I’m not a “jock” but I do love athletics. I’m not a “brainy nerd” but I do love learning. I not a “geek” but I do love new technology and gadgets. I’m not a sex fiend but I do love the thought of knowing what it’s all about and constantly fantasize about “doing it” with any girl who would let me. Now if I could just figure out what it truly means to “do it” then I would be ahead of my peers. I’m a kid, a 13 year old suffering through hormonal and bodily changes and unlike the information out there being readily distributed about kids my age knowing everything about sex, not every kid knows what it’s all about.

Yes I’ve sat through the “sex education” classes in school and had discussed the topic in never ending bull sessions with my friends. Some of them claim that they had done it before but no one can tell me - to my satisfaction anyway - what it actually feels like and how to “do it” with some one that is willing. My parents are the last people I would ever ask so I had to wait and wonder about the answers to my many questions. Oh yeah, and pound my meat every night because I’d discovered a whole new world of self gratification that I couldn’t get enough of

I live in a typical suburban neighborhood in a typical small city with my parents, my younger brother Billy and our dog Sam, a German Sheppard. My parents say our house is “modest” but I think it is kind of nice. I’ve got my own room upstairs with a bathroom that I have to share with Billy. I have my own computer, with Parent Controls on it so that I can’t do much searching on my favorite topic. We have a big screen TV down in the family room and, best of all, we have our own swimming pool out back with a diving board and everything.

Our neighbors had a girl my age and she’s really nice. We’ve known each other for many years and Molly has become almost like a sister to me. We’re in the same year at school and we had some classes together but it’s not like we’re boy friend and girl friend or anything like that; we’re just buds that’s all. But as we tried to get through all of the changes that puberty brings on in our bodies, we started to become more than just goods friends. We began to become confidants in our joint seeking of knowledge of the facts of life.

It was now July and we were both out of school. Our parents all worked outside of the home and I was the designated babysitter for my seven year old brother. We would swim and play video games and then swim some more. We would come in to eat our lunch and then play some more video games and swim. It was a very boring existence as the summer months drug by. Molly made her appearance every day right after she ate her lunch because she liked to sleep in. She had gotten into the habit of not going to bed until 1 or 2 in the morning and she was a real bear when she finally woke up and dragged herself over to our pool.

I had never thought of Molly as being anything except just my friend who happen to be a girl but I started noticing that she was definitely changing and, in my opinion, much to the better. Instead of wearing her two piece bathing suit that came up to her tummy and laid flat on her chest, she now wore a slightly more revealing one that rode down on her hips and a top that actually bulged out at her bust line. Her hips were starting to curve out and she was a little self conscious of bending over and exposing her new found cleavage. But she still wore her braces on her teeth and she still seemed as curious as ever in her own funny little way and she was still my buddy.

The second week of July meant that it was camp week for my brother. I had attended that exact same camp for 4 years but this was the first year that I was too old so Bill was all excited about going to camp on his own. My parents and I dropped him off on that Sunday afternoon as my Mom tried not to cry about leaving her “baby boy” for an entire week. God, I hope she didn’t do that when she left me.

Anyway, on the way home my Dad asked me, “Well Jimmy, what are you going to do all by yourself for a whole week?”

“Well, let’s see, I could go on safari or climb Mt. McKinley. Or I could read “War and Peace” but I think that I will probably just swim and play video games like I usually do,” I answered in my typical “smart ass” manner.

Apparently being satisfied with my quasi-answer to his stupid question, he just got quiet and continued to drive the car back to our house. I felt bad that I had responded in such a manner but it just came out so natural that I thought I was being funny. But seeing his expression made me feel a little sorry that I had answered his question in such a glib way and I vowed to think it over before I blurted out another dumb answer to his dumb question.

The following day right after lunch, Molly came threw the gate in the fence, walked over to the chaise and spread out her towel. Looking around she asked, “Where’s Billy?”

“Camp,” I reminder her.

“Oh that’s right. He’s at camp this week so it’s just me and you to hold down the fort. God it’s hot out here. I’ve got to get in,” she said heading to the edge and diving in the cool still water head first. Coming up from her shallow dive at the opposite edge, her tossed her head to the side and shook off the water like a dog when he sheds the water off of his back and smiled at me like a Cheshire Cat and said, “It feels so good that you need to get in too.”

As I looked at my friend smiling at me on the far edge of the pool, I suddenly noticed just how attractive she was becoming and as I dove head first into the cool waters, I had the strangest feeling go threw my stomach. Now to this day I will swear that it was a accident and I did not intend to do it, but as I came up from my dive and stuck out my hand to reach for the pool edge, I pushed right into Molly left boob and my momentum cause my hand to really jam it in there.

“OW!” she screamed out in obvious pain. “Jimmy that hurt! God watch what you’re doing. Mommy said that they would be sensitive but that really hurt,” she exclaimed in total shock and discomfort.

“God, I’m sorry Molly. I didn’t mean to, really,” I tried to convince her that I was being totally serious.

“Yeah right, I think you just wanted to cop a feel of my boobie but they are so sensitive now that they are starting to come in and that really hurt me,” she said, still scrunching up her left shoulder.

“I’m sorry,” I told her again in the most sincere way that I could possible express myself. I looked up into her eyes and gave her a “puppy dog” look and she smiled and lowered her shoulder back into place.

“You’re forgiven but please don’t poke me there again okay?” she asked.

“Okay as long as you’re alright,” I said with concern still on my face.

“I’m okay,” she said then pushing off from the edge she added, “Race you to the other end,” as she took a two stroke lead on me.

I took off in pursuit and thought to myself, “Damn, I didn’t even get a feel of touching her boobie it was so quick.”

