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Hot wife
My wife Sidney and I take an annual trip to the beach for an adult get away. You know a long 3 day weekend full of relaxation, sun, fun, a bit of fine wine drinking, and lots and lots of sexual activates with each other. We look forward to it every year and this year was no exception.

On the second day of our trip I woke up early to get ready for a morning tee time. Another one of my planned relaxation activities. Sidney also got up, not to play golf, but to go to her morning workout in the hotel gym. She is very diligent with her workouts and it shows. She maintains her slender figure through hard work in the exercise room. Hours spent lifting weights and running on the tread mill have payed off by keeping her firm and tone. I for one admire her for her consistent effort, and as a result it pays off for me in the bedroom too.
When I returned later in the day from my golf outing, I went up to our room, slipped on my swim trunks and hurried down to the hotel pool to spend the rest of the afternoon soaking in some rays with Sidney. As I arrived by the pool, I found Sidney laying in a chase lounge sunning herself and sipping on a frozen Margarita. She introduced me to her new found friend Sara who was also sunning herself and enjoying a frozen concoction. I learned that Sara and Sidney had met earlier in the day at the gym then happened into each other by the pool. They struck up a conversation and hit it off immediately as if they were long lost friends on a reunion. My wife Sidney is a very friendly and outgoing person, the type of person who can talk paint off a wall. Everyone is her friend, so it was no surprise to find Sidney in conversation with someone by the pool.

I learned that Sara was also on vacation, but she was by herself. Seems she had recently broken up with her boyfriend of 2 years. Sara was a professor at a university in North Carolina and her ex-boyfriend worked in the financial industry. He was recently transferred by his company to the West Coast. They had decided that careers were more important to each other than and a long distance relationship. Their split was mutual and on good terms. At first glance, I have to say it was her ex-boyfriend’s loss. Sara was a stunning knockout. If she had not told me, I would easily mistake her for a student because she had a very natural youthful physique to her mid-thirties look. She had shoulder length sandy blond hair pulled back in a ponytail and a set of long slender legs that reached up to her lime green bikini bottoms. She, like my wife, clearly spent a lot of time working out in the gym. From my position, there did not appear to be an ounce of fat on her magnificently body which featured tone arms and wash board like abs. I couldn’t help myself stealing glances up and down her sexy body as she laid on the chase lounge. Her tanned body glistened with coconut oil. Lucky for me I had on my dark sun glasses so it was not to obvious that I was admiring her as we all sat there by the pool.
After about another hour of poolside drinking the sun was beginning to set, so we all decided to call it a day. Sidney and I had plans to go get ready for dinner. As we entered the elevator together, Sydney invited Sara to join us for dinner out. She knew Sara would be dining alone and, I guess, feeling a little sorry for her, she invited Sara along. At first Sara protested, not wanting to be a bother, but I spoke up and assured her that we both would like for her to join us. Besides it would be a lot of fun for all of us, especially for me to be able to dine out with two attractive sexy babes. Sara hesitantly agreed and we all decided to meet back in the lobby in one hour.

Sidney and I left the elevator on the 10th floor and went to our room to shower and change for dinner. I guess the sun had gotten to Sidney like it often does, especially after a day at the beach. She was more that horny. The sun does that to her. When she entered our room she immediately began removing her bathing suit showing off her cute pert breasts just as titillating as the first time I’d seen them. I noticed that she’d shaved her pussy, something she does from time to time. Bald is beautiful as she says. I reached to caress one of her tits and rubbed my thumb lightly across her nipple; instantly aroused at my touch, the little pink erasure like nipple grew firm in my hand. She reached into the waist of my trunks with her fingertips and gently pulled them down my legs to my feet. “You won’t need these for a while,” she smiled.

