Mary's turn
Thursday came and Tina waited after school for her sister to get out of her class. After about five minutes of waiting, Mary came walking out the front door of Our Lady of Grace dressed in her school uniform with knee socks and saddle shoes, looking so young that Tina began to have second thoughts about taking her over to Jim Phillips' house as they had both planned. She realized that if she took her there, her 9-year-old sister was going to learn as much about sex with an adult as Tina herself had learned in the past few weeks. Mary was a skinny girl, small for her age, and Tina wasn't sure that she could handle the attentions of Jim Phillips, let alone his friends.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Mary spotted her and came running over.

"Hey, Tina... guess what? You shoulda seen it today! Sister Margaret was tryin' ta show us how to play basket ball, and she tripped while dribbling the ball. Boy, did she go flying! Everyone started calling her the Flying Nun after class!" Mary was laughing at the memory and smiling at her seemingly preoccupied sister.

Tina just smiled a little, not really hearing what Mary had to say. Then she asked, "Do you still wanna know, like how I learned all that stuff I been showing you, you know, at night?"

Mary eyes became real big, and her funny flying nun story was instantly forgotten.

"Yeah! I really do. Are you gonna tell me? Now?"

"Well..., but if you really, really wanna know, I can show you."

"Whadda ya mean?"

"Well, I can't tell you anything, cause it's a secret, but if I show you, and you ...uhhh like join me, then it's okay. But you gotta promise not to tell anyone else, or we'll both be in real trouble with Mom and Dad."

"I don't understand... Whadda ya mean 'join in'?"

"I mean you gotta like do things, like we been doing with each other, only you gotta do it with someone else who will teach you all sorts of stuff."

"Your teacher, you mean?"

"Yeah," nodded Tina. "You could like learn all the stuff I been learning to do..."

"Okay!" Mary agreed readily. The 9-year-old had no clue as to what she was agreeing to. Her bouts of oral sex with her 11-year-old sister and her increasing skill at masturbation had just wetted her appetite for more of the same. She had no concept of what sex with a boy, let alone a grown man, could mean for a fourth grader like herself.

Tina knew, and felt compelled to warn her innocent sister, without giving too much away. "Uh... Mary... Sometimes it's not as fun as like what we do. You gotta do things that seem weird or maybe even hurt but a lot of times it's really okay..." her explanation petered out. Tina was at a loss for words.

"Like what kinda things?" Mary asked.

"I can't tell you, you gotta just try it, but I just wanted you to know that it's real strange til you get used to it."

"I don't know what you mean..." complained Mary in a whine.

"Shhh... okay... well, you gotta come with me and I'll show you. Come on."

With that, Tina took her little sister's hand and both little girls went walking into the neighborhood toward home. Mary didn't understand why her sister was acting so strange. It was as if she both wanted, and didn't want to share her secret. Mary hadn't liked Tina's keeping a secret from her; the two girls had shared everything their whole lives. But she was glad that Tina was finally going to include her in whatever it was that Tina did that had taught her all about sex. Mary was curious about boys and sex, but knew better than to try to broach the subject at home with her parents. The 9-year-old didn't know what to expect from her sister, but she was happy to follow her lead as Tina deviated from their usual route home.

Normally the girls' route took them to the end of the street on which O. L. G. Elementary School was built, where they would turn left and walk around the block to get to their house, but Tina led Mary to the right and into the park that backed both the school and the neighborhood in which they lived. Several of the kids from the school had already gotten to the park and were playing on the equipment before making their own way home. Tina didn't stop to play, but instead walked across the park to the wooded area and down a path that led, in a short distance, to the backs of some other neighborhood properties. She skirted the first property and began to cut through the yard of Jim Phillips. However, before she could exit his yard from the front, she took Mary's hand and led her to the shrubbery that blocked Jim Phillip's back door from the view of both the back yard and the street. She walked up to the door and knocked a few times then waited.

"Oh, yeah, I remember. Mr. Phillips said we should ask his permission to cut through his yard," said Mary.

Jim Phillips' property was large, and kids knew it provided a quick route to the playground just through the woods. Mary didn't usually cut through his yard since the walk around the block was not that long anyway, but she guessed that Tina had made friends with Mr. Phillips, and just wanted to let him know they were cutting through. She still had no inkling that this was Tina's true destination.

Before Tina could answer, the door opened and Jim Phillips said, "Well, if it isn't my friend Tina, and her lovely little sister, Mary. Won't you two come in for a minute?"

Mary didn't want to go in for a visit because she wanted to finally get to wherever it was that Tina was taking her to learn about her secret. So she was a little surprised and annoyed when Tina agreed to the invitation and stepped through the door that Jim Phillips was holding open.

When she hesitated, Tina turned around, "Come on, dummy, don't just stand there."

"Now, Tina, you shouldn't call Mary names. She's never been in my house before and it's only natural to hesitate for a second when walking into a stranger's house. Come on, Mary. I promise I won't bite... yet!" This last was said with a grin that made it a joke.

Mary, feeling like a fool, walked into the house, following Tina's lead, and heard the door being closed and locked behind her. She followed her older sister's lead into the house, through the kitchen, and into the living room. Jim Phillips followed behind the little girl, noting how skinny the fourth grader was compared to her sister. When they arrived in the living room, there was a man sitting on the couch.

Recognizing John from the party, the previous weekend, Tina said, "Hi."

Jim Phillips came up behind little Mary and, resting his hand on her shoulder, said, "Mary, this is John, a friend of Tina's and mine. John this is Tina's little sister, Mary."

John stood up, his muscular frame looming large over little girl. "Nice to meet you, Mary."

"Uh... Nice to meet you too," said the child, shifting her weight from side to side in her embarrassment at meeting new people. She still did not understand what Tina was doing here; this seemed like a real unnecessary detour to her.

"How old are you, Mary?" asked John.


"And you go to the same school as Tina, Our Lady of Grace, just up the street?"


"I like your little school uniform. I think they make you girls look awful cute. Cute enough to eat, huh, Tina?"

At this, he smirked and his gaze turned to Tina with a wink. Tina caught the pun and grinned a little, but still didn't know how to break the ice and get to the part where Mary found out why they were really here. Fortunately, Jim Phillips had everything planned out; all Tina had to do was deliver her kid sister to the back door, and everything was going to take care of itself from that point on.

"John, why don't you take Tina upstairs and show her that thing I was telling you about. I'll keep Mary company down here. Tina, you go with John. He's got something special for you to do."

"Uhh... Okay," said Tina. She walked over to the stairs with John, but stopped at the bottom step, turning to give her virgin sister one last look. Mary didn't want to be left alone with Jim Phillips, and couldn't understand why her sister was going upstairs with, what to little Mary, was a stranger. She saw Tina turn to look at her, and she also saw John reach down and put his arm around Tina's shoulders, pulling her toward him, and leading her up the stairs. Something wasn't right, but Mary didn't know what it was.

"So, Mary. Come here and sit down. Come on. Over here next to me." Jim Phillips indicated the spot next to him on the love seat in front of the television.

The 9-year-old, moved to obey now that Tina was out of sight. She sat down on the seat next to Mr. Phillips and put her hands in her lap.

"Mary, your sister Tina tells me that you two are best friends, that you share the same room at home?"

"Uh huh."

"Does that ever bother you, having to share your room with your sister? I had an older brother and I had to share a room with him until I was 16 years old and he moved away to college. I remember how great it was to finally have my own room where I could do whatever I wanted in private. Doesn't it bother you to have to share your room?"

"Nuh huh. Me and Tina have been sharing our room for as long as I can remember."

"I guess you two must be really good friends, huh?"

Despite her natural reluctance, Mary started to feel like she could talk to this man. He was treating her real nice, and seemed to be genuinely interested in the answers she had to give.

"Yeah. Tina's my best friend."

"I guess you two tell each other everything, huh?"

"Oh yeah!" the little girl bubbled, and then she remembered that there were some thing's that Tina didn't share with her. "Well, most things."

"Oh!" chuckled Jim. "You mean you got some secrets that you haven't told her about, huh?"

"Uhhh... No."

"Oh," he said, sounding more serious, "You mean there are some secrets she has that you don't know?"

'How could this man get to my problem so quickly? Did it show or something?' she thought to herself.

"Well... kinda..." was all the 9-year-old would answer.

"Hummmm. Must be a pretty big secret not to share it with your own sister. I mean, you two live in the same room together, and all. What do you suppose it is?"

"I don't know," said Mary, lying.

All she knew about Tina's secret was that she had somehow learned an awful lot of things about sex and how to make herself feel good. In thinking about it, Mary had convinced herself that Tina had made friends with some other girl or even group of girls that shared all they knew. That was where Mary figured they were going today. She had had images in her head of Tina's special girl friend and what the three of them would do together. In her wildest dreams, she never would have imagined that the man sitting next to her was Tina's mentor.

"Well, I bet I have an idea of what it might be," said Jim.

Mary looked up at the man, starting to wonder exactly where the conversation was going, and worrying that Mr. Phillips would somehow guess Tina's secret. Jim Phillips had moved closer to the little 9-year-old as he talked and now, as he put his hand on her small knee and leaned his mouth closer to her ear, his hand felt large and warm on her leg.

"I'll bet it has something to do with sex," he whispered into her ear.

Mary made a sharp intake of breath and began to tremble. 'How could he know? How did it show? I must have given it away or something! What would he do now?' Mary's thoughts became chaotic and worried. For all her life, sex had been a dirty subject in her house; something that you never mentioned to an adult because it was...well...dirty, or something. Her parents had always been so uncomfortable talking about it that they got angry anytime anything about the subject came up. Now this man, this stranger, was guessing Tina's big secret and little Mary didn't know what to do. If she'd somehow given it away, both she and Tina would be in a lot of trouble with their parents.

Her fear made her tremble and caused her not to notice the way Jim Phillips hand slowly moved up her smooth, skinny thigh until it touched the hem of her plaid school dress. Jim Phillips rested his hand on the little 9-year-old thigh, enjoying the slight scare that she was experiencing. Moving his other arm behind the child and resting his hand on her opposite shoulder, he decided to scare her some more. It was a turn-on for Jim Phillips to see a small girl in fear, knowing that soon enough the child would be his for sex.

"That's it, isn't it?" he said, tightening his grip on the 9-year-old and pulling her toward him. "I can tell by the way you're acting. Your older sister is having sex, and your parents don't know, do they? I'm right, aren't I?"

He was still leaning down and whispering into the fourth grader's ear. He wanted to hear little Mary answer, but she could only look straight ahead and tremble. He decided a little adult authority would work on the little girl.

"Answer me, Mary," he said sternly, not bothering to whisper. "Is your big sister playing with herself?"

"Nuh... Nooo," Mary whined, her voice failing her for an instance.

"YOU'RE LYING!" Jim said loudly.

His hand came up from the little girl's thigh and grabbed her small chin. He moved her face to look directly into his. Her eyes were filled with fear, and the youngster looked like she was about to cry.

"You're not telling me the truth, are you, little Mary? I bet your parents would like to hear about this little secret. I even bet that you've been doing the same as Tina, haven't you? You've been playing with yourself, haven't you, Mary?"

"Nuh- -" she started to answer.

"Don't lie to me, little girl, or your parents are gonna find out your dirty little secret. You got that? So now, answer with the truth or else. Do you play with yourself, Mary?"

Mary had started to cry. The fourth grader tried to hold back her tears, but her eyes filled and they started to roll down her cheeks. Jim still held her chin in his hand, forcing the tiny child to look him in the eye as she answered, "Yuh...yes..."

"Good girl. And do you like it? Does it feel good?"


"And does it feel better when Tina does it to you?"


"I bet you two little girls even lick each other. Am I right?"

This was too much for little Mary to confess without breaking out into a full-blown cry.

"Yuh...yes..." and the small girl started to cry. Her body was wracked by sobs, and again she didn't notice when Jim Phillips let go of her face and put his hand back down on her skinny thigh. Mary covered her face in her hands and cried, knowing that her secret was now out and that it would only be a matter of time before her parents somehow found out, and both Mary and her sister Tina would be in the biggest trouble of their young lives.

Jim Phillips had a bit of a sadistic streak in him, and the sound of a little girl crying was a turn-on for him. He kept a firm grip on the crying girl as he began to fondle her slender thigh with his hand, slowly pushing her plaid school uniform skirt up her leg. The 9-year-old was crying too much to notice, so he let his hand travel further up under her short skirt. Her skin was soft and warm under his hand, and the smallness of her turned him on as much as her sobbing. He decided to shock her into paying closer attention to him. He pushed his hand up under her dress quickly until he was pushing his fingers into the "V" of her cotton panties. He could feel the lips of her smooth virgin cunt under the thin fabric of her panties, and he enjoyed the sharp intake of her breath as the little girl felt his fingers probe her crotch.

"You play with yourself here, right?" Mary's crying had stopped almost instantly. Her face was still wet, but having this grown man put his hand on her crotch had shocked her out of her crying to a new level of fear. What was going on?

"Answer me, Mary!"


"Tina plays with you too, right?"


"You like it when she plays with your little cunny, right?"


Little Mary was beginning to tremble. Jim Phillips was rubbing his hand up and down her small slit, probing her childish cunt through her cotton panties. Jim could feel the stiffness in her body.

"Does she lick you here?"

Mary didn't want to be touched by this grown man. She started to protest and moved her hand to push his away from her crotch, "I... I don't want..."

"You don't want what? You don't want me to touch you here?" he said, pushing two fingers harder into her small cunny. The efforts of the little 9-year-old to push his hand away were futile. Jim Phillips had control of the little girl. "That's just too bad, Mary. You see, I know your secret. I know everything. I know that you and Tina stay up at night, licking and playing with each other. I know that you like to be touched here. And you know what else I know, Hummm?"

"Wha... What?" she asked fearfully.

"I know what your parents would think if they found out about it."

Once again, little Mary froze. 'Oh, God...,' she thought. Visions on her father's anger filled the little girl's head.

