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Love story
Growing up in a small town was actually not to bad. It had its ups and downs. The worst of it was the fact that is was so boring. As a result I got into my fair share of trouble from time to time. Just before I graduated bight school is when things began to change a bit. It all changed when my uncle his wife and my cousin, whom i had  never met, moved to our small town. The moment I saw my little cousin I was in shock as to how gorgeous she was. I was 17 and she was 12. My cousin was small, she had really blonde hair and big deep peircing blue eyes. She didn't have any tits, but her body was forming really nicely. She had the cutest face I had ever seen. She looked like one of those type that could do pagents. Its really hard to describe how her face looks. All I know is she was cuter than most of the girls I went to school with. Her skin looked flawless, and was a very pale, very white with no hint of any kind of tan. It did have a very light pink color to it. She was only 4.3. I became very nervous when I first met her, and I have never had that happen to me. Her name was Brittney. I'm Mike, your cousin, I said nervously as I extended my hand. I'm Brittney, everyone calls me Bri, she nervously said as we shook hands. Her little voice rang in my ears. It was a very sweet young voice.

As far as how I looked, I was 5'11 weighed about 170, and had a decent tan. We lived on a farm and that kept me busy and in great shape. I have dark brown hair and green eyes. I was one of those "popular" kids. I had a lot of friends, and yes a lot of them were girls. Cheer leaders and all. A lot of them couldn't keep their hands off of me, and I loved it! I had been getting quite a few blow jobs, and I was able to eat a lot of pussy as well. I loved eating pussy, so much so that I made a rule when I was 15. The girls were not allowed to so much as take my touch my dick until I had eaten their pussy till they had cum on my face. Oh my god they loved it! I have been called a tease from it as well. I lost my viginity at 16 when I had my first girlfriend. We still dated when I met my cousin. She was my only girlfriend, I'm not like most men out there, I'm very loyal and I have a problem with cheaters. That's one of the biggest things my girl loved about me. So much so that I never let another girl touch me after my girlfriend and I became exclusive. My girlfriend was a blonde as well. She was 5'4 had an amazing body! Her tits were a b cup. My cousin looked a lot like her. That should give you an idea of how she looked. Her name was Teresa. We would hide either on her families property or mine and fuck at least once a week. On the times we didn't have sex we'd be driving around on a date and she would rub my dick through my pants. Thats one thing I absolutely love. I love it when a girl rubs me through my pants. I then would take her hands off of me and we would park somewhere. I would the lick her sweet pussy until she would cum, after which she would rub me through my pants until I was getting ready to cum, then she would pull my cock out and suck my balls dry. Almost every date we had would end up like that. I also loved how my hard cock felt in her right little pussy. I was in love with her.

One day things changed and fast. Everyone knew what kind of person I was, including Teresa. I was a very poplar kid yes, but I knew who I was and where I came from. So I even had friends that were geeks, stoners, goths, emos. So everyone around me I treated the same. I was no better than anyone, and I absolutely knew it. I didn't treat anyone different based on their social orientation. One day my girlfriend tried out to be cheerleader and got onto the team. She changed dramatically for some reason. She got a I'm better than you atitude with those who weren't in our "social group". That's when we ended up breaking up. I was talking to a group, geeks, and she got really angry with me. Why are you talking to them she asked, you're better than them you shouldnt talk to them. We got into a big fight about it. Later that night I got a text from her breaking up with me. I was devestated. It took a long time for me to get over that. 

My cousin Brittney and I were becoming close during that time. So she was very amazing to me and helped me deal with the break up. 

I was just turning 18 at the time. She had just turned 13 and since she was new in town I did all I could to help her adjust, that is how we began to bond. It was easy being around her, she was gorgeous, so I liked being around her just because of that. I loves the way she would hang onto me everywhere we went. There were feelings that I never had that were hitting me. I thought I was in love with Teresa until we broke up, I never felt those feelings with her like I was with my little cousin. I felt very warm and content, like nothing in the world mattered. When she touched me, or hung onto me I just felt a certain electricity, a warm fuzzy type feeling. I loved it when she would hang all over me, or cuddle up to me when we watched a movie or something. She was just the sweetest girl I have ever met.

