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A teen prepares for his senior prom
New series of stories. Another true story, although future chapters may be exaggerated a tad. Here is part one, again, more setting the plot, not just sex sex sex. Sorry if that's not your thing. To everyone else, enjoy part 1.

Josh always thought of himself as a lucky high school senior. He had a gorgeous girl, plenty of close friends surrounding him, and he always knew how to have fun. With prom coming up, he knew he and his girlfriend Ashley would have a great time.

The couple had been dating for just under three months, but with prom being such a big event their senior year, the majority of time in the relationship was centered around the big night, Josh doing everything he could to make it special for Ashley.

Josh didn't mind. He was used to spoiling the girls that he dated. Now that he thought about it, he spoiled girls he wasn't dating too. It was just in his nature to do everything he could to make girls happy. It was because of this that he made such good friends with most of the girls in the school.

He and Ashley had been friends for years before they dated. Not the closest of friends, sure, but enough to hang out every couple of months, accompany each other to parties, or enjoy each other's smart-assed company in class. Now that they were officially an "item", not much had changed in their friendship. They still joked around with each other as friends. Thinking about it now, the only difference he could thing of was the physicallities that were added to the relationship.

Ashley wasn't easy by any means, but she was far from innocent. Rumor around the school was that she was one of the best lays around. If she was dating someone for at least a month, chances were the two would be enjoying each other to the fullest extent. She had a dirty sense of humor as well, openly joking about sex. She was the kind of girl who would openly admit her sexual endeavors, making comments such as "I'm not going to lie, Australian accents are hot. If any of you had one, I would totally drag you into the bathroom and fuck you right now." Josh wasn't sure if she meant comments like that or not, but he merely laughed and shrugged them off.

Josh didn't mind her sexual experience, although he had to admit, he preferred good girls; but being completely honest with himself, he was shocked that Ashley would have wanted to be more than friends in the first place.

Ashley was an eight or a nine on the ever-popular "hot scale" Josh and his high school buddies always used. She had long dark-brown hair reaching just above the middle of her back, framing an adorable face. Traveling downward, one could see her already well-developed breasts, a larger C cup, usually well covered by her school-appropriate shirts. Her slender build was topped off with her perfectly round ass, usually hidden behind playfully tight jeans, driving all the boys in school crazy. She was absolutely gorgeous.

Judging himself as impartial as he could, Josh would guess himself around a six. He was only 5'8, with a slightly athletic build, but nothing too impressive. His dark-blonde hair was cut short, framing an average face with an average body. He never thought himself ugly, but surely not the usual caliber of man he would expect Ashley to go for. Not wanting to complain and jinx it, Josh just accepted that it was probably his smooth character and friendly care-taking demeanor that she fell for.

And boy did she seem to fall for him. After only a few days of dating, Josh seemed to have her eating out of the palm of his hand. She wasn't clingy, but was certainly very interested in making the relationship last. After less than a week of dating, Josh had succeeded in fucking the girl senseless many times over.

Being the type of guy who enjoyed meaningful relationships, Josh continued to see her, growing closer daily. Over the last three months they had done anything he had suggested sexually. The horny duo had fucked in every style imaginable, but had gone a step further by fucking anywhere imaginable as well. Movie theaters, parents beds, school bathrooms, even behind store dumpsters in the cover of night. Ashley was satisfied and happy by their sex life, not to mention Josh was thoroughly entertained. The happy teenage boy was only afraid to ask for one thing. Ashley's best friend, Katie.

If Ashley was an eight or nine, Katie was a perfect ten. The girl has short straightened hair that was highlighted blond and black. Her eyes were seductively dark green, her entire face just captivating in beauty. Her breasts, although a little smaller than Ashley's, fit her body well, as she was very slender, petite framed. This didn't stop her gorgeous ass from forming perfectly though. Josh figured that the thing he was most attracted to was her innocence.

The two girls were practically inseparable both at school and at each other's houses. Because of this, Josh had gotten to know both girls over the same time frame, as he found both of them equally intriguing. In fact, there was only one problem with Katie that Josh could find; the girl was deaf.

