't call her back so he could apologise, he just stood there and watched as she walked away. What seemed like a lifetime had passed before jonah had stopped staring off into the distance hoping to see celeste walking back to him, he knew he should of gone after her but he was mad, he would have to deal with celeste later cause right now he had to go save alexis and make sure to protect the innocent people that were been attacked by the lycanthropes, with that he was gone, he set off again trying to forget about everything that had happened. Daylight was fading fast when jonah finally found what he hoped was the lycanthrope lair, the lair looked like an old abandoned mansion, it was very run down and the yard was scattered with bones, now was he prepared for this, was he prepared to face whatever challenge may await him, he knew he wasn't but also knew he had to save alexis, knew he had to stop the attacks, he carefully stepped through the yard trying his hardest to avoid all the bones and trying so hard not to make any noise just incase he alerted any lycanthropes that may be lurking around, he reached the door and slowly opened it *creak*, too late did he realise how loud the door had been, he was quickly surrounded, four lycanthropes had rushed up behind him while another two had appeared infront of him, he drew his sword but it was quickly knocked away from him, none of the lycanthropes were attacking him which he found surprisingly strange
Jonah: Well aren't you going to attack me
Lycanthrope: Leader, you see leader
Jonah: And if i refuse
Lycanthrope: We take you to leader, you see him, he deal with you
Jonah: Erm i think ill pass
He quickly dived towards his sword but was too late as it was kicked away from him, he stood back up but was quickly surrounded again, without a sword he knew he didn't stand a chance but he wasn't going to go down without a fight, he quickly swung at one lycanthrope but it was too quick for him as it dodged his attack and attacked him back sending him crashing into the wall, he hit his head and was fading in and out of consciousness when he heard a familiar voice shouting
Celeste: Leave my boyfriend alone
Arrow after arrow appeared out of knowhere and one by one the lycanthropes fell, all's jonah saw was silver arrows hitting the lycanthropes before they dissapeared, before long all six were gone leaving behind nothing but the arrows they were killed with, he never saw his saviour as he lost consciouness before he had the chance
Celeste: Jonah, jonah wake up, are you okay
She heard a noise coming from down the other end of the corridor but her main focus was jonah, little too late did she notice that there was someone or something else in that corridor with her
Alexis: Took your time getting here didn't you
Celeste: Oh great just what we need, another lycanthrope maybe i can kill you to silence you once and for all
Alexis: Bring it on, and who you calling a lycanthrope, you look more like one than i do
Celeste: Oh it's on now
She quickly grabbed an arrow and aimed it straight at alexis
Alexis: Go on then shoot me
Celeste: You're not worth it, got the leader of the lycanthropes to deal with anyway
Alexis: What leader, i haven't seen one
Celeste: Oh he might not be here then
A low growling noise echoed through the corridoors, both celeste and alexis looked around but couldn't see where the noise had come from
Celeste: Im guessing that must be the leader, the one you haven't seen
Alexis: Hey dont get snide with me, not my fault i never saw him
Celeste: Yeah well looks like were both about to get to see him
Alexis: Both, don't you mean all three of us
Celeste: All three of us, oh jonah, no we have to hide him
Alexis: Erm where are we going to hide him
Celeste and alexis both had a quick scan around and saw no safe place to hide jonah, celeste knew that she had to protect him now, after everything he had said to her she still wanted to protect him
Celeste: I have an idea, stay here with jonah, i'm going to go find this lycanthrope leader
Alexis: Wait why do i have to stay here, well yeah maybe i should just for jonah
Celeste: Don't get any smart ideas, me and jonah are a couple now
Alexis didn't know what to say, she had always wanted to get together with jonah but now he was with celeste
Celeste: Yeah, now just look after him and make sure nothing gets to him
Alexis: Okay, i'll look after him, you go play hero
Celeste shot her a evil look then ran off down the hall, it only took her a few minutes to find the leader of the lycanthropes, he was sat on a throne at the end of what seemed to be a courtyard, he was bigger than most lycanthropes and his fur was a mixture of silver and white
Head lycanthrope: You dare enter my lair
Celeste: Oh i dare, im here to kill you, to stop all the attacks you and your followers have done
Head lycanthrope: You think you can stop me child, think again
Before celeste even had a chance to draw her dagger the head lycanthrope had closed in on her, he grabbed her by the throat and lifted her high into the air before throwing her straight across the room, she crashed straight through a wall and was knocked unconscious
Head lycanthrope: Weakling, you was no match for me
With that he walked over to were celeste had landed but she was gone, he searched through the rubble but found no trace of her, he tried to get her scent but couldn't
Lance: She is our's now, she rescides in the shadow realm where her soul will be trapped for eternity, now be a good little wolf and go find jonah for me will you
Head lycanthrope: How dare you steal my victim, who do you think you are
Lance: I am lance, servant to the one and only shadow lord, now go find me jonah or you will be the next victim of the shadows
Head lycanthrope: I'm not afraid of no shadows, i am the leader of the lycanthropes, you are an intruder and a thief and now you must be dealt with
With that he leapt at lance who swiftly dodged, he drew his sword and with one quick slash the head lycanthrope was gone, he had been sent to the shadow world
Lance: Perfetic little creatures, waste of space, should just have them all wiped out
He dissapeared into the shadows and was gone
Jonah: Hmm where am i
Alexis: Jonah! you're awake, im so glad to see you're okay
Jonah: Alexis!
