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First story...constructive comments please
My cousin and I have always been close. Perhaps because of the fact that we are only a year apart in age, and explored our sexuality during the same time...or perhaps due to her parents splitting up and she had to stay with my grandmother so often. Whatever the case, we had grown up being open and honest about everything with each other. 

As we grew older, we would share our problems with one another, our successes, our failures, and we would share our sexual experiences. Suffice it to say, we were closer than the average cousins. 

As we entered our 30's, life dealt us both a hard hand. She was living with a guy named Mike, who wasn't exactly loving to her, and I myself was going through a period of sexual frustration with my girlfriend. During a conversation, I spilled the beans about desiring more oral sex. I love intercourse, don't get me wrong...but there is no feeling like fucking a hot, wet, slobbering mouth and kissing a lady after cumming in her mouth. It excites me like nothing else will. 

After confessing that the oral part of my sex life was lacking, she said "if I was your lady, you'd never have to worry about that again. I'd suck your cock every morning and every evening"...needless to say, I was slightly speechless. I blew it off as just sexual frustration on each of our parts, and we continued on with the conversation. I need to say here that she is about 5' 3" tall, has a decent rack, but her ass and legs are killer! Sweet succulent bubble ass, with wide hips, and thick, muscular legs. Myself? I'm your average Joe, stand 6' even, weigh roughly 215-220, and average endowment. Nothing spectacular body wise, just a normal, every day guy. 

A few days passed, and I received a text asking me if I would mind telling her what I thought about a few pictures that she had taken of herself, in hopes that she could liven up her relationship with Mike. I agreed, and she sent me a few pics. Slightly erotic pics, nothing too revealing, just some lingerie pics. But damn, they were hot. I could feel the blood swelling in my cock, and decided I wouldn't let on about that. I replied "very nice, they should definitely get him aroused and improve your sexual relationship" and I left it at that. 

She shocked me with her reply. "I was hoping that it would get you aroused, because if I was successful arousing you, since you're my cousin and all, I knew he couldn't help but come home and fuck me senseless"

"How should I respond?" I asked myself "should I tell her the truth? Should I send a picture of my hard cock and see how she takes it?"...I was in a quandary, not sure what to do. So taking a chance that if nothing else it would prove that she had turned me on, I removed my jeans and snapped a photo of my hard, throbbing cock and sent it to her, and awaited the response. 

As the minutes passed by with no word, I began to wonder if I had messed up. Did she get the pic and get pissed off at me? Had I crossed the line? I was getting more worried by the minute

Finally  my phone buzzed. I opened the text with great apprehension, not sure of what to expect. There before my eyes was a beautiful sight...a beautiful shaved pussy, glistening wet, with a bunny vibrator sticking out of it. I stroked my cock for just a few seconds before cumming violently! She texted "that wasn't what I expected to see, but damn I loved getting that pic!"

After I calmed down, I replied and told her that I hadn't came that hard in a long time. She said that she had experienced a wonderful orgasm herself, and thanked me for helping take the tension off before her man arrived at home, but she had to go, he was almost home. 

A week passed with no word from her. I was a little embarrassed and didn't want to be the first to initiate a conversation. Finally I received a text letting me know that she was going to grill that weekend and wanted to know if I was available to come hang out and have a drink or two. I quickly replied that I had to work that Saturday, but I'd swing by afterwards and join her for a relaxing evening. 

Saturday came, and I headed to work with great anticipation for that evening. I was nervous, excited, and a little embarrassed about seeing her for the first time in person since the pic exchange. I arrived around 4 in the afternoon. I knocked on the door, wondering how I would be greeted. She opened the door wearing a tank top and shorts, with her hair wet from the shower. We hugged, as is the usual greeting for us, and I tried to keep my dick from pitching a tent in my shorts. 

She exclaimed "I thought you were going to let me know you were on the way!" as she rushed into the living room. As I entered the room, I noticed a towel laying on the floor, as she began to clear the coffee table off into a bag. I saw a bottle, thong panties, and the bunny vibrator as it fell into the bag. She blushed and ran to the bedroom, her sexy ass bouncing as she ran. I debated on following her, or staying in the living room. She came out of the room, her face flushed with embarrassment. 

"I'm sorry" she said "I had to have a little fun before you arrived, because I'm not sure if I could talk to you without picturing your cock...and I was afraid I'd be overwhelmed with desire and do something stupid that I'd regret later"

Curious, as always, I asked her "why would would regret anything? Haven't we always been open with each other? Besides, I wish I'd shown up a little earlier, perhaps I'd have peeked through the window and watched you having fun! haha"

"oh hush, you wouldn't have watched anything! You're all talk anyways...its not like you'd have really enjoyed it" she said with a hint of sadness. 