We played in the pool for a while then we got out and walked over and sat down in the lounge chairs to soak up the sun and dry off. As we relaxed, the thought kept coming into my mind so I suddenly blurted out, “Do you talk to your Mom about, ah, you know, sex and stuff?”

She didn’t look up from her resting pose as she continued to lay there with her eyes closed. “No, not really. Just that one time when I ran into something and squished my boob and I reacted like I did when you hit it in the pool. She told me that my boobies would be sensitive for awhile while they were coming in and that I should try and protect them as much as I could. But other than that, no I haven’t had “The Talk” with my Mom yet. How about you?”

“Are you kidding? My parents would never bring up the subject of sex or anything related to it. I don’t know where they expect me to learn about all that stuff, from my friends at school? Christ, they don’t even trust me with the computer. They still have Parent Lock on mine,” I said in an exasperated voice.

“I’ll show you how to bypass if you really want to “do some research”, she said with a wry smile on her resting face.

“You know how to do that? God, and I thought that I was a geek when it came to computers and games and stuff,” I said with a new found respect for my devious little friend.

I waited for awhile, thinking hurriedly about the possibly of seeing a picture of a naked girl on my computer screen. I tried not to show it but my excitement started to manifest itself down in my swim trucks and they started to tent up just a little. I had to jump back into the swimming pool before she could see my reaction to my thoughts so as I got up to dive into the water, she glanced over at my problem and exclaimed, “God Jimmy, do you have a boner?”

I broke the water and as I came up on the other end of the pool with my back to my entrance, I adjusted my pole up against my tummy so that it wasn’t so obvious. When I turned around and looked in Molly’s direction, her head was back down on the chaise but a slight smile was on her face. I tried to think of something else, anything else as the cool water started to do wonders for my condition. After a few more minutes I climbed out of the pool and slowly walked back over and lay down on my chaise.

With her eyes still closed and her head back on the lounge chair, she softly asked, “Feel better now?”

I didn’t answer but I could feel my cheeks flush as I knew that she knew what had happened to me. I felt strangely emboldened by the knowledge so I asked, “Have you ever seen a boy before? You know, naked and everything?”

She opened her eyes to look at me to see if I had really asked the question and then she answered. “Just on the computer. I haven’t seen a guy naked in real life before.”

“You’ve seen a guy naked on the computer?” I asked thinking that I had to have her show me how to bypass the lockout. “Did you like it?” I asked full of excitement.

“Yeah, I guess I did. It was kind of scary at first with those huge cocks sticking out all over the place. But after I got over the shock of seeing them going in and out of the girls pussies and mouths and any other hole that they could put it in, I guess that I got used to it,” she told me.

My mind was swirling around trying to grasp all of the information that she had given it in just one sentence. “Going in and out of the girls’ pussies” and their “mouths” and “any other holes”, My God I couldn’t help it but my cock was pointing straight up in the air tenting my swim suit out like a carnival. I had to jump back into the pool before I did something so embarrassing that I would never live it down.

I made one big step towards to edge and plunged my body into the cooling waters of the pool. I repositioned my pole up to my tummy again but it wouldn’t go down. Then I heard a splash behind me and then a touch of her hand on my back. Coming up from her dive and gaining her feet, she said to my back, “Jimmy, it’s natural to get a boner when we talk about such things. I get excited too but I just don’t stick out like boys do.”

I told her, “I’m going to swim now,” and took off away from her in a frantic crawl stroke to the other end. I felt so ashamed and embarrassed that I couldn’t control my own cock. God, all I wanted was to take it out and to jerk it into submission and spew out my stuff all over the place. “If I only could,” I thought.

The next thing I knew, Molly had swum up behind me and took her place on one side of me hanging on to the side. We stayed there as we were with my problem raging out of control and her not wanting to say anything to make it worse. After a few minutes she asked me the most embarrassing question imaginable.
“If you haven’t seen a porn site on your computer, have you ever seen a naked girl before?”

I know I turned a hundred shades of red I was so embarrassed. My cock just grew out another inch at least and was actually starting to hurt as it was sticking out and probing into my swim suit. I had to get away so as I threw myself back off the edge and swam back to the other end, I told her loudly enough to hear me, “No.”

As I got to the other end of the pool, I felt so ashamed of myself for not wanting to show her how much I wanted to talk about sex and yet too embarrassed to show her my excitement. I know that she can see it sticking straight out at her and, although she tells me that she’s excited too, I can’t see how much she is. I wish that she would just go away and let me go to my room and jack myself off.

I was deep in my thoughts when I heard her say right behind me, “Jimmy, I’m sorry that you’re all embarrassed and everything but since you brought it up, do you want to see a girl take off all of her clothes?”

I almost died right then and there. What was she asking me? Did I want to see her take off her swim suit? The answer is “HELL YEAH!”

But I managed to get out an “Okay,” and slowly turned around to look at her.

She went on to explain, “Well, I’ve had this fantasy for a long time and now we can both do it and see what happens. You have a smart phone don’t you? Well, we can take our phones to the public pool tomorrow and when we go in to change into our swim suits, we can take a movie of people getting undressed and taking showers and stuff.”

My look on my face must have been one of disbelieve. She didn’t want to see me naked and I didn’t get a chance to see her naked either. She wanted me to go into a changing room down at the city pool and take a movie of other people changing clothes and taking showers. I was so let down that I’m afraid that it must have shown all over my face. I turned and walked out of the pool with her right behind me.

“Don’t you like my idea?” she asked with a hurt look on her face as she took her towel and started drying herself off. “I’ve always fantasized about seeing boys in the boy’s dressing room getting naked and me taking pictures of them with a hidden camera. Something about peeping in on someone getting naked and they don’t know about it turns me on,” she confessed with a chill running down her body.

