Samantha plays hookie
Sorry for the delay in Part 3…but here it is. Hope you enjoy.

I lay there in my bed that night, satisfied from the hot fucking and sucking I had been presented with by my little sexy schoolteacher. I could not help but feel smug toward the young pubescent boys I was now stuck sharing a room with. But, the fact of the matter was, that no matter how hot of a fuck Tracy turned out to be, my cock was already missing Samantha. That tiny petite teenage body made me hot with lust. Unfortunately, the next day was not going to present me with an opportunity at all to fuck her…or Tracy for that matter. The band had a huge practice that would last till late; they were even bringing in food so that no one would have to leave. In fact, Tracy told me that I might as well enjoy some sight seeing, because the kids would be tied up the whole day. We will ignore for the moment the thoughts that popped in to my dirty little mind immediately of sweet little Samantha all “tied up.” Somewhere in my fantasy trip, and the fact that my cock had just been satisfied, I managed to drift off to sleep.

A pounding on the hotel door, awakened me before my alarm went off that next morning. I quickly had to hide the morning “wood” I woke up with (sex right before bed always does that to me), and smiled as I opened the door to a distressed, but quite sexy looking Tracy.

“John…you are going to hate me!” she blurted out, almost pleading for forgiveness before ever asking for it.

“Not likely gorgeous…. tell me what is going on.”

“Well, I know I promised you the day off, but it seems that one of our students woke up rather ill, and I just do not have anyone else that can stay with them all day. There is no way that I can miss this rehearsal. But that means that you would be stuck babysitting instead of sight seeing.”

I have to admit, the thought of watching some punk teenager was not at the top of my list of things to do, but I figured that this was what I had signed on for. And who knows…after all the fun I have been having, anything is possible.

“Who is the student Tracy?”

“Well, at least you have already become friends John…It is Samantha. She said she was up all night long with a bad headache, and was feeling sick to her stomach this morning. I know it is a huge favor…” And then a naughty little grin crossed her face as her hand coyly reached forward and grabbed my still semi-hard cock and squeezing it said, “But I promise to reward you late tonight for your dedicated service.”

I was glad she grabbed my cock; because that was the only way I could disguise my excitement over getting to share the day with my hot little vixen.

I grinned back, and said, “You know you can always count on me…especially if the pay is right.”

Tracy glanced down the hall, and immediately dropped down and pulled my cock out of my shorts. Without hesitation, she thrust it deep into her throat and sucked it for about five wonderful seconds.

“Try not to forget about me today stud…tonight I want you to feed me some of that hot cum of yours. I can assure you that it will all be worth your while. Thanks again. I will tell Samantha that you will check on her after we all leave.” With that she released my cock and disappeared back down the hall. This was going to be a great fucking day.

About an hour later, the kids were all loaded on the bus, and I happily saw them off up to the point that the bus drove out of the parking lot of the hotel. As it turned on to the main road, I was practically running back to the elevator and headed back to Samantha’s room. Man, I hope she is not really sick…that would sure put a damper on things. As I reached her door, I noticed that the small metal lock had been flipped inside the doorway, helping to keep it open without me needing a key. My cock twitched inside my jeans as I pushed the door open.

There lying on the bed was one of the sexiest things I have ever laid my eyes upon; Samantha was dressed in a cute matching pink pantie and bra set. It was a half satin, half lace ensemble, which accentuated her womanly parts perfectly. She was smiling back at me while biting her lower lips in an ever so seductive manner.

“What do you know Mr. Allen, it is the strangest thing, all of a sudden, my headache is gone, and I have a huge appetite. I was wondering if you would mind serving me breakfast in bed?” Her young face, and her sweet little smile combined with those amazing eyes had seduced me in a total of 3 seconds.

“Anything particular you would like for me to serve you this fine morning Ma’am?” I asked, trying to keep up the fun of her charade, while walking up next to her on the bed.

“Hmmm, perhaps you will allow me to look over the menu first kind sir,” she said, while reaching forward and pulling me closer by my belt. Without saying another word, she slowly began undoing my belt and my jeans, while never once taking her eyes off of mine. For a moment, all I could do was stare down at her in awe of how gorgeous this lovely creature was. Her hands slowly unzipped my zipper, and then gently began pushing my jeans down off of my hips. The bulge in my briefs was more than evident to her now downward drifting eyes.

“Hmmm, this looks promising, perhaps I should take a closer look at this item.” One of her hands moved to my erect cock and began stroking it through the thin fabric. I could not help but let out a moan of approval. After a few strokes, she pulled my briefs down, and let out a satisfactory gasp as my cock sprang back to attention before her.

“Oh yes, mmm yes, this is definitely what I would like for breakfast.”

“Well ma’am, I am happy to report, that this just happens to be the special of the day, all you can eat.” With that, we both giggled a little, but then she quickly grabbed my cock and began gently caressing her way hand up and down the entire length of the shaft.

