mother learns of sex through son
could not believe how this sexting, that is what they call it? How this sexting with my son boosted my confidence. It felt like all the worlds frustrations were falling away. I was actually doing something sexual and feeling safe about it. It was such an open feeling, something that had been out of reach for so long, was now suddenly in my grasp. I probably should have thought of the possible consequences having denied myself for so long now. The fact that I had someone that I felt safe with, that prevented those thoughts from ever forming.

I had shown my son my "camel toe" on purpose no less, and encouraged him to take a picture. Well that turned into pictures, but anyway it happened and the world did not stop spinning. Neither did my excitement.

Our texting became more explicit and suggestive with Daniel asking me to wear the spandex all the time. Instinctively I felt that this was a bad idea. Not that I wouldn't wear it again, just not all the time. I figured that my next big dare would be that coming weekend, when we wouldn't have to worry about Daniel going to school the next day. The suspense was agonizing but at the a
same time I was also trying to learn control over my actions. I think now in hind sight I may have waited too long to do something daring like that again. The suspense of what I could do, or might do made me reckless so I ended up doing more than maybe I should have. I did some more shopping on the sly while continuing my inappropriate texting with my son.

Daniel. You gotta wear that thing again.

Me. Why?

Daniel. It is totally hot, you are fantastic in it.

Me. Did it turn you on?

Daniel. YES

Me. Are you still turned on by it?

Daniel. YES

Me. Well then, I guess it did its job then and I shouldn't wear it any more.

Daniel. Aaggghh, no you gotta wear it.

Me. But you said you're already turned on right?

Daniel. Constantly

Me. Like you said before.

Daniel. Yes.

Me. Explain it to me again.

Daniel. Oh man are you serious?

Me. Yes.

Daniel. You're not going to think I'm weird are you?

Me. I'm the one with the problem here, remember?

Daniel. I am walking around the house with a constant hard on, it sticks out of my briefs unless I have jeans with a big belt on.

Me. You're flattering your old mom, perhaps I’ll do more this weekend.

Now I knew that I was going to do something daring this weekend, since I had finally started something. I decided to push it.

Me. You're not going to want to take pictures again are you.

Daniel. Oh yes, you have to say yes. I need to take pictures.

Me. But Daniel, what if the outline of my vagina is visible again, you don't seriously want to take pictures of that again do you?

Daniel. Seriously, totally.

Me. I will have to see what you are talking about.

Daniel. About what.

Me. About what you said, about your erections.

Daniel. See that?

Me. Yes.

Incoming picture message, oh my god. My son just sent me a picture from in his bedroom. Shirtless, briefs on, purple head of his cock sticking out.

Me. Daniel that was obscene, totally, totally obscene and uncalled for. You just showed me your penis, or cock as you call it. How would you like it if I did something like this to you?

After I hit send I pulled my top open and took a picture of my bra covered breasts. Only a B cup but I still like them. My phone had an incoming message.

Daniel. I'd love it.

I sent the picture of my bra, regretting it almost immediately. If this weekend was going to be truly daring, then I had to do something that I hadn't done before. I had just sent my son a picture of my bra covered breasts so I had to do more than that in a few days.

The weekend came and I had no idea what to do, I was so nervous I couldn't cook. It started with my being afraid of what I would do. Then there was Daniel, he was by my side like a puppy waiting for a treat and I just couldn't respond. We were in the house together for two agonizing days. Both Friday night, then all day Saturday and I did nothing. Now I started to fear that I was slipping backwards, I didn't want that. I wanted to get better, get normal, somehow this was how I was going to do it. He texted

Daniel. Did I do something wrong?

Me. No sweetie, it's still just me. Doing this, I've scared myself again. I want to, and I'm afraid.

Daniel. Of me?

That did it, no I am not afraid of my own son, suddenly I knew what I was going to do.

Me. No, I am not afraid of you. Pizza again tonight, on real plates, no paper. Tonight.

Daniel. You are TFA

He must have caught my drift. Now knowing something was in the works he backed off giving me the breathing room that I desperately needed. He was disappointed at dinner time to see what I was wearing, not the spandex. I smiled and ignored the hurt look on his face. I casually told him that after dinner he might want to go to his room and get ready for bed. But not to forget his phone. I would get dressed to wash the dishes.

Not a question, not a word, he kept eating like it is normal for someone to "get dressed " to wash the dishes. He ate in record time and almost ran to his room.
I went to my room and changed. I went nude underneath the black spandex, then nude again under the sheer black nylon top that I bought. My breasts and nipples were clearly visible. I couldn't go through with it but still felt that I had to. I went downstairs and ran water in the sink. While running the water I got a text.

Daniel. What should I wear to bed?

Me. Oh nothing special, probably just your briefs and a t shirt.

When I had soapy warm water I sent him a text.

Me. You could come down before bed and give your mom a hug, but I am not turning around, and no talking.

Daniel came almost running, short athletic t shirt and briefs with the angry purple looking head of his cock sticking out. I heard him gasp, then slowly walk behind me. I was too nervous to look. We had two plates, two glasses and that was it. My hands were just soaking in the water. Daniel slipped his arms around me and I instinctively brought my hands out of the water to prevent him from touching my breasts. I just couldn't go that far. He hugged me as he did I felt the head of his cock gently nudge the small of my back. Then he pulled it back. God I wanted to feel more, it felt fantastic. A real cock had touched me, he pulled back. I heard his phone as he took a picture of my back side. Then I heard him walk off. I texted him.

Me. I'm still here washing dishes, you can put your hands in front of me.

Daniel. No talking?

Me. Correct, no talking, but you can bring your phone.

Daniel got the hint. He crept back behind me, I pretended not to notice. He stepped forward bringing his phone in front to take a picture of my breasts. No cock, I didn't feel his cock. As he snapped his picture of my breasts I pushed my hips back and felt his cock there. He gave a gasp and jumped back. I could tell he was looking at the image on his phone. I dried my hand, he was leaving the room to masturbate but saw me texting.

Me. Another picture?

Daniel. Blueball

Me. Another.

Daniel stepped up behind me again, I put my hands on the counter. He reached in front of me with the phone. I pushed back against his cock. He gasped and I watched his hand turn as the camera went off. I felt his sperm start shooting up my back as he began thrusting against my spine. I heard him groan, thrust and groan. He whispered "sorry" I whispered "picture" he stepped back and took a picture of his sperm load all over my back. Now I let him retreat to his room.

Incoming text.

Daniel. TFA

Me. Send me the picture.

The picture came through. Here I was with his sperm cooling on my back looking at a picture of what I looked like right as I did right then.

Me. No blue balls?

Daniel. Might still, I gotta go again

Me. I'm still washing dishes.

As Daniel entered the kitchen, I didn't say anything, I just reached back and grabbed the hem of my top and pulled it away from my skin. He got the idea, I felt my sons erection up against the skin of my back as he slipped it between my nylon top and my bare skin. Then I felt him begin thrusting, my hands were on the counter, I pushed back. I felt him take hold of my hips as if he were penetrating me for real, he didn't last long. This time I felt his sperm load directly on my bare skin as he throbbed his load off. Then as he went limp I felt him pull out, I reached back and rubbed it in. I heard his camera phone click as I massaged his sperm into my back.

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