"You won't tell them, will you... please?" she pleaded.

"Why shouldn't I tell them, hmm? Little girls aren't supposed to do that sort of thing, you know. What will you do for me if I keep your little secret, huh Mary?"

Mary was desperate. She didn't know where her older sister was, and she needed help.

"What will you do for me, Mary, if I keep your secret?" Jim Phillips asked again.

"I don't know..." said the fourth grader.

"You better think of something. I hate to think of the kind of trouble you could get into at home. Tell me what you'll do for me, Mary!"


"Tell me!"

"I'll do anything... please don't tell my parents... Tina and I would really be in big trouble. Please..."

This was what Jim Phillips had been waiting for. That promise of 'anything' that all little girls will make, not knowing what 'anything' would include. Once again, he had a little girl that he could bend to his will. And the bending was going to start right away.

"Anything, Mary? You'll do anything I say?"

"Yes, but please don't tell my Mom 'n Dad about us."

"I won't tell them, Mary, if you keep your promise and do anything I say. Now, here... Stand up in front of me." He helped the little girl to her feet and had her stand between his spread knees. "That's good. You know, Mary, you're really a nice looking little girl. Now you're going to keep your promise to me, aren't you?"

"... Uh huh..."

The fourth grader stood before the man. Her tears had dried, but she still trembled with the fear that her secret was going to be revealed to her parents. She wondered what Mr. Phillips was going to make her do. It didn't take long to find out.

"That's good. You really are a good-looking girl you know. I want you to show me where Tina touches you Mary. Show me where it is that she makes you feel so good."

There was a tremendous fright in the child's eyes, which only seemed to increase the man's sexual appetite.

"I…I can't…" she whispered with her eyes looking down at the floor.

"I'm going to have to tell your mom and dad unless you show me then," he said gently and then added, "Just pull up your skirt to show me."

The girl was in a panic. The last thing on earth that she wanted was for her parents to find out. The man's word frightened her beyond belief. The little girl reached down her front, grabbed the hem of her plaid, school skirt and began to lift it up. When she hesitated, Jim Phillips leaned forward and grabbed her wrist, pulling it up further until both her hands were at chest level and her tiny, cotton covered crotch was exposed to his gaze.

"That's a good girl, Mary. I was right. You are a nice looking little girl. Now I want you to stand real still. Don't move, and don't say anything. Remember, you have to do anything I want," and with that, Jim Phillips leaned forward and ran his hands up the little girl's legs, starting at her knees and letting them trail up to her protruding pelvic bones. Mary was small for her age, and actually somewhat skinny. Her smooth skin was pale, and hot to his touch. The little girl didn't know what to expect and her breath sucked in sharply when he let his fingers slide under the elastic band of her white cotton panties. Slowly, he began to slip the waistband of her panties down.

"No. Please."

"I said don't say anything, Mary, not a single sound. You let me do what I want, and your secret is safe. Remember that. Not one word."

Mary quickly stifled her protests. Jim Phillips paused and looked the 9-year-old in the face to see that she would obey him. He then turned his attention back to her panties and the job of removing them. He slid the waistband lower on her small body. Slowly, enjoying the trembling of his little victim, he lowered the fourth grader's cotton underwear until the very top of her small hairless slit peeked into view. He continued to peel the white panties from the child before him, pulling them down until they hung at her knees.

The little girl was very slender; her pelvis bones protruding on either side of her flat belly, her hairless mound protruding outward from her abdomen. The lips of her prepubescent pussy were fully exposed because her slender thighs did not meet at the top of her legs. They pouted at the "V" of her crotch, begging to be fondled and licked. Jim reached up and touched one finger to the top of the 9-year-old's hairless little slit. A little "Oh," escaped from Mary, but nothing more.

"That's a good girl. Not a word. Not a sound. You're gonna let me touch you for a while. You're gonna like it when I touch you. I'm gonna touch you just like you let your sister touch you, sweetheart."

As he spoke, he placed one hand on the 9-year-old's buttock, taking hold of her right cheek in his hand. Her ass was smooth and hot, not much to it, considering the little girl's tender age. He held her there so that she could not back away as her slid his finger deeper into her hairless slit.

The lips of the fourth grader's small cunt separated easily as his finger slid down into her warm recess. Jim felt her small clit, hard under his probing finger. He let his finger slide deeper, looking for the entrance to the little girl's vagina. Her pussy was dry to his touch. Not surprising since he wasn't seducing this little girl the way he had seduced Tina. Finding the entrance, Jim Phillips probed gently at the soft flesh, but did not try to enter. He slowly moved his finger back up to the 9-year-old's clit and began to stroke the little pink nub of flesh.

Mary's mind was a whirl of confused emotions. She didn't like standing before this man, exposed to his sight and touch. She was afraid of his touch, but curious too. His hand felt warm, cupping her bottom, massaging her slender rear and holding her in place for his probing finger. His finger in the folds of her childish cunny was stimulating little Mary, even though her head told her that she shouldn't be enjoying it. She wondered where her sister Tina had gone to, and wanted her to come back and save her, but she didn't want to be caught like this; standing with her panties down and her school uniform dress held high, with a grown man playing with her private parts.

'Jesus, this is going to be nice,' thought Jim as he began to masturbate the small 9-year-old standing in front of him. The little girl couldn't move backwards away from his hand because he gripped her small bottom in his other hand. Slowly, Jim Phillips increased the speed and pressure of his strokes between the folds of Mary's hairless cunny.

The youngster couldn't help but respond and the trembling of her legs caused her small white panties to fall the rest of the way down to her ankles.

"You like it, don't you, Mary? You like me playing with you like this, don't you?"

"Uuh..." was the only sound that came from the fourth grader's lips. It was a cross between a moan and assent. Little Mary had closed her eyes and was leaning forward slightly, trying to compensate for the weakness she felt in her legs.

"Come here, Mary. Sit on my lap." Jim Phillips pulled the tiny 9-year-old child to him and lifted her onto his lap. Her small naked bottom rested on his throbbing erection, and though the youngster was a light as a feather, she still had enough weight to press herself onto his hard-on, causing Jim Phillips to shudder as he reached down and pulled her white panties completely off her legs. Putting an arm around the girl, Jim pulled her back to his chest. His other hand once again found its way down her flat belly to her tiny hairless slit.

Once again, he began to masturbate the small fourth grade girl, pressing his finger firmly between her smooth, hairless pink lips. He held her small body firmly against his chest and pushed her legs apart with his own. He pushed his face down into her soft hair, inhaling her little girl smell. Her head came only up to his chest and he had full control of her movements.

Little Mary was starting to respond to his finger, stroking up and down in her soft cunny. The folds of her small opening were starting to become moist in response to Jim Phillips' touch. Her breathing was beginning to become deeper and her small frame was starting to relax in his strong grip. Jim thought he could even feel her small bottom beginning to thrust back and forth on his lap, gently massaging his hard cock through the cloth of his pants.

If little Mary was anything like her older sister, Jim knew that it wouldn't take her long to have an orgasm. All he had to do was keep stroking her tiny twat, and the 9-year-old would soon be squirming in his lap and asking for more.

It didn't take long. The small girl's breathing continued to become more and more ragged. Small moans began to escape from her as his large finger tortured her tiny pink clitoris. Her cunt had become damp, and Jim Phillips was able to reach down between the soft folds of her cunt to moisten his finger, making stroking her hairless slit easier. He knew that little Mary was close and he wanted to torture her just a little bit. He slowed his hand to a slow stroke, not enough to make the little girl cum, but enough to keep her stimulated.

"Do you like it, Mary?" he asked, leaning down and whispering in her ear. "Do you like it when I play with you there, Mary? Tell me you like it, sweetheart."

"... Uhh huh..." was all the little girl said.

"No, Mary. Say, 'I like it when you play with me, Mr. Phillips.' Go on. Say it."

'Oh god, it does feel good,' thought the embarrassed 9-year-old.

"I like it when you play with me, Mr. Phillips."

"That's a good girl. You want me to rub it hard, darling? Hmm? Do you want me to rub you good...? Make you cum...? Hmm?"

"...Uh huh..."

"Say 'Please'."

"Please...Please rub me!"

"Oh, Mary, I'll rub you real good. Ummmmmmm... Does that feel good?" he asked as he began to masturbate the 9-year-old girl in his lap.

"...Uh... yeah...uh... please."

Mary was becoming incoherent. Her whole being was concentrating on the growing feeling of tension in her small vagina. It felt like a giant sneeze was building in her belly, only the 9-year-old knew it wasn't a sneeze. She knew that she would soon be cumming. She no longer cared if she was with her sister or a large adult she hardly knew, an adult who held her firmly in his grip and whose hot breath she could feel on her ear and neck as he looked over her shoulder to where his large hand caressed the soft, hairless spot between her widely spread legs. It was close... so close... so...

"Guhhhhhhhmmmmmm..." Mary cried out as the shattering orgasm gripped her small 9-year-old body. Her back arched and her head pushed back into Jim Phillips' chest. He gripped the convulsing youngster hard and never let up on stroking her pulsing cunt. The little girl shook in his arms, her hips thrusting uncontrollably to the rhythm of her orgasm. Her small pussy was suddenly very damp, and Jim's finger had no problem with lubrication as he continued to torture the fourth grader's throbbing clit.

Mary was blind to anything. Her eyes had rolled up into her head, and she had no control over the movements of her body. Her hips bucked back and forth in a rhythm so ancient that it was built into the genes.

Each wave of orgasm caused her to let out a loud, "UH," as spasm after spasm emanated from her abused slit, up through her flat belly and chest, and into her head, where it exploded in a blinding flash of pure pleasure.

'Christ, this little slut is hotter than her sister,' thought Jim as the small girl began to come down from her orgasm. He removed his hand from the fourth grader's now sopping cunt, and let her school dress fall back down, covering her. Mary had gone limp in Jim's lap, her legs still splayed wide on either side of his, her head having fallen back to rest on his chest. Her breathing was heavy from the exertion of her orgasm, and her eyes were closed as she relaxed on the man.

Jim let the child lay there for a while, recovering strength from her pleasurable convulsions before whispering in her ear, "Did you like that, Mary?"

"...Uh huh," she replied with obvious effort to get out that much.

"You don't have to worry, you know. Your little secret is safe with me, sweetheart. Wanna know why?"


Why was he asking her questions now? Part of Mary's brain didn't want to do anything but lay still and relax after that fantastic orgasm, but another part was beginning to realize that something important was being said, and that she had better start listening.

"I'll tell you why your little secret is safe with me, Mary. It's because I knew it before you even came in the house. I knew it because Tina told me. You see, your sister and I are special friends, and she says you want to be one of my special friends too. You wanted to know how she learned everything. I taught her, Mary. Tina and I have sex with each other."

"What... You!? You and Tina...?"

"That's right, Mary, me and Tina. Here, let me show you something right now so you'll believe me."

Jim Phillips reached over to the side table and grabbed the remote control for the TV/VCR and hit the play button. He had selected today's video with care; it had served him quite well in the past when introducing young girls to the idea of sex with and adult. He knew it would work well today as well, besides which, he could always play his trump hand.

The TV came to life and the video started playing. It opened with a title, "Special Friends". The title faded to a scene of several children playing on a jungle gym. A male voice came over the background sound of the kids squealing.

"Everybody needs a friend, and most of us have a best friend - - but this movie is about Special Friends, more than best friends. A special friend is someone who loves you in a special way. A way most children don't understand, but which a lucky few learn from their Special Friend."

The scene changed to show a little girl sitting in her bedroom. The room was done in pink, and the little girl was surrounded by stuffed toys, teddy bears, and cats. The girl had long blond hair that was done in a ponytail.

She fidgeted with one of the stuffed toys for a few minutes, and then looked into the camera, saying, "My name is Chrissy. I uhh, I'm eight years old, and this is my room. And this is Charlie, my bear." This last was accompanied by the little girl holding the stuffed bear up to the camera.

From off-camera a male voice said, "It's nice to meet you, Chrissy. It's nice to meet Charlie too. Is Charlie your friend?"

"Uh huh ... He's been my friend for a looooong time," the child said, nodding her head.

"That's nice, but he's not your SPECIAL friend, is he? Who's your special friend, Chrissy?"

"Mr. Wilkes is my really special friend."

"Why is that, Chrissy?"

"Cause... he shows me things..."

The scene changed to a view of young Chrissy walking upon a sidewalk.

The narrator's voice came on: "Little Chrissy is a very lucky girl. She's made a special friend; a friend who teaches her things most little girls never learn. A friend who helps her learn things they won't teach in school."

The 8-year-old had begun to walk up to a driveway, and the camera followed her up to the front door.

The narration continued: "Chrissy has learned a lot from her special friend Mr. Wilkes, and now she is going to share some of what she has learned with you."

The little girl had knocked on the front door, and a man about 35 had answered.

He smiled and looked down at the little girl saying, "Chrissy, I'm glad you could come over today! Come on in!" The man held the door open, and the 8-year-old slipped into his house.

The scene changed to show the man leading Chrissy to the living room of the house.

"You look really nice today, Chrissy!" said Mr. Wilkes as he sat down on the couch. "Why don't you take your clothes off for me and let me see that beautiful little body of yours, huh?"

Chrissy giggled but began to undress before the man. She kicked off her shoes and began to pull her tee shirt off, over her head, revealing her flat, pale chest.

The scene changed back to Chrissy in her bedroom. She was talking: "Mr. Wilkes tells me that I have a pretty body. He likes to see me with no clothes on. He told me that someday I might be a model like in the pictures he showed me. He lets me pretend that I'm a model now and takes pictures of me."

Another scene change and 8-year-old Chrissy was standing before Mr. Wilkes in nothing but her cotton panties. She was giggling as Mr. Wilkes reached forward, pulling the small girl into his arms and hugging her against his naked chest. He had removed his shirt, and his hairy chest was dark and muscular against the soft flesh of the third grade child. His large hands roamed over her youthful body, gripping her tiny buttocks and pulling her against him. His fingers slipped inside the cotton panties and fondled the girl-child's bottom. He slipped her underwear down, revealing the small orbs of her butt to the camera.