Her smile drifted away, and an almost serious look crossed her face; “Oh I fucking hope so John…I so fucking hope so.” Immediately her head thrust forward, and I felt her soft tender mouth engulf its way down my swollen shaft. Her warm lips combined with her hot spit quickly brought my cock to the hardest state it has ever been in. For a few moments, she devoured my cock as though she had not eaten in days. Her hands reached around me and began squeezing at my ass as she eagerly bobbed up and down on my shaft. All I could do was stand there and enjoy the view.

Finally after a while, she broke away from my cock and looked up at me with her seductive blue eyes… “I want you to fuck my throat John…I mean really fuck it. Do you think you would be willing to do that?”

“I thought that was what I was doing baby. Did you have something more in mind?” I never want to assume anything, because that is what gets you in trouble…and I did not want to risk any more than I already had with this girl, because I never wanted this to end.

“I want you to climb on top of me and fuck my face hard. I want you to force your cock as deep in my throat as possible. Please John…will you do that for me?”

What a dumb question. Of course I would love to do that for her. But I still felt the grown up responsibility of giving her a safety net…I told her to tap me twice on the ass if it became too much for her. She smiled and agreed.

I quickly finished undressing as Samantha began to scoot herself into the middle of the queen size. As I stared down at her, I decided that I could take this even further, and allow her some pleasure at the same time. I grabbed her little feet, and quickly spun her around on the bed, bringing her face right to the edge. She never said a word as I pulled her back toward me, allowing her head to hang off the bed right beneath my cock. I leaned down over her and gently released the front clasp to her sexy bra, and began kissing my way around her breasts, before finally sucking one of her swollen nipples deep into my mouth. Samantha moaned out, allowing her warm breath to float across my ball sack. I couldn’t help myself, so I spread my legs a little, allowing the tender flesh to come to rest on her open mouth. Samantha needed no instruction, and quickly began massaging my balls with her hands as her tongue and lips gently started to tease them.
I feasted on her breasts for about a moment and then slowly slid my hands down her body and began trying to roll her panties off of her. The position was a little awkward though, so finally I just ripped them off of her causing her to gasp once again, only this time she did it with one of my balls deep in her mouth.

Her lovely little slit was now free to my sight, and I pulled her legs up, and rolled her pussy up closer to my face. Fuck you have got to appreciate the limberness of high school girls. I gently began to tease around her pussy with my fingers, also allowing her to feel my warm breath as I kissed around her clit without actually touching it. She was so light and easy to manipulate. I positioned her with a big pillow beneath her ass, giving me better access, and then used one of my hands to guide my cock into her anxiously waiting mouth. Samantha instantly began feasting hungrily on it again as I flicked at her tender little clit for the first time. Her nectar was already flowing, and began like honey for my tongue. I had plans of going slow, but she was devouring my cock, eliminating the slow romantic tone I had planned. Feverishly I dove into her young little cunt and feasted up on it. My hands slid beneath her ass cheeks, and I pressed all 8 of my fingers between them as I spread her apart and began thrusting my tongue in and out of her.

Instinctively, I began pumping my cock in and out of Samantha’s mouth, hearing her gag a little each time I pushed to deep. To be honest, each time she gagged, it just made me hotter. I sucked her clit deep into my mouth, and began making aggressive flicks with my tongue against it. That was all it took to cause her to explode in her first orgasm of the morning. Her hips were bucking eagerly against my face, almost begging for me to suck harder. Her nectar covered my face as I feasted on every drop. Within seconds, an even more violent orgasm ripped through her frail little body. She was absolutely delicious.

With each thrust of my tongue, Samantha worked even more of my cock down her throat. I could feel her plump little lips frantically sucking around it as I pumped in and out of them. I used my hands to roll her hips upward more, and began teasing her sexy little asshole. Samantha gasped again beneath me as my tongue began pressing gently at it. At the same time, I gave one long hard thrust down into her mouth, loving the sound of her gagging as I held it there for a couple seconds. I was waiting for the tap on my ass, but it never came.

My fingers began teasing around her asshole as my tongue eagerly began exploring it more in depth. I was so turned on, and I knew that I was not going to last much longer though. I decided to take a brief break from her ass, and stood up, making sure not to take my cock from her mouth. Her soft eyes were staring up at my cock as it slid effortlessly in and out of her lips.

“It is time to fuck that throat baby…you sure you are ready for this?” I asked, just wanting reassurance. Instead of answering, her hands reached back and grabbed tight to my ass, and then pulled me hard forward. She gagged as my cock spread her throat muscles open. I could take a hint.

