My sister and I find a mutual point
I haven't been around for a while, but came up with this idea and thought you all might like it. Please leave some feedback if you do. I can make this a series if needed.

My sister and I have always been friends. If fact, I can't recall one time in our lives that we actually had a fight. Oh, maybe once or twice we argued about something on TV or maybe who's turn it was to take out the trash, but it always ended with one us of giving in before things escalated into something bad. I kind of think that the reason we got along so well is because our parents didn't. The fact was that they fought constantly.
When I was twelve and Angela was eleven our Dad came home from work one evening and informed us all that he was, "sick and tired of our shit and was moving out".
"So what's stopping you," our mother screamed. She threw a coffee cup at him? "And plan on paying for the rest of our life," she added as he closed the door behind him barely missing the second cup that shattered against the wall.
We visited our father a couple of times at his new apartment right after he left. It was a nice place, furnished well with a new sofa, a liquor cabinet and wet bar. He also had a pretty fine looking friend named, Dora, who stayed over on the two occasions that Angela and I spent the night. Shortly after our second sleepover our mom broke the news. Dad did pay for the rest of his life which ended in a head on collision out on highway twelve exactly two months to the day that he moved out.
At the funeral the only sobbing came from Dora. Angie and I sat stoic while Mom stared with icy eyes at the distraught woman.
And so, Dad was laid to rest along with any alimony or child support that might have come our way. Oh, and later on our mother learned that Dad had dropped us from his life insurance adding Dora in our place. I think at that point Dora may have stopped crying. In fact, shorty after her check arrived she headed home to Puerto Rico and was never heard from again; at least not in the continental U.S.
Mom went back to work at the hospital as a nurse's aid She worked crazy hours so we didn't see a lot of her except on her day off. Angie and I went on to finish middle school and and start high school with the same close ties we had shared before Dad's death. Everything was back to normal or as normal as it could be under the circumstances.
With Mom working all the time Angie and I relied on each other for nearly everything.
Angie had grown to be an attractive young woman with deep blue eyes and pouty ruby lips. Her hair was black as night and straight as the proverbial arrow. She stood very statues at somewhere near five-eight with a smile that could melt any boy's heart. It surely melted mine, and that was a problem I dealt with daily.
When I was seven years old my Dad enrolled me in one of those, Chuck Norris karate schools. I loved it an although I only got to brown belt when Dad died, and the tuition was cut off, I was good at it.
As I said, my sister was a looker and I wasn't the only one who noticed.
I tried to stay out of Angie's business. She had a few dates and even though I did not like it, I didn't interfere. That was until she start dating Bobbie Moore, the quarter-back at school.
About six weeks into their relationship, Bobbie, decided Angie should "put out". She told me this later, after Bobbie was able to play football again.
What happened was this. One night Angie came home from a date with Bobbie. She burst through the front door and ran straight to her room slamming the door behind her. I ran after her.
"Angie, can I come in," I asked from the hallway.
There was no answer so I took that as a yes and opened the door.
Angie was laying face down on her bed crying. I touched her neck and she rolled over. Below her left eye was a bruise that threatened to be a first rate shiner.
All I said was, "Who"?
All she said was, "Bobbie".
The next morning Angie and I rode the school bus in silence. We both knew what was going to happen and I think we both accepted it as the way it should be.
What happened next is still vivid in my mind. We got off the bus and walked directly through the main door into the school. By chance, Bobbie Moore was not twenty feet away laughing and talking to some friends.
Bobbie is a big guy, at least three inches taller than I am and maybe twenty pound heavier. I don't believe he felt very threatened as I approached him. What happened next was a blur.
I walked right up to Bobbie and punched him squarely in the nose. He fell back onto the hard tile floor, blood streaming down toward his chin.
"You little son- of - bitch. I'm gonna kill you," he screamed He started to get up, but before he could get to his knees let alone his feet I hit him again with a spinning back kick that nearly took his head off. He hit the floor again, very hard. As he started to raise up for the second time I backed up and let him get to his feet before taking him down again with a front snap kick to the stomach.
Now, you may wonder why I didn't just kick him in the balls. Well, the truth is I didn't want to end it yet. I wanted him to get up. And that's what he did. On very wobbly legs he got to his feet, but instead of coming at me he backed up, turned and started to run. Too late. I punched him in the back of the head and he sprawled face down on the floor again. I rolled him over and knelt with my fist drawn back.
"No more," he moaned, "No more".
"You have something you want to say to my sister, right"?
He nodded his head as best he could.
I motioned for Angie to come closer until she stood directly over her ex-boyfriend.
"Go ahead," I said.
Bobbie looked straight into my sister's eyes and said, "Fuck You Bitch."
The big round clock on the wall said it was exactly eight thirty-one when the ambulance arrived followed by the police. They took both Bobbie and me out, but to different destinations.
To make a long story short, the judge was a matronly woman who found something chivalrous in me avenging my sister. She gave me two years probation and suspended the thirty days in jail added to the sentence. She also spoke to Bobbie's parents bargaining with them to drop and civil suits against me in return for my sister not pressing charges which the judge said she was more than ager to hear. We all went home satisfied. Well, at least Angie and I were satisfied.
It was about two weeks later that Angie and my new relationship started.

