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Well where do I start with this story of how my younger sister and me first started to enjoy each other’s company and bodies. I guess it would have to be when she was twelve and I was sixteen. It was summer vacation and our parents were working late as usually leaving us kids to run around crazy. I had come home from being out with my friends from the night before partying and having some fun. I walked through the front door and it seemed as if no one was home so I went up to my bedroom and as I walked down the hall way I heard a faint moan from my little sister’s room. Noticing the door was cracked open a bit I peered in to see my little twelve year old sister on her hands and knees with the cutest looking ass arched in the air. She was sliding her fingers into her very wet peach fuzz covered pussy. I was amazed at the sight in front of me her little ass looked so round and sexy as she slide two fingers just to the second knuckles into her glistening pussy and she moaned. The thing that took me back is what she was moaning and to this day I still find it to be the sexiest thing I have heard a women say, “Jesse big brother please make my pussy cum for you.”
Well at this point my cock lurched forward almost out of my shorts begging to be deep inside my baby sister’s wanting pussy. Yet I figured that I should take my time and see if what she was doing was a fantasy she wanted to make cum true. I stayed there and watched her finger her pussy while she rubbed her nipples, watching her move her ass as she brought herself to a very nice orgasm. I was thinking about the idea of my tongue slide over that cute round ass and the taste her sweet tight pussy letting her cum all over my lips and tongue. My cock throbbed at the idea of her touching and sucking me, but I controlled myself not wanting to push something if it wasn’t there. So I was content just standing there stroking my 7 ½ inch long thick cock to my sweet little sister playing with her very sexy looking pussy.
I notice that her juices were running down the inside of her thigh and the image of me licking and tasting her sweet pussy juice made me that more excited. My cock was leaking precum like it was the first and last pussy I’d ever see using it to help me get a little more action while imagining driving my cock into my sisters tight wet pussy. Damn my cock was so hard and my balls churned with the idea of cumming, I could only imagine how Jenny’s pussy would feel around me and her tight little body press next to me. Hearing her moan and saying my name as I pictured myself plowing into her deep and hard.
She was arching her ass upward more sinking her fingers in deeper and then I saw her reach back between her legs with her other hand and rub her clit. Her ass was moving in circles as she did sending waves of lust through me as I stroked my cock harder. She moaned out my name as if I was there inside her urging me to make her cum and for me to cum inside of her. Her ass showed small beads of sweat as she worked her pussy faster. I could tell she was close because she was getting out of breath and her pussy was dripping like a faucet.
Then as if on cue she started to cum which sent me over the edge my balls started to clinch tight as I felt waves of hot cum shoot from me. Jenny’s body was rocked by wave after wave of pleasure. She collapsed into a pile of pussy juice and sweat moaning and panting as if she had just finished a porn shoot. She then slid her hand from her pussy and slowly licked her fingers clean and whisper “Thank you big brother for such a wonderful fucking”.
I hadn’t notice it before but she had her laptop up and after she was semi aware she closed the lid to the laptop and snuggle down under the light sheet she had on her bed and passed out due to exhaustion. I cleaned up the mess I had made and went to my room and laid on my bed and thought about what had just happened. I thought how can I get my sexy little baby sister to be my sexy little lover? I drifted off for a nap as thoughts of my beautiful little sister fingering herself stayed in my mind.
I woke up from my nap feeling refreshed yet still horny as hell from what I had seen earlier. I got dressed and went down stairs to grab a bite to eat and see if mom or dad had gotten home yet. Well mom and dad were not home but I did manage to get a sandwich and a mountain dew then went in to the living room to watch some TV. After about ten minutes, my baby sister made her way down the stairs and in to the living room looking very cute with her short shorts on and a tank top. She strolled pass me and plopped on to the couch beside me and propped her feet up on my legs.
“I didn’t think anyone was home big bro when did u get home?” she said sleepily.
“I guess about 15 minutes ago. I was hungry and didn’t have any cash on me so I came home for a bite. What have you been up to beautiful”, I asked her.
“Not much really been being lazy in bed all day it’s too hot to go out and I’m bored with my friends they just act like little kids”, she said with a yawn.
I reached over and started to rub on her feet she giggled a little and stretched out letting her arms go over her head and her shirt raise up a little. I could tell she didn’t have a bra on and her little breast looked so tasty, but I kept my cool and continued to rub her feet.
