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another story for a friend
We get settled into our hotel room and get cleaned up to go out for dinner. We
shower together and I keep running my hands across your body but every time I
get to your breasts or pussy you swat them away giggling. You turn to see the
effect I'm having on you stare down at my hardened dick. You wrap your hand
around it and give it a couple good strokes before letting go and resume washing
yourself. I groan in despair, knowing your little tricks and watch your gorgeous
ass while you exit the shower. We get dressed and ready to go out to eat. You're
wearing a very low cut dress that shows off an impressive amount of cleavage. As
I look your body over, I wish I had brought pants with more room in the crotch
as they are already starting to tighten around my growing erection. We head off
to dinner, giving quick pop kisses on the way. We stop at a light, knowing its
going to be a long one, I lean over to your seat and give you a deep kiss,
sliding my tongue passed your lips, running it over yours. You grab a hold of my
thigh, running your hand up until it comes in contact with the tip of my dick
and then immediately pull back from me. "the lights green" you say as you giggle
and shoot me a sky grin. We drive off and get to the restaurant. We sit in a
booth, the table cloth extending over the sides, covering anything that may be
going on under the table. We order drinks and our food, and as soon as the
waitress leaves our table, you slide your foot up my calf seductively, taking
your time, driving my anticipation up. You slide it across my inner thigh and
come in contact once again with the tip of my dick. You brush your foot across
the whole length of it, then pull back as the waitress reappears with our
drinks. You giggle and bite your lip, looking at me with those seductive eyes.
As soon as she leaves, you slide your foot back up my leg and give my dick a
couple more rubs before dropping your foot back down. I wiggle in my seat trying
to readjust myself without making it too obvious as I look down at your cleavage
and think about how bad I want you in the moment. You just keep giving me
teasing looks as you know what I'm trying to do, enjoying that you get to tease
me for a change, knowing that I'm going to let loose on you as soon as I get the
chance. We eat our dinner and with you occasionally sliding your foot back up
into my groin, making it hard for me to eat and almost choking a couple times
from the surprise touches you give me. The waitress brings the check and leave a
few bills not worrying about change. I grab you up by the hand and practically
drag you out to the car. We speed off down the road. You start to get wet in
anticipation of what's going to happen as soon as we get back to the hotel. I
decide I can't wait the whole 20 minute ride back and rapidly pull into a
blacked out parking lot. I quickly get out of the car and move to your side,
throwing open the door and pulling you out of your seat and up into my arms. I'm
holding you by your shoulders and lean in to kiss you deeply. My hands slide
down to caress all of the right parts of your body. I finally settle with one
hand on your ass, squeezing it firmly while my other hands brings your leg up
and wraps it around me. I lean you back on the hood of the car and free your
breasts from the dress, almost mauling them with my hands as mouth, sucking each
nipple into my mouth and working my tongue over them. I hike your dress up and
reach down between your legs only to find that you aren't wearing any panties.
You give me a coy grin right before I thrust two fingers deep into your dripping
pussy. You arch your back and tilt your head to the side in ecstasy as my
fingers explore your depths and my thumb starts working your clot around in
circles. I unzip my pants and pull out my dick. You try to drop down to your
knees but I hold you in place with my hand on your neck, pressing down, not
letting you breathe for a couple seconds before relaxing my grip a little. I
plunge my dick into you up to the hilt in a single thrust and moan you deeply in
pleasure. I immediately start pounding into you with deep hard fast thrusts as
you begin to let out high pitched screams. I grab a hand full of your hair and
pull your head back by it as I keep thrusting into you over and over. I plunge
deep into you one last time as I start to spurt warm cum deep into your pussy.
You start to shake as you have an orgasm feeling my cum shoot deep inside of
you. I pin your hands over your head as your body shudder and I lower my lips to
yours giving you one last passionate kiss. After you come down from your
euphoric high, we gather ourselves, get as cleaned up as we can and get into the
car and drive back to the hotel. We walk hand in hand down the hallway and go
into our room. We step through the door and after I shut it, you turn to me and
look deep into my eyes. I grab you by the waist and look at you while I inch my
lips closer to yours. You wrap your arms around my neck and we hold each other
closely as our lips softly come together in a soft and lingering kiss. Your
hands begin caressing my back as mine start exploring your body. I reach behind
you and unzip your dress, letting it fall to the floor. You slide my shirt over
my head and start to work on undoing my pants as my hands go up to caress your
breasts, holding their weight in mind hands before I start squeezing them firmly
and running my thumbs across the nipples. You slide my pants down and we clear
ourselves of the clothes and head towards the bed, you leading me across the
room by my hand. I lay you back on the bed and press my lips against your neck.