My hands reached down and began massaging her lovely tits as my hips eagerly began thrusting back and forth, driving my hard throbbing cock down this little vixen’s throat. She gagged the harder I fucked her mouth, but never tried to stop. Her fingernails were digging into my ass cheeks as I felt the hot cum starting to boil in my balls. I was getting weak in the knees, and finally fell forward on top of her, still fucking her mouth violently, practically smashing her beneath the weight of my strong body. I could tell I was close, and even though she was still gagging quite a bit, I began feverishly fucking my cock hard against her face. I was just about to cum, and I quickly climbed off and spun her back around to face me. Samantha came to a sitting position on the side of the bed, and instantly forced my cock back down her throat. My hands locked tight to the back of her head as I fucked her teenage mouth with all the strength I had. Spasm after spasm of hot cum sprayed from my shaft and down her young throat. Samantha hungrily swallowed it down and then proceeded to suck it even harder. She had drained my cock, but not my resolve. She would not even all me to rest as she feasted with lust on my shaft. Finally, I had no choice but to force her off of it for a moment so that I could catch my breath.

But Samantha was still hungry. She jumped off the bed and then up into my arms. Her young agile legs spread around me and then wrapped behind me and then locked. I could feel her hot pussy now pressing its way down my cock, as her mouth locked on to mine. Her sweet tongue pressed into my mouth as her hips began to pump up and down on my shaft. The hunger was thick in the air. I spun around and pressed her frail body hard against the wall, and eagerly began thrusting my hips upward to meet each of hers. Our mouths broke so that I could suck on her neck and then work my way down to one of her erect nipples. I gave it a nice little bite before sucking on it.

A third orgasm ripped through Samantha’s body before she finally started to slow down. But now my cock was rock hard again. That little cunt of hers knew how to squeeze around it like a vice, milking it back to life and energy. I fucked her through her orgasm, and then spun back around and threw her onto the bed. She was panting heavily as I flipped her tiny body over and began kissing up the back of her legs to her ass. As my tongue reached her ass again, I heard her mumble,

“Oh shit yeah Mr. Allen…please, fuck my ass!”

Even if I had not been planning on it…which I was…. that line alone would have made me do it. I pulled her hips up a little and slid the pillow under her, giving me even better access. Slowly I guided my hard cock up to her tight little hole.

“This may hurt a little the first time baby,” I whispered down into her ear.

“I trust you John…now please give it to me.”

I must say; I do love this girl’s style. I lowered my cock against her wet asshole, and slowly began lowering my weight upon her. I could feel her fighting to relax beneath me, as I had to start forcing my way inside. She was so fucking tight. She was groaning out, but I decided to commit to this no matter what. I finally forced the head of my shaft inside, and allowed her to set for a moment to get used to it. I finally felt her relax a little, and I proceeded to push the rest of my 8” cock inside her. Inch by inch, her clamp like asshole squeezed around me, accepting my thick cock little by little. By the time I had made it over half way in, she was actually starting to move her hips around, somehow helping to slide even easier inside.

“FUCK, FUCK, FUCK….OH FUCK JOHN…Don’t stop…please don’t fucking stop.”

Looking at her, you would never picture this kind of language; perhaps that is what made it so fucking sexy. I wanted to have her completely. I wanted her to belong to me. With one fast hard thrust, I finished impaling my little lover onto my cock. She gasped out in shock, and perhaps even pain, but she had pushed me over the edge of desire. Feverishly I began slamming my way in and out of that frail little ass, claiming it as the rightful owner. She was helpless against the raging attack of my cock as I violated that young thing. To my surprise though, she welcomed every hard thrust. In fact, within minutes she was exploding in another hard, extremely violent orgasm. Her ass muscles squeezed hard around my cock, but she had sucked me so well, there was no cum to give yet.

Another orgasm, and then another…this hot little slut kept exploding from her first ass fuck. I rolled her over, and brought her up on top of me. She carefully turned around on my shaft, making sure not to pull it from her, and then placed her hands on my chest and began fucking back hard upon my cock. I leaned forward and sucked my way back and forth between her breasts. The harder she fucked me, the more my cock began to want to cum again. Samantha could tell.

“I want you to cum in my ass John. Fill me with your hot cum baby.”

With that she began to fuck me with the goal of making me cum. And she was fucking great at it. Her ass would bob up and down, and then shake side to side. She even bent down and began sucking and biting on my nipples. But then she exploded in another violent orgasm, and her ass squeezed my hot cum to the surface. Each spasm was incredibly enjoyable as it forced to exit my cock and fill her ass. Samantha rubbed my chest as she rocked back and forth on me, happily enjoying the feel of my cum inside her.

Finally she collapsed down on my chest, and for at least 10 minutes we just lay there, occasionally enjoying a long lingering kiss between us.

“Mr. Allen, would you like to join me in the shower?”

I happily accepted as we both made our way into the bathroom. We must have spent an hour under that hot water rubbing and soaping each other up. Samantha even made sure to suck my cock all over again…somehow managing to get me to cum for a third time that morning. I was in total love and lust.

After our shower, we got dressed and decided to go find a restaurant away from the hotel for lunch. We found a pretty nice place, and asked to sit in a back corner. Samantha spent the entire lunch with one hand on the table, and the other beneath it holding my cock.

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