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He was about 18, had beein living at home, extremely frustrated by his very formal and totally boring parents – when they moved he thought it would be another boring neighbourhhood, boring people, boring life!!! Little did he wronge his perceptions would be.

His name was Paul, young, handsome and extremely horney – I saw him for the first time, lugging some heavy object, no shirt, muscles shining from the hot sweaty work, he caught my eye as I was coming home from work.

He noticed the brunette, tall, slim and extremely sexy, and those breasts, peaking from her pin stripped jacket so invitingly, he guessed her to be between 25 and 27. She smiled at him, never had he seen a smile so beauliful, his hormones flipped, god she was gorgeous, maybe things weren’t gonna be so bad after all.

That night he sat in his room thinking about his beautiful next door neighbour, fanticising about touching her beautiful breasts, her pussy, god what a wild thought, he knew she was married - he walked across to the window, which overlooked part of her front garden. His sexual frustrations reaching peak level - there she was again, not in her formal office attire, but in very sexy hot pants, white figure-hugging top that could not possibly be holding her amazingingly ample breasts. He noticed that she was not wearing a bra and could just see her nipples through the white t-shirt fabric, breasts bouncing as she played with her two small children. His roaring hard-on throbbing for her, he started playing with himself rubbing his shaft, the rythem getting more eratic as he watched her, until he couldn’t take anymore and started to cum in bucket loads.

Something caught the corner of my eye and I looked up at his window just in time to see the expression on his face as he came, smiling to myself - I felt a rush of excitement. I knew my new next door neighbour was going to be lots of fun.

Paul awoke the following day, god he’d had the most erotic dreams about the lady next door and he didn’t even know her name. Opening the curtains he glanced outside, what a beautiful day – and, my god what a sight, there she was, tanning in the smallest bikini he had ever seen. Thinking she would see him again and still embarressed about the previous evening, he hid behind the curtain, the sight of her making him instantly hard, god she made him so horny

Little did he know that I had been watching his window, waiting, my pussy wet in anticapation of seeing him, eager to see his reaction to my near naked body soaking up the sun. Later that day, I purposely made sure that our paths crossed and invited him over for a drink later that evening, all neighbours should be “good neighbours” as you never know when you may ‘need each other’.

My name is Susan, 26 years old, married, two very small children and as horney as hell, my husbamd Steve is extremely satisfying, and adventurous, allowing me to tease and flirt with other men, and occassionally, I would find someone I wanted to fuck – he loved to watch. He knew I craved excitement, and I wanted Paul, every time I thought about him, I could feel my pussy juices flow, tonight I wanted the ‘the guy next door’. When he rang the doorbell my hormones did summersaults as I opened for him, inviting him inside, he was rather nervous and my hubby offered him a drink making him feel more relaxed. I knew what I wanted - I wanted to feel his throbbing hard cock my mouth, I wanted him to fuck me. The thought of it almost drove me crazy, but I had to restrain myself, I didn’t want to frighten him away, patience was not my strongest attribute at the moment.

Later that evening I decided to change to mood of the evening and put on some soothing sexy music, moving slowly to the beat, knowing the two men were watching me, after awhile, I stopped and went outside. They protested and asked me to continue, following me back inside, I obliged moving erotically I danced towards Paul, and asked him to sit on the couch. As I continued to dance, I noticed his cock growing bigger with my every movement, playing up to him, my pussy juices almost dripping out of me, as I knew he was going to fuck me tonight. Never before had Paul seen a women dance so erotically, she was driving him crazy, he wanted to run his tongue through her pussy lips and suck every last drop of her sweat juices from her.

I danced closer to him, taking his hands I placed them on my body, gently moving his hands to my breasts almost begging him to touch me, I straddled him, while he kneeded my breasts trying to get to my nipples through my clothing. I lifted my top off exposing my ample breasts, he leaned forward and took my nipple into his mouth sending me into dizzy pleasure as his scorching mouth teased and nibbled me. I felt his hand move between my legs, he had no problem finding my dripping pussy as I wasn’t wearing any underwear.
He slid a finger inside me almost driving me crazy moving in and out of me, my body shuddered as I felt my orgasm starting to build, begging him not to stop and I exploded into wave after wave of pleasure. He lay me on the couch and lowered his head toward my cum soaked pussy his tongue flicking across my clit, which is larger than normal and extemely sensitive. Steve had been sitting watching, his cock in his hand as he watched this young man send me into wave after wave of orgasms, I called him over and dropping my head back taking him fully into my mouth and tasting the wet juices on his cock. As Steve fucked my mouth, Pauls was finger fucking me and sucking my pussy taking me to the edge of madness. I felt Steve’s balls contract as his own orgasm shook him, sending hot, sticky cum down my throat. Paus stopped what he was doing and watched in amazement, he had never experienced a deep throat before and none of his other girlfriends had ever allowed him to cum in their mouth. His cock was screaming for attention.