I kiss up and down your neck as my hands continue to roam your body. You wrap an
arm around my back and run your other hand through my hair, pulling my body
closer to yours. You reach down between us and wrap your fingers around my
throbbing dick, beginning to stroke it slowly. I move up the bed and kneel next
to your head. You flip over onto your stomach and look into my eyes as you
slowly guide my dick into your mouth, sucking on it lightly at first and running
your tongue around the tip. I place a hand on the back of your head, still
letting you control the motion while I reach down under you and resume playing
with your breasts with my other hand. You take my whole dick into your mouth,
taking it to the back of your throat, gagging yourself on it a little. I grab
you by your shoulder and turn you around onto your hands and knees. I run my
hands across your luscious ass before giving it a couple playful swats. You moan
and giggle feeling the slight sting from my hands. I grab my Rick and slide it
between your legs, rubbing it across your pussy, feeling how wet your are. I
place the tip at your entrance and slowly slide in, feeling every ridge and bump
inside you until I slide in to the hilt, both of us letting out a deep moan. I
squeeze your ass firmly before I start rocking in and out of you with slow but
deep strokes, hitting balls deep every time. I run my nails across your back,
doing it lightly as I go up, and then digging them in on the way down. You let
out another deep moan, feeling my nails sink into your skin. As my hands reach
your waist, I grab a hold of you with one while I take the other and slap your
ass again, harder this time, leaving my hand print on each cheek. You grunt and
start pushing back against me, letting me know you want it to get rougher. I
reach up and grab a hold of your hair and pull back on it while I start to speed
up my thrusts. I start to hammer into you, inciting moans from both of us. Your
pussy starts to clench down around my dick and I feel myself getting close to
cumming as you try to milk my cock. I pull out of you and turn you around, still
having a firm hold of your hair. I jam my dick back into your throat, holding
you down on it while you gag. Spit starts to drip from your mouth. I scoop it up
with your hand and rub it on my dick, giving me a few quick strokes before I
make you choke on my dick again. I feel my cum building up through my dick and
shoot for the spurt into your mouth and across your face. You grab a hold of my
dick and stroke it fast while spurt after spurt of cum hits you across the face,
in your mouth, and on your breasts. Once I'm done cumming you take my dick back
in your mouth to suck and lick it clean, occasionally running it through the cum
on your breasts so you can get another taste. Once your satisfied, you grab me
by the hand and lead me into the shower. You set the water and step in rinsing
yourself off as I get in behind you, running my hands across your body. You turn
to me and put your arms around my neck and give me a deep kiss, pressing your
body up against mine, feeling my still hard dick pushing up against your
stomach. You look up at me and smile, lifting your leg up and wrapping it around
me, then pushing your back against the wall. I squat down slightly and then
slowly slide my dick up into you once again. This time I take nice long strokes,
allowing us both to feel every bit of penetration. You wrap your arms around my
neck and bring my face down to your breasts. I start to kiss, bite, and suck on
them as I keep sliding in and out of you. You clench down around me and increase
the level of friction and excitement for both of us. I change the angle a little
bit to make sure I press the tip up into your g spot and then pick up the pace.
As the pleasure builds inside of you, you dig your nails in my shoulders,
holding on tightly as wave after wave of your orgasm washes over you. I grip
your ass and hip tightly, ensuring we don't slip or fall as you clench down hard
around my dick, triggering my own release. I let go a couple spurts inside of
you. The feeling triggers a second but smaller orgasm that washes over you
quickly. I let you stand back up and I slide out of you. You kiss me deeply,
pressing your tongue through my lips and caressing mine with it. I hold you
gently in my arms as I kiss you back. We finish getting cleaned up and exit the
shower, drying each other off. We get into bed as we are. You lay your head on
my shoulder with a hand resting on my chest. I pull you in tighter with my arm
wrapped around you and tilt your head up with my other hand. Your bring your
face up closer to mine and we have one last deep kiss before we fall asleep
holding each other.

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2013-01-23 06:25:25
Your son is soooo cute. I have only just met you the one time at our daughters wnieddg (Allyce & Brett Kosnar), but your son looks a lot like you. I love looking at your page, you do beautiful work. I was watching you the day of the wnieddg and saw that your work is truely a deep love of yours.WOW you really have a eye and heart for your work. I will be passing your name on.Jessie Ruhl

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