"why do you say that?" I had to ask...I had to know where she was at mentally. "why do you not believe I'd enjoy watching you fucking your sexy pussy with your toy?"

"if you did, you'd be the only in who enjoyed it. Mike won't even look at me!" she proclaimed with frustration "he only cares about himself, getting off and then leaving! I'm sick of no one taking an interest in me!" 

She sat down and hung her head and tried to calm down. I stood there, horny as fuck, wondering if I should console her, or show her that she is extremely sexy and desirable, and proceed to fuck her till she couldn't take it any more

I gently took her hand, helped her to her feet, and wrapped her in my arms. I had no words, just held her against me. Slowly, I sensed her relax, and as she melted against me, my cock pressed into her. She slid her hand down, feeling of me through my shorts, and let out a nervous giggle "is this what I think it is?" she asked "is it because of me?"

"hell yes" I replied "I've been horny for days now, and have looked at the pics you sent me and jacked off until I can hardly stand it anymore"

As I finished speaking, she reached up and pulled me down and softly kissed me, lightly licking at my lips as she gently rubbed me through my shorts. A groan escaped my lips, and I responded eagerly to her probing tongue. 

As things heated up, I slipped my hands down the back of her shorts and cupped her glorious ass and gently squeezed and massaged her. A moan came from deep within her, and she started writhing her body against me, rubbing her crotch against my leg. I could feel the heat emanating from her pussy. 

I couldn't contain myself any longer. I ripped my shorts and shirt off, and started to pull her shirt over her head. She stopped me and asked "are you sure? We haven't crossed the line yet"..."like hell we haven't" I said "I've fucked you in my mind for days now, and I want the real thing!"

As she stripped, that wet, hot, sexy pussy came into view. I bent down on one knee and inhaled her sweet aroma, and started to kiss her thighs, trailing my tongue over and around her crotch. I teased and avoided her pussy, for as much as I wanted to taste her, I wanted this first experience to last. 

I raised up, grabbed the hem of her shirt, and slowly pulled it over he heard. Her brown hair cascaded down to rest across her gum drop nipples, and I slowly suckled her nipple, swirling my tongue around and over it as she gasped in pleasure. Her hand sought out my cock, gently stroking me as we moaned with pleasure. 

I led her over to the couch and she sat with her ass on the edge of the seat. I knelt down, spread her leg apart, and buried my face in that wet, sexy pussy that I'd thought about all week long. So wet, dripping with her juices, and begging me to taste her, I licked from the bottom of her slit to the top, and took her hardened clit and lashed my tongue against it as she trembled and moaned. Licking and sucking, it didn't take long before she was panting and shaking her way through her first orgasm. 

I couldn't wait any longer, my desire to feel her pussy sheathing my cock was to strong. No additional lubrication was needed, I simply ran the tip of my throbbing, swollen cock up and down her pussy, and slowly entered into her hot cunt. As I entered in and our bodies joined, I found myself in one of the hottest pussies I've ever experienced. It was as if she was on fire, as she wrapped her legs around my waist and I began to fuck her and hammer her, feeling my balls slapping against her ass. In and out, no thought given to anything but reaching a mind blowing climax...I felt the walls of her cunt squeeze down on me as she came, moaning and grunting, she clutched my arms and begged me to fuck her harder. Pistoning in and out, I approached the brink and exclaimed "I'm about to cum, oh damn baby, I'm about to cum!"

She pushed me off, fell to her knees, and devoured my cock. Sucking and inhaling my dick, she grabbed my balls and squeezed, kneading them and pulling them as she willed me to cum. Exploding inside her mouth, all I could do was fall over and groan as she took every drop, nothing escaped her she drained every drop, and I slowly came down from the high, she crawled up my body, smashed her lips to mine, and shared our cum with me. No words were needed, we could see the flames of desire in each others eyes. 

Gasping for breath, exhausted, and feeling high, we lay down together and came down from the high. I gently caressed her body as she lay against me. It was definitely the hottest adventure that I'd ever had to that point in my life, and I was content to lie there and enjoy her cozied up to me. 

There followed more times of fun, sex, and adventure. If anyone cares to hear them, I'll follow up soon. Thanks for all happened exactly as I told it, hope that the truth will be enough for your enjoyment

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2015-12-27 17:07:58
Gee! I really like how you shown your love for your cousin but you should have express your feeling also

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2015-04-09 20:14:53
I got drunk with my cousin a few times and ended up fucking .i never know my couisn was so slutty and do anything I wanted . Best duck I've ever had

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2012-08-27 22:10:42
That wasn't a bad story

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Bigsexman9 is a 14 yo and a 74 yo wow time travel is real!
you fucked up slick

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