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I'm not sure whetere or not I should continue this story due to it not being particularly suited to this type of website and I will leave it to the readers as to bth continue it and eventually add a sex scene between Korra and Raiden or not. This is the order time if have written something that has been posted for ratings and criticism. Any Tips on how to improve would be appreciated
My name is Raiden, I was born on the same date as Avatar Kyoshi as I was her brother, but I was born terribly ill and was to die at the age of 12, the healers said there was nothing they could do about it. That was until we discovered my sister was the Avatar. I was 12 and on my death bed when she cracked energy bending, she came to me all the way from the southern air temple and split a shard of her avatar powers passing them on to me, essentially making me an unnatural avatar. 
After her death at 230 years old I was still around, I had mastered all the elements and energy bending as well as metal bending, but I kept this to myself with only my now deceased family knowing who I really was.
I lived on whilst all my friends and family passed on like leaves in the wind and turned to dust. It was not long before I couldn't help it any more. I went to the southern air temple and informed the monks of who I was and surprisingly, they accepted me in. 

I spent the rest of my life there under their care and watchful eye under the promise and pact of my new role. I was to be the protector of the Avatars, my job is to protect and guide every new Avatar as soon as they are discovered and as soon as I can reach them, I am the Vanguard of Peace, the Protector of Equality the Guardian of the Four Nations and the Sentinel of the Avatar, I am the Immortal Avatar, I live in 80 year cycles then I am reborn to the age of 12 again, unless I am killed in which I am still reborn anew as a 12 year old boy, but without any memory of who I am or was.vThis was also when my physical appearance changed to suit my role; my hair turned to a bright blonde and my eyes turned from grey to a dark deep bright blue which both represented my role in the world. I became slimmer and less muscular turning more athletic but still retaining my strength. My skin whitened more and I became slightly paler.

My first posting was to protect Aang, but I failed, he slipped from under me and he was lost for a hundred years. It wasn't long after his disappearance that the Fire Nation attacked, It was horrible, their numbers were almost unending as were their attacks every day and night. I fought all day and all night long every day until, we were lost, they broke through and killed us all, only I escaped and perpetrated a ruse with Monk Gyatso that I was buried in the rubble In the outer walls of the southern air temple and I was dead, surprisingly it was just what I needed. When I 'temporarily' passed away I really just transported myself into the spirit world, from there my full potential to be a second avatar was unlocked thanks to Avatars Roku, Kyoshi, Kuruck and Yangchen who bestowed upon my body and spirit the full powers of the Avatar. After a week of spiritual meditation attempting to discover Aangs location which was successful. I then returned to the world and went to Aang, but that wasn't as successful as I thought it was going to be considering I was frozen along side him when I dived under water to get him and drag him to the surface.

And then as many people know we were discovered by Katara and Sokka who saved us both from the watery prison we found ourselves In and after I explained to the who I was, I accompanied Aang and his friends and journeyed with him on his distant travels protectin and guiding him as we journeyed together. And as I was travelling with him I helped him in ending the hundred years war by energy bending Azuras bending powers away her to let Aang be completely focused on Ozai. But we did it together alongside the rest of team avatar. I also helped found  Republic city with him and was his close friend throughout the rest of  his life until he died. Katara and Aang also made me promise to always protect their children and made me the children's official guardian, godfather and Uncle. 

I did leave for a short while and journeyed the world for personal matters under the role as High General of United Republic Forces, as being around for nearly 500 years tends to take a toll on a persons body even if your natural body is the body of a 17 year old. I returned to republic city for a short while before Aangs departure from this world and was reluctantly told I was to leave republic city and stand guard over the southern water tribe where the new Avatar is expected to be, but this is also where my story starts in the year 165ASC...

I was Stumbling blindly through the artic snow storm searching for the southern water tribe as was my mission, but this was made harder after I fell off of my mount, a lion eagle and in the body of a 12 year old things are made significantly harder. I fell over in the snow as It began piling up quicker and quicker becoming worse and worse, I could barely see my hands right in front of me as I struggled let alone anything in my way. As I tried to get up a loud terrifying cracking sound resonated through he air as the ice below me gave way. I fell down hard into a large ice cave like structure and I went out cold surrounded by its walls.