Chrissy was still giggling softly, but her slender arms were wrapped around Mr. Wilkes neck, and her head was tilted back as he kissed the slight girl on the neck and muttered endearments into her ear.

"MMMMMMMuuuuummmm, Chrissy, you feel nice - - nice and soft, nice and smooth, nice and small!"

Mary didn't know what to make of the scene she was seeing. It was obvious now that Mr. Phillips was the secret that Tina had been keeping from her. She felt awkward sitting on the man's lap with no underwear on under her school uniform, and this video that he was showing her was really strange. The girl Chrissy, seemed to like being naked with the man on the screen, but it seemed weird too. Mary was anxious to see what was going to happen next in the film.

Once again, the scene returned to Chrissy in her bedroom. The male narrator was still conducting the interview with the 8-year-old.

"Do you like having no clothes on with Mr. Wilkes, Chrissy?"

"Uh huh. He likes to feel me up when I take my clothes off."

"Does he take his clothes off for you, Chrissy?"

"Uh huh... 'cept he always makes me take off his underwear. He says he really likes it when I undress him all the way. He says that having me undress him turns him on. I know it does because his wiener gets all hard!"

"His what?"

"You knowwwww..." she said, grinning as if the questioner was an idiot. "His THING..."

"Now, Chrissy, some of the little girls who will watch this may not have a special friend yet. Why don't you tell them what you mean? What is a man's 'wiener'?"

The little girl's face crinkled up as her brain searched for words to describe what was so much easier just to show.

"You know. Like, a girl has a slit between her legs where the pee comes out. Well a man has this... like... big long stick... No, it's like they have a thumb growing out between their legs, only bigger. Mr. Wilkes calls it a penis. But it ain't got no bones or nothing, so it doesn't wiggle like a thumb. And it, like, gets all hard and stiff and long when I play with it."

"You play with Mr. Wilkes penis, Chrissy?"

"Yeah... he taught me how to do it right. He says it feels really good."

The scene switched to the Wilkes' living room again. Now, Chrissy was sitting on the coffee table in front of the couch. She was leaning back with her arms supporting her weight, and the 8-year-old had her legs spread wide open and held up in the air. Mr. Wilkes was now dressed only in his underwear, and was sitting before the obscenely spread girl-child, running his hand and fingers back and forth over her small hairless cunt.

"You liked it when I did that to you, right Mary?" whispered Jim Phillips into Mary's ear.

Mary started but didn't answer because the scene on the screen held her attention. The camera had zoomed in on the third grade girl's pink, bald cleft, and the man was slowly probing her childish opening. His middle finger was disappearing inside the girl very slowly. Chrissy's pussy seemed to glisten with sweat as the man inched his finger slowly into her until finally his first and third finger knuckles were pressed into the hairless pink lips on either side of the pre-teen's vagina. Chrissy made a small moan, but didn't protest the intrusion in any way.

Mary hadn't even realized there was an opening there, except where pee came out. She didn't understand where the man's finger had gone, and as slowly as it went into the girl, the finger started to come out. Mary could see how the 8-year-old's cunt lips puckered out; how the warm flesh of her pre-teen cunt tried to hold onto the invading digit.

Chrissy's delicate pussy lips separated and Mary could clearly see the opening as Mr. Wilkes removed the last third of his middle finger from the tiny girl's cunny. The man ran his finger up and down between the 8-year-old's delicate, hairless cunt a few more times, and then brought his finger up to his mouth and licked off the glistening girl dew there.

"UMMMMMmmmmmm Chrissy, you taste good! Wanna have a taste of me, honey?"

"Okay," said the child as she quickly kneeled on the floor before Mr. Wilkes.

He stood up in front of the girl, wearing only his underwear, which tented out in front from his straining erection. He reached down and put both hands behind Chrissy's head, pulling her forward and pushing his crotch into her face. The 8-year-old smiled as her face neared his crotch and began to kiss his underwear, pressing her pursed lips onto the thin cloth covering his erection.

"MMMMmmm... Nice, Chrissy. Go ahead, strip me down, honey, and play with my dick."

Without hesitation, the third grader grabbed the elastic of the man's underwear and started to pull them down, giggling when the front became caught on the rigid penis underneath. The man reached into his underwear to hold his penis out of the way and let the little girl strip them down to his ankles. He let go of his cock and it sprung forward to point directly at the smiling face of the tiny girl-child kneeling on the floor before him.

Chrissy reached up with both hands and encircled his large cock. Her hands were small next to the large member. She began to slide her hands up and down on the pulsing shaft, evoking a small moan from the man standing over her. He leaned forward to rest one hand on the 8 year old's head, pulling her face slightly closer to the purple head of his cock.

Chrissy was smiling and looking up into Mr. Wilkes' face as she masturbated him. A small bit of pre-cum fluid dribbled from the head of his penis and dripped onto the back of the child's hand, glistening in the back and forth motion of her hands.

Mary squirmed a bit in Jim Phillips lap.

"You've never seen a man's penis before, have you, Mary?" he whispered in her ear.

"No..." she answered in a small voice, her eyes never leaving the screen.

"That's okay, sweetheart. Just watch this show and you'll see all sorts of things you've never seen - - But Tina has!" Jim Phillips added that last dig to remind the young girl held in his lap that her older sister had seen all this and more, and that if little Mary wanted to keep up, she'd have to watch the whole thing!

The scene had changed back to Chrissy's bedroom. The interviewer was asking more questions of the little girl.

"So, Chrissy. Do you like to suck his dick?"

"Uh huh," said the 8-year-old, rocking back and forth on the bed.


"Ummmmm... Cause then I get to swallow his cream... the stuff that shoots out the end when I suck long enough. He says that it'll make my breasts grow real pretty, prettier than the other girls. I know that's the truth because he showed me some movies and the women in them all had, like, real nice breasts, and they all were sucking an' stuff."

"Chrissy, it sounds like you really know how to suck a dick!"

"Uh huh. Mr. Wilkes taught me how to do it real good. He likes it best when I have my head kinda hanging upside down off the end of the bed, but I don't like that so much cause sometimes he pushes it in too far and then it makes me wanna throw up. Most of the time I just do it when he's sitting down or something."

Back to the scene of little Chrissy jerking on the hard erection of Mr. Wilkes. Her lips were scant inches from the end of the throbbing cock. The end was now wet with pre-cum fluid. The hand on the back of her head was urging the little girl's face slowly closer to the penis aimed at her small mouth.

The 8-year-old looked up one last time at the horny man standing before her, smiling as he said, "Suck me, Chrissy. I have a big, hot load of sperm for you to swallow, honey. Come on... Open your mouth and shove that old cock into that beautiful face of yours!"

His hand gripped her head firmly and pulled the third grader's face down onto his penis just as she opened her mouth for him. His cock was huge in the little girl's mouth. She had to open her jaws fully to accept the purple veined penis that sunk into her face.

The camera moved to a side view and showed that only the first third of the man's penis would fit into the little girl's mouth. The ridge of the head of his cock was outlined against the child's puffed out cheeks.

Slowly, he began to move his hips against the little girl's face; his hands held her head firmly and pulled the third grader's face down onto his penis, just as she opened her mouth for him. Slowly, he began to move his hips against the little girl; easing his penis in and out of her open mouth.

He moaned as his cock pushed slowly into the submissive girl-child.

Chrissy did not flinch from having her face slowly fucked. She alternately closed her eyes and held them wide open, looking up into the face of the man whose prick she was tasting.

"Mary, do you think you could do that for me?" asked Jim Phillips as the 9-year-old on his lap sat in stunned silence.

Mary had never in her short life, imagined such a thing. The fourth grader had never seen a man's cock, let alone a full-blown erection. Sex was always a dirty topic at her house; spoken of in whispers with her sister, Tina; never mentioned to her parents. Now, here before her, she watched as a young girl, younger than herself even, used her mouth on that part of a man that was the biggest mystery to the young girl. Her mind was aswirl with a thousand thoughts...

'Is it always that big? ... What does it taste like? ... Why is it so hairy? ... What cream do they mean? I wonder if I could do that? It doesn't look easy. ... That's gross!' With all this and more streaming through her mind, it took her a second to realize that Jim Phillips had asked her a question.

"Huh?" she said.

"Do you think you could do that for me? Suck my penis, I mean? Chrissy's only 8 years old, and she knows how to do it. Do you wanna do that for me, sweetheart?"

"Uh... I don't know... No..."

"That's too bad, Mary. Tina does it. She's real good at it. Are you sure you don't want me to teach you how to suck me, Mary?"

"... Now ...?" she asked, a little fearful.

"No... Not now... I want you to see the rest of this film, but maybe later, okay?"

Jim Phillips always managed to get his young girls to agree to anything by making it seem a remote possibility in the future. He knew that young girls never really thought of the future, so they would almost invariably agree to anything in the future to get out of the discomfort of the moment. Basic human psychology. Adults are smart enough to realize the future does come, but children didn't, and he used this fact to full advantage until his young lovers were deeply caught into his web of kiddie sex and pornography.

"Uh... maybe..." replied the little girl, squirming a little as Jim laid his hand on her leg and rested it on her slender thigh.

"Okay. I'll consider that a promise then. Your sister can teach you how to do it, when the time comes."

Worked like a charm, and Mary made no protest that her "maybe" had been turned into a "yes" in no time.

'This is going to be real nice,' thought Jim as he slowly moved his hand up under Mary's plaid skirt, inching his way back to the 9-year-old's tiny hairless cunny.

Mary's mind was pulled back into the scene playing before her on the screen. On TV, Mr. Wilkes' tentative hip thrusts had become a regular urgent rhythm. 8-year-old Chrissy had both of her hands wrapped around his erection, and she moved them back and forth in time to the motion of his hips. The cock was plunging in and out of her mouth, coming almost all the way out each time before being pushed back in. Mr. Wilkes had both hands on the third grader's head. Her blond ponytail was swaying back and forth behind her.

He controlled her movements as he said, "Oh yeah, Chrissy...Yeah. I love fucking your mouth - - your little girl mouth. Ummm... My sweet little girl. Oh, fuck... My little elementary schoolgirl; 8 years old and getting your mouth fucked. Suck that penis, sweetheart... You like me fucking your mouth, don't you, Chrissy? You want my cum, don't you little girl? Ummmmm...uh uh... Little school girl getting fucked in the mouth - - wants her little girl mouth filled with cum... Yeah! Okay...okay, I'm gonna cum... Gonna cum in my little GIRL'S MOUTH... I'M GONNA CUM IN YOUR 8-year-old FACE CHRISSY. CHHRRIIIISSYYY AAAAAAHHHHHH FUUUUCCCKKKK TAKE IT - - SWALLOW THAT CUM...AAAHHHHHHGGGHHAAAHHH AAAHHHHHH."

Mr. Wilkes pulled down hard on Chrissy's head and his hips stopped moving except for spasmodic, violent thrusts, each accompanied by a loud groan. Mary couldn't tell what was happening until she saw the small stream of white fluid that spurted from the side of the 8-year-old's mouth to dribble down to her chin. From there it formed a ropy strand that dangled back and forth for a few seconds until the end made contact with Chrissy's flat, breastless chest. As Mr. Wilkes spasmed and pulled on the little girl's head, more of the milky substance trickled out of her mouth and landed on her smooth naked body, coating her with a glossy finish.

'That must be the cream they were talking about,' thought Mary as she watched, hypnotized at the sight of a grown man pumping an 8-year-old girl's mouth full of hot semen.

'I wonder what it tastes like?' she thought, and, as if in answer, the man stepped back from the little girl, pulling his penis from her mouth, but not far.

"That was great, Chrissy. You want to lick off the last drop?"

Without a word, the third grader leaned forward, putting a hand on each of the man's legs, and proceeded to use her tongue to clean off the drippy head of his penis as is bobbed before her. Her tongue snaked out to make contact with the sperm covered head of Mr. Wilkes' erection. The third grade girl began to lick the end of his penis, using her tongue to gather up the sperm that hung there and dribbled out the end. Mr. Wilkes reached down and squeezed his prick to make the last few drops come out for the girl to lick off and swallow. Finally, Chrissy took one of her hands and rubbed the palm under her chin, catching the dangling gob of cum hanging there. Without hesitation, the little girl licked the cum off the palm of her hand.

"You like that cum, don't you Chrissy?"

"Yeah... I like it a lot!" said the small girl, laughing up at the man with his cock at half-mast, hanging near her sweet face. The scene ended and jumped back to the interview with Chrissy in her bedroom.

The man interviewing the little girl asked, "So, you like to suck your special friend, huh? Tell me, Chrissy, do you do other things with this special man of yours?"

"Uh huh..."

"Like what?"

"He likes to fuck me."

"You mean he puts his penis inside your body?"

"Uh huh."

"And then he pumps his cum in you there, right?"

"Uh huh."

"Do you like to fuck, Chrissy? Do you like it when your special man pushes his penis deep into your body?"

"Ummmmmm..." Her eye traveled to the ceiling, as if contemplating her answer. "Uh hum... It feels all stretchy when he first puts it in, but then it feels good. Sometimes it makes me cum too, but most of the time I just let him do me and get his cream inside me. He says someday I'll make a baby that way, but that I'm too young now, but that when he cums inside me it helps give me a good figure."

"I see. Tell me Chrissy, did you ever do it with more than just your special man; at the same time I mean?"

"Yeah. Mr. Wilkes sometimes has this friend that comes over and we all get naked and one of them will make me suck his wiener while the other one fucks me."

"Do you like being the center of attention that way, I mean, two men at the same time! You must be one lucky little girl!"

"I guess so... Yeah, they say I really turn them on..."

Another scene change. This time the screen showed a bedroom other than Chrissy's.