My cock was rising to the occasion as we walked to the shower. The water was perfectly refreshing as we stood there together allowing the jet to spray total relaxation all over our bodies. I caressed Sidney’s body softly while lathering her skin, giving special attention to her neck, shoulders, and lower back. Her breasts and inner legs were not neglected and she purred wantonly as I made sure I washed her everywhere. For her part, she seemed content with lathering my cock and running her hands expertly up and down the hard shaft.

She continued to stroke me as the water rinsed all traces of soap from our bodies. I turned it off and watched as Sidney knelt in front of me and looked at my penis like she was seeing it for the first time. “It’s so beautiful,” she breathed, almost inaudibly. “So hard, yet so soft, and oh, so perfect.” With one hand on my thigh and the other wrapped at the base of my rod, she leaned in to kiss the tip softly, running her tongue along my length, opening her lips and swallowing the head. The warmth of her mouth was immediately radiated through my body and I stiffened even more against her wet wanting tongue. She took me almost to the hilt as she bobbed back and forth, sucking me thirstily. I was enjoying what she was doing, but wanted to taste her too. I put my hands on her shoulders and suggested hopefully, “Why don’t we do this together.” She stopped, and said that sounds great but she wanted it to last through the night. She wasn’t ready to cum just yet and she reminded me that we both had dinner plans and a guest waiting. Disappointed, I agreed and suggested we make it a short evening so that we could hurry back to finish what we started.

We arrived in the lobby just a little latter than one hour due to our delay in the shower. Sidney had put on her white, loose fitting, sun dress that I bought her for the trip. It really accentuated her firm figure and long tan legs. She looked spectacular and sexy in a sensual way. I also knew that she wasn’t warring any panties or a bra. She had long ago decided against undergarments in the summer. She said they inhibited her. Who was I to argue with that logic? Anyway the white sun dress, with just a little lace fringe, looked great on her and she looked great in it. If the light shown just right and if you looked close enough you could just see through to the ‘u’ shaped gap between her legs. I’m sure there are some lucky guys and gals that evening who were able to steal a glance. But that’s not a problem to my slightly exhibitionist wife. She enjoys showing off the goodies every now and then.

Sara was already waiting for us in the lobby. She was wearing a short light blue skirt with a white and blue flowered blouse. The blouse was cut low in the front showing off a nice deep cleavage line. Very impressive I must say. Her smooth shaved tanned legs seemed to glow from beneath the blue skirt. Very appetizing, at this moment, I am the luckiest guy on earth.

We left for dinner and went to a nearby tapas restaurant where we ordered one then two bottles of Zinfandel. Liquid sex is what I like to call it. We must have sat there for a few hours enjoying the conversation and each other’s company. We all naturally hit it off and easily found many subjects to talk about. Sara was so knowledgeable and Sidney was equally entertaining. We didn’t want the evening to end.

When we arrived back at our hotel, Sidney suggested that Sara come up to our room to have a night cap. We had available several uncorked bottles of fine wine and a nice terrace overlooking the ocean. There is something romantic about listening to the waves break in the night air. This time, without hesitation, Sara accepted our offer and we three went upstairs. I opened a bottle of red wine while the girls made their way outside to the terrace. I brought the wine out and sat down in a chair next to Sidney. We continued our conversation as the wine began to take its effect. Sidney had been teasing me all night with little sexual innuendos and affectionate touches while Sara wasn’t looking. It was our little secret fun. We both toyed with each other and openly increased our teasing as the night progressed. After our second glass of wine, Sidney boldly leaned over to me and said, “Why don’t we show Sara what we do out here on the terrace at night?” Kind of taken back, I was a little shocked at her suggestion, but she took charge and proceeded to get down on her knees in front of me, then Sidney skillfully unzipped my shorts. I looked over to Sara who was very wide eyed at this point. My only thought was “wow this is really happening”. Sidney really, really loves to suck cock and evidently she wanted it – now! She coaxed me into standing up so she could remove my shorts. I was more than happy to oblige. With my shorts now off she pushed me back into the chair exposing my stiffening penis for our friend to see. At first, she traced a light trail with her index finger down the side of the shaft then across the tip. The slightest touch had it oozing pre-cum. She then proceeded to stroke my now fully erect dick, Sara all the while watching and saying nothing. Feeling a bit mischievous, Sidney looked directly at Sara, in order to tease her, then she licked the tip of my cock and circled the head with her tongue like a lollypop. Next she tilted her head to one side in order to place her lips on the base before she moved them upward to the helmet and then around the tip one more time finally engulfing my stiff cock deep into her wanting mouth. With the first thrust into her mouth she let out an “Mmm” sound of total approval. For a short time Sidney began to suck harder, with faster strokes, letting the head of my cock leave her mouth and then slide back in through her hungry lips. My wife looked over to Sara and said while licking her lips, “This is really good”. Sara, awaken from her trance, replied with, “Uh yeah, it looks like you are enjoying yourself”. Sara could not take her eyes off of my wife’s expert blow job technique. Sidney looked up at me with a devilish grin and said, “That’s enough for now. I have other plans in mind”. With that she got up from her knees and walked over to Sara grabbing her hand, my wife said, “Come with me”.