“But if we get caught we go to jail,” I pointed out her.

“Then we had better not get caught had we?” she said with a glint in her eyes of excitement.

She went on and on about just how we could pull it off and how we could hide our phones in with our clothes when we put them into our locker. Then when we got out of the pool and went back into the dressing rooms to take our showers, we would turn on the movie part of the phones and point them at a group of people, hopefully at people that we wanted to see naked while we went in and showered. When we got out of the shower, and before we got dressed, we would turn off the phones and hide them in our wet swim suits and come back to the house to see what we had caught.

Having her tell it made me just as excited as thinking that I was going to see her naked and as she looked down and saw my pole sticking straight up in my suit, she said, “I take that as a yes for tomorrow then.” She looked all excited and yet nervous at the same time. She looked into my eyes and she reached over and gave me a peck on my cheek. As she turned away, she called back over her shoulder, “See ya tomorrow around noon okay?” and walked out of our yard to head home.

I beat myself raw that night before I could get to sleep. I was nervous as hell about what we were going to do but so terribly turned on it clouded my better judgment. I made sure my phone was fully charged and my cock had been subdued as much as another pull or two on it to make the thing limp. That was going to be a problem if it got all big and stiff while taking a shower at the public pool. God I could get arrested for indecent exposure if I wasn’t careful.

I waited for what seemed like an eternity for her to arrive and at 12:30 she walked through the gate in the fence. I saw that she brought her beach bag full of swim suit, towel and other important things like her smart phone tucked up under her arm. “Ready to go?” she asked in a casual tone that made me want to shoot my stuff all over my pants.

“I guess,” I replied but thought to my self, “God help us.”

We arrived at the city pool and each went in to pick out our respective lockers. They had to be located in just the right position so that we could get the best view of the surroundings as possible. I picked one that flanked a long row that led to the showers, figuring that I would have the best angle to capture anything or anyone coming or going to the showers. I only hoped that it would render a good photo opportunity.

Walking out in my trunks that were only slightly bulging out in front, I made my way quickly to the pool and in an instant surrounded myself in the cool water that felt so great on my problem that continued to raise its ugly head. “My God, was I going to have to spend the entire time in the pool?” I though. Just then I heard a splash and then two hands grab me by the shoulders. The next thing I felt almost made me want to cry. It was the fresh warm body of my friend Molly as she slowly let herself float down and make contact with the back of mine. I felt her squeeze up tight against me as she whispered into my ear, “How’s your problem Jimmy?” and gave me a quick hug around my stomach.

Her hand was so close to the end of my pole sticking straight out in my trunks that I actually thought for a second that she was trying to grab it right in the city pool. I uttered out a very loud groan as I said something about not knowing if I could go through with this. She shushed me into silence and then said, “Pick out who you want to see naked and I’ll do the same so we know when to go back into the changing rooms.

As she swam away, we both were searching the entire pool area for our targets and after about five minutes I picked out mine. It was two girls that went to our school but were a year ahead of us. They each were nicely put together but were so shy about showing their attributes that all they did was walk around with their arms covering their chests. What I could see of them turned me on to want to see more and as I was ogling them in my own mind and imagination, Molly came up to me and silently nodded her head to the boy across the pool that was just getting out.

If I do say so, her target was a hunk of a specimen and didn’t mind letting everyone see what he had. He strutted over to the diving board and slowly ascended the ladder. He almost waited to make sure that he had everyone’s attention and then, taking two steps forward and raising his arms above his head, took one bounce on the end of the board and did a perfect one and a half gainer leaving barely a ripple in the water upon entrance. As he slowly pulled himself out of the pool, he shock out the water from his ear and paraded off to the changing room to shower. Molly suddenly nudged me in the ribs and I followed him back to set forth our plan.

I went to the locker that I had chosen and noticed that Mr. Wonderful was standing a mere three lockers around the corner down the entrance to the shower. “Molly is going to die when she sees just how close I get to her heartthrob. He looked in my direction and gave me a little nod that told me that I could look at His Highness as he continued to towel himself off. I quickly placed my camera phone into position and turned it on just as he pulled his Speedos down. He was standing with his back towards me and all that I was able to see of him was his fine, chiseled backside and as he walked away towards the showers, I caught his rippling buttocks flexing their way down as he rounded the corner and disappeared into the shower room.

“She wasn’t going to like that shot,” I thought to myself and then realized that I was about to take a shower with this ultimate male God. “Oh shit! How can I be proud of my smallish little wiener and spattering amount of pubic hair compare to this?” I grabbed my towel and headed towards the showers not even thinking about how the camera phone was capturing my own naked body walking along.

As I entered the shower, there was Mr. Wonderful standing facing the spray as it rushed out of the nozzle and filled his face and chest with its powerful jets. He was rubbing his private parts and then he turned around and I caught myself before I let out with a slight giggle. His wiener was about as big as mine and as it sat in a thick patch of deep black hair, it almost disappeared into his bush. He noticed me standing there and immediately turned around once again to cover his tiny self. I laughed to myself as I hurriedly finished washing the suds from my body and taking the towel and wrapping it around myself, hurried back to my locker to get dressed. “Wait until Molly gets a load of the size of this guys cock,” I thought to myself laughing.

I suddenly had a very naughty thought, “I’m going to expose myself to the camera and to Molly’s eyes,” and then removed the towel from around my body and started rubbing my hair with it. I acted so nonchalant it my actions that I knew that she would think that I just forgot about the eye in the locker. But deep down, I wanted her to ogle over my body like she did over Mr. Wonderful and I had this strange inner strength to show her everything that I had. I only hoped that she would be as impressed as my fellow over next to me.