I told him to strip off his remaining clothes and lie down on the carpet, I gasped – his cock was huge. I licked his nipples flicking my tongue ring across them, and slowly moved towards his cock, not touching him with my hands I ran my tongue around his balls sucking them into my mouth, he groaned in pleasure. I ran my tongue up the shaft until I reached the tip, teasing it with my tongue ring, I licked and sucked in ways he’d never experience before, playing with his most sensitive spots. I sat up and looked down at his throbbing cock, smiled at him, then lent forward and took him fully into my mouth, sucking him deeply into my throat. My tongue and throat moving and sucking continuously he begged me to stop, but I continued sucking him. Steve took up position behind me, my favorite vibrator in hand, he slid it into my wet pussy, fucking me ruthlessly, I started to cum, and pulling away from Paul I screamed as the orgasm shook my body. He didn’t stop and the vibrator continued it’s fucking motion taking me into multipal orgasms.

Paul asked my to lie on the plush carpet, his hands burning my skin as he touched and explored every part of me, as he knelt before me I opened my swollen pussy lips, fuck I was so horney and so wet, my pussy juices were running out of me. I wanted him inside me and I begged him to fuck me, he slowly glided his cock into my tight wet pussy, and I gasped as his huge cock entered me. He started to fuck me slowly and I begged again but this time to fuck me faster, harder, harder, the harder he fucked the more I came, again, and again my body was wracked with waves of pleasure, god I was going off.

I knew he was getting close so lay him down and started to lick his balls, his cock, cleaning all my pussy juices off him, taking me once again into my mouth, I took a deep breath and swolled, his cock disappearing down my throat. I could feel Pauls balls tighten, and his cock swell in my throat, god I wanted him to spew all his seed into my mouth, I wanted to swallow every last drop. He held his rhythm and fucked my mouth until he exploded, shooting his cum down my throat and into my belly. I sucked every last drop out of him, exhausted, he sat on the couch. Steve by this time was once again, extremely horny and wanted me to sit on him, but before I did, I went down on him and sucked all the pre-cum off his cock, making him hard like a rock before I mounted him.

I told him not to move as I straddled him, taking him only slightly into my pussy, I moved slowly up and down on the head of his cock driving him wild. When he begged me to stop I lifted slightly and then plunge his cock deep inside me, lifting up to tease him again I played with the head of his cock, plunging again, totally in control, I did this again and again, until he grabbed me forcing me to stop. I then sat on him moving my hips back and forth until he throught he would go crazy feeling me cumming again and again on his cock. I called Paul over, and took his cock into my mouth enjoying fucking and sucking at the same time. I pulled away from him and asked if he had ever double fucked a girl before, “no”. I told him to stand behind me and fuck me at the same time as Steve, but in my ass. Paul was a bit hesitant and concerned that he may hurt me, but he was also very turned on and did as I asked, as he entered me, I went, to put it mildly ‘wild’, thrashing about and riding the two cocks inside me as if my life depended on it. I eventually begged them to stop, saying that I wanted their cum all over me. I lay on the floor as they both jerked themselves off spewing cum all over my breasts, tummy and pussy. The guys cleaned me up and we just lay there naked, relaxing with a glass of wine talking about what a wonderful evening it had been, an evening that was repeated many, many times.

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2015-11-05 12:10:21
Several things wrong with this beside the obvious spelling and horrendous grammar. You initially state that it's a true story, but the switch back and forth from third person to first person narrative. How in the world would you know any of what has happening with the neighbor boy or what he was thinking? And how you just skimmed over the part that you asked a teen boy, you just met that day over for drinks with you and your husband.
Seriously, next time, reread your story out loud and see if it makes sense to you. This one would never have passed that test.

anonymous readerReport

2012-07-02 02:33:54
typical pig wife fucking another guy and her husband too......... never would i allow my wife to fuck another man and if I ever caught doing it i'd beat the living shit out of her......... her kids must be deaf if they didn't hear her screaming


2008-07-11 01:44:38
to the reader that said they've never known a husband to be comfortable while watching another man fuck his wife...u've never met mines!


2008-02-12 03:32:12
yeah if its a true story why you tell it in the third person?


2007-08-18 01:59:00
How about rereading what you wrote out loud word for word and listen to what comes out to see if it sounds right and makes sence. You know what picture you're painting, but rushing to get to an important part often leaves out binding structures,

During the first time you attempted to seduce Paul, how come Paul was so relaxed with Steve on the scene? I've never encounted a situation where the husband was on site of having sex with his wife that there wasn't a bit of nervousness even if the husband made the invitation. I was, and all the other guys that I've talked to or overheard say they were.

I enjoyed the story and enviouse of your next door neighbor. I know I'd never tempt you, but would love to be the perverbial fly on the wall and watch you, also in action;) Plzzzzzzzz, tell more of your cummings.

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