He quickly grabbed her and pulled her into him, he wrapped both arms tightly around her, she was a little shocked at how enthusiastic he was been but she quickly returned the hug by wrapping both arms around him softly
Alexis: Wow erm that was one way to say hello
Jonah: Sorry it's know how it is when someone gets kidnapped or dissapears, you assume the worst
Alexis: Yeah well i'm fine, it's only been a few days
Jonah: I know, sorry again, anyway where am i, what happened to me
Alexis: You're in the lycanthropes lair, you was attacked and knocked out, if it wasn't for celeste you would wouldn't be with us now
Jonah: Celeste, she saved me after all that happened, where is she
Alexis: Erm..
She didn't want to tell jonah that she had let celeste go off by herself to face the head lycanthrope, while she was thinking of a way to tell him she didn't notice a shadowy figure appear behind them
Lance: Why i believe i can answer that jonah, she rescides in the shadow world were her soul will be forever trapped, that is unless you are willing to make a little deal
Jonah: What sort of deal
Alexis: Who, what are you
She was a little scared as she drew her dagger, she quickly charged him but he just moved out of the way
Lance: Weak little girl
Jonah: Stop, alexis don't do anything, leave this to me
Alexis: But jonah..
Jonah: No buts i know this guy, i will deal with him, now you mentioned a deal
Lance: Ahh yes it's quite a simple deal, you come with me to the shadow world and your little girlfriend will be set free
Alexis: No deal, jonah you can't do that
Jonah: Deal, just give me some time then i will come with you
Lance: You have twenty four hours then i will be back for you
With that he dissapeared into the shadows leaving jonah and celeste standing alone in a cold, dark room
Alexis: Jonah, how could you do that, how could you agree to go with him
Jonah: I have to, i need to save celeste, no matter what happens to me now i will save celeste
Alexis: Jonah..
Her sentence was cut short as jonah gently pressed his lips to hers, he pulled away almost as soon as contact was made
Jonah: I have to do this okay, now you can't tell anybody about what i'm going to do
Alexis: You kissed me
Jonah: Yes i did, i'm sorry about that just felt like it needed to be done
Alexis: Oh okay
Jonah: Yeah, anyway we need to get you back to camp and we have less than twenty four hours to do it
Alexis: Jonah i want to come with you
Jonah: No! this is something i must do alone, we will take you back to camp where you will be safe
Alexis just looked at jonah, resigned to her fate she reluctantly agreed, they both made sure they had everything they needed then set off back towards camp. It took them ten hours of continuous walking before they saw the camp gates, the walk had been very boring for both of them has neither of them spoke for the whole walk back
Jonah: Were back, finally home
Alexis: Yeah..
She was a little upset knowing jonah would soon be leaving again knowing full well he probably wouldn't return
Jonah: Whats wrong
Alexis: Oh it's nothing, come on let's get in before anything else happens
They both walked down to the gates and were surprised to see aditi waiting for them, he didn't look best pleased when he saw jonah but he let them both in and closed the gates behind them
Aditi: Jonah, i see you're still in one piece, makes it easier for me to punish you
Jonah: Sir, you know i'd like to be punished but i really need to get sorted out
Aditi: Oh right, you have a little trip planned, to the shadow world no doubt
Jonah: Sir how did you know about that
Aditi: Oh i was payed a visit by a shadow servant, he told me everything
Jonah: Yeah, now you know that i'm going, you can't stop me
Aditi: Jonah i wouldn't dream of it, i do want you to come to the main hall though before you leave
Jonah: Sir, i will be there once i've got sorted out if that's okay
Aditi: That's fine just don't run off before you see what need's to be seen
Jonah: I wont sir
Alexis: Don't worry sir i will make sure he doesn't
Aditi: Good, now go, i will see you soon
With that aditi headed towards the main hall while jonah and alexis headed back to their cabins, jonah took a quick shower and changed into some fresh clothes before heading towards the main hall, alexis was already waiting outside for him when he got there
Alexis: Took your time didn't you
Jonah: Yeah sorry
Alexis gave him a funny look then slowly opened the door to the main hall, it was dark inside, they both entered cautiously, alexis had grabbed hold of jonah's arm, as soon as they were inside the door slammed shut, there was a single light at the end of the room where there was a stage all set up, they both slowly walked over to it and noticed aditi waiting for them, they both climbed up onto the stage, as soon as they were on the lights were turned on and the whole room was filled with the campers, they were all layed out on the floor, they all looked unconscious
Aditi: Don't worry there all safe, there souls are waiting in the shadow world
Jonah knew something was wrong, that wasn't aditi's voice he was hearing
Jonah: Who are you, where is aditi
Aditi: His soul is with all the rest, they are here in my domain, i request your presence here in exchange for all these souls
Jonah: Okay, it's a deal, you release all the souls you stole and i will come to the shadow world
With that the whole room went dark, when the darkness finally lifted jonah was gone while all the other campers including celeste were all back in the main hall, alexis was still stood on the stage and had everyone looking at her
Aditi: Alexis what did you do
Alexis: Sir..