I was sitting in my room, doing homework after a rough day at school. Bobbie had a lot of friends who gave me their best evil-eye, but backed away when I faced them the way I had with Bobbie.
"Whatcha doin'", Angie asked? She pulled a chair up next to me and instantly began to rub my neck. She had started this touching stuff right after the court hearing.
I pushed my shoulders back into her hands and relaxed.
"That feels really good," I said.
Angie smiled. "Can I ask you something," she said.
"Sure. Go ahead".
"It's personal."
I laughed. There wasn't much we hadn't shared over the years so I wasn't worried.
"Go ahead. Shoot".
Angie stood behind me so we weren't looking at each other.
"Do you masturbate?"
I think my heart actually stopped beating for a moment.
"What kind of question is that? Damn!"
I couldn't see her face, but I think I heard her giggle.
"Well, do you?"
I thought for a minute I should say, No. Who wants to admit to their sister that they jerk off. Instead I turned it around.
"Do you," I asked?
I don't think Angie paused for even a second.
"Yes, I do."
I think my heart stopped a second time.
She stopped rubbing my shoulders moved around to where we could see each other.
"So, do you?"
What could I say at this point except, "Yes!"
We talked for the next hour about how it felt and what I did exactly and what she did. We talked about technique and how long it took to get off and faces we made when we came. We laughed about the faces.
Finally we came to a juncture.
"Are you horny now," Angie asked?
She really didn't need to ask. She was looking at the lump in my pants which told it all.
I answered her truthfully. "Yes, I'm really horny. How about you?"
She nodded. "My underwear are soaked."
Then she said something I never expected, but had alway fantasized about.
"You want to do it together?"
I suddenly lost my ability to speak. "You mean right here? Right now?
She nodded again. "If you don't take care of that thing soon it's gonna rip your jeans," she said smiling. And with that she reached down grabbing the hem of her shirt and pulling it off in one smooth motion. She had to no bra on underneath.
Angela sat up straight pushing her tits out and up. "What do you think," she said.
"Angie, I think they are beautiful."
"Well then, don't be shy. Touch them."
I reached out and took my sister's tits in both hands. They felt remarkable. They we soft yet firm and her nipples were hard yet pliable. As I touched them I saw her aureolas draw up firmly.
"Aww, that feels nice," she said.
While I was I feeling her tits she reached down and unsnapped her pants letting them fall to the floor.
"Take off my underwear," she said.
I let go of her tits and hooked my fingers in the waistband of her panties. When I did she pulled my head forward and said, "Suck them."
This was beyond my wildest imagination. I took left left nipple into my mouth and licked and sucked it gently while holding her right breast in my hand. She leaned back and forced more of her tit into my mouth while at the same time squirming to get her panties down and step out of them. While she removed her underwear I pulled her breasts together and took both of her nipples in my mouth.
"Can I masturbate while you suck my tits," she said?
I responded by sucking her nipples harder.
Angie reached down and began to rub her pussy. Her breathing was already erratic and she seemed to be having trouble standing. I knew she was going to cum quickly. Maybe too quickly.
What I did next was just pure instinct. I pulled my head back from Angie's grip and slid to the floor at the same time pulling her hand away from her sopping pussy and replacing them with my mouth.
I don't think Angie expected anything like this because when I placed my open mouth over her slit and clit she let out a little scream, but then pushed her crotch hard against my face.
"Oh, suck my clit," she moaned. "make me cum in your mouth."
And so I did. I put my lips on Angie's clit so that I could alternate between sucking her hard little button and licking it. She began to say something like, "Oh it feels so g...," but was cut off the surprise climax that rocked through her body.
Angie screamed so loudly that if our mother were home she would have known immediately what was going on.
My beautiful sister pushed against my mouth and shot a stream of girl cum over my face as she came and came some more. I actually think she pushed so hard that she was able to get my mouth inside of her pussy.
After several more spasms and squirts she finally staggered back and fell on my bed.
My cock was ready to explode.
Through gasps Angie said, "Take your cock out."
I didn't have to be told twice.
"Now jerk off on me. Next time I'll jerk you off, but this time just jerk off on me."
I nearly tore my pants off getting my cock out. Angie watched, tired but with acute interest.
I stood over my naked sister and began to furiously jack off. She watched my hand move up and down as I neared my own climax.
I knew it would be soon and then Angie said, "Cover me in your hot cum. Shoot it on my pussy."
That was all it took. I felt my muscles tense and the cum begin to boil up from below when Angie surprised me once more. She sat up, grabbed my cock and began to jerk me off just as the first stream shot out hitting her in the chest. Before the next stream hit she point my dick at her pussy and stroked my cum all over her crotch. I felt like I came buckets full.
Angie continued to jerk me off until the last of my cum dribbled into a puddle near her belly button. And then she stuck her tongue out and gently licked the drops from the tip of my cock and swallowed them.
We were both drenched in cum and sweat when Angel looked into my eyes and said, "When are we going to fuck?"


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