As my vision slowly came back to me I heard a lot of murmuring going on around me and a poking feeling on my forehead

"Korra! Stop that!"

I heard someone shout and the prodding ceased followed by a long sigh and a frustrated female voice exclaim

"I was only checking if he is alive and I think he is dead to be honest!"

At this I opened my eyes and looked up at a hole in a large dome like structure which I soon discovered was made by water benders to shelter the southern water tribe camp from storms, and I just fell through straight into the camps centre, I rubbed some snow off my forehead and sat forward groggily which brought a lot of gasps followed by a stick being broken over my head bringing me severe pain to my already injured head

"Korra what do you think you are doing!" someone exclaimed as I said

"Ow" in a tone devoid of emotion "falling, prodding, hitting... This isn't my day at all is it!"

I continued as I became fed up, I quickly scanned my surroundings, there were at least 60 people around me and 23 children including the girl standing next to me,  

"Who are you and what are you doing here!"

The girl exclaimed as I stood up and blew fire into my hands to heat them up which shocked the people around me. After swiping my hands in a downward motion which got rid of all the snow on me I replied calmly

"I am Avatar Raiden, I'm here to fulfil my promise to the Air Nomads
of the southern air temple which is to , find, guide and protect the Avatar with my life" once I had finished my rehearsed speech they were all awe struck until the girl beside me spoke out again

"I'm Avatar Korra and I don 't need anyone to look after me!"

I turned to look at her after the statement and that was my first time I ever saw her, she had beutiful teal coloured eyes, tanned skin, long brown hair that was tied back in a high ponytail with two braids running down the front on either side of her face, she had a look of determination and strength in her eyes and in the way she moved.

At this an old woman who looked in her late seventies came up to me and said to Korra

"Hush now Korra show respect to the man who helped end the hundred year war and helped found republic city with your predecessor" she said happily "It's brilliant to see you again Raiden, I have missed you you know, there aren't many members of team avatar left with Toph, Aang, Sokka,  and Suki are all gone, it is very nice to see an old friend!"

She finished as I gave my old friend a warm hug, her name was Katara. Korra stepped up beside Katara

"You don't actually believe him do you Master Katara" she exclaimed "Of course I do! I never forget a friends face" Katara replied "but he is the same age as me!" Korra shot back at Katara "no. His body is the same age as you but not his mind, im guessing he very recently rejuvenated?" Katara replied confidently woth a hint of curiosity as she tilted her head towards me and I nodded in response

"Fine I don't care any more I'm going home!" Korra retorted in frustration as she stormed off back home "don't mind her she is just frustrated and intimidated by you" she said comforting with a smirk, "I tell her all the stories about our adventures together and about how powerful you are AND how important you are to the Avatar now"

"Thank you, but you must firgive me if i soubd rude but are there any spare beds around here? I have been traveling non stop for 2 months from the north pole"

I asked kindly to Katara when a woman came up to me and said

"Hello I'm Senna, if you are truly here to protect my daughter then you are welcome to stay at our home until the storm passes and the two of you can return to the compound"

She finished with a smile as I replied kindly with a bow "thank you, your generosity is appreciated"

After that i joined Korras parents on their way home after discussing recent events with them about Korra. Upon entering their quaint little home senna called out

"Korra! Korra we're home, where has she gone to!"

I smiled and replied to her calls "she's out the back fire bending"

I said as her mother looked strangely at me

"How do you know that?" she asked inquisitively

"I can sense where an Avatar is, what he or she is feeling and whether he or she is hurt, dying, in danger, things like that but only if they are within 4 miles in distance to me"

I replied in a confident and cocky manner as I smiled and nodded at them and headed out the back of their home.