She quickly explained everything to the whole room, there was silence all around as she explained everything that had happened, when she was finally done aditi quickly climbed onto the stage and demanded everyones attention
Aditi: In light of the recent events that have happened here we only have one option, i am sorry but we will have to close down the camp
There was a lot of hushed whispers as everyone was looking at aditi unable to apprehend what he had just told them
Celeste: Sir you can't close this camp down, this is our home, we have knowhere else to go, me and jonah...where is jonah
Alexis looked around nervously, she had missed out the part where jonah had gone to the shadow world to release everyones souls
Alexis: Erm..well you see..he's gone, he's in the shadow world, he gave his life to save everybody else's
Tears were streaming down her cheeks and as she looked out over the crowd of campers she could see nearly everyone was crying and mourning the loss of jonah, celeste was in a heap on the floor, she couldn't believe he was really gone, he had given his life to save her's and all the other campers
Aditi: He was a hero, tonight we shall mourn the loss of jonah with a feast, then we shall build a shrine to him, now everyone back to your cabins
With that everyone started to leave the main hall, alexis and celeste were the last one's to leave, after everyone had been to their cabins aditi had called them all to the dining area where he had prepared a special feast for everyone and had set up a podium so people could say a few words about jonah, one by one people stood at the podium and said a few things until finally it was celeste's turn, she stood at the podium and looked across the dining area
Celeste: Jonah, what can i say, he was a hero, he was my best friend and i loved him, i wish i could tell him how much i miss him and how sorry i am for arguing with him
Jonah: You can tell me if you want
Everyone turned around to see jonah stumbling towards the dining area, he was badly bruised and his left leg was broken which was causing him to wince in pain with every step he took
Celeste: Jonah!
She ran over to him as fast as she could and hugged him tightly causing him to wince in pain, she pressed her lips to his forcefully and was happy when he kissed her back, she let go of him after a few moments and everyone piled around him
Celeste: How did you, i mean where did you, i mean oh you know what i mean
Jonah: Ahh you want to know how i escaped, well thing is i'm not sure, i remember when i was facing the shadow king i heard this mysterious voice saying my soul belonged to him then i woke up here, thats all i can remember, that mysterious voice must of been the one who saved me
Celeste: Well i'm just thankful to whoever saved you
Before anybody could say anything else a great ball of smoke and fire appeared and out stepped a a shadowy figure, everyone instantly recognised his as lucifer, lord of the underworld
Jonah: You, your lucifer
He quickly drew his sword but soon dropped it has his left leg gave way under him and he collapsed to the ground
Lucifer: Dear boy i didn't come here to fight you
Celeste: Then why are you here
She quickly ran infront of jonah making sure lucifer had no way of getting to him, all the camp quickly followed as they surrounded jonah from all angles
Lucifer: You think this camp would see me as a hero for saving young jonah's life from the shadow world
Jonah: You, your the one who saved me
Lucifer: That i am dear boy, but always remember i have my reasons, you may have been the hero who saved the camp but i saved you always remember that
Jonah: What reasons..wait that voice, it said my soul belongs to it, you want my soul
Lucifer: So quick to catch on dear boy, now i will be back soon to claim what is rightfully mine, i saved your soul so it can forever reside in the underworld
Celeste: No, you can't take his soul, he belongs here, you can have mine instead
Jonah: NO! celeste if he want's my soul he will have to take it from me, i won't let him take it without a fight though i promise
Lucifer: Such a fighter, you have spirit kid but when it come's down to it that soul is mine, there will never be a thing you can do about it
Jonah: We will see about that
With that he grabbed his sword and swung at lucifer, his hit missed as lucifer deflected his sword and sent it flying causing everyone to duck so it wouldn't hit them, before jonah or anybody else had a chance to attack again lucifer dissapeared in a great ball of smoke and fire back to the underworld
Aditi: Well that was entertaining, now i think we should get back to the feast shall we, can celebrate the return of jonah and everyone been safe
Jonah: That's a good idead but first do you think maybe you could do something about my leg
Celeste was the first to look down and notice it was broken, nobody had noticed before as they were all too excited about getting jonah back from the shadow world that they had neglected to notice he was injured
Aditi: Let's have a look and see what i can do for you shall i
With that he dissapeared, he re-appeared not long later with a few different bottles, he handed jonah one and told him to drink the whole bottle, jonah did as he was told and within no time his leg was completely healed, celeste helped him to his feet and was thanked with a hug
Celeste: I'm glad your okay
Jonah: Same, wish i could remember what happened to me though
Celeste: It doesn't matter, your safe now and that's all we care about