Chrissy and Mr. Wilkes were already on the bed. The man had her on her back, and was holding her legs up and apart in the air as his head busied itself within the small girl's spread crotch. From the angle it couldn't be seen, but he was licking the 8-year-old's hairless cunt, his tongue moving back and forth from her tiny anus, across her smooth cuntal lips, parting them and tasting her pink inner recesses, and up to her budding clit; teasing the little girl into giving small squeals of delight.

From the right, another man entered the picture. He too was naked, and his erection was jutting outward from his body, at a right angle. He climbed up onto the bed, and knee walked over to the child, until his rigid penis was bobbing inches from her smiling mouth. The man muttered something that was indistinct, and Chrissy answered by nodding her head and smiling up at him. He leaned down and, using his hand to angle his prick, pushed his erection into the young, hot and willing mouth. The angle was awkward for the man, and he couldn't move, but there was no need as the young girl began to move her head up and down on his meat.

After a minute, Mr. Wilkes stopped licking her hairless cunt and crawled up her exciting young body until his cock was positioned over the 8-year-old's smooth slit. The camera had moved down between the third grader's legs to catch the scene as Mr. Wilkes pushed his penis against the tiny, hairless lips, using one hand to rub his purple cock up and down until her vaginal lips parted, revealing her pink interior. Slowly he pushed downward, using his weight to force his cock into the child. Her cunt was wet from his licking, but still the outer lips clung to his rigid member, being pushed inward as, slowly, more and more of the adult penis was pushed into her tender sex hole.

Chrissy then let out a long, "AAAAaaahhhhhhhhh..." as her internal passages stretched to hold the invading pole. The little girl's body was almost engulfed by the man over her. Her small bottom looked as if it was being split in two by the large erection that was still sinking into her hairless cunt. Slowly, but surely, Mr. Wilkes pushed his penis into the 8-year-old girl-child. On screen, his testicles dangled down against Chrissy's small bottom, obscuring the sight of his cock fully penetrating the child.

Then he began to pump the little girl, pulling his cock out, then pushing it back in, her vaginal lips red from being stretched around his erection, moving to-and-fro with the motion of his prick. Chrissy's small body was no match for the size and weight of the full-grown adult who was fucking her. Her bottom almost disappeared from sight on each down stroke from Mr. Wilkes as his weight pushed her into the mattress. His hard penis was clearly visible as it plunged in and out of the girl-child's vaginal cavity.

Mary was in a daze. 'What is this?' she wondered as she took in the sight of an 8-year-old child begin penetrated and humped by a man four times her age. Mary had never had sexual intercourse explained to her. The 9-year-old was not even aware of the existence of the deep opening between her legs; the opening that she could clearly see being probed by the man's strange organ. Little Mary couldn't understand why the man wanted to do this to Chrissy; or why Chrissy would let him. 'Maybe it feels good, like when Tina rubs me?' she wondered to herself. Still, doubts remained in the 9-year-old. Suddenly, she started, as she once again felt Jim Phillips' hand pressing into her own smooth slit.

"Shhhhhh... Sit still, Mary. Just watch how good little Chrissy is with those men. She really knows what she is doing. Sit still and I'll rub your pretty little snatch while you watch the tape. Okay?"

Mary didn't answer. Her body had gone stiff again. Mr. Phillips' fingers felt so large against her 9-year-old little girl vulva. She could feel him spreading the lips of her hairless slit and rubbing up and down in the moist area between.

"It's okay if I rub you, isn't it, Mary? Your sister rubs you, so it's okay, right? Say it, Mary... Say you want me to rub your tight little cunt."

"Uhhmm ... uhhhh..."

"Say 'Rub my tiny pussy, Mr. Phillips.'"

"Umm, rub my tiny ... pussy, Mr. Phillips?" the little girl said, tentatively.

The man's breath was hot in her ear, and she felt herself firmly in his grip. Mary had no choice. This man knew all about her and Tina. He knew everything. She had to do what he said. And besides... if felt kind of good, what he was doing.

On screen, the little girl, Chrissy, was being double fucked. The camera had moved to profile the 8-year-old girl as both men lunged at her small body, driving their hard erections into the third grader's soft compliant body. Mr. Wilkes was steadily pumping himself into Chrissy's tight hairless vagina, grunting with the effort of pushing his whole cock into the tight folds of her pre-pubescent hole. Being so young, Chrissy had a hard time taking all of Mr. Wilkes' penis up her smooth pussy. His cock pushed hard against the opening to her uterus, and pushed aside the little girl's internal organs as it was driven home repeatedly.

Chrissy could not protest, however because her mouth was stuffed with a large penis that was also being thrust back and forth in an attempt to penetrate her pre-teen throat. The man fucking Chrissy's face held her head with one hand and leaned over the girl child, holding himself up with his other hand. His hips jerked at her in short, hard thrusts, while his hand gripped her head tightly and pulled her face forcefully onto his hard penis.

"Mpfh... Mpfhh Mpfh..." came the rhythmic sound from the third grader as thrust after thrust attempted to push a man-sized cock into her small mouth. Chrissy's slender legs were splayed wide, and bounced limply up and down in time to the up and down motions of Mr. Wilkes' ass as he humped his little girl lover.

"Deeper, you little bitch!" came the voice of the man who was fucking Chrissy's face.

"Wait... Wait... I have an idea!" said Mr. Wilkes, lifting his weight off the little girl, his cock waving obscenely over her, coated with a slick skin of her sweet cunt juice. "Here... Pull her over to the edge of the bed... No further... Yeah, that's it. Put your head back, Chrissy!" he said, reaching up and pushing on the 8-year-old's chin until her head fell backwards over the edge of the bed.

"Oh, yeah... That's great... Okay, open up, Chrissy. Open your mouth wide so I can fuck you in the mouth. Yeah... that's it... Wider... Ummmmm yeah..."

The man had quickly positioned himself in front of the small girl, bending his knees to line up his seven inches of erection with her now-upside down face and mouth. Chrissy opened her mouth slightly, and the man pushed his penis into the third grader, forcing her jaw open wider and the head of his cock surged deep into the youngster's mouth.

"Hold her arms down!"

Mr. Wilkes was repositioning himself between Chrissy's legs, pushing aside the little girl's thighs and holding his cock in one hand to guide his insertion into her hairless cunny. The other man leaned forward and, leaning his weight into the task, held Chrissy's arms down at the elbows. The 8-year-old was effectively pinned by the large men who now, once again, began to fuck her small body in earnest.

Mary was starting to squirm in Jim Phillips' lap from his manipulation of her bald pussy. He had two fingers, one above her clit, and one below, that he was moving back and forth in an insistent rhythm that was beginning to turn-on the little 9-year-old. Mary's breathing was starting to become ragged and her breath caught whenever Jim Phillips would change the speed of his manipulations. Still Mary's eye's never left the TV screen where the girl-child Chrissy was being double raped by two men intent on splattering the small girl with their hot loads of sticky white semen.

Jim Phillips was enjoying himself immensely. The scene on the TV was a turn-on for him, but the feel of his fingers between the hot, wet, hairless cunt lips of the 9-year-old on his lap was getting ready to send him over the edge. His cock was hard in his pants, and he dearly wanted to let it out to rub against the smooth bottom of his young conquest, but he didn't want to let go of the little girl long enough to drop his pants. Besides... he wanted her to take his pants off...

He was looking forward to showing the pre-pubescent child her first live cock; looking forward to having her grip it in her small hot hand; looking forward to pushing it into her virgin mouth, fucking her innocent face, and flooding her tiny body with her first taste of hot cum. He almost couldn't wait for the end of the video tape to begin using little Mary... almost...

On screen, the men were fucking 8-year-old Chrissy harder, as they both neared their respective orgasms. Mary could see the one man's large erection pushing deeper into the girl's mouth, causing her to gag as he tried to jam it into her throat. Though she was gagging and struggling a bit, Chrissy could not move because the man held her down hard. Her smooth, breastless chest heaved to catch a breath between strokes of his hard cock. The skin around her face and neck was turning red from the effort of trying to breathe.

Each time he pushed into Chrissy's mouth her throat would swell as the soft head of his penis was forced deeper into her tight esophagus. The gagging reaction caused Chrissy's throat to contract on the invading erection, stimulating the man into fucking her throat harder!

Each time she gagged her stomach tensed, pushing down on her internal organs, making her tightly filled snatch even tighter on Mr. Wilkes throbbing penis. Chrissy's slender legs flopped limply on either side of the thrusting Mr. Wilkes. The camera zoomed in to where his large cock was jamming in and out of the 8-year-old girl's hairless slit. Her clit was red from being jammed hard against Mr. Wilkes course pubic hair.

Every few strokes he would stop on the in stroke and grind his prick around inside the little girl's vagina, looking down as his penis was nearly outlined on the small girl's abdomen.

"Oh... fuck. Chrissy... you got the tightest cunt in the whole fucking world!! How's that mouth, man?"

"Oh this little bitch is ... uh ... hot! You think her cunt's tight. Uh ... You should try this throat. Man, I'm gonna shoot a load ... ummm ...yeah ... I'm gonna fill her up."

"You want that, don't you Chrissy? You want all the hot jizz we got for you, don't you, sweetheart? Humm... yeah... This little school girl wants our hot cum alright! She wants it all over her pretty face, right, baby? I'm gonna blow off in your face, Chrissy. All that nice cum all over your...ahh...your nice face!!"

There was no way the 8-year-old could answer, pinned and filled at both ends by hot, thrusting cocks. The only thing little Chrissy could do was endure as both man began to fuck her small body even harder. The man ramming her mouth had started to moan in time to his fucking, and Mr. Wilkes was slamming his hips up and down on the third grader, jerking her small body up and down on the bed, using her tight vagina to bring his cock to the boiling point!

Mary was breathing in gasps now. She too was close to cumming from the masturbation of her small slit by Jim Phillips' expert fingers. He was rubbing her small clit vigorously now while breathing hot breath into her ear. A small part of Mary didn't want to respond to his hand, but her young body couldn't help itself. Any minute she knew that she would be giving herself up to crashing waves of orgasm.

On screen, the man fucking Chrissy's mouth gave a loud groan and pulled his penis from deep in the 8-year-old's throat. He grabbed his cock and aimed it at Chrissy's upside down face just as a large blast of semen was pumped from the end of his prick and into Chrissy's mouth and nose. The gush of pent-up sperm took the youngster by surprise as she was trying to catch her breath, and some of it obviously was inhaled because the little girl began to cough violently. The man reached down quickly with his other hand and pushed the little girl's head back down as she started to raise it to catch her breath. His second blast hit the child in the forehead, and dribbled into her blond hair. Pushing her head back down, he re-aimed his cock into the coughing child's face and sprayed her with another enormous blast of ropy white cum. Again and again, his penis spit into the 8-year-old's face, coating her from chin to forehead in his viscous semen. Chrissy kept her eyes closed the whole time and flinched each time another hot blast was sprayed onto her innocent face. After spraying young Chrissy with his orgasmic offering, the man rubbed his penis across her forehead to wipe off the last few drops of cum that dangled from the head of his cock. He then let go of the still coughing youngster.

Chrissy immediately lifted her head and began to catch her breath in earnest. She coughed once, twice, and seemed to be better, though she had sprayed semen and spittle on her flat chest.

Mr. Wilkes was still pounding the young girl, turned on by watching her little girl face being blasted with a load of hot sperm. He began to groan and talk to Chrissy as the youngster kept her head up to watch his erection pound in and out of the space between her splayed legs.

"Ohhh nice, Chrissy. Little Chrissy all covered in cum. I'm going to cum on you too, sweetheart... Gonna cum all over you, my sweet little girl. You want my cum, don't you, Chrissy? Tell me you want my cum, baby? I need you to tell me how much you want it... umm, baby."

"Please...uh...spray your...uh... cum on me...uh... Make me wet...uh..." Chrissy replied as her small 8-year-old body was bounced up and down on the bed by the man fucking her skinny, undeveloped body.

Every time Mr. Wilkes shoved the full length of his seven-inch penis into the small girl she would let out a grunt. Chrissy could feel every inch of his hard penis, stretching the lips of her smooth cunt, stretching her vaginal opening wide, and poking hard into the bottom of her uterus. The little girl swore she could feel the veins on the side of his prick as they rasped against the walls of her pre-teen vagina. Chrissy didn't enjoy fucking as much as being masturbated or getting sucked. She tolerated it because Mr. Wilkes and his friends really liked it, and sometimes, just sometimes she too would cum from the feel of a grown man's erection sliding tightly in and out of her little girl slit.

"Uhh Uhhhhh GAWWWDD... Chrissy... CHRISSY... AHHHHHHHH," Mr. Wilkes shouted as he pulled his cock out of its pre-teen cunny prison and began to ejaculate all over the front of the 8-year-old child before him. His semen seemed to leap from the head of his cock to cover the third grader in ropy white strands of gleaming jizm. Jet after jet pulsed from the man as he loomed over Chrissy, his entire body jerking to the rhythm of the blasts of cum. His cock rapidly began to lose it's hardness as the last few drops of his semen dribbled from the end of his penis to fall in the hairless slit still spread before him.

Mr. Wilkes let go of his cock and the head drooped down to rest on the small, reddened clitoris that peeked out from between the folds of Chrissy's well-used cunt. His cock leaked semen, which glided down between the hairless folds, eventually to coat her vagina in a small slick of sperm.

"Oh... Nice one, man. I'd say we covered her, wouldn't you?" said Mr. Wilkes partner as he reached both hands over the girl to her stomach and drew them up over the slender naked body, spreading the cum to all parts of Chrissy's flesh. He worked his way up the naked 8-year-old, massaging the semen into her skin, rubbing his hands up her stomach and over her ribcage, massaging the flesh of her nipples where her breasts would begin to grow in a few years. After massaging Chrissy's flat chest, he worked his way up her neck to her face where he massaged her semen-covered face until it gleamed with a sticky coating of rapidly drying sperm.

