Dillon Loses His Innocence in a Big Way
Cast of characters:

Tyler: white male, age: you imagine. Slender, blond hair, blue eyes, gay (closet).
Matt: white male, age: you imagine. Somewhat stocky, closely-cropped black hair, dark eyes, straight.
Alan: white male, age: you imagine. Average build, auburn hair, green eyes, straight.
Paul: white male, age: you imagine. Average build, brown hair, brown eyes, uncertain.
Jackson: black male, age: you imagine. Slender, tall, black hair, dark eyes, straight.
Andy: white male, age: you imagine. Slender, sandy hair, blue eyes, bi-sexual (closet).
Carson: white male, age: you imagine. Average build, muscular, brown hair, brown eyes, straight.
Dillon: mulatto male, age: you imagine. Slender, black hair, dark eyes, uncertain.

Tyler and Dillon lived next door to each other and had been good friends for two years. They spent a great deal of time together and there was some idol-worship for Tyler on Dillon's part. What he didn't know was that Tyler secretly loved him, but never made any attempt to move their relationship in a sexual direction. He certainly thought about it often enough, but Dillon meant too much to him to risk the ruination of the friendship he cherished so much.

One Saturday, Tyler's parents had to attend a wedding out of town and wouldn't return until later that evening. So, he invited six of his buddies over to his house where, not surprisingly, they began watching porn on the big-screen HDTV. Matt, the kid who could never stop talking about sex, had brought three DVD's along and they watched as pairs, threesomes, oral/anal sex and orgies played out on the screen before them. As the movies progressed, they naturally became hot as hell, throwing out their comments such as “I'd sure like to fuck her!,” “Wow, if only I could get a blow job like that!,” and “Look at that load of cum!”

When the doorbell rang, everyone froze and Tyler ran to shut the DVD player off, then went to the door. He was relieved to see that it was Dillon, who smiled broadly and asked Tyler if he wanted to play some video games as he ambled past him into the house after taking off his sandals.

He had noticed some bikes outside, but was completely surprised when he entered the living room and saw six guys sitting there. “What are you guys doing?” he asked. Tyler explained that they were just hanging out and watching some movies. Dillon asked if he could stay and watch, but Tyler told him that today was just for the big kids, but he could take a video game home with him if he wanted. Dejected at being left out of the fun, he went over to the shelf and began searching for a game that interested him.

As Dillon bent over scanning the games, Matt was rubbing the hard cock in his jeans and stared at Dillon's little ass that was pointed in his direction. “I'm so horny I could fuck just about anyone right now,” he whispered to no one in particular. He turned to look at Alan, who was sitting next to him, and saw that he was also rubbing the bulge in his pants and staring at Dillon. “Are you thinking what I'm thinking?” he whispered to Alan. His reply was direct and shocking. “Let's do it!” he said.

With that, they both got up and quickly walked over to Dillon. Matt, being the stockier one, grabbed the slender kid from behind and dragged him to a nearby recliner where he threw him into it so that he was on his knees facing the back of the chair. Alan went around to the chair back and pulled Dillon's shirt off, then yanked his arms forward and held his elbows down on the top of the chair. Dillon was in a panic and yelled “Stop it! What are you going to do?”

He tried to struggle free, but both of his attackers were larger and stronger. “We're going to fuck you!” Matt shouted with a crazed look in his eyes as he tore off Dillon's pants and underwear. The other boys stared with their mouths agape, not believing what was happening in front of them. Dillon screamed, “Tyler, make them stop!”

Tyler yelled at Matt and Alan to quit and warned them that everyone would be in big trouble if they didn't. He jumped up and struggled to grab Matt, who simply pushed him aside. Paul and Jackson got up and grabbed hold of Tyler, pinning him onto the couch. “Somebody get me some grease,” Matt demanded, and Andy ran into the bathroom where, after some searching, found a tube of hand lotion that he brought back into the living room.

It was like a shark feeding- frenzy had begun as Alan pulled his hard 5” dick through his fly and rubbed it across Dillon's face. “Now, open up and suck it!” he ordered. Tears streaming down his face, Dillon said, “no, I won't do it!” Alan slapped the back of his head and told him,”suck it or I'll kick the shit out of you!”

Dillon opened his mouth and Alan shoved his throbbing cock into it. Meanwhile, Matt had dropped his pants and underwear to his ankles and was stroking his long, thin cock. He lubed it with some of the lotion, then told Alan, “you'd better pull out; he may bite.” Matt used his left forefinger and thumb to spread Dillon's smooth, little cheeks and, holding it in his right hand, mercilessly thrust his entire 6” into Dillon's tight, virgin asshole. Dillon let out a scream and clenched his teeth together. Alan was glad that Matt had told him to pull out. Matt grabbed Dillon's hips and began pounding his ass relentlessly. Alan told him to open up again and not to bite.

Completely at their mercy, he took Alan's cock into his mouth and began to suck. His ass hurt badly as Matt rammed deep into him. Alan held both sides of his head and fucked his mouth like a pussy. It was his first blow job and he couldn't last long, finally arching his back and blasting his mega-load into his mouth. “Ahhhhhhh, swallow it kid!” he moaned as his eyes rolled and his entire body quaked. Dillon had no choice but to swallow the gobs of hot, thick sperm that gushed into his mouth, but some of it drooled out and down his chin. Matt was like a wild dog, also with his first fuck, panting as he shouted, “take it, you whore!” He ground his short, black pubes against Dillon's cute, hairless ass as he shot loads of cum into him, grunting with each volley.