Beside our bed Sara reached a hand and gently caressed Sidney’s cheek and brushed her long brunette hair back from her face while softly tracing circles on her back and shoulder with the other hand. Sara whispered, “I’m so wet from watching you two. I want you badly. Do you mind?” Sidney cooed, “I was hoping you would. You’ve made me hot all day”.

Sara continued to caress my wife’s sun bronzed face and shoulders. She leaned closer, parting her lips. Sidney instinctively returned the advance and the two were soon entwined in a passionate kiss. I watched their tongues begin to dance erotically across each other’s lips. Sara’s hands were soon occupied around Sidney’s breasts as the small straps of her white sun dress dropped off her shoulders. Then, reaching behind my wife’s back, Sara pulled the tie, allowing the barely-there fabric to drop to the floor. Sidney now stood, completely nude in front of her new found lover. Sara cupped both of Sidney’s fleshy globes in her hands and ran her fingers softly over her pink nipples tickling them to attention. Both ladies continued to kiss and tongue the other, Sidney almost breathless in her excitement.

Sidney pulled away from the kiss and placed her hands on the buttons of Sara’s blouse and unfastened each button slowly until it fell open. She seductively helped to remove Sara’s blouse, bra, and skirt. Sidney turned Sara’s shoulders toward the bed and encouraged her to lie back. She gently pulled on Sara’s yellow panties. Sara raised her hips to allow their removal and was soon as nude as my wife and I. The teasing view I’d had before did nothing to compare with what I now saw - two incredibly beautiful naked bodies. They were delicious. I could not pull my eyes away!

We had never honestly disused a threesome before. Sure we fantasied over it while watching sexy movies that actually showed people engaged in a threesome. The visual looked intriguing to the both of us, but in reality, not something we would ever have the nerve or opportunity to participate in. Well, guess what? Pinch me, this was happening. My wickedly hot wife was so aroused I thought she’d scream. The expression on her face was one of raw lust. While part of my brain struggled with all this, other parts of me were growing very impatient to get into play.

Repositioning herself on the bed, Sara leaned forward until her lips were just above Sidney’s quivering outer-labia. Blowing softly through her lips, she moved her face back and forth, hovering just off Sidney’s mound. I could see my wife began to clinch her muscles in response to this sensation and her panting moans grew louder. Blowing in circles over her pussy, Sara explored and kissed Sidney’s clitoral hood with soft kisses. My wife bucked her hips upward and begged as her pussy was about to be eaten for the first time by another woman, “Oh, yes! Oh, fuck . . . please lick my pussy. Oh, fucking yeah! Oh, it feels so good . . .” There my wife was getting her pussy licked by a gorgeous woman as I watched the hypnotic erotic event. I reached out to massage her tits and gently squeeze her nipples. I leaned down to kiss her lips. She opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue deep into my mouth pressing her lips feverously against mine. This was turning out to be a mind blowing experience for Sidney. She stopped kissing me as her body began to shudder from her pending orgasm. I watched as Sara lapped at the juices now flowing from Sidney’s pussy. Sidney let out several loud cries of joy as she came on Sara’s face. This had to be the hottest event that I have ever witnessed. My dick almost exploded from watching.