I switched the placement of the camera phone and stood out of the way to capture the view as intended. He came out with the towel wrapped around his middle but my back was to him when he got to his locker. I didn’t want him to wonder what this young squirt was doing staring at him getting dressed so I stepped to one side and quickly put on all of my clothing. I dried my hair and slowly turned around and noticed that Mr. Wonderful was standing looking at my locker as he fixed his fly. Panic set in as I wondered if he saw something that he shouldn’t.

I looked at his eyes and then at the set of his jaw. I had to distract him somehow so I blurted out, “There’s some fine looking chicks out there aren’t there?”

He looked down at me and kind of smirked and then acknowledged my comment with a shrug of his shoulders and a “Yeah, I guess,” sort of gesture and then turned around, gathered up his stuff and strutted out of the locker room. I fell down to a seated position as I let out a big sigh of relief. I gathered my things and after a few seconds to allow him to exit the building, followed him out to wait at the entrance.

I waited and waited for what seemed like an hour. I was just thinking about going back in and telling her to forget it and come on out without any pictures when I saw her come around the corner leading from the girl’s locker room with her hair laid down flat and her blouse all wet at the shoulders. She didn’t look at me but mumbled something about getting out of there and kept up her fast pace.

I struggled to keep up with her fast walk until we had covered a block’s distance from the pool. She finally broke the silence with a question, “Well did you get it. Did you get a picture of this hunk like a told you?”

I thought about the question but had to admit, “I don’t know. I felt that I had to turn my back on him as I got dressed and I don’t know what I got. Well, I do know…well…I’ll just have to see what on the camera.”

She walked along in silence, not looking at me, not taking her eyes off where she was walking. I finally had to ask, “How about you? Did you get any good pictures?”

She paused for a second and then said, “I’ll let you be the judge,” and walked on.

When we arrived back at our back yard, she suddenly turned to me and threw her arms around my neck. “Oh Jimmy,” she exclaimed. “That was the most exciting thing that I’ve ever done. I mean I picked a locker right next to one of the girls that you indicated to me and I waited until they went back in to take a shower. God, you won’t believe what I captured on film. You wanted to see a girl get undressed and to see what a pussy looks like? Well, I think you are going to love this,” she said as she patted her beach bag with her hand.

We walked over to the table on the patio and Molly pulled out the chair and took a seat. Taking out her phone, she pressed a few buttons and then sat back and told me, “Feast your eyes on this.”

The camera sprang to life just as the subject of the photography was removing her top from her chest. She hurriedly slid it off of her shoulders but was bending slightly so not to show them off to the unforeseen camera. Her hands went down to her bottoms and in half of a second they were being kicked off of her feet and a towel came around her spoiling any chance to see her plainly.

Molly look disappointed and let down as the girl walked away towards the shower. There was nothing but the far wall for five minutes or so and then our subject reappeared on the screen. The towel was wrapped around her breasts as she fixed her panties so that they would go on without a hitch. She bent over and pulled them up her legs and for the briefest of seconds, a shot of her hairy crotch was seen for a second until she covered herself with her underwear. Then she removed the towel and I got a good look at her boobs for about ten seconds as she fiddled with her bra but she covered them quickly and reached around with her hands a fastened it into place. With one hand she pulled it away from her boobs and with the other settled them into her cups and adjusted it to fit her body.

The rest was so anticlimactic that I wanted to turn around in disgust. “Is that all I get for all that work?” I wanted to demand of my cohort in crime. But I didn’t say a word because I didn’t have to. “Wow that was a big nothing wasn’t it?” Molly offered. “I’m almost afraid to see what you caught.”

I took out my phone and pressed the photo icon and then the movie started to go. I saw myself at first and then as I moved out of the way, I could see Mr. Wonderful’s butt cheeks and they caught Molly’s attention as he rounded the corner into the shower. Then I was shown following him to the shower. It was a five minute of nothing and then it showed me walking back from the shower. I looked down at Molly’s face as I knew what was to come.

I played the part well as I shrieked in unbelievable horror when I took the towel away from myself in the movie and stood there drying my hair. Molly’s mouth dropped open when she recognized me and turned her head upward to see my shocked expression.

“My God, I caught myself on the camera and I’m naked!” I exclaimed and hoped that I didn’t play it too much over the top.

Molly turned back to the camera without saying a thing but she had a sly grin on her face. In a few minutes her wait was over and Mr. Wonderful came around the corner wearing his towel around his waist and stopped at his locker. I could see him look in my direction and then turned to face towards me with my back towards him and let his towel fall away. Almost like he understood that he was being the subject of this whole thing and he wanted to show it off, he grabbed his tiny little penis and pulled it towards my direction.

Molly gasp out loud at seeing it out in the open and then curled up the side of her mouth and said, “Ugh, he’s no bigger than you are?”

“I’m sorry?” I asked with total indignation.

“Oh I didn’t mean that you are little or anything but, gosh, I was hoping for a little more than that,” she said pointing to his cock.

“Yeah, well, I think it’s silly to compare his size to mine. After all, he is about five years older than me. My God, look at all of that hair and then look at mine. I don’t have anything compared to that bush,” I said in my own defense.

She rewound the camera to the spot where it showed me drying my hair and she paused it there for a second to examine. She bent closer and smiled broadly as she commented, “Yeah I can see what you mean. You don’t have much hair down there do you?”

All of a sudden my face became flushed and I had to look away. But Molly kept looking at the still photo of me standing there with my towel on my head and my cock in plain view. I was thinking to myself, “I think my plan worked.”

After looking at our cameras over and over again, Molly remembered that I couldn’t get on any porn sites on my computer because of the Parent Control that my folks had insisted on. So, grabbing our things, we went up to my room and went right to my computer.

“How sophisticated are your parents when it comes to computers,” Molly asked.