Knowing only the basic alphabet of sign language, Josh was forced to text out most of his conversations with the girl, and because of this, he never really hung out with her alone. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy her company, or that he was unattracted to her in the slightest, but Ashley had picked up fluent sign language being best friends with the girl for countless years, so the three of them had a translator when they were all together.

Dating Ashley hadn't changed Josh's relationship with Katie in the slightest. They rarely were alone, but when they were, they found each other entertaining and fun to be around. Josh could either spell out words on his phone or in his broken sign language, or slowly mouth the words, as Haley was a masterful lip reader, even able to verbalize her responses at times, mouthing the desired words with some success.

It was this tactic they were using now, as Josh found himself alone with the girl, picking out her prom dress. Ashley was stuck at home, bidding her parents goodbye as they left for a week alone. This left her two favorite people alone to shop for a dress that matched the one Ashley had already picked out.

Katie had emerged from the dressing room, sporting a beautiful black silk dress. Turning around in a 360, Katie slowly spoke "What to you thin?" Josh's jaw nearly dropped and his dick nearly rose. He quickly burried the thoughts inside his head.

"Beautiful," Josh signed, one of the words he had picked up. "But... I don't think it will match Ashley's light blue dress well," he typed out on his phone, then turned, showing Katie his response. She nodded, sighing and returning into the dressing room. "I an ind knee da boo," she attempted to speak.

"What?" Josh responded, hitting himself about forgetting she couldn't hear his question, waiting in frustration for her to come out so they could finish their conversation. He didn't have to wait long, as he noticed a hand appear from underneath the changing door, a phone clenched in Katie's fingers. Josh took it, reading the screen. "I can't find anything that's blue and the same cut. Let's try another store and see if we can find anything to match her precious gown."

Josh laughed at Katie's lack of patience, agreeing that Ashley had made it difficult with her color and style, but knew he couldn't complain too much as the dress was absolutely breathtaking on her. Katie came out of the dressing room moments later, wearing her tight jeans and a tank top again, motioning that she was ready to go.

The two teens left Nordstrom, much to the greedy salesman's dismay, finding a David's Bridal across the mall. Even though it was only a few weeks until prom, the store was deserted. However, not even a minute after they had entered the empty store, they found a beautiful dress that matched Ashley's perfectly. Katie rushed to try it on, full of excitement, tailed by Josh as the two hurried to the changing rooms. Josh took a seat right outside of the booth, watching as Katie disappeared behind the door. Seconds later, he heard a *RIP!* as fabric tore in two. He jumped up, pounding on the door, praying that she had not just ripped the one of a kind, surely expensive dress she hadn't even tried on yet. He heard Katie speak "It okay, on minute." Relief flooding his face, Josh was able to sit back down, still a little worried.

A minute or so later, Katie emerged from the booth, dressed in the awing dress. In her hands, she held her tank top, giving it to Josh to reveal it had been ripped nearly in two. She pointed to the hook in the changing booth, shrugging her shoulders, not knowing what to do. Turning her attention back to the dress she was in, she signaled that she wanted Josh's opinion. Increasing his use of the ASL language, Josh signed "Wow, you look amazing!" causing her to smile. She quickly frowned though, as she turned her back to him, reaching into the dress's neck, withdrawing the price tag. Josh's heart nearly stopped as he read $1,799. Katie had explained earlier that her father had promised to pay up to $1,000 on her dress, which was already too much in her mother's opinion, but he wanted his daughter to have a special night. an added $800 on top of that was clearly out of the question.

"Holy shit! That's ridiculous!" Josh said to himself. A sales representative quickly came over, hoping to persuade the adolescents into the sale.

"My goodness, you look beautiful in that dress! You are one lucky man!" the woman coaxed, smiling at Katie.

