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Part IX

When I Was a Kid #33

Wednesday started off hot. The wind was blowing but it just seemed like a blast furnace. Smokey sent me home about three o’clock but my sister stayed. I was wondering why but knew better than to ask.

At home I had a cold pop and watched some T.V. Just soap operas on, then The Three Stooges and cartoons.

I took the time to call Debbie. Her mom answered. I said, “Hi, this is Les. Is Debbie in?”

“Yeah sure!”, she responded and I heard her call Debbie to the phone.

“Hello?”, Debbie said.

“Hey, this is Les. How you feeling?”

“Much better.”, she replied. “Thanks for asking.”

“What’s your favorite color?”, I asked.

“Oh…I don’t know. Yellow I guess. Why?”, she said.

“Don’t be so nosey this close to a birthday.”, I said with a chuckle.

“My mom told me what you’re doing.”, she said humbly. “You don’t have to do that.”

“I know, but I want to.”, I said.

“You’re sweet.”, she said.

“Nah, you’re sweet and fun to eat!”, I said, mimicking a cereal commercial. “I’m glad you’re feeling better. Tell Johnny ‘Hi’ for me.”

“I will.”, she said and then in a whisper, “Remind me to tell you what we did.”

“Oh…okay.”, I giggled. “Naughty girl, have you been being bad?”

“Uh huh.”, she replied.

“I can’t wait to hear!”, I said. “I’ve got to go. I’ll try to call tomorrow.”

“Okay bye!”, she said and hung up.

That evening it clouded up and looked like rain so I called Paula. Mark answered.

“Hey Mark, this is Les. Is Paula in?”, I said.

“Yeah.”, he said and then I heard him tease her, “Paula, it’s your lover.”

“I’m gonna whip your butt son.”, I said.

“There won’t be any butt left when I get through with him.”, Paula said.

“Oh gees, sorry ‘bout that!”, I said.

“Good thing mom is here or he’d be dead.”, she said.

“But he’s such a sweet little brother.”, I teased.

“Like a rattlesnake!”, she said.

“So…how was your day?”, I asked not really wanting to know.

“Oh just grand! Let me see. I helped clean house all morning and my little brother made messes faster than we could clean them up. Did my laundry. Then mom went shopping and I baby sat my darling little brother.”, she said exasperated. “How was your day sweetheart.”, she continued sarcastically.

“Let’s see, got up at five, delivered papers…”, I said before being interrupted.

“Oh you were up before five sonny boy!”, Paula said. “That poor girl won’t be able to sit for a week!”

“Oh? Why not?”, I said feigning innocence.

“She had cu…, you know dripping from every hole. Poor thing.”, she said and then added in whisper, “Did you fuck her good?”

“Heh heh, well, I guess I did.”, I mused.

“She probably won’t cheat on you again anytime soon.”, Paula chuckled.

“Ahh, I don’t care, Glen can have her.”, I said not really meaning it but trying to act tough.

“Yeah right. Okay so what are your plans for the rest of the week?”, she asked.

“I dunno. I thought you had this all planned.”, I responded.

“Hey, I’m fresh out’ta girls. You sent them both home in pain.”, she laughed.

“Oh?”, I said.

“Yeah poor Phil…uh er…I mean the first one said it was like being a virgin again.”, Paula stammered.

I took a shot in the dark, “I hope I didn’t ruin her for David.”

“Oh, I don’t think so!”, she said. “How did you know?”

“I wasn’t sure until you confirmed it.”, I said cheekily.

“Oh you turd! Please don’t tell anyone.”, Paula pleaded.

“I won’t!”, I said.

“She’s got big plans for the weekend. Her folks are going to Billings for three days and she’s staying home alone.”, Paula giggled. “Well not alone!”

“Oh yeah? Wow! Maybe I should visit her.”, I teased.

“What? You don’t want to spend the weekend with me?”, she said teasing right back. “Well she has a whole box of raincoats she plans on using up or you can come here and no raincoats required.”, she continued. “What’ll it be?”

“Oh man, decisions decisions! I guess…it’ll be no raincoats.”, I chuckled.

“Oh, I almost forgot to tell you.”, she started. “Mom won’t let us sleep out Saturday.”

“Oh no! What happened? I thought it was all set.”, I said down hearted.

“ I said that wrong.”, she said. “Look, real quick ’cuz my dad just drove up, we’ll be in my room. I’ll explain later. Bye.”, she hung up.

‘Holy crap! What was that all about?’

I saw a flash and moments later I heard thunder. After dinner I whiled away my time putting a model car together. Right at nine the phone rang and my mom came and got me. I went to the phone and it was Paula.

“Okay, here’s the deal.”, she started. “Can you sleep over Friday and Saturday?”

“Well, I can try. I’ll have to think of something to tell my folks.”, I said.

“Just say you’re staying at a friends house. Give them our number. My mom is cool and she will handle it.”, Paula said. “I am a friend ain’t I?”

“What about your dad, no boys in the bedroom?”, I asked.

“That’s the cool part. Mom convinced him to take Mark fishing in Tensleep at Meadowlark lake.”, she said. “They’ll leave Friday after dad gets off work.”

“Oh wow! Your mom is cool!”, I said excitedly.

“She’s got rules though, so be ready for that.”, Paula said.

“No problem.”, I said.

“Alright then. Come over anytime after five Friday unless you hear differently.”, Paula said. “I’m so excited!”

“Oh wow! You going to make it until Friday?”, I giggled.

“Probably not, but I have a hairbrush.”, she giggled. “Now where’d I put that thang?”

“Oh crud! Now I have a problem.”, I said.

“Serves you right! Have a good night. Love ya.”, she said.

“Love you too.”, I said and hung up.


When I Was a Kid #34

It rained most of the night so I slept in my own bed. I was up at five to deliver papers and it took longer because I had to try to keep the papers from getting wet since it was misting rain. By seven it was clearing off and I ate breakfast. Debbie was there but she seemed chipper.

We chatted while I ate breakfast, just small talk, then she followed me outside when I had to leave. She seemed like she was about to bust. Once outside I said, “So what did you and Johnny do?”

“Oh everything!”, and she twirled around, “I sucked on his thingy and he shot it in my mouth.”

“Did you swallow?”, I interrupted.

“Yes and then I asked him to do the same to me and he started licking me and I had to show him where you did it and he caught on real good an’ he made me org…org…, or whatever that is, an’ then he was hard again so he fucked me and fucked me for a real long time an’ I had another org…argasm.”, she was running out of breath.

“Orgasm.”, I said.

“Yeah, well then he shot his stuff in me and we just laid there for a long time kissin’ and huggin’ and stuff. And then I was playing with his thingy and it got hard again and he said roll over and I laid on my belly and he spit on my butt hole and he rubbed some on his thingy. Then he puuuttttt it in me real slow like you told him and it hurt a little but I relaxed and he fucked me real slow and shot more stuff in me. Oh gosh we had fun!”, she was exhausted.

“Wow! Sounds like you did have fun. Why you here today?”, I asked.

“Oh my tummy hurt a little this morning’ but I’m fine now.”, she said.

“You ought to see a doctor.”, I said.

“Mom said I have to get vaccinations before school starts. We’ll go then, next month when she can afford it.”, she said.

“Well I’ve got to go. You take care of yourself. See ya!”, and I hopped on my bike.

“Bye.”, she said as I rode off and she waved.


When I Was a Kid #35

Thursday night it rained again but it was clear and cool Friday morning. I tried to not pound my pud very much but I was wound up tighter than a mainspring thinking about what Paula and I would do. The only good thing was that I had three tours Friday and got a ten dollar tip from a guy with a wife and three kids. The two daughters were real cute and they both flirted with me or at least I think they were flirting.

After putting the horses in their stalls and feeding them I raced home and took a shower. I put on a T-shirt and jeans, cleaned my boots up and sat and watched the clock. Damn that thing ran slow! I had called my mom at work to get permission and gave her the phone number but emphasized that it would be after five. She reminded me to be on my best behavior and so on.

Time seemed to be standing still. I had to do something. I picked up the phone, I put it down, I picked it up again. I stared at it, it started buzzing and said, “If you’d like to make a call…” I hung it up. I rached for it again and it rang. Scared the crap out of me! I answered, “Hello?”

“The coast is clear, come on over.”, Paula said.

“Okay, okay, okay! I’ll be right there.”, I said excitedly. I ran out of the house, I ran back in and grabbed my backpack. I ran back out to my bike. The key, the key, the key. Back inside and get the padlock key. It’s in your backpack stupid. Back outside, okay, calm down. Breath dummy! I rode like the wind. I’m on their front porch, sweating like a pig. I ring the doorbell. What’s taking so long? There she is! Yellow terry cloth shorts, white sleeveless blouse tied in a knot just below her bosoms, bare feet, and a yellow ribbon in her hair and a great big smile.