“I don’t know, not very I guess,” I replied.

“Okay, search the topic “Naked girls and boys” on your search engine,” she told me. I typed it in and pushed the “Enter” button on my keyboard. “Enter your password” came up on the screen.

“Okay, Enter “Jimmycan’tsee” and see if it is as something as simple as that,” she told me.

I tried but it wouldn’t accept the apostrophe so I said, “Try something else.” She gave me many more suggestions and became very frustrated at my typing skills.

“Move out of the way,” she commanded as she took over the hacking of my parent’s password. She tried many things but kept coming back to things having to do with them not wanting me to see any porn sites.
“It’s got to be something simple. Something like not letting Jimmy view sites or Jimmy not seeing sites or…”

“Or how about James not seeing sites or James no see sites,” I chimed in. “I know, try “Jamesnoseesites”.” I told her.

She did but to no avail and then she got a big grin on her face and typed in “jamesnocsites” and there it was, full access or so we thought, to anything on the internet.

Molly immediately scanned down the menu of sites and picked the one that said, “Young Boys and Girls Playing in the Nude.” She clicked it on and in a second my eyes were caught up in the world of pornography.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as they scanned the page of beautiful young girls all completely naked. They were posing in the most provocative way with young studs, also naked standing right beside them and feeling them up and stuff. As I stood there mesmerized by what I was looking at, my cock began to rear its wonderful head and soon I was tenting out my athletic shorts over my underwear.

Molly began to notice it sticking straight out next to her shoulder and her eyes began to glaze over. Her head rose upward hesitantly and she asked in a timid little voice, “Jimmy, can I touch it?”

Her question brought me back into shocked reality as I stammered, “You want to touch my cock?”

“Uh huh,” she said shyly.

“Okay but I get to touch you somewhere,” I stammered.

“You can touch my boobie,” she offered.

I didn’t answer her suggestion but merely put my arm around her neck and slid it down to her front. At the same time I felt the most wonderful sensation in the whole world. She softly cradled my rock hard cock in her hand and slowly closed her fist around the shaft. My eyes closed in an unworldly sign of pleasure as my hand came to rest on her left breast. If I had been struck down dead at that very moment, I would have died in total contentment.

I could feel her soft little hand glide over my cock and I got the immediate feeling deep inside my groin that I needed to feel it more. My hand was squeezing her boobie on the outside of her blouse but it was so well padded that it felt like I was squeezing a sponge so I withdrew my touch from the outside and moved it quickly to the inside of her padded bra and made contact with her bare little boob. She gasped at the contact but as she closed her eyes, I could hear her inhale a big full lung full of air. She sat up straight and hunched her shoulders together to allow my hand free access to the softness of her warm little breast.

My fingers began to play around with her nipple as her hand began to pick up its pace of sliding along my entire shaft. Soon she was jacking me off and I was stimulating her nipple as the feelings began to grow in each of us. My cock began to twitch and ache and I knew that I was about to shot all over my undershorts, my outer shorts and everywhere but it felt too good to make her stop. I let it happen, I encouraged it to come out and when it happened, I could feel her hand tighten down with her grip and she pulled it fast and hard while my shorts turned into a wet mass of my sticky stuff.

My hand was busy rubbing and pinching her poor little nipple as she was breathing heavily through her open lips. She knew that I was squirting out my stuff and relished the idea of bringing me to this point. I only wish that I had had the insight to stimulate her also and bring her to an equal point of satisfaction. But as I started coming down from my experience, she released her grip on my cock and guided my hand out of her bra. When it passed her mouth, she stopped it and gave it a gentle kiss.

I was wobbly kneed as I staggered forward a little trying to catch my balance. I looked down at Molly’s expression and saw her wanting but stable little smile cross her face in a questioning look of desire. I didn’t know what to do or to say so I told her, “I’ve got to go clean up my mess,” and turned and walked out of the room towards the bathroom.

She put on her wet swimming suit again so as I was coming back from the bathroom, she passed me in the hall and said that she was going to go swimming and kept on walking down to the pool. I felt insecure all of a sudden and quickly pulled on my suit and followed her to the pool. When I arrived she had already dived into the cool refreshing water and was standing with her back to me on the other side of the pool.

I dove into the pool and came up right behind her, touching her arms tenderly as I rose up from beneath the water. “Be sure to erase your History on your computer. You don’t want to get caught hacking into their password,” she said in a dead pan sort of tone.

“Yeah thanks for the tip,” I said. “And thanks for the other stuff too,” I said in a soft voice caressing the outside of her arms with my fingertip. I felt her stiffen up and wondered what I did wrong.

“Did I do something wrong?” I finally asked her.

“Oh it’s just that a woman likes to be held after making love or that’s what I’ve heard anyway. Not that we made love or anything up there but I was feeling kind of special after, you know, and I wanted to feel, well, special. I wanted to feel as satisfied as you did. But all you did was to go to the bathroom and clean up your mess,” she confessed in a dejected tone. She turned to face me but said, “I know I’m being silly but I got so excited with you playing with my boobie and then I jacked you off and then you left me there all alone. I just wanted to be held and told that I did it right and you felt satisfied and…”

Tears started to stream down Molly’s cheeks as she looked up into my eyes in the most pitiful way. My heart sank with the idea that I had let her down. How could I be such a jerk after what she did for me? How could I make it up to her? I placed my fingers on her chin and raised it up and looked deeply into her watering eyes.

I bent down and gave her a soft little kiss right on her lips as she stood there not moving. “I’m such a jerk,” I confessed in the softest of tones. “Molly, I’m sorry. I’ve never experienced anything even remotely close to what we experienced this afternoon. I was so confused after I squirted into my underwear I didn’t know what to do. I mean I was on such a high having the cutest girl in the whole world make me squirt and to let me play with her boobie, I mean right on her bare boobie, and she didn’t push my hand away or anything.”

