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My wife came up with a house rule a long time ago. Now it might need to be revised.
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If You See It, Kiss It

Years ago my wife made it a house rule…if you see it, you must kiss it. She was referring to her bare pussy, of course. As our children got older though it started referring to panty-covered pussy too. My wife would lift her short skirts or spread her legs wide while sitting on the couch. I would most certainly see her panty-covered pussy and kiss it.

It did not take long for my daughter and son to catch on to what was happening. My daughter would spread her legs for us both and I would gladly get right in there for a nice kiss. Of course I would take in her wonderful female fragrance while I was there.

Our son would try very hard not to look at his sister’s crotch. For some reason he hated to kiss her panties. However, he would wait patiently for my wife to open her knees just the slightest bit so that he could say, “I see it, now I have to kiss it.” He would craw through fire to get to his mother’s pussy.

One night after sex I asked my wife, “Why does he go after your pussy but not his sister’s pussy?”

To my surprise he had in the beginning but his sister had discouraged him from doing so. It seems that she had gone without panties several times and had made sure to wipe her ass from the back to the front after pooping. There by giving her pussy a very shitty taste and smell. Then as per our house rule she would spread, he would see it, and then he was required to kiss it, at which time his sister would grab his ears and force him to stay there much longer than he wanted to be.

On the other hand my wife was very careful to keep her pussy clean and smelling fresh. She would keep a bottle of lilac perfume right next to the toilet and would rub a drop onto her clit after going.

Later before going to bed she would wash her pussy to get it clean for me. We both enjoyed oral sex a lot…especially her. Of course that was what had prompted the house rule in the first place.

The next day I asked my daughter about what she had done to her brother. Jasmine said, “It was paybacks for what he did to me.”

She continued, “Well, about three weeks ago he said that if he had to kiss mine whenever he saw it, then he figured that I should kiss his whenever I saw it. I figured that that was fair so I started kissing his little pecker whenever he would pull it out. Well, about two weeks ago on Monday, kissing led to sucking and then swallowing his cum. Then last Thursday he pulled it out in front of my girlfriends. I sucked his cock and swallowed his cum but that Friday in school my two girlfriends told everyone about me giving my brother blowjobs. I am the laughing stock of my school. Of course all of the boys want me to suck their cocks too. It is so humiliating.”

She added, “Then on our walk home from school today he told me that he wants to start fucking me. Can you believe that?”

So I had a talk with our son about what his sister had told me. He just laughed about it.

I was not laughing when I said, “You are grounded for a month. You will no longer be allowed to kiss your mother’s or you sister’s pussies ever again. Is that understood?”

He replied, “Yes, sir.”

I added, “And you are no longer going to show your sister your cock and force her to kiss it, suck it, or even look at it. Is that clear, young man? And under no circumstances are you to try and fuck your sister.”

He replied, “Yes, sir.”

As further punishment my wife and my daughter did not wear their panties around the house that night. They treated me to several looks and I made it a point to run my tongue up their slits several times. I would start from their assholes and go up to their clits if I could get enough access to do so.

The next day just before I left work I got a call from my wife telling me that our daughter had her two girlfriends spending the weekend and that something was up. When I asked what it was, she said that she didn’t know…yet.

Well, when I walked in the door my wife gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear, “They are not wearing their panties. Neither am I. I was ordered to take them off. You are in for one hell of a night mister.”

I went into the living room and sat down in my favorite chair while my wife got me a beer.

Across from me, seated on the couch was my daughter sitting between her two best friends.

She said, “Dad I told them all about our house rule. I told them that my brother had made up the part about me sucking his cock. I told them he was being punished for his actions. Then Mom told them that our house rule applied only to you now and that any exposed pussy was to be followed by you kissing the panties or in case we weren’t wearing any, to lick our pussies.”

My wife handed me my beer. I took a few good swallows as my daughter said, “We are not wearing any panties.”

Then to my pleasure all three girls spread their knees exposing three of the prettiest little pussies that I had ever seen. I smiled at them and then I looked at my wife. Her skirt was hiked up to her waist and her bare pussy was inches from my face.

I leaned into my wife’s pussy holding her ass and pulling my lips to her pussy lips. Then lip to lip we kissed. Then we French kissed with my tongue slipping deeply into her moist slit. I lapped at her strawberry flavored clit.