As I left the home and went out the back I felt a wave I heat hit me as I saw Korra fire bending,

"You alright? You seem angry?" I asked as she let her arms fall to her sides limply as she turned to face me wih anger riddling her face

"What do you want!" she shouted at me with an almost uncontrollable rage as I took a step back in shock at how violent she was at the age of 12

"What's your problem" I retorted in frustration as she stomped towards me

"What's my problem! What's MY problem! You're my problem! I don't need you! You are just going to try and take my role as avatar like you did to Avatar Aang!" she screamed in my face as she closed the distance between us and stared at me with eyes full of rage, fury but also fear

"I didn't steal his role as Avatar, my role is to guide and protect the Avatar not take it away from them" I replied calmly as I tried to cool her down

"Yes you did! It was his job to bring balance to the world not yours! You stopped the fire nation not Aang! And now you expect me to believe you won't take my role too!" now I was angry at Korra and I had raised my tone

"I took away Azuras bending to stop Aang from having to worry about Katara and Zuko as they battled Azura so that he wasable to focus solely on Ozai, I then nearly killed myself by travelling faster than light itself to Aang and destroyed the other Fire Nation Airships so as to let Aang focus and not be pressured into making a horrible mistake in killing him! I was protecting him by doing so! He brought balance to the world not me! He founded Republic city not me! Before you go making accusations like that you might want to read up on your history or ask Katara about it! If Aang was to kill Ozai his spirit would have become corrupted, he would have become evil! But I stopped that by risking my own life to protect him! It nearly killed me doing what I did!" I roared at her as she took a step back in shock as if she had been slapped on the face,

"Im sorry I didn't understand what you were supposed to be doing" she said sadly in an apologetic tone

"But don't you EVER. shout. at me. again!" she followed up in a forcefull tone, and after a moment of awkward slience we both laughed at her saying that.

That was the first time I had ever met Korra, and it wasn't the last time I would be with her, why don't we skip ahead a few years now to... 169ASC

The sun was glaring down upon the attic plains like a searching eye as I rode across he ice tundra on m new eagle tiger bear alongside he avatar on her polar bear dog as she smiled and laughed happily with me having he time of her life.

Over the five years together the two of us had grown close and she accepted me and my mission, we have become close friends, best friends.

We were out on the tundra taking our animals for ride and were having the time of our lives. We found a small alcove and took a rest inside before heading back to the Avatar Compound,

"That was fun" Korra said happily with a cheeky smirk on her face.

Over the years Korra and I had changed and matured, well at least I had, she was still immature most of the time, but she had grown taller and stronger, her soft face now was becoming more angular and her body was developing in her teens and her bending abilities had strengthened over the years. I myself was now four inches taller than her, my hair had darkened but kept its blonde tinge to it as did my skin as my body adapts far quicker to new environments than other humans, I had recently been keeping a clean shaven face and kept my hai short. My frame had grown wider and more muscular which also helped to intensify the strength of my own bending. 

Naga Korras avatar animal guide and warnon my own animal guide both collapsed in the opening to the alcove as Korra went deeper into the cave and I pulled out two canteens of water and two apples,

"Hey where are you going?" I asked Korra as she was delving deeper and deeper in "I'm exploring! You coming?" she asked in reply as I sighed picked up the apples and jogged after her

"Fine but we have to be quick about it!" I replied in a concerned tone as I fell into step beside her,

I reached out my hand with an apple in it and Korra stooped turning to me to take it as we faced each other and our hands brushed against each other we both trembled as an electric feeling shot up our spines making our hair stand on end, Korra let out a gasp of breath and stared at my eyes longingly and searchingly as the distance between us began to close slowly and the whole world fell around our feet leaving only Korra and I standing there, we weren't closing in anger or frustration this was something different. 

The apple fell to the icy floor and rolled down the slopping cave as Korras hands drifted slowly upwards towards my neck as mine wrapped slowly round her waist, a feeling o sati electricity spred through both our bodies as we drew closer and closer. Then she stood on her toes as we pulled each other closer to eachother and closed the gap. Our lips locked together as we kissed each other passionately, longingly and softly, her lips were soft and warm as our lips locked and we both stood there holding eachother tightly as if we were drowning in each other and were struggling for dear life. Then after what seemed like an eternity but was only a mere minute we opened our eyes and simply stared at each other at a loss for words

"I..... I'm sorry" Korra said awkwardly as she turned from me and wrapped her arms around herself and a single crystal tear fell from her eye and landed on her  left hand.