“That was quick!”, she says.

“Um…really?”, I tried to act calm.

“Come on in. You can put your bag in my room. Do you like meatloaf?”, she talked as she led me back to her room.

“Oh yeah, I love it!”, I said.

Oh that little butt right in front of me. I wanted to reach out and grab it. “Oh this is nice.”, I said as we entered her room. Very pink lacy curtains and matching bedspread. Hardwood floor with dark purple fuzzy rug beside the double bed. Dark wood on the headboard and chest of drawers. The walls are a very light pink.

“Glad you like it. Let’s go sit in the living room, mom will be in in a minute.”, she said.

We went into the living room and she took a seat in a big chair. I sat on the ottoman in front of her. “You look nice.”, I said.

“Thank you.”, she responded.

My heart was beating very fast and my eyes were drinking up her beauty. I was captivated by her long smooth legs. I wanted to reach out and rip those yellow shorts off of her and claim my prize.

As I stared at her I also smelled her perfume. Looking at her face I could see she wasn’t wearing any makeup, yet she was radiant. Her brown hair was shinny and looked silky soft. She had a couple of freckles I’d never noticed before. Her brown eyes sparkled.

“You excited?”, I asked.

“Yep!”, she said. “You?”

“Very excited!”, I said.

“Hello Les.”, said Paula’s mom.

“Oh hi!”, I said. “I want to thank you for allowing me to….come over and stay.” I was very nervous.

“You’re welcome.”, she started. “Here’s the rules. One, you make a mess, you clean it up. That includes the bed and sheets. Two, you’ll confine your….sexual activities to the bedroom with the door closed or the bathroom since Paula says you like to shower together.”

I looked at Paula with a big grin on her face and I know my face turned red.

“Three, what goes on here can never get out. Understood?”, she concluded.

“Yes ma’am.”, we said together.

“Okay, supper will be ready in about forty-five minutes.”, she said and started walking out.

“Thank you again ma’am. I really appreciate this opportunity.”, I said.

At that Paula stood up next to me close enough that my head was at her crotch level and I inhaled her scent. Oh man, I was doomed!

Paula took my hand and almost pulled me off of the ottoman. “This way Les.”, Paula said. She led me back to her bedroom and closed the door. She flopped down on the bed and patted it for me to join her.

I laid down beside her and raised up on one elbow looking into her eyes. I felt so awkward. I wanted to kiss her but was afraid to. I was afraid I would break the spell and it would all end. If I didn’t kiss her it would never start. What a conundrum. We leaned our faces closer together. I kissed her on the nose. I lightly kissed her on the forehead. I felt encumbered, stilted.

She looked me in the eyes, “Take your boots off.”

“Huh? What?”, I said.

“Your boots. Take them off. I don’t want them on my bed.”, she explained.

“Oh sure!”, I said and kicked them off with a thud.

She put her left hand on my shoulder and pushed me onto my back. “You nervous?”, she asked.

“Yeah, this just seems too weird.”, I confessed. Her left hand grasped my semi-hard cock through my jeans. “Oh that feels nice!”

“Do something for me this weekend?”, she asked.

“Anything! Just name it.”, I responded.

“If you can, every time you cum, cum inside me.”, she said.

“You don’t have to ask me twice. Oh golly, this is so exciting!”, I said.

“I’ve been waiting all week for this.”, she said squeezing my cock playfully.

“Do we have time before dinner for me to have a…. snack?”, I asked with a grin. She looked at me puzzled. “You know, your pussy?”

She grinned real big and rolled to her back. I pounced on her and grabbed her shorts and pulled them and her panties down at the same time. I dropped them over the edge of the bed. Her pussy was clean shaven. I ran my palm and fingers over her Mons while she untied and unbuttoned her blouse. My other hand lightly caressed her ample breasts through her bra. A thin white lacy bra at that.

“Oooh! That’s nice.”, she said.

I leaned over and kissed the light silky hair around her navel. Only the slightest scent of her cologne reached my nose but her musk came through. I followed the light wispy hair in a straight line down her belly to her Mons leaving light kisses on the way.

I tongued the cleft of her pubis and watched her eyes close. Maintaining contact with my mouth on her Mons I crawled between her legs. I slipped my arms under her thighs. I put both hands lightly on her belly and began kissing the inside of her thighs turning my head side-to-side.

I glanced at her vaginal opening and noticed a white creamy drop clinging to one of her inner lips. I pointed my tongue and tried to lap it up. She gasped as my hardened tongue made entrance. Her scent was intoxicating and her taste was like sweet cream.

My tongue went in search of her little nubbin and found it standing erect. I flattened my tongue and worked it in a circle just below her clit. She grabbed the back of my head suddenly, pulling my face into her pussy. She hummed and gasped as a strong orgasm took her and she squeaked.

I went after the juices that slowly seeped from her vaginal opening. I lapped at the viscous fluid and sucked it up. She relaxed her grip on my head and I began to lap at her sex again. “Oh yes!”, she cried. I once again flattened my tongue and began to move it in circles just below her clit. “Oh….oh….oh….gah….oh!” She arched her back and climaxed again. Just then there was a knock at the door.

“Get washed up kids and come to dinner.”, Paula’s mom said.

I giggled and rubbed my face in her sopping wet pussy. I slipped off the bed and retrieved her shorts and panties. I looked at the panties and stripped them out of her shorts with a grin on my face. I handed her the shorts but used her panties to wipe my face. “Oh…darn you. You’re going to help with the laundry.”, she said.

“Don’t worry. I might keep these.”, I said momentarily holding them up to inhale and put them down on my pack.

She had already redone her blouse. She was sitting on the side of the bed as she put one leg into her shorts I pushed her over backwards and cupped her sex with my hand and planted a kiss on her lips. I broke the kiss, “I can’t get enough of you.” I slipped a finger into her slit.

“Emmmm, how much is enough?”, she asked. “Let’s eat.”

She stopped by the doorway and put two tick marks on a blackboard under the letter “P”. There was an “L” to the right and a line separating the blackboard in two halves. We went into the bathroom and washed our hands. She took a washcloth, got it wet with hot water and then washed my face. “Don’t want mom to smell my cum on your face.”, she said with a giggle.

As we walked down the hall I grabbed her butt cheek playfully. “Les! We’re out of the bedroom.”, she admonished me in a low voice and wiggled her butt at me.

“Oh, sorry.”, I said.

The meatloaf was wonderful. Somehow Paula’s mom got hardboiled eggs in the center of the loaf. We also had candied carrots and a lettuce salad.

Paula sat to my left directly across from her mom. My left hand was on her right thigh. Since I’m right handed I had no problem eating with one hand. I moved my hand slowly to the inside of her thigh. I slipped my little finger under her shorts leg as I took a drink of milk and tickled her labia. It must have startled Paula because she dropped her fork on her plate.

Paula’s mom said without looking up, “Rule two Les.”

“Yes ma’am.”, I said and Paula elbowed me with a grin on her face.

“Can you two do the dishes without breaking anything? That includes rule number two.”, Paula’s mom asked.

“Yes ma’am.”, Paula said.

Doing the dishes, I washed and she dried and put the dishes away. As I was draining the dishwater Paula rolled a towel and popped me on the ass. She squealed with glee but I turned quickly with two handfuls of suds and caught her on the face with one handful and on her bare belly with the other. She squealed again and laughed.

From the living room we heard Paula’s mom, “Rule number one!”

“Oh you’re gonna get it.”, Paula said playfully. She wiped the suds off her face and belly and then the floor with the towel she popped me with. As she bent over to wipe up a couple of spots, I ran my hand up between her legs and caressed her pussy.

“Gonna get what?”, I asked.

“Ummm, Les…rule number two.”, she whispered. She raised up and popped me on my thigh dangerously close to my nuts. She squealed and dashed out of the kitchen. I tore out after her in pursuit.

I slowed as I entered the living room and looked to Paula’s mom. She giggled and said, “Bedroom.”, but pointed behind the couch.

I winked and said, “Thanks.”, and made a move toward the bedroom. I tiptoed back into the living room and quietly got on the couch. Looking over the back of the couch I saw Paula on all fours with her butt in the air. I reached between the couch and the wall and snatched a hold of her shorts and quickly gave her a wedgies. She shrieked my name and I took off for the bedroom.

She scrambled out from behind the couch to the amusement of her mother who was laughing loudly. She walked into the bedroom, closed and locked the door. “You are in trouble now ol’ buddy-ol’ pal.”, she said still tugging her shorts out of her butt crack. She tried to look menacing.

“Oh beat me, kick me, hurt me. I love it!”, I said laughing.