She was looking directly up into my eyes as she asked, “You think I’m cute?”

“Heck yeah I do,” I answered.

I was getting all excited just replaying the event back in my memory that I forgot what I was saying. I looked down in those big watering eyes of hers and smiled a defensive little smile and said very softly and tenderly, “Molly, can you forgive me for being such a big jerk?”

She smiled back up at me and put her arms around my neck and gave me a big hug. I returned the favor and as my hands went around to her back, they settled on the clasp that fastened the top to her swim suit together and my fingers immediately started to undo it. The look in her eyes was of surprise, terror and excitement all rolled into one. I was successful on my first attempt and as I pulled the straps forward, she shyly turned around.

I left it hanging by the shoulder straps but slid both hands up under her top and touched two of the most wonderful things in the world. Her head slid to the side as she sighed and closed her eyes in total submission to the pleasure of having her tiny little developing breasts caressed and massaged by the unseeing hands of her lover. She moved one hand up to my cheek as she whimpered into my ear, “Oh Jimmy, you make me feel so good all over. I love the way you make me feel. Jimmy, I love you.”

What did she say? Did she really say that she loved me? Oh my God! Do I love her? I think so but how do I know for sure? I let her rub my cock and I shot out my stuff all over my pants. And now she was letting me touch her bare boobs. Yeah, I do think that I love her. Her boobies are so soft and tender. I’ve got to make sure not to squeeze them too tight or else she will cry out in pain again. But her little nipples are so hard and pointy, I love pinching them between my thumb and fore finger. I love feeling her boobs. I love Molly more than any other girl I’ve known. Yes I do love her too.

“Molly, I love you too,” I whispered back into her throat. Then I felt her take my left hand and apply pressure downward with her left hand. Where did she want me to move it? Down, down, down, my god she wants me to touch her right on her pussy! “Oh God Molly, I love you so much!”

She sighed out loud as I made my first contact with the soft fabric of the her swim suit and as I met the resistance of the firm full flesh of her crotch my heart skipped a beat and my breath caught in my throat. She was pressing her hand deep into mine, applying pressure on her junction as she raised her chin and moaned with the most glorious sound that I have ever heard. I curled my fingers back up into her crotch and felt her pussy give way to my explorations.

Molly was breathing rapidly in between groans and sighs and gasps as my fingers continued to probe her bathing suit crotch. But when I released my grip on it and moved my hand to her waistband she held her breath with confusion and anticipation. Inserting it slowly down into the bottoms of her swim suit, my fingers slowly reached out to touch her Holy Grail as she screamed out her protest.

“Oh Jimmy! Not there, oh Jimmy please…” she whined into nothingness. She knew that it was useless for each of us to try and stop what we had started so as she spread her legs and sucked in her tummy, my hand went future down into her swim suit until I could feel her tiny patch of pubic hair. I was mad with my desire to explore her everywhere and she was mad with the desire to be explored.

“Oh God, Oh God,” she kept repeating in a soft cry of stimulation. She was breathing heavily and starting to move her hips into the pressure of my hand into her crotch. My other hand was busily fondling both of her nipples that I had access to under her the top of her bathing suit. My fingers found her hole down between her legs and as I gently probed her canal with my middle finger, she cried out with excitement as she pressed her hips into my hand.

I began rubbing her pussy with my left hand as I fondled her boobies with my right. She was just about there and I was stiff as a board with my own desire. She must have felt it sticking into her butt because she grabbed it with her left hand and started pumping it for all she was worth. I groaned and pressed my hips into her hand just as she threw her hips away from my probing fingers, bent down at the waist and pulled hard on my sore cock.

She climaxed so hard that I thought for a second that she was going to submerge herself under the water. She was groaning and breathing through her mouth as she gasped and threw her head from side to side. Still pumping on my stiff cock, she brought me over the top for the second time in a half hour and I was going through some sort of ecstasy as I unloaded my sperm into my swim trunks this time and humped her little butt with all of my pent up emotions.

Slowly we came down from our orgasmic release as she settled back into my chest. I was slowly stroking her lips down between her legs as I relished the feel of her curly pubic mound and the softness of her flesh down there.

“Oh Jimmy, you make me feel so good. I love you, I really do,” she cooed into my ear.

“I love you too Molly,” was all that I could say in return as I staggered towards the edge of the pool. I felt like I was about to go to sleep when all of a sudden we both heard the garage door start to rise signaling that my Mom had just got home from work and we had to get ourselves presentable to greet her.

Fastening her top back in place and making sure her bottoms were situated correctly on her body Molly swam over to the stairs and walked out of the swimming pool. She casually made her way over to the chaise and was drying herself off when my Mom came out to greet us.

“Hi kids,” she sang out cheerfully.

“Hi Mom,” I yelled from the pool where I was still trying to get my bearings. “How was your day?”

“It’s over,” she said with a smile on her face.

“How are you doing Molly? Has your Dad heard anything about the interview that he went on last week?” she asked.

“What interview? He never said anything about switching jobs to me,” Molly asked in a disbelieving voice.

“Oh it wasn’t with another company, it was for a promotion that he was being offered,” Mom explained. “I can’t believe that he didn’t tell you about it. Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“I don’t know but I’ll have to ask him tonight. I didn’t know it was getting so late so I had better go. So long Jimmy. See you tomorrow,” she said heading for the gate in the fence.

“See ya Molly,” I said feeling a pang in my stomach from already missing her.

“Jimmy, dinner will be ready in a half hour so you had better come in and get cleaned up. Can you help out tonight by setting the table?” Mom asked.