I moved towards her and took her right hand saying

"Come here I want to do something" as I led her to the entrance to the cave

"What are you doing?" asked Korra sadly as I knelt down between our animal guides

"Kneel.... Please Korra" I pleaded with her as she reluctantly complied,

"My first bending ability was fire, yours was water, now we are supposed to be opposites but watch" I explains to her as I held out my middle and index fingers together, sparking a small blue flame with a purple tinge at the bottom and a green tinge around its edges with red at its core,

"How did you make a flame with so many colours!" Korra exclaimed as she was amazed

"Create a thin layered water bubble around it Korra" I asked her as she looked at me strangely

"That would suffocate it and kill it!" she exclaimed in shock of my words as they sunk in

"No, it won't, what I am doing is creating vessel, made by both of us, it will split into three,  two smaller pieces will enter these" I began as I pulled out two chains with small diamond shaped glass containers at its end

"Then he large piece will hover at the centre of the southern water tribe camp" Korra looked at me both puzzled and touched

"What is the point of this?" she asked in frustration. I smiled at her and said

"The point is that once we finish it it will not stop spinning unless both of us die, If I die then the fire will do out and the air that I will put on the sphere will stop, if... If... If the worst comes to pass for you Korra ten the water will disappear and the diamond shards will turn to dust" I finished sadly but with affection

"I-I, thank you, but where will we get diamond shards?" she asked inquisitively

"Here" I began as I pulled out a small diamond that captured the light and reflected it in a multitude of colours across he cave walls as the sun began to set on the world casting a purple and orange light across the world

"How did you get this?" she asked In a shocked tone

"It was the last thing my sister Kyoshi gave me before she passed away" I replied sadly as I took her hand opening it and pressed it into it gently,

"I can't Rai, this means too much to you!" she replied in a reluctant yet grateful tone

"It's yours now Korra" I said in a caring tone as she cupped her hands resting the diamond in their centre staring at it in shock and awe.

She slowly closed her hands around it then made a praying hand symbol, pulling her hands apart the diamond was separated into many shards which formed two diagonal spinning rings on the sphere. I looked at her and smiled

"It's beautiful isn't it" I said as I moved my hand up vertically then across horizontally finally circling it creating two spinning horizontal and vertical rings on the sphere completing it, Korra looked at me and said

"It's incredible". I looked at her left hand and saw the small glistening tear on it, using water bending I lifted it into the air and placed it at the heart of the sphere in the very core of the fire making the sphere sparkle and dance like a glittering midnight dancer, then I removed a tear from my own eye and said

"To complete it you must do the same thing with my tear" she smiled speechless and did exactly the same with my tear. 

Upon both tears infusing in the centre and making a blindingly bright pure white light it split in three, two smaller parts entered the diamond shaped glass cases whilst the third disappeared across the tundra heading for the water tribe camp. Korra and I stood up as did our animal guardians

"That was amazing" she said with excitement, I smirked at her in response and stepped towards her sliding the silver chain over her head laying it to rest beautifully around her neck as mine already was around mine, we embraced each other again kissing each other lovingly before we headed off to the compound.

As we approached the compound the gates swung open slowly to reveal an angry small man in the middle of the courtyard storming towards us both,

"I suppose the two of you think it is terribly funny to just get up and disappear for three hours! And then this glowing sphere appears over the water tribe camp that no one can seem to get rid of! First I Want to know where you went and where that orb came from!!" he roared at us like an enraged lion

"We won't tell you where we went as it was for... For... *Avatar* business and does not concern you!" I replied in retort the the man which received a cheeky giggle from Korra, 

"And the orb, well, we created it and I would advise you to leave it alone as the only way to destroy it is to kill one of the two of us, so yeah bye" 

And with that Korra and I led our animals to the stables laughing all the way there.