She stood by the door and undid the knot in her blouse. “Neatly pull the covers down on my bed.” she commanded.

I got off of her bed and folded the bedspread down to the foot of the bed and then neatly placed it on a chair by her closet. She continued to unbutton her blouse slowly and I folded the covers and top sheet back at an angle.

“May I help you with that?”, I said pointing at her thin white lacy bra.

“Yes please.”, she said turning her back to me. There were only two hooks holding it together so I released them deftly. I slid my hands across her back pulling the straps with them. The shoulder straps slid delicately over her shoulders and my hands caressed her arms pulling the bra over her forearms. My right hand gently cupped her right breast from behind as my left deposited the bra on the floor with her blouse she had removed.

My hands lightly caressed her arms as I nuzzled her neck kissing lightly across her shoulders. My fingers softly touched the sides of her pert teats.

She turned to me, her eyes half closed. I kissed her on the lips and my thumbs slowly hooked her shorts and ever so slowly I pulled them down. As they cleared the swell of her butt cheeks they practically fell the rest of the way to her ankles. “Emmm, I’ve waited so long for this.”, she said.

I held her naked body next to me and we kissed. She broke the kiss and moved back a little grasping my T-shirt and pulled it over my head. I pulled her back to me making contact with our bare chests. I crossed my arms behind her back holding her in an embrace.

Her hands went to my narrow waist and she tickled me lightly with her fingers. “Emm, ticklish huh?”, she cooed. “I’ll have to remember that.”

My reflex was to move back slightly but I held her to my chest. Her right hand found my belt while her left hand slipped into the top of my jeans and her fingers tickled my pubic hair just above my cock. She deftly undid my belt and then used both hands to undo the snap. The zipper being opened sounded loud in the silence. My pants virtually fell to the floor at my feet.

She pulled my head to hers with her right hand and kissed me while running her left hand slowly up and down my hard cock over my briefs. She broke the kiss, “I really need this.”, she said lightly squeezing my rod.

I stepped out of my pants and maneuvered her to the bed. I pulled the covers back further and laid her down. I stood over her and admired her naked form with my eyes and hands.

Her eyes closed again as she reached out with her right hand to run her palm over my briefs and the hard cock beneath.

My right hand started at her knee and I grasped her thigh, thumb to the outside, fingers lightly caressing the inside of her thigh and my left hand moved over her taut belly and pert chest. I was in no hurry.

My right hand found her mound and my left her left nipple. My index finger softly touched the nipple at the same time the middle finger of my right hand entered her gash.

Her right hand stopped moving but gripped my cock tighter. As my finger in her sloppy gash worked her over and my left hand mauled her teats, her breathing became labored. I could see red blotches on her chest and her cheeks were rosy.

“Oh damn Les I’m cumming again!”, she gasped and arched her back, grabbed my hand in her crotch and held me there. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at me. “Now please.”

I took off my briefs and got on her bed between her legs. As I gazed down at her sloppy wet hole I noticed a small wet spot on her sheets about the size of a silver dollar. I eased my cock between her lips and lubed the tip with her juices. I pushed in a little at a time and worked it in. She felt tight and her smell permeated the room. It was a wonder I didn’t bust a nut right then. When I got it all the way in I stopped to savor the feeling and hopefully prolong it for myself.

This was the first time we screwed without a rubber except for one quickie back a couple months ago and I made damn sure I didn’t cum inside of her that time. This time I was going to blow my wad inside of her. Just the thought of it alone almost had me cumming.

Almost like she was reading my mind, she smiled at me and said, “You can go ahead and cum. I want to see if I can feel it going in. I can’t do that if I’m trying to cum too.” She flexed her pussy muscles a couple of times.

I slowly withdrew and pushed back in. I savored the feeling on the head of my dick sliding in and out. I concentrated on trying to sense every ripple and fold in her vagina. The sensations were indescribable. She continued to flex her muscles heightening the feelings I was sensing.

She pushed her hips into me with each of my slow thrusts into her depths. Almost without warning I felt my nuts tighten and the first spurt of cum shot out. I gasped, “Cumming! Oh shit!” As my semen left me I pushed in sharply and held it there. “Can you feel it?”, I said breathlessly.

“Yeah but it seems to just be flooding me with warm fluid.”, she explained. “Kinda like when I wash myself out.” She shuddered like she had just peed. “Oh damn! That was nice!”

“What?”, I said as I felt her pussy milking my cock.

“Oh, I just had a little orgasm that’s all.”, she said, “and the tissue is over on the dresser. Can you get it without messing up our sheets?”

“Umm…I’ll try.”, I said as I quickly pulled out drizzling a trail of cum across her thigh and stepped off of the bed for the tissue.

I pulled out two tissues and handed them to her and giggled at her trying to dam her hole up with one hand. She giggled and said, “Next time we need to get the tissues before we start. Darn that’s a lot of stuff!” As she peered at her gash.

I wiped myself clean, leaned over the bed and kissed her, “That was fun. What’ll we do the rest of the night? It’s only seven-thirty.”

“I have a whole box of tissues.”, she said as she sat up holding the tissue between her legs. She got up and put two more tick marks on the blackboard under “P” and one under “L”.

“What are you doing?”, I asked.

“Keeping track of how many times….we cum.”, she said matter-of-factly. “What did you bring to sleep in?”

I grinned real big, “What you see is what you get.”

“That won’t work. How are we going to go take our shower? You can’t walk up and down the hall naked.”, she said blushing a little.

“I have a pair of shorts and a T-shirt I guess I can use.”, I offered.

“That’ll work. Get your stuff. We can take a shower in a few minutes.”, Paula said.

“Okay. What do I need?”, I asked.

“Well, I don’t know. Do you need shaving stuff? Your deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste.”, she offered.

“I don’t shave yet.”, I said feeling embarrassed. “I have the other stuff in my little bag.”

“I have an idea.”, she said.

“What?”, I said raising an eyebrow and looking up at her as I pawed through my backpack.

“We can take a bath together.”, she said. All this time she sat naked on the side of her bed with the tissue tucked up in her crotch.

“That sounds like fun. Do you have a large tub?”, I said. I put on my shorts and sat next to her on the bed.

“Not really. Just a regular tub.”, she replied.

“We ought to try it first. It might be too crowded with both of us in there.”, I said.

She thought for a minute. “Yeah. You might be right.” She got up and put a pink terry cloth robe on from her closet. “Let’s go see.” She checked to be sure we didn’t leave a mess in her room. She pulled the covers over a donut sized wet spot on the sheets. “Maybe we should put a towel down to keep from getting our bed wet.”, she stated.

We exited her room and she hollered to her mom, “We’re going to take a bath mom.”

“Don’t use up all the hot water.”, came her reply from the living room.

I ducked back into her room to get my little bag and caught Paula just going into the bathroom.

She pushed the door closed and locked it. She opened the sliding glass door to the tub and turned on the hot water. She hung her robe on the back of the door and sat on the toilet.

I felt very uncomfortable. I was just out of place here. She watched me as I paced back and forth. The silence was broken by her peeing. I let out a nervous giggle. She started laughing. “What’s wrong?”, she asked.

“Oh, this is just so weird.”, I confessed.

“Why? You watched me pee on the hike. We swam naked together. Why is this weird?”, she said. She adjusted the water temperature and said, “Come on in, the water is fine.”

I shucked my shorts off and got in the tub with her and closed the door. We smiled at each other and she said, “Sit.”

I sat carefully and she got down between my legs. “Yeah, this ain’t gonna work.”, she said and reached forward to turn on the shower. She stood back up and helped me stand.

I took up a blue bar of soap and asked, “May I?” She nodded and I started to soap her chest. I handed her the soap and used my soapy hands to caress her smooth skin. I pulled her to me and my hard cock pressed between her thighs. My hands roamed all over her back and sides. I kissed her all over her face as the warm water cascaded over her head.

She opened her eyes, reached for and handed me a small tube of green shampoo. I put a small bead of shampoo in my hand and started massaging it into her hair. I was taken by the feel and shape of her head under her brown hair.

She returned to soaping me and her delicate hands cradled, cupped and tugged my cock and balls. As I rinsed her hair I said, “You keep doing that I’m going to blow my wad.”

She pulled her hands away but turned around and bent over. “Blow it inside me.”, she said.

I took the bar of soap and washed her butt and pussy. She was getting turned on so I crouched a little and slid my cock firmly up her pussy. She turned the water off and held onto the knobs. “Oh crud! You feel huge!”, she gasped. I stroked in and out slowly and leaned over and cupped her breasts. She wiggled her butt and began to push herself back to me.

It felt like just the tip of my cock was making contact but it was going in clear to the end of her vagina. She began a rhythmic grunt, pant and moan.