With that everyone went round thanking jonah, people were hugging him and patting him on the back, a few girls kissed him which made celeste a little jealous, after everyone was done they all sat down and finished the feast, when all the food was gone everyone but celeste and jonah went back to their cabins, celeste and jonah went for a walk along the beach, hand in hand they walked till they found a nice spot where they layed down and stared at the stars, they stayed like that for the best part of an hour before they decided to call it a night, jonah walked celeste back to her cabin where they hugged and kissed before jonah was dragged inside, they both spent the night together, celeste set up a bed for them on the floor as she only had a single bed in the room and she wanted to snuggle up to jonah for the night. The next few days went off without a single problem, celeste and jonah were happy together and everyone else went back to their normal lives, alexis found herself boyfriend after boyfriend but soon settled down when she met a guy she really liked, aditi kept the camp open and kept it running smoothly, everynow and then he would send jonah out on a quest just for the fun of it but he always came back in one piece to everyones delight, after that life seemed to run pretty smoothly for everyone, there were a few attacks on the camp but all the campers banded together and protected it with there lives.
Now everybody is probably wondering what really happened in the shadow world..well why dont we find out.
Jonah awoke in darkness, he looked around and at first glance assumed he was still at camp, he looked to be in the main hall but it was empty
Jonah: Where is everyone, where has everyone gone
There was a noise behind him, he quickly turned round only to be smacked hard in the face causing him to be sent flying straight across the room, he crashed into the wall but managed to groggily get back to his feet
Jonah: What the..who the..who are you
Lance: Should know me by now my dear jonah
Jonah: Lance! where am i
Lance: Where are you, my dear boy you are in my domain, you are in the shadow world
Jonah had a quick look around, he noticed everything looked the same as it did at the camp he attended
Jonah: Then why does it look like the camp i go to
Lance: The shadow world is a mirror of your world, its like a duplicate only covered in eternal darkness, in this world the shadows rule
Jonah looked around once again and noticed the shadows moving along the walls
Lance: Yes my dear jonah, the shadows are all around us
Jonah: That's just great to know, so i guess your king want's to meet me now
Lance let out a booming laugh that left the shadows running, the room was soon empty except for jonah and lance
Lance: My dear boy you have already met him, dont you see, the shadow king is me
Jonah: I should of seen that coming, so why did you bring me to this world when you could of spoke to me in my world
Lance: Speak to you, still so naive my dear boy, in this world i am invincible, in this world i can kill you and you wont be able to stop me
Jonah: I can try
With that he drew his sword and charged straight at lance, lance just dissapeared into the shadows and reappeared behind jonah, he drew his own sword and swung at jonah but jonah dodged just in time, he stuck his sword straight through lance's body but nothing happened
Lance: My dear boy such a foolish attempt, in my world your perfetic sword will do no damage to me
Jonah knew that he was in trouble, without his sword he would have little to no chance of ever beating lance
Jonah: Then i wont use my sword..i challenge you to hand on hand combat
Lance: Why should i agree to your challenge
Jonah: Because you dont want to look like a coward infront of all your loyal subjects
Lance had completely forgot about all his subjects watching him, he knew if he backed down now he would look like a coward infront of them all
Lance: I agree to your terms but we will not fight here
The whole room quickly went pitch black, jonah could see a little light and he quickly ran towards it, the light grew ever closer as he carried on running and he soon found himself trapped inside a solid black cage, the bars were made of stygian iron, the same material his sword was made of
Lance: Welcome jonah, this is where our final fight shall take place, as you can see these bars are made from stygian iron and are virtually impenitrable
Before jonah had a chance to say anything lance had run up and smacked jonah sending him crashing into the walls of the cage, jonah had no time to get up as lance was soon hovering over him, he stomped on his left leg repeatedly until he heard a snap, he had broken jonahs leg yet he still wasn't done, he grabbed jonah and dragged him to his feet, he grabbed jonah by his neck and launched him straight up until he hit the ceiling, jonah tried to grab hold of the bars but was too late as he felt himself falling back towards the ground, lance quickly caught him in midair only to slam him into the cage wall, he let jonah fall to the ground in a heap before standing over him
Lance: You can't win my dear boy, surrender now and your suffering will end
Jonah: No! i will never surrender
He tried to stand but found it extremely difficult, he managed to get himself to his feet but had to hold onto the bars for support
Lance: Such bravery, maybe when i finish you i will turn your soul into one of my soldiers
Mysterious voice: That will never happen as his soul belongs to me
The whole place went completely dark, as the darkness started to lift jonah was knowhere to be seen, he had dissapeared.