"She can't hear you," Josh explained coldly, as he transmitted the broken translation to Katie who smiled.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize," the saleswoman backtracked, much to Katie and Joshes amusement. They had always had fun making people uncomfortable around the deaf girl, making it a game most of the time. "Well, I'm SURE she knows how good she looks in it! Is this your senior prom? That is one special night for a girl!"

Josh relayed the information, spelling half of it as he didn't know the words themselves. Haley shook her head sadly, signing to Josh that there was no way she could do $1,800.

Josh nodded his head, announcing to the saleswoman, "She does love it, and she would love to wear it to prom, but there is no way that we can afford that price. I'm sorry."

"Well hold on a minute, I'm sure that we can do something to make it attainable. Seventeen hundred does sound a little steep, doesn't it? What price were you thinking would be more in your range?"

"All I know is her dad is wanting to be under a thousand. And that is including alterations..." Josh told her.

"Well... I know for a fact I can't go that low... I may be able to take 100 off the price, and that would include the minor alterations making it fit perfectly. It nearly fits now." The woman countered with a salesman smile.

"If you can go down to $1,500, and include all the touch ups, I'm sure we can find a way to manage that," Josh stated, solidifying that that was as high as he could go. Katie shook her head alarmingly, warning Josh that she could NOT go over a thousand, but Josh assured her that it was okay, and turned back to the saleswoman.

"Well, I'm practically giving it away, taking that much off the price, but I suppose since it's your senior prom, I can do it," she said, faking sincerity. "Let me write it up." She went into the back to ring up the sale, leaving the two kids alone.

Katie slapped Josh in the arm, scolding him. "There is no way I can convince my dad to pay that much!" she signed.

"Look, I got Ashley's dress cheaper than I expected, and business has been good for me lately. I can pay for whatever is leftover from your dad. You just tell him that it was $1,000 and I'll put the rest down on it today," Josh assured her through text.

Katie was in shock. She merely hugged Josh, not knowing what else to say, but signing her thanks over and over again.

The saleswoman returned, taking Katie's exact measurements in the dress for the altercations, jotting them down on a notebook, then turned back to Josh.

"If you can tell her to just leave the dress at the front desk when you are ready to leave, we can reserve it and alter it for you. We require 25% money down for holding it, so when you're ready just meet me up front, I'll ring you up!" With a smile, she disappeared, and Josh elected to get out his phone and text what she had instructed. Katie nodded her compliance, then slipped back into the changing room.

The dress was soon flung over the side of the door, so that it hung over the top. Moments later, Josh heard an alarmed Katie gasp, opening the door just enough to poke her head out. She mouthed the words "I have no shirt," as Josh's mind pieced together what happened, remembering her ripped tank top, tuning to see it on the bench behind him.

"Um..... I guess you can use one of my shirts," Josh concluded, as he himself had on a short sleeve button-down over-shirt on top a short sleeve black t-shirt. He unbuttoned the shirt, handing it through the door, aware of the fact that he was becoming aroused by the situation. Katie shut the door in haste, only ruffling of clothes heard as she put the shirt on. Josh heard her moan in disapproval as the door reopened, her head poking out again.

"Is too big," she voiced, to which Josh couldn't help but respond with "I get that a lot."

Katie looked at him crossly, trying to hide her smile as she looked at him with eyes that spoke "What are we going to do?"

Aware that they were in a mall full of clothes, but refusing to spend more than the $500 he already had, Josh decided there was only one other option that he could see. He slowly pushed on the door, forcing Katie to retreat back into the changing booth, but to her surprise, he merely followed her in, shutting the door behind him. His eyes nearly popped out of socket as he saw her. The shirt was entirely too big, sagging well below the intended neckline, enough so that her right boob was completely visible through the neck cut. She had no pants on, beings how she had just taken her dress off, so the only thing on her bottom half was a pair of lacy red panties, which she tried to hide by crossing her legs. Josh yanked his eyes up, looking at her face. Completely stunned by his intrusion, she signed "What are you doing?!"