All too soon and without warning I felt my nut sack contract. My eyes started to water and my ears were ringing. The head of my cock swelled and I began to gush copious amounts of semen into her vagina. “Oh…oh…oh…oh! I can feel it going in!”, she gasped. “Unh…yeah…I’m cumming.” I felt her vagina contract rhythmically on my hard penis and she shuddered like she had a chill.

I just held her hips and slowly moved in and out of her as we both came down off of our mutual peak of pleasure. I heard her turn the water back on and realized I must have zoned out for a second. I pulled my semi-ridged phallus out of her with a soft slurp sound. She giggled as a slow flow of jism slid down the inside of her thighs. “Gosh this is fun but messy.”, she remarked.

“Yeah! I just can’t get over the fact that your mom is allowing us to do this.”, I responded.

“Yeah, she’s pretty cool.”, she said. “She said she’d rather I do it here than in the back seat of a car or somewhere else. She was pretty pissed at me for loosing my virginity though. She said we can’t make it a habit of doing this either.”

“Will she let you sleep over at my house when I’m outside?”, I asked.

“Not as often as we would like.”, she responded. “If my dad ever found out I would be grounded for life plus twenty.”

She had turned the shower on and was washing my spunk off of her legs and trying to get it out of her pussy. Satisfied she was as clean as she could be, she turned the water off, opened the sliding glass door, stepped out of the tub and handed me a towel. We dried off and I put my shorts back on and she put on her robe. I handed her my towel and she folded and hung the towels up.

As we walked to her room Paula shouted, “We’re all done mom.”

“Took you long enough! I thought maybe you had fallen in.”, her mom replied.

Paula giggled as she closed the door behind us in her room. She turned to her blackboard and put a tick mark under “P” and another under “L”. Five to two was the count. As she turned around she asked, “What time do you have’ta get up in the mornin’ and can you come back tomorrow evenin’?”

“Can you wake me up at five?”, I said. “I think I can come over again but I’ll have to check with my mom.”

She was setting her alarm clock, “Do you want breakfast?”

“Nah, I meet my mom at the Manhattan after my paper route, remember?”, I said.

“Oh yeah. I’ll tell mom she can sleep in.”, Paula said. She pulled her covers back on her bed revealing the wet spot on her sheets. “That reminds me, we need a towel. Wait here and I’ll get a towel and tell mom she doesn’t have to get up early.”

“Okay.”, I said.

She left the room and I sat on the side of her bed. She returned a few minutes later with the towel giggling.

“What’s so funny?”, I asked.

“My mom!”, she said turning bright red in the face. “She saw me with the towel and asked if what we’re doing got that messy. I just told her, yeah.”

“Oh gees, you didn’t!”, I said turning red in the face also.

“So why do you still have your shorts on?”, she asked.

“’Cause you left the door open.”, I said pointing to the open door.

She blushed again, turned, closed and locked the door. Turning back towards me she let her robe fall to the floor. I stood and she closed the distance between us. Her hands went to my waistband on my shorts and popped the snap. She pulled the zipper open and pushed my shorts down enough for them to fall freely to my ankles.

She pushed me back onto her bed and knelt between my legs. She grinned up at me and said, “Who you gonna please with that?”

I looked down at my flaccid dick, smirked and said, “Myself.”

Whap, she slapped my left thigh. “Wrong answer dog breath!”, she said.

“Uh…well…with a little help from you, I might…be able…to…get you another couple of marks on the board.”, I said still teasing her a bit.

She got a mischievous grin on her face and put my whole cock in her mouth. She hummed and tongued my cock around in her mouth. She slowly pulled back dragging her teeth lightly up my cock.

“Oooowwwww!”, I said at the same speed that she rose up.

“Quiet you big baby or I’ll really give you something to cry about.”, she said giggling.

“Come up here.”, I said scooting back up on the bed and lying back.
She scampered up on the bed next to me and knelt looking down at me. “Here.”, I said pointing at my lips. She leaned down and kissed me on the lips her right hand grasped my flaccid cock. She knew what I meant but wanted to tease me some more. I reached out with my right hand and grabbed her left butt cheek while my left hand went to her right boob.

Our kiss deepened. I harshly rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger while my fingers on my right hand probed her ass. She jerked suddenly when I pushed a finger into her anus to the first knuckle.

Leaving my finger in her butt for leverage I pulled her to me, she was forced to break the kiss as she turned. She got the picture and straddled my face. I maintained my finger in her ass using it to pull her pussy to my lips. As my tongue made contact with her clit she engulfed my entire cock in her mouth again. I licked and sucked eliciting moans and coos from her. She tasted initially like soap but within seconds her sweet nectar was in my mouth and her intoxicating musk was in my nose.

Paula’s hands were roaming all over my thighs, balls and cock. I know she wanted to fuck again but gees-whiz I had already cum twice since I got here just a few hours ago. My cock slowly responded to her ministrations.

She on the other hand seemed to be hypersensitive. Her juices were flowing as she gyrated her hips on my mouth. I removed my finger from her ass and slicked it up in her vagina. I used the fluids to reinsert my finger in her ass this time much deeper. She squirmed and thrust her hips. She was moaning and gasping just about quitting what she was doing to my now ridged cock. She squeaked and squealed and then started shaking. She went stiff and I felt her squirt a small amount of something into my mouth but it tasted like her sweet nectar.

She turned back around and kissed me square on the lips. Her tongue danced with mine. She held my face with both hands as she kissed and licked my face. She was humping my cock with her wet pussy when she convulsed again. I flexed my cock and it hit her entrance easily. She must have instantly felt it enter her and she quickly impaled herself to the hilt.

“Ummm….Les…you have set me on fire!”, she purred.

She slowed her movements, but ground firmly on my pubic bone. She sat slightly upright now allowing me better access to her beautiful breasts. I cupped her teats in the palms of my hands and ran my hands over her smooth skin. Her eyes closed and she became the picture of concentration. Very quickly her breathing became halted. Her hip movement sped up with her thighs clasping my ribs spasmodically. She opened her eyes and looked down at me like a cherub. Her pussy clinched my ridged phallus and fluttered. She seemed to tire and she collapsed on my chest panting. “Did you cum?”, she asked between gasps.

“Hun-uh.”, I said.

“You want to get on top? I’m worn out!”, she said.

“Sure.”, I said.

She moved off of me to the side and laid back spreading those long sensual legs. I got between her legs and she pulled her lips open for me. I could see a creamy fluid clinging to her vaginal lips and collecting in a small drop at the very bottom of her entrance. I slipped in easily and started moving in and out very slowly. By now the smell of sex was heavy in her room. She gazed up at my face like she was trying to read my mind. I concentrated on the feelings her pussy was imparting on the whole length of my penis. She clinched her vaginal muscles in an attempt to make it feel better for me.

I kept a slow steady motion going and could feel my juices begin to rise. I forced myself to stay slow and go deep on each stroke. My pace enhanced the stimulation to my penis. With one final deep thrust I held it there and released another load of baby batter against her cervix.

“Unh…unh…unh.”, I grunted as the life giving force left me.

“Emm…I felt you get bigger but still can’t feel the cum going in.”, she said. “Must be because of the tight space in there.”

“Yeah.”, I gasped. “Your pussy is pretty tight on me.” I eased off of her and she grabbed the box of tissue.

“Les! You’re making a mess.”, she almost shouted. I raised up to look at my cum drizzle out of her pussy and slowly slide down into her ass crack. “and the towel is still on the dresser.”, she continued.

I just giggled and watched as she tried to sop up the cum and fluids escaping from her body. I got up and grabbed the towel and returned to her side in bed. “Sorry, this is still new to me.”

“Oh, it’s alright.”, she said setting up and peering down at her crotch. “But you’re going to sleep over here in the wet spot.” She grinned at me and cuffs me on the shoulder.

She scooted over and I could see a pretty big wet spot on the sheet. “That’s not all mine.”, I said with a snicker.

“Well I was sweating.”, she replied. “We’re going to have to wash my sheets Sunday before my daddy gets home.”

“Oh? Does he come in and check you sheets for stains? Does he sniff them?”, I asked teasingly.

“Nooo! You’re sick.”, she said. “He might find it strange that we washed my sheets Friday and on Sunday though.”

“No problem, I’ll help remove them Sunday morning if I stay.”, I said. I could tell she was a little upset. I spread the towel over the wet spot and climbed over her to the other side of the bed where the wet spot was.

I laid on my back and she cuddled in under my right arm. She ran her right hand over my chest. “What you want to do now?”, she asked.

“Oh, I don’t know. I kinda just like cuddling like this.”, I said. Her smooth hand roaming over my belly and chest was about to put me to sleep. My right hand caressed her back and shoulder. “Before I forget it, can you come to a birthday party next Saturday?”