Lance: NO! how can this be, who dare's do this to me
Mysterious voice: That would be me...
In a great ball of smoke and fire a figure arose from the ground, the figure stepped out into the cage and quickly revealed himself to lance
Lance: No it can't be, not you, you're lucifer
Lucifer: That is correct, i am lord lucifer
Lance: What are you doing here, this is my domain not your's
Lucifer: You tryed to take a soul that belongs to me, that i will not tolerate
With that a ring of fire surrounded lance as the ground began to open up underneath his feet
Lucifer: You will forever reside in the pits of tartarus, there you will suffer for eternity
Lance: Never, i belong here in the shadow world
With that he dissapeared into the shadows only to re-appear outside the cage, as soon as lance's minions saw he was safe outside the cage they all began to pile into it, they all began piling onto lucifer only to be blown away, lucifer spread his wings and took to the sky, he broke through the roof of the cage and landed infront of lance
Lucifer: You will suffer for your crimes, i will condemn you to tartarus where you will be forever tortured
Lance: You cant torture me, i will kill you before you even get the chance to try
He quickly lunged at lucifer only to hit the ground as lucifer had once again taken to the sky, without a second thought he dived towards lance and grabbed him by the throat, he flew high into the sky holding onto lance's throat as he did, lance was not beaten though as he quickly dissapeared into the shadowy sky leaving lucifer empty handed
Lance: You can't beat me in my own domain, this is the shadow world, i can't be stopped when im in the shadows
Lucifer knew lance was right, fighting in the shadows was pointless, he was out matched but he couldn't just give up now, he quickly flew down and landed on the ground only to be surrounded by shadow servants, seeing he was surrounded he tryed to take back to the sky only to be stopped by what seemed to be an invisible barrier
Lance: Tut tut, you think i'd let you do that again, you have been grounded, you can't fly anymore
Knowing he was outnumbered lucifer decided he needed to even the playing field, he dropped to his knees and smashed his right hand into the ground, it slowly sank lower and lower until his whole arm had dissapeared, a few second later the ground began to shake as undead creatures began to climb out, soon he was surrounded by the undead as he pulled his arm out of the ground
Lance: Nice trick, shame them weakling dont have the power to beat my shadow servants
Lucifer: We shall see
With that he ordered the undead to attack, it was a massacre on the battlefield as one by one shadow servant and undead were falling and dissapearing, lucifer and lance sat back and just watched the battle waiting for the right time to strike, lance was the first to strike as he had snuck up behind lucifer and attacked him from behind, the attack didn't seem to phase lucifer as he turned around to find nobody there
Lucifer: Coward, show yourself and fight me
Lance just laughed, hidden in the shadows he could strike anytime, anywhere and nobody would see the strikes coming until it was too late, he struck again this time catching lucifer in the chest causing him to stagger
Lance: You have no chance, you can't beat me
Lucifer: We shall see about that
Lance went to strike again but was quickly caught by lucifer, he grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the shadows before launching him across the field, he crashed into the ground with a powerful thud but was soon back on his feet, he gave a quick scan of the battlefield only to notice nearly all his servants had been beaten, he failed to notice lucifer had closed the distance on him but soon realised he was there when he felt a hand wrap around his throat
Lucifer: It's over, time to send you to tartarus
Lance: Never, this isn't over, not yet
With that he dissapeared into the shadows, his voice echoed over the battlefield ordering all his servants to retreat, they all did as they were ordered and dissapeared into the shadows leaving lucifer alone with the rest of the undead, he ordered them back to the underworld and with one swipe of his hand they all dissapeared, when the battlefield was empty lance re-appeared in the middle of it
Lance: This isn't over, i will be back soon to finish what we started
Lucifer: Let's end this now
He charged at lance but he had dissapeared, his voice echoed once again with a warning telling lucifer to leave his domain but this wasn't over, they would meet again one day and this would end, with that the voice was gone and the battlefield was quiet, seeing it was over for now lucifer dissapeared in a ball of smoke and fire, knowing now he had a new enemy he had to be prepared, he had one last place to go before heading back to the underworld where he would prepare for his final meeting with lance
Chapter two
It had been the best part of nine months since jonah had travelled to the shadow world to save everybodys souls, since then the camp hadn't really changed too much, sure there were a few new campers and a statue of jonah but still nothing had really changed, it was jonah's sixteenth birthday on this day and unlike any other camper he wasn't too excited about celebrating it, shame the same couldn't be said about celeste as she had spent the past few weeks planning it non stop, jonah knew she was going overboard but didn't have the heart to tell her he didn't want anything done for it, it was still early morning when he rolled over to face celeste, ever since jonah and celeste had got together they had begun sharing a cabin, they had got a double bed installed inside much to aditi's dismay, as he rolled over he was greeted by a smile from celeste, she had felt him stirring and had woke up to make sure he was okay, the smile was quickly followed by a kiss, the kiss was there morning routine, every morning they would wake up and share a kiss before getting up and getting ready for the day ahead
Celeste: Happy birthday!
