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Hi there. Finally I had some free time to write the second part of this story. This story will contain incest. If anybody does not like this or does not want to read about it please read something else. Now have fun and enjoy it.
In the last chapter my family (my dad Peter, my mom Cynthia, my little brother Chris, my little sister Sarah and I) started our summer holidays at our beach house. There I found out that Sarah stole my pocket rocked but was too frightened to use it. On the first evening Sarah and I were alone so I taught her how to masturbate by giving her a fucking hot show with one of my new vibrators. While I fucked myself she started as well. After having a fucking good orgasm I helped her by finger fucking and tonguing her to her first orgasm. At this point I realized that we not longer were alone and that someone was watching us from the door.


Sarah was still cumming when I realized that someone was watching our action.
I couldn’t move a bit so I just sat there between her beautiful legs with my fingers still burried deep inside the dripping wet cunt of my little sister.
Sarah had not realized it until now cause she still was in her daze.
Finally I calmed down a bit so that I turned my head towards the door. At first I was sure that dad was standing there but after some more seconds I could identify Chris.

In one way I was absolutely happy that it wasn’t our dad but on the other hand I had no idea how I should explain the whole situation.

To my surprise Chris stood there smiling with his hand in his swimshorts.
He put his index finger onto his lips smiled again and went silently away.

In my mind all these pieces of information started to speed up until I decided that I wouldn’t tell Sarah anything about Chris. I thought it would be best for her because otherwise I could imagine that Sarah would stop masturbating for her whole life.

This incident only took 10 or 12 seconds and I was happy that I had enough time to calm down before Sarah opened her eyes.

“Holy... shit... Steph! This was amazing... I... I don’t remember anything after you started to lick me...”

“You know what sis? This was your first orgasm and I hope you will have many more. But now we should clean and hide everything. And we should change into something more comfortable. Or would you like Chris or mom and dad walk in right now?”

We did as I said and some minutes after everything was done we heard a door closing.

“Steph, Sarah I’m back!”

It was Chris who must have heard our conversation and secretly sneaked out of the house. For those little tricks I loved him.

Some minutes after Chris entered the house mom and dad came back as well so Sarah and I were really lucky by ending our little experiments in the right moment.

In the evening the whole family watched a game show on TV and soon after the was finished mom and dad went to bed. Sarah went to bed as well because she was somehow totally exhausted so that only Chris and I were left.

Some minutes after everyone else was gone I looked at him.

“I owe you one but I would like to know how long you watched us?”

“Long enough to see my big sister pumping that vibrator into her fuck hole. And, of course, long enough to see you eating Sarah‘s beautiful pussy.”

“Whoa... that is... But why didn’t you freak out? I mean, I ate my lil sis out and I fucked myself with that toy...”

“I loved that show and I have to confess that it wasn’t the first time I saw you. I mean soon after you started to masturbate I saw you do it. It was amazing watching you. Of course I often saw you naked but watching how you fuck your pussy was so exciting... I started to spy on you more often. When I jerk off I think of you fucking yourself. I sometimes even pretend to be your dildo. I hope you are not going crazy about that... I am sorry...”

He went bright red and looked to the floor.

“You did what? This is so wrong... I... I am your sister...”

“I know and I am sorry but I...”

While I was thinking about that I noticed that I got wet again. This warm and comfortable feeling in my pussy started to grow. And I noticed that in Chris’s swim shorts a bulge was growing as well.

“Well, Chris, I have to confess something as well... last summer I once saw you completely naked with a half stiff. I don’t know why but it turned me on in such a way I couldn’t imagine. At first I tried to get it out of my mind but it did not work. Then I realized that my orgasms were the best while thinking about you and your dick. Almost every time I fuck myself I think of you.”

Now it was me getting red and to my surprise the feeling in my pussy even rose.
Out of the corners of my eyes I could see that his bulge grew more and more.

“Steph, you know... If you are not comfortable with it it’s OK just tell me but I would love to see...”

When I realized what Chris wanted to say the heat in my pussy exploded. My cunt arched and all I could think about was his big fat cock.