“Sure! Who’s birthday?”, she said.

I told her it was Debbie’s twelfth birthday and how her mom didn’t have much money. I told Paula that Debbie was a nice girl and just needed some friends.

Paula reached up and kissed me sweetly on the lips. “You’re a good friend to have.”, she said. “You fuckin’ her?”

I was taken aback for a second and then said, “If I were, I wouldn’t tell anyone. You know me well enough to know I don’t kiss an’ tell.” I pulled her to me and kissed her firmly on the lips.

“You’re a good friend.”, she said after our kiss.

“She’s Johnny’s girlfriend, you know.”, I added,

Her right hand was moving lower over my hips and teasing my flaccid cock. I sighed and closed my eyes. I felt the bed shift as she got out, heard her make some marks on the chalkboard, and turned off the room light. A moment later the bed shifted again and she cuddled next to me and pulled the sheet over us.

I was still pretty restless and flip-flopped a couple of times. Paula laid on her stomach hugging her pillow and became quiet. I laid on my right side facing Paula. I reached out with my left hand and ran it over her right hip and smooth butt. I really enjoyed the feeling of her round little butt under my hand, the smell of her hair and clean sheets, and the feel of the warmth from her body.

I lightly squeezed and patted her butt. I leaned over and kissed her softly on the back of her shoulders and neck. She didn’t stir and must have been asleep.

I laid there looking at her in the dim light filtering in through the blinds. Her brown hair glistened as it lay over her pillow. Her shallow breathing was hypnotic and I began to contemplate my position. I came to realize that Paula and I were only together for the sex. I had a lot of compassion for her but it wasn’t love.

Then I thought of Cheryl. What was that? I was used! I was angry about how that was going. My grandpa always said, “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.” Boy was he right there!


When I Was a Kid #36

I woke up about three A.M. I had to pee. I slipped out of bed over the foot of the bed so I wouldn’t wake Paula. I found my shorts and pulled them on. I slipped out of the bedroom and down the hall to the bathroom. I returned to the bedroom and closed the door quietly, dropped my shorts and climbed back into bed again over the foot.

Paula was laying on her back with her left leg straight and her right leg slightly bent. I pulled the sheet back and looked at the naked girl. My rod started to grow. I leaned over kissing her left breast gently. Emboldened I sucked her nipple and tongued the areola. She stirred a little but didn’t wake.

I moved my left hand over her smooth thigh. Looking at the her Mons Pubis I saw the cum soaked tissue. With two fingers I removed the tissue and placed it on the nightstand.

I continued caressing her thighs, pubis and belly. Goosebumps could be felt on her tummy. I applied slight pressure on the dimple area of her pubis. She moaned quietly and pulled her left leg up opening her pussy to me. I cupped her Mons in my hand slipping my middle finger into her gash.

She was moist but not wet. I sought lubrication from her love tunnel. I smoothed my finger over her clit and dipped back down to acquire more lubrication. I continued this process all the while I sucked gently on her left breast. As her arousal increased her hips undulated to my fingering. Her eyes slowly opened and she whispered, “Gently, I’m a little sore.”

I dipped my finger into her juices and used them to my advantage. I could feel her heat increasing and she was humping my hand. She placed her hands on my head and pulled me off of her breast and up for a sloppy kiss.

At this point I slipped over her leg and got into position to enter her. She quickly moved her hands to guide my cock into her pussy. I stroked in and out a couple of times before getting it all the way in. She was really hot inside. I felt the towel under my right knee. I grabbed the towel and whispered, “Lift your butt.” I tried to slide the towel under her butt but alas I failed.

“Ah…screw it...don’t worry about it.”, she whispered.

I was so revved up by now I started pounding into her. I think I was actually kind of brutal. I didn’t mean to be mean. I only slowed down when I heard the headboard thumping the wall.

Paula giggled, “Shush, you’re going to wake up mom.” She put her two hands on my shoulders and wrapped her legs over my butt. This slowed me down considerably but I was no less intense. I felt my release coming like a locomotive barreling down a track. With force I continued to push into her tight box. Sucking-squishing sounds echoed in the small room. The scent of sex permeated the space. The din of thumping and squeaking bed was in my ears.

My release came suddenly. With a groan and a sigh I pushed and held myself deep inside her. Holding her tight against my groin I flooded her vagina with copious amounts of wriggling sperm.

I looked astonished into her smiling face. She whispered, “Wow! What got into you? Damn good thing I’m on the pill!”

“I dunno.”, I whispered back. “Sorry for waking you.”

“I’m not.”, she whispered. “That was one hell of a fuckin’! God, you must have pumped a gallon into me!”

“Could you feel it?”, I asked.

“Well, yes and no. I just felt it getting warm and wet inside. It came and came, flooding in around your dick.”, she said.

She reached down between her legs and scrunched the towel up tight to her ass. “Hand me a wad of tissue.”, she said. “What time is it anyway?”

I reached for the box of tissue, “You don’t want to know.”

She pulled like four or five tissues out of the box and squinted at the clock. “Shit Les, it’s only three-twenty.”

I pulled my flaccid prick out of her and she packed the wad of tissue into her crack. “Sorry. I just couldn’t …get over how pretty you looked in the moonlight.”

She giggled, “It’s not moonlight, it’s light from the streetlight. Can we go back to sleep now?”

“Moonlight sounds more…romantic.”, I countered.

She rolled up on an elbow and kissed me. “I don’t know if getting my twat pounded at three o’clock is romantic. I’m going to get even though.”

“Good night lover.”, I said and kissed her.

“What there is left of it. Good night Les.”, she said.


When I Was a Kid #37

There was a muffled buzzing sound. My ears were covered by thighs on both sides of my head. I tried to breath and got a nose full of girl scent. Her legs were on both of my arms, pinning me to the bed. The buzzing stopped. “Lick me Les. Make me cum.”, Paula whispered.

I took a couple of light licks through her nether lips. An acid taste came through. My own cum had congealed and coated her vaginal opening.

“Go on, lick me, you owe me!”, she coaxed.

I started licking her in earnest. I didn’t much like the taste but she was right, “I owed her at least this much.”

I was doing my best to get her going. Soon her hips began to rock and she would apply pressure to my mouth and tongue to help herself along. The taste had improved to that of an aroused girl that I had grown to savor.

It was her turn to make the headboard thump the wall. She groaned and gasped and gripped the headboard as her orgasm took her.

I slowed my lapping at her cunt and she slid from my face to my hips leaving a snail trail across my chin, chest and belly.

“Told you I’d get even.”, she whispered.

“Yeah ya did, but now I’ve got to get goin’ or I’ll be late.”, I said.

She got off of me and the bed. She turned on the room light. The light was harsh. I pulled on a clean pair of underwear from my backpack and my jeans. I put on clean socks and pulled my boots on.

Paula put two more tick marks on the chalkboard as I grabbed my shirt. I turned the light off and said, “I’ll be right back.” I went into the bathroom, peed, and brushed my teeth. I came back into Paula’s dark bedroom and found her sitting on the bed in her robe.

I kissed her on the lips and said, “Bye.”

She got up and took my hand. She walked me to her front door and she hugged me, “I had a great time. Don’t forget to ask about staying tonight.”

“I won’t. Can I leave my backpack?”, I asked after having realized that I left it in her room.

“Sure!”, she responded.

We hugged and kissed a couple more times and then I dashed out into the early morning darkness and rode off on my bike.


When I Was a Kid #38

The papers are small on Saturday. The route went fast and I met my mom for breakfast. She told me to meet her at noon for lunch at the house and we would go dress shopping. A few of the café patrons raised their eyebrows to that as I turned red faced. I did my chores at Smokey’s and took one tour out for an hour. I made a fifty cent tip for that. Not bad for the morning.

I had told Smokey that I had to leave by noon and he just grunted. My sister had brought Shirley in to help guide but she was useless because she would get lost on the trail. The trails were clearly marked and well worn but she would still get lost. I don’t think she knew east from west.

At just after noon I met my mom at our house for a bologna sandwich and milk.

We parked our Rambler in front of J.C. Penny’s and while I was waiting for her to feed the parking meter I saw Cheryl come out of the Ben Franklin Five and Dime holding hands with Glen. They walked down the street and entered the Coast-to-Coast store.

My mom touched me on the shoulder and said, “Someone you know?”

“Uh…yeah…sorta.”, I mumbled. I followed her into Penny’s and right into the girls section.

She started pawing through the dresses as I stood around mostly embarrassed. Finally she held up two dresses. A yellow one with some yellow pleating running vertical on the front and a blue one with white lace on the front. She said, “Which one do you like?”