When I graduated high school, I left home for college. I can honestly say that I was sad, and even felt guilty for leaving her. She was an only child so I was the closest thing she had to a brother. When I got to college I found something that would help me take the guilt out of my mind. I began to hit the gym regularly. I was in there at least 3 times a week for four hours. It worked, I didn't feel so bad. I didn't party much as I wanted to succeed in my profession. That and I was just tire of hanging with people who thought they were so much better than everyone else. I turned 23 when I graduated college with a masters degree. I had become a geek and didn't care. I was now a certified computer programmer. My parents came out for the graduation, and they brought my cousin Bri. Holy shit, had she changed! My mouth dropped open when I saw her. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen! During my college time we kept in close contact but never were any pictures sent. She was only 4'9 her body was absolutely amazing! Her tits didn't seem to grow, I didnt care about that. Once she saw me she just stood there  staring at me. I was now 6'2 and weighed around 200. With my stringent work outs I had packed some muscle on. I was very cut and toned. I had no shirt on since this was my appartment they came to. I walked up to her and noticed that she was blushing, she had her lip between her teeth as well. I hugged her and said hi. She really missed you, my mom said. As my cousin hugged me she squeezed and held her face against my body. I missed you too I said as she backed off. We must have hugged for a long time because when we broke appart  we realized that my parents had already gone inside. I looked at her. I missed you so much, she said as she hugged me again. You've changed, she said as she stepped back and looked me up and down. I then heard her whisper, not knowing I could hear her, very nice she just stared, my god she whispered, she shook her head and realized I as watching her. You've changed too, I said. Yeah but my boobs never grew she replied. That's ok, some guys prefer small boobs I said, before I could catch myself. I looked a her and she had this look on her face. She walked closer to me and quietly she said, I take it you're not one of them. My cock began to swell. I put my hand on her arm and said, actually I am one I them. That's good to know, she replied.

We sat on the ground and started to catch up. So am I going to get to meet you're girlfriend, she asked. No I don't think so, not this time, I said. Well why not, she asked. Well, I said, cause I don't have one. Really, she asked surprised. It's obvious you work out, you're a great guy, it's obvious you work out cause you have, well, a very very nice body and you're smart. I'm surprised you don't have one. She then layed in my lap. Great I thought, my cock is semi hard and she is going to feel it. I put my hand on her arms. Did you ever have any girlfriends out here she asked. No, I wasnt interested in anyone out here. They're all too much into partying and I just wanted to finish this out so I can get out of here. Hmm, she replied, well, I would love to be your girlfriend. Really I asked, in a heart beat she replied, if I wasn't your cousin. Funny you say that, if I wasn't your. Cousin Ide be your boyfriend. She just smiled and layed her head back down. We sat there for hours and just talked. I found out a lot of things about her. She lost her virginity when she turned 17, and never dated anyone after that because the guy she was with was a douche. She had a lot of friends like I did. I took her and my parent out to eat that night and we all started to catch up. We must have talked for a long time. We then went back to my appartment and watched a movie. Those warm feelings began to creep back up as Bri cuddled up to me. It was so nice to feel that again. It's had been a while and she is the only one that made me feel that way. 

When I went to bed Bri asked if she could sleep with me in my bed. I looked at my parents, and they just smiled. My dad gave me a nod of approval, and my mom said, don't worry it's ok. She has missed you so much it'll be good for the two of you to catch up more. And in an unfamiliar tone, one I have never heard my mom said, just try to get some sleep. I looked at her and she was smiling. Ok, I thought. Sure I said. At that moment, another brand new feeling swept over me. Chills, I have never had the chills at so much as a thought of having a woman in my bed with me. My cock began to swell.

 Now in high school I thought I had confidence in myself. I found that I didn't. My cock was small, I'll admit it. It was almost 6 inches long and not very thick. However in college I spent a lot of time watching porn. During that time I found multiple sites that always said, grow your penis to up 3 or 4 times it's current size. Well I had my own money and a lot of it cause I started saving money from a really early age. I had more than plenty to do what I did. So I did research and found the program I wanted and started it. For four years I did exactly what I was suppose to do with some amazing results! I was now 4 inches soft, and 9 and a half inches long, and at least 4 inches thick.