After Sidney cums once she is like a mad woman in heat. She just wants more and more. She is also very eager to please if she knows I have not cum yet. But this time the object of her attention was our new friend and lover Sara. Sidney sat up and pushed Sara down onto the bed. Spreading Sara’s legs apart my loving wife positioned herself between them and began to return the pleasure. She placed her hands in position to hold Sara’s moist lips slightly apart. Beginning low, she licked upwardly and stopped just under the top of Sara’s slit. I had a great view of Sara’s completely bald mound as my wife, for the first time, darted her tongue between the folds of a woman’s pussy. My fantasy was coming true. I’d often kidded Sidney about her long tongue and how it is the perfect shape and length to lick pussy. She can stick it out and touch her nose with it. She can even tie a knot in a cherry stem with it. And now she was skillfully pleasuring a pussy with it. I guess it is true that women instinctively know what other women like because Sidney appeared to be expertly applying her new found skills to Sara’s satisfaction; she also appeared to be enjoying the taste of Sara’s love box. “Oh Baby, you have got to have some of this,” she said, casting her eyes toward me. Sidney then pulled me down to kiss her. I enjoyed the sweet and salty taste of Sara’s intoxicating cunt on Sidney’s lips. We broke from our lip lock and she continued to work at her new found pleasure.

At this point I figured it was my turn to get in on the action. I moved behind Sidney who’s wanting ass was in the air as she leaned forward on her knees diving her face between Sara’s legs. I easily slid my engorged pole into her dripping wet hole from behind. This action caused Sidney to let out a slightly muffled sigh. My wife now had the best of both worlds, a rock hard cock in her love tunnel and a tasty pussy on the tip of her tongue. It just doesn’t get any better than this. She began to rock back onto my dick causing me to plough her deeper and deeper. Meanwhile, Sara began fondling both of Sidney’s breasts and nipples as she continued slurping hungrily at the pussy attached to her mouth. Sara soon began to buck her hips intensely, moaning loudly while my wife matched her moves with her skillful tongue. “Oh, Baby! I am so ready to cum for you!” Sara cried. Sidney moved her hand to insert two fingers into Sara’s pussy. At the same time her thumb explored the smooth inside of her friends ass-crack until it found the little bud hole. Sidney pressed her thumb into Sara’s ass while sliding two fingers in and out of her cunt all the while never missing to lap up all of the love juices flowing onto her pointed tongue. I continued to pump my shaft into my wife’s hot pussy. Seeing these two sex goddesses pleasure each other was just too much for me to stand. I erupted a hot load of man jam into Sidney’s hole from behind. Seconds later Sara began to pant, “Oh, shit! Oh, fuck! Oh, suck me! Oh, fuck! Oh, yessssss!!” While Sara was cumming on Sidney’s face, my horny wife could not hold out any longer. I felt Sidney’s pussy muscles clamp down on my dick still inside of her as she muffled out another orgasm while her face was buried between Sara’s open legs. The three of us had cum within seconds of each other. We collapsed into a pile all holding each other. We just laid there for minutes, but it felt like hours. Neither of us bothered to move or say anything. My knees were wobbly. It’s a good thing I didn’t have to get up because I don’t think I could stand at that moment.

After about 30 minutes we began to stir and compose ourselves. Seeing those two beauties lying next to me sparked life back into my aroused dick. I could not help myself. The thought of what just happened made me hard again. Seeing my hard cock, Sara leaned over my wife’s naked body and kissed it. She also moved her lips over it and took it into her mouth cleaning off all of Sidney’s juices. Sara said that she couldn’t end the evening without licking the very thing that started all of this.
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