Oh crud! This is just swell! “I…uh…like the blue one.”, I stammered. “How much are they?”

“They’re within your budget.”, is all she said.

“Well…her favorite color is yellow but I like the blue one.”, I said undecidedly.

“Which one do you think she will look her best in?, she asked.

“I dunno. The blue one, I think.”, I said growing impatient.

“Okay, then let’s get the blue one.”, she said turning to put the yellow one back on the rack. “See how easy that was? Did you bring your money?”

I fished in my pocket and handed her a ten. She smiled at me and said, “I’ll spot you the rest.”

“The rest? How much is the rest?”, I said.

“Oh…it’s going to be about fifteen total.”, she said.

I groaned and pulled out my wallet and she stopped me. “Keep it. You still have to buy the cake mix and icing.”, she said.

“Oh…yeah.”, I said a little chagrinned.

On the way out of the store I ran into Phyllis and David and asked them to the party for Debbie.

Phyllis said, “What ya gonna get her?”

I opened the box and showed her the dress. “Oh, that’s pretty!”, she exclaimed. “I’ll try to get some ribbon for her hair to match.”

“We could go back into Penny’s and see.”, my mom volunteered.

Phyllis said, “Sure, let’s try.”

They left David and me standing there with a dumb look on our face. I looked at David and said, “I hear you have big plans for the weekend.”

“That girl is trying to kill me!”, he said with a smile. “Good thing we came downtown this afternoon.”

I slapped him on the back as we headed into the store to find Phyllis and my mom. “Just don’t knock her up.”, I said.

“She has this chart. She keeps very close tabs on her temperature and other stuff. She writes down everything in a journal. Kinda scary if you ask me.”, he said.

“Really?”, I asked.

“Yeah, get her to tell you sometime.”, he said as we approached my mom and Phyllis.

Phyllis was holding up a spool of blue ribbon comparing it with the dress. “What'cha think?”, she asked.

“Looks good to me.”, I said.

David just shrugged.

“Okay, now for some barrettes.”, Phyllis said.

My mom said, “You don’t need us for that.”

“Do you know how to make a bow?”, Phyllis asked my mom.

“Sure, with a ribbon this wide you just fold it like this.”, she said demonstrating. “You can sew it or hold it together with a clip. Cut the ends at an angle.”

“Wow thanks!”, said Phyllis.

“You’re welcome.”, my mom said. “Let’s go get a malt.”

“Okay. Can they come?”, I asked.

“Sure.”, my mom responded. “Are you two brother and sister?”

“No. We’re just friends.”, said Phyllis.

“Oh, I see.”, my mom said in a questioning tone.

We went to Walgreens and parted ways.


When I Was a Kid #39

Later that afternoon I called Paula to see if we were still on for the night. Of course she said yes and told me to come on over.

I asked my mom if I could spend the night at Mark’s house again and she hemmed and hawed a bit but relented in the end.

I put some clean clothes in a grocery sack and went to Paula’s. Paula answered the door wearing a pair of lime green terry-cloth shorts and a sleeveless white blouse. I could see her white bra through the blouse and she was sporting some cleavage in her shorts. She smelled of lilac water seeming to just drip sex.

I was sort of blasé about being there at first but the way she greeted me changed all that. She hugged my neck and gave me a huge kiss right at the door.

“What got into you?”, I asked as we entered her house.

“Nothing…yet.”, she said with a giggle. “I’m hoping you’ll fix that.”

“Whew! Where’s your….mmmmm.”, I started to speak as she planted a big kiss on my lips. “Mom?”, I finished after she broke the kiss.

“At the store getting stuff for dinner.”, she said as she led me to her bedroom. “Put your luggage there.” She was mocking my paper bag I carried my extra clothes in.

She sat on her bed and I placed my paper sack on my backpack in the corner. As I raised back up my eyes locked on her crotch. She wasn’t wearing any panties and I could see right up her left leg hole. I must have stared too long because she said, “Naughty boy! It’s your’s if you want it.”

I grinned and said, “You look good enough to eat.”

“Promises, promises.”, she countered.

I leaned back against the doorway making furtive glances at her crotch. “How was your day?”, I asked.

“Pretty good. I slept ’til nine when mom woke me up, ’cause someone kept waking me up all night.”, she said. “I puttered around cleaning my room. How about you?”

“Not too bad. I made a fifty cent tip for a tour this morning and then went shopping for a birthday gift for Debbie with my mom.”, I said.

“Oh cool! What’cha get her?”, Paula said.

“A school dress. That’s what she wanted.”, I said

She looked at me for a second like she was surprised. She got up and took the step to me from her bed. She cocked her head and kissed me on the cheek. “You never cease to amaze me. You are such a nice guy!”, she said.

“Well…I don’t know about all that.”, I replied. “I just hope it’s appreciated.”

“She’ll love it!”, Paula said. She looked at me for a second and sat back on her bed. She patted the spot next to her. I sat down and put my hands in my lap looking at the floor. “What’s wrong Les?”

“Nothing. What makes you think something is wrong?”, I said.

“Well…let’s see. You’ve been looking at my twat since you got here but you haven’t made a move. I know you Les, and normally you would have had these shorts off of me and that dick of your’s buried in me by now. So what’s wrong?”, she said gently.

“Oh…it’s nothing…really.”, I lied.

“Les tell me! Please!”, she pleaded. “It might help just to talk about it.”

“Well okay, I saw Cheryl today.”, I sighed.

“So?”, she said puzzled.

“She was with Glen again. They were holding hands.”, I confessed.

“You said you didn’t care, but now you do?”, she replied.

“Heh…well…you know…oh I don’t know. I’m so confused.”, I said.

She patted me on the knee. I think she was thinking of something to say. “Do you love her?”, she asked.

“Yes…no…I don’t know! I mean…I thought I did. She said she loved me. I thought that if you love someone…you only loved him.”, I said.

“Hummm.”, she said with a sigh. “Les, don’t take this wrong, but…we’re too young to really know what love is. My mom says it’s more than just sex and kissing and all that. It’s being able to feel what the other person is feeling even when you don’t have sex. It goes deeper than that.”

“I guess you’re right.”, I said.

Just then Paula’s mom returned. “Paula, can you help bring in the groceries?”, her mom said.

Paula stood up and I glanced at her butt cheek sticking out of her shorts. She looked over her shoulder and caught me looking. “Come on, you can play with that later.”, she said.

I got up and popped her on the butt. We walked out of her room and outside to their car with the trunk open.

“Oh look, more luggage.”, Paula remarked.

I picked up two bags of groceries and she picked up a sack of potatoes and a six pack of bottled sodas. We got to the screen door just as her mom was coming out. “Hi Les, you’re early.”, she said.

“Um….yes ma’am. I got off work early.”, I said.

“Work? I didn’t know you worked.”, she said.

“Yes ma’am. Besides my paper route, I also work part time cleaning out the stalls and guiding tourists at Smokey’s.”, I replied.

“Very good!”, she said with enthusiasm. “Dinner won’t be ready for awhile. Why don’t you two go watch T.V. or something?” Paula pulled my hand and we headed out of the kitchen. “And remember the rules.”, she hollered after us.

We went to Paula’s room and she closed and locked the door. She turned to me and pushed me onto her bed. As I leaned back on my elbows her shorts hit the floor. She smiled at me and said, “Eat me!”

I got a big grin on my face. She straddled me pushing me back down and walked on her knees to straddle my head. Her aroma was heady and her lips glistened with moisture. She pressed her twat to my lips and I licked. Her taste was acidy, salty and bitter. She quickly became aroused and I began to taste her juices. Her taste became more like sweet cream. She was looking down at my eyes. She arched her body placing her hands on the wall beside the bed. Her eyes closed tilting her head back and began to grind her clit on my lips and tongue.

She began to breath heavy through her nose. Her hips then began to move spasmodically with sudden jerks and twitches. I was her tool. She leaned her head down and I could see her face contorting almost in anguish. With a gasp and a sigh her eyes flew open and a smile curled her lips.

I felt a rush of fluid in my mouth. I sucked and drank of her nectar. She rolled to her left and landed on her pillows. Panting she said, “Thanks Les. I’ve been horny all day.”

My jaws were tired and sore. My tongue ached. My cheeks were rubbed raw by her stubble. “You’re welcome.”, I managed to say. “I was right.”

“About what?”, she queried.

“You are good enough to eat.”, I replied.

Her right hand caressed my cock through my pants. I just laid there. She gripped my swollen mass and gently squeezed. It was like she was coming to a decision.

Suddenly her hand left my cock and flew into action. She grabbed my belt and tugged it loose. She popped the snap and deftly unzipped me. Sitting up she grabbed my waistband and pulled and tugged my britches downward. I helped by raising my hips.