The only reason that I say all that is because I was only wearing boxers. And I was getting hard. I wasn't as obvious hard in my pants before, but now It is very much so. This is going to be very hard to hide. I've had a lot of college girls stare at my bulge because of it. Not going to lie, I loved it. I looked at Bri and she was looking at my bulge and then at me. Sure I said, I'll be sure to not keep her up all night I said as I rolled my eyes. It's ok if you do, my mother replied, just keep it down and let her get some sleep ok. I looked at my mom weirded out. She had a very serious look on her face. I extended my hand and said lets go, I need to take a shower, so make yourself comfy and I'll be back. We went into my room. I turned around and Bri hugged me. I reall missed you she said. I missed you too. Can I take a shower after you, she asked. Of course you can I replied. I gathered my things and went to the bathroom. I made sure I brought sweat pants and boxer briefs this time. After my shower I went back to the room. I heard a slight whimpering, so I nocked on the door and waited a second. Then I went in, Bris face was flush and she was breathing heavily. She smiled, stood up and gathered her thing. You should sleep with no shirt on, she said as she left the room. Oh my god, I thought to myself as I watched her cute little ass walking out of the room. My cock was semi hard as I watched. I took my shirt off and made sure I looked as sexy as I could for her. I had cleanly shaven my cock and balls in the shower so the new sensation wasn't helping matters. I then realize that I had done that for her, not thinking. After what seemed like hours she came back to the room. My cock did a little twitch. She had on a very very short pair of boy shorts. Her ass cheeks were sticking out of the bottom of them. She had on a very small tank top and had no bra on. Her tits were so tiny she didn't need one, but it did little to hide her erect nipples. Before I could stop myself, I said, oh my god, wow, you look good. She blushed, smiled and said you look really good to. Thanks was all I could say. Is this really happening, I thought, am I really that attracted to my own cousin? Is she as attracted to me? I stood up and now my bulge was a little obvious. She just stared at it and whispered, yum. What I asked. Oh nothing she said, looking embarrassed that I heard her. It's just that you, uh ummm you are, I mean you just look, you look really good. So do you I said. Did you say yum, I asked, um yeah I, I did, sorry. It's ok I think the same of you. Really she asked. Yeah, really I said. Good she said.

I need to lay down I said, me too she replied. My cock was getting very hard. I got under the covers, she soon joined me. She immediately cuddled up to me. Her breathing was elevated and she seemed to be flustered. I could feel her little nipples on my body as she layed there.

We began talking. I found out a lot about her things that made our bond we had even stronger. It was almost like we were a lot alike, and there was chemistry. I felt a knot in my stomach. We talked for hours. We then decided to go to

As soon as the lights went out, I felt my cock beginning to swell as my cousin placed her leg on mine. I then noticed her squirming a little. It was so subtle that if I wasn't paying attention I wouldn't have noticed. My cock was getting harder and harder the more she squirmed. I also noticed that her breathing was beginning to get ragged. I then felt her leg slide more to the inside my leg. She kept squirming. I was beginning to breath harder as my cock began to get rock hard. I could feel her leg begin to slide ever so slightly slide up and down mine. I could feel her heart beating fast as she did so. Soon I felt her covered pussy squirm on my leg. I couldn't breath as I felt her do that. I shifted my right leg so that her pussy was pressed on my leg. She jus squirmed, barley touching my my covered cock with her leg. We just layed there and enjoyed the new feelings and sensations. After a while we both fell assleep. When I woke she was squirming again, only this time she was rubbing my chest with the palm of her hand. I felt her ever so slightly grinding her pussy on my leg. My cock was hard as hell as she did this. Soon I felt her finger tips slip under my waist band and slide a little further and back out. She kissed my chest and I placed my hand on her little ass. She stopped, and apologized. I'm so sorry, she said as she sat up, she started to cry, I place my hand on her face and made her face me. It's ok, it's ok, I'm not mad I promise you. I was kind of liking it. Really, she asked. Yes really, you're my cousin but to be honest with you, you're gorgeous, and it's been a long time since I've even been touched like that, I was kind of loving it to be honest with you. Oh good, I thought you were going to be mad at me. I can't really be mad at you, I replied. She hugged me, she held on but backed off. Our eyes locked, and I couldn't help but kiss her very gently. I looked in her eyes again, and she kissed me back. We started to slowly and gently began to kiss. Her lips parted and her tounge slipped into my mouth. I then began to kiss her more and more. My cock began to become rigid, and my breathing began to get ragged. Soon I hear mom yell, c'mon you too it's time for breakfast. We stopped kissing. She backed off. I wish we would have done this last night, she whispered. Me too I replied. Really she asked, yes really I replied. We went down stairs and starts eating breakfast. My mom and dad just sat and smiled at us. Just then Bri took my hand and just held it in her lap. I didn't even try to fight it because it felt right. My parents did notice the chemistry between us and did noting or say anything about it. It was like they expected it to.