Jonah: Thankyou, it's not really morning yet though so i think you should save the birthday stuff till we get up
Celeste: Oh okay
Jonah softly wrapped one arm around celeste and pulled her close to him, she snuggled up into him and was soon fast asleep, jonah took a little longer to get back to sleep but was soon in that familiar place he knew as his dream land, in his dream all's he saw was dark, fire and torture, he knew the place to be the underworld and soon he saw an all too familiar face in the distance, lucifer the lord of the underworld was slowly walking towards him, he was taking his time acting like he didn't have a care in the world, jonah tryed to turn but was stuck, his feet were stuck to the floor below him, as lucifer got closer and closer he struggled harder and harder to break free so he could run but it was no use, lucifer was almost infront of him when he heard a familiar voice in the distance, it was celeste's voice calling to him but where was she
Celeste: Jonah, come on wake up
Jonah groggily opened his eyes, celeste was sat over him with a worried look in her eyes, something seemed to be bothering her
Jonah: Whats wrong
Celeste: Are you okay, you was thrashing about in your sleep
Jonah: Oh, sorry i didn't hurt you did i
Celeste: No you didn't i just got worried when you started thrashing
Jonah: Im sorry it was just a nightmare
Celeste: Oh, what was it about
Jonah: Erm nothing, just was in the underworld and was been attacked
He had to lie to her, if he told her lucifer was in his nightmares she would have run to aditi for help, he knew it meant trouble when lucifer entered a nightmare but he also knew that when it came down to it he would have to face lucifer in battle sooner or later, he knew it was just a nightmare but still he had to be careful
Celeste: Oh, well im here for you, nothing will hurt you
She flashed him a smile then layed back down next to him and snuggled up close, this time she didn't go back to sleep and neither did jonah, they just enjoyed laying in silence with each other for the next hour before they heard the alarm go off letting them know that it was time to get up, jonah was first out of bed but not before kissing celeste, he quickly got dressed while celeste slowly climbed out of bed and headed for the bathroom, now jonah was usually first in knowing celeste usually took forever in there but this time he let her go in first, he had an ulterior motive though, with her in the bathroom he had a bit of time to himself where he could figure out his nightmare and prepare himself for the day ahead, twenty minutes had passed and celeste had still not left the bathroom
Jonah: Celeste you going to be much longer
Celeste: No sorry for been so long, i'll be out in a minute
Jonah: Okay, dont worry it's fine
Five minutes passed and still celeste had not left the bathroom, jonah was getting a little impatient as he knocked on the door again
Jonah: Celeste, are you done or should i just go back to my old cabin
Celeste: Im done, i'll be out in a second i promise
Another minute passed before celeste finally left the bathroom, she had her hair all done up and was wearing a beautiful black dress with matching shoes
Celeste: Well
Jonah: Erm well what
Celeste: how do i look
Jonah: You look fine, got to wonder why you're all dressed up though
Celeste: No particular reason, i want you to dress up a little though
Jonah: Why, i mean seriously it's just another day, nothing special is happening
Celeste: It's your birthday, now please put on something nice for me
She gave him her pattented puppy dog eyes, jonah could never resist them and she knew it, no matter how hard he tried to resist he always gave into her in the end
Jonah: Fine, guess jeans and a t-shirt are out of the question then
Celeste: Jonah, please put on something nice, smart pants and a shirt
Jonah: But why, celeste look i dont care about my birthday and to be honest i don't want to go to this party you have set up, no offence it's just i don't feel in much of a party mood
Celeste looked a little hurt at what jonah had just told her, she had spent the past couple of weeks preparing this party for him and here he was telling her he didn't want to go to the party she had planned
Celeste: Oh okay, erm well i guess i'll go cancel it then shall i
Jonah: No, let's just go to it then we can leave
Celeste: Okay
Jonah: Thankyou, im sorry
Celeste just looked away from him, as he tryed to hug her she shrugged him away, she made sure to turn to him so he could see the tears before she stormed out the door, jonah ran to the door but she was gone, he was going to follow her when he heard something behind him
Lucifer: Hello jonah, been a while hasn't it
Jonah: You, what are you doing here
He reached for his sword only to be blown straight out the room by lucifer, before jonah could react lucifer had closed in on him and had him pinned to the ground, a few campers noticed what was going on and raised the alarm, aditi was first on the scene but was frozen in fear when he saw lucifer, celeste heard all the shouts and screams but passed it off as nothing important, lucifer stood up and forced jonah up to his feet
Lucifer: This place is a little too crowded for my liking, i think me and you need to go somewhere a little quieter
