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An interesting evening with two mature women in a hut
After a busy week at work I decide to escape the city for the weekend. Saturday morning I drove up to the start of the track. Getting ready I locked the car and put my pack of and start to walk up to the hut. After a few hours I arrive at the hut.

After I set up my bed I head out to start the fire in the Sauna. After the fire is well ablaze I layer a layer of coal over the embers and head back up to the hut. I decide to go for a swim in the river to rinse the dirt and sweat off from the hike in. As I strip off the door of the hut opens and this 30 something women wearing a short shorts showing off her well toned legs and a tight tank top showing off her round breast. I quickly pull my togs up as she says hi and carries on walking in followed my another 30 something women dress the same but quite plump. I excuses myself and go for the swim. After the refreshing dip I head back up the hut to get my drink bottle and drop my togs off. I place my togs on the line and walk into the hut wearing just my towel. As I walk in I notice both women wearing just their panties I quickly grab my drink bottle trying not to look at their hot half naked bodies to much. I tell them I’ll just be down the track at the sauna.

I sitting relaxing in the heat, when I start to think how the women didn’t even try to cover up when I just walk in on them and that they just carried on coming into the hut after seeing me naked. The door slowly opens and they walk in wearing towels. The hotter of the two introduce herself as Sally and that her friend is Mel. We sit just talking crap for a bit then Sally say “it’s a bit warm in here do you mind if I take my towel off“. I reply “nah I don’t mind at all”. With this she removes her towel revelling her well toned body, with freshly shaven pussy. Then Mel lowers her towel so her breast and plum belly are on display. Feeling my erection growing under the towel I try to push it back under while pretending to reach for my water bottle. Sally explains that Mel had just had a child a month earlier and that she was helping get back in shape. I was thinking she is one fine milf as she is though I have all was had a thing for plump women.

I head back up and get changed and cook tea, as I finish they come in and start cooking. I do my dishes and start to read my book. As the finish up their dishes they ask if I want to play cards with them. I say “sure as I watch Mel place a large pot in the corner of the room. Sally noticing me watching Mel explains that neither of them like going to the toilet at night so they use the pot and who ever fills has to empty it and asked if I minded. I didn’t bother me.

We started playing poker. The first few hands we good though there was no prize. Then Sally suggest that we make it more interesting and since we had all seen each other naked already we could play truth or dare. The winner choosing the dare or question and the loser doing it. We played the first round and which Mel lost and choose dare. Sally won. “As you’ve seen both us naked Mel and he’s already seen me, how about you show us your pussy and even things out”. Mel hoped up on the table and lowered her shorts and panties giving us a good view of her shaven pussy. The next round I won and Sally lost. I asked her for their ages and if they were married. Sally replied “ I’m 38 and divorced with no kids and Mel is 36 and kind of married with a newborn”. The next round Sally dared Mel to drink a glass of water each round. Mel won the next asking me what my favourite position was. Sally won asking Mel what is the kinkiest thing she done. Mel replied “ The kinkiest thing I have done was after a work function of my husband he left to go home and I stayed in town clubbing with a friend. On the way to one of the clubs I thought I would see if any boy racer would pick a 35 year old pregnant women up for a fuck. The first car I waved down declined my offer. As the second pulled up I noticed two guys about 17 in the front but as I walked up to the drivers window a saw a young girl about 16 in the back. Just as I was about to walk off the driver yells out what do you want sexy? I walked over and said I was looking for some young studs to give me a good fucking. The driver tells me to get in with a huge grin on his face. Meanwhile the girl was telling them that they were sick picking whores up of the street. I told the driver to find somewhere private and that I’m not a whore just a slut. The font passenger was telling the girl shut up you stupid dyke. I leaned over and whispered in her ear that she can have fun if she wants as I started to rub her breast thru her top. I noticed she liked until the front guy turn round. I told to not watch or he’ll only get to watch his mate fuck and not join in. He quickly turn round and I got back to playing with this sexy young girl. By the time we got to the park I had finger fucked her twice. I got out of the car and lifted by skirt and took my panties off then told the two boys, who I could tell had hard ons thru their pants, that they can both fuck me at the same time. I told the driver as that he could chooses which hole he got. He choose my pussy as his mate stepped in behind me. I watch the girl finger herself as she watch the two guys fuck me hard. Then when they were spent I told the girl to lie on the bonnet and spread her legs. I got on my knees and started to eat her out as I told the two boys to take turns fucking me. After a while they stopped fucking and just watched as the girl came. I then them to drop me at home where I went up stairs and fell asleep next to my husband.”

As Mel finished Sally reached under the table and felt my hard cock, “did that turn you on?” She asked. I won the next round and answer Sally’s question my telling her to kiss my hard shaft. Sally won the next round and could see Mel was busting for a pee and told her “put the pot in the middle of the table and the pee into it front of us. Then the loser of the next round must drink a cup of the pee.” I watch as Mel squats over the pot facing me so I can see her pussy. She then begins the flow of golden liquid, I watch amazed at the first time I’ve seen I women pee, with a strange feel growing in my pants I realise that this is actually turning me on. See finishes and I notice the pot half full. Sally loses the next round and drinks her cup happily. I lose the following round and Mel makes me strip off and suck her nipples in doing so she starts to squirt milk into my mouth. She pushes my head hard against her breast telling me to suck harder. She then makes me start on the second one as Sally removes my pants and begins to suck my hard shaft. Once I’ve removed all the milk Mel wanted removed from her breast she pushed me down on the bed and squatted over me telling me to lick her mature pussy. As I lick her lips I taste her pee still there. I feel Sally begin to rub the head of my cock against her clit as I slip my tongue in Mel’s pussy. Sally then whispers in Mel’s ear and the Sally takes Mel’s position squatted above my face as Mel places her head beside mine.

