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I lived in Madrid, Spain when I was in middle school. I went to an American private high school. But I swam on the Airforce base(now closed) swim club. After months of practice I began to get noticed, my body gone from plump to tight with my little ab six pack. I was a back stroker and butterfly swimmer.

We competited with several associated swim clubs in Spain and one of them was was in the south of Spain called Rota. One of the girls, very pretty had taken a very strong like to me. And I oftened noticed her little butt shifting the tight lycra swimsuit back and forth as she walked and stretched out. Well the big day came and our parents all droped off off at the bus and we headed south. I think the trip took a whole day with two bus drivers. I got on the bus and found a seat in the back not expecting Abby to sit with me but instead to sit with one of her other friends.

Abby sat next to me and we smiled. Her friends leaned back in their seats and smiled at her with a knowing smile. My buddies stared rocking my chair real hard and whooping. the bus driver yelled back at us to knock it off. After our second rest stop, it started to get dark and the stereos had been turned off. Abby came back to her seat and started to doze off. I came back and non chalantly put my arm around her and she fell into my arm. There was no arm rest except for the aisle. After awhile it started to get a little chilly so I got up and got a blanket. I put it over us and curled up next to me. I had the biggest shit eating grin on my face.

Her hand drifted towards my crotch and she sheepishly looked up at me. It was kind of dark and everyone else seemed like they were zonked out too. I leaned over and our lips meet. We had a very furtive first kiss. Meanwhile her hand began to rest more firmly on my leg. My cock was getting real hard and responding to the proximity of her hand. My hand slipped down her back and started to carress her butt. She was wearing these nylon running shorts. I could trace the outline of her panties. She gasped a little and moved her hand up under the hem of my cut off jeans. Her finger started to play with the tip off my cock and we looked at each other and smiled. I reached down and unzipped my fly. I helped her get my cock out. Meanwhile my hand had moved back down the inside of her shorts. She cocked her leg up and gave my access to her sweet tight pussy. I started rubbing it slowly as she started to give me a hand job. This was a first for both of us but we seemed to know what to do. Her hips started moving with the caressing of her pussy. I dipped my finger inside her pussy but found resistance up to my first joint. I continued to finger her and she started to become really wet. I had to put her head back under the blanket because she was moaning softly. Meanwhile my cock had gotten bigger than I had ever seen it and pre-cum had started to come out the top. She put her mouth over the top of my cock and started flicking her tongue. Her teeth grazed the tip of my cock and I flinched, She looked up at me and mouthed " I'm sorry". I smiled and kissed her again. She went back to work on my cock.

Her hand started moving faster as her hot little mouth and tongue worked their magic. My cock knob was turning blue. A little dribble of cum started coming out and Abby took her mouth away and continued to lovingly stroke my cock as I shot a load of cum against the back rest of the chair in front of me. I grabbed an old grease rag on the floor and wiped it up. She kissed my again and told me she really liked me!! She shifted her position in her seat and I broght my hand out of her shorts. She had very sweet pussy smell and I could smell it on my fingers. We grabbed a coke out of the cooler and shared it.

4 hours later we arrived in Rota and won the swim meet. We went to the beach together and on the way back up she wore a little skirt and top. This time it was harder because some of the other kids were starting to think we were up to something. But we got away with it anyways.


2007-04-15 13:16:33
lol to reader who thought up the tit joke in his word 'competitor'


2007-04-03 22:26:44
lucky u! good story


2006-12-07 17:58:20
too short needs more detailes


2006-10-24 15:39:33
can u make luv wit me


2006-10-22 16:23:07
well it was okay i guess 4 out of 10 MAYBE no actaully it sucked 3 out of 10

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