She got my pants to my knees before attacking my prick with her wet mouth and soft hands. She fished my nuts out from between my legs and cradled them in her cool right hand.

I wasn’t quite ready for what she did next. She sucked first one then the other nut into her warm wet mouth. Her left hand was slowly stroking me. She left my nuts and sucked at the base of my cock. Clearly she was making this up as she went.

She paused and said, “Let me know before you shoot.”

“Um…kay.”, I managed.

She went back to nibbling and sucking all around my dick. Her tongue laved the length of my dick. I was aching for her to put my dick in her mouth. I was on fire and I pushed my hips up in rhythm to her left hand stroking me. Finally she took the head of my dick into her mouth. Her tongue touched the underside just below the Glans. I reacted with a jolt. Again a smile curled her lips. She forced about half of my dick into her mouth before slightly gagging. She was moving so slow it was driving me nuts. Her right hand was between my legs caressing my thighs and she would run a finger over my anus again causing me to jolt. When her left hand wasn’t stroking me she rubbed my belly or rolled my nipples between her thumb and forefinger.

I think she noticed my nut sack tightening before I did. She moved her mouth to the tip of my prick. Her right hand went to my crotch where her middle finger found my anus again. At the same time her left hand started stroking she put her tongue on that spot just under my Glans. I felt jolts running through my groin. “Sh…sh…shoo…shoot….”, was all I could get out. Her lips clamped tightly to the head of my cock. The shaft swelled and I unleashed a torrent of jizzem. Paula’s tongue controlled the flow to prevent gagging. She almost wretched but maintained control. Her eyes were big and her cheeks puffed out. She had a bewildered look on her face. “Now what you gonna do?” She shook her head “no”. I smiled, “Swallow!” Again she shook her head “no” and then squinted her eyes shut and swallowed. She shuddered like she’d peed, wrinkled her nose and gulped.

Pulling her mouth free of my dick she stuck her tongue out, “Aaak!”, she gasped. “Whew, I’ll never get used to that.”

“Paula, Les? Supper’s ready.”, called her mom through the door.

Paula scampered off the bed, retrieved her shorts and slipped them on. I slid off the bed and pulled my pants back up. Paula turned to her blackboard and added a tick mark under each letter. “Ten to six.”, she said.

“I didn’t know we were having a contest.”, I said as she opened her door.

“We’re not!”, she said and entered the bathroom. “Just keeping track.”

She started washing her hands and face. I took advantage of her and slipped my hands into her shorts. My right hand on her butt and my left on her twat. A finger in her vagina and she squirmed like a girl having to go pee real bad. A finger in her ass stopped all movement. “Les…stop! The door is open.”, she admonished.

A final jab and I pulled my hands free. “Later.”, I said. I washed my hands and face. Looking in the mirror I saw my cheeks were worn raw. “Look what you did to me.”, I said.

“What? How?”, she asked.

“Your…your…your beaver scratched me!”, I exclaimed.

“Oh…sorry! I guess I need to shave.”, she said with a guilty tone. “You’re a big pussy.”

“You are what you eat.”, I chuckled. “Can I help?”

“Oh…I don’t know. You might cut me.”, she replied. “I’ll think about it.”

I dried my hands and made mock that I was going to dry them on her shorts. “Damn you’re mean!”, she said.

“Uh huh.”, I said.

Dinner was nice. Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, and fresh green beans.

After dinner, Paula and I did the dishes and we didn’t fool around too much. I ran my soapy hand up the inside of her thighs a couple of times and slid my thumb over her twat. The crotch of her shorts got wet but I don’t think it was all me.

We sat and watched Red Skelton and then Paula said, “We’re going to take our bath mom.”

“Okay, clean up your mess dear.”, her mom said.

“We will.”, Paula said and took my hand.

We got in the bathroom, she put the plug down and turned on the hot water. I followed her like a lost puppy back into her room. “Get your jammies.”, she said.

I fetched my shorts from my backpack and she pulled out a pretty set of “Baby Doll” pajamas from a drawer of her dresser and from the top drawer she got some clean panties.

“What you need those for?”, I said. “I’m just going to remove them in a few minutes.”

She giggled and put them back.

We went back into the bathroom and the tub was about half full but the water was scalding hot. She turned off the hot and turned on the cold.

Within seconds she turned the water off and said, “I’ll go first.” I sat on the toilet seat and watched her disrobe. The sleeveless blouse came off quickly. She reached behind her back and undid her small white bra. She slouched her shoulders forward and the cups fell free. The bra was deposited on the floor with her blouse. She cupped her breasts in her hands and massaged them. Next her fingers hooked her shorts and they fell to the floor. She stepped out with her left foot and with her right she flipped them right into my face. I caught them and held them to my face for a second. She giggled.

The shorts had that feminine smell and were still damp in the crotch. She handed me the her Gillett Foamy shaving cream and a razor.

The razor looked wicked. It was heavy. “Careful it’s sharp.”, she warned getting into the tub. She slowly lowered herself into the hot water. She took a washcloth, lathered it up, and started washing her chest. Her nice orange sized breasts stood out firmly. The eraser sized nipples were hard, bright pink and a slightly lighter colored areola about the size of a fifty cent piece fascinated me.

She watched me watching her. She smiled sweetly. “Do my back?”, she asked.

“Sure!”, I said getting up. I put more soap on the rag and smoothed it over her back. Her skin was so soft!

“What you gonna get me for my birthday next month?”, she said coyly.

“I dunno. What’cha want?”, I said.

“I dunno. Maybe some jewelry.”, she said.

I dropped the rag into the water and used my hands to rinse and rub her back. I ran a finger up her ass crack causing her to ooch forward. “Quit…quit…quit! Hand me the shaving cream and razor.”, she said as she settled back into the tub.

I handed her the shaving cream and held the razor. She applied a liberal amount of cream to her left leg and smoothed it clear down to her foot. She took the razor, adjusted it and began shaving at the top of her foot. “Now watch! See…you only shave in one direction. Don’t go sideways. That’ll cut me. Straight lines.”

I watched intently as she deftly navigated her leg contours. She kept applying and reapplying the shaving cream finishing at her thigh.

“Now you.”, she said and she put her right leg up on the side of the tub.

I wet my hands and got a large dollop of shaving cream and smoothed it on her leg. I particularly liked smoothing it on the inside of her thigh and tickled her twat with my little finger.

She pushed my hand away. She turned on the hot water again because the bath was cooling. Turning off the water she said, “Go slow.”

I started at her foot. I was so nervous I was almost shaking. I drew the razor over her foot mimicking what she had done. She watched me warily. I started up her calf and shin. At about halfway up her shin it happened. I nicked her. “Ooop!”, I said.

“Easy.”, she said calmly.

With more determination I finished her calf. I pulled the skin tight over her knee. Mimicking what I saw her do I circled her knee. Damn I did it again, “Ooop!” Right on the kneecap.

“I’ll live.”, she said. “I think!”

It was easier to start on the top of her thigh and work towards her knee. This was going with the grain and I didn’t do a very good job.

She said, “Let me finish. We don’t have all night.” She took the razor and redid her right thigh and checked for the few spots I missed lower.

“Not bad for the first time.”, she said. “Don’t worry about the nicks. I looked a lot worse my first time.” She then sat up on the side of the tub and wet her pubis. Taking a large dollop of cream she smoothed it over her Mons. “Mom doesn’t know I shave here so don’t say anything to her about it.”, she said.

“I won’t. I’ll just ask her if she knows.”, I said with a grin.

She gave me a sideward’s glance. She moved very quickly shaving first above that dimple then slowly using a finger as a guide she shaved outward from her labia. She craned her neck and strained to shave her perineum, we call it the taint now days. Guess we called it taint even then. She finished and then looked at me for a long second. “Can I trust you?”, she asked.

“Sure!”, I replied.

She thought for another long second. “Would you….look….um….at my….butt and see if there is any hair there?”, she turned bright red in the face.

“Umm.”, I gulped. “Uh yeah. Why not?”

She handed me the razor and got on all fours. Her butt was red from setting on the tub edge. I looked carefully at her butt. A few stray hairs were low, near her anus. “Um a few near ….your butt hole.”, I stammered.

“Would you shave them?”, she asked.

“You sure?”, I said surprised.

“Well I can’t see to shave them!”, she replied.

“Well, okay. Ummm…..get out and kneel on the bathmat.”, I said unsure of things.

She got out and knelt and, placing her head on a rolled up towel, presented her ass to me. I took some shaving cream and looking at her ass I said, “Spread ‘em.” She reached back giggling and pulled her butt cheeks apart. There was more hair than I originally thought. I smoothed the shaving cream over the hair but couldn’t resist inserting a finger up her butt.