Josh merely ignored her hands, proceeding to take off his undershirt. It was smaller than the saggy over-shirt button-down, so he figured it would fit the petite girl better. His shirt now completely off, he handed it to Katie, who was now in awe, trying not to stare at the half naked boy in front of her.

Katie hadn't done much at all with boys. In fact, she hadn't gone passed kissing, and although she had seen many shirtless guys swimming and jogging around town, she hadn't ever been within touching distance of one. Despite the fact that she was one of the most attractive girls in the school, most guys wouldn't even attempt to get to know her due to the language barrier. The only feeble attempts had been straight "you're hot, lets fuck", to which she quickly turned them down in the most painful of ways.

She took the shirt he was offering, half dazed, and just held it in her hand. Josh quickly commented that he would need a shirt too, and that she would have to take off the button-up and give it to him to wear out of the mall.

The gravity of what he was asking set in, but Katie was unable to say anything. She merely shook her head no, that it wasn't going to happen. Josh looked at her as if to say "Are you kidding me??", followed by signing "Look, we don't have another option. You tore your shirt, and I just dropped $500 bucks on your dress, I'm not buying another shirt for you... Just trade me shirts, we can go to your house, and it'll be done with."

Katie wasn't really sure why she conceded so easily, but she found herself unbuttoning the shirt, slowly sliding out of it, then handing it off to Josh. He took the shirt, not even looking at it, as his eyes were glued to the naked girl's gorgeous tits only inches away from him. He didn't even try to hide his gaze as he stared, forcing Katie to slouch, covering all that she could with her newly acquired undershirt. She shifted, attempting to slide it on without exposing herself any more, but Josh had other plans.

Inhibitions now completely gone, Josh grabbed both of Katie's wrists. He quickly pinned them both to the wall of the changing booth, leaning in and planting a kiss on Katie's lips. Katie groaned her disapproval, only to be met with more forceful kissing.

Katie had to admit, she was very turned on. She was always attracted to Josh, as he was one of the only boys that gave her the time of day at school, and not just because of her looks. But she knew him to be off limits due to Ashley, and would never consider being the infidelity he was attempting to commit now.

Of course, she had seen the way Josh had peaked at her, and she felt indebted to him now that he had just selflessly donated 500 dollars to a dance that he wasn't even her date to! But still...

Snapping back to the situation she was facing now, she felt his hand start to grip at her bare breast. She started breathing heavily, now seriously turned on, being touched more than she had in her entire life. Another kiss met her lips. This time, she allowed it, puckering her lips and kissing him back, feeling his tongue inch into her mouth.

She started to moan very softly, which spurred Josh on even more. Something about her deafness caused her moans to seem even hotter than most girls'. He pressed her entire body against the wall of the changing room, grinding his now rock hard dick against her panties. A sigh escaped her lips as she now took initiative and kissed him, grabbing the back of his head, losing all of her self control. It wasn't long before she felt his hands fumble at her underwear, to which her only reaction was spreading her legs, allowing her panties to be slid down easier. Josh placed his fingers at the opening of her bald pussy, feeling her juices already start to dampen the area. He wasted no time in moving his fingers in a circular motion, feeling her shudder with pleasure at her first touch from a man.

Quickly, he snuck his middle finger inside of her, causing her to inhale quickly in a loud gasp. Josh merely grinned as he kissed her again, pulling back to mouth how sexy she looked. While his right hand played in her virgin pussy, his left snuck around to her back where he landed a nice slap against her bare ass cheeks, gripping them firmly with a smile. "I'm gonna fuck you silly right here, right now," Josh informed, to which Katie merely nodded her approval. Josh hoped she had read his lips right, as he was NOT turning back now. He dropped his pants, releasing his eight inch manhood. He grabbed her hand and forced it onto his prick, allowing her to explore it for a minute before she found it impaling her.

To his excitement, she grabbed his dick and merely pulled it toward the entrance of her pussy. He grinned at her readiness, kissing her one last time. Right when he was about to thrust his weight into her, he heard his phone's ringtone go off. "Nothin' on You" by B.o.B. signaled his worse fear. Ashley was calling. He looked at Katie with desire, but they both knew he had to answer.