My wife said, “It is extract. We all taste different. Mine is strawberry’”

In the background the girls giggled and said, “Mine is cherry extract.” “Mine is peppermint extract.” “Mine is vanilla extract.”

So after enjoying my wife’s pussy for a few more minutes I crawled on my knees over to the girls. My daughter was in the middle so I started with her. Cherry! My favorite! After I gave her pussy a nice long kiss, I lifted her feet up onto my shoulders, and started to lick the full length of her slit several times paying special attention to her clit. After her orgasm I moved to the next girl. Both girls enjoyed the oral sex just as much as I enjoyed giving it to them.

That night I had to service those three girls multiple times. The next day being Saturday I had to make up an excuse to get out of the house. Too much of a good thing is still too much.

That evening, the two girl’s mothers joined us for dinner. At first I was concerned but as soon as they spread their legs and I saw that they were not wearing panties, I just smiled and crawled over to their chairs. I thought that the one mother would kill me. Her legs were clamped tightly around my neck as she experienced what she described as the best orgasm of her life.

Both women called home to tell their husbands that they had been invited to a sleepover too. A mother and daughter sleepover. What their husbands did not know was that both women were going to sleep in my bed with me. My wife was going to keep the three girls down in the family room. Our son had already been farmed out for the whole weekend to his grandparent’s house.

The women took me to bed early. They exposed their nude pussies to me after they had showered together for an extended length of time. After I had given both women orgasms they gave me a joint blowjob with each one taking a turn. I looked down to see them both licking my shaft at the same time. Their pink tongues looked so nice on my cock that I could imaging my wife’s tongue in there too for a fantastic picture, I would have to ask them to pose for one before they went home to their husbands.

Before they made me cum I begged them to let me fuck them both at the same time. They said yes and my cock went from one pussy to the next so fast that it was almost like jerking off. I had one of my best climaxes ever.

Later I had them face one another. The one on the bottom was slightly heavier and face up with her knees slightly bent. The one on top was face down with their nipples touching and face to face. Her knees were bent and straddling the hips of the one on the bottom. I was between their legs and could see their wonderful pussies just inches apart. I moved in close and thrust my cock into one pussy and then into the other pussy. It was so much better than having them side by side.

As our passions grew, the two women started to kiss. Boy could they kiss. I didn’t even kiss my wife with that much passion. It was out of this world.

The one on the bottom broke away and shouted, “God Cynthia, it feels just like you are fucking me.”

The one on top replied, “I know. I love it. Don’t stop.”

I had no intention of stopping. Not until I had cum anyway. When I had finished I just crawled up next to them and pulled the covers up over us. Those two women stayed in that position for several hours before they finally separated. I was not in the middle.

That next morning I awoke to them in a very passionate sixty-nine. When they realized that I was awake they pleaded with me to fuck them in the stacked position again. They admitted to being lovers for years and that sex with me had given them an entirely different perspective on their relationship. They felt like they were making love to each other and not just some guy with his cock in them.

At breakfast all six girls were totally naked so I was under the kitchen table for quite awhile before I finally got to eat some real food. Not that I was complaining about eating six freshly douched pussies.

While I was under the table the women talked about their sex lives. The two mothers told their daughters that they had been lovers ever since they had first met. They praised my sexual powers to my wife who already knew how wonder I was in bed. The three younger women had had a very good time down in the family room with my wife. They learned a lot about pleasing another girl from her.

Our son returned on Sunday pretty late and was sent right to bed.

On Monday our daughter came home in a very happy mood. Her girlfriends had started a rumor that our son was a big liar and that he had practically raped his sister and that he was being punished. They said that it had been a one-time thing and that it would never happen again.

By the end of the school day most of the boys and girls were giving her sympathy and saying how sorry they were.

When any of our daughter’s friends stopped in, our son was sent to his room. Surprisingly there was a new girl coming by almost ever night. They would spread their legs and let me enjoy their tasty pussies several times before they went home. Later at bedtime I would find their panties on my pillow.

Weeks later our son could not apologize enough. He begged to be allowed to participate in the house rule once again. Especially, since his sister told his girlfriend about our house rule and she would spread her legs for me right in front of him.

The End
If You See It, Kiss It
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