With that said both lucifer and jonah vanished in a ball of smoke and fire, nobody had a chance to stop lucifer, aditi called a camp meeting and had everyone assemble in the dining area
Aditi: Well now that everyone's here i will explain why i called this meeting
A few campers called out that they already knew the reason, some were scared half to death at the news of lucifer in their camp while others seemed unfased by the news, another camper then called out that not everyone was there, somebody was missing from the meeting
Aditi: Yes i know celeste isn't here but i couldn't let her know that jonah had been kidnapped by lucifer
Celeste: What! why didn't anybody say anything, how could you letthis happen
Nobody had noticed celeste stood in the crowd of people, she looked furious and aditi knew it was best to get her out of there and speak with her in private
Aditi: Erm meeting cancelled for now, everyone back to your daily activities, celeste will you please follow me, i wouldn't mind having a word with you in private
Celeste: Sir, if you don't mind i would like the whole camp to hear what you have to say
Aditi: Fine, look i am sorry about jonah, we couldn't stop lucifer, i am sorry we didn't tell you sooner but it has only been around half an hour since he was kidnapped
Celeste: Half an hour,'s my fault
Aditi: What, how is this your fault, you couldn't of seen lucifer attacking today
Celeste: If only i didn't take so long in the bathroom, if only i didn't storm out on jonah lucifer might not of attacked, if he did i could of helped
Aditi: Celeste there would of been nothing you could of done, he took jonah before anybody really had any chance to do anything
Celeste: But i could of helped, if only i didn't get upset with him
Jonah: Hey don't worry about that, it's fine, my fault mainly
All the campers seemed to turn at once, celeste was first to run to jonah soon followed by everyone else, aditi was the last to reach him
Celeste: Jonah! you're okay
Jonah: Yeah i mean sure i was just kidnapped and taken to the underworld but sure
Aditi: The underworld, did lucifer say what he wanted
Jonah: Oh you know the usual, he want's my soul and will stop at nothing to get it
Now jonah knew that was a half lie, what lucifer really wanted was a battle, one on one where the winner takes all meaning when lucifer won he got jonah's soul
Aditi: Okay, well im glad to see you're okay, happy birthday by the way
Jonah: Yeah real happy birthday isn't it
Celeste grabbed jonah and hugged him as tightly as she could, jonah knew it would be pointless to try stop her so he just hugged her back, it felt like an eternity before she let him go
Jonah: Wow finally let go have we
Celeste: Sorry, just thought i'd lost you again
Jonah: You will never lose me, i'll always return
Celeste: You better do, can't bear to think what it would be like if i lost you
Jonah: You never need to think what it would be like cause you will never lose me, no matter how hard you try
He gave her a soft smile which caused her to hug him again, her hugs always seemed to last an eternity, well thats what it seemed like to jonah, she let go pretty quickly this time though which took jonah a little by surprise
Jonah: Something wrong
Celeste: No, why would there be
Jonah: Just your hug seemed to be cut short
Celeste: Nope nothing is wrong, can have another hug if it will prove it
Jonah: Nope it's fine, i trust you
He gave her another soft smile before turning and walking away, he was heading back to his cabin to get himself prepared for his final fight with lucifer, he knew he wouldn't be returning this time, he knew he was outmatched and would soon be killed
Celeste: Jonah! where you going
Jonah just ignored her shouts, he had something else to do, something more important right now. he quickly rushed into his old cabin, he didn't want to go to the one he shared with celeste as he knew it would be the first place she would go looking for him, he needed time, just a little to write his goodbye note to her, he didn't want to do it in person as he knew it would be too hard to look her in the eye's as he said goodbye, he quickly sat down at his old desk and pulled out a piece of paper and a pen, for a while he just sat there not writing anything until he finally put pen to paper.
*Dear celeste, i am eternally sorry i lied to you about what lucifer really wanted, by the time you read this note it will be too late for me, please don't come looking for me as i have to fight this battle alone, i could of never told you this face to face as i know you would of stopped me, i can only imagine how you must be feeling right now but i hope you will never hate me, i will always love you, if i'm lucky enough to survive this encounter then well i guess i will have to face you, i know you will kill me but it will be worth it in the end, i can't have you get hurt because of me, i know lucifer would target you and the camp if i didn't show up to this battle so i hope you can forgive me, if you can't then i hope you have a good life, hope you find someone better than me, love always..jonah xxx*
There was a slight knock on the door, jonah slowly got up to answer it expecting to find celeste on the other side, he slowly opened the door to find nobody there, he shut it then sighed, he almost expected to find an angry celeste there about ready to kill him.