"Hey baby....... Oh your parents are gone?.........................Yeah, we actually did find a dress......... It was exactly $1,000........... Nope, you don't need to come to the mall, we're about to leave......... Yes, we'll see you in a few minutes......... I don't know, probably twenty? We have to ring it up still..........Ok.........Ok I love you too......... Bye."

As soon as he hung up the phone, Josh turned to Katie to signal that he still was going to deflower her. She smiled, lifting one leg, but as if fate hated him, Josh heard a pounding on the changing room door. "Are you about done in there? We don't allow two people in a changing room!" The saleslady scolded.

"Hey, you try to speak sign language through a door!" Josh countered, "Technically it's a handicap, so I'm allowed in here."

"Okay, that's fine, but you need to hurry up. Just because she's handicapped doesn't mean you have to filthy up my changing rooms."

Katie quickly dressed in her jeans and Josh's undershirt, while Josh hurriedly put on his own jeans and his over-shirt. The two walked out to find the saleswoman right outside the door. "Just making sure you two didn't start anything up again..."

She escorted them to the front check-out desk, where Katie turned over the beloved dress and Josh put $500 dollars down. "Now the name is Katie Bruce, her father is going to be paying for the rest. He is NOT to know that I paid anything, alright?" Josh instructed.

"That is fine, the balance due will be $1,000 even," replied the sales rep, handing Josh the receipt. Josh smiled at Katie, laughing at the girl drowning in his shirt. He motioned for her to follow him leading her out of the store.

Walking in silence through the mall towards the car, Josh and Katie exchanged smiles and glances, not believing what had almost transpired. Finally reaching the parking lot, Josh pressed the button to unlock the car door, both of them piled in. Their eyes met each other as they flopped down onto their respective seats, locking onto each others gaze. Moments passed, the pair just staring at each other before they both seemed to erupt into laughter simultaneously. With that, Josh leaned in and kissed his friends lips softly before putting the car into drive and pulling out of the parking lot.

The group of teens, including Ashley, had made plans to stay at Ashley's house for the night. While her parents never really cared if Ashley had company over, the fact that they were out of town certainly made things easier. Her house was a good 10 minutes away as one had to go across town, then up a rather large hill to find it. A few minutes into the drive while stopped at a red light, Katie opted to say something. She slid her phone over to Josh, who read while she held phone steady.

"You know I've never done anything with a boy, right? You are the first penis I've ever seen... It was a lot of fun today, but the entire time I never thought of Ashley.... Only that I wanted you. Is that evil?"

"No! Not at all!" Josh signed while gripping the steering wheel as he went through the now green intersection. "You love Ashley. I love Ashley. We just....." he turned to her as he decided to lip the rest "Got caught up in the moment. And if Ashley never finds out about it, then we can pretend it never happened, and be good, okay?"

Katie nodded in compliance, sending a wave of relief over Josh as he was terrified that she would share the endeavor with her best friend. In reality, Katie was horrified that Josh might have told Ashley in a conscience-stricken guilt. She was just as relieved to hear he had no plans of telling Ashley as he was.

But Katie was also very disappointed. Somewhere deep down inside, she had craved Josh to be her first for a long time. She had wanted him to ask her out, not Ashley, but she completely understood his decision, and although she wished them the best, she knew she would do anything for Josh. She would betray her best friend if her love asked it of her, even though it made her feel horrible inside. But she had been friends with Josh for forever. She knew that he had never cheated on a girlfriend. Well, not before today that is. And if for some reason he and Ashley broke up, she would still be "off limits" as Ashley would be heartbroken over her ex dating her best friend. Katie was stuck, with the only option being to hope Josh took advantage of her, despite the fact that he seemed to love Ashley.

Then it dawned on her. Her plan would be risky, indeed, but if Ashley went for it, it would be so simple and guilt free! Katie smiled as the car ascended up the hill, trucking up towards Ashley's house. This would be a fun night of scheming indeed...

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