"This stuff is good for you, honey. Make your tits grow," he said as he spread the gleaming cum all over the small girl. When he was finished, Chrissy's slender 8-year-old body gleamed in the light, shining with a coating of sticky cum from the top of her forehead to her smooth, but sore vagina. The camera traveled up and down the length of the 8-year-old's tiny body, catching every inch of her semen-covered slender form.

Chrissy just lay there on the bed, her eyes closed and catching her breath after the double-fucking her small pre-pubescent body had just received.

Little Mary took it all in, her own small body beginning to twitch uncontrollably as Jim Phillips masturbated her to climax while she watched the video.

The camera focused in on young Chrissy's cherubic, semen-covered face just as the 8-year-old opened her eyes and smiled into the lens, her glistening face a study in carnal pleasure and little-girl innocence.

Just as Chrissy smiled, Mary's body exploded into a mind-shattering orgasm. The carnal, forbidden scenes on the TV had captured Mary's mind and stimulated her own sexual curiosity and desire.

"Naaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..." she moaned, as her back arched and her hips humped up and down in Jim Phillips' lap. Her small hands dove for her exposed hairless crotch, but couldn't stop the man's rough treatment of her warm, pliable, pink clitoris. The sensation was almost too great. Not caring anymore where she was or whom she was with, little 9-year-old Mary West gave herself up to the heavenly convulsions of her cum.

For his part, Jim Phillips felt the youngster lose all control of her body. Her slender legs parted even more for him, and her head pressed back into his chest. He felt the small, skinny child spasm uncontrollably in his lap, shaking with pleasure. Her tiny pussy became even wetter, and his large fingers slid even more easily up and down in the small place between her virgin cunt lips, teasing her budding clitoris, and prodding at the small opening leading to her hot, tight interior.

Jim wanted so badly to jam his finger up into this girl, to make her cry out in pain in the middle of her pleasure, to make her bleed from her roughly broken her small cherry, holding her down and watching her cry...

He didn't though. It was going to be so much better. Just a little longer, and he would take her, and take her hard. He eased the pressure on her tiny clitoral bud, and used both arms to hug the still twitching 9-year-old to his body, loving the tiny, bony feel of her underdeveloped, child body.

Slowly, Mary began to return to her senses. She opened her eyes and realized that Jim Phillips had stopped masturbating her. The TV was still running, but the scene no longer showed the 8-year-old Chrissy covered in her adult lover's cum. Instead, it showed a playground full of children of all ages, and the narrator was talking in the background.

Mr. Phillips arms felt reassuring around her as he hugged her to him and little Mary began to hear the words coming from the TV screen again.

"...lucky young girl. There are many other young girls like Chrissy, who have a special friend to teach them all about the world of adult love. These young girls and boys are very special people. They have learned that sex is not a bad thing, and that to share their bodies with their special adult friends can be lots of fun. Maybe some of your playmates are already lucky enough to have a special adult friend. Maybe you can be a lucky child like some of these boys and girls..."

The scene changed to show a very small blond girl lying on the floor while a man kneeling over her masturbated his huge erection over her smiling face. In the corner of the frame the words, "Leslie, Age 6" appeared. The child was grinning up at the moaning man, obviously aware of the hot blast of cream that was about to hit her in the face. The man groaned and pointed his penis down at the first grader. Semen spurted from the purple head of his tortured dick and caught the girl in the mouth. Leslie laughed and more of his cum hit her in the face. "It's hot!" she said at one point as her mouth and chin were coated in the creamy explosion of cum. The picture faded, showing the little girl starting to laugh, obviously amused by the spent expression on the man's face. The whole scene lasted 25 seconds at most.

Another scene followed. This time, a young boy was lying on a bed. His penis was erect. Soft hair had just begun to grow around the base of his cock. A large man came into the picture and without ceremony, knelt between the boys spread legs and lifted the youngster's ankles, putting one on each of his shoulders. He then reached down and guided his cock to the soft crack of the boy's ass, pressing his hard-on into the youngster in one fluid motion.

The boy had obviously been lubricated for the scene, but still his face contorted as his butt was reamed by the large adult erection. The words in the corner of the screen said, "Tony, Age 12". The man began to hump the boy, obviously enjoying his tight rectum and small grunts. Mary watched the scene fade as the camera closed in on the boy's penis, no longer erect, and flopping up and down as his body was humped.

Another scene began showing four men and two girls. One of the girls seemed to be a couple of years older than the other. Her breasts had begun to develop, yet were in that awkward stage where all they really were, were cones attached to her chest.

The other girl was younger and so skinny she looked like a concentration camp victim.

Both girls were on their hands and knees, and each one was sucking on one man's cock, while another fucked them from behind. In the corner of the screen came the caption, "Gina & Melanie, Ages: 13 & 10". The older girl seemed to be handling her double fuck okay, but the 10-year-old Melanie seemed to be having a hard time of it. The two men fucking her could not seem to coordinate their movements, and as a result, the small girl was being buffeted about quite a lot.

In short order, the man with his cock in Gina's mouth moaned that he was going to cum. He groaned and his hips bucked upward into the 13-year-old's face. Gina had no trouble holding his cock in her mouth as he spurted his semen into her. Mary could see that the girl was swallowing as fast as the man could pump his cum into her. As she was swallowing the last of his cum, the man behind Gina called out to warn her of his impending orgasm. The 13-year-old didn't hesitate slipping her mouth from the first dick and hurriedly turning around so the second guy could push his hard penis into her mouth and ejaculate into her throat. His hips bucked and his hand grabbed the back of the girl and held tight as she swallowed his load of sperm.

Meanwhile, in the background the two men with the skinny 10-year-old had finally coordinated their movements so that the tiny girl was being rammed from both ends simultaneously. The man in back grabbed her hips, his large rough hands almost encircling her small waist just above her bony hips. He held her steady as he pushed his large cock back and forth in her hairless cunny.

The man in front of 10-year-old Melanie held her head as he fucked her face. Again, it didn't take long for both men to begin to cum. The man in front pulled hard on the back of the pre-teen's head, and groaned loudly as her nose was pushed into his rough pubic hair, and he pumped his load directly into the small girl's throat. The abdomen of the man in back rammed her bony ass a few more times and, he too bellowed that he was cumming, filling her small cunt to overflowing so that his creamy semen dripped out of the little girl's cunt and began to run down her skinny thighs. The scene faded as the large man collapsed upon the little girl's back, his weight forcing her down on the bed.

Another scene... and another... and another... Mary sat stunned.

'Holy cow, look at all these kids just doing it with these men! Am I the only one who doesn't know about sex?' Then she saw something that shocked her again. It was a scene where a woman, about her mother's age, was being gang-fucked by a trio of young boys ages 12, 14, and 15. All the scenes up to then had shown men fucking and sucking, and being sucked by young girls and boys. Now it dawned on Mary that older women might teach young boys about sex.

So many scenes passed by young Mary's eye's with so many different people that she began to think that this was how everyone learned about sex. The 9-year-old didn't really understand most of what she was seeing. She didn't understand how a man's penis got so big, or what that stuff was, that kept coming out of it. She didn't understand why all the men wanted to stick their things into all those young girls, or why the girls let them. She knew that what her and her sister had done so far felt good, so she guessed that everything she saw these people doing felt good too.

Finally, a scene came on that so stunned Mary that she gasped when she saw it.

It wasn't that the scene was so shocking. In fact, it was fairly straight-forward, compared to some of the others. A young girl was lying on the floor, being fucked by a young teenaged boy. Around the couple, three men were on their knees masturbating. Just after the young boy had his orgasm in the girl, the three men began to spurt cum all over the two kids until each had large with gobs of cum attached to all parts of their bodies.

By now, this all seemed sort of normal, but Mary was transfixed by this scene because the young girl covered in cum was her sister Tina!

Tina's name was in the corner of the screen. Tina lay there and let herself be fucked by a boy. Tina watched as spurt after spurt of semen shot from the adult pricks around her and covered her in their hot sperm.


"Your big sister loves sex, Mary," whispered Jim Phillips into her ear. "She loves to suck me, and she loves it when I stick it up in her. Did you know that, Mary? Huh?"

"Uhhhhh nuh uh."

"Well, she does! I bet you'd like it too, wouldn't you, Mary?" he asked, once again moving his hand up on the child's exposed hairless pussy and beginning to fondle her smooth pink lips. "Don't you wonder where your sister is right now, Mary? I bet I know! Do you want to know, Mary? "

"Uh huh," said the little girl, now desperate to know where Tina had gone for so long, and scared that Mr. Phillips was going to 'do it' to her right now.

"I bet she and John are having a good time together upstairs. You wanna go see?"

Mary didn't know what to say. She didn't want to be left alone with Mr. Phillips anymore, but she wasn't sure she wanted to find out what 'having a good time' meant. She hesitated a minute and then nodded her head.

"Okay, sweetheart... Let's go see, shall we?" And with that, Jim Phillips stood little Mary up and taking her by the hand, led her to the stairs to the other part of the house.

Walking her up the stairs he said, "You're such a sweet little girl, Mary. Now, you remember, you have to be brave like your sister, otherwise your parents might find out about you and your sister and all. You just do what we tell you, and everything will turn out fine. Okay?"

Jim led Mary up the stairs and down the hall to the room at the end.

"Tina's in here, Mary. Why don't you go in and check on her?" he said as he opened the door to the room.

Mary innocently walked into the room held open for her, but stopped the instant the bed came into view. Her eyes widened, and her mouth dropped open, but no sound escaped. There on the bed was her older sister, Tina. She was naked and lying on her back with her feet toward the door, but spread very wide. Above her, also naked, was the large man, John. He was kneeling over the 11-year-old girl, his large erection firmly pushed into her open mouth. His hips were slowly pumping up and down, fucking Tina in the mouth with his large penis.

He had his weight on one hand, and in the other he had a plastic dildo which was jammed halfway up into Tina's hairless vagina. John was using the same rhythm pushing and pulling the dildo in and out of the pre-teen's cunt as he used to fuck her in the mouth.

Tina was grunting, as both ends of her young body were alternately filled and emptied. Her hands were held on each side of the big man's hips, moving up and down with his motion, almost as if she was urging him on; asking to be fucked harder in her small sixth grader mouth. John looked up at Mary as she froze near the entrance to the room. He grinned but didn't say anything, just continued to fuck her older sister in the mouth.

Mary's 9-year-old mind was in a whirl. Part of her said that she should turn around and run from the scene before her. Part of her told her to stay and help her older sister. And a small part wanted to watch, and learn.

Finally, she found her voice, and quaveringly said, "Ta...Tina?"

John obligingly pulled his cock from Tina's mouth, and moved aside so that the 11-year-old girl could get up on her elbows and see who had said her name.

When she looked at her sister, Tina could tell that Mary was scared. The 9-year-old was visibly shaking; her lower lip was quivering as if she was going to cry, and her weight was shifting nervously from one foot to the other. Her heart went out to her little sister, remembering how scared she, herself, had been just a short few weeks earlier.

She sat up and held out her arms, "Mary?"

The fourth grader went running to her sister, and held her. The two little girls held each other for a minute before Jim walked over.

He sat on the bed next to Mary, and, caressing the 9-year-old's hair, he said, "Tina. Mary here wanted to know what was going on. Would you like to help her learn a few things?"

Tina had been prompted by John as to how to answer this question. For a few seconds she faltered in delivering her answer, feeling sorry for her younger sister, but she also realized it was too late to back out now. If Mary was not initiated into Tina's little secret, then that secret could very likely get out, and then Tina would be in more trouble than she cared to even imagine. Not only had she been having sex with these men, WILLINGLY, but she had also lured her younger sister into sex. John had explained all this to her while Jim had been doing 'whatever' to Mary downstairs. He'd managed to persuade her that it was in Tina's best interest to get Mary in the act, now that her sister knew her secret.

So her hesitation lasted only a second before she replied in a small voice, "...Yes."

Nodding, Jim put his hands on little Mary's shoulders and pulled her away from her naked sister. He reached under Mary's chin and pulled her face toward his, until the fourth grader was staring straight into his eyes.

He looked down at her innocent face and said, "Your sister Tina told us you wanted to learn all about sex, Mary. We've been her teachers, and now we are going to teach you. You have to do everything we tell you to, or else your sister will be in big trouble for bringing you here. She was supposed to keep this a secret, but she gave it away to you. Remember, you wanted to be here, so now you do exactly as you're told. You got that, Mary?"

"...Uh huh..."

"No, that's not good enough, Mary. I want you to tell me you'll be a good girl and do as you're told. Say it just like that: 'I'll be a good girl. I'll do anything you say.'"

"I'll be good-a good girl. I'll do anything you say."

"That's good, Mary. Now stand up. Right here - - That's right. Now hold up your skirt so John can see that nice little cunt of yours."

He picked the 9-year-old up and stood her at the foot of the bed. Slowly, she reached down and took the edge of her plaid school uniform dress, and raised it to her chest. She looked to her sister, but Tina said nothing, so she just stood there, her small, hairless slit exposed for everyone in the room to see.

"That's right, Mary... We want to see your nice little cunt. What do think, John? I don't know about you but I can't wait to shove my cock into that nice little hole, huh?"

"Yeah, man. Bet she's tight. So, what say we get started, hey? I just about lost it in Tina's mouth before you guys got here. Another minute of fucking her in the mouth and Mr. Happy woulda popped!"

"Yeah, let's do it. Tina, go strip your sister. Mary, you just stand there and let Tina take your clothes off."

Jim got up as Tina moved to obey. He walked over to a cabinet and opened the door, checking the video monitor to be sure that the three cameras in the room were all running properly.

Tina stepped up to her little sister and whispered to her, "You can let go of your skirt now. Shhh... It's okay. Lemme take your clothes off. Honest, it's going to be okay. If I can do it, you can do it...honest."

Tina didn't really believe what she was saying, but she wanted to remove the fear she saw in 9-year-old Mary's eyes. The fourth-grader was trembling as Tina began to unbutton her white cotton school blouse.