After we left our animal guides in the pens and entered compound building I  walked Korra to her room. We both stopped outside of her room and I turned to face her,

"I had a nice time this evening Korra" I said to her happily 

"So did I, we should do it again sometime" she replied in the same tone of voice,

"Well then we will go there every afternoon just so we can have some time alone yeah?" I asked her with hope in my voice

"Sure" she replied in an agreeing tone

As we yet again embraced each other, she wrapped her arms around my neck and placed placed my hands on her waist as we kissed again lovingly and passionately together. As we separated with a big smile on her face she said

"Good night Raiden" and she slide the paper and wood panelled door and slipped inside. Suddenly I heard chuckle from the other end of the hall and I turned to the sound to see Katara standing at the end of the hall with a smile on her face. As she shook her head from side to side she said

"Do not break her heart Raiden, if you do she will break you, I just hope you know what you are getting into", I looked to Katara in concern and honesty and replied 

"I would give up my life to protect her Katara, and, that is not just because of my role,  for two years now I have suppressed my feelings towards her because I knew that it could compromise my role, but I just can't help it any more Katara, you once told me when I questioned your relationship with Aang 'you can't help who you fall in love with' were your words Katara, and I can't help my feelings towards Korra, I would walk to the ends of the earth and fight entire armies to protect her, because Katara I love Korra with all my heart, and this is the first time I have ever loved a woman the way I love Korra"

 I finished with as Katara nodded  in acceptance, but little did I know that Korra was listening to every word that was spoken between Katara and I. In the morning Korra was to begin her fire bending test.

Korra was ducking and weaving, twisting and turning, jumping and sliding and, shooting, reflecting, deflecting and blasting her opponents fire blasts and her owns back at them in a Sea of heat and flames.

She quickly and efficiently disposed of her two opponents under the watch of myself, the white lotus leader Captain Daimo, Katara and her fire bending master Shungo, after a short arguement between Korra and Daimo, Katara was asked whether she believed Korra to be ready to be taught Air bending, when she said yes he turned to me with doubt in his eyes as the eyes of everyone else drifted to me as I looked into the sky watching two eagle circle each other

"I would ask you, Avatar Raiden but I believe your opinion may be how shall I put this... Biased? Due to your intimate relationship with Avatar Korra?" Daimo finished with a snide grin on his face as I stood up straight and shot him an enraged look and said

"A fool resorts to insults when he knows his struggle is meaningless, I can put aside my personal feelings for the greater good Captain Daimo as should you, and yes I do believe Avatar Korra is ready to learn airbending and Tenzin will be the best thing for her if Korra is to learn and become more In touch with the spiritual side of being an Avatar" I finished with smiling at Korra as she returned the smile to me which was caught by Daimo who sighed and said

"Very well, I will contact Master Tenzin immediately, good day", at this news Korra became extremely excited and happy as Katara, Daimo and Shungo walked off. 

She jogged up to be and said "Finally I can't believe it I am going to learn Air bending!" she exclaimed as i smiled and laughed along side her, we gave a quick kiss to each other as we wrapped our hands together and walked towards the compounds main building. It wouldn't be until tomorrow afternoon that Tenzin would get here.

It was just as expected Tenzin and his family arrived late in the afternoon the next day with his family but he brought with him some bad news as I had gathered after my return from the Southern Water
tribe city, he was not able to remain at the compound to teach Korra air bending. But I suppose you are wondering why I was in the city? I was there getting gifts for Tenzin and his family as I was made Tenzins uncle and godfather by Aang and Katara so I felt obliged to.

I had made Meelo a child's sizes glider, made Ikki an on land air glider that had a basic go-kart base but was run using a sail in its centre, I also bought Jinora a large tome on the ancient history of Air Nomad Avatars and Historical Romance Myths which she loved, I also bought Pema, Tenzins wife a neIcklace made from ice and diamonds and finally I bought Tenzin a thick 2000 page tome on the Arts of Bending.

I ran up the steps and pushed open the door to the compound with a large satchel slung over my shoulder hoping I wasn't late for dinner as I was starving. 