“Les!”, she exclaimed. “I hope you get shit on your finger.”

Taking up the razor I took a deep breath and commenced to draw the blade across her smooth butt. Taking my time I shaved her delicate ass with the care of a surgeon. I wiped the area with my wetted hand searching for any hairs that escaped my attention. Finally satisfied I grabbed a towel and wiped her butt.

“How’s it look?”, she asked.

“Good enough to eat.”, came my reply without thinking.

“Eww gross.”, she said.

She pulled the drain lever and said, “Can you take a quick shower? We’ve been in here a long time.”

I shucked my clothes real fast as she adjusted the water temperature. I was in and out in two minutes or less.

She helped me dry off, as if I needed help. She took particular care of my nuts and prick.

We exited the steamy bathroom and was greeted by her mom’s, “I thought you two had fallen in again.”

“I had to shave.”, Paula replied.

“Oh you didn’t! You subjected poor Les to that?”, her mom said sarcastically.

“He even helped.”, Paula said. “See!” Paula showed her knee and shin where I had nicked her.

“I’ve seen worse!”, her mom said. “Put a robe on Paula.”

“Why? We’re headed to bed. Les has to get UP for his paper route.”, Paula said with an emphasis on up.

I noticed that Perry Mason was about half over on T.V., a rerun even back then.

“Have fun.”, Paula’s mom said. “Don’t wake me up again at three.”, she yelled at us as we walked down the hall. Paula started laughing and it became infectious. Before long I was laughing and we could hear her mom laughing.

Paula closed the door to her bedroom behind us. She cuffed me on the shoulder. “I told you, you’d wake her up.”, she said in a loud whisper.

“It’s not like she didn’t know we were gonna screw!”, I said.

“We didn’t need to announce it to the world.”, she responded. She was leaned up against the door holding the door knob with both hands at butt level. I walked up to her and put my hand on her shoulders. I caught the thin material of her pajamas with my fingers. I kissed her on the lips as I traced down the arm holes of her cute top with my fingers. Sliding my finger in the front to caress the sides of her breasts with the backs of my knuckles. She tried to squirm away but I had her pinned to the doorknob.

I continued to move my hands down her sides to the top of her “Baby-Doll” pajama bottoms. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband and tried to pull them down. They hung up on her hands that was still grasping the doorknob. I broke the kiss and looked down and then looked back up. She gave me a cute little smile. I stepped back and she took the step forward with my thumbs still hooked in the waistband of her bottoms. I encouraged the bottoms over her rump and let them fall to the floor. I smoothed my hands up her hips and followed her rib cage under the top. Her skin was warm and smooth. The scent of her appealed to my senses. I raised her top to expose those tantalizing orbs of femininity. The eraser sized tips setting pertly atop the well formed half spheres.

I continued my upward movement lightly grazing my fingers over the sides of the taught skinned breasts lifting her top over her head. As she lowered her arms I tossed the top on the floor next to the bottoms puddled at her feet and she hooked her thumbs in the waist of my shorts. She ever so slowly lowered my shorts over my hips. All the while we gazed into each other’s eyes. My erect penis caught in the waistband.

That cute smile returned to her face. She moved her left hand to grasp my rod and guided the waistband over it gingerly. My shorts joined her pajamas on the floor. Her grip never left my erect rod as my hands plied her smooth skin. I caressed her breasts, her back, and I slid my hands over her smooth rump globes. Inevitably my right hand migrated it’s way to her Mons. The newly shaved skin felt delicate under my touch.

Somehow we moved to the side of the bed without saying a word. She exchanged hands on my prick. Reaching for the bed covers with her left hand she pulled them down. My middle finger of my right hand was making slurping sounds in her love canal.

Releasing her grip on me she laid back on the bed with her legs spread wide. I crawled on the bed and got between her legs. She put her arms around my neck and pulled me down onto her naked body. My stiff rod insinuated itself between her legs. As we undulated, wriggled, and writhed my bulbous head found it’s mark. In unison we undulated working my member into her depths. She finally spoke as we reached a lull in our lovemaking, “God you’re big!” She kissed me passionately and began to grind her pubis into mine.

We writhed in passion building slowly to a raucous crescendo. The fever of love was upon us. We both gulped for air like we were drowning. We held our breath together. I showered her face with light kisses returning time and again to her lips. She pulled at my back and clawed me with passion. I felt the urge to cum and her vagina clamped down hard on my phallus. She grabbed the globes of my ass and pulled me into her at the same time I lurched forward deeper into her, pressing my raging hard-on against her cervix. Almost painfully my fluids rushed out into her waiting womb. Her mouth was open to a silent scream. We collapsed in a sweaty, sticky heap as my cock pulsed and squirted.

Directly I raised my head out of the crook of her neck. She opened her sleepy eyes and smiled. “What was that?”, she whispered.

I rose up off of her chest and pushed my hips into her trying to get even deeper into her. “I dunno but we’ve got to do that again.”, I whispered. She started giggling. “What?”

“It feels funny every time your dick twitches.”, she whispered. “Oh, get off! I’ve got to pee.”, she said in just a little more than a whisper.

I pulled out of her with a slurp, trailing a string of jizz across her left thigh as I collapsed beside her on my back. She quickly grabbed several tissues and sopped up my mess. Hopping out of bed she grabbed her robe, opened the door and lit out for the restroom.

I was dozing when she returned and she giggled. “That was probably the best one ever!”, she related.

“Yeah!”, I replied.

She hung her robe on the back of her door. She slipped into bed and pulled the sheet over us cuddling to me on my right side. Kissing and cuddling we fell asleep.

When I Was a Kid #40

I woke up about three o’clock again. I was cold and had to pee. I pulled the sheet off of us and slipped out of bed over the foot and put my shorts on. I slipped out of the bedroom to the restroom. When I returned to the room I shucked my shorts and looked at Paula laying there on her stomach. Her right leg was bent and her arms were folded under her pillow.

I reached out with my right hand and caressed her butt. It was so soft and smooth and cool to the touch. I couldn’t help but run my fingers through her butt crack. I moved downward until my fingers made contact with the soggy tissue wedged into her pussy lips. I smiled at the thought of how we had made love just a few hours before. She stirred a little and I removed my hand quickly. I went to the end of the bed and clambered in.

I laid on my back with my hands behind my head. Paula snuggled up to me with her right breast on my chest. “Wanna fuck?”, she asked in a whisper.

“Always.”, I whispered.

Her right hand grazed over my chest, down my abdomen and her cool hand grasped my semi-hard pecker making a slow up and down motion.

“Ummm….that’s nice.”, I whispered. “You want on top?”

“Sure!”, she whispered. Releasing my rock hard cock she rolled up on top of me and her cool hard nipples poked my chest. I glanced at the clock, three twenty, and I noticed the soggy tissue was laying next to it.

Paula scooted down trying to impale herself hands free. On her second try I flexed my cock so it made contact with her opening.

She hunched her hips back to gain more purchase on my member and slowly, very slowly, I slid into place in her wetting cavern. She laid flat on my chest undulating and twisting her hips, working her tight pussy the length of my cock.

She buried her face in the crook of my neck and shoulder and placed light kisses there. Her breathing became labored as I hugged her to me, my hands on the small of her back. She began to move faster and faster. My hands cupped her butt cheeks mauling, squeezing, and spreading them. There was drool rolling down my neck and she huffed and puffed making little squeak sounds.

I could feel her vagina clasping my cock. The smell of her sex and the taste of her salty sweaty body was making me quickly reach the precipice. She shuddered and quaked and I felt a warm liquid slide down to my ass crack. She held still and I unloaded into her a stream of cum arching my back and pulling her into my groin. I pulsed several times filling her to overflowing. More warm liquid slowly ran down my ass.

She sucked in a breath and raised her head. She gave me a sloppy kiss on the mouth. “Emm…I could feel that.”, she whispered. “Your dick swelled inside of me when you started to cum.”

“Really?”, I said maybe too loud.

“Shush! Yeah really! You must have a petty big dick.”, she whispered.

“Nah. I’m just average I think. Haven’t compared it though.”, I whispered. By now my prick had softened and her pussy evicted me. She laid her head on my chest and sighed contentedly. “You know we won’t be able to do this anymore.”, she whispered matter-of-factly.

“You mean…not ever?”, I queried.

“No. We can still screw some but won’t be able to sleep over like this.”, she said with a sigh.

“It was fun while it lasted.”, I confided not knowing what else to say. Somehow I felt like it would be the last time we screwed.

I hugged her and she kissed me a couple of times and yawned. “Nighty night.”, she said. She didn’t move off of me but just snuggled close. I pulled the sheet over us and she fell asleep. I laid there pondering my situation.


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