With tears in his eyes, Tyler could only watch helplessly as they ravaged his secret love.

Matt pulled his cock out of Dillon's ass and his cum began to leak out of the boy's asshole. Andy was quickly there with his rock-hard dick in his right hand, poking through his fly. “I'll take sloppy seconds!” he said, and thrust his 4.5” into the goo-covered hole. As Alan withdrew his cock from Dillon's mouth, he was replaced by Jackson, who dropped his pants and underwear. He stroked his 6.5” black cock and rubbed it across Dillon's face.

“Take some brother love,” he said. Whimpering, Dillon opened up and engulfed the long shaft as best he could. Suddenly, it was as if a dam had broken inside him or some kind of revelation occurred. As Andy pounded his ass and he sucked on Jackson's cock, Dillon began to like it. He washed his tongue over Jackson's cock-head and teased his balls with the fingertips of his right hand. He moaned softly as he ran his tongue up and down the shaft, then took the head into his mouth and began to suck with a vengeance, grabbing Jackson's smooth, black ass cheeks with both hands and bobbing his head up and down his aching cock. Dillon's own little cock was hard now and, when he felt Andy's deep thrusts into his ass hit his buzz-button, he shot a few drops of his own boy cum without ever touching his dick.

Jackson was going wild and yelled, “you need a bath!” He pulled his cock out of Dillon's mouth and beat it hard, finally groaning and shooting his ball gravy all over Dillon's hair and face. He used his cock to smear the cum around his face and then Dillon took it back into his mouth, making sure he sucked every last drop out of him. Seeing the blast of sperm, Andy couldn't hold back any longer and pulled his own cock out of the tight ass and fired jets of boiling cream over Dillon's back and ass. Using his hard cock, he rubbed his own cum all over Dillon's buns and entered him again. Dillon squeezed the remainder out of his balls until Andy's dick was too sensitive and he pulled out.

“Who's next?” Dillon asked coyly.

Although normally shy, Paul stepped to his face and pulled out his hard 5”. Dillon quickly took it into his hand and began stroking it gently. He pursed his lips around the head and sucked it ever so slightly. He tongued his way around the tender underside and then started to suck hard.
Like the others, Paul had never had a blow job before and the sensation was not to be described. Intense waves of pleasure coursed through his body as the young boy sucked his dick.

Carson was the most hesitant. He was so straight that he didn't know if he could even do this, but the sight of the others fucking this kid senseless made him crazy. He moved up behind Dillon, whose legs were spread wide as he knelt on the recliner begging to be fucked. All of the other boy cum rather turned him off, but his cock was at least somewhat hard as he pulled it through his fly. He watched Dillon furiously suck Paul's cock, who was groaning and panting at the same time.

This fired him to full erection and he slid his 5.5” into the wet asshole. The heat and tightness enveloped his cock, and he slowly began to hump. He closed his eyes and pictured himself fucking one of the girls in the porn movie, and his speed picked up, thrusting faster and deeper into the hot ass. Dillon grunted as Carson fucked him while he sucked Paul's cock to the blasting point.

Paul had probably the most volcanic eruption of anyone. He screamed and shot his first three loads into Dillon's eager mouth, then pulled out and covered his face with four more. Overcome with pleasure and nearly ready to pass out, he put his dick back into Dillon's mouth to feel the suction until it became too sensitive. Paul's scream tipped Carson over the edge and he grabbed Dillon's hips, ramming his cock into his ass with a fury. He saw stars before his eyes as he drained his balls into the tight cavern, then finally pulled out, still not able to believe that he had actually fucked a guy. He watched as his cum poured out of Dillon's asshole and down onto his small bag.

“Are you guys done already?” Dillon asked. He had already taken six loads of cum, but wanted and needed more. They were far from done, and the frenzied gang-bang continued. Switching places, those who had fucked his ass moved in for a blow job and vice verse. Matt gave him a face-fuck, dumping his load all over his face while Alan pounded his ass. Andy savored a vacuum blow job as Jackson buried his huge shaft in the boy butt, culminating in a massive flood of lava into his ass. The now not-so-shy Paul rammed his hole while Carson enjoyed his first blow job, holding Dillon's head tight and shooting his load down his throat.

Tyler didn't know what to think as he watched the events unfold. He saw his young, innocent love turned into a cum pig before his eyes. Dillon had shot two loads of his own from his little cock during the process, and clearly loved it. As they laid back in the living room, their balls finally drained, Matt, of course, said “okay, Tyler, now it's your turn.”

While initially outraged and shocked, he had found the later assaults exciting and had wanted to join in, but now he knew that his love was different. He said, “no, and I want you to leave now.” They were somewhat perplexed and snickered a bit. “No really, do him. You know he wants it,” said Andy. Dillon looked at him with yearning eyes, but Tyler angrily yelled “no, now get the fuck out of here!”

They packed their stuff and left. On his way out, Matt looked at Dillon and said, “kid, that was great. You're a natural!” Dillon smiled boyishly and replied, “thanks.”

Dillon stood up from the chair. His light brown body was covered with fresh and dried sperm. It was in his short, black hair, on his face, back and ass, and had dripped down his sides. His small cock and balls were also covered. Who knows how much he had swallowed.

If he didn't love him so much, Tyler could have used him as a fuck-toy like the others, but he did love him, or at least he had. He looked at Dillon with now-mixed emotions and said “come on, let's get you cleaned up. You're a mess.” Tyler then led him off to the bathroom and started the shower.

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