Lance: I'm not at the door anymore
Jonah quickly turned round just in time to see a shadowy fist, it quickly connected with jonah's chest with a powerful bang causing jonah to be sent flying out of the cabin and straight into the middle of camp, he had no chance to retaliate as lance was soon towering over him, pinning him to the ground
Lucifer: Tut tut starting the party without me
Lucifer had just seemed to appear out of knowhere, as soon as lance noticed him he let go of jonah and lunged at lucifer but was sent flying by a fiery blast, lance was soon up and again lunged at lucifer only to be blown away by a second fiery blast, jonah realised this was his best chance to escape but for some reason he didn't want to, he wanted to stay and fight these two guys while they were fighting each other, he was up like a flash only to be struck down as a dagger pierced straight through his left shoulder
Lucifer: Perfetic boy, stay down, i will deal with you when i've finished of this pesty shadow king
Celeste and the rest of the camp had heard the fighting and had rushed to see what was going on just in time to see jonah laying on the ground with the dagger in his shoulder while lucifer and lance were going at it, connecting with attack after attack, neither one backing down an inch
Celeste: Jonah!
Jonah: Celeste, no, you can't be here, get away, run
Celeste: No, i'm not going to leave you here, not with these two
Jonah: Please, this is my fight now, just run, hide, tell the whole camp to do the same
Celeste: No!
Lucifer had heard all the other campers come rushing to his help and decided it was best to retreat for now, lance on the other hand had noticed all the other campers but was not going to leave without jonah's soul, lucifer could see lance wasn't going to retreat and went for an underhanded tactic, he quickly summoned a hole under lances feet, lance was smart enough to jump out of the way only to be grabbed by skeletal hands
Lucifer: Down to the underworld you go, i will deal with you down there
Lance: No! you can't do this to me, im the shadow king
It was too late for lance, the skeletal hands were already dragging him down into the ground, no sooner had the skeletal hands grabbed him they had dragged him underground, the hole had filled itself in and was gone
Lucifer: Now jonah, i will retreat for now, our fight is not over, you remember our little arrangement
Before jonah had a chance to say anything lucifer was gone, he dissapeared without a trace, the only sign of him ever been there were the scorch marks on the ground and the dagger that was still sticking out of jonah's shoulder. everyone just stood there, most were frozen in shock at what had just happened, others were running around panicking while celeste and aditi were trying to help jonah, he was slipping in and out of consciousness as the dagger was pulled from his shoulder, blood was pouring out from the wound
Jonah: Celeste, celeste where are you
Celeste: Im here jonah
Celeste sat herself down next to jonah, she softly wrapped one arm around him and gently layed his head in her lap, he slowly looked up at her as she looked down, tears fell from her eyes and softly splashed onto jonah's face
Jonah: There is no need to cry, tears will only ruin those beautiful eyes
Celeste: A compliment at a time like this
Jonah: Best time is when you need one..
Jonah never managed to finish that sentence, he had slipped away as he lay there looking into celeste's eye's..people looked on stunned at what they had just seen, people were heartbroken, there were tears everywhere you looked, nobody could believe what they had just seen, jonah was gone. That night there was no happiness around the camp, everyone was walking around and going about there normal routines but nobody could smile, when it came to dinner everyone piled into the dining area where a fire had been lit, they all took there seats as aditi approached the podium
Aditi: Tonight we say goodbye to jonah, at this camp i know he was a close friend to most and enemy to none, he will be dearly missed, now if everyone would like you may approach the podium and say your goodbyes
One by one the campers approached the podium, all said there goodbyes, some were more heartfelt than others but all were tearworthy, once all the campers were done aditi called celeste up to the podium
Aditi: Celeste, if you would like to come say goodbye
No answer, she was not there, nobody had seen her slip away from the dining area
Aditi: Celeste, has anybody seen celeste
Still nobody answered, there was shuffled murmuring from the crowd, nobody had noticed her leave, nobody had bothered to keep there eye on her. The campers spent the best part of two hours searching for her before it became apparent that she was knowhere, she had just dissapeared from the camp without a trace.

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I think it's great that you are having Jonah ceehkcd out, but you know that all kids operate on their own time schedule Jonah may be saving up all of his energy, so watch out! Maybe one day he'll decide to start talking and you'll wonder if he'll let you get another word in edge-wise!He's a bright kid, obviously. I'm sure he'll verbally communicate when he's ready!Larry

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2013-04-08 18:35:01
Liked the story and the plot but for god's sake learn to use proper punctuation!!!

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2012-08-08 23:18:05
I love if no sex needed can't wait for the next part


2012-07-31 17:06:42
Part two will be started (i mean i will start writing) this weekend at the very latest, if anyone would like to see some things added to the next part feel free to offer some ideas as they may help speed up the process

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2012-07-31 01:07:42
Love it can't wait for the next part

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