Slowly, Tina revealed her sibling's undeveloped chest. Mary's small brown nipples showed no hint of breast development and lay flat against her rib cage. Her ribs showed clearly under her pale, pre-pubescent flesh. Tina pulled the blouse out from the waist of Mary's plaid skirt and pushed it down over her skinny arms. Then she unzipped the zipper and undid the waistband on the 9-year-old's skirt, and let it fall to the floor.

She knelt down to begin removing Mary's shoes, but John stopped her saying, "No. Leave the shoes on. I think she looks nice in her little saddle shoes and white knee socks."

"Come here, Tina," said Jim. "Let Mary show off her nice little body for us."

The naked 11-year-old walked back to the end of the bed, sat down between the two men, leaving the 9-year-old open to their gaze.

Little Mary stood before Jim and John, not knowing what to do. Undressed, both men could see just how skinny she was: her ribs showed clearly; her chest was flat, with no breast development at all.

The fourth grader held her hands in front of her bare pubic mound, prompting John to say, "Put your hands on top of your head, sweetheart. We want to see that nice, bald little pussy of yours."

When the child hesitated, Jim said, "Do it, Mary. You have to do whatever we say, remember."

The small naked girl did as she was told, and put her hands on top of her head. Now she was fully exposed. Jim and John could see the hairless, pink lips of her virgin cunny puckering slightly between her thighs. Mary's body hadn't developed any of the curves of puberty yet. There was no hint of hair on her mound of Venus. Her hips were bony and stuck out on either side of her waist. She stood there, naked, hands on her head, wearing only white knees socks and black and white saddle shoes. Her body made small jerking motions because of her nervousness. Her eyes flicked nervously from John to Jim to John's exposed erection to Tina and back to John.

"Turn around, Mary. We want to see your bottom. That's right... Not much to it, huh, John?"

"Looks like enough to sink a cock into. Man, this little cunt looks tight all over. Bend over, Mary. Lemme see if I'm going to fit in there. That's it. Reach back with your hands and spread your bottom for us. Come on, sweetie. Reach back and...that's it. Now pull your bottom cheeks apart. Pull. Pull hard. Really spread em."

The 9-year-old took her hands off her head and reached back to her bottom. She couldn't understand why these men wanted to look at her there. That's where poop came out! John coached her how, and soon the fourth grader was bent over at the waist, her small hands pulling her tiny butt cheeks apart. The cool air on her anus felt strange.

Jim was starting to salivate at the sight of the skinny little girl bent over before him, spreading her small bottom, revealing her tiny pink rectum. The lips of her pussy spread slightly from her bent position and between the hairless labia, Jim could barely see her virginal coral interior. He fought the urge to grab the child and rape her hard. He wanted to make it last, at least for a few more minutes.

John got up and walked over to little Mary. His erection bobbing as he walked.

"Stay that way, Mary. Don't move at all."

He walked around to the front of the little girl, and spread his legs on either side of her head. Then he lowered himself until is balls were resting on her hair. Reaching down, he cupped her chin in one hand, and pulled her head up, slowly thrusting his hips back and forth, rubbing his balls and the underside of his cock on the back of her head.

"Ummm... feels nice. You've got nice soft hair, Mary. Ummm... yeah..."

He reached down with one hand and pressed down on his cock until it rubbed firmly against the back of the child's neck and back. Her smooth warm soft skin was very stimulating and pre-cum started to leak from the end of his cock, leaving a sheen on the top of Mary's back.

"Come here, Mary. Time for you to prove you really want to learn something here." Jim beckoned the fourth grader to come over to the bed. He'd removed his pants and shirt, but was still in his underwear. He patted the bed next to him, indicating where Mary was to sit. Glad to be away from the strange thing John was doing to her, Mary came over to the bed and sat down.

Putting his arm around the naked 9-year-old, Jim said, "Today we're not going to have any lessons. Today we're gonna test you to see if you really want to learn about sex. Your sister Tina loves to learn new things, right, Tina?"

"Uh huh."

"That's right. And she told us you wanted to be taught too, but before we decide, we have to test you first. You have to do anything we say. You got that? If you pass our test, then we'll let you join in our little classes. There are lots of girls and boys who would love to be where you are right now, but we decided to take a chance with you because your sister said you really wanted to learn about sex. So we're gonna begin right now. I want you to lay down now and spread your legs as far as they will go."

As he said this, Jim Phillips put one hand on the 9-year-old's flat chest and pushed her backwards onto the bed. Mary didn't resist the pressure her chest, and was soon laying flat on the bed.

"Now spread your legs, honey. Spread them as wide as you can."

Mary looked at her sister for guidance, but Tina only nodded her head at the questioning look from her little sister. Reluctantly, Mary began to spread her legs, exposing her small, soft, hairless cunny to the naked man John, standing at the foot of the bed.

"Wider, baby," said Jim, placing one hand on the inside of the fourth grader's thigh, pulling the nearest leg toward him. "That's it, baby. Show us your sweet little pussy. John and I like to look at and feel a nice little girl's pussy, so soft and smooth."

His hand moved up the slender thigh and he began to stroke Mary's young cunt lips just as he had done down in the living room while making her to watch his kiddie-porn tapes. Mary reacted with a sharp intake of breath, and began to close her legs again, but was stopped by John, who took each of the 9-year-old child's ankles and pulled her legs as wide as they would go.

"No, baby. Don't try to close your legs again until we tell you," said John. He held the little girl wide open while Jim rubbed one finger up and down in her small hairless slot.

Against her will, Mary could feel her body responding to Mr. Phillips' rough caressing of her exposed cunny. His hand felt large against her small sex, his finger probing up and down between the lips of her virgin opening. Again, she looked to her older sister to see if what was happening was ...well, okay.

However, Tina didn't say a word as she watched Jim Phillips masturbate her little 9-year-old sister. To Tina, she looked impossibly small next to these two grown man. She could not believe that both these men were going to have sex with Mary. They seemed so big, and her sister seemed so small. Yet, Tina knew it was going to happen. She knew what Jim and John wanted: little girls, young hairless girls, innocent girls to use anytime for their sexual pleasure. The fact that Tina too got a sexual thrill from the attentions of these men didn't make it any easier to watch as they had their way with her small 9-year-old sister.

Yet Tina wasn't just going to watch. Jim Phillips wanted her to actively participate.

"Tina, come up here and kiss your sister's sweet little cunt."

He pulled her between Mary's outstretched legs, forcing her to kneel on the floor at the end of the bed and placing her face right into the 9-year-old's smooth, pink vagina.

"Come on... Get in here between her legs... That's right. Now kiss her... Kiss that nice little pussy. I know you two have done this at home, so go on... That's right. Now lick her. Lick her good and make her feel real nice. That's it... Lick your sister... Lick her hard..."

As Tina obeyed his instructions and began to lick Mary's pussy, Jim Phillips placed his hand on the back of her head and pushed gently, putting extra pressure on little Mary's stimulated clit.

Mary immediately reacted to her big sister's tongue on her small clit. Without wanting to, she began to feel the shivery sensations that would lead to orgasm. It felt so - naughty! - laying here in a man's bed, legs spread wide while her 11-year-old sister licked her small hairless cunny. Her lingering nervousness caused her body to quiver, and the sensation of Tina's tongue simply added to it.

Both men had left the end of the bed and climbed up to kneel on either side of the naked little girl. Before the fourth grader knew what was happening, Jim Phillips took hold of her hand and guided it towards his exposed, erect penis.

"Here, Mary - - Hold this while Tina licks you. Put your hand around it..." At first, she tried to pull away, but he held her wrist and forced her to wrap her small fingers around his hard, pulsing cock. "No - - Don't pull away. Hold it - - That's right - - Just hold it..."

The 9-year-old's hand barely fit around his hard-on, her small fingers, just meeting over the top of it.

John grabbed Mary's other hand and did the same. On him, her fingers did not meet. Both men held her hand on their cocks and began to stroke them up and down, letting the fourth grader stroke the entire length of their hard adult organs.

"Feels hot, huh Mary? It's hot for you, sweetheart. Looking at your nice smooth little body made me all hard, baby. It's all hard, just for you, honey."

Having secured little Mary's hand to his prick, Jim Phillips again leaned down and pressed on the back of Tina's head, forcing her face into the now wet lips of her little sister's hairless slit.

"Lick her, Tina...Lick her good. I wanna see this sweet child cum, honey. Make her come for us, Tina."

Mary's mind was in a whirl. She could feel both men, easing closer to her on either side of her head. She could feel her hands being forced to stroke their huge organs. She could feel how the wieners in her hand jumped and throbbed and her hand was moved up and down over them. Her cunny was beginning to twitch as Tina brought her closer to orgasm. 'This is wrong!' she thought, but still her body responded to her sister's tongue moving back and forth over her clit, and the pressure over her lips as Jim Phillips continued to press on the back of Tina's head. 'No... No...Nuhh...,' she thought as the tension in her small cunny began to build.

"Nuhhhhh... ah...Nuhhh... ohhhhh..."

"That's it, honey. Let it come, honey. Little baby's gonna come, huh? Come for us, Mary. Come for us while you hold on to our hard cocks, sweetheart. That's right. Lick her, Tina. Yeah. That's it. Eat that beautiful little pussy. I bet it tastes sweet and fresh, honey - - sweet little-girl cunt."

"Nuhh... Nuhhh... Nuhh..." Mary was close to coming now. She opened her eyes and realized that both men had moved right next to her. They still held her hands on their hard cocks. Suddenly, her small cunt began to spasm in orgasm. Her belly went taut, and her head snapped forward.

Wave after wave of pleasure crashed through her small, 9-year-old body.

Little Mary didn't even notice as Jim Phillips quickly moved the last few inches toward her and began to rub his hard penis on her face. Her eyes were closed. She felt the warmth on her cheek, but didn't have enough control to open her eyes to see what it was.

"That's it, baby girl. Cum for us! Hold on to these big cocks and cum for us, sweetheart. Your skin is so smooth and soft, baby. I'm gonna love fucking this big cock into your sweet hairless cunt!!! I think you're about ready, sweetie. Ready for some cock."

He stroked her hand on his cock, pushing it against her cheek, talking dirty to the fourth grader the whole time. 'Yeah', he thought, 'this is going to be nice.'

Tina felt her sister cum. Mary's small hairless cunny was convulsing under Tina's tongue. Tina was a little surprised that Mary came so fast with these strange men watching, but then, Mary had really enjoyed her late night sessions with Tina, too. Maybe it wasn't going to be so bad after all, she thought; having these two grown men introduce her 9-year-old sister to sex.


As her orgasm died, Jim and John retreated from the young girl, letting her hands fall away from their throbbing cocks. She lay obscenely spread on the bed. Tina sat on her knees at the foot of the bed between her sister's spread legs. Mary's hairless, pre-teen pussy glistened with Tina's saliva, and her own emissions. Her flat chest heaved up and down as the 9-year-old child tried to recover from coming so hard. Her arms were spread out to each side. Her eyes were closed. 'She's ready for it,' Jim thought.

"Tina. Come here. Get up on the bed. Lay on your side up here next to Mary's head. No... Yeah... Get your face over hers, up on one elbow. Yeah, that's it...Okay, John. You know what to do... Yeah... Great!"

As if he was directing a shot in one of his kiddy porn movies, Jim had Tina up on the bed, lying on her side, up on one elbow, with her head near Mary's.

Once in position, John knee-walked to the naked fourth grader and straddled her chest, his hard cock bobbing up and down, over her face. Mary, feeling the bed move, opened her eyes, just as John threw his leg over her flat chest. She saw his large hairy balls hanging right over her face for a second, descending toward her, before he settled back on his knees and she began to feel the weight of his ass pressing down on her.

"No... wait...!" she began to say.

"Shut up, Mary. You can't say a word here. You just watch and learn, then do! You do whatever we say, got that? Just relax, sweetheart. This is going to feel great. Tina, show your sister how much you like to suck a man's wiener!"

John reached out and placed his hand on the back of Tina's head, pulling the 11-year-old's face toward his cock. He held his hard prick with one hand and guided it toward Tina's already opened mouth.

As his cock slipped past the sixth grader's eager lips, he released the base and gripped her head in both hands. He then began to rock her back and forth on his cock, swaying his hips to enhance his thrusts.

"Watch your sister, Mary. Look at how good she is. She doesn't put up a fuss. Your sister is a good girl, Mary. Watch her closely, 'cause your turn is next."

As he spoke, Jim moved to the end of the bed between the 9-year-old's still spread legs. He leaned forward and smelled the wonderful scent of her smooth, hairless, pre-teen cunt. It gleamed, inviting him to taste it, fondle it, and fuck it. Her smooth little cunny-lips were parted slightly to reveal the beautiful pink inner recess where soon he would press his hard erection.

He put his hands on her thighs and she started slightly, trying to close her legs. It was too late; Jim had complete control of this little girl who was pinned by the man above her. Slowly, he pressed his face against the small virgin opening between her skinny pale thighs. He pressed his tongue against her little girl slit and her cunt lips parted for him.

To Jim, this 9-year-old child tasted glorious. Her tiny cunt had a wonderful tang to it, and he began to swirl his tongue up and down in her opening; bathing her with his spit; lubricating her for his cock! Mary's eyes were wide open! Inches above her head, taking up her entire view, she watched as the underside of John's seemingly immense penis moved rhythmically in and out of her sister's mouth. 'How does it fit in there?' she wondered as she watched the veined pole of meat being pushed deeper into Tina's mouth. Her position made John's cock look enormous. His testicles swayed back and forth over her chin; the hair tickling her slightly.

Suddenly, Mary felt someone between her legs! She started, her body jumping instinctively, but this only succeeded in getting her chin brushed by the full weight of John's large balls. They were hot against Mary's skin, and she felt John's scrotum contract at her touch. 'Oh, God... What's happening?' she thought, but not for long.