“Sure Mom, I’m getting out now,” I replied heading for the edge.

I was in a fog as I headed for my room. I had just felt my best friend’s pussy and made her cum and she had made me cum twice. She told me that she loved me and I told her the same. “This night is going to be great!” I thought to myself hopping up the steps to take a shower.

It was the perfect evening until around 8 o’clock when my cell phone rang. I usually get text messages and very seldom actually talk to anyone on the phone so as I picked it up, I noticed that it was from Molly and I thought, “What’s going on anyway?”

I pushed the talk button and all I heard was Molly voice crying her eyes out with pain. “Jimmy, oh my God. My Dad got a promotion out in California and we have to move out there right away. Oh Jimmy,” she sobbed, “I have to go out there tomorrow with Mom and find a new house. Oh Jimmy I have to leave!” she burst into sobs and wails that would shake most windows.

I was dumb with shock. This couldn’t be happening, not now, not when we finally found out how we felt about each other. Why is this happening to us? “Molly, can I come over and maybe talk to your father about maybe you staying here. Maybe we could take you in until you graduate from high school or something,” I stammered, grasping for straws.

“Oh Jimmy, that wouldn’t work. We have five more years before graduation. Oh Jimmy what are we going to do?” she asked frantically before starting the cry all over again.

They took the corporate jet out to Las Angles and they searched for a new home. When they got back to their old home and the people that they were leaving behind, the For Sale sign went up one day and a Sale Pending sign went up on it the very next. I was numb to the possibility that the first love of my life was about to leave and there was nothing either of us could do about it.

The evening before they were supposed to depart, I got a text message from Molly. I didn’t want to read it because I knew that it was saying goodbye. But I couldn’t not read what she had to say and when I did, my heart started to beat right out of my chest.

It said, “Jimmy my love, will u come to my room tonite after 12 because I want to give u something.”

I replied, “After midnight.”

I waited impatiently for the clock to get to the top of the dial and when it finally did, I tip toed down the stairs and out to the pool area. Passing Sam and his wagging tail, I went over to Molly’s house and went around back. It was easy to spot Molly’s room because she had a light on. She always stayed up late but tonight I was going to join her. As I approached her window and tapped on it with my knuckle, in a flash she opened the blinds and then the window itself and invited me in.

I whispered to her, “Why do you want to see me so late?” but it was met by a finger over her lips and a shushing sound. She took me by my hand and led me over to the bed and gave me a hug around my neck. She looked me in the eye, put her cheek up against mine and whispered in my ear, “Jimmy, I want to give you something special tonight. I can only give it to one person in my life and that one person is you. I love you Jimmy so here is my present. It’s me, all of me. You wanted to know all about what girls look like and stuff so I’m giving you permission to do what ever you want to do with me.”

She stepped back, looking very nervous at first but then she moved her hands to the bottom of her night gown and pulled it up over her head and outstretched arms. My mouth must have dropped open because she whispered so only I could hear her, “Well, what do you think?”

My eyes were glued to her wonderful bust line and those small but perky little boobies of hers. They were so ripe with desire that they almost begged to be fondled. She stood there waiting for my eyes to take her all in and for me to muster myself to reply to her question. “My God she looks so inviting standing there wearing only her panties with her arms out wide inviting me to come to her,” I thought to myself.

“Holy shit Molly,” I stammered and was met with an immediate shushing sound again. “I can’t believe what I’m seeing.”

“Well I’m not seeing very much,” she said and reached for my tee shirt that I wore over my gym shorts for pajamas. I allowed her to remove the tee shirt and then she reached down and gave my trunks a pull downward. My briefs got caught up in my shorts and when she pulled one she pulled them both and soon I was standing there naked with my pajamas lying beside me on the floor.

I look on in total shock but my cock started to stick out as it became awake. Her eyes were on it as she sat down on the edge of the bed and reached her hand out and slowly took it in her fingers. She stroked it tenderly with her fingertips as it started to grow and then she enclosed it with her entire fist. She looked up into my eyes and gave me a slight smile. I reached down and brought her to her feet once again and moved her around and exchanged positions with her. She stood there for a second and then her hands went down to her elastic waist band. I decided not to be an observer any longer and reached out and took her hands away.

“I want to do it,” I barely whispered to her. “Let me take them off.”

She turned a little red around her cheeks as the full impact of her boldness was starting to take its toll on her but she slowly let her hands drop to her side in an invitation of acceptance. My eyes wondered down to her tummy and then down to her abdomen. I reached out and touched her on the waist band and hooked my finger inside and ran it from side to side. She sighed as she closed her eyes and bit down on her lower lip. I detected a slight tremble of her knees as I started to remove them from their position.

My eyes were glued to the progress my hands were making in pulling down her thin cotton panties over her hips and down to her pussy area. I saw the sparse patch of pubic hair that only a few days before I had touched with these same hands and as I first saw her lips being exposed to my sight my breath caught in my throat as I panted out my air.

I don’t remember pulling them down to the floor and I don’t remember taking them off of her feet but I do remember her legs trembling as I retraced my hands back up her inner thighs. I felt so much in love at that moment my heart wanted to break. But as I finally came to where her two legs joined together and slightly caressed her tender lips. She cried out silently for me to continue as she opened her stance and invited me to explore her inner treasures.

I was staring right at her two puffy little lips that were still quite visible under her slight patch of pubic hair. The bit of moisture was escaping from the bottom of the slit and as I ran my finger into and up the valley that it caused, the two lips separated just a little and I could see the pinkish insides as it glistened in the lamp light.