C'mon you two love birds we need to get ready for your graduation. I stood up from the table and began to walk to my room. I looked at mom and she was nodding for Bri to follow me. I as shocked. I had a really good idea that they had planned for this to happen, I was surprised and strangely turned on because they obviously didn't care that we were first cousins. Bri stood up and followed me. We were short on time and we both knew it. She then said wait. I turned around and there she stood. Right in front of my parents she kissed me. I kissed her back, I felt her lips part and her tounge enter my mouth again. We kissed for about three minutes and it as beginning to heat up. Mom saw this and said, alright you two we need to get ready. Hurry so I can get ready Bri said. Ok I replied my head buzzing from what just happened. I had a hard one the whole time. Knowing now that my parents planned this I had no plans of hiding how I really felt about her. I was falling in love with her. I had been feeling things for her I had never felt with my previous girlfriend. I thought I was in love with Teresa but I clearly wasn't. I never felt this way about her. I felt an instant u explainable attraction to her that I have never felt towards anyone.

As soon as I finished getting ready I came out so Bri could get ready. As soon as she got into my room and closed the door, my mom looked at me. Listen to me I have to make this quick so I'm only going to say this once. Your cousin is in love with you. She has been since she first met you. There are somethings that you don't know about your family that still seem to be an on going trend. She obsesses about you, and has told a lot of people that she has a boyfriend in college. She has said that ever since she and her boyfriend broke up. She was so excited when we envited her to join us up here. She told all her friends that her boyfriend is graduating college and she was coming up to see him. Problem is, they know you're cousins. So we can't take pics of you two together. She was 12 when she started falling for you. How did you find all this out, I asked. She was depressed for a long time, after you left, she replied. After a long time of trying to get her to open up she finally broke down and told me. I told her about our family secret after she expressed a great deal of consern about the whole incest thing and how it was wrong for her to feel the way she does about you. Our family, more spacifically your uncle, her dad and I use to have sex a lot. I chocked when she told me that. Truth is, she continued, it's very hard to ignore the kind of feelings you two obviously have for each other. Your dad has sex with his sister. In fact when we went to visit them that's why. Incest is wrong, but at the same time, it feels right. I sat dumbfounded. 

My head was buzzing from all of this new info I was getting. At the same time I knew without a doubt that I had my parents blessings. Even better, she continued, her parents have given her, us, and you their blessing. They have never seen her so happy as she was when she was with you before you left for school. In fact they're excited. We all know you feel the same way about her, we could see it in your eyes from the very moment you two met. Yeah, I said, I think I love her too. I've never felt this way about any other woman. Just her. She has got to be the most beautiful woman I have ever layed my eyes on. From the first time I met her, I have been very attracted to her. See, mom replied, and we have all been watching you two, and it's obvious from the way you look at each other, talk to each other and touch each other. She loves having you touch her. But I think it time you know, she is turning 18 in a month and she is now old enough to do what she wants. We, your parents, and her parents will support you two and do all we can to make sure you two are happy together. I hugged my mom knowing that I no longer need to hide my feelings for Bri. Just as we broke apart Bri came out of my room. She had a tiny sundress on and no bra. I'm not sure if she had panties on or not.

I stood up as my cock began to swell, I walked up to her and hugged her picking her up from the ground, she wrapped her little arms around my neck. I kissed her very gently, looked her in the eyes and said, I just want you to know that I love you too. She smiled as I put her down. She started to cry a little and aske, really, you're not just saying that? No I replied I have loved you for a long time, I just wasn't really paying much attention I guess. I kissed her gently and we began to walk to my truck. It was nice and I had saved enough up to buy a new one. I watched as my cousin walked away. She looked so innocent. Her pale skin, her long blonde hair pulled into a ponytail, and the greatest little body I have ever seen.  I was starting to get hard watching her. Put your tongue back into you mouth, we need to get going. Dad just patted me on the back. Bri looked back at me and smiled. She glanced at my crotch as she climbed into my truck. My god her dress made her look tastey. It was very short, and it was a very low v cut in the front. Her tits were so small she didn't need a bra so she didn't wear one. I had to reach down and adjust my hardening cock. I didn't know this, but she saw me do this. Her pale white cheeks turned red, and soon so did her face. She bit her lower lip and I leaned in and kissed her. She was already breathing hard. We went to my graduatin but it was mostly a blur, all I could think of was Bri. She consumed my thoughts. I just wanted to have her cling to me. During the ceremony all I could think of was her, and what might have happened that morning in my bed. I was half hard the whole time.