She felt Mr. Phillips spread her legs wider; felt his face pushing against her open cunny; felt the roughness of his face as he pushed his tongue into her tiny pussy.

It felt horrible...

It felt wonderful...

'He's going to lick me!' she thought with fear and anticipation both.

Mary suddenly wanted to be licked by this grown man. She put up no resistance as he settled his weight on her thighs and began to press his mouth over her hairless cunt; completely engulfing her small orifice with his mouth. Her breathing quickened in anticipation of feeling another orgasm, only this one wouldn't be from her sister; this one would be "for real" - - with a man.

'It's so dirty,' she thought. And deep down a little voice inside her said, 'I want it!'

Jim Phillips was in heaven. His face was pressing into the small hairless crack of a 9-year-old girl who, until this very day, had never even seen a naked man. She tasted wonderful, and each time he pressed his tongue against her tiny clitoris, he felt her body clench.

He probed the fourth grader's vagina with his tongue, pushing against the hymen he felt there, knowing it would soon tear away under his cock. Little Mary was breathing harder, and her legs were beginning to shake. In another few minutes, she would be having another nice cum. It was almost time for the next step. He licked her hard, wanting to bring her to the edge - - setting her up for the next step in his little program. When she began to moan, and her hips began to move up to meet his face, he knew that his little school girl was ready. He reached up and tapped John on the back, signaling him to take the next step.

John was already stimulated to the max. He'd had a hard time keeping from blowing his load into Tina before Jim dragged Mary up from the living room. Now he was ready to blow it again. When he felt the tap on his back, he didn't hesitate. He took Tina's head off his prick, and pushed her out of the way. Falling forward on the bed so he was on all fours over Mary, he reached back and grabbed a handful of the 9-year-old's hair.

"Open your mouth now, Mary. Just like you saw Tina doing. Come on and suck me. Suck me good, because I'm gonna blow a huge load in your mouth."

He pressed his slimy, wet erection against the fourth grader's closed mouth.

Mary was startled and slow to react. Her instinct was to close her mouth against the intrusion of John's hard penis.

"Come on, Mary," John coaxed. "You've got to take my big hard wiener in your mouth, baby. Tell her, Tina. Tell her she has to suck me off now. Go on... tell her."

Tina leaned forward. "Uhh... You got to, Mary. You got to take it in your mouth."

"Numm," moaned Mary, shaking her head from side to side, not wanting to do it.

"You've got to, Mary. It's not too bad, really."

"Come on, Mary," said John. "You don't have any choice. If you don't do everything we say, your big sister here is gonna be in deep shit. Tell her, Tina... Tell her about the pictures..."

Tina was scared now. If Mary didn't cooperate, then their parents would find out about everything, and she'd be in real trouble.

"Please, Mary. If you don't do what they say, we'll both be in big trouble. They got pictures of me and all... I... We... If mom and dad see them, they'll kill me. Please..."

Mary was totally overwhelmed. She loved her sister and didn't want her in trouble, but she was really grossed out by the thought of putting her mouth on the hard slimy wiener that was being rubbed back and forth across her lips. She liked what Jim Phillips was doing to her; his large head pressed hard into her hairless cunny; his tongue probing and licking her 9-year-old slit, bringing her to another orgasm. She was so close to coming. 'Oh, God', she thought, 'I hope this isn't bad,' and with that thought she opened her mouth.

"Good girl," said John as the 9-year-old opened her mouth for him.

He began to press his hard cock into her small oral cavity. "I'm going to push it in you, baby. That's it, baby. got a tight mouth, Mary. Careful - - Open wider - - No teeth - - That's it baby... A little deeper now, honey. AHhhhhh you little bitch, that's nice."

John pressed three inches of his erection into the fourth grader's mouth, loving her small moans as he forced her to open her mouth wider for the invading member. The little girl was shaking all over from fear and impending cum.

Her eye's were still open, but now they were focused on the shock of adult pubic hair that hung over her face, and on the rigid shaft of penis that was being pushed into her pre-teen mouth.

"Use your tongue, Mary. Move your tongue around on it, like your sister does - - Oh, shit...! I'm gonna cum in your mouth in a second, Mary - - Oh...yeah...suck that cum out of me, sweetheart. Tina likes my cum - - You're gonna like it too, Mary."

Mary's mouth was stuffed. She couldn't move her tongue much even if she wanted to. The large, soft-yet-stiff head of John's wiener was pushed all the way into her mouth. Her jaws ached from being open so wide. His hips were moving, never pulling his cock out much, but insistently trying to push it deeper into her.

Mary didn't care. She was going to cum, and cum hard.

"MMMMuuummmpphhhhh," was the only sound that came from the 9-year-old as her body went rigid with her crashing cum. Her belly surged with each wave of orgasm, jerking her small frame around under John. Jim Phillips held tightly onto the fourth grader's slender hips, pulling her bucking pre-teen cunt hard into his face, feeling her tremble as her tiny pussy spasmed under his mouth. Loving it.

"Oh... FUCK... oh... FUCK!!!... I'm cummming... Oh you BITCH!!! FUUCCKKKK..." John pushed his hardest yet into Mary's mouth, managing to force another inch of his erection into the little girl. Her head was pinned to the bed as he let most of his weight rest on his spitting penis. "AHHH... AH... AH...AH...AH...AH...AH..." he cried as blast after blast of semen shot from his balls into the fourth grader's mouth.

Mary was blind. Her eyes had rolled up into her head, and the world had turned into a series of crashing flashes of pleasure. Each slammed into her body, radiating from her cunt to her brain, and exploding out the top. She didn't feel John's cock as it was forced into the entrance to her throat. She didn't feel the blasts of hot, viscous sperm that rocketed from his penis each time it expanded in her mouth. In an instant, what room there was in Mary's mouth was full, and John's cum was flowing out around her lips, coating her cheeks and chin. Mary didn't care. She was CUMMMMMIIIIINNNNNGGGG.

'Christ, she's a hot one,' thought Jim Phillips as little Mary's hips bucked up and down against his face. 'I hope those cameras don't fuck up on me now!' he prayed. There were four of them; four Video cameras placed in various parts of the room. Each of them was recording 9-year-old Mary and 11-year-old Tina having sex with two adults. Each of them was about to record a little fourth grade girl losing her virginity to an adult. Each of them was about to watch little Mary take an adult erection into her tiny, hairless vagina.

John pulled his cock from Mary's mouth when the last of his jizz had been pumped into her. The little girl, coughed, swallowed what was in her mouth, and then lay there, still jerking slightly, her mouth hanging slackly open, her cheeks and chin covered in cum. He climbed off the girl, and called Tina over to clean off his cock with her mouth. Tina complied silently, sucking the coating of jizm off John's deflating penis.

"Go lick the cum off your sister now, Tina. Clean her up good." And again, Tina complied, knowing she had no choice.

"Jesus, that was good," said John as he and Jim watched Tina lick the white cum off Mary's face. "Man, I envy you getting the first fuck off this little bitch. She's one hot little cunt. Phewww."

"Yeah... Let's find out if she can take it. You lick her cunt while I show her what she's gonna get."

Still panting from his orgasm, John moved off the bed and moved between little Mary's still-spread legs. He placed one over each shoulder and moved to start sucking her gorgeous 9-year-old snatch. The little girl moaned as his tongue began to fondle her smooth slit, teasing the little bud of her clitoris.

"Come on, Tina... We have to show your sister what she's in for next." Jim reached out and pulled Tina to him, positioning her over Mary's slender form, with her head next to John's and one knee on each side of the 9-year-old's head. "That's good... Now just hold it there."

Jim moved up behind Tina, and bent down to talk into Mary's ear. "Hey, Mary... Come on, baby. Open your eyes... We're not done yet... That's right... Take a look at your sister's nice little cunt... Isn't it nice, huh? All smooth and hairless... Just like your sweet little baby cunt, honey. Now watch real close, okay... I want you to see this close up."

Mary had opened her eyes as soon as the fourth grader felt Jim Phillips' hot breath on her ear. It took her a second to focus, but she quickly remembered where she was, and wondered what was going to happen next. Tina's bald slit was just inches away from her face, and Jim was on his knees, moving to get in position behind the pre-teen to fuck her doggy style. Mary watched in disbelief as he guided the head of his erect penis to the opening of Tina's small pussy. She could feel the heat of his penis scant inches from her face, and the hair on his balls as it brushed her forehead. Jim Phillips gripped Tina's waist, and pushed his erection into her. Mary saw the purple head of his cock spread the hairless lips, and then disappear into the sixth grader. Tina let out a moan as Jim Phillips pushed himself deeper into the compliant 11-year-old body.

'Where is it all going?' Mary wondered as the shaft of his cock sank deeper into her sister. It looked painful, but Tina was obviously not in any pain. In fact, her moans seemed to indicate no discomfort at all. Mary couldn't have known that Tina was one well fucked little girl, and that in a few moments she was going to find out just how painful the first time could be.

"Are you watching, Mary? See how it fits in real nice? Your sister's nice and tight, honey, but I bet you're even tighter. MMMuummm...Yeah... Nice tight little girl..."

He began to fuck Tina then, pulling his cock out until just the head was still in her, and then pushing easily back into her. "Tina... Mumm... yeah... Tell Mary you like it. Tell her you love to have it nice and hard in you..."

"Uh... I like it..."

"No... Come on, Tina... Say, 'I love to have a big hard wiener pushed up in me.' Go on..."

"I love to have a big hard wiener pushed... uh ... up in me..."

Jim Phillips gave a hard thrust into the 11-year-old just when she got to the word "pushed". With the weight of Jim Phillips resting on her, Tina's knees had spread, and now little Mary was watching Tina being fucked just two inches from her nose. His balls moved back and forth across the top of her head and forehead. Mary could smell the lubrication of Tina's pussy. The heat was even more intense now, and the small fourth grader was again being aroused by the feel of John's mouth on her own small vagina, his large hands massaging the small balls of flesh of her bottom, one finger rubbing back and forth on her small anus.

"Oh... shit... That's enough of that... Now it's your turn, Mary...Time to feel my hard cock up in you, sweetheart." As he said this, Jim Phillips pulled out of Tina, his hard-on slick with her juices. He moved out of the way and pulled Tina back to kneel at Mary's head. "Here... You hold her arms down," he said, taking the 9-year-old's arms and pulling them over her head. He positioned Tina to lean some of her weight on the little girl's wrists to hold her hands over her head. "Come on, man," Jim said to John, "Time to pump some tight young twat! Help Tina hold her down."

Jim Phillips wasted no time, moving between the small, 9-year-old girl's legs.

"Yeah, baby... You want this big cock in you don't you...?" Jim Phillips began to rub his hard cock between the small hairless cunny-lips of the little child.

Mary, already excited by John's tonguing of her clit, felt good as the large hard penis stroked back and forth over the small sex button. She began to tremble, feeling her small cunt respond to the continued rubbing of her young clitoris.

"Tell me, Mary... Ask me to put it up in you, Mary... Say it real nice... Please push your hard wiener in me... Say it, Mary... You gotta ask for it, or I can't help you."

"Uhh... Please..."

"Please, what? Come on, Mary... Your sister likes it. You're gonna like it too, but you have to ask real nice. Please push your hard wiener in me..."

"Oh... Please push it in me."

Mary felt like she was going to come again, but still a small part of her was afraid to say the words out loud. She thought she could get away with her vague response. It wasn't going to work... Jim Phillips reached up one hand, and grabbed Mary's face. His strong hand squeezed her hard as he leaned down, getting his face just inches from the 9-year-old's.

"Listen, Mary. You're gonna say it the way I tell you to, you got that? Now say it right! Please push your hard wiener up in me. NOW!"

Stunned, and scared, the 9-year-old's eyes opened wide.

She looked at Jim and stuttered, "Puh...Please push your ... your hard wiener up in muh... me."

"Good girl. Say it again." Jim went back to stroking his cock against the little girl's hairless virgin slit. He had to get little Mary to say the line right otherwise his video wouldn't work out as he planned. One of his buyers loved it when a little girl asked to be raped.

Jim had to confess, he liked it too.

"Please... push your hard wiener up in me..." she said, again in a shaky voice.

"Again, Mary... I think you want me to do it, but I'm not sure. You slit is so small, and my big wiener is so large. You do want it, don't you? Tell me again what you want."

"Please push your hard wiener up in me."

This time it wasn't shaky at all...

"Good girl, you're a real sweetheart, Mary. I'm going to push it up into you real hard, baby."

He used the fingers of his left hand to spread the hairless pink lips of girl-child's vagina, revealing the coral interior and the tiny opening to her body. He eased the purple head of his penis up to the 9-year-old girl's opening. The head of his cock completely covered her small opening. He gave an experimental push. The lubricated sides of Mary's vagina gave way just a bit, and half the head of Jim's cock disappeared into the child.

"One more time, little girl... Ask me real nice."

"Please push your hard wiener up in me-eeEEEEEAAAHAHHHAHHH!"

Jim slammed into the slender little girl with all his might, ripping her hymen to shreds in one stroke, but only managing to get half of his cock into her hot tight cunt. Mary went crazy as soon as he shoved into her, her 9-year-old body convulsing and squirming to try vainly to get away from the hard cock she now felt tearing into her. John pushed one hand down on her flat chest to hold her down, and used the other to grab one of Mary's hands that had gotten away from Tina.

Tina had forgotten about the pain she had felt the first time. Besides, Jim Phillips had been much gentler with her the first time, using his finger to probe her virgin slit before pushing his hard penis into her young body. She was shocked at seeing her little sister hurt so bad by someone she had come to trust, sort of.

"Hey, Hold her down, Tina..." John said, pushing Mary's one loose arm back over her thrashing head. Tina was so dazed that she complied, keeping Mary from flailing uselessly at the large man who was straining to push more of his big erection into the virgin pre-teen.