I slowed down as I reached the door and left the bag next to the door to give to the family later, I entered the room to reveal Tenzin seated at the head of the table infront of me with Daimo on his right and Korra on his left with his family seated further down

"Raiden!" exclaimeD Jinora meelo and Ikki simultaneously as they sprang up and ran into my arms, chuckling I replied

"Hello you three it's been a while hasn't it!" as I dropped to one knee so as to be at eye level with them

"We missed you Uncle Raiden!" said Jinora excitedly

"Yeah yeah yeah!" responded Meelo energetically as Korra, Tenzin and Pema looked on and smiled

"Did you get us any presents? Did you! Did you!" asked Ikki in a rushed tone

"Of course I did Ikki, I will always have a present for the three of you each time I see you!", they all smiled and Jinora asked

"Can we have them now please?" I smiled at her and replied kindly

"I'm sorry but you all must finish your meals first, and eat it all, then If your mother and father allow it I will give you all your gifts, your mother and father included", at this Meelo and Ikki instantly ran off and began devouring their food and Jinora smiled and walked off calmly as I took a seat next to Korra as she looked at me with a surprised smirk on her face as Tenzin spoke up

"Raiden you didn't have to get us all presents you know" I looked at Tenzin with a serious yet happy look and replied

"Nonsense, Aang named me his families uncle, and, I take great happiness in that because Tenzin, Aang and his children and his children's children, Meelo, Ikki and Jinora are the closest thing to a family I have had in nearly five centuries and I will cherish you all with every fibre of my being" I finished with a happy cheery smile as Tenzin chuckled and said

"Fine I will not push it any more Raiden"

Korra was in deep concentration as she had stooped eating then a sudden realisation spread across her face

"I've got it!" She exclaimed "If you can't teach me here then I can go to republic city with you!" Daimos eyes widened and he replied in a concerned yet stubborn tone

"Absolutely not! Republic city is too dangerous and Avatar Aang tasked us with your safety! You will not go to Republic City!" he yelled as Korra sighed and said

"I have to learn Air bending sometime if I am to be the avatar and I don't think keeping me cooped up in here like a prisoner is what Aang had in mind when he meant safety" she replied in a frustrated tone as I spoke up in agreement

"Even I don't think this is what he meant either Daimo you are treating Korra like a jailed criminal with no reason to do so and you have taken away her freedom which is essential when one is to be taught airbending for air is the element of freedom and without freedom it will make learning it increasingly difficult" Daimo sighed then as he grunted replied

"At the present Korra cannot learn airbending and until then the rules in place will remain!" Korra responded persuasively in response

"That's not entirely true though! Raiden can teach me!", I looked intently in thought as I mulled over it

"I could tech you yes... But I'm not the best air bender in the world and the best for you Korra would be Tenzin, if i taught you you would only learn a partial amount of Air bending which is in no small part a result of the rapidly changing modern forms of bending",

"oh" replied Korra as a silence descended on the table and everyone simply returned to their meals.

After giving Tenzin and his family their gifts and they all left, Korra went Down to the animal pens In the middle of the night.

I stood leaning against the doorway to Nagas pen as Korra was fastening a saddle to naga

"Where are we going then?" I asked her making her jump almost out of her skin as she turned to face me

"Where did you come from and what do you mean where are we going! I'm going alone!" she exclaimed as I smiled and chuckled,

"Which one do you want, the boyfriend excuse or the 'Its my job' excuse or perhaps you want me to weave the two together?" I asked her sarcastically as her face filled with confusion

"What do you mean?" as I began slowly walking towards her and said in reply

"I mean not only is my entire meaning for living the protection, help and guidance of the avatar but it is also my duty as your boyfriend to never abandon or leave your side so I am coming with you and nothing you can say is going to change that" I finished comfortingly as I closed the distance and hugged her softly as she simply smiled.

