This was a little some thing that was rolling around in my head and i just had to write it . I wanted it to be longer but it just wasn't meant to be.
I was at my nephew’s football game when she caught my attention. She sat not too far from me wearing this little grey skirt, a form fitting character t-shirt (blue), and a pair of nearly knee high black boots. I’m not sure what caused me to notice her, maybe it was that her skirt was pushed up on her legs some, her full b-cup breasts pressed tight to the shirt, or maybe it was her waist length auburn hair. There’s no telling, but I do know that once I saw her I knew I wanted to fuck her. It didn’t matter that she probably wasn’t eighteen yet and I was twenty-seven, her little form tempted. I over heard her friends call her Nichole when I followed them after the game. They ate dinner at this little diner on tenth and I did too so I could watch her a little longer. When they finished eating and started to leave Nichole turned left and the other girls went right.

An idea fully formed in my head and I followed her down the ally. At the end of the ally, she stopped, looked both ways, and stepped out to cross the street, but before she could take a second step out of the ally, I grabbed her right arm. “Hey let go,” Nichole said forcefully. I didn’t of course. In this light, I could see her eyes where blue. This was going to be good.

“Come here love I have something for you,” I said and pulled her back down the ally a ways. Nichole pushed at me trying to get away, but her little 5 foot 3, 115lb self couldn’t and I loved it. I had her now. I pressed her against the brick wall using my body to hold her. “You’re a little beauty, you know that?” I kissed her mouth as she struggled. Her struggling body moved against mine sending fire through my blood and causing blood to fill my cock, hardening it. “That’s it lover move for me.” I rubbed my cock against her.

“No!” she nearly screamed and tried to drop to the ground to get away, but I held her in place. I nuzzled her neck pushing the collar of her shirt so I could kiss her shoulder. Nichole raised her knee to hit me, but I stepped back in time and roughly flipped her to face the wall; holding both her wrists in one hand behind her back. My other hand ran up her skirt and found her underwear. “Don’t touch me!”

“Oh, but love your already wet for me. I wish I could take you home so I could eat that cunt out. I’d bet it’s sweet on the tongue.” Then I reached into my pocket and pulled out the pocketknife I carried. “Now hold still so I don’t cut you.” I ran the blade against the side of her panties then twisted the knife to cut the little string on the left side of her hip before doing the same to the right. I put up the knife and reached back under her skirt, pulling the scrap of underwear off her. “That’s my good girl.” I ran my fingers over her clit causing her to gasp. “Feels good doesn’t it?” I said as I slid a finger into her pussy.

“Please stop,” Nichole cried. I could see tears running down the side of her face. “I didn’t do anything.”

“Lover I know you didn’t do anything. You’re my good girl, but you see this body of yours was just to tempting to not take.” As I talked I played with her clit some more feeling her body jerk with it. I stuck a knee in between her legs, opening then wide. After setting my feet against hers to keep her from closing her legs I reached for my pants and unfastened them one handed. My cock fell out into the open and I thought for a minute if I wanted to take the time to put a condom on. In the end, I didn’t want anything between me and Nichole’s warm, wet, pussy. I used my hand to rub my cock along her slit before I found her opening.

“Please stop. I…I don’t want to lose my virginity this way.” A shutter ran through me at her words. I pushed the head of my cock in and she started crying harder. Slowly I entered her tight pussy. The muscles in her cunt spamming from the invasion of my man sized cock in her teen pussy. When I met resistance, I stopped and leaned down to her ear.

“Don’t worry lover I’ll be gentle with you,” I told her. “How old are you anyway Nichole?” She gasped and her pussy tightened with her movement.

“You know my name.” I pulled out a little.

“Over heard you with your friends, now how old are you?” I pushed back in till I met her barrier.

“Almost fifteen. My birthday’s in a week.” I did a few little thrusts, pulling out almost all the way then back in just to the end of my cock head before I pressed into her barrier. Nichole cried out. “Stop! It hurts!” Keeping the pressure on her, I started talking to her again.

“Relax baby, it’ll only hurt a second and then you’ll have a man’s cock deep in that little cunt.” I pressed a little harder into her.

“Stop!” she screamed as my cock broke her open for the first time and I forced my way in ‘til hit her cervix. I didn’t move, loving the feel of her body contracting around me, it was almost a painful feeling, as she body tried to take my wide cock into her tiny pussy. After a minute or two, I pulled back and though she was crying, she didn’t gasp or scream like it hurt. I started pumping into the tight cunt of my fourteen-year-old victim. At first it was hard to move well in her, but after a few thrusts her body started to lubricate its self better. I wrapped my left arm around her and played with her clit as I pumped her. “Please stop.” I almost couldn’t hear her.

“You’ll enjoy this baby; just let me work my cock in you.” I pumped harder thrusting deep. With each thrust, I came to the end of her body, but I couldn’t get all my cock into her, I had about a quarter inch that just wouldn’t fit. My balls were tight against my body as I fuck her roughly now that her barrier was gone, but I had to hold my cum inside. Just as it was getting too much to hold on, I heard her moan softly. “Yeah that’s it baby come on.” I concentrated on fingers rubbing her clit and timing my thrusts. I could feel cum coming up from my balls, readying for a huge orgasm.

“What…what’s happening to me?” Her little body trembled under the force of my fingers and before I could answer her, her body began to shutter around me, milking my cock and she screamed out in pleasure, I couldn’t help following her. My cum jetted into her spamming pussy as I sank in as far as her body could take me, filling her pussy to the max with my cock and her womb with my cum. It seemed forever before my cock stopped jerking in her.

“That my baby girl is an orgasm. Your body enjoyed having my cock sunk in it and my fingers playing.” I nuzzled her neck again before I spoke again. “And now your filled with my cum.” Reluctantly I pulled out of her and straightened my clothes before picking up her panties and putting them in my jacket pocket. I turned her to look at me. I kissed her mouth again. “Thank you for letting me have your virginity baby. I love popping cherries for little girls and when you came for me…mmm… that was so good on my cock.” I let go of her and she stepped away. “Would you like me to walk you home? There are a lot of weridos out this time of night.”

“And your one of them!” she screamed at me.

“Now, now I only fucked you I didn’t make you do anything nasty like lay on the ground or cut you or fuck your ass. There are plenty out there who wouldn’t have tried to make you feel good as they took you and would never have been gentle in popping that cherry of yours.” She looked down at he legs and the way she moved I saw what she was looking at, my cum mixed with a pink tinge running down her leg.

“You…you…you didn’t use a condom?” she looked back at me.

“No your pussy was too sweet on my cock for me to roll one on.”

“You have them and didn’t use them!”

“Like I said once I was in you my mind was only on how good you felt and how to make you cum too.”

“I’m not on the pill or anything and I’m mid way through my cycle. You could have got me pregnant.” I shuttered then the only thing I like better then fucking a virgin is fucking a pregnant girl. Maybe a kidnapping was in order so I could fuck her while my child grew in her.

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2015-01-25 20:17:50
What the hell

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2012-12-07 13:11:08
Need to make part two. You have a good the end.

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2012-11-04 09:50:32
very good, good enough for a part 2 exactlythe way a rape fantasy should play out


2012-08-05 15:36:55
I really like this story, although it was a little short. It could've used a little more build up and details but it was good thank you.

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2012-08-02 11:28:41
I agree with Ghost but one minor thing... the word is shudder, not shutter. Shutter is something you close on a window or the shutter on your camera lens. Otherwise not bad.

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