Sally then begins to pee her golden piss over my face as Mel licks it from me. She suddenly stops and asks if I need to pee. I replied that I did. She then told me to grab the pot and follow her and Mel outside. Sally grabs a piece of rope from her bag. She then says “that ever one is to drink one glass of water ever minute until they need to pee. The first person to pee is to go in the pot then they are to be tied with the rope around their ankle to the post, while the other two are to use them as a pissing post and to fuck them as much as they want and as degrading as possible.”

We started drinking and I noticed Sally sit very comfortably knowing she was last to have a pee, I realised I was in a unfair position, as we keep drinking. I slowly realised how much Mel had began to squirm. Sally must of seen this because she announced “that you do have bigger breast and milk since the pregnancy but your bladder has shrunk.”

The next round I was really struggling when I saw Mel grab the pot and let out a huge gush of golden liquid into the pot almost filling it. Sally noticing the state I was in quickly tied Mel to the post and told me to start humiliating her. I walked up to her telling her to get on all fours and beg for me to pee in her mouth. Mel goes “please pee in my mouth”
“describe yourself in the request as a pee loving slut”
“Please I’m begging you to pee in my mouth as I’m a piss loving slut.”

With that I release my golden load into her mouth then I lift my shaft , soaking her brown hair. As I finish I notice Sally entering the hut, She yells out “start fucking her I’ll be back soon” with that I slip my fingers into her pussy I feel that her pussy is already soak with love juice, I ask “Are your really that much of piss slut that it you get wet over me soaking your head with piss.” She replied “ Sure master I Love warm pee.”

Sally walks out of the hut with a camera and a strap-on around her waist. She takes a photo as a start to fuck Mel’s loose pussy from behind as her piss soaked hair hung over her face. Sally then walks over to Mel and place her foot on Mel’s head and asked “Is that wasted piss on the ground making the mud down there you little piss whore?” Mel “Sorry master, that must be the pee from my hair but It was his fault it’s on the ground.” Sally then force her foot down pushing Mel face into the mud as she yells “Its no-one but your fault ever thing is your fault slut.” I keep fucking Mel’s pussy. Sally then pulls Mel’s head up by her hair and takes a photo of Mel’s mud covered face as she suggest I fuck Mel’s arse as it will be tighter.

I remove my shaft from her wet pussy and slip my cock into her ass noticing the increased tightness though its was no-where near as tight as a normal chicks. Sally “she is a loose old bitch aye.” I cum inside her ass and walk round to her head where I tell Mel to suck my cock like a little cock craving slut you are.” She begins sucking my hard shaft as I watch Sally start fuck her with a huge strap-on. Just before I blow I pull my shaft out and spray all over her face. Sally walks over Mel and squatted over her head and started to pee all over Mel’s hair. Sally then gets up and goes into the hut.

She returns with a pipe with what looks like a pump and a cork. I watch as Sally inserted this pipe into Mel’s ass and begin to pump the pot of Mel’s piss into her ass. Once the pot was empty she put the cork into her arse and told her not to let any liquid out.

I followed Sally inside leaving Mel tied up outside with her ass full of pee. I then join Sally on the bunk as we start to kiss she slowly starts to rub my cock hard again and explains that Mel loves being humiliated and forced to be fucked. Sally then began to suck my shaft as I fingered her tighter pussy and licked her clit. I move up and start to suck her breast as she rubs the head of my cock against her hard clit, as I run my tongue up her neck she slides her pussy over my shaft we set a rhythm as we begin to cum. I start to feel her pussy clamp around my cock as I feel my cum moving up the shaft. Suddenly I feel her climax send me in to a orgasm of my own filling her. We lie there for a couple of minutes before she says its time to punish Mel.

We walk out and Sally checks for any leaking pee from her ass, she finds some and takes the cork out draining the contents of her pee enema into a mug. She then tells Mel that she can be released once she finishes the drink. Mel drinks it down remarkable quick. Sally takes the rope from her ankle and places around her neck. She then walks Mel down to the stream for a bath like a dog.

After watch Mel wash herself we all walk back to the hut. Mel thanked me for the entertainment and then we went to bed. The next morning we all had another quick fuck before swapping numbers and I left to walk out to the car. Leaving them alone in the hut.

On the way back I thought how fun and what an learning experience the evening before had been and weather or not if I did get the balls to ring them they would be keen to play again but I guess that will have to wait for another story.

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2009-06-20 11:28:21
when my son and i were living together he would ask me to pee on him i know he drank some

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2008-10-23 18:01:35
This did not tell me anything about the support of a fan on a tropical variety.

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2008-09-30 11:44:03
It's an alright story, although reading it made me think that you were masturbating while writing(No offence). The sex scene is very long, but yet lacking a lot of details. I will not rate this story, as there's only "negative" and "positive".


2006-08-22 12:12:27
amzin story i love it plz write more!!!


2005-10-04 18:19:54
hot crazy story. write more.

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