She shuttered as my finger made its way up to the very top of her pussy slit and when it settled on a little bump that was hidden under her hood, she closed her legs down on my hand and pushed me back on the bed and crawled up on top of me. She slithered like a snake as she approached my cock, taking great care to straddle my body with her hands and knees until she had mounted my waist. She looked longingly into my eyes as she settled herself right there with her crotch pressing down on my rock hard cock.

As she sat up with her knees on either side of my hips and wiggled her crotch deep into my erection, she gave me a nervous sort of smile. I looked up at her and reached out both of my hands and found her two little breasts waiting to be fondled. She closed her eyes as I made contact with them and she gave out a slight moan. Then, reaching down between her legs and grabbing hold of my cock, she started to guide it towards her opening as I looked on in total shock and anticipation.

I wanted to cry out to her to tell her just how much I loved her and to thank her for what she was willing to give to me. I tried to speak but nothing would come out from my throat not even any air as I looked on to what was happening to me. Then I felt the end of my cock hit the firm little lips that protected and hid her treasured opening and as they slid apart and opened wide to my intrusion, I felt the ultimate sensation of it actually entering her tight, virginal canal.

She was guiding it in as her face started to contort with pain. “Molly I don’t want to hurt you,” I whispered.

“You won’t. That’s why I’m on top. I can control you going in until you reach my cherry and then I can lower myself down on it until it breaks through. I’ve thought this all through so you don’t have to worry about anything,” she said through clenched teeth.

I felt it slide in further through the sticky flow of her juices and then it was in a certain depth, it ran into a wall. She stopped her movement for a second and took in a deep breath. Then she sank down quickly as I felt my cock go through her hymen. A silent cry escaped her lips as she absorbed the pain for a moment. Finally a big smile came over her as she looked into my eyes and began to lower herself down even further onto my crotch.

When she was resting right with her crotch directly on mine, she said in a weak, trembling voice, “See I told you that you didn’t have anything to worry about.”

It felt so good having my cock buried deep inside of Molly’s pussy and I felt it twitch and jerk in response to the tightness of her walls. I suddenly thought about what I was doing and what I was about to do so I asked her, “Molly, do you want me to pull out before I shoot my stuff inside you?”

“No, I said not to worry about anything because I started my period when I was out in California so I’m safe for now. But thanks Jimmy for thinking about it,” she panted out in her excited state.

I began to pull it out of her tightness and it felt like she was milking me with her tight pussy as it literally spit it out of her confines. The sensation was unbelievably stimulating as I reversed my thrust and slid it back into her with more force and speed. She grunted out her approval as she started pressing her hips into every thrust of mine. I was going wild as I tried to hold it back but I soon found that I couldn’t control it any longer and as I held my breath and tightened up every muscle in my body, I growled out loud and shot my load deep within her willing pussy.

She was crying silently in between her panting breaths as she received my stuff shooting deep inside her womb. She was on the very edge of her own orgasmic release and as I shot my third and fourth rope into her pussy, she strained and grunted out her own glorious orgasm and slammed her pussy into my cock with everything that she could muster.

We each started coming down from our own experience until I was merely resting inside of her canal. I was starting to deflate but it felt too good in there to allow it to fall out. Molly was breathing very heavily into my ear as she would occasionally spasm or jerk herself into consciousness. Finally we rested in our blissful state for about a half hour or so until I awoke to find her on her side with her leg curled up over my crotch.

I placed my hand down on her butt cheek and began to slowly rotate my caress around and around her bare flesh. Waking up with a big grin on her face, she rose up on her elbow and reached over to give me a tender kiss on my lips. I kissed her back with all of the emotion that I felt for her at that minute. Soon she was lying on top of me with my arms encircling her body as we kissed the most passionate kiss that either of us ever had.

“Oh Molly,” I panted in between kisses, “I want to touch you, I want to look at you, I want run my fingers everywhere on your body; every inch of your beautiful little body.”

She was smothering my kisses with her own as she begged me, “Oh Jimmy, touch me, look at me, lick my entire body; wherever you want to. I’m yours to do with as you want,” she said moving her knees up to straddle my waist. I looked at her little breasts as I sat up and drew her into my lips. I devoured her nipples into my mouth as I pressed her backward until she was lying on her back between my legs and her legs where sticking straight up in the air.

I released my oral grip on her nipples and concentrated my attention on her open crotch that was right in front of me. I spread her legs out wide and brought them up until they were up over her chest leaving my eyes to feast on her wide open bare pussy lips.

They were so perfectly puffy with their soft little fuzzy pubic hair that barely covered my view. Down at the bottom of them was her opening and her rose bud that was shimmering bright with a sheen of moisture that had seeped out of her vagina. I had to touch it lightly with my finger and when I did, she tightened up and grunted out her excitement. I drew my face closer to the spot of my attention and reached out with my tongue and lightly licked the fluids that had accumulated there. She jerked herself away and rolled over from the sensation.

I continued to explore and as we each got overly excited, we would once again find ourselves in the thralls of love making. We did it a total of four times that night until we could do it no longer. We collapsed in each other arms and rested until the dawn came over the horizon.

It was five in the morning when I told her that I had to go back home before my Dad woke up to go to work. She whimpered her objection and demanded one more time. I was willing but my poor body refused to cooperate. My cock was so tired and limp but I was able to caress her entire body one more time with my hands and inspect her every fold and crevasse of her young self.

I told her a tearful goodbye, put on my things and crawled out the window to go back home. I stopped at the pool and reluctantly cleaned all of her essence and her wonderful smell from my body. Sam gave me a good morning wag of his tail and I crept up the stairs to enter my room. I cried myself to sleep that morning because I knew that I would never see my first love again. I wondered what it would be like to not have her living next door to me. I wondered how I would survive. I knew that I would miss her so much but thanked my lucky stars that I got to spend a wonderful summer with Molly.


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