Mary thrashed her head back and forth, the crushing pain between her legs was more than she could stand. She looked up at Jim Phillips to beg him to stop, but could only cry out. It didn't matter, he wasn't looking at her face. He was watching his large adult erection sink slowly deeper into her tiny fourth grader's hairless vagina. His buttocks clenched as he tried to use more of his weight to drive himself deeper into the crying schoolgirl. He could already feel his balls touching the fantastically smooth skin of her trembling butt. It wouldn't be much longer now...

"PLLEEEAAASSSE AHhhhrghh... STOP!! STOP PLEASE!! IT HURTSSS!!! NNAAHHhphhhhh mmmmppppphhhh!"

John clamped his hand down over Mary's mouth to stifle her screams. Watching her struggle, he was starting to get another hard-on. Maybe he'd fuck little Mary tonight too...

"GAAWWDDDddamn, you're tight, Mary! I'm in, baby... All the way up in you... Feel it... Feel how deep it goes... Shit you got a hot cunt!"

Mary's screams and cries tensed her stomach muscles and each time it squeezed down on Jim's cock, sending shivers of pleasure rocketing into his balls. He was going to shoot his load now, if he didn't stop and take a breather.

"Mary... Mary... Look at me, now... MARY! Look at me... It's in you now... I know it hurt, but it's all the way up in you now... Feel it? Let her answer, John."

"Mmpph HURTS! Please...mmpphh..."

"MARY... Stop crying and stop yelling, or I'll really hurt you. I asked you a question, little girl... Do you feel it in you?"

Mary was scared. She wanted this to stop. She realized she better pay attention to Mr. Phillips or it would never stop.

When John unclasped her mouth again she answered, "Yes... feels too big... Please (sob) don't hurt me any mah ... mah ...moreee uhhh uhhh uhhh..."

She started to cry.

'Well, at least she quit screaming,' Jim thought.

"Listen, Mary, it always hurts the first time... You're so nice and tight inside I bet it hurt a lot, but you have to do it. It's like a shot. You have to get a shot so you don't get sick. You have to do this so you can have sex like your big sister. You want that, don't you?"

"No... No... OWWW... Please... I wanna go hoomee uhh uhh uhh..."

"Mary... MARY! Listen to me."

Her sobbing subsided and she looked up at Jim. He looked down into the tear-filled eyes of the tiny 9-year-old and his cock twitched. He loved watching little girls cry, especially if it was his cock that made them cry. Even so, he wanted to hear her ask for it one more time.

"It's done, sweetheart. You can't go home until we are done with you. Now, I'm going to squirt my stuff up in your body, Mary. I'm going to pump my wiener into you and it's going to feel real good for me, baby. Your little body's going to make me squirt my hot cum up your tight little hole, but you've got to help ask me to pump you. I want you to say something special, and remember, the better you say it, the more you mean it, the faster it will all be over and you and your sister can go home... You got that?"

Mary nodded, tears slipping out of her eyes and down the side of her face.

"Good girl. I want you say, over and over, 'Pump it in me hard.' Go on... say it..."

"Puh... pump it (sniffle) in me ... hard..."


"Pump it in (sniffle) me ... hard."


"Pump it in mEE OOWwwww!"

Jim had begun to pull is throbbing erection back out of the little girl's overstretched cunt. The torn edges of her hymen rubbed hard against the side of his erection, causing the little girl more pain, and some bleeding. The blood helped ease Jim's entry into the 9-year-old and he fucked into the child with less resistance than his initial entry.

"Keep saying it, Mary..."

"Pump it in me...hard. Oww ow. Pump it ohhhhh... Pump it in me hard. It hurts... Oww …Pump it in me hard. Pump it OW! in me ohhh...hard..."

The tiny child continued pleading with the man, to fuck her, and fuck her hard. She didn't know what she was asking for. She just wanted it to end. However, as Jim Phillips filled her again and again with his large erection, it began to hurt less and less. The pain was still there, but the size of Jim's penis in her tiny hairless pre-teen slitty was turning her on slowly. The shaft of his cock was dragging back and forth over the child's clitoris, giving her the stimulation she needed to overcome the pain of his initial brutal entry.

As he fucked her, Mary began to mean more and more the words she was chanting. It slowly began to dawn on the little girl just what it was that Tina had been getting.

"Pump it in me hard. Pump it in me hard... Uh... Uh... Pump it in uh me uh hard."

Holding himself over Mary's slender form, Jim watched his cock pushing its way into her tight cunt. The lips of her small pussy were dragged in and out of the girl-child each time along with his cock; such was the tight way they clamped onto his penis. Watching his massive cock sink into the slick, hairless, blood-covered little vagina of the tiny child under him, Jim knew he was going to flood this schoolgirl with a massive load of his hot semen.

'Oh fuck,' he thought, 'I can't hold back any longer... I gotta fuck this little girl hard, NOW!' And with this thought, he began to lay down on the fourth grader, letting more and more of his weight rest on her skinny body.

The 9-year-old was so short that when Jim laid down on her, the top of her head was just under his chin. He bent his neck and nuzzled his face in the sweet smelling hair on top of the child's head, all the while humping her with greater and greater force.

Tina let go of Mary's arms, realizing that her little sister didn't need to be held any longer. Even if Mary wanted to get up, the small 75-pound girl was pinned under the 200-pound adult whose buttocks clenched and unclenched as he humped his cock into his pre-teen conquest.

Of themselves, Mary's arms wrapped around Jim Phillips' back; or tried to since the little girl could not reach all the way around the man's chest.

'Oh god... It's starting to feel good...' thought Mary as the breath was pushed out of her young body by the weight of the man laying on her, humping her. She turned her head to the right, and her face was pinned between the mattress and Jim Phillips sweat covered chest; the hair of his chest pressing into her cheek.

"Please pump me hard... Pump it in me hard, please..." the 9-year-old still chanted, not even realizing that she had added the word "please" to her lascivious litany. It didn't matter; Jim Phillips was no longer paying attention. His mind was not in his brain; it was deeply penetrating the fourth grade innocent under him.

"Please pump it in me...hard... Please... PLEASE... Pump... pump it in muhhh me... PLEASE...PLEASE PLLLLEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!"

Mary was coming. Jim Phillips' monster penis in her small little girl twat had driven the child over the edge.

Again, the young girl was crying out. However, this time it wasn't pain that drove the air from her lungs and caused her body to convulse up and down. Instead, hot white pokers of pleasure radiated from the deepest part of her under-developed cunt, causing her to jerk and spasm under the man who continued to thrust his hardness into her. Her arms flailed at his sides; constantly shifting from place to place on Jim Phillips' back to try and pull MORE of his hardness into her sweet pre-teen body.

Her tiny hips bucked back into Jim's thrusts; her stomach muscled clenched and unclenched; her eyes rolled up into her head and she screamed in pleasure, "YYYAAAAAAAAHHHHRRRRGGGGGHHHH!"

For Jim, a hard tight pussy-fist had grabbed his cock; a fist that was stroking and clenching and sucking at him. With his nose still buried in Mary's sweet smelling hair, he felt every part of the schoolgirl get tight on him, especially on his cock. He felt her clutch at him; felt her legs splay as wide as they could and then bend at the knees, clutching his legs and jerking on him in time to the fist that was squeezing his erection. It was much more than he could stand. His hips slammed forward into the tiny 9-year-old child one more time and his hot white cum began to rocket into the tight, convulsing cavity enclosing his hard prick.


Milky white semen poured into Mary. There being no room in the 9-year-old's fully stuffed orifice, it poured back out around all sides of her baby smooth, hairless pussy. The interface between man and little girl became slick as Jim continued to grind his groin at the pre-teen child, pumping and pumping her full of his sperm.

Both man and girl-child jerked at each other. Tina and John just watched in amazement. John had never seen Jim Phillips lose control like this while dominating a small girl. Tina had never seen Mary have an orgasm like this in all their dirty secret sex play in their shared room at night.

It was obvious that Jim Phillips had a new favorite plaything, and the thought hurt Tina a little. What happened if he liked Mary more than her? Would she have to go out and find another man who would like her older, slightly rounder body? The fact that she was jealous at all bothered Tina. Just moments ago, she had felt pity for poor Mary as she was impaled on Jim's large erection. Now she was feeling envy that Mary would take the attention of that fat erection away from her. It was all very confusing.

The man continued to convulse on top of the little girl; his butt making shuddering thrusts between her skinny splayed legs. Eventually, he grunted and seemed to collapse on the 9-year-old; breathing hard and deep, trying to recover his senses. Underneath him, Mary too was trying to recover from her first ever fucking, but with little success since it was hard for her to breathe. Still, she was too exhausted to protest.

"Shit, that was hot... Come here, Tina... I gotta have it again."

John grabbed Tina and pulled her over to straddle on top of him as he lay down on the bed.

"Fuck me, Tina... I've got a hard-on that's just gotta be drained," he said as he pulled on her hips to guide her hairless cunny in line with his erection.

Tina, feeling the need as well, reached down and guided John's hot rod into her smooth 11-year-old snatch, and sank slowly down onto his tool with a moan. She began to rock back and forth and up and down on the man as her fondled her smooth butt and ran a hand back and forth across her still flat nipples.

"Ummm...yeah, Tina... got one of the nicest cunts...yeah... Umm fuck me good, baby... Make it cum up inside that nice smooth cunt...yeah...oh...yeah... oh fucking little girl...loves her hard cock...ummm."

John kept up a litany of words as Tina stroked up and down on him. Next to them on the bed, Jim Phillips had finally recovered enough to rise up on one arm to watch John and Tina fucking.

And Mary, finally able to turn her head, looked around only to see a perfectly clear view of John's cock sliding in and out of her older sister's bald slit. Mary could see that Tina was enjoying riding John's hard cock, and now Mary understood why. She could feel Mr. Phillips erection growing soft within her body, and she felt a vague sense of disappointment that he couldn't fuck her anymore right now. She also understood that now that she had learned the secret, and done it the first time, many more times would follow. The 9-year-old watched the 11-year-old with the knowledge that both of them would be doing a lot of things with these (and other) men in the near future.


Tina's cunt was stimulated to orgasm and it took her so fast that it surprised even her.

"OH OH OH AHHHHH AHH AHH AHH AHH Ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh..." she cried as she jerked back and forth on top of the man. John had clamped his hands on her hips and was forcing her down onto his spasming cock, flooding the sixth grade girl with his semen.

"IN YOU... AHHHH YEAH... Oh FUCK! Ahhoooow yeah... baby... yeah..."

It was incoherent lust, and both partners loved it.

Jim and Mary watched John and Tina cumming in exhausted silence.

Afterward, nobody moved for a while; two naked men, their deflated cocks glistening with a coating of drying cum and cunt juice, and two naked little girls ages 11 and 9, all lay on the bed together, none wanting to get up.

Finally, Jim broke the spell, "You girls better be getting home soon, otherwise your parents are going to wonder what became of you."

He got off the bed and went to fetch a washrag with warm water. He used this to gently clean Mary's groin from navel to knees, wiping up the blood and dried cum that coated the small child.

"You might be a little sore, sweetheart, but you'll be okay. Tina, you help your sister, okay? Make sure she goes to bed early. I think she's gonna need her rest tonight, that's for sure."

All four of them got dressed with the clothes that were scattered around the house. The two girls in their school uniforms looked as innocent as could be, and Jim had some nagging thoughts that maybe he would like to do Mary while she was in her school dress, but he let it pass. Enough for today. He'd have more of her in the future.

Before they left, Jim reminded Tina of the trouble that would happen if anyone found out about their little secret. He made a point of telling her in front of Mary, so that the younger girl also got the message.

Then he turned to Mary and said, "So, sweetheart, now you know our little secret, just like I knew your little secret. There is still so much more that we can show you. You've only just begun to learn about sex. Tina still doesn't know everything, and we can all have more fun together in the future if you want, but you've got to promise me now that the only person you talk to will be Tina... Okay?"

"Okay," said the compliant 9-year-old.

Mary was curious what else there could be. She wanted to know, just as she did when she came in the door and the fact that Tina didn't know it all made her feel good. They could learn to together and become real close sisters like they used to be before Tina began to learn about sex and stuff without her.

"Tina... tomorrow I have to go out of town. Why don't you take Mary over to John's house and introduce her to Julie and Jennie? I know they'd love to see you again. You'll do that, right?"

Tina knew this wasn't really a request, but she didn't mind too much. She had liked Julie and Jennifer from the birthday party, and had meant to go to their house anyway sometime soon.

"Okay!" she said brightly.

"See you tomorrow, Tina. See you then, Mary," said John and the two girls walked out the back door of Jim Phillips' house. They waved as the little girls walked around the corner and out of sight.

"Your brother-in-law going to be there tomorrow?" asked Jim, turning to John as he closed the door.

"Yeah. He's in town again. You know he always comes by when he's down on his luck. He wanted me to ask you if you had a part for him. Maybe in that Grand Canyon thing you're gonna do in a few months?"

"Nah... I don't think so. Not after the way he got out of hand in Mexico. It's a good thing he didn't pull that stupid stunt with one of our regular girls. I don't even know if that kid survived after we dumped her at the hospital. I think we were lucky to get out of the country without being arrested. I can't afford to have him screw up one of my big budget numbers again. Maybe I can use him in some short stuff. I can put him in touch with those snuff guys if you really want me to."

"Nah... he's a pain in the ass, but Eve likes him, and if he fucks up with those boys, they'll gut him."

"Just make sure he doesn't hurt those two tomorrow. I need some time to get the rest of the family in the picture, and then we'll have a whole new set of stars. I'm thinking maybe I'll have a shot at Tina's Mom, maybe I can suck her in and use her somehow... Gotta work it out."

"Okay... whatever. I'll keep an eye on him. See ya later."

"Yeah... See ya..."

Jim Phillips closed the front door after John left. 'Maybe I ought to call those snuff guys anyhow. That brother-in-law of his is a danger to all of us.' But he didn't conclude those thoughts. After all, there was a bedroom upstairs with a bunch of new videos that needed to be reviewed.

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