After graduation, we went to play pool and just enjoy the time we had left before we parted again. During the game all I could do was watch my cousin. Her tight little ass moving, the way she would just flirt with me. I finally had enough. I walked up behinde her and hugged her. She stood straight up and looked up at me. You look so damn hot right now I said. So do you baby, she replied. She then bent over stuck her ass up in the air and pressed herself on my hard cock and moved it side to side. It felt amazing! I stood there and pushed hard into her ass so she would know how hard I was. I heard an exhale, and a slight moan. I looked up and saw mom looking at us with a big smile. I slightly lifted Bris dress and pressed my cock into what I thought was a panty covered pussy. That's when she stood up resting her head on my chest, I wrapped my arms around her tiny frame. She dropped the pool stick and turned around. It felt like we were the only ones in that room. Everything had faded. I love you, she said, I love you too I replied. It sucks I have to leave to tonight. I know it does, what I wouldnt give to have you stay the night. Mmmmm I know she said, her tiny voice ringing in my ear. That stuff you were doing this morning, I said. Yeah she asked, I would have done everything I could to make sure I didn't stop. Really she asked. Yes I replied. Would you have let me have sex with you, she asked. Not until you had an orgasm first. God I wish we would have done something last night, she said. Oh my god so do I, I replied. She then took my hand and placed it on her tiny almost non exsitant tits. I squeezed and she just inhaled sharply. I felt her little body on my cock, it was so hard for me to not to gently slide my now throbbing cock in her little pussy. 

We were staring into each others eyes, her face was full of pure and unadulterated lust. She was grinding her pussy on my leg slightly and I was grinding my throbbing bone on her leg. We kept staring into each others eyes. Do you feel that, I asked. Mmmmm hmmmmm she replied while biting her lip. What do you think I asked. In a very breathy whisper she replied I love what I'm feeling down there. Yeah I asked. She just nodded. Her breathing was so ragged that she was almost out of breath. She reached down and gripped my covered cock. Our eyes simultaneously popped open as did our mouths. Is that really you she asked. Only one way to find out. She started to rub and grip my cock through my pants. Oh my god, I said almost out of breath. You like that baby, she asked, oh my god I love it. I began moving my hip in time with her tiny hands. That's the biggest turn on for me, I love it when a woman does this. As we stared into each others eyes, she whispered, you should feel how wet I am right now. I reached down and slid my fingers onto her pussy. Hhhhhhuuu oh god she moaned quietly. She gripped my hard cock through my pants. Oh my god! You aren't wearing any panties, I said. I can't help it, you have always made me this wet, ever since I first met you. Yummy I said. We then kissed as we fondled each other. I touched her clit. She immediately tenses up. Oh my god your going to make me cum she said. Please stop. I stopped. I looked down her dress and pulled it out so I could see her little tits. Shit those are so sexy I said. She pushed me back, the looked down at my obvious bulge. It looks huge, she said. Do you like what you see I asked. She just nodded, I like what see, a lot, she answered. Do you think I'm wet enough for that to fit she asked. Oh god I hope so, I replied. Me too, she said, cause I really want you right now. I reached down and stroked her drooling pussy and said, I wanna lick this so bad. 

It was time for the pool hall to close. We turned to leave and my parents were not there. We went outside and they were by my truck. You love birds ready to leave yet, my dad asked. Yeah kind of Bri said. I gave my dad my keys, and asked if he could drive. I wanted to sit in the back with Bri. As I opened the door Bri climbed in. She pulled her dress up so I could see her little ass. I climbed In and sat by her. We didnt make out but I did rub her pussy and clit. I have never felt a girl get this wet. We drove home. I went to my room and started to gather Bris things when she entered the room. She shut the door came up to me and slid her right strap down her arm. I could see her hard nipples through her dress. She walked up and gripped my cock. We began to make out heavily while groping at each other. The way her hand felt rubbing my cock was amazing. I don't want to leave, she said. I don't want you to either, I replied. I am moving in a month and I want you to come with me, I said. Ok she replied. We split up knowing that it would be the last time we would see each other for a while. We then resituated ourselves and walked out to the living room. Dad had to be back to work the next morning so they had to leave. I walked them out to their car. Bri started crying uncontrollably. It's ok I said we will see each other soon, I promise. I don't want to lose you again, she said. Let's look at it this way, I'll see you later, not good bye. Ok she said through tears. I'm going to miss you baby, I said as I kissed her. We kissed for a few minutes. Then I heard my mom. Listen I know you two love each other, but we will all do what we can to be sure that you are back together soon. We already have it planned out, you just need to trust us. We both looked at each other and said ok. I'll miss you she said as she got into the car. I felt a huge knot in my gut like part of me was being taken away. I did cry as I watched them leave. It was a very sad day, yet a very nice day at the same time. I look foward to seeing my gorgeous, very sex, young cousin, who happens to be my now girlfriend return to me.

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