“So sis have you got any special boy that you want to see lately”, I teased knowing that she didn’t and it used to get her a little mad when I said stuff like that.
“No, Jesse I don’t!” she barked back kick me playful with her free foot.
“Chill you could have bruised me.” I said with a laugh.
“Ok whatever I have seen you take a kick anyone short of Bruce Lee can’t hurt you. That’s why I love you bro you strong, tough and caring.” she said with a smile.
“Well thanks sis you’re not that bad of a lil sis either when you don’t act like a brat.” I reacted smart assly.
“Well you like it so hush and continue my massage.” She barked with a grin.
I slowly moved my hand up her leg to her calf feeling her relax under my touch and watching her scooter down move in to the couch. Her arms were crossed over her body and her head laid lazily on the armrest her eyes closed a little. My hands worked on her calf muscle feel her sigh and get even more comfortable as my cock started to grow hard at the thought of her earlier. I could see her tight little ass as she move her body into a better position. I can’t tell if it was cause she was getting more relaxed or if she wanted me to see it but I enjoyed the sight very much.
Jenny looked at me and asked, “So do you have some cute girl that has your attention, big bro?”
“Well you know me sis I got my fair share of hotties”, laugh as I said it.
“I bet bro, even one of my older friends think you look cute”, she replied. “She even said she would love to kiss you if she got the chance to.”
“Hmm so who is the smart girl?” I asked as I slide my hand a little close to my baby sister cute tight ass feeling the heat of her body radiated outward.
“Well I can’t tell you that Jesse or you’ll try and seduce her,” Jenny said with a grin.
“Why would I want to do that lil sis?” I asked sheeply.
“Because Jesse I know you. You are one of the horniest guys I have seen.” She said with a smile. “Plus she is a virgin and I have seen the size of your cock it would hurt a real women not to mention a teenager.” she said matter factly.
“How do you know the size of my cock and where did you hear that word little miss Jenny”, I said all overly protective and stern like.
“Well Jesse my sweet and not so innocent brother there are morning I see you go to the bathroom still half asleep with a hard on and with the boxer briefs you wear it does create a nice shape for people to see.” ,she answered with a wicked tone to her voice. “And as for the word cock I do read books and watch TV so I’m not shelter to adult language.”
“Well don’t let mom or dad hear that or they will think I’m a bad influence to you. So who is this friend of yours that want to kiss me anyway my little sailor mouth sister?” I asked.
“That my big cock brother isn’t any of your concern.” She blurted out making sure she put emphases on the words big and cock.
With that she rolled over on to her stomach allowing me to get a great look at her tight little twelve year old ass and swiping the remote as she did turning the TV to one of her girly shows. Tilting her head over her shoulder and asking me in her snobby little way that only a little sister can “Who told you to stop massaging me?”
At this time, I knew mom or dad would be home so I decide to end our little flirt session for now. I raise my hand and spanked my sister firm ass with a loud slap letting my hand stay a little longer than I should have and copping a feel for my troubles. This lead her to arch her ass up into my hand and grind it in to my palm at the same time a little whimper either from the sting or my touch escape her lips.
She turned to me and said with less anger as would be normal from such a smack “That hurt you bastard!”
As I lower my face to her ass, I told her “I’ll kiss it all better lil sis”. When my face was close enough to her sweet hot ass I kissed then slowly nipped at her arch ass.
She ground herself into my face, “You better kiss it all better that hurt” she moaned a little as she said it.
Just as luck would have it our mom pulled into the driveway and talking on her cell phone to one of her friends. I don’t know if it was a good thing or bad thing just at that time but before I pulled away, I made a choice that would define my sisters and mine relationship. I let my hand slip between my sister leg and caress her pussy feeling the heat and wetness of it as I slipped my fingers almost into her between the fabric of her shorts.
When mom was, coming through the door my Jenny hopped up, ran to my mom, and cried out, “Jesse is being a jerk he spanked me and it hurt, I’m going to have a bruise later.”
“Look mom I told her that I’d kiss it and make it better but she would let me.” I said with a laugh.
Mom looked at us and said, “You two stop being a bunch of brats and help me with the groceries before the stuff gets to hot and melts.”
My sister and I took off to unload the car and as we went outside, I slipped my hand to my baby sister’s ass and whisper to her “I promise I can kiss it and make it all better if that’s what you want?”

This the first in a few stories I hope to post please only positive critism please. My grammar isnt the best but I do try, thank you

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