I wanted to feel, taste and play this it.

Without saying anything I moved next to him and placed my hand directly on his growing bulge.

Immediately I started to massage it and his dick got even bigger. I slit my hand up and then back down, not on top of his shorts but into.
I fastened my grip around his member and started to rub it slowly up and down.

A slight groan escaped his lips and his hands made their way under my shirt and to my tits.

I gasped as I pulled down his shorts. Some times I saw his member semi-stiff but never full erected and I have to say that even my toys looked small in comparison to his member.

“Ohhhh my gosh... you are huge and so fucking beautiful...”

At this moment my brain did not work anymore my body took over the control and all I did was dropping to my knees and tossing away my shirt in the same moment.

My hands once again started to pump that massive dick up and down and I placed a kiss on its head.

Another groan came from Chris’ lips. He opened my bra and threw it away as well.
His hands immediately started to caress my tits and nipples and he began to twist them.

Thrills shot through my body and I lowered my head to take the head of his dick into my mouth. I slowly caressed his head with my tongue while one of my hands still pumped up and down his shaft.
With my other hand I started to play with his balls.

Deeper and deeper I took his dick into my mouth sucking and humming while my strokes got quicker and harder.

Soon the only sound I could hear was the combination of his and my groaning. I almost got 3/4 of his dick in my mouth when I felt his balls tightening.

“Steph, I’m cumming... I’M CUMMING!!!”

With that he pulled his dick out of my mouth and started shooting.

A big spurt of white and sticky semen landed on my nose, cheeks and chin.
For the next spurt he aimed at my still open mouth while I stuck out my tongue. Two more spurts hit my face and the last landed on my tits.

I smiled at him and swallowed the load which landed in my mouth.
After that I started to collect the cum on my face and tits and shove it into my mouth so that I could swallow it as well.

“You dirty little bastard! You like to shoot your load onto my face right? You should be happy that I love cum on my face as well.”

Chris smiled a devilish smile.

“Now it’t time to give you the pleasure back.”

With that he pulled down my shorts and even my string.

“Sit on the edge of the couch and relax.”

I did as he said and Chris immediately knelt between my legs.

He began to tease my outer lips by moving his fingertips slightly over them. Every touch send shivers through my whole body and soon I started to moan.

His finger got deeper between my lips and then he started to tickle my clit.

I wanted more, far more and I got.

He lowered his head kissed my slit in a very smooth way while his tongue moved between my lips.

Licking slowly up and down my cunt my moaning increased. Soon after that he concentrated his lickings at my love knob and drew circles around it. Sometimes he licked straight over it while his fingers still caressed my slit.

Then he shove two fingers into my waiting and dripping wet fuck hole. As his knuckles met my pelvic bone I couldn’t hold it and I almost screamed out in pleasure.

Slowly he began to finger fuck me while licking my clit.
All I could do was moaning and biting my lower lip so that noone would hear us.

He did this for several minutes and I thought I could not get any better until I felt his other hands finger at my butt.
His index finger searched for my anus and started to tickle and caress it as well. Slowly he shove one finger in there and started to fuck me in my ass as well.

My breathing got heavier and deeper and I got goose bumps all over.
Stopping the pinching of my nipples for one moment I pushed his face deeper into my pussy.

Chris understood it and quickened up his finger fucking and licking.

He found my G-spot and began to massage it. This pleasure send my over the edge and I started cumming.

My whole body arched and my legs started to spasm when the orgasm hit me.

I couldn’t control my body anymore and began to squirt.

My fuck juices shot out of my pussy and splattered against Chris’ face and fingers.
I moaned and screamed and buckled.

Then everything went blank.

When I woke up Chris sat next to me holding and kissing my head.

“I love you big sis. This was so fucking amazing. Is it OK if we do that again?”

“I would love to do so Chris, I would love to. I have to say that this was fucking fantastic.”

We both were totally exhausted so the only thing we did was sitting there for some minutes.
After kissing each others passionately we went to our rooms and went to sleep.

to be continued...

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