"Fine" she said in defeated reply "I suppose the company will be good" she finished happily as a look of puzzlement and confusion descended on me

"You are usually more resistant to something like this" I said in reply

"Yeah when I want to take Naga for a walk not when I'm going to be traveling to an unknown city half the world away!" she replied nonchalantly as she laughed

"Yeah I suppose there is a difference In the two situations" i replies and laughed as we broke away and Korra returned to Naga as I told her

"Wait for me here I'm going to go get some food for our journey ok?" I said as she nodded and smiled replying in a confident tone


I left the stables and headed for the kitchens to gather the food  and some of my own belongings
which took me ten minutes to gather the food, my two katanas, a hooded navy blue cloak, a sleeveless black and red tunic and my bone and yew shortbow as well as 150 steel tipped arrows and I returned to the animal pens. 

As I was descending the stairs to the pens I saw Katara walking up them towards the compound, I smiled at her and asked kindly

"Where were you in the dead of night?" I said as she smiled back and took a long rectangular box from her small sack on her hip and handed it to me,

"Give this to Korra when you feel the time is right" she said as I looked at her with a concerned look

"What is it" I asked as I opened to reveal her water tribe betrothal necklace her mother gave to her,

"Give it to Korra when the time is right Raiden, she is waiting for you" she finished with a smile as she coFntinued on her way. 

I stood there on the step completely shocked by Katara as I would never have believed she would have done something like this.

I entered the pens to see Korra bending a tunnel thought the wall, I whistled a tune and my animal guide came over to me, a huge artic wolf that was black with blue eyes, it's name was Articus. My animal guide like myself, changes every 15 years into a different animal so I give it a new name, my previous animal guide Warnon changed 3 days ago which was highly unusual as not only was he late to transform he also only seemed to grow larger with its change.

"Hey you" I said as I walked up to Korra and Articus walked up beside Naga

"Can you help me please?" she asked in an exhausted tone

"Sure, watch this" I said as I whistled for Articus and shouted

"Articus go!". The wolf ran to the tunnel and was unstoppable as it kept tunnelling and tunnelling further and further ahead ,

"That's incredible!" exclaimed Korra as she said

"Naga come here girl" and climbed up onto nagas back. Looking to me she said

"You coming?" with a smile, I returned the smile and climbed onto nagas back behind Korra, placing my hands on her waist se looked at me and smiled as Naga moved off down the tunnel following Articus.

It wasnt long until Articus had tunnelled at least a mile away from the wall in the direction of the southern water tribes camp. We soon emerged as noon was full and high in he sky, I dismounted Naga and mounted Articus' back as we both sped off towards Korras parents house. 

As we approached the house we stopped a few feet from it as Korra dismounted nags and walked towards her parents who emerged from the house not shortly after.

I watched from a distance as several time Tonraq looked at me with great intrigue, and every time I smiled and nodded in return. Then as Korra returned to my side she said to me

"Raiden, my parents want to talk to you", I nodded, as I dismounted Articus and walked over to Korras parents, I bowed before then and said graciously

"Sir, M'Lady" Which received a smile from Senna,

"Raiden, don't you dare let anyone hurt her, her life is in your hands now although she chooses her own path you must promise to guide her as best you can" said Senna in a sad voice

"I would rather die than let harm come to her M'Lady" I replied courteously

"She loves you Raiden, deeply don't you hurt her either" continued Tonraq in an ordering voice

"I wouldn't dream of it sir, I love her too" I replied kindly. 

With that I returned to Korra and mounted Articus as Tonraq and Senna approached Korra

"We love you so much" Senna said with pain and sadness racking her heart as they parted with a brief hug and Korra and I departed for the docks.

It was not hard to get onto the large boat as we distracted them with some water bending and boarded. We sat in the back of the cargo hold together and talked for a while as the boat prepared to set sail. When it did Korra looked to me and said happily

"This is it Republic City here we come, I'm glad your with me Raiden, I would have hated to go to the city alone even if Naga was with me" I smiled at her as I got up and moved to sit beside her as I then put my left arm over her shoulder and round her neck, pulling her closer I replied as she rested her head on my chest

"I would have missed you if you went alone, besides I couldn't let you have all the fun could I", we both laughed for a while then Korra drifted into a peaceful sleep in my arms and I soon followed

NEXT CHAPTER :"Welcome to Republic City"

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